His True Colors Chapter 511-513


Chapter 511

"See, this is my position at the center of the earth, no one will look favorably on you, they will only take it for granted that you should die at my hands." Yuri spread his hands proudly, enjoying the glory of being surrounded by everyone at the moment, his face smiling freely.

        Han Giangli braced his hands on the ground, the numbness from the electric current hadn't disappeared yet, and Yuri was already walking towards him step by step.

        If he couldn't stand up, he really would die at Yuri's hands.

        "You ...... really, think so?" Han Giangli gritted his teeth and said.

        "Have you even started to stutter in your speech, do you still think you're my opponent?" Yuri sneered contemptuously.

        Han Giangli took a deep breath and a resigned squeak erupted from his mouth.

        Grandpa was still unaccounted for.

        Su Yingxia was still waiting for him!

        How can I die here.

        "I can't die, I absolutely can't die here." Han Giangli swayed and finally stood up, but in his current state, even if he stood up, it would be nothing more than a dying struggle in the eyes of the crowd.

        The gopher outside the cage couldn't help but sigh again when he saw this scene, he was very unhappy inside for Han Three Thousand, if he lost because of his lack of strength, he should have resigned himself to his fate because he was useless.

        But the current state of affairs was because of Geocentric's meddling, it was only because of Geocentric's meddling that the battle situation was changed, it was only because Han 3,000 was in a deadly situation, even as a bystander, he couldn't accept such an outcome.

        "Why did Geocentric do this, why did he have to kill him!" The gopher's hands holding the bars were white, revealing the state of endless rage he was in at the moment.

        Guan Yong saw the situation and quickly warned the gopher, "Calm down, don't get a grudge against the earth's heart because of him, didn't you say you would take me out?"

        The mission of the gopher coming here, as well as Guan Yong's own value, he himself was completely unaware of it, he only knew that the gopher would escape with him and leave the prison, so his whole hope was on the gopher, he was not willing to let the gopher lose his mind because of a stranger.

        That calmed the gopher down a bit, he had come to Geocentric Prison not only to challenge himself, but also to find out about Master Han's whereabouts, and now that there was no news about anything, how could he lose his temper because of someone he didn't know.

        "Don't worry, I won't offend Earthheart because of him." The gopher said indifferently.

        At this time, Yuri in the field suddenly asked the surrounding prisoners, "How do you want to see him die?"

        "Just break his neck."

        "Break the arms and legs first, show him what you're made of, and don't finish him off too quickly."

        "Let him taste enough pain to make this guy beg for mercy on his knees."

        All sides were expressing their thoughts, Yuri thought to Han Giang, "They're all good ideas, but I prefer to watch you bleed from all seven holes, do you know what internal bleeding feels like? That feeling of blood surging through your body, I've heard it's the most pleasurable."

        Yuri dared to talk so much nonsense to Han 3,000 because he knew exactly how long the electric gun would give Han 3,000 a numbing sensation, and he pinpointed the time to deliver a fatal blow to Han 3,000.

        Right after that, Yuri swung his fist towards Han 3,000's chest.

        Although Han 3,000 had stood up, rickety, it was clear that he hadn't recovered to his best condition.

        In the eyes of the crowd, Yuri's punch was enough to severely injure or even kill Han 3,000, but Han 3,000 threw out the same punch.

        "This guy, it's ridiculous that he's even trying to struggle."

        "He actually dared to use his strength against Yuri, he's really a newcomer, he doesn't even know how powerful Yuri is."

        "It's no fun to die so soon."

        The two fists touched as the crowd ridiculed the idea of looking down on Han Giang.

        The originally confident Yuri thought Han Giangli would be pushed back by his own fist, but the moment he touched Han Giangli's fist, he realized how stupid his thoughts were.

        Yuri felt like his fist was hitting a brass wall, and instead of shaking Han 3,000 in the slightest, he felt a huge resistance that even caused his knuckles to be severely damaged.

        Just as Yuri was panicking, he saw those eyes under the blindfold that seemed to be smiling.

        Yes, those eyes were indeed revealing a smile.

        Why was he smiling!

        How could a dying man still be laughing.

        Yuri instantly had a creepy feeling, and all the hairs on his body built up in a split second.

        An ominous feeling enveloped his heart.

        Only to hear Han Giangli say, "What a pity."

        These five words gave Yuri an instant impulse to run away.

        But before the old power went away and the new power was born, he simply couldn't stop the inertia his body brought and forcefully retreated.

        But at this moment, a huge force came from the fist, causing Yuri's entire body's inertia to be hardened and there was a tendency to force back.

        At this moment, in the eyes of the crowd, Han Giangli was dead.

        But only Yuri, who was in the game, understood that the power struggle was his to lose, and that he would be hit even harder next.

        His recovery time was so early, it was surprising that it would be so fast!

        For the first time, Yuri felt the fear that filled his heart.

        For the first time, he felt the sense of crisis brought on by his lack of strength.

        In the Earth's core, Yuri had been locked up as a strong man for nearly ten years and had never been a match for anyone.

        But today, it was at the hands of a yellow-skinned person.

        "Don't." Before Han Qianli's attack arrived, Yuri had already begun to beg for mercy.

        These two words made the prisoners watching the battle from all sides very puzzled, Yuri was clearly going to win, why would he say no?

        "What's Yuri saying."

        "Doesn't he want to kill the boy so quickly?"

        "Could it be that after being in solitary confinement for so long, he's no longer afraid to kill?"

        Just as the crowd was puzzled, the facts before them presented themselves.

        Yuri's entire body flew out like a kite with a broken string, while Han Giangli followed like a cheetah.

        During Yuri's takeoff, Han Giangan punched Yuri several times.


        As Yuri's huge body crumbled to the ground, Han Qianqian stepped on Yuri's chest, and at this moment, Yuri was actually unable to move, and blood kept spurting out of his mouth, a picture that made all the prisoners watching the battle feel numb!

        Did he ...... even stiff Yuri?

        The ever-winning general of the ring, the unbeatable Yuri, had lost so miserably.

        All the people who looked down on Han 3,000, who had said mocking words, felt a chill down their backs at this moment.

        They were afraid of what if what they had said was heard by Han Marchant?

        They were afraid they'd be remembered by Han Qianli, and what would they do!

        At this moment, all the prisoners, surprisingly, made a unified movement, surprisingly, none of them dared to look at Han Qianli and touch his eyes.

        Only the gopher, his face flushed red as he looked at Han Qianqian, his body's hot blood surging, such an incredible reversal in the gopher's heart, his position could already be compared to Han Qianqian.

        Of course, the gopher didn't know that the person standing in front of him at the moment was the real Han Qianqian.

        As Han Three thousand looked around the cage, all the prisoners in the heart of the earth were overwhelmed by his presence alone, and the air seemed to freeze.

        When Han 3,000 saw the gopher, his eyebrows raised, this guy was still alive and Guan Yong wasn't dead, it seemed that he hadn't gotten any news about Han Tian Yang during his time in Geocentric Prison.

        When Han 3000's eyes rested on the gopher, Guan Yong was already about to pee, and said to the gopher, "Gopher, why is he ...... looking at you, it can't be that he has a grudge against you!"

        The gopher shook his head, he didn't know why he was getting this special treatment, but he could tell from this look that the other party didn't have any animosity towards him.

        "Finished finished, did he hear what I just said? Will he seek revenge on me ah." Guan Yong said in panic, almost on the verge of crying.

        The gopher took a deep breath, Guan Yong, the idiot, was scaring himself, how could he be heard by this man in such a noisy environment?

        But on what basis would he keep an eye on himself?

        At that moment, Yuri struggled to move under Han Giang's feet, and he didn't die.

        Of course, Yuri didn't die, not because Han Giang couldn't kill him, but because he didn't want to!

Chapter 512

A group of Ground Zero staff entered the room, several electric guns were fired in unison, and Han 3,000 years old crashed to the ground and was quickly dragged out, which meant the end of this tournament.

        Of course, the result was that Yuri lost, which everyone could see in their eyes, and also made the crowd surprise what kind of person the person under the mask was, who was so highly valued by Earthheart, and even Yuri was no match for him.

        This battle was destined to become the topic that Earthheart had been talking about recently.

        As Guan Yong and Gopher left the scene, he asked to Gopher, "This guy, how can he be considered extremely dangerous? Do you think he's going to be locked up in Section A?"

        Zone A!

        The gopher suddenly stopped in its tracks.

        There were a total of only two areas in the Earth's core, divided by AB, Area B held most of the people, while Area A was a place that ordinary people couldn't even touch, the reason why Gopher knew about the existence of Area A was because he had heard about it from other people, and he had always suspected that Han Tian Yang was being held in Area A, but unfortunately he hadn't been qualified to touch the place, so there was nowhere to confirm this idea.

        "It shouldn't be." Gopher said, even if Yuri had killed someone in the tournament, it was only in the solitary confinement room in Area B. This person was very dangerous, but in Gopher's opinion, it wasn't like he would go straight to Area A.

        "That's not necessarily true, how could Earthheart let him loose in Area B when he's so targeted, and if he's such a dangerous person, if he stays in Area B, I'm afraid the others won't dare to come out for a blind stroll during release time." Guan Yong said.

        In response to what Guan Yong said, the gopher didn't doubt in the slightest the changes he would bring to Area B. Who would dare to approach such a person worth fearing?

        "It's about time to go back to the prisoners' room, so cut the crap if you don't want to suffer from the taser." Gopher reminded.

        Guan Yong got smart and hurriedly quickened his pace.

        In the heart of the earth, the daily release time was limited, and when the time came, everyone would voluntarily return to the prisoner's room, because not going back meant suffering, so no one dared to stay outside, this kind of strict to the point that no one dared to break the rules happened in this kind of place, very unimaginable, but this fact again did play out every day.

        When the gopher first arrived, he thought he had come to a well-disciplined troop, these people were more obedient than one, making him feel incredible.

        But as time passed, the gopher understood the mentality of these people, unable to resist the oppression brought about by the heart of the earth, so he could only honestly choose to compromise.

        No one was willing to go to the pitch-black solitary confinement room, and no one was willing to eat the pain caused by the electric gun.

        In order to avoid conflicts between people, it is one person in one room, except for a wooden bed, there is a squat toilet, the equipment is very crude.

        After returning to the prison, Guan Yong squatted in the corner of the wall, as if to face the wall.

        Lifting up his hand sleeve, a fine white streak of scars covered almost his entire arm.

        Gopher could only record the number of days in this way, and every time the prisoner's room opened, it was regarded as a day by him.

        It had been almost half a year since he counted the fine lines and scars on his arms, but he still had nothing to show for it, and there was no sign of things progressing at all.

        District A was a place that he had no business going to, so trying to check if Han Tian Yang was in District A was almost impossible.

        "You're a good helper, but unfortunately, how do I control you so that you'll do what I say?" Gopher said to himself, thinking of the ring in his mind, even though it had already passed, it still made him feel like his blood was boiling.

        He was in desperate need of a helper to break out of his predicament, Guan Yong, a trash, basically couldn't be counted on, and the masked man became Gopher's hope, but he was powerful and made Gopher worry, this kind of person, probably couldn't take orders from him and do things for him, which made Gopher annoyed.

        "If I say you sound like my friend, it's probably not a good idea to get close to him in that way." Gopher smiled all over himself, thinking the idea was stupid as hell, it was worse than picking up women on the street using a trick that looked like my girlfriend's.

        At that moment, the inmate room suddenly began to shake, very slightly, but it could still be felt easily.

        This has happened countless times, so gophers aren't surprised at all.

        Small earthquakes like this were frequent, several times a day, and it was because of these earthquakes that the gopher was more certain that the core of the earth was really in the earth.

        But to be able to build such a large space structure underground was also very shocking, and so far he hadn't been able to gauge how big the Earth's core was.

        Another prisoner's room, Han Giang's eyebrows were locked tightly, this kind of tremor he had also felt several times in the middle of that pitch-black space, at first, he also thought that it was brought about by an earthquake, but when he carefully felt this kind of shaking, he found that it wasn't quite like an earthquake, just how this kind of tremor was created, Han Giang couldn't be sure right now.

        In a special area of the Earth's core, Yuri, who had been beaten half to death, was lying on the ground, there was an intense beam of light in front of him, and underneath it sat a person, and because the light was so blinding, he could only see the silhouette of the person, not the person's face.

        But Yuri knew that this person, the guy who was the supreme right of the Earth's core, was also the one who had the right to have Yuri come out of his confinement room to fight Han Giang's ring battle.

        "I'm sorry that I didn't complete your mission, but I was careless this time, so please give me another chance, I'll never let you down." Yuri said with a pleading face to the figure under the bright light.

        "Don't you realize that you're no match for him at all? Even if you were given ten more chances, you wouldn't be able to kill him." The figure said faintly, his voice thick and strong, belonging to a typical low voice.

        This statement made Yuri panic instantly, although there was a rule of not killing anyone in the Earth's core, if you angered the person in front of you, there was only one way to die.

        "No way, how could I not be his opponent, it's only because I was careless that I lost to him, if you give me another chance, I'll definitely prove it to you." Yuri said eagerly, knowing that once he lost his use, his life would end here.

        "I don't need trash like you anymore, there will be an expert to replace you soon, so ......" the figure paused and continued, "You will only end up dead."

        Yuniru was frightened, and didn't know where she got the strength to roll over and kneel in front of the human figure, constantly kowtowing and saying, "Please, let me go, give me another chance, I will definitely not let you down."

        The human figure did not speak, but raised his hand.

        Seeing this action, several staff members walked towards Yuri.

        In a look of despair, Yuri closed his eyes helplessly, ending his life in the Earth's core.

        After Yuri's death, the figure under the bright light finally revealed his true face, a face so exquisite that the word handsome was no longer enough to describe his appearance, and when he smiled, it was even more of a righteous and evil feeling.

        "Clean up the place, the blood of this waste stinks too much." The man said faintly, his voice had now changed and was even more beautiful.

        It seemed that no flaws could be found in him, he was someone who tended to be perfect.

        "I didn't expect this guy to be somewhat capable, out of my expectations, but with his current ability, he's not qualified to be my little brother, for the next bitter battle, if you can hold on, only then will I mercifully give you a chance, but if you die here, then go feed the fish."

        For the next few days, the prisoner's room to which Han 3,000 belonged did not open voluntarily even when it was time to let out, and it was clear that the Geomancer's side was deliberately trying to lock him up.

        The gopher was curious if he was still living in Area B, and had an urge to go and find out, but the prisoner room was open, and if he changed his route at will, this would be a long-term confinement room waiting for him if the geocentric aspect noticed, so the gopher could only settle this curious impulse.

Chapter 513

Half a month later.

        Letting off the wind time, the proprietary space to which they belonged, the crowd was in groups of three to five, there were quite a few people here who had come specifically to spy on Earthheart, at the moment they gathered together to exchange the information in their hands, but most of this information was useless, because they lived in Area B, apart from the general structure of Area B, their understanding of Earthheart could be described as blank, which was why Earthheart would give them the opportunity to get in touch together.

        Because the Earth's core was extremely conceited, there was no fear that they would find useful information.

        On the surface, it was a trapped cage, but in reality, it was more demanding than any luxury hotel in the world to stay in, and that demand was limited to money.

        In a word, if you had money, you could get people into the Earth's core.

        But to get out, it was a difficult task.

        The gopher crouched in the corner, looking at the people exchanging information and sneering on his face, these guys were sent here in the hope that they could find out clues about the Earth's core, but this time they would never see the sun outside again, and a lifetime of time would be spent here until they died of old age.

        "Fifty paces to a hundred." The gopher shook his head helplessly, when he was making fun of those people, he was actually facing this predicament himself, boasting himself as a prison escape expert, but facing a place like the Earth's core, even if he was powerful, he had nowhere to use it.

        At this time, a sound made by a chain lock dragging the ground attracted everyone present, even the gopher couldn't help but stand up and look around.

        A hooded man dragging an ankle chain weighing ten kilograms approached, and everyone's face changed dramatically when they saw him.

        To them, the image of Han Qianlian at the moment was as intimidating as Satan.

        Everyone closed the distance between themselves and Han 3,000, as if the farther away they were, the more at ease they could be.

        "F**k, why is this guy coming to ventilate as well."

        "The Earth's Core only even kept him in solitary confinement for half a month."

        "Go away, go away, stay far away, if you provoke this killing god, you won't even know how you'll lose your little life."

        A hundred people were shocked when Han Qianli appeared!

        The crowd was like hiding from the plague, but there was no one within a ten meter radius of Han 3,000, forming an empty circle of their own.

        "Gopher, this treatment of him, it's the first time in the history of the Earth's heart." Looking at Han Qianqian, Guan Yong said with a look of wonder, if that big iron chain was locked on him, he wouldn't be able to even move, let alone walk as normal.

        The gopher's expression was serious, before he thought that Geocentric maliciously targeted this man and wanted him dead, but now, why was he out again?

        Shouldn't such dangerous people be locked up in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives?

        "What the hell are these people at the center of the earth up to!" Gopher said with a puzzled face.

        "It looks like his identity should be quite something." Guan Yong sighed with a look on his face, although he didn't want this kind of treatment, it was probably an honor for the Gopher, after all, people who didn't have some ability couldn't accept this kind of special treatment.

        At this time, the gopher suddenly walked towards Han Qianli.

        Everyone was avoiding Han Qianqian, but he was doing the opposite.

        When Guan Yong saw this scene, he quickly grabbed the gopher's shoulder and said, "Are you crazy, aren't you afraid of being killed by him?"

        "I have no quarrel with him, what's he hitting me for?" The gopher said faintly.

        "Even if it doesn't hit you, aren't you afraid that Earthheart will be watching you if you come in contact with him?" Guan Yong said speechlessly, this kind of special person, if he got involved with him, it was very likely that it would set him on fire, Guan Yong didn't want to get caught in the crossfire.

        The gopher hesitated for a moment and finally stopped, he hoped that this masked man could help him, but he understood that he was not qualified to control him, and that this kind of contact might indeed make the heart of the earth dissatisfied, and if he was also targeted by the heart of the earth, he would not be as strong as this masked man to save his life.

        But when the gopher stopped in his tracks, Han Giangli took the initiative to come towards him.

        "What is this guy doing!"

        "Does he still want to do it here."

        "The rules of the Earth's core, once someone makes a scene during release time, three years of confinement starts, he wouldn't know that!"

        While everyone was suspicious, Guan Yong had been unable to resist trying to pull the gopher away and run away, but the gopher stood still and refused to move.

        "Are you f**king crazy, in case this pervert wants to kill you, who can stop it." Guan Yong said anxiously to the gopher, he wanted to get out of here, all his hopes were on the gopher, so he didn't want the gopher to die.

        "If you're afraid, get out of here." The gopher said.

        Seeing Han Qianqian approaching closer and closer, Guan Yong's guts broke and he ran away after releasing the gopher, not even turning his head back.

        When Han 3,000 walked up to the gopher, the gopher could only look up at Han 3,000 due to the height difference, and such an angle was very familiar to the gopher.

        After waiting for half a day without waiting for the other party to speak, the gopher had to take the initiative to ask, "Last time in the ring, you looked at me like that as well, do we know each other?"

        There was still no response, but those icy eyes made the gopher feel scared from the bottom of his heart, like a chill was surrounding his back.

        "You ...... you want, what do you want." The gopher stammered, already afraid to the extreme.

        "How much do you know about this place." Han Giangli said faintly.

        The voice was familiar, so familiar that the gopher even felt like it was Han Marchant standing in front of him.

        But he knew that it couldn't be Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3000 wouldn't have appeared in the center of the earth, and it was even more impossible for him to have such a strong body.

        "No, not much, this place is mysterious, and it's not just me, everyone's knowledge of the Earth's Core only lies in Area B." The Earth Rat said in a chilling voice.

        "Area B?" Han Giangli frowned slightly.

        "You've just arrived, so you must not have heard that there's still District A in the heart of the earth, but legend has it that District A is different from us, and they have a higher status." Gopher said.

        A higher status?

        Will Grandpa just be locked up in Section A?

        Han Giangli controlled his emotions and walked towards the center of the field.

        The sound from dragging the chains was filled with intense shock to everyone, and the clatter of the cables was like a knock on everyone's heart.

        Everyone was relieved when Han Giangli sat down in the center, but there was still not a single figure within a ten meter radius of him.

        No one dared to approach, and to them, the deterrent effect that Han Marchian brought was even stronger than Yuri's.

        The gopher wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and his entire body was about to go weak.

        It was still just a few words with him face to face, but if they really had to fight, the gopher believed he would be dead already.


        Terrifying as hell!

        The gopher had never felt such powerful oppression before, and he even felt closer to death than the last time when Han Jiangxi tried to kill him.

        After sitting down and closing his eyes, Han Jiangli didn't reveal his identity in front of the gopher because he also felt that he was being treated special by the earth's heart, and if the gopher knew who he was, the gopher wouldn't necessarily be able to hide their relationship very well, which would most likely harm the gopher.

        "F*ck, you're too brave to confront him." Guan Yong said with a face of exclamation plus admiration after returning to the gopher's side.

        The gopher found a corner spot and sat paralyzed on the ground, his legs were weak by this time, but not as formidable as he appeared.

        "What did he say to you?" Guan Yong asked with a curious face.

        "He asked me how much I knew about the Earth Core." Gopher said.

        Guan Yong frowned and said, "Is it hard for this guy to escape from prison? With the way the Earth Heart treats him, he'll die here sooner or later, so how can he escape."

        The gopher didn't refute this point, even if the Earth Heart didn't target him, it would be difficult to escape, not to mention he had the special treatment of the Earth Heart, not knowing how many pairs of eyes were secretly monitoring his every move, how could he have a chance to escape in this situation.

        At this time, that shaking earthquake happened again.

        Guan Yong cursed and said, "I don't know what these people are thinking, they are actually built underground, are they really not afraid of being shaken down? It would be too painful a death to be buried alive here."


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