His True Colors Chapter 509-510


Chapter 509

"Yuri, it's actually Yuri!"

        "How can he be the one to make an appearance, hasn't he been locked in solitary confinement?"

        "This guy killed someone last time and I heard that he would be locked up in solitary confinement to die of old age, so why would he come out again to participate in the tournament."

        Those who had just called out for Han Giangli to give them the chance were now all revealing expressions of horror.

        Yuri, the absolute powerhouse of the tournament, had never tasted a single defeat, and even more so, he had killed someone by mistake in his last match, causing the Earth's core to punish him with a lifetime of confinement in the solitary confinement room, and in the eyes of every prisoner, it was absolutely impossible for Yuri to show his face in the Earth's core, but now he, yet again, appeared.

        The opportunity?

        Even if we give these people the chance to go to the ring now, they wouldn't dare to go.

        Who would be willing to throw away their lives for a woman?

        "Gophers, Yuri even showed up, is it hard for the earth to want this man dead?" Guan Yong also had a horrified expression, although he had only seen Yuri's two matches, Yuri's cruelty had left a very deep impression on him, and this guy had also killed someone, appearing right now, Guan Yong couldn't think of any other possibility except that it was Geocentric who wanted the other person dead.

        The gopher's gaze was torchy as he looked at the hooded Han Qianqian and thought to himself who was this person, Geocentric had always adhered to the rule of not letting prisoners die, why did he have to be targeted by Geocentric like this when he came?

        Isn't that why we sent Yuri? To kill him?

        "If someone wanted him dead, why send him to the center of the earth?" The gopher shook his head, looking like he couldn't figure it out.

        "What's the point of thinking so much, this guy is dead anyway, it doesn't matter why he died, look at the other prisoners, they all wanted to go on their own just now, and when they saw Yuri, what kind of wimp did they all become, they didn't even dare to breathe." Guan Yong said disdainfully.

        He said this in a very realistic way, but rather the state of the earth's core now, none of the inmates watching the fun dared to continue screaming, it seemed that even the woman on the field had become unattractive.

        "And yes, let's see how he dies," Gopher said.

        Although Han Jiangli didn't know who Yuri was, but through the intimidation he brought with his appearance, Han Jiangli could feel that this guy must have a pretty terrible reputation in the heart of the earth, or else it wouldn't be possible for his mere appearance to completely silence the others.

        This was the first time he stepped out of the confinement room to actually face the Earth Core, and somehow ushered in a ring match, and although the reason for it was too much for Han 3000 to figure out, there was one thing he cognitively knew very well, he had to defeat his opponent, and if he lost, what would be the unimaginable end result.

        "Looks like you've offended the big boys, I was already locked up in solitary confinement for life, but to kill you, they let me out." Yuri said to Han Giang.

        "Even if they let you out, can they kill me?" Han Qianli faintly responded.

        Hearing Han Qianli's voice, the gopher's breathing suddenly quickened, and even his face turned pale.

        "Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible." The gopher shook its head, constantly saying the three words impossible in its mouth.

        With a baffled expression, Guan Yong asked, "What's impossible?"

        The violent rise and fall of Gopher's chest was indicative of the great change in his emotions right now, as the impact of the voice was unusually strong.

        It was familiar, so familiar that Gopher decided that the person in front of him was the person he had imagined in his mind.

        But how was this possible, how could he have come to the heart of the earth?

        "Nothing." The gopher suppressed his emotions, it was just a similar voice, there were even people in the world who looked alike, so what was strange about having the same voice?

        Guan Yong smashed his mouth shut and asked no more questions.

        Yuri stretched his back, his joints clicking, and said lazily, "It seems I've been in solitary confinement for too long, and I can't believe that even a newcomer like you dares to ignore me, it's time to impress them, anyway, I've already killed one person who was locked up for life in solitary confinement, and it's not much more than you."

        "That also depends on whether or not you have the ability to kill me." Han Qianli faintly said, the person in front of him was definitely not bad, if it had been before, Han Qianli might have felt guilty, but now, he had a winning move, and even Yuri would be his undoing if he was given the chance.

        Hearing this, Yuri grinned, looking as if he didn't care about Han Third Thousand at all.

        "It's really interesting that a person of your skin color speaks like those I've known, with a big mouth, when I break your arms and legs, let's see if you still dare to be so arrogant." Yuri said with a sneer.

        A fire of anger burned in Han Three Thousand's heart, this kind of racially charged comment was never something he could endure.

        All along, Han Three Thousand had been proud of being a Chinese, the heir to a dragon, born as a dragon, how could he be humiliated by these people?

        "Humiliating me is fine, but you can't humiliate my country." Han Giangli shouted and actually chose to take the initiative.

        The other inmates watching the battle all revealed a look of contempt when they saw this scene.

        "This guy is really looking for death, actually daring to take the initiative against Yuri."

        "It seems like he can't wait to die, knowing that he can't beat Yuri, so he doesn't want to be tortured more."

        "Yuri has already killed someone once, so I'm sure he's not afraid to kill one more, and this guy is really pathetic, he's just coming to lose his life."

        "It's nice to see Yuri's killing methods again, maybe Yuri will do that woman right in the ring, and we'll get to see a big show."

        Guan Yong sighed at this point and said, "This guy is also really stupid enough to take the initiative to die, he might be able to live for a few more minutes if he hides."

        The gopher's eyes were cold as he turned to look at Guan Yong.

        Guan Yong got smart and said carefully, "What ...... are you looking at me for?"

        "Didn't you hear how Yuri humiliated him? He's not the only one who was humiliated, it's also you and me, and you're still in the mood to fall down." Gopher gritted his teeth and said, if he didn't have a mission, he would have hated to go down and fight Yuri, even if he had to die, he would die with dignity.

        Gopher was a very strange personality, he liked to escape from prison and all kinds of challenges, but he would never do anything against his morals, and Gopher was a very patriotic person in his bones, he also wouldn't allow his country to be humiliated by outsiders, Yuri's words just now not only offended Han Qianqian, but also Gopher.

        Guan Yong saw the killing intent in the gopher's eyes, shrank his neck, and said, "Of course I ...... know, isn't it good for him that I said that?"

        "Even if he dies, he's better than a wimp like you." The Earth Rat faintly said.

        Guan Yong didn't dare to speak again, although he knew that in the Earth's core the gopher wouldn't dare to kill him, but it was possible to inflict pain and suffering on his body, and Guan Yong was counting on the gopher to take him out of the Earth's core!

        By this time, Han Qianxiang's attack had arrived, and Yuri still looked like he was taking it lightly with disdain, and clearly didn't take Han Qianxiang's attack seriously.

        Of course, it wasn't just Yuri who didn't take it into consideration, everyone on the scene was thinking the same thing, the seemingly ferocious Han 3,000 would soon fall at Yuri's feet, because Yuri was invincible in the center of the earth, he was the absolute strongest in this ring, how could he be knocked down by a newcomer?

        A wry smile drew out the corners of Han Kuang's mouth, he really enjoyed fighting these arrogant opponents, arrogance was their biggest flaw and Han Kuang's best chance.

        No one would have imagined how much power his fist would brew, and by the time his opponent knew, there was no chance of regret.

        To explode with all his might and kill Han Long with a single punch, in Han Giang's opinion, Yuri's resistance was stronger than Han Long's, but it would never be a problem to seriously injure him with a single punch.

        "Pay the price for what you said!" Han Giangli's voice resounded throughout the arena.

        The gopher couldn't help but pinch a cold sweat, if this full force strike couldn't damage Yuri, so close, Yuri's attack could definitely be fatal to him.

Chapter 510

Looking at the nervous gopher, Guan Yong was actually very disdainful inside, he didn't care if the man in the ring lived or died, and in his opinion, that man was already dead, how could he be a match for Yuri?

        But this disdain, Guan Yong could only hide it in his heart, not daring to show it.

        Those who had the same thoughts as Guan Yong included everyone present, no one thought that Han Marchan would be a match for Yuri, in their eyes, Han Marchan only had one ending, and that was death, the only difference was just the difference between a clean death and a painful one.

        Of course, it would depend on how Yuri wanted him to die.

        Just when everyone was in agreement, even Yuri himself felt that Han Giang was not worth fearing, but when his fist made contact with Yuri's body, Yuri couldn't help but turn pale.

        This powerful force made him feel an impact he had never felt before, but in an instant, Yuri began to fall backwards and he couldn't control his body at all.

        Han Giang's first strike didn't give Yuri a chance to breathe, and a second attack followed while Yuri was unsteady, because he knew that once he let Yuri have a chance to counterattack, his sheer strength wouldn't necessarily give him much of an advantage.

        In fact, this was something that Han Giang didn't need to worry about at all, Yuri's ability to become a regular winner in the ring wasn't based on skill, he was fundamentally different from Han Long.

        Han Long's strength was skillful, so Han 3,000 only sought the chance to win with one move, because Han Long would not give him a second chance.

        But Yuri was different, he had no skill and could only use his strength against Han 3000, and in this regard, Han 3000 was no match for Yuri in the slightest.

        The second punch, still wrapped with the momentum of the dragon and tiger, Yuri barely stretched out his hands to block it, and although it didn't hurt his body, his arms felt numb from the powerful force.

        "How is it possible that you're so strong." Yuri looked at Han Marchant with a face full of horror, the strength Han Marchant displayed was not only beyond his imagination, it was almost on a level that he couldn't fight against.

        This scene left all the spectators of the battle jaw-dropped.

        The expected image didn't appear, instead, Han Giang had forced Yuri back!

        What's going on here?

        "What did I see, how is it possible that he was able to suppress Yuri with his power."

        "Has Yuri been locked up so long that he's become a softie?"

        "God, who is this guy, even Yuri isn't a match for him."

        Exclamations abounded, everyone was stunned by the images before them, incredibly discussing the scene of Yuri being repelled.

        The gopher drew a breath of cold air, such a result was greatly beyond his imagination, and he had never even thought that this person would be able to repel Yuri.

        Although he hoped in his heart that this person could win, but he also understood that this was impossible, the difference in strength was not something that could be compensated by a passionate blood, but reality slapped him hard.

        But this slap, the gopher was slapped and very happy, even every cell in his body was agitated.

        "Did you see that, he can't even lose to Yuri!" The stunned Guan Yong unconsciously gripped the gopher's hand.

        "It's fine to insult him, but not his country, Yuri is in for a rough ride." The gopher couldn't help but laugh, angering someone stronger than himself would probably be Yuri's saddest day in the heart of the earth.

        "What a surprise, a small body like his could be a match for Yuri, but it's a shame for us," Guan Yong said.

        "A long face is all it has to do with you? Have you forgotten the face that just fell on your face?" The gopher was disdainful.

        Guan Yong looked embarrassed, just now he thought that person couldn't be Yuri's opponent, so he just casually said a few words, how could he have thought that there would be such a big surprise.

        At this time, the gopher shook his head slightly, he had just felt that this person's voice resembled Han Qianli, but thought that Han Qianli couldn't possibly appear in the heart of the earth, at this time, he was able to be even more certain that this person only resembled Han Qianli's voice, after all, the Han Qianli he knew wasn't this strong, although he couldn't beat him, Han Qianli was definitely not Yuri's opponent.

        At this time, the Han 3000 in the ring had already launched his third attack, and it was clear that he had no intention of leaving Yuri any chance to breathe.

        And Yuri didn't dare to underestimate Han 3,000 any longer, and even ran away with his legs.

        The ever-winning general of the Earth Core Tournament was now holding his head in his hands, making everyone look foolish.

        "Big brother, I'm sorry, what I said just now was all in jest, don't take it seriously." Yuri said to Han 3,000 as he ran.

        Han 3,000 didn't think Yuri was really compromising, this guy was just trying to get him to let his guard down and find a chance to fight back.

        "You haven't paid enough, even if you're joking, I won't let you off the hook." Han Giangli coldly said.

        In terms of speed, Yuri was definitely no match for Han Giang, but Han Giang was just unable to explode with much power while moving, so the damage he could do to Yuri was very limited.

        However, in the process, Han 3000 discovered one thing, Yuri wasn't as strong as he thought, especially since this guy's gait wasn't like an expert at all, and his escape seemed unorganized.

        If he had only used his brute strength to become strong in the center of the earth, then he wouldn't be worth Han Giang's fear.

        Suddenly, Han 3,000 stopped his pursuit.

        Yuri rejoiced within, this was the opportunity he had been waiting for to counterattack.

        At this moment, Han 3,000 suddenly trembled all over and actually kneeled on the ground, as if he had been attacked by some external source.

        Everyone was surprised by this scene, how could he suddenly kneel down when he was so good!

        "What's going on?" Guan Yong asked without knowing why.

        The gopher gripped the cage bars with both hands and gritted his teeth as he said, "Geocentric is trying to manipulate this match, and he's being electrocuted."

        After saying that, Gopher looked towards the bottom of the floor, a man in overalls, holding a long-range electric gun, this long-range electric gun was capable of emitting a long-range electric current, it was also a general-purpose weapon of the Earth Core, usually used to deal with people who were causing trouble in the Earth Core, being attacked by this kind of electric current, although it wouldn't cause any damage, but that paralyzing feeling could last for two to three minutes.

        For him who was in the ring, two or three minutes was enough to change the entire battle.

        "These damn guys are using such despicable and shameless methods." Gopher was full of resignation, Yuri had already lost, but the sudden intervention of the earth's core was nightmarish news for him.

        With a cold smile, Yuri slowly walked over to Han 3,000 and stomped on Han 3,000's face, knocking Han 3,000 over and rolling backwards a few times before stopping.

        Han Three Thousand's face instantly became a blur of flesh and blood, but his limbs went limp and he didn't even have the strength to stand up.

        "Yellow skinned monkey, but you're awesome enough, next, you should die in my hands." Yuri scoffed.

        Han Giang's hands and feet couldn't stop trembling, the feeling of the electric attack hadn't gone away, he couldn't even control his own body.

        Yuri kicked Han 3,000 again, and this time, Han 3,000 soared and fell five meters away, blood spilling out of the corners of his mouth after he fell to the ground with a thud.

        "It's over, it's over, he's dead." Guan Yong said nervously.

        Being outside the cage, there was nothing the gopher could do but watch anxiously, and with his heavy responsibilities, he didn't dare to violate the rules of the earth's core.

        Sighing, the gopher said, "The Earth's Heart wants him dead, this is something no one can change."

        "These shameless people, they can't even use dirty tricks when they can't fight." Guan Yong said unwillingly, this was an emotion that erupted from a sense of anticipation, originally he wouldn't have felt that Han 3,000 would win, so he went along with the trend and downplayed a few things, but after seeing hope and this shameless reversal, Guan Yong would also fight for Han 3,000.

        The others won't share the same emotional resonance with the gophers, and for them, Han 3,000's death at the hands of Yuri is what they'd rather see.

        So at this time, the prisoners watching the battle brushed out a slogan from their mouths.

        "Kill him."

        "Kill him."

        "Kill him."


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