His True Colors Chapter 1164-1166


His True Colors Chapter 1154

Chen Shao panicked and ran away, and he was still on his hands and knees, he never dreamed that this time he would make such a big disaster when he was just looking at the fun.

        With Yang Wanlin's position in the Yang family, what he said was equivalent to the Yang family's instructions, the Chen family was bound to suffer this calamity and there was no way to avoid it, so the only way was to follow Yang Wanlin's words, go home and sell off his assets and get out of here.

        "Thank you, for saving me again." Wu Xin said to Han Qianli, looking at him with rather complicated eyes, until today, she didn't know Han Qianli's true identity, she didn't expect that he was actually the Han family's young master.

        Although this young master was named as a trash, Wu Xin believed that he was never the kind of trash that was rumored, and the fact that the Yang family was able to let him fight in the Martial Arts Summit could never be due to stupidity.

        "I wasn't planning to meddle in this," Han Qianqian said with an indifferent attitude, which was also his heart's true feelings, and if Shi Jing hadn't had to interfere, they would have been in the competition arena by now.

        Wu Xin didn't care what reason Han 3000 was helping her based on, it was anyway, and it also made Wu Xin feel more and more affectionate towards Han 3000.

        "Auntie Shi, thank you." Wu Xin said to Shi Jing again.

        Shi Jing hadn't known Wu Xin for long, but through the last conversation, she probably knew what kind of person Wu Xin was, and then looking at Li Mao Mao beside Wu Xin, who looked like a gold-worshipping girl, this time it was definitely related to her.

        "You have to grow an extra pair of eyes to make friends, you're not always this lucky." Shi Jing reminded.

        Wu Xin knew what Shi Jing was hinting at, in the past, she didn't care what kind of person Li Maomao was, after all, she had the right to choose her own life.

        But after this incident today, Wu Xin knew that she had to stay away from Li Mao Mao, or else such a thing would happen in the future.

        "Li Mao Mao, from today onwards, our girlfriendship is over, I won't pursue today's matter, but you shouldn't contact me in the future either." Wu Xin said.

        Li Mao Mao secretly gritted her teeth and turned to leave without saying a word, she was a person with high self-esteem, and because of her low self-esteem, she would use every means possible to climb up the ranks of the rich and powerful, she needed to cover up her low self-esteem with all sorts of name brands added to her body.

        "It's almost time, let's enter, the match is about to start." Yang Wanlin reminded Han Qianli.

        Han Giangli nodded and took the lead towards the arena.

        Wu Xin knew she wasn't eligible to enter, so she said to Shi Jing, "Auntie Shi, I'm going home first."

        Shi Jing shook her head and said, "Since you're all here, let's go together, there's nothing to do anyway."

        Wu Xin was naturally happy to agree, after all, she was also very curious within herself as to what kind of performance Han Qianli could have.

        As for Han Three Thousand, his heart was somewhat speechless, Shi Jing seemed to want to deliberately set him up with Wu Xin, and although it wasn't that obvious, it did have the intention to do so.

        This made Han Three Thousand unable to understand, was it so hard for him to find a match in Shi Jing's mind, not even being an adult yet, and so eager to help him with such things.

        Inside the arena.

        Many of the family members had already taken their seats and many were looking left and right as if they were looking for someone.

        When Han Qianqian and Yang Wanlin entered together, they instantly attracted the gazes of most people.

        "Look, Yang Wanlin is here!"

        "That little kid next to him, that can't be Han Qianxiang, right?"

        "How tall is this ...... a little thing, can he climb into the ring?"

        "The Yang family looks like they're really stupid, but they're letting him participate in the Wuji Summit, isn't that a laughing stock?"

        Those who saw Han Qianli for the first time mocked Han Qianli mercilessly, but their voices were low, after all, they were afraid of being heard by Yang Wanlin.

        "Yang Wanlin, did you bring him here and perform a skit?" Before Yang Wanlin and Han Giangli had even taken their seats, Wang Li eagerly walked up to the two of them and looked at them with a mocking expression.

        Last time Yang Wanlin was defeated in front of Wang Li because that punk Han Jun pretended to be Han 3000, but this time was different, there was the real Han 3000 by his side, Yang Wanlin's bottom was full of energy.

        "Wang Li, what's the use of talking so much nonsense, let's see the real thing in the ring, when the time comes, you can keep your mouth shut and don't lose your jaw in shock." Yang Wanlin said.

        "I'm afraid of laughing off my big teeth, Yang Wanlin, the Yang family is damn talented for letting such a small thing on the ring of the Wuji Summit." Wang Li said with a smile.

        Yang Wanlin didn't bother to pay attention to Wang Li, what's the point of wasting his lips, when he got to the ring, he would naturally be able to shut this guy up.

        "Right, there's a surprise today, I hope this little brother of yours doesn't die too miserably." Wang Li saw that Yang Wanlin was ignoring him and said to himself.

        Yang Wanlin's mouth was curved in a weird way, he knew that the Wang family had used his connections to modify the match list, and Han 3000's first match would be against the Wang family, and the Yang family had not made a move to stop it even though they knew about it, just to make the Wang family pay for their contempt.

        After finding their seats, a few people sat down, and facing the questioning and sneering gazes from all sides, Han Giangli simply closed his eyes eyes eyes.

        "Old Han, you'll be playing in the fifth match, and your opponent is someone from the Wang family." Yang Wanlin softly reminded Han Giangli.

        "Since it's someone from the Wang family, it shouldn't be weak," Han Qianqian said faintly.

        Yang Wanlin nodded and said, "The Wang family sent three people to battle this time, and what you're facing today is the weakest of the three, but it still shouldn't be underestimated."

        Han Giangli smiled, the Wang family was still a bit cautious with this arrangement, not daring to directly send the strongest person, it was also a part of their concern.

        "I see."

        The match started soon, but the first four matches were all just an overkill for the people in the audience, after all, most of the people who showed up today were here to see Han Qianli, they wanted to see what makes Han Qianli able to fight for the Yang family, wanting to know if the Yang family's arrangement like this was based on Han Qianli's great strength, or if it was really because the Yang family was crazy, just like the outside world said.

        The four matches passed quickly, and in the fifth match, it was Han Qianxiang's turn to play.

        Wu Xin was not only nervous, but her palms were sweating as well, knowing that many people looked down on Han Qiangan, so she hoped even more desperately that Han Qiangan would win the match.

        However, when Han Qianli's opponent was the first to appear on the stage, Wu Xin looked a bit desperate.

        The opponent, surprisingly, was a muscular man who was two meters tall!

His True Colors Chapter 1155

The muscular man stood in the ring with his hands crossed at the waist, having a powerful aura of a one-man army.

        But he was destined to fail to attract attention, and more people, still put their attention on Han Qianqiang, as the Yang family's only fighter in this Martial Arts Summit, no one didn't want to know what exactly the Yang family was selling.

        And how could these people care about anything else when the various speculations that had been going on for a while were finally going to be unveiled today?

        Wu Xin squeezed her hands together and was already sweating a bit, after all, that person in the ring had an absolute advantage over Han Marchant just by virtue of his size.

        "Auntie Shi, can Han Giang really beat him?" Wu Xin asked worriedly.

        Shi Jing had seen one of Han Third Thousand's strikes, and it had directly forced back the Yan Jun guarding the Han family.

        But she wasn't sure what Han Three Thousand's true strength was, and she was very worried at this point, after all, this opponent looked too strong.

        "I don't know, but ...... but I believe in my son." Shi Jing said, since Han Qianqian was able to secretly create Feng Qian, this showed that he was a well thought out and quite meticulous person, he shouldn't do this for no reason without some certainty.

        "Don't worry, it's just a paper tiger, it's nothing to Han Three Thousand." Yang Wanlin said on the side.

        Yang Wanlin's expression seemed relaxed, but he was actually very nervous, after all, the Yang family had put all of their treasures on Han Qianli this Martial Arts Summit, and once Han Qianli lost the first match, the Yang family would definitely become the joke of the entire Yanjing.

        At this time, Han Qianqian finally walked next to the ring.

        The muscular man on the stage couldn't help but sneer when he saw Han Qianli and said, "Little brother, I advise you to hurry home, you're only fit to play mud at home at your age, this is a game for the adult world, what you've come to send is death."

        Han Qianqiang stood under the ring and looked even smaller compared to the muscular man, just like a dwarf meeting a giant, I'm afraid that no one would think that he had half a chance of winning this match.

        However, Han Third Thousand gently leapt across a distance of nearly three meters and directly onto the ring.


        The entire ring trembled, and even the muscular man shifted with it.

        "F*ck, this kid's bouncing power is amazing."

        "An in-situ final jump, but he can reach such a height."

        "What's the use of jumping high, look at his opponent's size and muscles, can he beat it?"

        "That's right, it's not like it's a high jump match."

        Han Giangli's act of jumping into the ring only amazed some of the people for a little while, and soon those people calmed down, still not looking forward to the match, after all, with the naked eye, the difference in strength between the two eyes was just a little too big.

        "Before the referee calls for the start, you should hurry down, or I won't show you any mercy." The big muscular man said to Han Giangli.

        Han Qianli laughed with a clouded smile, the man in front of him was full of cross meat and didn't look like a coward, but unfortunately in his eyes, he really wasn't much of a coward.

        At this moment, even the referee couldn't help but ask Han Three Thousand Li, "Are you sure you want to fight him? Although the conference has a rule against making a scene, it's very easy for him to beat you into a vegetable."

        The referee probably said such words out of sympathy for Han Marchan, who was still just a child in his eyes after all.

        "Let's begin." Han Marchant said indifferently.

        The muscular man suddenly looked fierce and said, "Deathless thing, since you're looking for death, I'll fulfill you today."

        The referee secretly shook his head and lifted his breath inwardly, not knowing what benefit he had gained from the Yang family, but actually wanting to fight with his own life.

        When the referee raised his right hand high, it meant that the match was about to begin.

        And now most people couldn't help but picture in their minds the scene of Han Giangli falling in the ring, which was the only outcome they could think of.

        "Grandpa, Yang Bin didn't come today, so I guess he knew he would lose face." Wang Li smiled and said to Wang Lin Qi.

        Wang Lin Qi's face was heavy, the ring, Han Qianqian and his own men, did have a situation where one could see victory or defeat at a glance, but he always felt that something wasn't quite right, with his knowledge of Yang Bin, how could he actually send a loser on stage?

        "I'm afraid it's not that simple, go on and watch."

        The referee, who raised his right hand high, waved it down as he gave the order, "The match begins."

        The big muscular man's feet pounded on the ring, clearly putting forth his full strength and taking the initiative to attack Han Giang.

        Perhaps it was because he didn't want to waste time, or perhaps he wanted to teach Han 3000 a painful lesson faster.

        The ring shook, as well as the hearts of countless spectators, how could Han Qianxiang's thin and frail body possibly endure this move?

        "It looks like the Han family is about to hold a white ceremony."

        "Even if he doesn't die, he'll probably have to lie in bed as a vegetable forever."

        "The Wang family purposely arranged it this way in order to have the Yang family eliminated in the preliminary stage, I thought there would still be some kind of reversal, but now it seems that the Yang family is really crazy."

        Just when the crowd had already concluded Han Marchant's ending and were discussing it, the entire arena, suddenly all the sounds of discussion came to a screeching halt and the crowds were silent.


        The big muscular man leapt straight out of the ring and smashed into the audience.

        There wasn't a single person on the scene who wasn't staring at the scene with wide eyes, unable to believe it.

        There were even quite a few people who began to roll their eyes as they felt that what they had just seen, must have been an illusion.

        How could a skinny little kid like Han Qiangli kick a muscular man out of the ring with one kick, it wasn't f*cking paper thin.

        The entire arena was silent for at least three minutes.



        "What, what is this!?"

        "He, he actually ......"

        "No, am I really right?"

        "Is this the reason why the Yang family only arranged for one person to fight!"

        Yang Wanlin, who was so nervous that his pores were all open and his blood was boiling, was finally able to relax his mind and his blood boiling at the same time.

        He had thought of many ways for Han Marchant to win, but never would he have thought that Han Marchant would win the match in such a horrifying way.

        Wu Xin had looked silly, her mouth grown so big that her jaw almost dropped on the ground, and her eyes were like black grapes, staring round and big.

        "Auntie Shi, did you ...... you see that?" Wu Xin asked Shi Jing after swallowing her saliva.

His True Colors Chapter 1156

Shi Jing couldn't regain consciousness for a long time, although she clearly heard what Wu Xin said, but she didn't know how to respond, because the degree of shock caused by everything in front of her was like a twelfth-grade earthquake, it was too exaggerated and too terrifying.

        Shi Jing had never thought that Han Qianqian would be so powerful, and even now she already had a feeling that Han Qianqian would definitely be able to amaze the audience at this year's Martial Arts Summit, at this time, Shi Jing had to wonder if Nangong Qianqiu's so-called imperial appearance was true.

        Is Han 3,000 really not qualified to be a Han family member?

        Isn't he more capable of holding up the Han family now than Han Jun was?

        "Nangong Qianqiu, did you see the regret?" Shi Jing said to herself.

        On the stage, Han Qianqiang saw the judge staring at him with wide eyes and said helplessly, "Aren't you going to pronounce the result yet?"

        The referee panicked, as a professional referee with a career of over twenty years, he had never seen a KO like today's, so he had just been completely confused and only regained consciousness when he heard Han Marchand's words.

        But even after he regained consciousness, he still didn't know what he should do.

        Han Giang had no choice but to raise his right hand himself and said, "Shouldn't you say something now?"

        Only then did the referee understand Han Marchant's intentions, walked over to Han Marchant's side, squeezed Han Marchant's already raised right hand, and said, "Han Marchant, win!"

        At the end of every match, the audience would let out cheers of celebration for the winner's side, but right now, the audience was still quiet and the needle was still dropping.

        It wasn't that they didn't want to celebrate for Han Giangli, but too many people hadn't recovered from the shocking scene just now, and many were even wondering what the hell was going on, how a two hundred pounds strong man was kicked out of the ring by a child.

        At the same time, there was also the Wang family who was shocked.

        Wang Li was very confident about this match, after all, he thought he had seen Han Qianli before, and at that time, Han Qianli's performance was just that of a lustful coward, who could have thought that in a different place, in a different scene, Han Qianli was like a god of war coming to life.

        "Grandpa, how ...... is this possible!" After Wang Li forcefully calmed himself down, he asked Wang Lin Qi.

        Wang Lin Qi drew a breath of cold air, he already knew that this matter would not be so simple, after all these years of rivalry with Yang Bin, Yang Bin's personality was very clear to him, how could Yang Bin give up on such an important Martial Arts Summit.

        But even though he knew that it wasn't simple, Wang Lin Qi hadn't expected this to be the consequence.

        And with the powerful strength Han Qianqian was currently displaying, I'm afraid it would be hard for anyone to stop him from winning the title.

        "I didn't expect the Han family to have hidden such an expert, but this old thing Yang Bin is really lucky." Wang Lin Qi gritted his teeth and said.

        Wang Li looked unhappy, after all, before the competition, he had flaunted his power in front of Yang Wanlin, and now that his men had lost, wouldn't it be equivalent to him losing his face in front of Yang Wanlin?

        When Wang Li looked towards Yang Wanlin and noticed that Yang Wanlin was looking at him with a smug smile, Wang Li immediately left his head, he didn't want to face Yang Wanlin at such a time.

        "Go home." Wang Lin Qi stood up and said.

        Wang Li hurriedly followed behind him.

        At this time, Han Giang had already left the ring and returned to Shi Jing's side.

        Shi Jing no longer knew how to describe her feelings, excited? Excited? You're happy for Han?

        "Three-thousand, if Nangong Qianqiu sees this scene, she'll definitely regret it." Shi Jing had the feeling of crying tears of joy, after all, Han Qianqian had been wronged for so many years in the Han family, and now she had finally found a chance to prove herself.

        Han Qianqiang smiled faintly, all he had done was to make Nangong Qianqiu cognizant of his mistake, but he also knew that this match alone was still not enough, after all, Nangong Qianqiu was a very stubborn old woman.

        "Old Han, you're ridiculously strong, you actually won so easily." Yang Wanlin said with a smile, patting Han Qianqian's shoulder.

        "The Yang family's plan to support Feng Qian should be ready to begin, right?" Han Giangli said that although they had reached an agreement long ago, the Yang family, for their part, had been slow to move.

        Han Kuanyuan knew that the Yang family was holding back because they wanted to see what he could bring to the Yang family at the Wuji Summit, and now that he had won the first match with an absolute advantage, it was time for the Yang family to fulfill their promise.

        "Don't worry, I'll go back and tell my ancestor that this matter will be executed immediately." Yang Wanlin said.

        Han Qianli looked at Wu Xin, the big sister, who was now like a fan girl with peachy eyes.

        Han Giang was very familiar with this kind of gaze, whether it was the former Yang Meng or Chi Yi Yun, they had all looked at him with such eyes.

        "Aren't you going home yet?" Han Qianqian said to Wu Xin.

        Even though Wu Xin was aware of the age span between her and Han Giang, it didn't affect her growing fondness for Han Giang in the slightest, and even now Wu Xin couldn't help but have her heartbeat speed up just seeing Han Giang.

        "I'll wait for you all together," Wu Xin said.

        "I have other matters to attend to and it's inconvenient for me to take you with me." After Han Qianli said that, he looked at Yang Wanlin and continued, "You help me send this friend home."

        "Yes, no problem." Yang Wanlin happily agreed, not to mention that it was just such a small matter, but any request Han Qianli made now, Yang Wanlin would agree to it.

        Because before he came to the Wuji Summit, Yang Bin had said that as long as Han 3000 could win this match, the cooperation between the Yang family and Han 3000 was considered to be completely established, and Yang Wanlin had to agree to all of Han 3000's demands.

        Wu Xin was a little lost as she looked at Han Qianqian, she still wanted to stay with Han Qianqian, but Han Qianqian was now deliberately asking her to leave.

        Only after Wu Xin was taken away by Yang Wanlin did Shi Jing say to Han 3000, "What else do you have to deal with, I think she's a nice girl and older than you, and she can teach you quite a few things."

        Han Qianli helplessly rolled his eyes, was this really what a mother should say? After all, he was only fourteen years old, he was still just a child ah.

        "Mom, are you so desperate for a daughter-in-law?" Han 3000 asked speechlessly.

        Shi Jing didn't force herself on such things, she just thought that getting in touch with her feelings earlier wasn't a bad thing for Han 3000, after all, how could a man, who hadn't really had a few dates, know what kind of woman he was suitable for?


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