His True Colors Chapter 537-538


Chapter 537

While Cloud City was in violent turmoil, so was the Earth's core.

        This piece of human purgatory, the air was overflowing with intense blood, the corpses everywhere were an absolute nightmare for regular people, and the scabs of blood on the bodies of Han Three Thousand's three men were shocking, completely like devils that had survived from the pile of the dead.

        "Brother Three Thousand, it seems ...... as if we've killed all the people in the Earth's heart." Gopher said to Han 3,000 in a frightened voice, still in front of that closed door, but there were no more crazy people actively sending them to the door, which made Gopher surprised to find out what they had actually done.

        A few hundred people in the Earth's core, and they had all been killed off?

        For the gophers who weren't good at killing and took pleasure in escaping from prison, this was an extremely impactful event.

        Han Giangli took a look at Blade Twelve, and since no one had appeared, it meant that the only ones alive in the entire Geocentric were the three of them.

        However, they still hadn't found the door's opening mechanism, and the problem they faced wasn't solved by killing all those people.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what should we do now?" Knife Twelve asked.

        Han Giangli didn't answer Knife Twelve's question, but said something that puzzled Knife Twelve and Gopher.

        "I've already killed everyone, what exactly do you want, are you going to stay a shrinking turtle?" Han Qianli said this to the people behind the scenes, there must be someone monitoring all of this, although Han Qianli didn't know what he was trying to do, but with all the people already dead, hadn't he achieved his goal?

        At that moment, the door suddenly opened of its own accord.

        Gopher and Knife Twelve both looked at Han Three Thousand at the same time, and it was obvious that it was his words that had alerted the people behind the curtain to open the door.

        "Brother Three Thousand, do you want to go in?" Knife Twelve asked, there wasn't much space in the door, it was more like an elevator, and the only way to find out where it led was to sit in it.

        Heaven or Hell?

        Live or die.

        Han Giangli didn't know.

        But no matter what, it was the only path he had to take.

        "Go pick up my grandfather." Han 3,000 said to the gopher.

        The gopher took the order and ran along, bringing Han Tian Yang in no time at all.

        "Grandpa, we'll be out of here soon." Han Third Thousand said to Han Tian Yang.

        Han Tian Yang had been shocked by the corpses along the way, but he was well aware that the trouble for Han Three Thousand hadn't really started at all.

        "Three thousand, grandpa wants to tell you something." Han Tianyang said.

        "Wait until you're out and have time to tell me slowly." Although Han Three Thousand was curious, now was never the best time to hear the story.

        Han Tian Yang sighed and didn't insist, following Han Three Thousand into the elevator.

        The elevator was not running fast, and it took several minutes for it to stop.

        The moment the elevator doors opened, a natural breeze blew in their face, indicating that they had arrived outside the Earth's core, but the smell of the wind was very strange.

        Stepping out of the elevator, the scene in front of them directly made Blade Twelve and Gopher stupid.

        The endless sea was sparkling.

        The Earth's Core was, surprisingly, a giant cargo ship at sea!

        The gopher rolled his eyes, somewhat not quite believing the facts before him.

        Ever since he had arrived at the Earth's core, the gopher had determined that the Earth's core was indeed underground based on his own judgment, and the frequent earthquakes were a good proof of this.

        The frequent earthquakes were a good proof of this. When the things he had always believed in were suddenly presented to him in a different light, the gopher found it hard to accept.

        Blade Twelve's expression was equally shocked, who would have thought that the world-famous Earth's Core was floating in the sea all the time, how many people wanted to find out where the true location of the Earth's Core was, but who would have thought that the location of the Earth's Core was changing at any time?

        No wonder after all these years, no one had been able to locate the location of the Earth's core, and no one had managed to escape.

        Even if those people were allowed to get away to the deck, they would only despair when they saw the endless sea.

        Han 3,000's expression was unusually calm, as if he wasn't surprised at all, as he had already noticed the very strange shaking of the earthquake, and the moment the rats had decided that they were underground, Han 3,000 had held a different view within himself.

        "Brother Three Thousand, the Earth's core is actually such a big freighter!" The gopher said with wide eyes.

        "No wonder no one can escape, in this environment, even if you do have a chance to get to the deck, you're dead." Blade Twelve exclaimed.

        "What are we going to do now, jumping off the ship is a dead end." Gopher said.

        "There's no need to worry, since the mastermind behind the curtain was able to get us here, he definitely won't let us die." Han 3,000 said.

        Knife Twelve and Gopher looked around vigilantly, and since Han Qianli said so, someone would definitely appear soon.

        As expected, a slender figure came from afar.

        He was obviously a man, but he was even more delicate looking than a woman, and with makeup on, he was definitely a devilishly gorgeous beauty.

        "Introducing myself, I'm Nangong Falcon." The exquisite man said to Han Qianli with a smile on his face.

        "I don't need to know who you are, appearing in front of me alone, you've got a lot of guts." Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

        "It would indeed be easy for you to kill me with your strength, but since I dared to appear like this, do you think I wouldn't have someone to rely on?" Nangong Falcon said indifferently.

        Naturally, Han Qianli knew that he wouldn't be so stupid, but there wasn't a single person nearby, and even if he did have a card, Han Qianli was confident that he could subdue him in a short amount of time, and as long as he could control Nangong Falcon's life in his own hands, no matter how many men he had arranged in secret, it wouldn't help.

        "You will pay the price for your arrogance." Han Qianli's voice had just fallen, and the silhouette of a man burst out like an arrow, but in an instant, he had already bullied his way in and had a death grip on Nangong Falcon's neck.

        "How about that, you didn't expect my speed," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Nangong Falcon's delicate face became fierce and gritted his teeth as he said, "It's not too late for you to kneel down to me, otherwise I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life."

        Han Qianli smiled gently and said, "Your looks would be perfect if you were a woman, but it's a pity that you're a man, instead you look yin and yang."

        Nangong Falcon hated it when people made fun of his looks, but anyone who said that he looked like a woman, his grave was already full of weeds, this was Nangong Falcon's backbone, no one could touch it.

        "Kneel down and apologize!" Nangong Falcon snapped in a cold voice.

        "Don't you understand the current situation? Your life is already in my hands, so what if you have more men, I'll be able to kill you before they kill me, are you willing to give me a funeral?" Han Qianli smiled.

        Nangong Falcon took out his phone, and Han Qianli's brow furrowed, wondering what this guy wanted.

        When he flipped to a picture of an infant, a strong feeling of foreboding surfaced within Han Three Thousand.

        "You haven't seen this pink baby girl yet, I heard her surname is Han Nian." Nangong Falcon said.

        Surname Han Nian!

        The words struck Han Qianxiang like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

        This was his daughter?

        The first time Han Qianqian hid the phone from Nangong Falcon, an extremely gentle smile unconsciously surfaced on his face.

        Daughter, this was his daughter.

        Han Third Thousand hadn't expected to be able to have a daughter so soon.

        Han Nian, was she named for her thoughts?

        Han 3,000 wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

        Just as he was weeping with joy, Nangong Falcon's words snapped Han Three Thousand back to reality.

        "Such a cute little girl, you don't want her to die, do you?" Nangong Falcon said.

        Han Giangli looked up abruptly, furiously at Nangong Falcon, and said, "What have you done to her, where is she."

        "Don't get excited, she's fine now and I've hired someone to take care of her, but if you don't behave, I can't guarantee her safety, in case the maid accidentally pours boiling water on her, or if she accidentally falls to the ground, it can be a very serious injury to her at a young age ah." Nangong Falcon said proudly.

        Han Giangli wanted to kill Nangong Falcon, and the urge was unstoppable.

        But he knew that it couldn't be done.

        Han Nian was in his hands, and the only thing he could do was listen to Nangong Falcon.

        "What do you want me to do?" Han Giangli took a deep breath and said.

        "Kneel down."

Chapter 538

Nangong Falcon looked at Han Qianqian with a smiling face, his eyes teasingly sadistic.

        So what if he was strong?

        Even if he kills through the Earth's core, so what?

        In front of him, he could still only be an honestly wagging tail dog, a feeling that Nangong Falcon enjoyed immensely.

        He liked to control people like Han Qianqian, and the stronger he was, the more conquering he would feel.

        Too many men said that he looked like a woman, and when looks couldn't be changed, Nangong Falcon's heart became twisted.

        He wanted to show the guys who said he looked like a woman that even a strong man like Han Qianqian could only kneel in front of him.

        "I'll kneel!" At that moment, Blade Twelve suddenly said, walking up to Nangong Falcon and kneeling down without hesitation.

        "And me." The Gopher walked in front of Nangong Falcon at almost the same time.

        The two of them would rather be humiliated themselves than see Han Giangli kneel down to Nangong Falcon.

        Whether it was Blade Twelve or the Gopher's mind, Han Three Thousand was truly a strong man, and a strong man could not be humiliated.

        Nangong Falcon laughed coldly and said disdainfully, "What are you two, you don't even have the qualifications to kneel to me, and you still want to replace him?"

        "Don't you go too far!" Knife Twelve gritted his teeth and said to Nangong Falcon, he did have control over Han Marchant's death point, but that didn't mean he could play Han Marchant, or at least Knife Twelve wouldn't allow him to do so.

        "Excessive?" Nangong Falcon kicked Knife Twelve's shoulder and coldly scolded, "Am I going too far? Ask him if he thinks I'm overdoing it."

        Right at this moment, Han Giangli clearly had a bent leg movement.

        Seeing this scene, Blade Twelve and Gopher both revealed surprised expressions.

        "Brother Three Thousand, don't!"

        "Brother 3000!"

        They both screamed at the same time, but they didn't stop Han Three Thousand who was kneeling on both knees.

        It was only a few days old, Han Sangsang was unable to accompany her when she descended, and now that she was in such great danger, in Han Sangsang's heart, he felt a strong sense of guilt for Han Nian, what was the point of merely kneeling down?

        As long as he could keep Han Nian safe, Han 3,000 was willing to do anything.

        "Hahahahahahaha." Nangong Falcon laughed loudly in the sky, his pride overflowing as he let out, "So what if she's strong, she still has to bow down before me, Nangong Falcon."

        "What will it take for you to let her go." Han Giangli asked through clenched teeth.

        Nangong Falcon put away his laughter, walked up to Han Qianqian and said condescendingly, "From today onwards, you'll be my dog, I'll let you go west, you can't go east, got it?"

        Han Qianqian lowered her head and continued to ask, "What will it take for you to let her go."

        Nangong Falcon suddenly reached out and grabbed Han Three Thousand's ear-length hair and said, "You're just a dog, you don't have the qualifications to bargain with me."

        Han Qianqiang stared at Nangong Falcon with a torch-like gaze, knowing that his repeated compromises wouldn't make Han Nian truly safe, and that giving Nangong Falcon a dog would merely give him the capital to gain an inch.

        He had to have a clear answer, to let Nangong Falcon know that even if he was using him, he would have to pay the conditions.

        "What will it take for you to be willing to let her go." Han Qianli asked for the third time.

        The ice-cold gaze made Nangong Falcon feel a chill down his back, and under that gaze, Nangong Falcon felt that he could die at any moment.

        Although he had Han Nian as a blackmail card, Nangong Falcon was also afraid of angering Han Qianqian into losing his mind.

        Using a child that was less than a few days old to bury himself was something that Nangong Falcon was absolutely unwilling to see.

        His life was above all else, how could he let such a person be killed?

        "Do a few things for me and if I'm satisfied, I'll let you go," Nangong Falcon said.

        "I want them to return safely to Cloud City." Han Giangli said with a glance at the twelve and three knives.

        "Do you know that I hate it when people make conditions with me." Nangong Falcon said with a gloomy face.

        Han Third Thousand didn't say anything, his eyes looked straight at Nangong Falcon, which made Nangong Falcon feel an inexplicably strong pressure, but Nangong Falcon treated Han Third Thousand like a dog, so how was he willing to compromise with Han Third Thousand?

        "Three, only one can live, you choose." Nangong Falcon said, he wanted to teach Han Third Thousand a lesson and let him know the consequences of disobedience.

        This sentence made Knife Twelve and Gopher froze, only one can live, then the one who can survive is naturally Han Tian Yang, after all, Han Three Thousand came to the heart of the earth to save Han Tian Yang.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I can die." Blade Twelve said without hesitation, before coming to Earthheart, he had already held a will to die, and Tang Qing Wan's life had already been arranged, he could have no worries, and he didn't have to make it difficult for Han Three Thousand to make a choice if he begged for death.

        The Gopher didn't have the same determination as Blade Twelve, so he appeared very torn and hesitant, it was hard to get out of the heart of the earth and he wasn't willing to die like this.

        "What are you still thinking about? Do you want me to kill you?" Knife Twelve said to the gopher.

        The gopher lowered his head and didn't dare to speak, he couldn't say against his will that he wanted to die voluntarily, but he also didn't dare to say that he wanted to live, he knew very well that there was no comparison between himself and Han Tian Yang.

        Right at this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly pulled out an inch-long dagger.

        Nangong Falcon thought that Han Qianli was going to do something to himself, and was so frightened that he retreated a few steps and said to Han Qianli, "Han Qianli, don't forget that I still have your daughter."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Three Thousand's hand came down and the dagger plunged directly into his thigh.

        This scene left everyone dumbfounded, no one knew why Han Qianxiang had done this.

        "What are you ...... doing." Nangong Falcon asked in a frightened voice, is this guy crazy? Why did you give yourself a knife!

        "After all your deployments, I'm sure I'm of great use to you, but if I'm injured, will it delay your plans?" Han 3000 said without changing his face, he didn't even furrow his brow, and after he finished speaking, he pulled out his dagger again.

        Nangong Falcon's heart sank, Han Qianli was indeed of great value to him, otherwise, how could he destroy the entire Earth's core because of Han Qianli?

        It was because of Han Qianqian's appearance that the Earth Core had lost its original meaning.

        Everyone in the world regarded Earth Core as a profitable business, but only the core of the Nangong Family knew the meaning of Earth Core's existence, which itself was to find experts for the Nangong Family.

        The Nangong family was rich and powerful, but there was another circle in this world, and that circle, which could not be entered just by having money, and one had to have a strong force to enter, was the true top circle, not widely known, but making the world's upper class squeeze their brains out.

        "I want the three of them to leave unharmed." The words trailed off, and Han Three Thousand wielded his knife again, stabbing into the other thigh.

        "Three thousand!" Han Tian Yang was alarmed.

        "Brother 3000." Knife Twelve shouted with a pained face.

        The gopher lowered his head and trembled in fear, not daring to say a single word.

        He hadn't expected Han 3000 to do such a thing to keep them alive, and until this moment, the gopher seemed to understand somewhat why Knife Twelve was willing to die for Han 3000.

        Han Third Thousand still remained unchanged, and although his legs were bleeding a shocking red, he didn't seem to feel any pain at all.

        "Are you f**king insane." Nangong Falcon gritted his teeth and cursed angrily, this guy was willing to hurt himself in order to save two unrelated people, making it impossible for Nangong Falcon to imagine what was in Han Qianli's head.

        It was just two men, so what's the big deal if they died?

        Han Marchant drew his knife again, he didn't dare to kill Nangong Falcon because Han Nian still had him. And he didn't want to see Knife Twelve and Gopher die here, so this was his only option.

        His value was in his strong body, which was the point where Nangong Falcon was going to use him, and if he was injured, his value would be weakened.

        He was gambling that Nangong Falcon wouldn't want to see him injured, and although the odds were slim, it was the only way to try when he had no choice.

        "If you're not insane, how can you live." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Nangong Falcon was unwilling to compromise with Han Kuang over this matter, but Han Kuang's eyes seemed to be telling him that if he didn't agree, this would continue.

        If Han Three Thousand Year continued to be injured, his value would diminish.

        How was it going to explain to the rest of the family if the entire Earth's core was destroyed in exchange for a mere waste?


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