His True Colors Chapter 1161-1163


His True Colors Chapter 1161

That night, Han Three Thousand Year slept soundly, not at all concerned about the matter of the Martial Extreme Summit tomorrow, but Shi Jing was so disturbed by this matter that she couldn't sleep calmly at all.

        Shi Jing wasn't sure what kind of performance Han Qianqian would be able to produce at the Wuji Summit, but she knew that this was Han Qianqian's chance to prove himself in front of many families, and if he failed, he would likely fall into the abyss and never have the chance to turn over a new leaf.

        Facing a fourteen year old child, Shi Jing didn't hold much hope, but in her heart she desperately hoped that Han Three Thousand would perform well, that he would slap Nangong Qianqiu in the face with a loud slap and make Nangong Qianqiu understand how foolish it was to underestimate Han Three Thousand.

        In the early hours of the morning, Shi Jing's phone suddenly rang, and it was from Han Cheng, who apparently, like Shi Jing, was unable to sleep.

        "What for?" Shi Jing said in a flat tone, her relationship with Han Cheng would be at the freezing point ever since she left the Han family.

        "Three thousand will be attending the Martial Arts Summit tomorrow and I really can't sleep, I thought you might be the same as me, so I made a special call to ask." Han Cheng said, Shi Jing answered the phone very quickly, which let him know that he was right, Shi Jing really couldn't sleep as well as he did.

        "Do you still know how to care about him?" Shi Jing said disdainfully.

        Han Cheng laughed bitterly, he was also forced to be helpless, Shi Jing could leave home in anger, but he couldn't, after all, he was a member of the Han family, after Han Tian Yang left, he still had to hold up the Han family's company, no matter who Nangong Qian Qiu put her hopes on, there were many things at this stage that Han Cheng needed to deal with as well.

        "Honey, don't you even understand my helplessness?" Han Cheng said.

        "I'm a woman, how would I understand, if you don't have anything else, I'm hanging up." Shi Jing said.

        "Take care of 3000, after all he's also our son, it's really no good, let him not be a hero, the Martial Arts Summit is no joke, although no lives have been lost, many people have turned out to be vegetative, you know this." Han Cheng said.

        Shi Jing hung up the phone straight after hearing that, not wanting to waste any more time with Han Cheng.

        The reason why she was so worried that she couldn't sleep was also this reason, although the Martial Arts Summit had a clear rule that you couldn't die in the ring or endanger your opponent's life, but what was the difference between turning into a vegetable and dying?

        Shi Jing was very worried that this worst outcome would happen to Han Qianxiang, and she even tried to stop Han Qianxiang from participating in the Wuji Summit.

        But this was Han Marchant's one chance to prove herself, and Shi Jing couldn't find any reason to persuade Han Marchant to give up.

        At that moment, Shi Jing suddenly stood up, walked over to the bedside, and knelt down facing the full moon high in the sky, "God, please bless 3000, and never let him get hurt."

        The next morning, after Han 3,000 woke up, Shi Jing had already prepared breakfast, although it was just simple eggs and milk, it was enough for Han 3,000.

        "Mom, do you have anything today?" Han Qianqian asked Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing was stunned and quickly said, "No, do you want mom to go with you?"

        "It's fine anyway, just go see the fun," Han Marchand said.

        "Okay, wait for me, I'll go clean up right away." Shi Jing said and hurried back to her room.

        Originally, Shi Jing had planned to wait for Han Qian to leave first, then sneak off to the Martial Arts Summit site herself, but she didn't expect Han Qian to take the initiative to take her there, so naturally, there was no need to sneak off.

        A woman going out was always a very troublesome and time-consuming affair, but Shi Jing took less than ten minutes to get it done so as not to delay Han three thousand's time, dressed simply but with an unmistakable temperament, and delicate light makeup that made people look very comfortable.

        Han 3000 had thought about the question more than once, how could Han Cheng marry Shi Jing? There was a huge difference between the two in terms of their looks, and in the end, Han Sanqiang only got one answer, and that was that the Han family was rich!

        Although it was somewhat disrespectful to Shi Jing to think this way, Han Giang couldn't really think of anything else but this reason.

        "Mom, how did you see my dad back then?" Han Qianli asked jokingly.

        "Rich people end up married, and Mom is also a commoner, but back then, your father chased me and put a lot of effort into it, I was moved by the confusion." Shi Jing said with a smile.

        The phrase that rich people eventually become family members made Han Qianli laugh dumbly, but it was also a truth.

        People without money could only witness it with their own eyes, which was a very realistic problem.

        After they were ready to return it, they left home.

        The venue for the Wuji Summit was in a suburb in the west of the city, there was a special venue and during the Wuji Summit, it was extremely crowded, almost all the rich people in Yanjing would not miss this event, which led to a large number of people in a place that was normally extremely unpopulated.

        Ordinary suburbs, due to the start of the Wuji Summit, were bustling with merchants shouting enthusiastically on both sides of the road, creating a bustling scene.

        "Wu Xin, the friend I'm introducing to you today is a very rich second generation, and if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even have the qualifications to come here, if you have the luck to be seen by him and marry into a wealthy family in the future, don't forget me."

        Two women in sexy clothes were particularly eye-catching, and one of them was Wu Xin, Han Qianli's neighbor.

        She would appear here all because of her best friend beside her, but Wu Xin came here not to get close to the rich, just curious as to what the Wuji Summit was like.

        "You're not going to sell me out already, I can tell you this, I'm only here to watch the Martial Arts Summit, I didn't think of having anything to do with anyone." Wu Xin said.

        That lady friend laughed and said, "Even if you want to, you have to see if people are willing, do you think these rich second generation are losers who have never seen a beautiful woman before, they have hordes of women around them, it's not that easy to take a fancy to you."

        "That's good, I'm really afraid that he'll take a fancy to me." Wu Xin said with a deflated mouth.

        At this time, a few boys came up to us, looking graceful and covered in name tags, they were not simple characters at a glance.

        Of course, being able to appear here already indicated their extraordinary status, after all, it was impossible for ordinary people to get a ticket to the Martial Arts Summit.

        "Chen Shao, this is the lady friend I mentioned to you, Wu Xin."

        The person named Chen Shao, with smiling eyes, looked Wu Xin up and down and said with deep meaning, "I've heard from Li Mao Mao that she has a big beautiful lady friend, and when I see her today, she's really pretty."

        Wu Xin was somewhat uncomfortable facing Chen Shao's gaze, his eyes were very aggressive and his intentions were quite clear.

        "Mao Mao, I'm suddenly not interested in the Martial Arts Summit, I'm still leaving first." Wu Xin said.

His True Colors Chapter 1162

Li Mao Mao quickly pulled Wu Xin's hand and said as if nothing had happened, "Didn't we agree to accompany me, how can you leave now, and we haven't even watched the match yet."

        The arm was held by Li Mao Mao's death grip, Wu Xin knew that something big was wrong.

        Li Mao Mao knew a lot of dudes and young masters, and Wu Xin also knew that she always had a dream of marrying into a rich family, that's why she would do anything to get to know those rich people, of course, as Li Mao Mao's best friend, Wu Xin also knew the means she used to get close to those rich people.

        This kind of way was something Wu Xin was not ashamed of, but after all, this was Li Maomao's own choice, so after two or three fruitless attempts to persuade her, Wu Xin no longer cared about her personal matters.

        But today, Wu Xin had an ominous premonition that Li Mao Mao and this Chen Shao, seemed to have some kind of deal, that's why they deliberately brought her along, which could be felt from the way Chen Shao looked at her.

        "Okay, stay with me, after watching the match, we'll go home." Li Maomao said with a petulant smile, shaking Wu Xin's arm.

        Wu Xin took a glance at Chen Shao with her remaining light, he was still checking himself out with extremely intense eyes, which showed that Chen Shao's purpose was very clear.

        "I have something very important to do, I'll accompany you next time." Wu Xin said.

        At this moment, Chen Shao had a displeased look on his face and questioned Li Mao Mao, "Li Mao Mao, what do you mean, didn't we agree on everything?"

        Hearing this, Li Mao Mao's face changed dramatically.

        Wu Xin was also a little angry and asked Li Mao Mao, "What did you guys agree on, what is there that I don't know?"

        Li Mao Mao looked at Wu Xin with extremely humble and pitiful eyes and said, "Wu Xin, help me for once, if you don't help me, I'll be finished."

        For Wu Xin who knew nothing, she didn't know what she could help and in what way.

        But with Li Maomao's past events, she had either lost a lot of money, or her various credit cards were maxed out again.

        "How do you want me to help you?" Wu Xin gritted her teeth and said.

        "It's simple, during the Wuji Summit, you be my temporary girlfriend and I'll help her pay back the money." Chen Shao said with a smile, if he wasn't tired of playing with Li Mao Mao, he wouldn't have stared at Wu Xin.

        After hearing this, Wu Xin all understood that coming to the Wuji Summit today was not an eye opener at all, much less to accompany Li Mao Mao, but that Li Mao Mao had already sold her to this person named Chen Shao in front of her.

        Wu Xin loved to play, liked nightclubs, liked trampolining, even liked to drink, and occasionally smoking was not refused, but she still had her own bottom line after all, no matter how hard life was, Wu Xin stuck to her bottom line and never traded her body for life.

        "No matter what she promised you, it has nothing to do with me, I'm sorry." Wu Xin shook off Li Mao Mao's hand and prepared to leave.

        But at this moment, Chen Shao grabbed Wu Xin's shoulder and said with a cold smile, "Whether you agree to today or not, you won't be able to leave, I advise you to be good and obedient, so you don't have to suffer the pain of skin and flesh."

        Wu Xin wanted to break free, but how could a girl's strength be used against a man?

        At this moment, in the distance, Han Qianqian and Shi Jing's mother and son were coming right towards this aspect.

        When Han Qianqian saw Wu Xin being caught, he turned around at the first time, he had already saved Wu Xin once and didn't want to get involved with Wu Xin again, so he wasn't going to meddle in this idle matter.

        The first time at the nightclub, although it was drugged, but wouldn't Wu Xin be fine if she didn't go drinking?

        That was the first time Han Qianqian and Wu Xin met, and Han Qianqian went out of his way to save her in good conscience.

        But this time, Wu Xin was able to appear at the Wuji Summit, which ordinary people were simply not qualified to come to, and she should know in her heart what would happen.

        A rich man's game wasn't something that you could leave if you wanted to after entering.

        "Mom, let's go to the other side and take a look." Han Qianli said to Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing just happened to see Wu Xin being grabbed and didn't even hear what Han Three Thousand said, instead she said to Han Three Thousand, "Three Thousand, isn't that your neighbor Wu Xin? She seems to be in trouble."

        It was because she saw Wu Xin that Han Three Thousand turned around and said, "Mom, I'm here for the competition today, you wouldn't want me to get into more trouble, would you."

        Starting from the point of view that Han Three Thousand was good, this was indeed not the right time to cause trouble for Han Three Thousand.

        But after getting to know each other between Shi Jing and Wu Xin, chatting freely and even Shi Jing had a good feeling for Wu Xin, now that she was watching Wu Xin encounter difficulties, how could she turn a blind eye to it.

        "Of course Mom doesn't want to cause you any trouble, but Wu Xin is a girl, she's in trouble, how can we not help?" Shi Jing said.

        "Mom, why was she an ordinary person able to appear at the venue of the Wuji Summit, haven't you ever thought about the reason?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        That reminded Shi Jing that this wasn't a place that an ordinary person could come to, and it was indeed strange for Wu Xin to appear here as an ordinary white collar worker.

        Unless ...... had a ticket to enter here because she knew someone rich.

        "Let's go over and take a look first, Mom and her are at least acquainted." After saying that, Shi Jing walked over towards Wu Xin.

        After sighing helplessly and shrugging his shoulders, Han Giang had no choice but to keep up with Shi Jing.

        He could ignore Wu Xin, but he couldn't ignore Shi Jing.

        Han Three thousand's malice towards the Han family stemmed more from Nangong Qianqiu, Shi Jing was his biological mother after all, and in the early stages of being ostracized, Shi Jing had tried to put in a good word for Han Three thousand, but unfortunately, Nangong Qianqiu was bent on ignoring Shi Jing's opinion, so in Han Three thousand's heart, there wasn't much hatred towards Shi Jing.

        "Wu Xin, why are you here." After Shi Jing walked up to Wu Xin, she took a special look at Chen Shao, who was somewhat familiar but couldn't recall where she had seen him again for a moment.

        Wu Xin was also surprised to see Shi Jing, she never expected to run into her here.

        More importantly, when she saw Shi Jing, Wu Xin felt like she was saved, because when Shi Jing was there, Han Qianqian was definitely there as well.

        "Auntie Shi, I didn't expect to meet you here as well." Wu Xin said happily.

        At this time, Chen Shao had already released Wu Xin's shoulders and stroked his chin, but he actually started checking out Shi Jing and his eyes were filled with playfulness.

        Although Shi Jing was known to be a woman, she possessed the mature charm of more women, and with proper maintenance, she was definitely first-rate in terms of her posture and even more so in terms of her body.

        "Auntie Shi? In my opinion, it should be called Sister Shi." Chen Shao said with a smile.

His True Colors Chapter 1163

Hearing these words full of teasing, Shi Jing's expression immediately went cold, as a mature woman, and often following Han Cheng in and out of various large and small occasions, Shi Jing had heard many explicit or implicit teasing, she naturally knew what Chen Shao wanted to do.

        "Which child are you?" Shi Jing asked in a cold voice.

        Chen Shao's family background was considered second-rate in Yanjing, and compared to first-rate families as well as the three big families, there was still a big gap, so as soon as he heard Shi Jing's question like this, he immediately became a little panicked, which made him think that the place he was in was not something that ordinary people could come to, and the beautiful woman in front of him was probably from a famous family as well.

        Without clarifying the other party's identity, Chen Shao didn't dare to be overly aggressive with his words and instead asked back, "Who are you again?"

        Shi Jing had now left the Han family, but when she encountered such a small problem, it shouldn't be a problem to use the Han family to shore up the situation, so she said, "Han family Shi Jing."

        The Han family?

        Chen Shao was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly.

        To say that the Han family in the past was still worthy of the Chen family's scruples, but now that the Han family had fallen and was gradually moving towards a third-rate family, and might even be removed from the Yanjing business community, what was there to be afraid of?

        And about Shi Jing, Chen Shao had still heard quite a bit about this person, many people had rumored that this was a superb beauty, and when I saw her today, it was indeed true to her name.

        "I know the Han family, it's that Han family that's about to decline, you're not going to use the Han family to scare me, are you?" Chen Shao said with a smile, his eyes becoming even more unbridled, after all, he wasn't afraid of the Han family, so he wouldn't need to restrain himself in front of Shi Jing.

        As soon as Shi Jing heard him say that, she understood that his family background should not be simple, and there was no need to put the Han family in his eyes at all.

        "Who are the elders in your family, I can't say that I know them, aren't you afraid that the elders in your family will chastise you for being so rude?" Shi Jing said.

        Chen Shao shook his head repeatedly and said, "Sister Shi, not to lie to you, even my father has coveted you, if he knew that his son could spend the night with Sister Shi, he would not only not scold me, he would even praise me."

        Chen Shao's words became more and more blatant, and he had even explicitly teased Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing's face became livid, are all the little brats nowadays so arrogant? Eyes without respect, no education at all.

        "Right, I heard that that loser son of your family is going to fight for the Yang family this time, do you know how many people died from the jokes about this matter, and some people even said that the Yang family became stupid before letting your son fight." Chen Shao said proudly and obliviously.

        Shi Jing laughed coldly and said, "What did you just say, the Yang family has become stupid? These words came from your mouth, right."

        Chen Shao ton revealed a panicked expression, although many people were privately commenting on the Yang family like this, but no one dared to bring their words to the stage, what would happen if the Yang family knew about this?

        Although the Chen family was not afraid of the Han family, it was nothing more than a jumping clown in front of the Yang family.

        "Did I say that? You're hallucinating, I didn't say anything like that." Chen Shao refused to admit it.

        "If you dare to say you don't dare to admit it, you're just a wimp," Shi Jing said.

        Chen Shao clenched his fist, he did want to retort, but when he thought that if this was transmitted to the ears of the Yang family, the Chen family might be finished, so he could only endure this anger.

        "Shi Jing, now that the Han family is almost finished, do you still want to offend me on behalf of the Han family?" Chen Shao said with a threatening face.

        Shi Jing was just about to open her mouth when Han Qianqian, who was on the side, said, "Kneel down and apologize to my mother, I won't pursue this matter today."

        Commander Chen shifted his gaze to Han Qianqian and said contemptuously, "What kind of a thing are you to ask me to kneel down and apologize?"

        Han Giangli looked at Yang Wanlin who was walking towards him in the crowd, his smile growing thicker, something Chen Shao didn't see.

        "I'm what you call a loser, and it's for your own good to make you apologize." Han Third Thousand said.

        Han 3,000 had never been taken to any formal occasions by Nangong Qianqiu, so the number of people who had seen Han 3,000 was very small, Chen Shao heard Han 3,000 say that, and that's why he carefully sized Han 3,000 up.

        The more he looked, the more amused Chen Shao felt in his heart, and the more certain he was of the fact that the Yang family had become stupid.

        For such a little kid, the Yang Family actually let him fight in the Martial Extreme Summit, and he was the only one on the entire Yang Family's fight list.

        This was either stupid or insane!

        "Do you know what you're doing in the ring, little kid? Are you going to be straight up scared to pee?" Chen Shao ridiculed.

        "I'll be scared to pee, I don't know yet, but you'll be scared to pee soon enough, so I'll give you one last chance to kneel down and apologize to my mother." Han Giangli said, Yang Wanlin was already getting closer and closer, leaving Chen Shao with little time to spare.

        "Little thing, don't f*cking bullsh*t with me and threaten me, do you have it in you?" Chen Shao scoffed with cold eyes.

        "What skill?" At that moment, Yang Wanlin approached just in time to hear Chen Shao's words.

        "With you again ...... "Chen Shao just turned around and was ready to break into a curse, but after seeing Yang Wanlin, the words that had come to his mouth were hardened and taken back!

        "Brother Yang ...... Yang, when did you come." Chen Shao looked at Yang Wanlin like a startled bird.

        Yang Wanlin didn't even glance at a small person like Chen Shao, in his eyes, there was only Han Qianqian.

        "Old Han, what's going on?" Yang Wanlin asked Han Qianqian.

        "Oh, it's not a big deal, I just heard this young master say that the Yang family has turned stupid for letting me represent them at the Wuji Summit, and I asked him to apologize, but he didn't listen to me and said I wasn't capable of threatening him." Han Marchant said.


        But it wasn't Han Qianqian, it was Chen Shao.

        After hearing Han Qianqian's words, Chen Shao, whose legs were trembling and soft, was directly scared to death.

        When these words reached Yang Wanlin's ears, it was equivalent to sentencing the Chen family to death, offending the Yang family, would the Chen family still have a way to live in Yanjing?

        Yang Wanlin's face was as frosty as ice as he looked towards Chen Shao.

        Chen Shao was so frightened that he just sat on the ground, his heart was racing with ten thousand heads of grass, if he knew that Yang Wanlin would appear, he wouldn't have hardened his mouth just now, not to mention kneeling down to apologize, even if he had to kowtow, he would have done it.

        "This, did you say that?" Yang Wanlin questioned Chen Shao.

        Chen Shao subconsciously shook his head and denied it, this was the only thing he could do, and given ten thousand guts, he wouldn't dare admit it in front of Yang Wanlin ah.

        "But what my brother Han said, how could it be false, and there's no way he would smear you for no reason," Yang Wanlin said.

        "No, Brother Yang, I really didn't, don't believe his words." Chen Shao vigorously denied.

        Yang Wanlin kicked Chen Shao in the face and said, "Go back and tell your family, you have one day to sell your assets and get out of Yanjing."


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