His True Colors Chapter 534-536


Chapter 534

Su Yingxia hugged Han Nian and headed out of the room without even thinking about it.

        How could she not go after such a big thing had happened?

        Not being able to watch Han Nian all the time made it even more impossible for her to rest assured.

        Jiang Lan naturally wouldn't let Su Yingxia go, or else her plan would fail, this was the only chance to take Han Nian away.

        "You behave, stay at home and just let me go, you can't go out right now, sitting on the moon is a major life event for a woman." Jiang Lan eagerly discouraged.

        "No." Su Yingxia said in a firm tone, "I want to go, Auntie He, tell the people outside the door to prepare the car."

        Once He Ting heard the commotion, she hurriedly ran to Su Yingxia's side and asked, "What's wrong?"

        "Han Nian is sick and has to go to the hospital." Su Yingxia said.

        He Ting was taken aback, she was fine just now, how could she suddenly be sick, and looking at Han Nian's appearance, it seemed like she was still sick.

        Jiang Lan's heart was very anxious at this point, because she had a hard time coming up with a way to be able to take Han Nian away, and if Su Yingxia followed, it would all be over.

        "He Ting, let's both go, let Yingxia stay at home, it's windy outside, she's sitting on the moon right now, she can't go out." Jiang Lan said.

        He Ting, as someone who had been here, she knew very well how important it was to protect herself during the month, once she fell ill, she would have to suffer a lot when she got older in the future.

        "Yingxia, your mother is right, you can't go now, you rest well at home, I'll be with her, if anything happens, I'll call you first." He Ting said.

        "Auntie He, how can I not go, you let me stay at home by myself, how can I rest assured." Su Yingxia said.

        Jiang Lan then took Han Nian from Su Yingxia's bosom and said, "What's there to be worried about, what's the difference between you going and not going, now in the hospital, is there anyone who dares not to pay attention to us? Just feel free to stay at home, so you don't get sick again yourself."

        "Yeah, in case you get sick again yourself, it'll be a problem." He Ting also advised on the side, of course, she was really kind-hearted for Su Yingxia's sake.

        After Su Yingxia struggled a bit, she could only say, "Alright then, you guys go, remember to tell me first if there's anything."

        He Ting very carefully took some diapers and milk powder, then went out with Jiang Lan.

        The moment she stepped out of the villa door, Jiang Lan's nervousness eased a lot.

        If Su Yingxia didn't follow, her plan was more than half successful, and with He Ting there, she even found someone to take the blame.

        After they got on the bus, they went straight to the city hospital, but after getting off at the entrance of the hospital, Jiang Lan immediately hugged Han Nian and got into another car.

        He Ting didn't understand why Jiang Lan did that, but after Jiang Lan got into the car, she could only follow.

        "Where are you going, aren't we already at the hospital?" Horton was confused.

        "I have a better doctor who treats children better." Jiang Lan said without changing her face.

        He Ting didn't have any doubts, and she couldn't have thought that Jiang Lan, who was her own grandmother, would want to harm Han Nian.

        The car soon drove to the suburbs, in He Ting's mind, the person Jiang Lan was looking for would not be a barefoot doctor, was this kind of person really reliable?

        She really wanted Jiang Lan to go back to the city hospital, where there were more guarantees, but she was only a maid in the Su family, after all, how could she have a say and make Jiang Lan change her mind?

        Coming to a farmhouse, it was the same driver.

        "You saved your own life." The driver said to Jiang Lan with a smiling face.

        "If I said I could do it, I can absolutely do it, and no one can stop me." Jiang Lan said indifferently.

        "You're her own grandmother, but I don't see you feeling the least bit guilty for such a vicious thing." The driver said.

        Jiang Lan laughed contemptuously and said, "Guilt, that waste of seed, how could I feel guilty, if it wasn't for him, would I be here today?"

        "If it wasn't for him, you indeed wouldn't be here today." The driver said with a double entendre, how could the Su family be here today without Han Giang? It was Han Qianqian's ability that had contributed to the Su Family's development today, it was just that Jiang Lan was unwilling to admit it.

        Jiang Lan's so-called today was her downfall, not the Su Family's glory, because in her eyes, the Su Family had gotten all of this for granted.

        "My mission has been completed." Lan Jiang handed Han Nian over to the driver.

        It was only then that He Ting noticed a hint of something wrong.

        Rather than finding a doctor for Han Nian, Jiang Lan was handing Han Nian over to this stranger, and there seemed to be some sort of deal hidden in this.

        "Jiang Lan, what are you doing!" He Ting said in panic.

        Jiang Lan turned to look at He Ting with a sneer on his face and said, "I've long wanted to kick you out of the Su family, but I just didn't succeed before, it seems that the heavens have destined you to take the blame for me ah."

        He Ting's entire body was dumbfounded.

        "She's your granddaughter, why did you harm her." He Ting said emotionally, as the saying goes, a tiger's poison doesn't feed its children, Jiang Lan did this, she's even more poisonous than a tiger!

        "When did I ever admit that this evil bastard is my granddaughter, she's the daughter of that trash, and I have a grudge against her." Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and slapped He Ting, continuing, "And you b*tch, you've been eating and drinking for nothing in our family for so long, this is the happiest period you've ever lived, right, what qualifications do poor people like you have to master a hillside villa."

        He Ting was sobered by this slap and subconsciously tried to snatch Han Nian from the driver's hand.

        The driver kicked He Ting in the abdomen, and He Ting squatted on the ground with a pained face.

        "I'll leave these two to you, I don't want to see them again." Lan Jiang said to the driver.

        "You're ordering me?" The driver looked at Jiang Lan with a torch-like gaze and said.

        Jiang Lan's strength weakened for a moment and said with her head down, "I'm just giving advice."

        "Get lost, there's nothing for you here." The driver said.

        Jiang Lan left in shame, and after arriving at the hospital, he called Su Yingxia.

        "Yingxia, He Ting is missing with the baby, I've searched all over the hospital and can't find her." Jiang Lan's tone was panicked with urgency, and she was breathing heavily, as if she had just run a long distance state.

        "How is that possible!" Su Yingxia asked incredulously, she knew very well what kind of person He Ting was, how could she have disappeared with Han Nian in her arms for no reason?

        "You call Mo Yang and have his people come to the hospital to look for them, I suspect that He Ting might have received some benefits from some people and kidnapped Han Nian." Jiang Lan said.

        To Su Yingxia, this kind of thing was like thunder from a clear sky.

        "Good." Su Yingxia hung up the phone in panic and immediately dialed Mo Yang's number again.

        Mo Yang was in the process of clearing Han Nian's gift, and he was quite satisfied with those generous businessmen.

        Although Su Yingxia didn't care about this matter, he cared a lot, it represented the influence Han Nian had on Cloud City.

        This was Han Qianqian's daughter, having this kind of influence was a matter of course in Mo Yang's opinion.

        When Mo Yang saw Su Yingxia's caller ID, he thought she was going to care about the gifts, and said when he picked up the phone, "I'm sorting it out, I'll give you a list after I've sorted out all the gifts."

        "Brother Yang, Han Nian is missing." Su Yingxia said.

        Mo Yang was stunned, then asked, "What's going on."

        "Han Nian was sick and went to the hospital, but Auntie He is missing with her now, my mom just called me, she searched all over the hospital but couldn't find them." Su Yingxia said.

        Mo Yang took a deep breath, he guarded all and sent hundreds of people to the hillside villa, just to worry about Han Nian having an accident, but it still happened!

        "I'll immediately send someone to find out, dig up Yun Cheng, if it's really He Ting's doing, I want her to die without a burial place!" Mo Yang gritted his teeth and said.

        Anyone who dared to pose the slightest threat to Han Nian could only die for Mo Yang.

        Dropping everything in his hands, Mo Yang personally rushed to the city hospital, and met Jiang Lan at the hospital entrance.

        Jiang Lan's eyes were red and swollen from crying, and after seeing Mo Yang, she pulled Mo Yang's hand and said, "You quickly call all the people to find Han Nian, you must find her."

        Mo Yang suddenly reached out and grabbed Jiang Lan's neck and asked in a cold voice, "Say, is this matter also related to you!"

Chapter 535

The reason why he was suspicious of Jiang Lan was because Jiang Lan had always been a dangerous person in Mo Yang's mind, and Mo Yang's vigilance towards her had never slackened, but Mo Yang had thought that arranging hundreds of people at the villa for protection wouldn't give Jiang Lan a chance to play tricks, but he hadn't expected this incident to happen after all.

        At this moment, Mo Yang, in addition to anger, there was also self-recrimination, if he had been able to guard Han Nian at all times, how could this accident have happened?

        More importantly, with Mo Yang's understanding of He Ting, the probability of He Ting doing something to betray Han Marchant was very low, without Han Marchant, there definitely wouldn't be He Ting today, what reason would she have to betray?

        Jiang Lan grabbed Mo Yang's arm with both hands and tried to struggle away, but her strength was obviously not comparable to Mo Yang's, and the more she felt breathless, the more she couldn't even say anything.

        Unable to speak, Jiang Lan could only shake her head as a way to express herself.

        Mo Yang slightly reduced his strength, leaving room for Jiang Lan to speak.

        Jiang Lan took a deep breath before saying, "It's not me, I'm her grandmother, how could I do such a thing, I know I've made many mistakes in the past, but now I've changed, I've repented."

        Let's put aside the credibility of this sentence for the time being, Mo Yang was not in the mood to pursue it, the most important thing now was to find Han Nian, it was only important not to let her have half a surprise.

        Letting go of Jiang Lan, Mo Yang said, "If this matter has anything to do with you, I will let you die without a funeral."

        Jiang Lan greedily sucked in a big breath, finally feeling alive, and said to Mo Yang, "It must be He Ting who took Han Nian for money, she must have joined forces with someone to try to blackmail us."

        "Whether it's blackmail or not, I'll investigate it." Mo Yang said with an icy look, at this time, he was like a cold-blooded beast that no one could get close to.

        "Set up a point on all roads where you can leave Cloud City, any vehicles leaving, all of them should be carefully inventoried, they must not be allowed to leave Cloud City with Han Nian." Mo Yang instructed Lin Yong.

        Lin Yong didn't dare to hesitate and immediately ordered this matter down.

        Whether it was the people from the Devil Capital headquarters or the men scattered all over Cloud City, at this moment, Mo Yang's energy in the grey area of Cloud City was completely on display for the first time, and his influence was breathtaking.

        "Bring her back to the mountainside villa, she is not allowed to take a step out of the mountainside villa without my order." Mo Yang continued.

        "Yes." Lin Yong instructed two of his men to directly detain Jiang Lan in the car.

        Mo Yang's eyes burned with anger as he looked up at the sky and said through gritted teeth, "No matter who you are, if you dare to hurt Han Nian by half a hair, I want your whole family to be buried with you!"


        The Han family compound.

        The idle Shi Jing was tidying up the garden at home, and without a maid, Shi Jing did all the household chores herself, which also gave her the opportunity to pass the time.

        Su Yingxia's pregnancy and the birth of her daughter had been known to her for a long time, and in her heart, she also wished to go to Cloud City to take a look, after all, as the grandmother of the child, she also had the responsibility to take care of Han Nian, but Han Qianli was not there, and now Han Qianli still had a grudge against her, so Shi Jing could only endure this impulse, she hoped that one day, Han Qianli would forgive her and bring Han Nian back to Yanjing to see her.

        As she was trimming the flowers and plants, Yan Jun on the side suddenly said, "I just received news that it seems that 3000's daughter has been kidnapped."

        "What!" Shi Jing turned her head and looked at Yan Jun with torch-like eyes, this was her granddaughter, and someone had kidnapped her!

        "The news shouldn't be wrong." Yan Jun said.

        Shi Jing took a deep breath and said, "Didn't Mo Yang send a lot of people to guard the hillside villa, how could he be kidnapped."

        "The news said that the Su family's maids took the child." Yan Jun's emotions seemed unharmed, but his fists had been clenched and there were obvious signs of white knuckles, so it was clear that he was also in a state of rage and was just hiding it very well.

        Shi Jing gritted her teeth, although this news made her very angry, she hadn't lost her mind.

        She had a rough idea of what kind of person He Ting was, and Han Third Thousand had been kind to her, so she had no reason to do this.

        She had to know that ever since Han 3000 had left Yanjing, he had hardly asked the Han family to do anything for him, and the first time Han 3000 had asked her for help, it was because of He Ting's daughter, a favor that was enough to make He Ting grateful for the rest of her life.

        "Rather than saying that He Ting did it, I feel more that this matter is related to Jiang Lan." Shi Jing said in a cold voice, she and Mo Yang's first thoughts were almost exactly the same, after all, Jiang Lan had spent a lot of effort to deal with Han Qianqian, even if she had poisoned Han Qianqian's daughter, it wasn't an uncommon thing to do.

        "What are you going to do now?" Yan Jun said.

        "I didn't go when Su Yingxia was in labor because I was afraid that 3000 would be unhappy, but now, with such a big thing going on, how could I ignore it, that's my granddaughter after all." Shi Jing said indifferently.

        That day, a private plane at the Yanjing Airport headed towards Cloud City.

        After Jiang Lan returned home, she comforted Su Yingxia who was crying her heart out, but Su Yingxia couldn't calm down.

        For a mother, losing her child is probably the most unacceptable nightmare.

        Jiang Lan falsely said that Mo Yang would definitely retrieve Han Nian, but in her heart, she couldn't wait for that driver to kill both Han Nian and He Ting.

        Although she didn't have the chance to kill Han Qianqian, it would be a painful thing for Jiang Lan if this evil bastard could die.

        Around 9 pm, Su Yingxia was still sitting in the living room in a lost state of mind, not even drinking a mouthful of water for such a long time, while Jiang Lan had just eaten a big meal and was resting on the sofa with a full stomach.

        Jiang Lan was already a little impatient with Su Yingxia's crying, so she wasn't going to care about Su Yingxia, she could just let her cry if she wanted to.

        At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang, and Jiang Lan subconsciously wiped the corners of her mouth, afraid of leaving half an oil stain.

        In Jiang Lan's opinion, the visitor must be Mo Yang, she can't let Mo Yang see her heartless side.

        But when the door opened, Jiang Lan was so frightened that she subconsciously took a few steps back.

        Shi Jing!

        How did this woman come.

        To say that the biggest shadow in Jiang Lan's life was probably brought to her by Shi Jing.

        Thinking about that powerful slap at that time, it is still an indelible mark in Jiang Lan's mind.

        Shi Jing's innate superiority was like a thousand pounds of oppression to Jiang Lan, and could make her feel the illusion of suffocation without external intervention.

        "You, why did you come." Jiang Lan's face instantly became defeated, she had forgotten about Shi Jing, but did not expect that this woman would suddenly appear.

        When Su Yingxia saw Shi Jing, the dried up tears in her eyes sprang out again, and she weakly knelt on the ground and said, "Mom, I'm sorry, I've lost Han Nian."

        Shi Jing saw Su Yingxia's self-recriminating haggard appearance, a pain in her heart, she is well aware of Su Yingxia's current mood and heartbreaking pain, just like the day she prepared a table full of dishes for Han Qianli, Han Qianli did not even take a bite before turning around and leaving.

        Also as a mother, how could Shi Jing not feel the same way?

        "Jiang Lan, where's my granddaughter?" Shi Jing's eyes were cold as she looked at Jiang Lan and asked.

        Jiang Lan faced Shi Jing, which made her feel even more afraid than facing Mo Yang, she shook her head in panic and said, "Being taken away by He Ting has nothing to do with me, I'm Han Nian's grandmother, do you think I would harm her?"

        Shi Jing slapped Jiang Lan heavily in the face and continued, "Where's my granddaughter?"

        "I really don't know, it has nothing to do with me." Jiang Lan covered her face and said with even more panic.


        Another slap to Jiang Lan's face, Shi Jing continued to repeat the same four words, "Where's my granddaughter?"

        Jiang Lan's left and right cheeks felt hot and painful, Shi Jing's hand was not merciful at all.

        "What right do you have to hit me, I'm just like you, I'm her elder, what qualifications do you have to accuse me from on high." Jiang Lan's temper suddenly erupted, hissing and shouting at Shi Jing.

        Facing Jiang Lan who was about to go crazy, Shi Jing's expression remained calm and unperturbed as she reached out and grabbed Jiang Lan's hair, pulling her head down dead, then raised her knee and hit Jiang Lan's face head on.

Chapter 536

Although Shi Jing was just a woman, but when she was ruthless, few men could compare to her, this was the difference of being in a big family, she could see a more different side of the world, in this case, she was naturally tougher than ordinary people.

        Facing someone like Jiang Lan who had tried to kill her son, how could Shi Jing be merciful?

        Jiang Lan screamed in pain and blood continued to flow out of her nostrils, which made Jiang Lan both afraid and panicked.

        She never thought that Shi Jing would suddenly appear, much less that she would have to face Shi Jing's violence.

        "Where's my granddaughter?" Shi Jing continued.

        It was still the same four words, but the simple words scared Jiang Lan to the core.

        But Jiang Lan knew that even if she died, she couldn't tell the truth, or else she would only end up worse off.

        At this moment, Jiang Lan had no choice but to show her pity in front of Shi Jing, hoping that she would have some mercy on her.

        Kneeling on both knees, Jiang Lan did her best to show her weak side, at this time she didn't care about the word dignity at all, even though the person standing in front of her should have been her own mother who was her equal.

        "I really don't know, this matter has nothing to do with me, please don't hit me, please let me go." Jiang Lan kowtowed and begged for mercy.

        Shi Jing looked at Jiang Lan with cold eyes, this woman kept her mouth shut and refused to say anything, but Shi Jing still suspected that Han Nian was responsible for the incident.

        As for He Ting who disappeared, she might have also been the one who caused it.

        But now suffering from a lack of evidence and Jiang Lan's denial, Shi Jing was helpless.

        She couldn't just kill Jiang Lan, this was Su Yingxia's mother after all, Shi Jing was worried that doing so would cause Han 3000 to be upset again, after all, once when Jiang Lan wanted to kill Han 3000, Han 3000 had spared him.

        Shi Jing bypassed Jiang Lan and walked over to Su Yingxia's side, supporting her up and saying softly, "I will find her, this matter is not your fault, you don't need to blame yourself."

        Su Yingxia's tears raged even more after hearing this, at this time she would rather be blamed by Shi Jing, would rather be scolded by Shi Jing, perhaps her heart would still feel better.

        A person who couldn't even take care of her own daughter, why should she still be able to receive care?

        "Mom, please, you have to help me find Han Nian, otherwise, how can I live and how can I face 3000." Su Yingxia cried out in pain.

        Shi Jing nodded and said to Yan Jun, "I know you have many men, they have been hiding for so many years, it's time to send them, your responsibility is to protect the Han family, I'm sure you're not qualified to refuse my orders."

        Yan Jun would never turn a blind eye to this matter, after all, he was the daughter of Han Qianqian, and even without Shi Jing's orders, he would definitely investigate in secret.

        "A lot of people might die." Yan Jun said indifferently.

        "As long as Han Nian doesn't die, the rest has nothing to do with me, but you should know that Han Nian can't have half an accident." Shi Jing said in a cold voice.

        Yan Jun left the hillside villa without saying a word, this was the first time in so many years that Yan Jun was truly angry.

        The furious Yan Jun was definitely a fearsome beast that had stirred up a bloodstorm in Yanjing, and this old man had also ruled the world!

        At ten o'clock, Mo Yang appeared at the villa, when he saw Shi Jing, he looked a little surprised, never expected that Shi Jing would appear here.

        Although Jiang Lan and Shi Jing were both Han Qianqian's mothers, they were very different, the former was completely ignored by Mo Yang, but the latter was worthy of his respect.

        No matter how unpleasant it was between Han Marchant and Shi Jing, she was Han Marchant's biological mother after all, and was also the current leader of the Yanjing Han family, this kind of power was by no means something that Mo Yang was qualified to underestimate.

        How could a small Cloud City grey area boss dare to compare to the Lady of the Yanjing Han Family?

        "Madam Han." Mo Yang lowered his head and shouted respectfully.

        Shi Jing said in a cold voice, "As a subordinate of Three Thousand's, yet you failed to protect his daughter, such a dereliction of duty is enough for you to make up for it with your life."

        Although Han 3000 had never regarded Mo Yang as a subordinate, Shi Jing saying this didn't repel Mo Yang in the slightest, because in Mo Yang's heart, his positioning of himself was indeed Han 3000's subordinate.

        "After I find Han Nian, no matter how Lady Han wants to be punished, I, Mo Yang, will never frown." Mo Yang said.

        Shi Jing had no doubts about Mo Yang's loyalty and asked, "What's the news."

        Mo Yang sighed, despite the fact that he had his people pouring out, there was no news at all at the moment.

        "I've sent people to Rong City, as long as I get Jiang Ying Ying back, it's possible to contact He Ting." Mo Yang said.

        "You should know in your heart that even if you capture Jiang Ying Ying, the usefulness that she can manifest is still minimal." Shi Jing said bluntly, now that even He Ting couldn't be contacted, how useful could the capture of Jiang Yingying be?

        This was clear to Mo Yang, but he had no other choice but to capture Jiang Ying Ying and try it out.

        "This is the no way out." Mo Yang said.

        "Don't disturb Ying Xia's rest, you can leave first, contact me if you have any news, here's my card." Shi Jing said.

        After Mo Yang went forward and received Shi Jing's business card, he sighed and said, "Comfort Yingxia, tell her not to worry too much, I'll definitely find Han Nian."

        "To you, what is Han 3000?" Shi Jing suddenly asked.

        Mo Yang was stunned for a moment and answered without thinking, "A brother who can be guarded with his life."

        Shi Jing smiled faintly, obviously very satisfied with this answer, and said, "I hope you won't disappoint me, Han 3000 may not kill you, but that doesn't mean I won't."

        Mo Yang didn't have any ripples inside and wasn't afraid in the slightest to face Shi Jing's threat, because if he really couldn't find Han Nian, he himself wouldn't have the face to face Han Three Thousand, and instead of that, it might be more pleasant to die.

        After Mo Yang left, Shi Jing carried Su Yingxia, who had fallen asleep, back to her room, she was exhausted and crying with a complete lack of energy.

        Second floor master bedroom, Jiang Lan looked at herself in the mirror, almost beaten to death by Shi Jing, this revenge Jiang Lan remembered in her heart, once she was given the chance to take revenge, she would never go soft on Shi Jing.

        "Bastard family, I, Jiang Lan, will sooner or later make you kneel before me and kowtow to your mistakes, Han Qianli deserves to die, Han Nian deserves to die, Shi Jing deserves to die even more." Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and viciously talked to herself, for the narrow-minded her, if she couldn't avenge this, no amount of glory and wealth would be tasty to enjoy.

        Whenever there was anger, Jiang Lan would vent her anger at Su Guoyao on the bed, and today was no exception, after punching and kicking Su Guoyao for a while, she was able to get some relief.

        At the Tian family villa, after learning that Han Nian had been kidnapped, Tian Changsheng and Tian Ling'er were not idle and used all their connections to investigate the matter, only to find that after one day, there was no gain at all.

        The two of them returned home one after the other.

        Tian Changsheng was lying on the sofa with a tired face after running around all day.

        When Tian Ling'er returned home, she directly threw off her shoes, then went to Tian Changsheng's side and snuggled up beside her.

        "Grandpa, how do you think Nian Er is doing now, she won't have any accidents," Tian Ling'er asked worriedly.

        Tianchang Sheng's expression was extremely serious, Han Nian had left her mother only a few days ago, the situation she was facing now, Tianchang Sheng felt heartbroken just thinking about it.

        "But there must not be any accidents, otherwise once Han Qianli returns, this piece of sky will fall down for Cloud City." Tianchang Sheng said, he knew very well what kind of temper Han Qianli had, he was a young man who could be very patient, but he also had his own bottom line, once the bottom line was touched, the side he showed would be absolutely terrifying.

        If something were to happen to Han Nian, Tian Chang Sheng would not have the slightest doubt about the turmoil Han 3,000 would have on Yun City, even the entire pattern of Yun City would change because of him, perhaps even the Tian family would not be able to jump out of the scope of being affected.

        Today's Cloud City, it was definitely not an exaggeration for Han Third Thousand to be called the number one person.

        "Although I don't have such a powerful father, I'm really lucky to have such a powerful brother," Tian Ling'er said.


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