His True Colors Chapter 521-523


Chapter 521

Everyone was watching the situation unfold in front of them with the mindset of watching a good show, but the gopher was currently holding the bars with both hands and appeared to be nervous.

        Now that he had probable confirmed the man in the mask, he was naturally worried about Han 3,000's current situation, and he knew that Han 3,000 would never choose to kill Knife 12 no matter what, so he was destined to disobey Geocentric's orders.

        As for how much punishment the Earth's core would actually bring to Han Third Thousand, it wasn't something the gopher could imagine.

        "Braking stuff, it's not like it has anything to do with you, you're nervous sh*t." Guan Yong looked at the gopher's tense expression from afar and said disdainfully, it's none of his business, he should be high and mighty, just watch the show, he doesn't know what he's nervous about.

        "You're a mudblood yourself, and still in the mood to care about other people's business, why doesn't Earthheart throw you into the ring." Although Guan Yong's hopes were placed on the gopher, at this moment, he didn't want the gopher to die.

        In the iron cage ring, those inside the Earth's core were cautiously approaching Han Giang, during which an electric current was constantly hitting Han Giang.

        This feeling of being struck by electricity increased in frequency but did not enhance, and Han Three Thousand's body, surprisingly, was slowly adapting to it.

        The multiple electric shocks did not increase the paralysis in his body, and when Han 3000 tentatively moved his fingers, he was still as flexible as ever.

        But this was unknown to those within, and in their opinion, the reason why Han Third Thousand was able to stand was definitely due to perseverance, and he would soon fall down.

        To kill or not to kill, Han Three Thousand was considering.

        In the special area, the exquisite man watched the scene with a smile on his face, soon Han 3000 would pay for his disobedience, this was the lesson the exquisite man gave Han 3000.

        Since he had to train Han 3000 to be an obedient dog, he had to be taught that he had no resistance in the Earth's core.

        "I'm in charge of everything here, I want you to live before you can live, and I want you to die before you have the right to die."

        "Next, I'll show you what happens if you don't listen."

        The exquisite man couldn't wait to order his men over the PA, "Give it to me and show him the price he'll pay for disobeying!"

        After hearing the order, the subordinates did not dare to hesitate and rushed forward.

        In everyone's opinion, Han Qianxiang would pay a miserable price for his disobedience.

        The confident smile on the exquisite man's face showed this even more exquisitely.

        But what happened next was what caused the cage's surroundings to continue to let out sounds of wonder.

        The exquisite man's expression was even more gloomy to the point of dark clouds.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand, whose flexibility wasn't affected by the electric shock, retreated with a heavy machine once those staff members got close.

        And Han 3,000 didn't hold back at all, every time he struck with a heavy punch, causing those staff members who were hit to either die or faint.

        More than ten people, in less than a minute, all fell at Han 3,000's feet.

        All of this was electric, as if it had caused people to see an illusion.

        "This ......"

        "Is this guy even afraid of a taser! There's actually still resistance."

        "These people, they can't all ...... be dead!"

        Countless people drew a breath of cold air at this moment, their eyes looking at Han Qianli in horror.

        He ...... killed an inner member of the Earth's core?

        No matter how ruthless the people here had been and how much blood had been stained on their hands, they never dared to make a scene in the Earth's Core because they knew that killing outside had a chance to escape, but killing in the Earth's Core was not only a way to die, but they would also suffer endless torture and pain due to the confinement room.

        So after those with tyrannical personalities came to the Earth's core, their hostility unconsciously decreased a lot.

        To kill without fear like Han Qianqian was something they didn't even dare to think about.

        And now, Han Qianxiang had actually done it!

        "This guy, isn't he at all afraid of the punishment of the Earth's core?"

        "In my opinion, he has no idea what it's like to be locked up in a solitary confinement room, that endless darkness and silence, just once is enough to give someone nightmares for life."

        "Oh, that kind of darkness, it's like being swallowed by hell, the Earth's core won't let him die, it'll make him collapse in this kind of darkness."

        The person who discussed that Han Kuang would suffer from confinement didn't know that Han Kuang had already been tested in this regard when he came to the Earth's Core.

        That kind of dark silence did tend to cause people to collapse inside, but for Han Three Thousand, as long as he thought of Su Yingxia in his mind, even though he was in darkness, his heart was a radiant multicolored world.

        This kind of mental torment was not worth mentioning to Han three thousand, because Su Yingxia could bring light to his darkness.

        Inside the special area, the exquisite man gnashed his teeth in hatred as he watched his men die in the steel cage ring.

        He hadn't expected Han Qianqiang to be able to resist the paralysis caused by the electric current, and the fall of those men had disgraced him.

        "Do you think that just because you can fight, you're qualified to disobey me? For three months at most, I will make you do what I tell you to do, and your fate will be in my hands after all."

        "You're just a dog, you have to do whatever I tell you to do!"

        The fine man said and pulled out the phone.

        "How's she doing." After the phone was dialed, the fine man said.

        "Young Master, I've warned her that if she doesn't manifest her usefulness, I'll make her die a horrible death, I'm sure she'll find a way." The caller said.

        "If she can't do it, immediately send someone to Yun City and overthrow Mo Yang for me." The elite man said with a hostile face.

        "Young Master, will this make too much noise, after all, Yun City is now under Mo Yang's control and we have to keep a low profile in Huaxia." The person on the other end of the phone was clearly concerned, especially adding emphasis on the word Huaxia.

        "I don't care how big the commotion is, do I still have to look at other people's faces when my Nangong family does this little thing?" The elite man said with a firm attitude.

        "Yes, young master, I will do as you say, but the time is not yet right, so I hope you will wait." The man said.

        The refined man didn't reply and directly hung up the phone.

        Looking at the arrogant Han Qianqian in the ring, he wanted to kill him directly.

        However, he knew that Han Qianxiang still had a great use for him, and it would be a pity to kill him like that.

        "I'll let you be arrogant for a while longer, no more than three months at the most, and you'll kneel before me and bow down."

        In the ring, none of the fallen insiders were still moving, and those who had fainted to death seemed to be truly dead as well.

        At this time, the image of Han Qianli was that of a true killing god, and one who was still completely oblivious to the severe consequences that the Earth's core would bring to him.

        This was a point worth worshipping in the eyes of others.

        No one had dared to disobey the orders of Earthheart since its establishment, and Han Three Thousand had not only set the precedent, but also killed so many of Earthheart's internal staff, even if they felt that Han Three Thousand would definitely pay the price for what he had done, it wouldn't hinder their admiration for Han Three Thousand.

        "This guy is truly admirable."

        "Yeah, who else could there be other than him who dared to challenge the Earth's Core?"

        "To think that I used to kill people too, my hands stained with the blood of dozens of people, but compared to him, it's nothing."

        "Ten people are nothing, I've killed hundreds of people, even exterminated an entire upper class family, and now I still have to obediently listen to the words of the Earth's core, how dare I disobey the orders of the Earth's core like him, this guy, I'm afraid his origin is more frightening than any of us here ah."

        The crowd sighed, their faces all showing their respect for Han Qianli, at this moment, they didn't even want Han Qianli to be punished, they even felt that there was a chance that Han Qianli would be able to overthrow the rule of the Earth Core and lead them out of this hellhole.

        This thought was shared by many, but none of them dared to say it, they could only bury it in their hearts, they admired Han 3,000 but it didn't mean they had the guts to do the same thing to Han 3,000.

        The gopher breathed a sigh of relief, his heart began to worry again, after killing so many staff members of the Earth's core, he didn't know what the Earth's core would do to him next, it was really getting dangerous now.

Chapter 522

Cloud City.

        A certain elevator apartment.

        Jiang Lan was actually living with that driver, but there was obviously a huge difference between the two in terms of their status.

        In the Su family, Jiang Lan, who barely did any housework, was now reserved to wipe the dust and mop the floor, cleaning the house to a spotless level, even in the corners that were invisible to the eye, she didn't even dare to be sloppy.

        This was a world of difference compared to the treatment Jiang Lan received in the Su family.

        When Han Qianqian hadn't joined the Su family yet, Su Guoyao was the one who did all the work in the house, even if Jiang Lan clogged the toilet herself, she would let Su Guoyao unclog it with the smelly stench, she never bothered with such things, let alone dusting and mopping the floor.

        After Han Qianqian joined the family, Jiang Lan had even more leisure time, and all the household chores, including cooking, fell on Han Qianqian.

        For so many years, Jiang Lan's life had been unsatisfactory at times, but she had never fallen into such a state.

        As the driver sat on the sofa watching TV, Jiang Lan looked like a maid, where was the air of a noblewoman, and more importantly, Jiang Lan looked very cautious, obviously afraid of angering the driver.

        "Young Master has called me, if you still don't reflect the value of your use, I will only kill you." The driver said faintly.

        This statement shook Jiang Lan, ever since she ran into this guy, she would be threatened from time to time, and one time she even actually almost died at the hands of this man, so Jiang Lan was very afraid of him, and no matter what he said, Jiang Lan would do it.

        Now she was asked to return to the Su family, which was what Jiang Lan was very willing to see, but unfortunately, Su Yingxia wasn't even willing to see her.

        "Don't worry, I won't let you down, please give me some more time." Jiang Lan kneeled on the ground and said with a prayerful face.

        The driver didn't even look at Jiang Lan and stood up to go back to his room.

        Jiang Lan sighed, to think that in the beginning, she was living in the Genting Mountain villa area, but now she had fallen to this state.

        But she was still stubborn enough not to feel that she had done anything wrong, or even that she was to blame for what had happened to her today, and that she was treating all of this as a victim of Han Giang.

        Jiang Lan often wondered, if this loser had died earlier, how could the Su family have been in such a storm, and how could she have been divorced and driven out of the Su family?

        All the reasons were on Han Qianqian, he was the one who caused himself to be harmed.

        Jiang Lan's eyes became vicious and gritted her teeth as she said, "Han Qianqian, you're the one who made me fall into this situation, no matter if the evil seed in Su Yingxia's belly is a boy or a girl, he will also be held responsible for your sins."

        After cleaning the house, Jiang Lan also made a special dinner for the driver before leaving home.

        After Jiang Lan's many inquiries, she knew where Su Guoyao would be drinking tonight, so she was going to find Su Guoyao, since Su Yingmian was not willing to forgive her, she could only think of a way out on Su Guoyao, the worst thing she could do was to sell pity on this waste man, as long as he was drunk, things would be much easier.

        At the entrance of a certain restaurant, Jiang Lan was shivering in the cold wind, it wasn't long before the drinking game started, she wasn't in a hurry to meet with Su Guoyao, things would only be better when he was drunk.

        Jiang Lan had already made up her mind to bring Su Guoyao to the hotel tonight, wait until tomorrow morning when he was sober, then act pitiful in front of him and return to the hillside villa by this means.

        After so many years of being husband and wife, Jiang Lan didn't believe that Su Guoyao could really not miss his old feelings, and in Jiang Lan's opinion, it was Su Guoyao's honor that she could compromise with Su Guoyao, a loser, how could he not accept it?

        It was a cold winter night with a bitter wind.

        Jiang Lan's head was stained with frost, even his eyebrows were turning white, and he was shivering until it was almost ten o'clock.

        Su Guoyao was drinking happily with a group of his fox and dog friends.

        Since his divorce from Jiang Lan, he was even more unbridled in his drinking, with no one to restrain him, he could go home at any time he wanted.

        The matter of Su Guoyao's divorce had already spread among his friends, so when Jiang Lan appeared, everyone else was stunned.

        "Old Su, your ex-wife is here."

        "It's to make peace with you, you've accomplished nothing, I didn't expect you to have such a willing wife."

        "Old Su must have some strengths, right, they say that women are thirty wolves and forty tigers, if you don't have some skills, how can you make the early stages come back to you?"

        A few drinking buddies couldn't help but ridicule Jiang Lan after seeing her.

        If it were Jiang Lan's previous temper, she would have already grabbed Su Guoyao's ear and scolded him, but now, she could only suppress her temper and even smiled at the ridicule.

        Su Guoyao turned his head, and when he saw Jiang Lan's face he showed impatience and said, "What are you still coming for, we're already divorced, do you know how cool and free I am now?"

        Feeling Su Guoyao's attitude, Jiang Lan unconsciously bit her teeth, she was expecting Su Guoyao to miss the old feelings, but she did not expect Su Guoyao to have such an attitude.

        Su Guoyao's feelings, Jiang Lan will never be able to understand.

        Since the day he got married, Su Guoyao had no dignity as a man in front of Jiang Lan, being endlessly oppressed and living not like a man at all.

        Reminiscing about old feelings?

        These three words were simply a joke to Su Guoyao.

        He didn't feel any love at all in Jiang Lan, so how could he miss his old feelings?

        "Guo Yao, let's find a place to talk." Jiang Lan said.

        "Talk?" Su Guoyao looked at Jiang Lan with contempt and said, "I have nothing to talk about with you, this b*tch, get out of here, don't get in the way of my good mood of drinking."

        This sentence made Jiang Lan instantly squeeze her fist, where would the former Su Guoyao have the guts to talk to her in such a tone, now he was really lawless?

        Jiang Lan wanted to teach Su Guoyao a lesson, but her current status and position had already disqualified her from teaching Su Guoyao a lesson.

        She was nothing but a woman who had been swept out of the house.

        Jiang Lan took a deep breath and turned around to leave.

        "Old Su, you're finally living like a man."

        "In the past, this woman ate you to death, we couldn't bear to watch you anymore, but we didn't think you'd actually have a day to turn over a new leaf."

        "Old Su is now a winner in life ah, the family is rich, the most important thing is still without a wife, how much you want to drink, there are even endless women outside."

        "Three achievements in a man's life, a promotion, a fortune and a dead wife, you are not an official, but now this situation is enough to make us envious ah."

        The boasting of a group of drinking buddies made Su Guoyao float, saying atmospherically, "You guys, if you want me to treat you, just say so, why beat around the bush? I'll just buy this meal today."

        "Old Su is atmospheric."

        "Rich people sure are different."

        "We'll definitely invite them back next time."

        After Jiang Lan walked out of the restaurant, she didn't choose to leave and still waited at the door.

        Since she had come here, she couldn't return without success, and this matter was related to her life, even if she had to lay down her dignity and let Su Guoyao trample on her, Jiang Lan had to do it.

        What that driver said, Jiang Lan never dared to have the slightest doubt.

        And if she wanted to return to the hillside villa and regain her life of glory and wealth, this was the only way she could go.

        She wanted to get back all that she had lost.

        She also wanted to take revenge for all the hatred she had on Han Qianqian's child!

        By the time it was almost eleven o'clock, Jiang Lan's entire body was cold and stiff, and Su Guoyao and his group finally walked out of the restaurant shakily.

        Jiang Lan hid at the side, and after everyone else had left one after another by taxi, she hurriedly ran to Su Guoyao's side and assisted him.

        "Who are you ...... you." Su Guoyao said in a daze, his head heavy and light-headed, apparently already drunk to the point where he didn't even recognize anyone.

        Jiang Lan didn't say anything, but helped Su Guoyao and walked towards a nearby hotel.

        In the morning, when Su Guoyao was lying on the bed, he felt that someone had gotten into his arms, and out of a man's subconscious, Su Guoyao took Jiang Lan into his arms.

        The next morning, when Su Guoyao woke up, he saw that Jiang Lan was sleeping beside him.

        Su Guoyao, who had a splitting headache, instantly sat up, while Jiang Lan, who had been awakened, actually got out of bed directly and knelt in front of Su Guoyao, with a prayerful appearance.

Chapter 523

"Guoyao, please, remarry with me, I want to go back to the Su family, I know it was all my fault before, I will change, give me a chance to atone for what I did before, okay." Jiang Lan said to Su Guoyao with a snotty nose and tears.

        Su Guoyao's hatred for Jiang Lan was in his bones, because the oppression he suffered from Jiang Lan made him feel like he hadn't had a single day of a man's dignity since he married Jiang Lan, the past was still vivid in his mind, Su Guoyao hadn't forgotten at all, and now that he had dumped this woman with great difficulty, how could he be willing to remarry with Jiang Lan?

        "Hmph." Su Guoyao snorted, not at all sympathetic to Jiang Lan, and said, "You're dreaming, there's no way I'll ever remarry you, I've been insulted enough on you, can I still give you a chance?"

        Jiang Lan wiped her tears and looked pitiful as she said, "Are you really that cruel, at any rate we've been a couple for decades, don't you miss the old feelings at all?"

        As the saying goes, a pitiful person must have something to hate, not to mention that Jiang Lan wasn't really pitiful, she wanted to return to the Su family, not just simply to remarry with Su Guoyao, but to take it all back.

        But the good thing was that Su Guoyao really couldn't take the slightest interest in her, and even the thought of possibly having a little something happen with her last night made Su Guoyao feel sick in his heart.

        "Jiang Lan, you are to blame for having today, you don't blame me for being cruel to you, but you were too cruel to me before." After saying that, Su Guoyao stood up from the bed and prepared to get dressed and leave.

        Jiang Lan hugged Su Guoyao's thighs, unwilling to let him go, crying her heart out, saying, "Guoyao, Guoyao, please, don't go, don't go, I have nothing left now, I don't want to go on like this, give me a chance, I will cherish it."

        Su Guoyao impatiently kicked away Jiang Lan and said, "You had many cherished opportunities before, but you missed them all, now that I'm easily out of the sea of misery, how the hell can I still be with you."

        Since the divorce, Su Guoyao had enjoyed a life that he didn't even dare to think about before, this feeling made him completely let go, no one would restrain him, no one would call him trash, he could drink when he wanted, he even had the guts to go to a club to play.

        A yellow-faced woman like Jiang Lan already made Su Guoyao unable to mention any interest.

        Although the club doesn't talk about love, but those women's looks and figure, can Jiang Lan be half as good?

        Out of misery!

        These four words caused a fierce light to flash in Jiang Lan's eyes, for so many years, Su Guoyao actually treated being with her as a sea of bitterness.

        All along, Jiang Lan felt that she was the one who was wronged, having married into the Su family for so many years, not only did she not enjoy half of the glory and wealth, she was also often ridiculed by the rest of the Su family, and she felt that she had helped Su Guoyao to eat all these grievances.

        Su Guoyao should be grateful to her for never leaving her before, but she never thought that Su Guoyao would think this way.

        Jiang Lan very much wanted to scold Su Guoyao, this kind of trash, how could he have this kind of life if it wasn't for Su Yingxia having a future.

        But she also asked for Su Guoyao's forgiveness before she could return to the Su family, so she could only control her temper.

        Just kneeling and crying didn't seem to soften Su Guoyao's heart.

        Jiang Lan had no choice but to enlarge her move.

        Kowtowing continuously to Su Guoyao and every time she kowtowed, she thumped her head, not false at all.

        "Ying Xia is pregnant now, soon to have a baby, Guo Yao, give me a chance to be a grandmother, I can promise you anything, after that you can play outside as much as you want, even if you want to bring a woman home, I will absolutely not interfere, I only want to help Ying Xia with the baby." Jiang Lan cried dizzyingly, it was not like acting at all, there was no flaw to speak of in the slightest.

        Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan had been married for so many years, what kind of person she was, Su Guoyao could be said to know very well, she once but wanted to kill Han Qianqian, and tried every way to deal with Han Qianqian, as long as it was something she thought was right, no matter what the circumstances, she would not change.

        The child in Su Yingxia's belly, but Han Qianqian's seed, can she like this child? Su Guoyao didn't believe it.

        "Jiang Lan, you're not going to move your idea on the child's head, he's innocent, you can't have such thoughts even if you want to take revenge on Han 3000." Su Guoyao gritted his teeth and said to Jiang Lan.

        Jiang Lan panicked in her heart, but concealed it very well and said without changing her face, "Guoyao, am I such a vicious woman in your eyes, how could I possibly do it to a child."

        "Your viciousness exceeds your own imagination and my imagination, I would never give you the chance to get close to their mother and child." Su Guoyao said, feeling that he still had to threaten this woman, or else she would really do something vicious, Su Yingxia would be sad for the rest of her life, and said; "Jiang Lan, I'm warning you, if I find out that you want to hurt them, I will never let you go."

        After saying that, Su Guoyao left the hotel room.

        Even if something really happened with Jiang Lan last night, Su Guoyao's dislike for her would not diminish in the slightest.

        The resentment accumulated over the decades would never be easily dissipated.

        Jiang Lan felt that this solution would work and could make Su Guoyao soften his heart, but she had no idea how big Su Guoyao's resentment towards her was, and no matter what she did, Su Guoyao would never give her the chance to return to the Su family.

        After Su Guoyao left, Jiang Lan's expression instantly changed, standing up from the floor and sitting on the edge of the bed, her face gloomy.

        Jiang Lan, who was wiping away her tears, had endless anger in her eyes.

        She didn't expect to have already kneeled down to this trash, but she still hadn't received his forgiveness, which was something that Jiang Lan had never expected.

        In her opinion, she had already kneeled down, what qualifications did Su Guoyao have to not forgive her?

        Even now, inside Jiang Lan still placed herself in a high position, she felt that she had to get what she wanted in return for what she had done, little did she know that this assumption was nothing more than a joke.

        "You forced me to do this, you forced me to do this!" Jiang Lan apparently had other thoughts and gritted her teeth.

        After Su Guoyao returned to the mountainside villa, he didn't tell Su Yingxia about the meeting with Jiang Lan.

        Now that Mo Yang had arranged a few of his men to be close to Su Yingxia near the mountainside villa for personal protection, and as long as Su Yingxia went out, there would also be people following her around, in this situation, there was probably no chance that Jiang Lan would be able to get close to her.

        "Dad, you didn't come back all night, what have you been doing?" Su Yingxia said helplessly to Su Guoyao, since the divorce, Su Guoyao has been a lot more unscrupulous, although Su Yingxia knew that this was because of the release of Su Guoyao after too much oppression in the past, but not even returning home at night, it was a bit too much.

        "Last night, I was overcharged by a few friends, don't worry, I definitely won't in the future." Su Guoyao said.

        Su Yingxia wouldn't believe a word of what Su Guoyao said, but there was nothing to be done, she couldn't do anything except persuade a few words.

        "You'd better drink less, life is better now, if you don't value your body, you won't be able to enjoy any more money in the future, are you willing to lie in the hospital for the rest of your life?" Su Yingxia said.

        Su Guoyao nodded his head repeatedly and said he knew.

        People who are drunk seem to have some regrets after getting drunk, especially when the body leaves behind the aftermath of drunkenness, but when this aftermath disappears, they won't remember anything.

        Su Guoyao was such a person, after resting at home for a day, less than five in the afternoon, he received another call from a few friends, which made Su Guoyao once again unable to hold back, while Su Yingxia was resting in her room, he quietly left the house.

        That night, Su Guoyao was drunk once again, after his friends left one after another, Su Guoyao was waiting for a car in the cold wind, suddenly saw a dazzling bright light, coming towards him at a very fast speed.

        In the next moment, Su Guoyao's entire body soared into the air and was hit by an unlicensed car, which flew ten meters away from him.


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