His True Colors Chapter 519-520


Chapter 519

In the Earth's core, within the special area, the exquisite looking man was holding a file in his hand.

        This information was detailed information about Knife Twelve, recording almost the entirety of Knife Twelve's life.

        But what Knife Twelve used to do was of no concern to him, he was more concerned about the relationship between Knife Twelve and Han Qianqian.

        "I was recently worrying about what kind of opponent to arrange for him, but I didn't expect someone to take the initiative, I really want to see what each of them will think when they both appear in the ring at the same time."

        "Will you kill him?"

        The refined man took a deep breath, the smile on his face filled with a strong evil charm, he couldn't wait to see these two kill each other, this was even more anticipated than a normal ring match.

        "Send someone to Cloud City and fetch Blade Twelve." The elite man said.

        Cloud City.

        Knife Twelve told Mo Yang the first time after receiving the news that the Earth Heart Society had sent someone.

        When he left, everything in Cloud City would fall on Mo Yang, including the management of the Underground Boxing Arena, so he had to explain these things clearly.

        When Mo Yang and Knife Twelve met, Knife Twelve was about to give an explanation to Mo Yang, so Mo Yang spoke up and said, "You can rest assured about Cloud City, I will help you manage this boxing ring well, when you come back, you'd better go accompany Tang Qingyan during these few days."

        Blade Twelve did have plans to spend the remaining few days with Tang Qingyan, as the chances of him being able to return from his trip to the heart of the earth were so slim that he was basically going with the intention of dying.

        "Boss Mo, take care of her for me, she must not be allowed to suffer a bit." Blade Twelve said.

        Mo Yang patted his chest and said, "Whoever dares to harm her, I will make the other party pay the price of extermination, Tang Qing Wan is not only your daughter, but also my daughter."

        Knife Twelve nodded, with such a guarantee from Mo Yang, he could rest assured about Tang Qing Wan's situation, now in Cloud City, who would dare to provoke Mo Yang?

        "If you still don't feel assured enough, I will immediately host a banquet to let everyone in Cloud City know that Tang Qing Wan has been adopted by me as my goddaughter." Mo Yang continued.

        "No need, I trust you." Blade Twelve said.

        Mo Yang took a deep breath and said, "Once you're gone, I want you to come back with 3000, or rather, you must bring this guy back to me."

        This task seemed almost impossible to Blade Twelve, but since he was going, he would definitely do his best to help Han Three Thousand do this, his value would be too much of a loss to send this life if it was only on the matter of delivering the message.

        "Don't worry, I don't want to die yet either." Blade Twelve said.

        Mo Yang nodded his head and said, "Go and keep Tang Qing Wan company."

        Knife Twelve got up and left the boxing ring.

        Half a month later at the center of the earth.

        Resting field, Han 3000 still dragged his ankle chain, no one in a ten meter radius dared to approach, the others' fear of him had grown stronger and stronger, but wherever he appeared, the others would keep their distance, there were even many who gave up their time to let off steam, just because of Han 3000's presence, the others chose to stay in their prisoner rooms.

        "Gopher, the number of people coming out to let out the wind is obviously getting less and less in the last few days, this guy's deterrent power is so strong that he's actually making people not even dare to come out of the door." Guan Yong said with a sigh on his face, the Yuri in the past was already considered fierce enough, but this had never happened before ah.

        "If it were you, would you dare to mess with him?" Gopher said.

        Guan Yong shook his head like a rattle drum and said, "To provoke him, I'd rather kill myself, maybe I can die a little more quickly."

        The gopher smiled faintly and said, "Other people also have this kind of thinking, especially those who don't even dare to go out of the door, they are usually arrogant and used to it, so if they are targeted by him, wouldn't it be a dead end, so staying in the criminal room is the best choice."

        Having been told so by the gopher, Guan Yong realized that those who didn't come out to let off steam were indeed the ones who were normally more arrogant.

        "Wicked people need to be wicked to grind ah, I used to have nightmares when those guys looked at me viciously, I didn't expect them to have today too." Guan Yong said disdainfully.

        "You're a wimp, you're too f**king useless." The gopher looked at Guan Yong with cold eyes, if he wasn't still of use, the gopher wouldn't even bother to take care of his death.

        Guan Yong didn't argue, he was indeed a wimp, when he first came here, he didn't even have the courage to meet the eyes of those people, the boss who boasted of having thousands of little brothers, came to the heart of the earth, living as a soft egg, not even daring to breathe.

        "By the way, do you think he'll still participate in the tournament? Why hasn't there been any news on this lately." Guan Yong asked curiously.

        There was no doubt about it, there would definitely still be a tournament, it just depended on what time the Earthheart side was scheduled.

        But after experiencing it twice, the gopher had confidence in him, and as long as he was barehanded, the chances of the person Earthheart had found to beat him were very slim.

        "It should be hard for him to lose, and right now Earthheart must be having a headache trying to find an opponent for him." Gopher chuckled.

        "Damn, I wish I was that awesome, I have to make way for him everywhere I go, it's f**king cool to think about." Guan Yong said with an envious face.

        "You?" The gopher laughed contemptuously and said, "A hundred of you wouldn't be a match for him, and you dare to delude yourself into thinking you have his treatment?"

        "I'm not just fantasizing about masturbation myself to satisfy my own heart's needs." Guan Yong accosted and smiled, these fantasies were only fantasies, he didn't think he could really be this strong.

        After the release time was over, Han Giangli didn't leave, none of the people around him dared to move until after he dragged the chains out of the resting area, only then did the others dare to leave one after another.

        This kind of high-standard treatment, Han Three Thousand was the first in the history of the Earth's core, and no matter what kind of murderous demons had appeared here, they weren't as strong as the intimidation he brought to people.

        Perhaps it was because of the mask, or perhaps it was because of the chains beneath his feet.

        More importantly, of course, was his own strength.

        During the time he had been locked up in the Earth's Core, Han 3000 had increased in strength, and with the ability to use his powerful strength more flexibly, now even if Han Long was revived and Han 3000 fought head-to-head, Han 3000 would still have the strength to fight.

        On this day, when the ring opened, it signaled that a new tournament was about to begin.

        Everyone gathered near the cage at the first opportunity, waiting for Han Three Thousand's third ring battle.

        This time, the result that everyone expected was Han Three Thousand's victory, after all, he had won the last time without unlocking his chains, and this time, the Earth Heart had even dismantled his ankle chains, a situation that would surely enable him to explode into even greater strength.

        "The Earth Core actually unlocked his ankle chains, did it find a true expert?" Guan Yong said with a surprised look on his face, he and the two gophers concluded that this time around the ring was the way the earth wanted to kill him, but what did it mean to untie his ankle chain now?

        The gopher was also frowning, could it be that the earth's core had changed its mind and wanted him to show his true strength?

        But then, who else could kill it?

        Or had he been on the wrong track from the beginning, and the earth's core wasn't trying to kill him, but was merely verifying the limits of his strength?

        While the gopher was full of pulp, Han Marchand's opponent was brought out.

        The gopher's gaze gaped, then his expression was horrified, and his eyes were even incredulous.

        Knife Twelve!

        How could it be Blade Twelve.

        Why was he in the center of the earth!

        Gopher and Knife Twelve had never actually met, but he knew that Knife Twelve was Han Marchant's subordinate.

        Likewise, Han Qianqian's body was shaken when he saw Knife Twelve.

        Wasn't this guy supposed to be in Cloud City? How had he come to the Earth's core and was standing in front of him at the moment.

        If it were anyone else, with Han Three Thousand's current state of fading ankle chains, he could kill his opponent without fear.

        But now, with his opponent being Blade Twelve, how could Han Qianli do that!

        "Tournament rules, still only one person can come out alive and kill the other to get the reward."

        That voice came again.

        Next a woman stepped into the cage ring and raised her hand, and as soon as her hand fell, it signaled the start of the match.

Chapter 520

Knife Twelve was also confused when he saw Han Sangsan.

        Although Han 3,000 was wearing a hood, Blade Twelve was able to recognize Han 3,000 from his figure alone, based on his familiarity with him.

        Before coming to the center of the earth, Blade Twelve had imagined many ways to meet Han Sanxiang, and even thought of not being able to see Han Sanxiang at all for a short time.

        Who would have thought that it was only just after waking up from the anesthesia that the Earth's Heart had prepared a battle to the death for the two of them.

        "By the way, I'd like to remind you that the time for the match is limited, and if you can't kill your opponent, there will be painful torture waiting for you."

        That voice came again.

        Han Qianli's clenched fists were already bulging with veins.

        It was obvious that this match was intentional, and it was even possible that the person in charge of the Earth's Heart was even aware of his relationship with Blade Twelve and deliberately wanted to see them kill each other.

        Killing Knife Twelve?

        This was not an outcome that Han Marchant could accept, and he would never do so!

        "What are you doing here!" Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and said to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve walked in front of Han Three Thousand, the two were no more than a meter apart, so Knife Twelve wouldn't be heard by anyone else when he spoke.

        "Sister-in-law is pregnant." Knife Twelve said.


        The words were like a thunderbolt from the clear sky hitting Han Qianqian, causing his entire body to shake.

        Su Yingxia ...... was pregnant!

        Han Three Thousand's heart flew back to Cloud City in a flash, Su Yingxia was the one who needed him the most at the moment, and yet he was trapped in this cage not knowing when he would get out.

        "How long has it been." Han Qianli's voice trembled as he asked.

        "By the time I left Cloud City, it was almost half a year ago." Blade Twelve said.

        Half a year!

        That means it's less than three months until the baby is born!

        Han Qianli was instantly filled with silver tears, three months was almost impossible for him to leave the Earth's Core, which meant that he wouldn't be able to stay with Su Yingxia during the most important time of her life.

        Han Qianli took a deep breath and said, "Is that why you came to the Earth's Core, to tell me this news?"

        "We wanted to let you know about this, to give you a stronger incentive to leave the Earth's core," Knife Twelve said.

        Han 3,000 didn't need to ask to know that this decision definitely had Mo Yang's support, and if not, Knife Twelve alone would never be able to make a decision without permission.

        But there was no point in pursuing anyone's decision at this point, Blade Twelve was already in front of him, and what he had to think about now was how to solve the trouble in front of him.

        Seeing that the two of them were slow to make a move, those onlookers were already waiting a bit impatiently.

        "What are you doing, why don't you start fighting yet, isn't this a waste of our time?"

        "Hurry up and kill him."

        "Why don't you do it yet, can't you kill this newcomer?"

        The gopher's expression was like a puddle of stagnant water as the crowd fanned the flames, an absurd possibility stretching out in his mind, and the more he thought about it, the more it struck him as a possibility.

        Why didn't he have a killing knife twelve?

        Why did Blade Twelve seem like he recognized him as well.

        His voice sounded like and like Han Marchant, but the gopher subjectively thought that Han Marchant couldn't have come to the heart of the earth, which was why he thought that even if this person's voice sounded like Han Marchant, it could never be Han Marchant.

        But now, the gopher had to be so skeptical.

        In the negative, why had he been so slow to kill Blade Twelve?

        The only reason that could explain this matter seemed to be that he was Han Third Thousand's original self.

        Only Han Three Thousand was the only one who wouldn't kill Blade Twelve.

        However, was this true? Is he really coming to the center of the earth?

        When Guan Yong saw that the gopher was agitated and his breath was fidgety, he couldn't help but ask, "What are you doing, you haven't started the fight yet, why are you so excited?"

        Of course the gopher was excited, if this masked man was really Han Sangsan, then his hope of being able to leave the heart of the earth was even greater, and the strong strength Han Sangsan had shown was even more incredible to the gopher.

        The gopher felt Han Three Thousand's strength when he nearly killed him, but now, Han Three Thousand had clearly become stronger, and he was like two different people from the original him.

        "You know nothing." The gopher took a deep breath, but nonetheless, there was no way to calm his nerves.

        Guan Yong said, "I don't understand, can't you explain it to me so I can understand?"

        "I'm warning you, from now on, if you dare to say one more word of nonsense, I'll absolutely waste you." The gopher turned to look at Guan Yong with no patience, he was ninety percent sure that the masked man in the field was Han Qianqian, and since Han Qianqian was here, Guan Yong had lost the value of his existence.

        Guan Yong was so scared that he retreated a few steps, the gopher's eyes were like he wanted to kill him, a look he had never seen before.

        "Psycho, I don't have a grudge against you." Guan Yong's whispered dissatisfaction resisted, but he was the only one who could hear this mosquito sound.

        In the middle of the field, Knife Twelve smiled and said to Han Giang, "Brother Giang, my mission was to bring this news to you, and now I've done my job."

        "By no means!" Han Three Thousand gritted his teeth, he knew that Knife Twelve's words meant for him to kill him, but there was no way Han Three Thousand would do that.

        "Brother 3000, your sister-in-law is still waiting for you at home, if you don't follow the rules of the Earth's core, have you ever thought about what will happen to you." Blade Twelve said with an anxious face, although such a sudden change was completely unexpected by Blade Twelve, but to die for Han Three Thousand was a realization he had long ago, since the current situation was no longer something they could choose, what did it matter even if they went to die?

        "Fart your mother's fart, you stay honest, I didn't let you die, you don't deserve to die." Han Giangli said with a firm attitude, he wouldn't kill Knife Twelve himself, nor would he see Knife Twelve die in the Earth's core.

        Since he was here, he had to take Knife Twelve away from the Earth's core with him.

        At this time, that voice already seemed a bit impatient.

        "Are you going to disobey the orders of the Earth's Core?"

        Han Giangli tilted his head up and followed the direction of the source of the voice, he knew that he couldn't see the owner of the voice, but that didn't mean he wouldn't resist.

        "If you have the guts, what's the point of standing in front of me and cowering as a shrinking turtle?" Han Qianqian said faintly.

        The voice was silent, and soon a staff member responded to Han Three Thousand with action.

        The electric gun struck Han Three Thousand's body, and the numbness from the electric current instantly spread throughout Han Three Thousand's entire body, but Han Three Thousand only trembled, still standing upright.

        Within a particular area, the exquisite looking man's expression instantly turned hideous, he couldn't accept anyone's defiance of him because in his life, no matter who was asked to do something, the other party was not qualified to resist.

        "Trash like you, how dare you provoke me!" The fine looking man gritted his teeth and said.

        "Give me someone to go in and teach him a hard lesson, let him know what will happen if he doesn't obey my orders." The fine looking man turned his head and commanded his men, at the moment his eyes had intense anger in them, for a man who was used to controlling the fate of others, being rebelled against by those he saw as the lower class, this was not something he could accept.

        The iron cage ring suddenly swarmed with a large group of people from within the heart of the earth, all of them had electric guns in their hands, but they still looked cautious, after all, the person in front of them was the strong man who had taken care of Yuri and Scarlet in one punch, and no one was willing to lose their lives because of carelessness.

        "This guy, how dare he disobey the orders of the Earth's core, it looks like he'll end up in a terrible situation today."

        "What a fool, in the Earth's core, he's just a caged beast, he must listen to whatever the Earth's core says, disobeying orders is to be at odds with his own life."

        "Hmph, do you really think you can be lawless just because you beat two people? This guy dared to defy the Earth's core, he really doesn't know how to be ungrateful."

        "He's survived to this day because the Earth's Core allowed him to, and it looks like he's misunderstood his position, and really thinks that he can disregard the Earth's Core by killing two people."

        When the others saw this scene, they all showed contempt for Han Giangli.

        The fear and intimidation he brought to people was strong, but no one would look favorably on this matter of defying the Earth's core.


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