His True Colors Chapter 1159-1160


His True Colors Chapter 1159

Originally, Yao Yuhai was still a little hesitant about his family's choice, but when Wang Li appeared, Yao Yuhai knew that he had no way out, and the only way to keep the Yao family out of this great chaos was to get close to Han Qianqian, a big tree.

        On the surface, the battle between the two Yang Wang families was just a war between the two top families, but in reality, in the process, there was no telling how many small families would become cannon fodder and be annihilated in this battle between the big families.

        Yao Hanxing took the initiative to contact Han Qianqian, using the excuse of inviting Han Qianqian to dinner to confirm the meeting in the evening.

        Han 3,000 was somewhat uncertain about the meaning of this call from Yao Hanxing, as he didn't know about this matter of Wang Li finding the Yao family and went to the dinner with a curious mind.

        That night, they met at one of the most famous restaurants in the west of the city in Yanjing.

        After seeing the Yao family, Han Qianqian noticed that the father and son were a bit nervous and reserved.

        "Something happened and you need my help?" After sitting down, Han 3,000 asked directly to the two.

        Yao Hanxing looked at Yao Yuhai and then said to Han Three Thousand, "Three Thousand, the Yao family hopes to merge with Feng Qian."

        Hearing this, Han Three Thousand Thousand frowned.

        Merging with Feng Qian!

        The Yao family should know by now that Feng Qian has the Yang family secretly pushing for it, this so-called merger must be the Yao family merging into Feng Qian, which means that all of the Yao family's resources will be used by Feng Qian, and they, will lose control of a part of the Yao family's industry.

        This made Han Qianqian very strange.

        The Yao family was considered to be the foundation that Yao Yuhai had fought for most of his life, why would he give it to himself for no reason?

        "Yao Hanxing, that's really a bit surprising to me," Han Qianqian said.

        "Feng Qian has a great future now, and the Yao family wants to dip their toes into it." Yao Yuhai said with a smile.

        Han Qianli laughed coldly, how could he believe such words, although the Yao family's development prospects weren't as good as Feng Qian's, but under this stage, at least the Yao family was able to control the development of their own industries, they were the bosses.

        But once they merged, their identities would change, and after losing absolute control over the Yao family's industries, they would be nothing more than a small boss at best.

        And how could they possibly give the foundation they had built to Feng Qian for no reason at all?

        "Explain the calculations in your hearts, I want to know why." Han Giangli said.

        Yao Hanxing looked at Yao Yuhai.

        Originally, Yao Yuhai was going to let Yao Hanxing negotiate with Han Three Thousand, but now it seemed that Han Three Thousand was pursuing the root of the matter like this, it was obviously impossible to hide the truth, so he could only personally appear and tell Han Three Thousand the reason for it.

        "Three thousand, I won't hide it from you, today Wang Li found my house and asked about you." Yao Yuhai said.

        Han 3,000 was the one who had met Wang Li, this guy still had quite a bit of hatred with Yang Wanlin, his visit to the Yao family should be related to the Wuji Summit, after all, the entire Yanjing's high society was now discussing this matter and giving a high level of concern.

        The Wang family, as the Yang family's old rivals for many years, it was reasonable for them to be curious about the Yang family's battle list for the Martial Extremes Summit, thus launching an investigation.

        "What did you guys say?" Han Giangli said.

        Yao Yuhai waved his hand repeatedly and said, "Don't worry, we didn't say anything."

        "Since you haven't said anything, by merging the Yao family into Feng Qian, you aren't compensating me, let me think." Han Qianli had a faint smile on his face.

        Very quickly, Han Qianli figured out the reason for this and said to Yao Yuhai, "You're afraid that the war between the two Yang Wang families will spread to the Yao family and be infected, so you'll quickly seek me out as an umbrella?"

        Yao Yuhai was not hiding anything, he nodded his head and said, "Although this matter has nothing to do with the Yao family, the fact that Wang Li will come to the door means that the Yao family has been involved in this matter, once these two families fight, my Yao family will be nothing more than cannon fodder."

        Han Qianqian could understand Yao Yuhai's feelings, in front of a top family like Yang Wang, the Yao family was indeed nothing, saying that they were cannon fodder was a bit of a lift to them.

        "In order to keep the Yao family, you're willing to hand over control of the Yao family, that's a heroic move, you're not afraid that I'll empty the Yao family and then kick your asses." Han Giangli said.

        Yao Yuhai naturally had such fears, which was why he was hesitant before.

        But now, Yao Yuhai had no choice.

        And he believed that Han Giangli would not do this.

        "Let me say a statement that you definitely don't believe, my intuition tells me that you won't do this, and even ...... even you don't see these rights at all." Yao Yuhai said.

        Despise these rights.

        Yao Yuhai was really right about this statement.

        From start to finish, all these things that Han Three Thousand had done were not for the sake of rights, but to show the Han family what they could do and to vent their anger for their once.

        Who was Han Third Thousand?

        He was already a God Realm powerhouse in the world of Xuanyuan, and Han Giang knew that sooner or later he would leave Earth again, so the position of power here was also like a cloud to him.

        "When will the food be served?" Han Giangli asked.

        After Yao Yuhai was stunned for a moment, he looked pleased and said, "Serve the food right away."

        Han 3000 didn't verbally agree, but Yao Yu Hai knew that he didn't refuse, which already indicated acceptance.

        However, Yao Hanxing could not comprehend this level of meaning and still had some concern on his face, believing that Han Three Thousand was avoiding the problem by looking over his shoulder.

        After giving Yao Yuhai a wink, Yao Yuhai didn't respond, which made Yao Hanxing even more anxious.

        What's wrong with dad, could it be that he's really just eating?

        After three rounds of wine and five tastes of food, after the three of them had eaten and drunk their fill, Han Giangli patted his stomach and said, "It's almost time, I have to go back and rest."

        "I'll see you off." Yao Yuhai quickly stood up and said, such an attitude did not seem like he was treating a child at all.

        Of course, in Yao Yuhai's heart, he didn't treat Han Qianxiang as a child, after all, this was someone who made the Poe Country Killer Organization tremble.

        "No need, just look at your son's anxious appearance, it's better to take some time to explain it to him." Han Giangli turned around and left after saying that with a smile.

        Yao Hanxing was in a fog and asked Yao Yuhai, "Dad, what does he mean?"

        Yao Yuhai took an angry look at Yao Hanxing and said, "I really don't know who you inherited as an IQ, can't you even think of such a small problem?"

        "Dad, why don't you just tell me more directly, I'm already confused." Yao Hanxing said with a bitter face.

        Yao Yuhai glared at Yao Hanxing and said, "He didn't refuse, this is a sign of agreement."

        Hearing this, Yao Hanxing came to a sudden realization.

His True Colors Chapter 1160

One day passed, and there were only two days left before the Martial Arts Summit.

        And the heat of the discussion against Han San Qianli showed no signs of decaying, but instead became more and more intense, and there were even many people who wanted to come to the day of the competition as soon as possible to see what Han San Qianli, who was so highly regarded by the Yang family, was capable of, and actually worthy of the Yang family's desperate attempt to put all their hopes for the Martial Extremes Summit on him.

        Of course, wanting to see it didn't mean that they thought Han Sanqian would have any exciting performance, after all, Han Sanqian was only fourteen years old, and the participants in the Martial Arts Summit were all adults, a child fighting an adult, they didn't think that they would have a high chance of winning.

        The day before the competition, Yan Jun arrived at Han Sanqian's residence.

        When Yan Jun appeared, Shi Jing left for the reason of going out to purchase household items.

        "Grandpa Yan, what are you doing here?" Han Giangli asked to Yanjun.

        "You're going to participate in the Martial Extremes Summit tomorrow, and now the entire Yanjing's focus of attention is gathered on you, can I not come to see you." Yan Jun said somewhat helplessly, he was also somewhat surprised when he knew about this matter, the Martial Arts Summit was the highest martial arts tournament in Yanjing, the people who participated every year could be top experts, even if Yan Jun wanted to deal with such a tournament, it would be somewhat difficult, so he couldn't help but be a little worried about Han Qianli.

        Of course, Han Qianli's strength Yan Jun had already seen it, but as Han Qianli's elder, he would inevitably feel a little nervous.

        "Grandpa Yan, you don't have to worry about such a small matter, I can handle it." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "I know you're powerful, but every year at the Wuji Summit, very strong experts will appear, you must be careful." Grandfather Yan instructed.

        "Grandpa Yan, would you believe me if I said that I don't care about this competition at all, and I don't even care about those who participate?" Han Qianqian said.

        Yan Jun frowned, he had never seen such an arrogant attitude from Han Qianqian, but there was a strong confidence in this arrogance, which made Yan Jun wonder, was he really not joking?

        But what kind of strength did he have to attain to be able to treat the Wuji Summit with such contempt!

        "Grandpa Yan is certainly willing to believe your words, but being careful in all things is what will give you a better chance of winning, and ...... if you really manage to shine at the Martial Extreme Summit, your life, will change qualitatively." Yan Jun said.

        A qualitative change?

        Han Qianli thought about it, and probably guessed why Yan Jun would say that.

        The apocalypse would look for talented people among the mundane to inject fresh blood into the apocalypse, and I'm afraid that the apocalypse wouldn't miss an event like the Martial Arts Summit, which meant that there would be someone hidden among the many spectators who could possibly enter the apocalypse if he performed well enough.

        But Han Qianli didn't need such an opportunity at all, as he had once been a Heavenly Apocalypse Heavenly Character, and now he had no problem at all replacing even the next oldest.

        However, Yan Jun's words were a reminder to Han Three Thousand, after all, he had told the Yang Family that he was a Heavenly Character level powerhouse, but in reality, the current Han Three Thousand did not have the approval of the Heavenly Apocalypse, and if this lie was broken, it was feared that some unnecessary trouble would be born.

        Yan Jun suddenly frowned, it seemed to him that after he said this, Han Qianqiang would definitely be curious as to why there was a qualitative change, but he was silent, wasn't there any curiosity about this?

        "Aren't you curious as to why the change happened?" Yan Jun couldn't help but ask.

        It wasn't that Han Qianli wasn't curious, but he knew better than Yan Jun, but he couldn't show it now, so he could only quickly say, "Grandpa Yan, I'm thinking about it, but I really can't think of anything, so why don't you just tell me."

        Yan Jun nodded gravely and said, "This matter I'm about to tell you is very confidential, so it's best that you don't tell anyone else easily."

        Han Qianqiang nodded with a serious expression.

        Next, Yan Jun told Han 3000 many things about the apocalypse, but of course, this was all that Yan Jun had heard, after all, he hadn't come into contact with the apocalypse himself, only some bits and pieces of hearsay.

        There were many mischaracterizations about the apocalypse, and Han 3000 did not testify against Yanjun, but listened very carefully.

        When Yan Jun finished speaking, Han 3000 even acted as if he was amazed and said, "Grandpa Yan, I didn't think there was such a place in this world."

        "Yeah." Yan Jun also sighed and said, "That's why there are people outside of the martial path, and you can't take it lightly when facing anyone."

        "Thank you Grandpa Yan for reminding me, I will definitely treat every opponent with caution." Han Giangli said.

        Yan Jun looked at the time, it was almost time to go back to the Han family compound, he got up and said, "I'm going back, I'll go watch your match tomorrow."

        "Grandpa Yan, I'll see you off." Han Qianli also stood up.

        "No need, I'm old, but I'm not too old to get lost." After saying that, Yan Jun, who was about to leave, suddenly stopped again and said to Han 3000, "There's one more thing I want to remind you of, Nangong Qianqiu is a person with a deep background and she's a Jairus, so you should be careful."

        The so-called background was the Nangong family, which Han Qianqian had realized long ago, when Nangong Qianqiu was desperate, she would most likely go to Nangong Bo Ling for help.

        But Han Three Thousand didn't have much to worry about on this matter, because Nangong Boling was easy to deal with, everything he did was to get into the apocalypse, and as long as he knew this handle, Han Three Thousand could subdue the enemy without a fight.

        It was just that up until now, Han 3,000 didn't even know the reason why Nangong Boling was doing this, the price he had paid in this matter, and the Geocentric Prison was just the tip of the iceberg, so Han 3,000 really couldn't imagine what Nangong Boling wanted to get in order to make him do whatever he had to do for this.

        Shortly after Yan Jun left, Shi Jing pinpointed the time to go home, and she didn't ask much about the reason why Yan Jun had come, Shi Jing had also heard about the things discussed in high society in recent days, and although she didn't know why Han 3000 was doing this, she was clear that Han 3000 was on the path to prove himself.

        "What do you want to eat tonight?" Shi Jing asked to Han Qianqian.

        In line with his doubts about Shi Jing's cooking skills, Han Qianqian said, "Are you sure that your current cooking skills are to the point where you can let me order food?"

        Shi Jing was a little embarrassed, after all, she was only learning a few tricks now, not to mention ordering a masterpiece dish.

        "How about I decide." Shi Jing said.


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