His True Colors Chapter 1169-1170


His True Colors Chapter 1169

Han 3000 was only fourteen years old now, but whenever it was time for dinner, he would feel like he was being rushed into marriage, something that should have happened to an older youth, but it happened to him early.

        This made Han Qianli wonder if Shi Jing was a normal mother, after all, it was impossible for any mother to push her fourteen-year-old son to fall in love.

        In the face of Shi Jing's various theories on love, Han Three thousand could only remain silent, finally, a phone call, interrupting Shi Jing's incessant, which also allowed Han Three thousand to find a chance to clear his ears.

        But after Shi Jing picked up the phone, she took a somewhat strange look at Han Three Thousand.

        "What's wrong?" Han Qianli asked curiously.

        "Your father, I'm in a cold war with him right now, what are you calling me for." Shi Jing said with a roll of her white eyes, ever since she had left the Han family, she rarely contacted Han Cheng and was reluctant to do so.

        Anything that happened in the Han family, Shi Jing didn't care at all right now, after all, she had already used all her thoughts on Han 3000, and now she only wanted to take care of Han 3000 with all her heart.

        "Pick it up, it might be something important," Han Three Thousand said.

        Shi Jing, who had planned to hang up directly, only pressed the answer button when she heard Han Qianli say so, and it was directly on the PA.

        Han Qianli was speechless for a while, in case this was Han Cheng calling to apologize, some of the words were heard by him, it wouldn't be good, and Han Qianli didn't want to hear that kind of meaty speech.

        "Say what you have to say quickly, I'll give you a minute." Shi Jing said directly.

        "I just heard Mom say that she already has a way to deal with Han Three Thousand, so you tell Han Three Thousand to be careful." Han Cheng didn't waste any time and said directly.

        Shi Jing frowned for a moment, Nangong Qianqiu should already know about Han Qianqiang's win today, but I didn't expect that she hadn't seen Han Qianqiang's strength yet?

        "Is there anything else?" Shi Jing asked.

        "From what mom said, it seems like she's found help, and she's pretty good at it." Han Cheng continued.

        Shi Jing hung up the phone directly, not wanting to say any more nonsense to Han Cheng.

        "Who else would dare to help the Han family in Yanjing now?" Shi Jing asked the question to Han Giang, and it was a reminder to Han Giang.

        Han Qianqian thought about it, a smile on his face.

        With the current situation in Yanjing, there shouldn't be anyone who would dare to casually get involved in this matter, after all, behind him was the Yang family, how would those small families dare to stir up this muddy water? And even if the Wang family wanted to deal with him, they couldn't cooperate with the Han family.

        The only thing that Han Qianqiu could think of was the Nangong family behind her, could it be that Nangong Qianqiu had sought Nangong Bo Ling's help?

        If that was the case, Han Three Thousand Thousand instead felt that this was a good thing, after all, Han Tian Yang was still in the hands of Nangong Boling, and if he took the initiative to send him to the door, Han Three Thousand would be able to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

        Reborn in one life, Han Three Thousand Thousand faced too many things that couldn't be solved at the moment, let alone the Nangong family that was still a thousand miles away.

        But the Nangong Family took the initiative to come to Han Three Thousand's door, so it saved Han Three Thousand from a lot of trouble.

        "What are you laughing at?" Seeing Han Qianqian's inexplicable smile, Shi Jing felt confused, this kid knew that Nangong Qianqiu had found someone to deal with him, but he was still so happy?

        "It's nothing, I know who Nangong Qianqiu is looking for, it's a good thing for me," Han Qianqian said.

        Shi Jing was even more confused, what was going on that trouble in her eyes was being described as a good thing by Han Qianqian?

        But in the spirit of believing in Han Marchant, he said it was a good thing, and Shi Jing could only take it as a good thing.

        "Anyway, be careful, mom has left the Han family for you, now she can only rely on you, if anything happens to you, mom can only commit suicide to accompany you." Shi Jing said.

        "Don't worry, no one can hurt me." Han Giang said indifferently.

        After dinner, Han Qianli went back to her room.

        The news from Qin Lin's side would probably not return until tomorrow, so Han Three Thousand went straight to rest.

        Although sleep was an optional thing for him, being used to a normal human routine, Han Three Thousand couldn't change it for a while, and for him, who didn't like nightlife, there didn't seem to be anything else to do if he didn't sleep at night.

        The next morning, shortly after Han Three thousand opened his eyes, the sound of a phone rang, and it was from Qin Lin.

        When he picked up the phone, Han Three Thousand heard Qin Lin's hoarse voice say, "Boss, I've investigated the matter of the Chi and Mo families, do you have time to come to the office?"

        Seeing Qin Lin's tired state, he probably hadn't rested all night, Han 3000 got up from the bed with a carp and said, "I'll be right back."

        After washing up, Han Qianqian didn't even have time to eat breakfast before going out.

        After arriving at the company, Qin Lin with black circles under his eyes was already at the entrance to the company to greet her.

        "There's no need to work so hard in the future, when you should rest, you still have to rest." Han Qianli said to Qin Lin.

        "I didn't finish the things the boss explained, so how can I rest without worrying." Qin Lin said.

        Han Giangli smiled and patted Qin Lin's shoulder.

        After they arrived at the office, Qin Lin took out all the information he had found out and explained some of the details for Han 3,000 as he read them.

        It was commonplace to play tricks in business, and no businessman was truly honest, but the cause of this matter was something unexpected for Han 3,000.

        The cause of the Mo family setting up a trap for the Qi family was actually because of Ouyang Fei.

        Han Qianli still remembered that he had seen Ouyang Fei in Mi, and even though she was already over forty, Ouyang Fei was still very touching, and was definitely a woman with mature charm.

        Now at this stage, Ouyang Fei must be even more able to make men covet her, so this led to the Mo family setting a trap for the Chi family.

        "Boss, according to the rumors from the grapevine, the Mo family's goal is to bankrupt the Chi family and then steal Ouyang Fei from Chi Donglin, but whether this is true or not is yet to be considered." Qin Lin said.

        Han Giangli smiled and said, "Go back and rest first, you don't need to worry about this matter."

        Whether or not it was related to Ouyang Fei, Han Qianli would confirm this matter himself.

        At that moment, Qin Lin's phone suddenly rang, and when he heard the words on the other end of the line, his face visibly changed.

        "Boss, Qi Donglin has gone to the Mo family, I'm afraid it's not good." Qin Lin hung up the phone and said to Han Qianli.

        "A person?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "A family of three." Qin Lin said.

His True Colors Chapter 1170

Han 3000 was anxious, if Chi Donglin went to the Mo family alone to look for trouble, he could understand, after all, the fact that he was pitted against the Mo family was indeed infuriating, and it was only reasonable that he couldn't control his emotions for a while.

        But the fact that he still took his wife and daughter with him to risk their lives made Han Qianli wonder.

        Didn't Chi Donglin understand the gap between himself and the Mo family, what else could he do but seek death if he sent them to his door like this?

        And according to the grapevine, it's very likely that the Mo family is only doing it for Ouyang Fei to do it to the Chi family, isn't he giving his wife away?

        "I'll handle this matter myself, you go rest, I'll give you a day off today, don't let me know you're still staying at the company." Han Qianli said and left the office.

        After staying up all night, Qin Lin was indeed quite tired, both mentally and physically, he had almost reached his limit, but he had planned to hang on, after all, there were still many things he needed to deal with in the company, but when he heard Han Qianqian say that, he could only go home and rest.

        Anyone could ignore anyone's words, but the boss's orders had to be respected.

        After leaving Feng Qian, Han Qian had planned to go directly to the Mo family, but in what position did he appear?

        After all, the Mo family wasn't a small family, and now that he had nothing to do with the Chi family, he couldn't possibly want to interfere in this matter on the grounds that he didn't like what he saw, it would be too little to put the Mo family in his eyes.

        Pulling out the phone, Han Qianli dialed Yang Wanlin's number.

        Yang Wanlin was still sleeping lazily, but when he saw Han Qianli's caller ID, he instantly woke up.

        "Old Han, what's the matter with calling so early?" Yang Wanlin asked.

        "Any interest in taking a trip to the Mo family?" Han 3,000 asked.

        Yang Wanlin was stunned, Mojia?

        Is there still a grudge between Han Qianqian and the Mo family?

        Now that the Yang family and the Wang family were already as strong as water, it was definitely not a good thing for the Yang family to provoke the Mo family at this time.

        But when Han Qianqian asked, Yang Wanlin would never be able to refuse easily.

        "Wait for me, first put on some clothes and wash your face." Yang Wanlin said and hung up the phone.

        After getting up, Yang Wanlin didn't go to wash his face, but went to the backyard of the villa.

        Usually at this time of the day, Yang Bin would be practicing Tai Chi in the backyard and no one dared to disturb Yang Bin with such things.

        "Old Ancestor." Yang Wanlin knew that Yang Bin didn't like to be interrupted at a time like this, but there was nothing else he could do, after all, he had to get Yang Bin's instructions in order to respond to Han Giang in the shortest possible time.

        "Yang Wanlin, you're getting bolder and bolder now, how dare you interrupt me at this time." Yang Bin said with a face full of displeasure.

        "Old Ancestor, I have something very important to do, otherwise, give me a hundred guts and I wouldn't dare to come to you," Yang Wanlin said.

        Seeing that Yang Wanlin's expression was indeed a bit anxious, not like he had casually come to interrupt him, Yang Bin said, "Just tell me what's going on, if it's some trivial matter, I won't spare you today."

        "Just now Han Qianqian called and asked if I was interested in taking a trip to the Mo family." Yang Wanlin said.

        Yang Bin was directly stunned keeping a fixed posture for a full thirty seconds before he came back to his senses and walked over to Yang Wanlin and asked in a dignified manner, "Did he say because of what?"

        "No, I didn't ask too many questions, I just came to consult you." Yang Wanlin said.

        Yang Bin took a deep breath, the fact that Han Qianli suddenly wanted to go to the Mo family and also called Yang Wanlin showed that Han Qianli was by no means running for cooperation.

        It was by no means the best time to find trouble with the Mo family at a time like this.

        But Yang Bin had a long-lost hot blood, dealing with two big families at once seemed very absurd and unbelievable, but without trying, how could one know the outcome?

        And the fact that Han Marchan dared to do so meant that he should be very confident.

        "Go." Yang Bin said.

        "Yes, I'll get back to him." After saying that, Yang Wanlin hurriedly called back Han Three Thousand's number.

        Han 3,000 was no fool, he knew that Yang Wanlin couldn't wait to hang up the phone, not to change clothes and wash his face, but to seek Yang Bin's opinion, after all, the current Yang family was Yang Bin's to decide, how could Yang Wanlin dare to make his own decisions on such a big matter.

        "Old Han, I'm ready to meet you, where else?" Yang Wanlin said.

        Han Giangli didn't tear Yang Wanlin apart, but told Yang Wanlin the address where he was.

        "Old Ancestor, do you have anything else to explain?" Hanging up the phone, before he left, Yang Wanlin asked Yang Bin.

        "Randomly adapt to Han Qianqian's attitude, no matter what he wants to do, the Yang family will try to support it." Yang Bin said.


        After Yang Wanlin left, Yang Bin wasn't interested in playing Taiji anymore, sitting under the backyard pavilion with a heavy face, thinking about this matter of why Han Qianqian had gone to the Mo Family.

        At this time, Song Yun walked up behind Yang Bin and said, "You've never placed such a heavy bet on a person before, this time, will you be betting a little too much?"

        Offending two families in one breath was not too wise for the Yang family, in case this made the two Mo Wang families join forces, it could be a fatal outcome for the Yang family.

        "I don't have much time left, if I don't take a big gamble, I'm afraid that until the day I close my eyes, I won't even see the Yang family standing above the other families." Yang Bin said.

        "In the past, the Mo Wang two families didn't care to join forces out of their own dignity, but this time, you're equivalent to giving them a chance to do so in name only." Song Yun continued.

        This reasoning Yang Bin naturally understood, the reason why the three great families, the reason why there had never been a situation where two families joined forces was because no one was willing to put their heads down, no one had found a suitable excuse, and that was why the three-legged situation had lasted for so many years.

        "I think Han 3000 is trustworthy, what do you think?" Yang Bin turned his head and looked at Song Yun with a serious face.

        Song Yun smiled faintly, he knew even better than Yang Bin what the Apocalypse Heavenly Character meant.

        If Han 3000 couldn't be trusted, who else was worth trusting?

        "Of course it's worth it, and he definitely possesses the ability to stir up the entire Yanjing on his own." Song Yun smiled.

        Hearing Song Yun say that, Yang Bin was even more relieved.

        "By the way, every year at the Wuji Summit, someone from the Apocalypse will appear, have you heard anything this year?" Yang Bin asked curiously.

        "Two more races, after all, the preliminary stage is not worth showing up for the apocalypse." Song Yun said.

        Yang Bin nodded with a heavy face, he and Song Yun had mostly believed in Han Three Thousand's identity, but the truth that things were not absolute was still very clear to Yang Bin, unless someone from the apocalypse came, otherwise Han Three Thousand's identity would always have a share of doubt.


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