His True Colors Chapter 541-543


Chapter 541

Han Tian Yang had a bitter smile on his face, he had expected that Han Qian Qian would eventually face this situation one day, because from the moment Nangong Qian Qiu married into the Han family, the Yanjing Han family was nothing more than a pawn of the Nangong family.

        The world believed that Han Tianyang had started from nothing and created countless miracles, but who knew that he wouldn't have been able to do it all if the Nangong family hadn't been behind it.

        Back then, to fight for a breath of air.

        Back then, in order to not lose to the MiGong Han family, in order to not be looked down upon by the MiGong Han family, Han Tian Yang had embarked on this road of no return.

        Han Three Thousand had been spurned by the entire Yun City as a useless son-in-law at the door, but the truly useless son-in-law was Han Tian Yang, who didn't even have the qualifications to be at the door!

        But he never expected that Han Nian would face it in such a situation.

        Han Nian's birth was a surprise, but it was also unexpected, and he was involved in this matter.

        "If something unexpected happens to Han Nian, what am I going to face him with." Han Tian Yang was helpless with reluctance, as he was powerless to help in such matters, but it was because of him, and he couldn't act as if he had nothing to do with it.

        "They won't harm Han Nian until the Nangong family has achieved their goal, it's the only bargaining chip they can use to blackmail 3000." Yan Jun's tone was particularly firm, but he wasn't sure if that was the case.

        Han Tian Yang sighed heavily and said, "If I hadn't been so competitive back then, perhaps none of this would have happened, I'm to blame, I don't have the ability, and I still want outsiders to look up to me, a magnificent empty shell is just a pile of rotten rust wrapped around it after all."

        Yan Jun didn't comment on this, back then Han Tian Yang did give up a lot in order to get to the top, but he had no other choice, was he willing to be a pawn for someone? This was nothing more than a desperate measure.

        "If there are smart people in the Nangong Family, perhaps 3000 will be able to obtain a true position in the Nangong Family, then our worries are unnecessary." Yan Jun consoled.

        Han Tian Yang laughed disdainfully and said, "Don't you know these guys with eyes above their heads? How could they take 3000 seriously? Such self-proclaimed superiors have an innate sense of superiority, and their eyes will only be on that level."

        "Hey." Yan Jun sighed, this kind of expectation that shouldn't be extravagant, it did seem like he was thinking a bit too much.

        A certain small island country.

        This was the home base of the Nangong family.

        When the plane landed at the small island country's airport, Han Giangli, who had already recovered from his injuries, followed behind Nangong Falcon and entered a Bentley.

        "From today onwards, you'll be quiet and mute, and you'd better not open your mouth when I don't ask you to speak." Nangong Falcon reminded Han Qianqian.

        The Nangong family had been working hard to get to that level, but the results were minimal, and the Earth's Core was just one of the many plans of the Nangong family.

        Nangong Falcon was also a more transparent figure in the family, which was why he took a gamble and undertook the task of taking on the Earth Core.

        Nangong Falcon was the second youngest among the younger generation, having an older brother and a younger brother, and both the older brother and the younger brother had achievements that satisfied the family, but he was the only one who wasn't up to the task.

        For Nangong Boling, his greatest wish was to bring the Nangong family into that level, and whoever could play a decisive role in this matter would be able to obtain the future head of the family.

        The position of Nangong family head could control an unimaginably huge economy, and the three brothers of the Nangong family were all secretly fighting for it.

        The Nangong residence was as grand and majestic as a castle. Han Qianqian was also an experienced person, having lived in the most luxurious mountainside villa in Yun City, but compared to this castle, Han Qianqian found that his understanding of the word luxury was still too limited.

        A mountainside villa was at most only a bathroom in front of this ancient castle.

        "Nangong Falcon, I heard that you destroyed the entire Earth's Core, you're really amazing, the Earth's Core was able to create a considerable amount of wealth for the Nangong family every year, and you destroyed it." As soon as he reached the door, a young man stood in front of Nangong Falcon and blocked his way.

        Nangong Feng, Nangong Falcon's brother.

        Nangong Falcon smiled disdainfully and said, "Nangong Feng, have you started dreaming of being the head of the family again?"

        "Do you have any more comments? Apart from me, could it be you who sits on this family headship?" Nangong Feng laughed and ridiculed, his eyes completely devoid of Nangong Falcon.

        Seeing this situation, Han Giangli faintly smiled, giants have many grudges, and it seemed that this Nangong family was also like that, Nangong Falcon wasn't as powerful as he thought he was.

        "What are you laughing at, you trash I've already heard that Nangong Falcon helped you plan a good show, but unfortunately, no one believed it at all." Nangong Feng said disdainfully, the news of the Earth's Core had already reached the Nangong family, almost everyone knew that Han Qianli had killed everyone in the Earth's Core, but Nangong Feng didn't believe in such things at all, and now that he saw that Han Qianli wasn't as formidable as he had imagined, he even felt that the whole thing was nothing more than Nangong Falcon deliberately creating a powerful image for Han Qianli.

        "Nangong Feng, it's a pity that you didn't see this good show with your own eyes, or else you would have been scared to weak legs." Nangong Falcon said in a cold voice.

        At this time, a tall figure approached Nangong Feng, a full two meters tall, with muscles like cast copper water, exuding a regal smell.

        He gave off the impression of being like a small mountain.

        Nangong Feng laughed proudly and said, "This is the person I have brought back, much stronger than this trash, he will die tonight, do you believe it?"

        Nangong Falcon gritted his teeth, in terms of body shape, this person did feel much stronger than Han Qianqian, and his aura alone was in no way comparable to Han Qianqian's.

        But Nangong Falcon had already put all of his treasure on Han Qianqian, and he would never allow himself to lose.

        "We'll see." Nangong Falcon said and walked into the castle without looking back.

        Nangong Feng was still shouting behind him, "My good brother, don't cry tonight like you did when you were little, my brother will never let you go."

        Bringing Han Giangli back to his room, Nangong Falcon was furious and smashed everything he could in the room.

        From the hostility he displayed, Han Qianqian could feel his anger at being ignored in the Nangong family, and this anger was never formed in a short period of time, it must have been accumulated over a period of time.

        "You kill that guy tonight, if you can't do it, your daughter will be an armless woman from now on." Nangong Falcon gritted his teeth and said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian's expression was indifferent, that guy was very strong just now, but to him, it was just a bigger word, not enough to be feared at all.

        "What are you doing tonight?" Han Giangli asked.

        "Fighting, for the Nangong family, whoever has the stronger strength is the one who will be rewarded by grandpa." Nangong Falcon said, "The Nangong Family has long since taken to not caring about money, because at their level, money is no longer the most important pursuit, as no amount of money can get them to that level.

        The only way to be king was by force!

        "I want to see Han Nian, I want to video call her." Han Qianqian said, he wanted to make sure that Han Nian was safe and sound right now, just through photos definitely wouldn't do.

        Nangong Falcon stepped in front of Han three thousand, almost close to the tip of Han three thousand's nose, gritting his teeth, "Remember, you are just a dog, dogs are not qualified to bargain with their masters, you must do whatever I tell you to do."

        Han Qianqiang looked straight at Nangong Falcon, after knowing Nangong Falcon's situation, he thought he had the capital to bargain with Nangong Falcon, as Nangong Falcon still had to rely on him to get a higher position in the Nangong family.

        "Nangong Falcon, you can use Han Nian to blackmail me, but I can also leave you with nothing, so if you want to prove yourself in front of the Nangong Family Master, agree to my terms." Han Qianli said with a resolute attitude.

Chapter 542

Nangong Falcon almost gritted his back teeth, what he wanted to do was to take full control of Han 3,000 and use Han Nian to make Han 3,000 behave.

        But now, he felt like he was being blackmailed instead, this was not the outcome Nangong Falcon wanted, nor was it something he could accept.

        "Do you believe that I'll call right now and have Han Nian's arm crippled, her little arm should be able to be broken easily." Nangong Falcon threatened.

        Han Qianli was trembling inside, but he knew that if he compromised Nangong Falcon like this, he would be even less qualified to bargain with Nangong Falcon in the future, and he had to take a gamble that Nangong Falcon wouldn't dare to do so.

        "My daughter's life is worthless in your eyes, but Nangong's master's approval is something you desperately want, so you can go ahead and gamble on your future despite the fact that you can try." Han Giangli said with a calm face.

        Nangong Falcon burned with anger, he didn't think that this wouldn't even be able to threaten Han Qianli.

        Even if Han Nian was dead, Nangong Falcon didn't care, but he mustn't ruin his position in the Nangong family because of this.

        "Han Kuanyuan, you're her father, do you want to be so cruel? She's a baby less than a month old." After Nangong Falcon finished speaking, he took out his phone and purposely asked Han Qiannian to look at the picture of Han Nian in the phone.

        Han Qianli's heart was bleeding, an infant of less than a month, but no family was around, and although she didn't have a mind and didn't know what was happening to her, putting her in such danger was Han Qianli's lack of responsibility as a father.

        It was only because of him that all of this had happened.

        But ...... wants to save her, he has to be ruthless!

        "Your only choice is to promise me, or you'll be disgraced and ridiculed tonight." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        The veins on Nangong Falcon's forehead bulged, and he hated to kill Han Qianqian.

        Paying the price of destroying the entire Earth's core, if he did nothing, he would definitely be criticized, grandfather Nangong Boling would be dissatisfied with him, and for the distance of the family head position, Nangong Falcon would be further and further away.

        And if he failed, what he would lose was not only the position of family head, he would also likely be driven out of the Nangong family, which was a consequence that Nangong Falcon would never accept.

        After taking a deep breath, Nangong Falcon had to compromise, "Fine, as long as you satisfy me, I'll agree to your terms."

        "To kill, or not to kill?" Han Qianqian asked faintly.

        Nangong Falcon's eyebrows furrowed slightly, he had seen Han Qianli's power, but the person that Nangong Feng had found was by no means easy to deal with, but looking at Han Qianli's appearance, it seemed like it was only between his thoughts to kill or not to kill.

        "You're so confident?" Nangong Falcon asked uncertainly, when even he had some suspicion that Han Giang was bragging.

        "It's not confidence, but strength," Han Marchiang said.

        "Good." Nangong Falcon said happily, "As long as you kill him, I'll show you Han Nian if you want to see him in the future."


        There were many core members of the Nangong Family, besides Nangong Falcon's two main competitors, he also had his sister and younger sister, the entire Nangong Family had a total of over forty core members, so whenever it was time to eat, the restaurant was like a feast.

        When Nangong Falcon brought out Han Kuang, many people pointed at him, most of them looked at him with contempt in their eyes, it was a kind of looking down from their bones, like in their eyes, Han Kuang was just an inferior person.

        "Nangong Falcon, he's the one you retrieved, he looks too useless." A very pretty looking woman stepped on her heels and walked up to Nangong Falcon and said with a contemptuous glance at Han Kuang.

        "Sister, appearances are just an illusion, unlike some people who are strong on the outside." Nangong Falcon said indifferently, the woman standing in front of him, named Nangong Liuli, was also his sister, but this sister's position was more favorable to his brother Nangong Yan, so Nangong Falcon didn't have much affection for her.

        Nangong Liuli shook her head and smiled helplessly, she really couldn't see what was so special about Han Giang, more like a little white guy instead.

        "I don't know if it's outwardly strong, but he's of this stature, even I can't beat him, right, but of course, my battlefield, that's in bed." Nangong Liuli said with a smile, she was a very loose woman and she never hid her emotions in this regard, almost everyone in the Nangong family knew that Nangong Liuli liked to bag muscle little white men.

        Nangong Falcon felt nauseous, whoever took over Nangong Liuli as a woman in the future would really have done a shameful job for ten lifetimes.

        "Sister, where's grandpa?" Nangong Falcon asked.

        "Grandpa and Nangong Yan are in the study, you know, Grandpa has always paid more attention to Nangong Yan, and you and Nangong Feng are just green leaves to support him." Nangong Liuli said.

        Nangong Falcon looked unconvinced, Nangong Yan was only once in contact with someone on that level, and it was unfair for him to be valued by Nangong Boling just because of this matter.

        "Nangong Yan is just lucky." Nangong Falcon said disdainfully.

        Nangong Liuli smiled lightly at the words, "His luck is indeed better than you, I heard that he brought back good news this time, a big figure at that level will personally come to the Nangong family in a while, can you do this?"

        "What!" Nangong Falcon looked shocked, how could Nangong Yan be able to invite a person of that level to the Nangong family!

        "Don't be so big-mouthed, sister I already told you that you and Nangong Feng can't fight him, is there anything strange?" After Nangong Liuli finished speaking, she returned to her position with enchanting cat steps.

        Nangong Falcon's face was as heavy as water, if things were as Nangong Liuli said, wouldn't it be useless for him to work so hard to find Han Qianqian?

        Han Giangli listened to the conversation from the side without a ripple on her expression, but ripples had already been created within her heart.

        Was the level that Nangong Liuli was talking about the one that Grandpa Yan had mentioned?

        If that was the case, he would be able to take this opportunity to reach out to people at that level, and perhaps understand what was going on with that power in his body.

        Before dinner began, Nangong Boling's appearance made everyone in the restaurant stand up as if they were greeting a big shot, which was enough to see how powerful a deterrent he possessed within the Nangong Family Lord.

        The young man who was following him was Nangong Yan, who was currently smiling proudly, and even purposely looked at Nangong Falcon and Nangong Wind as if they were demonstrating.

        Nangong Boling, who was covered in white hair, raised his hand, gesturing for everyone to sit down.

        Han Qianliang was not qualified to take a seat and could only stand behind Nangong Falcon.

        Nangong Falcon was just about to introduce Han Three Thousand to Nangong Boling when Nangong Boling said, "Those who are irrelevant, you can get out."

        Nangong Falcon looked embarrassed, wasn't the so-called irrelevant person Grandpa was referring to was Han Qianqian?

        "You go out first," Nangong Falcon said.

        Han Marchioness turned around and left, not dragging his feet at all, there was no need for him to show his upright bones in this kind of environment, and Nangong Boling's kind of nonchalant aura was clearly even more powerful than Han Tian Yang, Han Marchioness didn't need to provoke this kind of figure on the first day he stepped into the Nangong family.

        Out of the restaurant, Han three thousand to the outdoor garden, pulled out a cigarette light, inhale a mouthful, nicotine over the throat into the lungs.

        This kind of huge family, Han Marchian had never seen before, Yanjing's so-called famous family was nothing more than a worthless joke in front of the Nangong family.

        He knew that it would be even more difficult and despised here, but in order to save Han Nian, all this could only be endured.

        But there was one thing that Han Giang had never understood, Nangong Falcon had planned all of this, and why was the spearhead of all of this aimed at him?

        Smoking a cigarette, an old crone with a pestle and a cane walked up to Han Qianli, her wrinkled face looking as if she was over a hundred years old, trembling like a candle in the wind.

        "Are you Han Three Thousand?" The old crone asked to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli frowned slightly, this Nangong family, was there anyone else who knew him, how could that be?

        "How do you know my name, old lady?" Han Qianqiu asked in confusion.

        "How is your grandmother, Nangong Qianqiu, doing now?" The old woman asked.

        Han Qianqian's heart was shaken, why would she ask about Nangong Qianqiu for no reason!

Chapter 543

"Granny, you ...... know Nangong Qianqiu?" Han Qianqiang's breathing was inexplicably quick, Nangong Qianqiu, Nangong family! Is there a connection between the two? How is that possible!

        Nangong Qianqiu, is he a member of the Nangong family?

        "Are you an ungrateful son, calling your grandmother by her name?" The old woman stared at Han Qianqian with an angry face.

        Han Qianqiang never considered Nangong Qianqiu as her grandmother, her eccentricity had eroded all of Han Qianqiang's feelings for her, and even the moment she hanged herself, Han Qianqiang's heart never rippled with the slightest ripple of sympathy.

        If it wasn't for Nangong Qianqiu, how could Han Three Thousand have had such a painful childhood.

        What did such a grandmother mean to Han Qianxiang?

        "She never treated me as a grandson, nor did she deserve to be my grandmother." Han Qianli said faintly.

        Hearing this, the old woman became visibly more angry and went so far as to swing her crutch directly at Han Three Thousand's body.

        Han 3000 did not avoid it, this old woman's strength could not possibly hurt him, and the crutch hitting him was just a tickle.

        "Kneel down and apologize to her." The old woman said.

        Han Giangli paled and said in a cold voice, "I don't care what relationship you have with her, trying to get me to apologize to her is impossible, and I can tell you that she's already dead."

        The old woman was stunned, and after a long time, she sighed and left without saying a word, pestling her crutches.

        Han Qianli didn't have time to ask her about the relationship between her and Nangong Qianqiu, only to see this old back, which seemed to instantly rickety again.

        "Nangong Qianqiu, who are you, did someone plan all of this behind the scenes?" Han Giangli faintly talked to himself, he couldn't guess how things were right now, but one day the truth would come out.

        After the Nangong family had their dinner, they all went to the martial dojo.

        This was a practice arena for all the younger generation of the Nangong family, Nangong Boling hoped that his descendants would be successful in this martial dao, but unfortunately this martial dojo had been established until now, and the Nangong family had not had a truly strong person.

        In the center of the martial dojo was a ring, and at the moment, everyone was standing except Nangong Boling who was qualified to sit down.

        "Grandpa, my people are ready." Nangong Feng couldn't wait to walk up to Nangong Boling and say, he was eager to show himself, unwilling to let all the limelight be stolen by Nangong Yan.

        Nangong Boling nodded faintly and asked Nangong Falcon, "Where's the man you found, let him go on stage."

        Nangong Falcon looked at Han Qianqian and gestured for him to come on stage.

        Han Third Thousand didn't have a second word and walked straight up to the ring, but his figure was too weak compared to Nangong Falcon's, like a dwarf standing in front of a giant.

        Such a picture couldn't help but make many people laugh.

        "What kind of trash did Nangong Falcon find to come out of the Dwarven Kingdom, right."

        "I heard that he even destroyed the Earth's Core for this person, I really don't know what this trash is capable of, but the Earth's Core makes a lot of money for the Nangong family every year."

        "Watch it, Nangong Falcon will definitely be blamed by the old man, this kind of trash is worthless, it's ridiculous that he even destroyed the earth's core for him."

        "Hey, Nangong Falcon is really desperate to find this kind of trash to fill his shoes, it really is still Nangong Yan who is powerful enough to invite the big man to the Nangong family."

        During the dinner banquet, Nangong Boling had informed the Nangong family crowd that in the near future, a big person of that level would personally visit the Nangong family, this news could have excited the Nangong family, almost everyone's heart identified Nangong Yan as the future head of the family, and Nangong Yan was also much sought after.

        "Hurry up and get started, this kind of wasteful contest is actually here to waste my time." Nangong Bo Ling said impatiently.

        "Brother, are you deliberately performing a joke for us?" Nangong Yan couldn't help but ask Nangong Falcon.

        Nangong Falcon gritted his teeth and said, "Whether it's a joke or not, you'll know soon enough."

        "Shoot, if you really don't have anyone available, tell me earlier and lend it to you ah, why do you need to embarrass yourself so much." Nangong Yan scoffed.

        "Are your people just going to beat the people I'm looking for, Nangong Yan, don't lie, let your people come on stage to see the real thing after this guy dies." Nangong Feng said with dissatisfaction on the side.

        Nangong Yan shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent face, "No problem, I'll let you guys see what a true expert is later."

        In the ring, as Nangong Boling gave the order, the large man craned his neck and hooked his finger at Han 3,000.

        Han Three Thousand didn't make any gestures of powerful attack, but walked idly towards his opponent.

        "What's this guy doing, strolling around the ring?"

        "He's not really here to be funny, is he, walking up to someone and getting killed?"

        "It looks like Nangong Falcon is really going to make a joke this time, actually finding an idiot."

        The crowd saw this scene and mercilessly mocked Han Qianqian.

        Nangong Falcon's expression was fierce, he didn't know what the hell Han Qianqian was doing, he was actually walking around in the face of this big guy who looked so powerful, wasn't he looking for death?

        "Pfft." Nangong Feng held his belly and laughed, "Hahahahaha, Nangong Falcon, what the f**k did you find to make my belly laugh, you have to compensate me."

        At this time, even Nangong Boling had a displeased look on his face and said, "This is the person you brought in after destroying the entire Earth Core? You better give me a satisfactory explanation."

        "Grandpa, he ...... acted so relaxed because he didn't take his opponent seriously." Nangong Falcon said with a hard scalp.

        "Nangong Falcon, your bragging skills are really getting better and better, if a blind man were to say such things, I could still understand, but aren't your eyes quite good?" Nangong Feng scoffed and continued after a pause, "You can't really be blind, otherwise, how could you find this kind of trash."

        Nangong Falcon's eyes looked gloomily at Nangong Feng, biting his back groove teeth and said, "The match is still undecided, now is not the time for you to be complacent."

        Nangong Feng tilted his head, it was true that the match hadn't ended, but the result was already clear, and it wasn't something he was confident about, all the Nangong family members in the arena thought so.

        "Forget it, let you struggle a bit, after all, you're the younger brother, I'm overly calculating with you, it seems like I'm being stingy isn't it." Nangong Feng smiled.

        Right at this moment, the ring suddenly let out a thud, causing everyone's eyes to involuntarily look towards the ring .

        In the middle of a leisurely stroll, Han Qianqian's feet suddenly exerted force, causing the entire ring to tremble, an outburst of power that was by no means possible for ordinary people.

        Nangong Boling frowned as he stood up, and Han Qiangan, who had never been in his eyes for a moment, was now being paid attention to by him.

        In an electric flash, the power-hungry Han Giangli swung his fist.

        The opponent subconsciously stretched out his hands to block it, but the immense force was simply not something he could block.

        With the impact of the power, the man retreated directly to the side rope, and before he could find the time to resist, Han Three Thousand's second fist had already struck again.

        At this moment, he finally knew that he had underestimated Han 3,000, his eyes were horrified as he looked at Han 3,000 who was swinging his fist again, he only had one thought, that was to run away!

        Only by running away could he avoid this fatal blow.

        Unfortunately, as soon as his thoughts started, Han Qianli's fist had already followed, not allowing him to think too much as it struck hard at the temple, and there was no avoiding it.

        After a muffled sound, the man's eyes instantly turned red from blood congestion.

        A few seconds later, blood oozed out of his ears, nose and mouth, and his huge body, collapsed in the ring like a pile of mud, no longer alive.

        "Hiss ......"

        "Hiss ......"

        "Hiss ......"

        Numerous backfiring voices rang out one after the other as the crowd looked in horror at what they thought was trash.

        Where was this trash!

        Killing an opponent with a single punch, this kind of astonishing strength had reached a level beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.

        "He ...... he's actually this powerful!"

        "What kind of monster did Nangong Falcon find that could kill someone with a single punch."

        "Didn't expect, didn't expect."

        There were cowards who had gone weak in the knees at the moment, staring at Han Qianlian, only to feel as if they were having a nightmare.

        "Grandpa, the person I found didn't disappoint you, right?" Nangong Falcon asked proudly to Nangong Bo Ling.


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