His True Colors Chapter 524-526


Chapter 524

In the middle of the night, the sleeping Su Yingxia received a phone call, Su Guoyao had a car accident, directly into the emergency room, the news is like a bolt from the blue to Su Yingxia, now Han Qianqian is not there, Su Guoyao can be said to be her only family, if Su Guoyao has any accident, Su Yingxia simply do not know how to face.

        In the middle of the night, accompanied by He Ting, Su Yingxia arrived at the hospital.

        The two who received the news, Mo Yang and Lin Yong, were also the first to arrive.

        Although they didn't care about Su Guoyao's life or death, but Su Yingxia's appearance at the hospital so late at night had to be taken seriously, in case something special happened, they would be able to help with their side.

        Of course, to Mo Yang, the most important thing is still Su Yingxia, Su Guoyao death also does not matter, Su Yingxia can never get a cold.

        Several people waited at the door of the rescue room, and this wait arrived at dawn.

        "Sister-in-law, why don't you go home first, I'll keep watch here, you're in a special situation, you can't tire yourself out." Mo Yang said to Su Yingxia, staying up all night for a pregnant woman but it was greatly inappropriate, Mo Yang did not want to see Su Yingxia stay up any longer.

        Su Yingxia shook her head, in this situation, how could she go home with peace of mind? The person lying in the resuscitation room, but her father.

        "Brother Yang, I'm his daughter, how can I leave." Su Yingxia said.

        This sentence directly left Mo Yang without a rebuttal.

        As a child, it really wasn't appropriate for Su Yingxia to leave under these circumstances, and he couldn't find a reasonable reason for Su Yingxia to leave.

        "Why don't I ask the hospital to arrange a ward for you, you go and rest for a while, I'll keep watch here, I'll inform you first if there's any situation." Mo Yang said.

        Su Yingxia was still shaking her head, but this was a rush for Mo Yang.

        "You still have a baby in your belly, what if you have any more accidents." Mo Yang said.

        At this time, He Ting also helped to persuade, "It's useless for you to wait here, it's better to go take a rest, the child in your belly is important."

        "Yeah, 3000 is not at home now, if anything happens to you, how will I explain to him in the future." Mo Yang said.

        Su Yingxia touched her stomach, this is Han 3,000's child, she can't let him get hurt because of her own wilfulness.

        "Alright." Su Yingxia nodded her head in compromise.

        Mo Yang was relieved and immediately had someone arrange a hospital room for Su Yingxia.

        After Su Yingxia rested, Mo Yang once again came outside the rescue room and asked Lin Yong, "How's it going, any news yet."

        "Boss Mo, look." Lin Yong took out his phone and played a video.

        The content of the video was the footage of Su Guoyao being hit, although it was a bit blurry, but it was probably able to see the whole thing clearly, from the trajectory of the car, the car was directly hitting Su Guoyao as a target, and it didn't have a license plate, so it was obviously premeditated as well.

        "What kind of person wants to kill him?" Mo Yang said doubtfully.

        "The authorities are currently involved in the investigation, but they haven't found the car yet, but since the other party has premeditated it, the likelihood of this car being found is not too high." Lin Yong said.

        Mo Yang nodded his head, of course he understood this reasoning, the other party had already planned everything, so how could it be found out? The car was capable of erasing evidence with a random fire, and it would be hard to find the killer.

        "Is there any clearer road surveillance that shows the driver's face?" Mo Yang asked.

        "Wearing a hat and a mask, you can't see your face." Lin Yong said.

        Mo Yang let out a long sigh and said, "Go find out who Su Guoyao has a grudge against recently, all suspects, don't let go."

        "Yes." Lin Yong led the order and went.

        Mo Yang looked at the red light of the rescue room and said to himself with a frosty face, "You'd better come for Su Guoyao, if you dare to have the slightest thought about Su Yingxia, I'll dig three feet into the ground to find you and pull out your tendons and skin."

        At noon, Su Guoyao finally came out of the rescue room, but he was directly transferred to the intensive care unit, and Su Yingxia didn't even have the chance to look at him.

        But the current situation was very bad, there was always the possibility of deterioration at any time, even if the treatment was ideal, Su Guoyao would most likely be lying in a hospital bed for the rest of his life.

        This news is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue to Su Yingxia, she only used this kind of joke to warn Su Guoyao yesterday, did not expect that it actually happened today.

        Just at this time, Su Yingxia's phone suddenly rang, it was an unfamiliar number.

        Seeing a series of numbers, Su Yingxia immediately associated it with Jiang Lan, because there was a time when Jiang Lan would call her with various different numbers, hoping that she would be able to accept Jiang Lan again and have Jiang Lan return to the hillside villa.

        At that time, Su Yingxia would subconsciously hang up whenever she saw an unfamiliar number, but today, she picked up.

        "Yingxia, I heard that your father had a car accident, how is it, is he alright." Jiang Lan's urgent voice came out from the phone.

        Su Yingxia sighed and said, "It's serious, he's now in the intensive care unit."

        "How could this happen, how could this happen." Jiang Lan directly cried and said, "If I hadn't seen it on the news, I wouldn't even know about it, where are you guys, I want to see him."

        "City Hospital." Su Yingxia said.

        "I'll be right over." Jiang Lan said and hung up the phone, but there was no anxious look on her face, and the tone of her voice just now was completely different from the one she spoke with a vicious sneer.

        "I gave you the chance, you were the one who had to choose this path, you're lucky if you didn't die, but if you can lie in a hospital bed for the rest of your life, it will give me a good excuse to go back to the Su family." Jiang Lan said with a cold smile.

        When Jiang Lan arrived at the hospital, the panicked appearance of her cape made her look particularly real, and her red eyes were obviously freshly cried, making it easier to convince people.

        "How's it going, did you find the perpetrator?" Jiang Lan pulled Su Yingxia's hand and asked anxiously.

        Su Yingxia shook her head, this matter Mo Yang has sent many people out to investigate, but now there are no results at all, can't help but the perpetrator has not been found, even the shadow of that car has not been seen.

        "No, but I will definitely find it." Su Yingxia said.

        Jiang Lan wiped a handful of tears and said, "He must have been drinking late again, I told him long ago to drink less alcohol, he just wouldn't listen, if I had known that such a big thing had happened, I should have stayed by his side and kept a good eye on him."

        The reasoning of this statement made Su Yingxia unable to refute, if they hadn't divorced and Jiang Lan was still in charge of Su Guoyao, he indeed wouldn't dare to be so unscrupulous, and perhaps, it wouldn't have really happened.

        "Yingxia, you're pregnant now, go home and rest first, I'll just take care of the hospital, even though your father and I are already divorced, but after so many decades of being a couple, I can't ignore what happens to him now." Jiang Lan said.

        Mo Yang saw this scene from the side and couldn't help but nod his head.

        In the past, he hated Jiang Lan this person very much, because she was the one who caused Han 3000 to suffer a lot of humiliation, and this woman took Han 3000's benefits but was ungrateful and wanted to drive Han 3000 out of the Su family, her image in Mo Yang's heart, was that of a scum.

        But now, she knew how to care for Su Yingxia, making Mo Yang's senses of her a little better, and Mo Yang himself also wanted Su Yingxia to go home early, a place like the hospital was not a place to stay for a long time.

        "Yingxia, I'll have someone take you home?" Mo Yang said.

        Su Yingxia's first subconscious reaction was to shake her head, but after thinking about the fact that with Jiang Lan here, she didn't seem to be able to help much, and with Jiang Lan watching, she was able to feel at ease.

        "Alright." Su Yingxia said.

        Mo Yang immediately ordered more than ten people to escort Su Yingxia home.

        This kind of row happened to Su Yingxia is common, those doctors and nurses have already seen this scene, but there are still some patients and family members will be very surprised to see this scene, will discuss what kind of person Su Yingxia is, in and out of the hospital even need so many people to protect, but after they know Su Yingxia's real identity, they will also take it for granted.

        The Su family company in Su Yingxia's hands, has completely become a big company that no one knows in Yun City, even the Tian family wants to cooperate with it, who dares to underestimate?

Chapter 525

Half a month later, Su Guoyao's injuries were stable, but he still hadn't woken up, and at Jiang Lan's suggestion, Su Guoyao was discharged from the hospital and returned to the hillside villa, and Jiang Lan rightfully used the excuse of taking care of Su Guoyao to return to the hillside villa.

        This was the day that Jiang Lan had been waiting for for a long time.

        The Hillside Villa, the most luxurious residential area in Cloud City, was a place that Jiang Lan was proud of.

        From the day she left, Jiang Lan had never stopped thinking about returning here.

        This was the only place that could be worthy of her life.

        Jiang Lan even felt that no one other than her had the right to live here.

        Looking at the unconscious Su Guoyao on the bed, Jiang Lan was full of smiles, although the means were a bit ruthless, but it achieved the effect she wanted, which was worth it.

        As for her feelings for Su Guoyao?

        This was a joke.

        She had never fallen in love with this man, but if it wasn't for the fact that the Su family was rich, why would she marry Su Guoyao?

        "Su Guoyao, just lie down honestly for the rest of your life, I'm the one in charge of the Su family in the future." Jiang Lan said with a smug face, the bag in her hand, directly smashed on Su Guoyao's face, not caring if it would hurt Su Guoyao or not.

        At this time, there was the sound of someone's footsteps coming up the stairs, and Jiang Lan hurriedly took away the bag from Su Guoyao's face.

        Su Yingxia had just walked into the door of the room, and Jiang Lan was already red-eyed with tears left in her eyes.

        "Mom, don't be sad, Dad will definitely get better." Su Yingxia consoled.

        Jiang Lan nodded her head and said with a little sobbing voice, "Your father is auspicious, he will definitely get better, and also the murderer must be caught, he must not be allowed to go unpunished."

        Su Yingxia nodded her head, looking determined.

        The driver who created the momentum to escape, she would definitely find a way to find him, even if it meant digging up the entire Cloud City, she would make the perpetrator come out to take responsibility.

        "I will."

        Since then, Jiang Lan stayed at the hillside villa on the pretext of taking care of Su Guoyao.

        Earth Core.

        When the exquisite man learned the news, he smiled proudly and openly, and as long as he controlled Han 3,000's lifeblood, Han 3,000 would be a dog at his mercy.

        "No matter how strong and able to fight you are, you'll still bow down to me, I'm really looking forward to the day she gives birth, the day the child is born, you'll have to kneel before me." The exquisite man said proudly.

        Ever since that ring match between Han Three Thousand and Blade Twelve, Han Three Thousand had been locked up again and hadn't shown up for a long time.

        The gopher was worried about his situation, as he was most likely Han Three Thousand's original self, and although he didn't know what he was here for, if he continued to be targeted by the gopher, in the gopher's opinion, Han Three Thousand would only die.

        Silently counting the time lines on his arm, day after day passed, and still no sign of Han 3000, which made the gopher increasingly worried that he was most likely not locked up, but killed by the center of the earth.

        The gopher's hopes were once again dashed at this day's release time, as he still hadn't seen Han 3,000.

        Guan Yong was far away from the gopher and didn't dare to get close because he found that the gopher was very irritable during this time and threatened to kill him if he didn't agree, giving Guan Yong a sense of crisis of companionship with the tiger, so he preferred to put some distance between him and the gopher.

        At this time, Knife Twelve appeared, and the gopher subconsciously stood up, he had appeared, why hadn't Han 3000 appeared yet?

        After looking at a few of the internal personnel of the Earth's core, Gopher gritted his teeth and walked towards Blade Twelve.

        Regardless of whether or not approaching with Knife Twelve would attract the special attention of those internal personnel, Gopher had to do it, he had to be clear whether or not the masked man, was really what he thought he was.

        "Knife Twelve." Gopher shouted as he approached.

        "Where's Brother 3000?" Knife Twelve asked.

        Gopher took a deep breath, and sure enough! That person really was Han Qianqian.

        He hadn't guessed wrong.

        But why had Han Three Thousand come to the Earth's Core and become so strong, it was not at all the same person as the Han Three Thousand that Gopher had known before.

        "How did Brother 3000 come to the Earth's Core?" Gopher gritted his teeth and said.

        Knife Twelve snorted coldly and said, "If you hadn't been late in returning the news, how could Brother 3000 have come personally, this is a consequence of your incompetence."

        Instead of being half dissatisfied, the gopher sighed, even though the earth's heart didn't give him any chance to investigate, the word incompetence wasn't something he could refute.

        "I admit that I'm incompetent, but even so, Brother 3000 shouldn't have come here." The gopher said helplessly.

        "Where is Brother Three Thousand?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "It's possible that he was locked up, or that he was ...... put right by the Earth's heart for killing an insider." Earth Rat said.

        Hearing the word righteousness, a wave of hostility surged through Knife Twelve, and he tugged at Gopher's collar in a death grip and said, "You mean Brother 3000 is most likely dead?"

        "From the first day Brother 3000 came to the Earth's heart, the Earth's heart has been targeting him, constantly arranging ring opponents, in my opinion, the Earth's heart just wants to kill him, and the last time, Brother 3000 killed so many people, how could the Earth's heart let him go?" Gopher said, he wasn't the only one who had such thoughts, almost everyone in the Earth's core thought this way.

        Killing was inherently a taboo matter for Earthheart, not to mention that Han Marchan had killed so many, and was an insider of Earthheart?

        In anger, Knife Twelve kicked at the gopher.

        After retreating a few steps, the gopher fell to the ground and rolled.

        Those internal personnel saw this scene and didn't block it, this kind of small friction often happened and they were just watching it as a good show.

        The gopher covered his abdomen, his painful expression hideous.

        Knife Twelve took two steps forward and walked up to the gopher and said condescendingly, "You've been in the heart of the earth for so long, what useful information do you have!"

        Gopher shook his head and said, "Don't say useful news, I don't even have useless news, this is completely different from the prison I imagined, it's an isolated place, it's impossible to escape."

        The center of the earth was no ordinary high wall, even if Gopher was an expert in prison escapes, he would not be able to find a chance to leave in this environment.

        A week since Gopher had arrived here, he had resigned himself to his fate, and his biggest demand was to help Han 3000 find out information about Han Tian Yang, but unfortunately he wasn't even qualified to go to Area A. The route map of the Earth's core that he had recorded was only a few lines from Area B, and he didn't even know what direction Area A was in.

        Knife Twelve took a deep breath, it was useless to take out his grievances on the gopher at this point, the most important thing was to determine Han 3000's current situation.

        "Is there any way to know where Brother Three Thousand is?" Knife Twelve bent down and whispered to the gopher.

        "If there was a way, would I have to wait so long?" Gopher said, unable to think of anything to do but wait, for the Earth's core was so heavily regulated that there was no way to break it.

        "Can't we just find something to do and just keep waiting?" Knife Twelve gritted his teeth.

        The gopher nodded his head, though helplessly, this was the reality that could not be unaccepted.

        "Now I can only hope that Earthheart didn't kill Brother 3000." Gopher said.

        Knife Twelve heaved out a breath of bad luck, this feeling of having nowhere to go with his strength made him very frustrated.


        Waiting aimlessly for how long.

        Blade Twelve wasn't willing to sit around and wait to die, he had to find a way to find out what happened to Han 3,000, or at least if he was still alive.

        "If I kill a few people, will Earthheart treat me the same way?" Knife Twelve asked faintly.

        The gopher was stunned for a moment, then he said with a frightened expression, "Knife Twelve, what do you want, don't do anything, you won't only save Brother 3000, you'll also harm yourself!"

        With a carefree expression on his face, Knife Twelve said, "As long as we can know his situation, we won't lose anything even if we trade our lives for it."

        The gopher quickly stood up and blocked in front of Blade Twelve, afraid that he would really mess up.

        "Don't be anxious, wait a few more days, maybe Earthheart will release Brother 3000, if you die, how am I going to explain to Brother 3000." Gopher said in a panic, there was no way to confirm Han 3000's condition right now, but he knew that if Knife Twelve really did this, he would definitely die, after all, he and Han 3000 were not the same.

        "Afraid to die? Will I ever come here again?" Blade Twelve smiled faintly.

Chapter 526

For Blade Twelve, from the moment he decided to come to the Earth's core, he had already put his own life at risk.

        Tang Qingyuan had Mo Yang to take care of him, he was absolutely at ease.

        And Blade Twelve also knew that if he really died in the center of the earth, Tang Qingyan would definitely be held by Mo Yang and treated as his own daughter for the rest of her life.

        So this life, Knife Twelve didn't care at all.

        As long as there was a chance that he could get news of Han Qianqian in exchange, so that his heart would be solid, what was there to fear in death?

        Feeling the strong attitude of Blade Twelve, the gopher had a headache, what kind of people were these, not even afraid of death.

        "But have you ever thought about the fact that even if you die, you won't be able to get any news about Brother 3000, in case Brother 3000 needs your help to leave here in the future? Even if you die, you should choose a worthwhile time, how can you die now for nothing." The gopher advised bitterly.

        Blade Twelve frowned, Valuable timing!

        He would indeed be able to find a more valuable way to die and even provide some help to Han Sanqiang if he could really think of a way to get out of here.

        Dying now would only be a life buried in vain.

        "But I don't even know if Brother Three Thousand is still alive right now." Blade Twelve said through gritted teeth.

        "It's not the first time that Earthheart has locked up Brother 3000, you can trust me, my instincts are definitely not wrong, I'm certain that Brother 3000 is definitely not dead." The gopher patted his chest to assure him.

        Knife Twelve took a deep breath, settling down his agitated emotions and said, "Okay, I believe you."

        Hearing this, Gopher was finally relieved, he was really afraid that Knife Twelve would kill a few people with one word and then get himself into trouble.

        Guan Yong watched the two of them talking intimately from a distance with a very unhappy expression, having the feeling of being abandoned by the gopher.

        If he wanted to leave the heart of the earth, he could only rely on gophers, and even all his hopes were with gophers, but now, gophers were clearly rejecting him, and even if he did find a chance to escape from the prison, he was afraid that he wouldn't take himself with him.

        This was something that made Guan Yong vaguely annoyed.

        If he couldn't leave, he would never see the gopher leave unharmed.

        If we were going to die, we would all die here together!

        Guan Yong gritted his teeth and walked towards an interior officer.

        When he got close to the insider, the man raised his taser vigilantly and warned Guan Yong to stay away.

        Guan Yong raised his hands to show that he didn't mean any harm and said, "Brother, I have something I want to tell you."

        The man looked at Guan Yong puzzled and said, "Stand where you are and say it."

        Guan Yong took advantage of the fact that the gopher's sight was not on him and specifically pointed at the gopher, saying, "You must be careful of this man, you must guard him strictly, he wants to escape."

        The internal staff couldn't help but laugh in amusement at this and said, "Is it any wonder that everyone here wants to run away?"

        Guan Yong was stunned.

        Yeah, everyone here, who didn't have a prison break in mind?

        He said this as if it didn't have any threatening effect on the gopher.

        "He's different, I heard him say that he used to be a prison escape expert, so you must be careful." Guan Yong said.

        "There are a lot of jailbreak masters here, what is he, nothing else, get out or don't blame me for being rude to you." The insider pointed his taser at Guan Yong, his hand already on the trigger.

        Guan Yong was so scared that he quickly retreated a few steps.

        Not being able to seriously injure the gopher made Guan Yong feel very unhappy, he didn't believe that no one would really take this matter seriously.

        As he was thinking of a solution, Guan Yong suddenly felt someone walking towards him in the corner of his vision.

        Looking up, it was Blade Twelve and Gopher.

        "You ...... guys, what do you want." Guan Yong asked with a terrified face.

        "Guan Yong, what did you just say to that man?" The gopher asked with a gloomy face.

        "No ...... it's nothing, I'm just casually, just having a few casual conversations." Guan Yong's panicked look couldn't hide his guilty conscience at all, he didn't even have the courage to look at the gopher squarely.

        The gopher smiled coldly, having been in contact with Guan Yong for so long, he knew very well what kind of person Guan Yong was.

        This guy must have sensed that he was not valued, so he had a sense of crisis and wanted to harm people.

        "You're not telling him that I want to escape from prison, are you?" Gopher said faintly.

        "No, no, really no, you've misunderstood." Guan Yong shook his head and said repeatedly.

        Judging by the change in Guan Yong's expression, the gopher was certain that he had said such a thing, but such words were too normal in the heart of the earth, everyone here, who didn't have thoughts of escaping from prison?

        "Guan Yong, you're so f**king stupid, trying to seriously injure me with those words, does it work?" The gopher smiled and said.

        Guan Yong lowered his head, not even daring to breathe, it was indeed useless, the man hadn't taken his words to heart, if he had known that, why would he have gone through with it?

        The gopher walked up to Guan Yong, grabbed him by the collar and threatened, "I'm warning you for the last time, if you mess up again, I'll never let you go."

        Guan Yong was scared, but the discomfort in his heart was driving him to resist.

        Now that he had been abandoned, even if the gopher did succeed in escaping from prison, he wouldn't have his share.

        What he was facing now was a dead end, so what if he was torn apart from the gopher?

        "You don't scare me, do you dare kill me?" Guan Yong suddenly raised his head and looked at the gopher with a fierce expression on his face.

        "Yo, I didn't expect that you've really gotten a lot bolder." The gopher cheered, killing in the Earth's core was indeed an unwise thing to do, but the way he wanted Guan Yong to die was simple, as long as he activated the signal transmitter in Guan Yong's body, once the Earth's core side detected it, he would have only one way to die.

        "You forced me to do this, I know that you've abandoned me, even if I can escape from prison, there's absolutely no part of me." Guan Yong gritted his teeth and said.

        "You're a bit smart, aren't afraid to tell you the truth, you've indeed lost the right to leave with me now, and you'll still die." The gopher smiled and put his hand on Guan Yong's shoulder, this loser couldn't help with this prison break thing, he would even become a drag, how could the gopher take him with him?

        And Guan Yong's value lay in sending a signal to Han Giang, now that Han Giang had come in person, his value was long gone.

        "Kill me now, if you can, do you dare?" Guan Yong said with a provocative face, he decided that the gopher didn't dare to do anything, so he became much bolder.

        The gopher shook his head and said, "There are many people who have killed you, so why do I need to do it myself?"

        Afterwards, the gopher hammered a hard punch at Guan Yong's neck, which was where the lower signal transmitter had been injected.

        "Hmph." Guan Yong snorted coldly and said, "Don't scare me, I haven't done anything offensive in the heart of the earth, how could anyone kill me."

        The gopher shook his head with a sigh on his face and said, "People like you are just cheap, you have a chance to live but you're looking for death, I can't be blamed for that, but it's good that you're dead, at least you don't have to be trapped here for the rest of your life."

        Seeing that the gopher looked like an old god, it seemed that in his eyes he would really die.

        Guan Yong was a little weak in the heart, although he didn't think that the gopher had the means to have someone kill him, but there were no absolutes in the world.

        "Gopher, what exactly do you want?" Guan Yong asked.

        The gopher shook his head, the signal transmitter had been activated, the geocentric side would soon find this out, and by then Guan Yong would only have one way to die, and it would certainly be a very miserable death.

        When the air release time was over, everyone needed to leave here within three minutes to return to their own prison cells, if they were late, they would be beaten up by those internal personnel, so everyone left at a fast pace, not daring to linger in the slightest.

        When Guan Yong returned to his cell, he noticed something very strange, a red light source was inexplicably flashing on the door, and soon, the sound of hurried footsteps approached him.

        This made Guan Yong instantly afraid to the extreme.

        The gopher had previously said that he was going to die, was there someone else inside the Earth's core?

        The door to the prison room was pushed open and Guan Yong was taken away straight away, in a screaming solitary confinement room, Guan Yong felt the darkness and silence he had never felt before.

        Suddenly, a voice sounded in his ear.

        "How dare you bring a signal transmitter, I'm going to cramp your muscles and skin you."


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