His True Colors Chapter 507-508


Chapter 507

After that incident at the People's Square, although there were already many people who knew that the comments against Han Three Thousand were rumors, there were also some people who didn't know the truth existed, and it was naturally best for Su Haichao to retract what he said, and it was also the most convincing.

        These trivial matters were not really worth caring about, Han Qianli did so solely because he cared too much about Su Yingxia.

        After all, he would be leaving soon and didn't want to leave any trouble for Su Yingxia in Cloud City.

        Su Yingxia's expression became serious when Han Three thousand drove the car to the Pearl Building.

        This was the first place Han Giangli had surprised her with, and this year's wedding anniversary could definitely make Su Yingxia memorable for the rest of her life.

        To her, the Crystal Restaurant held extraordinary significance, it was a very important place, and it wasn't worth coming here if there wasn't something special going on.

        "Are you leaving?" After parking the car, Su Yingxia suddenly asked Han Qianli.

        "Do you still remember what happened on your wedding anniversary? So far, many people in Cloud City have been discussing this matter, but they don't know who the real protagonist is, and today I'm going to let everyone in Cloud City know that the roses in the Crystal Restaurant are blooming because of you." Han Marchian said.

        Faced with Han Three Thousand's deliberate change of subject, Su Yingxia didn't accept it and insisted on asking, "Answer my question."

        Han Qianli sighed with a bitter smile and said, "Yes."

        Su Yingxia held Han Qianli's hand and didn't speak, she wouldn't stop Han Qianli, no matter what Han Qianli did, she just needed to wait quietly.

        Arriving at the Crystal Restaurant.

        The entire restaurant was once again completely wrapped up by Han Three Thousand, the manager who had a reception experience this time had even more respect for Han Three Thousand, the outside world said that he was a wasteful son-in-law who had entered the family, but the manager was very clear that Han Three Thousand was the most sought-after person in Cloud City today.

        "Mr. Han, if you need anything, just let me know, and the restaurant will do its best to satisfy you." The manager said to Han Three Thousand.

        "I heard that your restaurant has a new technology that can project the entire restaurant over the Pearl Building?" Han Marchand asked.

        "Yes, this is a brand new reform that we've carried out in our restaurant, and it's specially prepared for the distinguished guests who chartered the restaurant." The manager said, the reason for this new technology was to be able to make those rich second generation long face, the projection of the entire restaurant means that everyone near the Pearl Building can see it, this is a powerful tool for those rich second generation who like to save face, who doesn't want to let others see their scenery?

        It was just that Han Marchan asking about it made the manager feel a little strange, something so flamboyant didn't seem to fit Han Marchan's low-key personality.

        "When will it be ready?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Just turn the device on, it doesn't take time to prepare." The manager said.

        "Okay, go arrange it." Han Marchian said and brought Su Yingxia to the very center of the entire restaurant.

        When the picture of the restaurant appeared over the Pearl Building, many people stopped to watch.

        Su Yingxia was undoubtedly a celebrity in Cloud City, so after she appeared, she was immediately recognized by many people, and as soon as word of mouth spread, all the people watching soon became aware of Su Yingxia.

        "What's this for?"

        "The Crystal Restaurant is a marriage proposal mecca, but isn't Su Yingxia already married?"

        "No, but she's already divorced Han 3,000, did she find a next husband so soon?"

        "Hahahahaha, Han Three Thousand Years is really miserable, not only did he become a loser, but now he even ran away with his wife."

        Some people who were unaware of the situation began to laugh at Han Three Thousand.

        At this time, Han Three Thousand appeared at the piano, causing the crowd to reveal a puzzled expression.

        When the melodious sound of the piano sounded, many people quickly became immersed in the sound of the piano, and the original silent scene of ten thousand people reappeared, and no one was willing to make a sound to disturb this sound of the piano.

        When the song was over, still leaving people wanting more, a puzzling question from someone's mouth instantly spread through the crowd.

        "This music, why is it so familiar!"

        "Isn't this ...... the same song from last time? The last time Crystal Restaurant had a mystery man propose, wasn't it this song that was used."

        "Yes, that's the song, is it possible that ...... Crystal Restaurant didn't propose last time at all, but rather Han Qianxiang and Su Yingxia?"

        "I remember, it seems like that day was the wedding anniversary of Han Sangsan and Su Yingxia, and there are still many people comparing the two because of this proposal."

        "My god, was it even Han 3000's wedding anniversary surprise for Su Ying Xia last time? It's truly enviable."

        Many women were expressing their envy without fear at this moment.

        In the sky above the Pearl Tower, still presenting the image of the Crystal Restaurant, Su Yingxia covered her face with her hands, tears constantly falling from her fingers.

        Such a picture was not only presented on the spot, but there were even good people broadcasting it live on the internet, and it soon exploded throughout Cloud City.

        Comments about the wedding anniversary also quickly spread on the internet, and almost everyone opened their friends' circles to record this enviable scene.

        At this moment, there were no longer people who felt that Su Yingxia had married a loser, no longer people who felt that Su Yingxia had ruined her life because of Han Qianqian.

        Everyone was uncontrollably envious of Su Yingxia, envious of her being able to have a husband like Han Qianqian.

        Shen Lingyao's house.

        Shen Lingyao, who was half lying on the bed with her phone, kept wiping the tears on her cheeks.

        She had seen such an image once at the scene, but even if she saw it a second time, she would still be touched.

        "Good sister, you're really happy."

        Tian family villa.

        Tian Ling'er was dazed with her phone and watching the live broadcast, she also felt envy and jealousy towards Su Yingxia, although she was now restraining her feelings and only treating Han Marchioness as her brother, when she saw this kind of image, her love for Han Marchioness was growing uncontrollably.

        "Tilt your head so the tears won't fall, Tian Ling'er, how can you cry." Tian Ling'er lifted her head and bit her lip.

        A certain public rental community.

        Qi Ran, who had only had a two-way encounter with Han Qianqian, but had received tremendous help from Han Qianqian, was looking at her phone in a trance at this moment.

        If it wasn't for Han Qianli's help, she would never have been able to complete the task of working with the Weak Water Property, and as a recent college graduate, it would be even more impossible for her to have the status she has now in the company.

        All of this was given to her by Han Three Thousand, but it wasn't until now that she understood what kind of person Han Three Thousand was.

        "You're actually such a good person, no wonder you don't even look at me."

        The elevator apartment that Han Qianli had rented.

        Yang Meng and Mi Feier were sitting in the living room, each looking at their phones, and the house was strangely quiet.

        Both of them had live feeds of the Pearl Tower on their phones, and this moment Han Qianli sensationalized the entire Cloud City and completely made Mi Fei'er understand her own stupidity to the limit.

        She even had some self-doubt, why would she think that Han 3000 likes her? His wife, however, was the number one beauty of Cloud City, Su Yingxia.

        Yang Meng's mood was particularly complicated, after knowing that Han Qianqian was her true identity, she was already controlling her affection for Han Qianqian, but the scene in front of her at the moment, as a woman, she was not only envious, but also a bit unhappy, why did such a man not leave her with half a chance.

        In addition to the sensational Yun City, thousands of miles away, there was another person holding a cell phone, she was Qi Yiyun.

        Although she had left Cloud City, Qi Yiyun still had eyes and ears, always keeping an eye on Cloud City's dynamics.

        Han Qianqian's back playing the piano touched the most tender side of Qi Yiyun's heart at this moment, and she couldn't help imagining what it would be like if the person sitting in the restaurant was herself.

        Unlike most people, she wasn't envious of Su Yingxia, but instead looked forward to her next meeting with Han Qianqiang even more.

        Qi Yiyun always believed that happiness was in her hands, and whether Han Qianqian was married or not, as long as Han Qianqian was still alive and she was still alive, there was still a chance.

        A woman's paranoia was terrifying at times, especially for someone like Qi Yiyun, who would never be willing to concede defeat until she tied Han Third Thousand to a bed with all the trimmings!

Chapter 508

A blackness so dark that you can't reach out.

        A space so silent that you could only hear the sound of your own breathing.

        After Han Giangli had injected an anesthetic unique to the Geocentric Prison in Cloud City, when he woke up again, he was already in such a space.

        He had no idea how long he had been here, as the darkness made it impossible for him to count the time.

        This was the first lesson that every 'new guest' was taught at Ground Zero Prison, this kind of environment could bring a strong sense of depression, and those who were a little weak would definitely collapse under this kind of environment, this would be everyone's nightmare when coming to Ground Zero Prison.

        In order to ensure the safety of each guest, they will not harm those who live in the prison, but use this psychological torture to control their behavior, so that those people will naturally dare not to do anything in the prison.

        The biggest punishment of the Geocentric Prison is to be locked up in the solitary confinement room, which is a dark and silent environment. Although it seems easy, almost everyone will obediently obey after suffering mental torture once or twice, because the mental torture brought about by the feeling that the whole world is left by itself is too painful, and one cannot feel the passage of time at all, making one easily collapse.

        Han Qianli was a very strong minded person, but in such an environment, he would also feel intense pain, unable to count the time, such darkness would seem to stay with him forever, his mind would start to think randomly, and all kinds of thoughts would lead to his eventual collapse.

        Whenever his mind was on the verge of collapsing, Han Qianqiang would force himself to calm down and think about the good times he had with Su Yingxia, only then could he calm his mind a little.

        After an unknown amount of time, a glimmer of light finally dawned in the darkness, and two tall foreigners brought Han Three Thousand away from the confinement room.

        For Han Qianxiang who hadn't been exposed to light for a long time, her eyes were extremely uncomfortable and even felt stinging because of the light, unconsciously shedding many tears.

        If there was a mirror at this time, Han 3,000 would have noticed that she had lost a lot of weight, even her cheeks were sunken, and if Su Yingxia saw this scene, she would certainly be very distressed.

        When Han Giangli adjusted to the light, he found himself brought into a huge iron cage, surrounded by a three-story building, which was more like a grandstand than a simple three-story building, and the cage was like a ring.

        Just out of the confinement room, do you want to fight someone?

        Han Giangli frowned, having a preliminary knowledge of the Geocentric Prison.

        In a short while, there were restless sounds coming from all directions, sounds that were getting closer and closer, as if someone was approaching towards the cage.

        "I heard that this is a newcomer, a newcomer is going to the ring, this is something that has never happened before in Ground Zero Prison." Guan Yong and the two gophers had been coming to Ground Zero Prison for a long time, and had some understanding of it.

        The tournament would be held here periodically, why this tournament existed was unknown to them, but according to Gopher's speculation, the tournament might be spread outwards in some form, and the Geocentric Prison was using this method to make a profit.

        Of course, this was just speculation, and Gopher wasn't sure if he was right.

        But what Guan Yong had said about newcomers entering the ring was indeed something that had never happened before at Ground Zero Prison.

        "Looks like this newcomer isn't too ordinary, just go and take a look." Gopher said in a deep voice.

        The environment of Earthheart Prison was completely different from what Gopher had assumed before he came, he had thought that there was little possibility of contact between the prisoners, but after arriving here he realized that Earthheart Prison would have an open time every day that would allow them to move around freely, there would be many small groups that Gopher had eavesdropped on, almost all of them were exchanging knowledge about Earthheart Prison with each other and even plotting things within the prison break.

        It was an absolute conceit on the part of Ground Zero Prison to choose to turn a blind eye to this situation, the fact that they knew that the prisoners were communicating together but didn't stop it showed that they weren't worried about anyone succeeding in escaping, and it was true that no one had been able to escape from Ground Zero Prison for so many years.

        When all the prisoners were gathered around the bleachers on the third floor, there was only one thin figure in the huge cage with a black hood that made it impossible to see his true appearance.

        "F**k, just this little guy, what else could he be special?" Guan Yong looked surprised to see the man in the cage and said that in his imagination, the newcomer was probably a fierce man who could fight, and that was why he had been allowed to enter the ring, but the fact that he was in front of him couldn't help but disappoint him a little.

        The gopher was also somewhat unaware of the difference, but then he noticed a difference, and although the man was masked, his skin color was a good indication of who he was.

        "This man, he's a yellow man." Gopher said.

        "What's so strange about a yellow man, with his body, he's bound to get beaten up." Guan Yong said with a sidelong glance.

        "You're not going to be able to argue with that," Gopher said.

        It wasn't just Gopher and Guan Yong who were disappointed in the tournament, the other prisoners also very bluntly showed their great disappointment, and there were even grumpy people banging on the cage and hurling insults at the hooded Han Marchant.

        "What do you mean, even this kind of person has the right to enter the ring."

        "Tell him to get out, I'm on, why should we let this kind of person waste our time."

        "Get out, replace him."

        "Change the man, change the man."

        The voices of discontent soon resonated throughout the arena, and the reason why this happened was because those who were able to win the tournament could enjoy the special treatment brought by the Geocentric Prison.

        Although the prison was a place where one didn't worry about food, clothing, and shelter, women were the extravagant dream of these prisoners, and winning the tournament meant being able to win a woman, which was a great temptation for any prisoner in the Earth's Core Prison, but unfortunately not everyone was qualified to enter the ring, which was why all sorts of dissatisfied voices erupted when they saw Han Qianli.

        There were inmates constantly banging on the cage on all sides of the three-story building, and the clanging sound was deafening.

        At this time, a slender, thinly dressed woman enters the cage, and she is the trophy for the winner of this tournament.

        For a prison with only men, the sudden appearance of a woman, the picture can be imagined.

        All kinds of howls rose and fell, and every prisoner's male hormones were stimulated to the max.

        "Get this loser out of here, what right does he have to be in the ring."

        "Damn it, such a good opportunity is wasted on a punk, I'm not satisfied."

        "Get him out of here, let me on, don't give this opportunity to this kind of trash."

        The shouting became more and more intense, even Guan Yong couldn't help but swallow his throat.

        "This woman's body is too good, she's considered the prettiest after seeing so many tournaments." Guan Yong's index finger moved, his eyes unable to leave the woman's body for a moment, hoping to leave the biggest impact in his head.

        "Yeah, even I look impressed." The gopher couldn't help but shake his head, it was no wonder so many disgruntled voices erupted, just a woman could make these prisoners agitated, let alone one so beautiful.

        "On the other hand, having caused so many people to be discontented, he will definitely have a very difficult time in prison in the future," Guan Yong said.

        Although he was currently wearing a hood, there would always be a time when the hood would be uncovered, and with a very recognizable figure like his, he would definitely attract a lot of trouble over this matter once he was integrated into this new environment.

        "The pain of the skin will definitely be minimal, but one thing you can rest assured of is that he will not die, and the Earth's Heart Prison will absolutely guarantee his life." Gopher said, this was one of the strictest rules of the Earth Core Prison, they didn't want anyone to die in the Earth Core Prison, because these prisoners were customers to the Earth Core Prison.

        At this moment, the noisy ring surroundings suddenly went strangely quiet, and everyone looked in horror at the person who appeared in the opposite direction from Han Giangli.


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