His True Colors Chapter 517-518


Chapter 517

Ever since Shan Keung was injured, the Green Dragon Boxing Gym had fallen out of favor in Cloud City, like a flash in the pan, while Blade Twelve's boxing gym had once again become the most influential boxing gym in Cloud City after recuperating and reinvigorating.

        Although he still hadn't made his boxing ring a mess, but by not having any set moves, he had also attracted a portion of the audience who really liked black boxing.

        Not having any set moves meant that the fist was the best, and winning or losing all depended on the boxer's play in the ring, and the winner would be rewarded by the boxing ring, in this case, it also led to every boxer who came into the ring to show their true strength, and the match would naturally become even better to watch in this situation.

        In order to prevent the boxers' strength from regressing, Blade Twelve would arrange special training for them almost every day, and he personally taught them.

        When Mo Yang arrived at the boxing ring, Knife Twelve let Zhou Palmer train the boxers for him and came to the office with Mo Yang.

        "Boss Mo, but you don't come to my place very often, so just tell me what's going on." Knife Twelve said, he knew that Mo Yang must have nothing to do, since he came, there must be a reason.

        "I took my younger sister to check again today, it's been almost half a year, 3000 hasn't heard anything at all, and he doesn't even know about her pregnancy." Mo Yang said.

        Blade Twelve didn't interrupt, but chose to listen quietly.

        "I'm thinking that if Three-thousand knew this news, he would definitely be more motivated to leave the Earth's core, don't you think?" Mo Yang continued.

        This sentence made Knife Twelve understand where Mo Yang was coming from, indeed, if Han Giang knew that Su Yingxia was pregnant, he would definitely try to leave, never resigning himself to being locked up in the Earth's core for the rest of his life.

        But how to convey this news was not an easy task.

        "There is no other means of conveying the news other than through people," Blade Twelve said.

        "So, this person who is delivering the news is more than simply delivering the message, I hope he can give stronger help in this matter of 3000 leaving the Earth's Core." Mo Yang said, if it was just a matter of having someone to deliver a message to Han 3,000, just pick anyone, but Mo Yang didn't want things to be just like that, since everyone was going, naturally he would need to find a powerful character, preferably one who could help Han 3,000 and leave the Earth's Core together.

        Blade Twelve understood what Mo Yang was thinking and said, "The best candidate is right in front of you, and you should be thinking the same thing."

        Mo Yang didn't feel embarrassed after his true thoughts were revealed, but said, "Indeed, other than you, I can't think of anyone else who is capable of handling this matter, but of course, I also know your concerns, you have a daughter after all, if you don't want to, I won't force you."

        Blade Twelve smiled faintly, Tang Qingyan was very important to him, but he believed that after he left, Mo Yang would definitely treat Tang Qingyan well, even if he didn't come back alive, Tang Qingyan would never suffer half of his life, so worrying in this regard was completely unnecessary.

        "Actually, I've considered this matter, so I'll go." Blade Twelve said.

        Mo Yang wasn't surprised by Knife Twelve's quick agreement, because he was pretty clear about what kind of person Knife Twelve was.

        "Sending someone to the Earth's core in the same place three times, will it arouse their suspicion?" Mo Yang asked.

        Knife Twelve shook his head and explained, "Even if the Earth Heart knew that the people who went in were there to investigate the Earth Heart, they would still turn a blind eye."

        "Are you that confident?" Mo Yang frowned.

        "For so many years, I don't know how many people have been sent to the Earth's Core in order to find out its true location, countless people want to uncover the mysteries of the Earth's Core, but so far, no one has done it, the Earth's Core is extremely conceited in this regard, even if I carry the banner to investigate the Earth's Core, they will only treat it as a joke." Blade Twelve said.

        Mo Yang sighed, this display of confidence from the Earth's core, the more he felt that the hope of Han 3000 being able to come out was very slim, because such a mysterious institution, since he was able to show confidence, it meant that no one really left this place.

        "Hey, why don't we discuss this more carefully, if you go there and don't reflect the value, you'll just be harming one more person." Mo Yang said helplessly.

        "Boss Mo, I only have one plea, help me take care of Tang Qingyan, don't let anyone hurt her." Blade Twelve said, even if Mo Yang didn't come to him today, he would go to Mo Yang sooner or later, so the trip to the Earth's heart, Blade Twelve had decided that he must go, he would bring the news of Su Yingxia's pregnancy to Han Qian, he believed that even the Earth's heart wouldn't be able to trap him after Han Qian knew about it.

        "Don't worry, from today onwards, Tang Qing Wan is my daughter." Mo Yang said.

        Knife Twelve smiled and said, "I'm going to go outside to train those guys first, contacting the ones in the Earth's core, it'll probably take another small half month."

        Mo Yang had something else he wanted to say, but didn't say it, and eventually just sighed and left after patting Knife Twelve on the shoulder.

        Back in the car, Mo Yang said to Lin Yong, "This guy Three Thousand is really lucky to have met someone like Knife Twelve who is willing to work for him, this is someone who will not turn back even if he knows he's going to die."

        Lin Yong nodded his head, Blade Twelve's attitude on this matter was indeed surprising.

        "He's considered to understand the Earth's core better, but he still dares to go, which means he really values Brother 3000." Lin Yong said.

        Mo Yang stroked his chin and said with a puzzled look on his face, "Tell me where this guy got such a big charm, not only do so many women like him, but even men are willing to work for him."

        When it came to this matter, Lin Yong was considered to have a deep understanding of it, back then, when he was promoted to the top position by Han Qianqian, he was just a transparent little man, it was Han Qianqian who gave him the opportunity, and unlike other people, Han Qianqian wouldn't deliberately put up a fight, he would leave the opportunity for his men to grasp, as long as they could grasp it, they would be able to get his heavy use, and money and power would ensue.

        If Lin Yong hadn't chosen to hesitate on this matter of dealing with Changbin, perhaps his position today would have changed substantially.

        Lin Yong hadn't blamed Han Qianqian for this matter, and could only blame himself for not being decisive at the time.

        "Brother 3000 is different from other bosses, he won't restrain his men everywhere, he will give a lot of space to develop freely, and as long as it's his men's business, he'll take it as his own, that's probably where his charm lies," Lin Yong said.

        "This guy, he's still a ruler, it's just a pity that he chose a cage like the Earth's Core himself, it's an unknown if he'll be able to come out." Mo Yang sighed, although he didn't know much about the Earth's Core, but after hearing Blade Twelve mention it several times, he had already treated this place as the strongest wall in the world, even if he felt that nothing could be difficult to stop Han 3000, it was definitely not an easy thing for him to get out of the Earth's Core, even if his hope was very slim.

        "I hope that after Knife Twelve goes there, he can make this change, Brother 3000 knows that his sister-in-law is pregnant, I don't think he'll give up no matter what." Lin Yong said.

        Mo Yang nodded his head, this was also why he had sent Knife Twelve to deliver the news to Han 3,000, only if he knew about this matter would Han 3,000 not be willing to accept his fate, after all, Cloud City still had his wife and flesh and blood, he would never be able to stand by and watch his wife and children be alone.

        "Grass bastard, you must come back ah, I don't have the time and energy to help you take care of your wife and children." Mo Yang gritted his teeth and said, he actually regretted now that he hadn't stopped Han Qianqian, if he had been allowed to stay in Cloud City, he wouldn't have had to worry so much.

        Although Han Tian Yang was very important to Han 3000, when Su Ying Xia had his child, I'm sure he would never have been so firm in his decision to go to the center of the earth.

Chapter 518

In the hillside villa, Su Yingxia is now unable to do any work at home.

        It's not that she doesn't want to, but He Ting won't let her.

        He Ting takes care of everything, hating to even follow Su Yingxia when she goes to the bathroom.

        He Ting is afraid that Su Yingxia will make the slightest mistake, as she treats her as her daughter.

        The first thing you need to do is to take care of your family, and you'll be able to do that with your family.

        Su Yingxia was watching TV in the living room, and as soon as she stood up, He Ting ran all the way to Su Yingxia's side and asked, "What do you want to take, Auntie He will help you."

        "Auntie He, the doctor also said that I can't sit down every day, I also need to exercise properly, so just let me move around a bit." Su Yingxia smiled bitterly helplessly.

        "Of course you can move around, but you have to leave things like fetching things to me." He Ting said.

        "I'm not taking anything, I'm just standing up and moving my body, so don't be so nervous." Su Yingxia said.

        He Ting nodded her head and instructed, "If you want to take something, you must tell me."

        "Alright, I know, go busy, I'm getting hungry." Su Yingxia said.

        Hearing this, He Ting got windy on her feet and rushed to the kitchen, but she couldn't let Su Yingxia starve.

        In the evening, Shen Lingyao came to the house to play, running towards the hillside villa for three days was already the norm, sometimes Shen Lingyao would also stay overnight to keep Su Yingxia company, after all, Han Qianqian was nowhere to be seen, Shen Lingyao was worried that she would be imagining things, so as long as she wasn't very busy at work, she would come to keep Su Yingxia company.

        "It's really cold outside today, my face is freezing to me." Shen Lingyao rubbed her cheeks, her mouth constantly spitting out white gas.

        "It's such a cold day, you should just go home from now on, you don't need to deliberately come to accompany me, there are still so many things waiting for you to deal with in the company." Su Yingxia said, the current Su Family Company is almost always managed by Shen Lingyao, she is only responsible for some major decisions, this kind of burden is suddenly placed on Shen Lingyao, Su Yingxia knows that she must also be very uncomfortable.

        "Going home is also boring by yourself, it's so good to accompany you, I can also accompany my godson." Shen Lingyao said with a smile, walking over to Su Yingxia and touching her stomach.

        "How do you know it's a godson, what if it's a daughter?" Su Yingxia cheerfully said.

        Shen Ling Yao shook up her head and said, "Son is the best, even if you become a scum in the future, you won't be hurt, how much your daughter suffers, being hurt by a scum, I don't want this little guy to suffer in the future."

        "Speak as if you have never hurt a man, but I heard that someone recently pursued you and was ruthlessly rejected by you ah." Su Yingxia smiled.

        There were indeed people pursuing Shen Lingyao in the company, but Shen Lingyao didn't see it as a good idea, and the flowers she sent every day were ruthlessly thrown into the trash.

        But how would Su Yingxia know about things in the company?

        "You don't still have eyes in the office, overseeing my work, do you?" Shen Lingyao said to Su Yingxia with a fierce face, deliberately pretending to be a fierce person.

        "I'm not just concerned about you, with my mouth talking about the bitterness of being single and not letting anyone chase after you, you're the kind of person who can really make." Su Yingxia said helplessly.

        Shen Lingyao couldn't help but roll her eyes and said, "My requirements aren't high, it'll be fine if these people are one-tenth as good as Han Qianqian, the point is that they can't even reach one percent, how can I be with them."

        "Is Han 3000 so good in your eyes?" Su Yingxia said with a smile.

        "That's for sure." Shen Lingyao didn't hide her admiration for Han Qianqian in the slightest, as she had already confessed to Su Yingxia that she had once liked Han Qianqian and said, "The little piano prince, even now, has a position in my heart that is unmatched, but unfortunately, you've pre-empted me."

        "What I preempted wasn't one step, but three whole years," Su Yingxia said.

        "Yes yes yes, it's still you who is powerful, even with a child, how could I possibly compare to you." Shen Lingyao caressed Su Yingxia's belly and said, "Little one, your father is an excellent man, you can't be worse than him in the future."

        Su Yingxia was helpless because Shen Ling Yao already considered the child in her belly to be a boy, but now this kind of thing was still undecided.

        With Su Yingxia's status in Cloud City, although the hospital now had a rule against identifying the gender of the fetus, she would definitely be able to do it as long as she was willing.

        But Su Yingxia had never thought about this matter, because male and female didn't matter to her, as long as it was her and Han Qianqian's child, it was enough.

        "By the way, has your mom been bothering you lately?" Shen Lingyao's expression suddenly sank as she asked Su Yingxia.

        After Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao got married and were driven out of the mountainside villa, this woman had also faded away for a while.

        But ever since those people in Cloud City learned about Su Yingxia's pregnancy, Jiang Lan started to emerge again, praying for Su Yingxia's forgiveness and even wanting to remarry Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao had put up with this woman for decades, and he was now having a hard time ending up in the clear, so naturally he was unwilling.

        And Su Yingxia hadn't forgiven Jiang Lan because she had tried to kill Han Qianqiang, which was unforgivable to Su Yingxia no matter what.

        "From what the security guard said, he came to make trouble again today." Su Yingxia said helplessly.

        "It's fortunate that the Tianjia's security was helpful, otherwise this woman wouldn't know how much trouble she would have caused." Shen Lingyao said.

        There was no need to say how much the Heavenly Family valued Su Yingxia, just for this matter of Jiang Lan, to avoid her sneaking into the villa area, the Heavenly Family had added dozens of people in the area of security manpower, and there were also people guarding the inevitable entrance to the mountainside villa, even if they were just passing by, they would be questioned by the security guards.

        It can be said that the current hillside villa, it is impossible for anyone to break in.

        Su Yingxia sighed, although she couldn't forgive Jiang Lan's actions, but Jiang Lan was her own mother after all, sometimes thinking about her current miserable situation, Su Yingxia would still be a little unbearable.

        How much she loved to save face, Su Yingxia knew very well, if the Jiang family knew that she was divorced and kicked out of the villa, Jiang Lan would definitely be humiliated to the point of no return.

        "If she hadn't tried to kill 3000 once, I probably wouldn't have been so cruel," Su Yingxia said.

        "It's not your fault, it's her own fault, don't think too much about it, this is a special time, and even more so, you can't let this woman get close to you." After saying that, Shen Lingyao was still a little unsure, afraid that Su Yingxia would be soft, and continued to remind, "Whether you will be soft or not, you also have to think about the child in your belly."

        "Don't worry, I know." Su Yingxia nodded her head.

        At this moment, outside the main gate of the villa area, Jiang Lan was clamoring again, and she wouldn't leave until half an hour later.

        Not long after turning around and walking away, the seemingly downtrodden Jiang Lan got into a Phantom and had an exclusive driver, a scene that would have been very surprising if Su Guoyao and Su Yingxia had seen it.

        Jiang Lan left the Su family in an almost net state, with her ability, how could she have a Phantom seat and an exclusive driver?

        "Su Yingxia, you're really cruel enough, it's been so long and you're not even willing to come out to see me, in that case, don't blame me for being too cruel." Jiang Lan gritted her teeth and said.

        "You still have less than four months left, if you can't get close to Su Yingxia on the day the child is born, you have no use for it." The front row driver suddenly said at this time.

        Jiang Lan's face changed, nodded her head and said, "Don't worry, I will have a way to get close to her, she is my daughter after all, she can't really be that cruel."

        The driver smiled contemptuously, it was obvious that his identity could never be as simple as a driver.

        "You mother, what kind of hurtful things have you done that you don't even want to see your own daughter." The driver said.

        Jiang Lan knew that Su Yingxia was blaming her because she had tried to kill Han Giang.

        But even today, Jiang Lan didn't feel that there was anything wrong with her decision.

        If she wanted to be blamed, she would be blaming Han Qianqian for not dying, or else how would she end up in this situation?


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