His True Colors Chapter 1157-1158


His True Colors Chapter 1157

Yang Fengqi, also a descendant of the Yang family, and he was the most qualified person to compete with Yang Wanlin for the position of family head in the past, the reason why I would say in the past was because while Yang Wanlin was doing better and better, Yang Fengqi had degenerated into a loser, doing nothing but fooling around all day, so much so that now he had opened up a huge gap between him and Yang Wanlin, and his position in Yang Bin's heart had become incomparable to Yang Wanlin.

        But even so, Yang Fengqi didn't give up his position as head of the family and tried every possible way to get Yang Bin's appreciation again, but unfortunately, his crooked ways couldn't get into Yang Bin's eyes at all.

        There were a lot of unfavorable comments about this Martial Arts Summit that were actually coming from him, and he was trying to stir things up in the hope that the Yang Family would be in chaos, and only when it was in chaos would he have the chance to perform again.

        While Yang Fengqi was in his room thinking of ways to internal chaos, Yang Wanlin suddenly entered without even the polite gesture of knocking on the door.

        "Yang Wanlin, what do you mean, this is my room, can't you even knock on the door?" Yang Fengqi looked at Yang Wanlin with a hostile face.

        Yang Wanlin shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "Do I still need to knock when I enter your room?"

        Yang Fengqi hated it so much that he gritted his teeth and questioned, "What do you mean."

        "My meaning is simple, the entire Yang family is mine from now on, and you are just living in my home." Yang Wanlin said with a smile.

        Yang Fengqi's eyes lit up with green light, although it was true that Yang Wanlin was now more likely to get the position of head of the family than him, but as long as this matter wasn't finalized, Yang Wanlin had no right to say so.

        "Yang Wanlin, this matter hasn't been settled yet, you're overconfident, aren't you afraid that the position of family head will fall into my hands, and your disrespectful act today will bring you misfortune in the future?" Yang Fengqi said.

        Yang Wanlin shook his head with a smile and said, "Yang Fengqi, I know you want to compete with me, but have you really seriously thought about whether you're qualified? And I can tell you plainly that I just came out of the old ancestor's study, and the old ancestor has made it very clear that the headship of the family is mine."

        "How is that possible!" Yang Fengqi stared at him, how could the ancestor decide such an important matter so easily and only tell Yang Wanlin.

        "Do you want to know why I've come to find you?" Yang Wanlin said.

        "Showing off? But you don't have to do that, the ancestor didn't call a family meeting and mention this matter at the meeting, so you're not a true family head." Yang Fengqi said.

        Yang Wanlin shook his head and said, "I don't have the leisure to look for you to show off, I'm here to warn you that there are some things that should be stopped in moderation, if you have to make trouble, I won't be polite to you, by the way, I didn't say this myself, but the old ancestor did."

        Yang Fengqi's heart thudded, and panic was clearly evident in his eyes.

        Yang Wanlin continued, "Do you really think that Old Ancestor doesn't know about the things you've done? How many of those rumors in the outside world came from your mouth, Old Ancestor knows full well."

        "You ...... you don't slander me!" Yang Fengqi said.

        "Whether it's slander or not, you know, I'm just here to kindly remind you to avoid you being expelled from the Yang family, my ancestor also told me to go record those who speak badly, so I won't waste time with you." After saying that, Yang Wanlin left Yang Fengqi's room.

        Yang Fengqi's face was so pale that even his legs were a little weak, he thought he had covered up well, but he had been discovered by the old ancestor.

        This couldn't help but make Yang Fengqi a little desperate, if the old ancestor knew about the dirty deeds he had done behind his back, it would be even more impossible for him to be taken seriously by the old ancestor, and the position of family head would be farther and farther away from him.

        Suddenly, Yang Fengqi's eyes became cold, with his current position in Yang Bin's heart, it was clearly impossible for him to compete with Yang Wanlin.

        The last and only way was for Yang Wanlin to die, and only if Yang Wanlin died would the head of the family be able to fall on his head.

        "Yang Wanlin, you forced me to do this."

        At the same time.

        Wang Family.

        For the Yang Family to send Han Qianqian out to fight, Wang Lin Qi, the head of the Wang Family was also pondering over this matter, and he didn't believe at all in the rumors that Yang Bin was old and confused, and that Yang Bin was crazy about these remarks.

        As Yang Bin's opponent for decades, Wang Lin Qi knew exactly what kind of person Yang Bin was, and the importance he attached to the Martial Arts Summit was extremely high, he would never joke about such things.

        However, Han Qianqian was indeed another trash from the Han family, and there was only Han Qianqian on top of the Yang family's battle list, which really made Wang Qilin unable to figure out the reason for this.

        "Grandpa, actually, I've met this Han Three Thousand Years, once." Wang Li knew what Wang Lin Qi was upset about, remembering that he had met Han 3000 the last time he had met with Yang Wan Lin in Mu Lin Si, and at that time, Yang Wan Lin wanted to still have Han 3000 stand in for him, but it didn't make Wang Li laugh.

        Of course, Wang Li didn't know that the person he met that night wasn't Han 3000 at all, but that trash Han Jun. Otherwise, things would have ended differently.

        "Oh?" Hearing Wang Li say this, Wang Lin Qi came to his interest and asked, "In your opinion, what kind of person is this Han 3000?"

        "It's definitely not too much to use the word waste to describe him." Wang Li gave Wang Lin Qi a careful recount of the night's events.

        After hearing it, Wang Lin Qi felt even stranger, how could Yang Bin put such an important matter on a trash?

        After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin Qi said, "This matter is still a bit strange, it can't be taken lightly, you go and ask about some things about Han 3,000, it's best to look into all the factors, I want to know what kind of medicine this old thing Yang Bin is selling."

        "Grandpa, could it be that Yang Bin has already given up, after all, in the last two years, the Yang family didn't perform too well at the Wuji Summit, maybe he has already resigned himself to his fate." Wang Li speculated.

        Wang Lin Qi shook his head without hesitation and said, "How stubborn this old thing Yang Bin is, no one in the entire Yanjing knows better than me, would he give up and resign himself to his fate? He will never do so until the day he dies, and this old thing has to pave the way for the Yang family's future."

        Wang Li didn't dare to refute Wang Lin Qi, although he thought that people would change, but Wang Lin Qi thought so, he could only accept it.

        "Grandpa, I'll go check and see if I can dig up any other clues." Wang Li said.

        "Go ahead, it's best to investigate all the things that have happened to Han 3,000 recently, start with the Yao family, I heard that the Chamber of Commerce meeting, the Yao family has stood up for Han 3,000, I'm sure the Yao family and this Han 3,000 have some connections." Wang Lin Qi said.

His True Colors Chapter 1158

As the only Yao family in the entire Yanjing that knew the inside story, while others were waiting to see the joke, only they knew that this time Han 3,000 would definitely shock the audience at the Martial Arts Summit, no matter if it was the martial world or the business world, they would all be shaken by Han 3,000's presence, and now those who looked down on Han 3,000 would eventually drop their jaws in shock.

        "Dad, I didn't expect Han Qianqian to get on board with the Yang family so soon, wouldn't we have no chance?" Although Yao Hanxing was a man who had accomplished nothing, he also understood the importance of Han Qianxiang to the Yao family.

        Previously, Yao Yuhai had mentioned that he wanted him to get on good terms with Han Three Thousand and Yao Hanxing was indeed heading in that direction, but unfortunately, things had changed too quickly and with the Yang Family's escort, the Yao Family was no longer of much use to Han Three Thousand.

        Every time he thought of this, Yao Yuhai couldn't help but sigh, he had originally thought of being able to rely on Han Qianqian and give the Yao family even more development, but due to the Yang family's appearance, the Yao family had lost that opportunity.

        "Yeah, with the Yang family, we've become chicken ribs and tasteless to eat, in his heart, the Yao family is no longer useful." Yao Yuhai said helplessly.

        "Then what should we do now?" Yao Hanxing asked.

        Yao Yuhai had already thought of many ways to address this problem, but they all seemed too pale and powerless when facing a powerful family like the Yang family, and no matter how much the Yao family tossed it around, it would never be as helpful as what the Yang family brought to Han Marchant.

        "I do have a solution, but I need to make you put down your dignity." Yao Yuhai said.

        "What way?" Yao Hanxing asked curiously.

        "Let the Yao family become Han Qianqian's subordinate, even become his servant, and have a lot of glory." Yao Yuhai said.

        The word "servant" was inevitably a bit hard to hear for Yao Hanxing, after all, he was also a young master of the party, how could he just give someone else a servant, and the current Han 3000 was not really a high and mighty kind of person, it was also uncertain what kind of heights he would stand on in the future.

        Once the Yao family made such a choice, in case Han Marchionne didn't succeed, wouldn't the Yao family lose more than they gained.

        "Dad, that's a bit of a big gamble, isn't it, although Han Qianxiang has a good relationship with the Yao family, it's impossible to say how far he'll develop," Yao Hanxing said.

        "This is also a point that I am concerned about, but the earliest possible choice, this gamble makes more sense for the Yao family, when Han 3000 really gets to the top, then I'm afraid that the Yao family will not be accepted by Han 3000 if they try to climb up." Yao Yuhai said.

        While the two fathers and sons were discussing this matter, the doorbell rang.

        After the two fathers and sons looked at each other, Yao Hanxing got up to open the door.

        When the door opened and saw that the person standing outside the door was actually Wang Li, Yao Hanxing was shocked.

        "Wang Li, what brings you to my house?" Yao Hanxing asked incredulously, as one of the three great families of Yanjing, the Wang family had no connection with the Yao family, what matter was worth Wang Li's personal visit?

        "It's an honor, isn't it?" Wang Li smiled faintly.


        Yao Hanxing despised it in his heart, but on the surface, he did not dare to be slack, after all, messing with the Wang family could not be pleasant.

        "Come in and sit down." Yao Hanxing said.

        Leading Wang Li into the house, when Yao Yuhai, who was on the living room sofa, saw Wang Li, he was also very surprised and directly stood up.

        "Young Master Wang, what brings you to this small place of ours." Yao Yuhai said with a smile.

        Wang Li showed a look of boredom at this kind of boasting, as too many people used this kind of false expression in front of him.

        "I came here today for only one thing, I hope you guys can tell the truth, if not, don't blame me for being rude." Wang Li said in a cold voice.

        At the sight of this gesture, Yao Yuhai and his father and son knew that the visitor was not good, and there was a hunch in their hearts that Wang Li's search for the door was most likely related to Han Qianqian.

        "Young Master Wang, if you have any questions, ask them directly, if I know, I will never conceal them." Yao Yuhai said.

        "What is the relationship between Han 3000 and you guys, and why did the Yang family let him fight in the Martial Arts Summit?" Wang Li asked.

        "This ...... "Yao Yuhai immediately showed a face of difficulty and said with a bitter smile, "Young Master Wang, this question of yours is too difficult for me, this Yang family's affairs, which is it for me to know, you think too highly of me. "

        "Why did you help Han 3,000 for the Chamber of Commerce meeting?" Wang Li continued to ask.

        "Hey." Yao Yuhai sighed and said, "Young Master Wang, since you've come to the door yourself, I'm not satisfied with you on this matter, but I was actually authorized to do this."

        "Ordered? The Yang family?" Wang Li frowned slightly.

        "Yes, Yang Wanlin approached me before, hoping that I could help Han Qianqian at the Chamber of Commerce gathering, but he didn't mention the reason, as you know, my Yao family is just a small family, so how could I dare to disobey the Yang family's orders, so I could only do so."

        After a pause, Yao Yuhai continued, "I'm sure Young Master Wang is also aware of our family's previous troubles."

        Wang Li looked at Yao Hanxing and said, "This matter of him being targeted by the killer group?"

        "That's right, I exhausted all my connections and couldn't solve this matter, the Yang family suddenly approached me, as long as I was willing to help Han 3000 at the Chamber of Commerce gathering, the Yang family could help me solve this matter, so I agreed, as to why the Yang family did this, I really don't know." Yao Yuhai said.

        Looking at Yao Yuhai's troubled and sincere face, Wang Li didn't doubt it too much, because he had seen Han 3,000 and knew how useless Han 3,000 was, so he already had a very clear assessment of Han 3,000 in his heart, he wouldn't have thought that the Yao family's troubles were solved by Han 3,000's help, much less that the Yang family did this because they valued Han 3,000's abilities.

        "The Yao family's development in the past two years has not been very smooth," Wang Li suddenly said.

        Yao Yuhai's eyebrows raised as he said, "Young Master Wang, don't worry, if the Yang family has any more orders, I'll be the first to tell you."

        Wang Li smiled faintly, this Yao Yuhai was an understanding man, he knew what many words meant without having to be explicit.

        "In that case, I'll leave first, if your news satisfies me, I don't mind helping out the Yao family." After saying that, Wang Li got up and left.

        Only after making sure that Wang Li had walked away did Yao Hanxing ask, "Dad, are you going to be a double-sided spy?"

        "Spy my ass, what else can I do if I don't say that, do I have to offend this guy." Yao Yuhai said helplessly.

        "Then what are you going to do now?" Yao Hanxing said.

        Yao Yu Hai took a deep breath and said, "Looking for Han 3000, a choice must be made now, I'm afraid he is the only one who can keep the Yao family from being inflicted."

        The Yao family was at most cannon fodder in the battle between the two Yang Wang families, Yao Yu Hai did not want to be trampled to death somehow, so it was the wisest choice at this time to go find Han Qianqian.


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