His True Colors Chapter 514-516


Chapter 514

The tremors continued, but no one showed any signs of panic, and it was obvious that everyone was used to this matter, just as normal as eating and drinking water, which made Han Giangli feel even stranger.

        With such frequent earthquakes, how was it possible that the Earth's core was still strong and unshaken? And if the location they were in now was truly underground, there was no way the earthquake strength would be this weak.

        Unless, the so-called earth's core was simply a mistake in their understanding, or a smokescreen for a name.

        After the air release time was over, the others scampered away, seemingly not wanting to be in the same space as Han 3,000.

        Soon, only one person was left on the scene, and Han Marchant was somewhat helpless in the face of this situation.

        The Earth's core held the world's felons, and before he hadn't come here, he had thought that they were all very fierce in character, but he hadn't expected that each and every one of them were softballs, which was unexpected.

        But it wasn't hard to understand this, no matter how strong their personalities were, they had to behave themselves after going through the torture of the Earth's Core's confinement room.

        No matter how sharp and arrogant these people used to be, once they lived here for a year or two, they would all become smoother and smoother, after all, no one wanted to suffer somehow, no one was willing to endure the deadly loneliness.

        Back in the prisoner's room, Han Giang took off his hood, his face so badly bruised from having been kicked in the face by Yuri that it was almost impossible to see his true appearance.

        For the question that he had pondered before, Han 3,000 could conclude that there was something wrong, but how to prove it would be a very difficult question, after all, he had now lost his freedom in life completely, and although he had some space to move around, it was very limited.

        In response to the gopher's words about Area A, Han Three Thousand Thousand attached great importance to this place, and since Han Tian Yang hadn't shown up in Area B, if he was really in the heart of the earth, then Area A must be the place where he was being held.

        At this time, Han Third Thousand had a deep sense of powerlessness, facing the center of the earth, no matter how much strength he had, he couldn't possibly counter the entire center of the earth with one person.

        Han Three Thousand also thought about pulling in more people here, but which ones were trustworthy was another problem, once he encountered betrayal, it would be even more impossible for the Geocentric side to let him go.

        So now every step Han Qianxiang took had to be extra careful and cautious, absolutely no mistakes could be made.

        In the next period of time, like everyone else, Han Three Thousand would go out for a walk every time it was time to let off steam, and after that, he would return to the prisoner's room to sum up everything he had felt, the only difference between him and the others was the ankle bracelet he was wearing, every time he made an appearance, it was bound to chill people's hearts.

        His demonic image had been thoroughly molded in the heart of the earth, and no one dared to mess with him, after all, he was the one who had badly injured Yuri.

        Not knowing how long had passed was quite a long time for Han Giang, as he had no way of knowing how many days had passed, and the feeling of being alive and not even knowing the day was easily lost.

        On this day, it wasn't even time to let out the wind, but the door to Han Three Thousand's prison cell suddenly opened, which made Han Three Thousand's heart sink.

        It had been calm for a while, but what should come, eventually came.

        Two men with electric guns took Han 3,000 yuan out of the prison cell, all the way to the location of the ring.

        Soon, inmates from all sides gathered together once again, but this time, no one dared to underestimate Han Three Thousand, instead feeling sad for his opponent.

        Even Yuri could beat someone who was seriously injured, and whoever went into the ring would be finished off by him?

        "I don't know which poor fellow it is that wants to fight him."

        "I'm afraid no one will be a match for him in the heart of the earth now."

        "The name of Yuri's strongest man is already on him, I guess his opponent can be scared straight to death."

        For the others who had nothing to do with the matter, it was a good show worthy of ridicule, and it wasn't they who were hurt anyway.

        Gopher stood outside the cage and secretly counted the scars on his arms, it had been over a month since the last tournament, which wasn't frequent, but it was very weird that he was in the ring again.

        "I wonder what kind of beauty it will be again today." A dry-mouthed Guan Yong said with a look of anticipation, the ring match was something he looked forward to every day, but what he wanted to see was not how intense the fight was in the ring, but how strong a visual impact the women that appeared could give him.

        "What's left in your world besides women?" The gopher said disdainfully.

        In the face of the gopher's mockery, Guan Yong didn't care and said as if it was a matter of course, "Why do men need to make money and have status, isn't it for women? What's the point of any great mountain if there's no beauty to accompany it?"

        "Is someone like you still qualified to mention the river?" Gopher scoffed.

        "Gopher, you really shouldn't underestimate me, no matter what, I used to be at the boss level, with thousands of little brothers under me, I also have my own territory." Guan Yong said proudly, as if he was thinking of the old glamorous days.

        The gopher shook his head, this kind of boss, he really didn't look down on it, to put it bluntly, it was just the leader of a gangster wanderer.

        At this time, a deep voice sounded throughout the vicinity of the ring.

        "Only one person can come out of the ring alive."

        This sentence suddenly made the scene explode.

        Especially some people who had been imprisoned here for more than a decade were even more shocked.

        Because in all of history, no one had ever lost their lives in the ring except for Yuri who had killed someone by mistake, but now, the Earth's Core had turned the ring into a life-and-death battle, which was unexpected.

        Why would anyone want to pay a lot of money to lock someone up in the center of the earth?

        The main reason for this was that their enemies, and value, those who didn't want their enemies to die, but didn't want them to show their faces outside, that's why they tried to keep them in the Earth's core, which meant that everyone who was in the Earth's core lost their freedom, but their lives were guaranteed.

        And now, why did the Earth's core make this change?

        While everyone was discussing, Guan Yong said to the gopher, "This is also a change made by the Earth Heart specifically for him, right, it looks like the Earth Heart must want him dead."

        The gopher nodded his head, this kind of rule was definitely not used on everyone, and to deny it was against the value of the existence of the Earth Core.

        But who exactly was he that was worthy of being targeted by the Earth Heart like this?

        "That's weird." The gopher frowned, full of puzzlement.

        "What's too weird?" Guan Yong asked without knowing why.

        "There are many ways that the earth's heart wants him dead, so why must he be killed in the ring? Even Yuri is no match for him, who else can beat him?" Gopher was puzzled, and this was the biggest confusion in his mind.

        It was very strange that Earthheart seemed to be trying to force this man into a death sentence, but had given up on the most direct and simple way to do it.

        "You've really woken up the dreamer with a single word." Guan Yong also frowned, killing wasn't a difficult thing to do, for the Earth Heart to want him dead was just an order, there was no need to waste time in such a roundabout way.

        "Isn't it, the purpose of the Earth Core, to have him die?" Guan Yong asked.

        The gopher was full of pulp, and he couldn't guess or imagine the reason for it.

        "Or did someone want to torture him slowly, not wanting him to die a painful death?" Guan Yong continued.

        There was a certain chance that such a possibility existed, but the gopher felt that the whole thing was not quite right, and from the moment he appeared, the heart of the earth seemed to have changed.

        "Regardless, let's see if he can get away with it first." Gopher said.

        At this time, the woman who was the trophy appeared, the same woman from last time, but dressed more revealingly, which made those watching the battle completely excited.

        Guan Yong kept swallowing his throat, his eyes not willing to leave from her for a moment.

        But the gopher, however, only stared at Han Qianxiang, not at all interested in the woman.

        Next, Han Three Thousand's opponent also appeared, a new face, naked, exposing amazing muscles and countless shocking scars, clearly a long-time battle veteran.

Chapter 515

Compared to Han Giangli, the newcomer was more intimidating visually, and the scars all over his body were like a hideous devil that would give anyone a frightening feeling when they saw it.

        "This person hasn't been seen before."

        "Could it be that there's a newcomer again, it's been so frequent lately."

        "Could it be someone who was locked up in Area A? By the looks of him, he should have killed quite a few people."

        "Today's battle will definitely be very exciting, I wonder if that guy will still be as lucky as last time."

        While the crowd was discussing, the gopher had a completely different idea from them.

        In his opinion, this person, who was more likely to be deliberately sought out by the Gopher to deal with the masked man, would never have shown up casually if he really lived in District A, much less participated in this life and death battle.

        The gopher had never been to Area A, and didn't know what kind of people were being held in Area A, but those who could be treated specially by the Earth's core, the Earth's core side would definitely pay more attention to their life safety.

        "How come no one has gone to unchain him yet." The gopher said in confusion, the ankle chain that weighed ten kilograms would make it difficult for him to move, even if he normally walked, it would be very hard for him to walk, and it would be very fatal to him if he was fighting in such a state.

        "In my opinion, the center of the earth would definitely want him dead this time, so how would it untie the ankle bracelet." Guan Yong said.

        The gopher's heart sank, the opponent's strength could not be underestimated, if he really fought in this state, the chances of him winning were very slim.

        "Shut your crow's feet." The gopher snapped.

        Guan Yong deflated his mouth and stopped speaking.

        When the woman raised her hand, it meant that the fight to the death was about to begin, and indeed no one had gone to the cage to help Han Giang unchain his anklets.

        This incident surprised everyone, and those who were still somewhat optimistic about Han Marchan fell back on that newcomer.

        "In this situation, he's dead."

        "Geocentric can be really ruthless, a life-and-death battle, but he still has to wear an ankle bracelet."

        "Hey, this guy is really pitiful, he didn't come for long, he's going to die here today."

        Although Han Qianqiang had great strength now, the feeling of restraint that the ankle chains gave him wasn't something that could be easily ignored, it would make his movements very inconvenient and greatly reduce his body's agility, but it wasn't like there was no way to deal with it.

        By standing still, the ankle chains wouldn't affect Han Giang, but his chances of taking a beating would be greatly increased, but once he was allowed to find a chance to strike, his opponent would end up just like Yuri.

        When the woman's raised hand was lowered, it meant that the match had begun.

        Han Giangli stood his ground, and his opponent attacked him directly without any nonsense.

        When he ran, he was like a wildly running elephant, giving a strong visual impact.

        This kind of momentum came at Han Qianqian in an overwhelming manner, and even those who were watching from outside the cage could feel the sense of oppression.

        The gopher couldn't help but clench his hands, the current situation was very unfavorable to him, and in this situation where he had difficulty moving, once he couldn't dodge this powerful attack, even if his body was made of iron, he would definitely be unable to take it.

        Was he just a flash in the pan for the Earth's core?

        At this time, Han Giangli under the mask was not worried in the slightest, but instead even smiled, if the other party's strength was more reflected in his skills, it would be a very difficult trouble for him to solve, as his lack of mobility would result in being unable to deal with his opponent's ever-changing attacks.

        But for now, it was clear that he was just like Yuri, but with a brute strength, only stronger than Yuri.

        As big as it was, how could it be bigger than Han Giangli?

        Only Han Giangli raised his saving right hand, clearly wanting to have a spar with his opponent of absolute strength.

        The man laughed coldly, would this kind of trash still dare to fight him?

        "Go to hell!" The man shouted violently, and the right fist he threw out actually carried the sound of whistling wind.

        Han 3,000 simultaneously threw out his right fist and aimed it at the opponent's fist, this kind of pure power struggle was the only thing Han 3,000 could do now, and it wouldn't lose in the slightest.

        When the two fists collided, Han 3000 took a step back, and it looked like he had lost the sparring match, but his opponent's body also stopped in an instant.

        The man was filled with horror, he felt like he had hit a brass wall, and it was a punch that he had used his full strength on, but he had only forced Han Qianqian back a step.

        How was this possible?

        When he was filled with incredulity, Han Giangli had already swung his left hand towards his temple.

        It was too late for the man to retreat as he watched the fist get closer and closer to him.

        The blow to his temple instantly caused him to lose consciousness, and his entire body soared out of the sky.

        All of this happened in a moment of lightning, everyone thought that Han Giang would die, but now the one who fell down was the man naked on his body, this unexpected change startled the entire audience.


        There was a strange silence.

        Everyone was staring.

        Didn't that guy ...... just have a pretty strong momentum? How did it go down with one punch and there was no sign of moving at all.

        Could it be that ...... is dead!

        Countless people drew a breath of cold air, and when they looked at Han Qianli again, there was more than just fear and awe in their eyes.

        One punch!

        He killed the other with just one punch again.

        This guy's end was even worse than Yuri's.

        What kind of devil must this be to have such amazing power.

        "God, what did I see, is he still human?"

        "This newcomer, who looked even more powerful than Yuri, actually ...... actually still got killed by his punch!"

        "That's horrible, how did the Earth's core come to this kind of pervert, I'll have to be further away from him in the future, never go near this guy."

        The crowd's voices of wonder rose and fell while Han 3,000 walked up to the woman at this time and fought her over his shoulder, as if this was a trophy he was going to take.

        No one would envy Han 3,000 because they felt that Han 3,000 deserved it, and no one was qualified to take it from him.

        The goosebumps all over his body hadn't dissipated as the gopher touched his numb scalp, and the shock of these two punches had once again refreshed his perception of power.

        Although he couldn't really feel how powerful this power was, he only took a step back in the face of Scarlet's powerful impact!

        With a long sigh, the gopher said, "This person, what a scary person, if I could introduce him to Brother 3000, he would definitely become Brother 3000's strong right arm."

        "Gopher, you're really naive, how could someone like him be willing to work for Han 3,000? But it's not that I despise Han Qianqian, the two of them, they're not on the same level at all ah." Guan Yong said disdainfully.

        Although Guan Yong's words were a bit harder to hear, the reasoning made it impossible for the gopher to deny.

        "Did you call Han 3,000 thousand too?" The gopher said in a cold voice.

        Guan Yong shrank his neck in shock and quickly said, "Sorry sorry sorry, a little quicker with the mouth, it's Brother 3000."

        "If you treat him with the slightest disrespect again, I'll never let you off the hook next time." The gopher threatened.

        "Yes yes yes, how can I still dare." Guan Yong said evenly, his heart was still a bit disdainful, after all, it was questionable whether he would still see Han Qianqian in this lifetime, so why pretend to respect him? Guan Yong even had some hatred for Han Giang in his heart, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have been able to come to a place like this ah.

        At this moment, the door of the cage opened and Han Giangni carried the trophy and returned directly to his prisoner's room.

        Still in that special area, the man with a face so exquisite that even a woman would be jealous, was smiling at the moment.

        "He really surprises me, keep finding me experts, I want to see where his limits are, I want to train this dog even better."

        "Originally I thought this trash thing wasn't even qualified to be a dog for me, but I didn't expect ah, I underestimated him, a bit interesting, a bit interesting."

        After saying that, the exquisite man laughed up to the heavens.

        In Han 3000's prisoner room, the woman was now lying flat on her back where Han 3000 was sleeping, like fish meat on a chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered.

        She was good-looking and had a nice body, but Han 3000 had brought her back not to satisfy that aspect of his needs.

Chapter 516

"How many places have you been to the center of the earth? How big is the Earth's core in total, aside from Area B?" Han Marchan asked the woman.

        She lay on the bed and didn't respond at all.

        It was obviously unlikely that it would be possible to pry her mouth open easily, which Han 3000 had anticipated, and continued, "I know that these questions will pose a threat to your life, what will it take for you to tell me?"

        She still didn't say anything, but instead took off her clothes.

        Han Giangli took a look, his heart calm and unruffled, and he wouldn't feel guilty about even a glance at a woman other than Su Yingxia.

        "As long as you're willing to tell me, maybe I'll take you out of here in the future." Han Marchand threw out the bait, though it might not necessarily work for her, and there was no harm in trying.

        At that moment, she sat up and opened her mouth, then shook her head.

        Han 3000 frowned after seeing this action, did it mean that she couldn't speak at all?

        "You can't speak?" Han Marchian asked.

        When she nodded, Han Qianli smiled helplessly, the Earth's core was really cautious enough to incapacitate the woman's ability to speak.

        "Rest, someone should be able to take you away tomorrow." After saying that, Han Giangli laid down on the floor and gave her the bed.

        She looked puzzled, her brow furrowed as if she didn't quite understand why someone like Han Qianli was ignoring her.

        "I have a wife and love her very much, so I won't be interested in other women." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        She laughed and put on her clothes.

        The next day, before it was time to let out the wind, someone came to take away the women, and Han Three Thousand seemed to have once again lost the right to let out the wind.

        When the wind was let out, many people were discussing yesterday's tournament, and Han 3000's image, in their minds, was once again elevated.

        But the gopher felt that this format would become more and more dangerous for him, he could even anticipate that there would be many more tournaments waiting for him, and his opponents would surely become stronger and stronger each time, how long could he last?

        "I don't understand why you're so up on a stranger. What does his death or life have to do with you." Guan Yong looked at the pensive expression on the gopher's face and knew that he must be thinking about the masked man again, which made him very confused, why should someone who had nothing to do with him be so concerned?

        "He's very influential in our ability to get out of here," Gopher said.

        "How so! What could he have to do with us leaving?" Guan Yong lowered his voice and said that this was something he was still concerned about, it was about his freedom after all.

        "You don't need to know." The gopher said coldly, Guan Yong was just a signal transmitter, he would die sooner or later, there was no need for Guan Yong to know about such core matters.

        "Gopher, we are grasshoppers on the same string, why don't I need to know, if you have a problem, I can also help you figure out a way." Guan Yong said.

        The gopher looked at Guan Yong with disdain, expecting this guy to think of a solution, he might as well stay here and wait for death.

        Time passed day by day, every day the gopher would carve a line on his arm to count the time, in the blink of an eye, three months had already passed, and the masked man never appeared again, there were even already rumors that he had been secretly killed by the heart of the earth.

        This made the gopher very worried, if the rumors really happened, the predicament he was facing now would continue, and he wouldn't be able to figure out a way to leave the Earth's core even until the day he died of old age.

        Cloud City.

        Everyone was wrapped in a jacket on the cold windy day on the streets, and the flurry of snow wrapped the entire city in a silver dress.

        Dozens of cars were parked in front of the mountainside villa, with Mo Yang as the leader, waiting quietly at the entrance.

        When the villa door opened, Su Yingxia came out with a smile on her face, wearing a jacket, her body looked a little bloated, especially her stomach was especially conspicuous.

        "Brother Yang, I'm just going to the hospital for a checkup, I don't need to have so many people accompany me every time." Su Yingxia said helplessly.

        Mo Yang's expression was particularly serious, saying, "Which is not much, I haven't called everyone here yet, you go to check this is a big deal, before 3000 left I but gave him the assurance that he will take good care of you, such a big deal, if anything goes wrong, how will I account for it when he comes back in the future."

        When Mo Yang first found out about Su Yingxia's pregnancy, he didn't slow down for a week, he didn't expect Han Qianxiang to leave such a heavy bomb when he left.

        That guy, however, had gone to the Earth's core, and it was still unknown whether he would be able to come back, and Su Yingxia was pregnant with his child.

        Maybe if he knew about this, he wouldn't have left.

        "You mustn't do such a thing, I'm just an ordinary person, I don't want to do anything special." Su Yingxia said evenly, she knew what kind of person Mo Yang was, and from his mouth, he was absolutely capable of doing what he said.

        "You're not an ordinary person, 3000 wives and children, that's a dragon and phoenix among people, how can you be an ordinary person." Mo Yang said.

        Su Yingxia sighed, for Mo Yang's insistence, she knew it was useless no matter what she said, but this also showed sideways how much Mo Yang valued Han Qianxiang.

        "What are you guys still standing around for, don't assist your siblings to get on the car." Mo Yang said to Lin Yong with cold eyes.

        Lin Yong hurried forward, like a little eunuch, and carefully held Su Yingxia's hand.

        Of course, this was with Su Yingxia wearing a lot of clothes, if it was summer, he would never dare to make this kind of contact.

        After Su Yingxia got into the car, the convoy drove towards the city's first hospital.

        Every time Su Yingxia checkup, will certainly cause the entire hospital to make a big commotion, even if it's just a small checkup, the director will personally come and overly concerned, and experts from various disciplines, will come to ask about the results of the checkup to show their concern.

        It can be said that now Su Yingxia, like a national treasure, everywhere you go there is a large group of people to protect, a large group of people to boo and warmth.

        The inspection ended, everything went smoothly, Mo Yang wiped a cold sweat on his forehead, and the hanging heart was put down.

        This was the state of mind that happened every time Su Yingxia checked on Mo Yang, because Han Qianli was away, so he made sure to take good care of the mother and son, if there was any slip up, he had no way to forgive himself.

        "Sister-in-law, when you go back, ask He Ting to make more supplements for you, look at how skinny you are, the child in your stomach is running out of nutrients." In front of the hospital, Mo Yang instructed Su Yingxia.

        For this statement, Su Yingxia could not laugh or cry, now the child in her belly is only five months old, she has already gained a circle of weight, if this continues, in the future Han Qianli will not recognize her when she comes back.

        "Brother Yang, the way you speak with your conscience is especially manly." Su Yingxia joked.

        Mo Yang didn't take this as a joke, he cared more than Su Yingxia himself and said, "It's fine for you to joke about Brother Yang, but you must take care of yourself."

        Su Yingxia nodded, although Mo Yang was a bit overly concerned, she also knew that Mo Yang was genuinely kind.

        "Don't worry, I'm in good health, and I eat well every day." Su Yingxia smiled.

        Mo Yang nodded, and the team sent Su Yingxia back to the hillside villa.

        Such a thing had actually already spread in Cloud City, for the treatment Su Yingxia received, many people from first and second tier families were well aware of it, but of course, they were only envious of it.

        The entire Cloud City, even the Heavenly Family, couldn't possibly make Mo Yang so important.

        After sending Su Yingxia back, Mo Yang, who was sitting in the car, had a face as heavy as water, he had asked Blade Twelve countless times as to whether or not Han Marchan would be able to return unharmed, and even Blade Twelve felt that the possibility was very small, and this was the one thing he was most annoyed about.

        "Is there any way to be able to let him know that his younger sister-in-law is pregnant? He must be more motivated only if he knows about this matter." Mo Yang said to himself.

        Lin Yong at the side didn't dare to interject, whenever he talked about Han Qianqian, Mo Yang would be extremely serious, and if he said the wrong thing, he would end up miserable.

        "Go to the boxing ring." Mo Yang said to Lin Yong.

        "Yes." Lin Yong immediately changed his route and headed towards the boxing arena.


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