His True Colors Chapter 1167-1168


His True Colors Chapter 1167

The next, Shi Jing long-windedly told Han 3,000 a lot of early contact with the benefits of love, and the general elimination of early love parents, completely present a different attitude, which is probably related to Han 3,000 do not have to worry about school related, so Shi Jing also do not have to worry about early love this matter will affect Han 3,000's study.

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        Just as he left the venue of the Wuji Summit, Han 3,000 saw a young girl wearing glasses, her looks gave him an extremely familiar feeling, but he was certain that he didn't know the other party at all, which made Han 3,000 feel a bit strange.

        Returning home with his doubts, Han three thousand's mind kept coming up with that little girl's appearance, like a brand that couldn't be shaken off.

        Shi Jing saw Han Qianqian sitting on the sofa dazed, inexplicably as if she had lost her soul.

        "What's wrong, you've been distracted as soon as you arrived home, did something happen?" Shi Jing asked to Han Qianqian.

        Han Giangli shook his head and said, "Mom, I just saw someone who looks familiar, but I can't remember when I saw her, and I'm even sure that I don't know her at all, so why is that?"

        "It wouldn't be because you're looking at someone else's good-looking little girl." Shi Jing said with a smile, not expecting that not long after educating Han Qianqian, this kid was really enlightened?

        Han Qianli looked helplessly at Shi Jing, how could he possibly think that and said, "I'm serious, so don't make fun of me."

        "Then what's special about her, or what's special about her?" Shi Jing asked.

        "Wearing glasses and looking stop skinny, it's hard to say what the characteristics are," Han Marchiang said.

        "Wearing glasses, that's easy, think back, did you know any girls who wore glasses, doesn't that narrow the scope of your memories?" Shi Jing said.

        This sentence enlightened Han Qianli and, in his mind, he immediately associated it with a person.

        Qi Yi Yun!

        That's right, it's Eva Chi!

        The reason the little girl I saw just now gave Han Qianqian a familiar feeling was because her looks and charm were extremely similar to Chi Yi Yun, like a reduced version of her!

        Could it be that she is the same Chi Yi Yun from her childhood?

        Han Giang's heartbeat inexplicably quickened, back then, Han Giang still had a guilty conscience towards Qi Yiyun, after all, Qi Yiyun had done a lot for him, and he couldn't give Qi Yiyun anything in return.

        At that time, Han Three Thousand could only think that if people really had a next life, he might only be able to compensate Qi Yiyun.

        The fact that there would be such a thought already showed that Han Third Thousand had a fondness for Qi Yiyun.

        Of course, this couldn't be blamed on Han Three Thousand's sentimentality and betrayal of Su Yingxia, and it would be difficult for anyone to remain unmoved when faced with Qi Yiyun's efforts.

        After all, she had used the safety and security of the entire Qi family as Han Qianli's backing support, and this kind of dedication was never something that an ordinary person could achieve.

        "Did you think of something?" Seeing Han Giang's look suddenly heavy, Shi Jing couldn't help but ask.

        Han Three Thousand nodded and said, "I've indeed seen her before, but I didn't expect to run into her here."

        "What's it like, what does she look like, what's her family background?" Shi Jing became interested for a moment and began to dig into the matter.

        Han Giang knew what was going on in Shi Jing's head and quickly cut her off, saying, "Mom, is it really good for you to instigate your own son to fall in love like this?"

        Shi Jing stretched out her hand and poked Han Qianqian's forehead, saying, "What do you mean by instigating, isn't Mom doing this for your own good, these little kids of yours nowadays, early love is a common phenomenon, how can you drag your feet."

        This kind of thing, can it still be used to discuss winning or losing?

        Han Qianqiang couldn't laugh or cry, but he was rather upbeat about the fact that Qi Yiyun would appear in Yanjing, after all, Qi Yiyun had helped him a lot in the past, and if the Qi family was in any trouble now, Han Qianqiang wouldn't stand by and watch.

        "You cook first, I'll go back to my room and rest." Han Marchian got up after saying that and went back to his room.

        For a famous daughter-in-law like Shi Jing, cooking was an almost impossible task, but recently Shi Jing had fallen in love with it, especially when the dishes she cooked could be recognized by Han Qianqian, and the feeling of satisfaction was even stronger than buying a bunch of luxury goods.

        Back in the room, Han 3,000 took out the phone and dialed Qin Lin's number.

        Qin Lin had also been to the Martial Arts Summit today and had witnessed Han Third Thousand winning the match with absolute superiority, and he was no less shocked than anyone else there.

        "Boss." Picking up the phone, Qin Lin said cautiously, if before Qin Lin had only respected Han 3,000, now there was a hint of awe and fear.

        "Help me check on someone called Qi Donglin, I want to know his current situation." Han Three Thousand said.

        Qi Donglin, the father of Chi Yi Yun, the man had been in Miya and had given Han 3000 some support.

        "Boss, you know Chi Donglin?" Qin Lin was slightly surprised and asked.

        Hearing Qin Lin say that, Han Giangli knew that there was no need to deliberately investigate this matter anymore, and it was obvious that he knew about Chi Donglin.

        "Is he from Yanjing, or did he come to Yanjing for something?" Han Marchian asked directly.

        When she first met Chi Yi Yun, her family had already emigrated, so Han Qianli had no idea about the situation before she emigrated.

        "I heard that he cooperated with the Mo family but was set up by the Mo family, and this time, he's here to settle a score with the Mo family, but with the Mo family's status, he's really not worth mentioning." Qin Lin said, he wasn't very clear on this matter, he just received some rumors, probably that the Chi family was in another city and had a project with the Mo family, and this project was hollowed out by the Mo family, causing Chi Donglin to go bankrupt, so he came to Yanjing to seek an explanation from the Mo family.

        However, the Mo family was one of the three big families in Yanjing, and for Qi Donglin to ask for an explanation was nothing more than a death sentence.

        "The Mo Family, one of the three great families?" Han 3,000 asked.


        This answer made Han Qianli frown, it looked like Chi Donglin had encountered quite a bit of trouble, no matter how he was pitted against the Mo Family, how could he possibly fight the Mo Family now that he was in Yanjing's territory?

        "I want the inside track on the whole thing, you have one day, can you do that?" Han 3000 said.

        "Yes, I'll do it right away." Qin Lin replied without hesitation.

His True Colors Chapter 1168

Before Qin Lin didn't send word back, Han 3000 hadn't wasted time thinking wildly about this matter, but he knew that the reason why Chi Yi Yun's family had left the country for development was probably related to this matter.

        Going against the Mo family would definitely make their situation more dangerous, and eventually having to leave the country as a last resort was probably the Qi family's last option.

        However, the Qi family's development after going abroad was quite good, which showed that Qi Donglin's business methods were not simple.

        This could not help but cause Han Qianli to envision the question, if he just acted as a bystander and didn't interfere in the Qi family's troubles, would things still develop as they did before, and would the Qi family still get better development after going abroad.

        If that was the case, Han Giang could have let it go and let Qi Donglin toss the matter.

        But whether history could repeat itself perfectly or not, Han Three Thousand couldn't be sure, after all, the situation in Yanjing today was completely different from before, with his rebirth, many things had already changed, for example, the situation of the three great families in Yanjing, now because of his appearance, the Yang family had a clear advantage, and the Mo family's response to this matter would definitely change as well.

        "I'll try not to interfere in your family's affairs if it won't endanger your life, but if someone tries to harm you, I'll never let him go." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        He had a special affection for Chi Yi Yun, it wasn't a love between a man and a woman, but Han Giang would definitely guard Chi Yi Yun, after all, once upon a time, he was also guarded by Chi Yi Yun in Mi Guo, even though Han Giang still understood that nothing would happen between him and Chi Yi Yun in this life, but for him to watch Chi Yi Yun suffer tribulations, that was something Han Giang couldn't do.

        It didn't take long for Shi Jing to come knocking on the door for Han three thousand to eat dinner.

        At the same time, it was time for dinner at the Han family compound.

        Nangong Qianqiu was sitting in the right seat, and the serious expression on her face could tell that she was very unhappy.

        She purposely didn't go to the Martial Arts Summit today to watch the battle because she didn't want to see Han Qianli's victory, but just because people didn't go doesn't mean that news wouldn't get back to the Han family.

        Nangong Qianqiu already knew how Han Qianqian had stunned the world today, and even more so how Han Qianqian had won the match, which was why she was so upset, and she even suspected that it was a fake match, how could that trash Han Qianqian have won over the Wang family's men?

        "Mom, did you hear about what happened today?" Han Cheng asked cautiously, in Han Cheng's opinion, in this competition, Han 3,000 had proven its power and many families now held Han 3,000 in high regard, so-called he believed that this was the last chance to ease relations with Han 3,000, if the Han family didn't seize this opportunity, then there was a real possibility that they would miss Han 3,000.

        With the current state of the Han family, if they could have Han 3000 back, then the Han family would definitely be able to return to the peak, and Nangong Qianqiu simply didn't need to put his obsession on Han Jun.

        It was just a matter of admitting [English www.avracity.com] a mistake, it wasn't a big deal, and for the sake of the family, it wouldn't hurt to bow to Han 3000.

        But Han Cheng thought so, but Nangong Qianqiu would not, she had always come from a great place, and would never change a thing she had identified, so in her heart, not only did she not want to let Han 3000 back into the Han family, but she was instead thinking of how to prove that Han 3000 was a waste.

        A mere match didn't really show how powerful Han 3000 was, and as long as she was given the chance, Han 3000 would reveal himself sooner or later.

        "So what if I've heard." Nangong Qianqiu said indifferently.

        "I've heard that there are quite a few families that want to work with Three Thousand, and I think that this is an opportunity for the Han family." Han Cheng said.

        "An opportunity?" Nangong Qianqiu smiled coldly and looked at Han Cheng with a frosty face and said, "What do you mean, do you want me to apologize to that trash and make him admit to me that I was wrong about him?"


        Han Jun smashed his fist on the dining table and said to Han Cheng with a face full of anger, "Dad, what do you mean, you want grandmother to apologize to Han Qianqiu, when did grandmother do wrong."

        Even though the person who roared at Han Cheng was his son, with Nangong Qianqiu's protection, Han Cheng couldn't do anything with him at all, and it wasn't the first time Han Jun had done this kind of disrespectful thing at home.

        "Mom, we're all doing this for the good of the Han family, can't you see the current form?" Han Cheng didn't pay any attention to Han Jun and continued.

        Han Jun was furious, he knew what Han Cheng's words were metaphorically saying, if he really let Han 3000 go back to the Han family, his position would definitely receive a hit, since he grew up, Han Jun thought that he was the only young master in the entire Han family, how could he allow Han 3000 to share his position equally?

        "Grandmother, I think Han Qianqiu might just be acting, so don't be fooled by him." Han Jun worried that Nangong Qianqiu would be soft-spoken and quickly said.

        "Actually, that's what I think too, maybe Han Third Thousand and the Wang family secretly had a collusion too, that's why they staged today's scene." Nangong Qianqiu said.

        Han Cheng smiled bitterly.

        Nangong Qianqiu would actually deceive herself and others with such a ridiculous statement, Han 3000 and was fighting for the Yang family, so how could there be collusion with the Wang family again? And even if that was the case, what kind of conditions would he have to offer to get the Wang family to accept it, how could he possibly do it with Han Giang's current abilities?

        Han Cheng stopped talking because he knew that whatever he said would be useless.

        "Grandma, let's think of a way to break him down." Han Jun said, he didn't want to see Han Qianli so powerful, so it was best to be able to make Han Qianli a street rat as soon as possible.

        "There's no rush, grandmother already has a way and there will be a very powerful person to help her." Nangong Qianqiu said with a smile.

        "Grandmother, what kind of person is it?" Han Jun asked curiously.

        Nangong Qianqiu smiled without saying a word, her response to Nangong Bo Ling's request for help had now been answered, Nangong Bo Ling had promised to help her with Han 3000 out of an attempt to make it up to her, but when someone would come to Yanjing, Nangong Qianqiu currently had no idea.

        However, since it was something that Nangong Boling had already personally promised, he would never break his word, so Nangong Qianqiu wasn't worried at all.

        Han Cheng had a vague feeling of foreboding that Nangong Qianqiu had planned to lock Han Qianqiang in the cellar for the rest of her life, and there was no telling what crazy idea would be born this time, or even, that she might even kill Han Qianqiang.

        Han Cheng hurriedly ate dinner and went back to his room, he had to tell Shi Jing about this, he had to make Han Qianqian vigilant.


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