His True Colors Chapter 1114-1116


His True Colors Chapter 1114

Huang Mao had already paid the price for belittling Han Qianqian, so when he heard the middle-aged man's words, he hurried to the middle-aged man's side, he had to let the middle-aged man know that the little kid in front of him wasn't that simple, not only to make the middle-aged man pay attention, but also to let the middle-aged man know that it wasn't that he wasn't doing his job well.

        "Boss, although this kid looks like a little kid, he's very skilled." Yellow Hair said softly.

        The middle-aged man snorted coldly, a little kid was just a kid, no matter how good he was at fighting, it was just a child's game, how could he possibly compare to an adult?

        What's more, he was still in the Dao, if he couldn't even handle a child, and word got out, wouldn't he be disgraced.

        "And he wants to see you by name, he's not a coward, so I'm afraid he's not coming from a small source." Yellow Hair continued.

        "Oh?" The middle-aged man brought up a hint of interest, it was a bit surprising that such a small child dared to take the initiative to meet him.

        Standing up, the middle-aged man walked in front of Han Qianli, the difference in their heads causing the middle-aged man to have to lower his head to look at Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqian tilted his head slightly and calmly looked at the middle-aged man.

        "My name is Zhou Dingshan, are you looking for me?" Zhou Dingshan purposely showed a fierce look, and normally, a child would be a little scared when they saw him with such an expression.

        But Han Qianqian's eyes remained the same from start to finish, and even had a sense of calmness when she was looking at Zhou Dingshan.

        This calmness made Zhou Dingshan start to look at Han Qianli squarely.

        An ordinary adult would be a little scared when they came to his territory and encountered this kind of situation, but he, a little kid, was not scared at all, this was not as simple as a newborn calf.

        "I want you to do something for me." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Zhou Dingshan was slightly stunned, then he laughed up at the sky, he never would have thought that this little kid's tone would be so big, although he wasn't a big figure in the Dao, he was quite famous in his own area, listening to this little kid's meaning, he wanted to be his underling, wasn't this a joke?

        "Kid, what grade are you in this year, and are you the boss in school? School and society are not the same, do you know that if you provoke me with these words, you will not live to leave today alive." Zhou Dingshan said.

        "With you." Han Giangli said, circling the casino and continuing, "With these trash?"

        Zhou Dingshan's expression went cold, why is this brat's tone getting louder and louder, his subordinates are at any rate more than twenty people, but he was actually called trash by such a little guy?

        "Little kid, speak with respect, don't think that I wouldn't dare touch you." Zhou Dingshan threatened.

        "You can try, let them come together." Han Qianli said indifferently, the prerequisite for getting Zhou Dingshan to do things for him was to get this guy to be convinced, and the only way to do that was to get him to lie down on the ground, so Han Qianli didn't want to waste too much of his breath.

        "Kid, are you serious? Aren't you afraid to die here?" Zhou Dingshan said.

        "I can tell you that with these trash, you can't touch me," Han Qianqian said.

        Zhou Dingshan gritted his teeth in anger, he had seen arrogant people before, but he had never seen Han Qianqian so arrogant and uncaring in his territory.

        "You heard it, this little thing said that you are trash, what to do next, you guys can see what to do." Zhou Dingshan said with a cold smile.

        Everyone stopped what they were doing and moved closer towards Han Qianqian, forming a 360-degree, no-frills encirclement.

        Huang Mao was originally very confident that he would be absolutely unable to fly with his wings if he brought Han Qianli to his territory, but seeing Han Qianli's very calm appearance, he couldn't help but feel a little worried.

        He had seen Han 3,000's skills, they were indeed formidable, ordinary people couldn't get close to them, and he still showed no fear in the face of so many people's attitudes.

        This had to cause a ridiculous thought to arise in Yellow Hair's mind, could it be that he really didn't take these twenty people seriously?

        "F*ck, how is that possible, just a little kid, how can he beat up so many people." Yellow Hair said under his breath.

        "What are you yin [www.avracity.com] yang talking about?" Zhou Dingshan looked at Huang Mao and asked.

        Yellow Hair quickly shook his head and said, "No, it's nothing, boss, this kid doesn't take you seriously at all, he needs to be taught a painful lesson."

        After saying that, Yellow Hair also casually picked up a handy weapon and walked towards Han Qianli.

        "So many people beating up a little kid, wouldn't it be too bullying." The girl in the sexy dress snuggled up to Zhou Dingshan's bosom, and although her words seemed to be a bit of an injustice to Han 3000, her expression, however, clearly looked like she was watching a good show.

        "These kids nowadays, they haven't been beaten by society and don't know about the dangers of society, it's time to show him, I'm teaching him social studies so that he knows that he shouldn't be so arrogant." Zhou Dingshan said.

        The girl laughed and said, "Hey, I actually suspect that he might not be right in the head, otherwise, why would he get himself into this kind of trouble."

        Zhou Dingshan trailed off, it wasn't completely impossible, but things had come to this point, and he wouldn't take back what he said.

        "Don't forget to call up a few little sisters tonight, let's have a drink." Zhou Dingshan suddenly thought of the party at night and had a very dirty smile on his face.

        "Don't worry, of course I won't break my promise to you, but you have to promise to buy me a bag." The girl said.

        "Of course."

        While the two were chatting, the other side was already in a fierce fight.

        Han 3,000 was more than capable of handling the simultaneous attacks of more than twenty people, and they didn't give him the slightest sense of oppression or threat at all.

        But this was normal for Han Three Thousand's strength, after all, his opponents were nothing more than a group of ordinary people, but Han Three Thousand's strength had already reached the divine realm of the Xuanyuan World, and had surpassed the existence of ordinary mortals.

        With over twenty people rounding up, one couldn't help but notice that none of them caused any harm to Han Three Thousand, but instead, Zhou Dingshan's men continued to fall.

        At this time, the flirtatious Zhou Dingshan took a glance at the battlefield with his afterglow, and this glance caused him to be completely stunned.

        "How is it possible!"

        In Zhou Dingshan's opinion, Han 3,000 should have fallen, but the reality was that many of his men had fallen, while Han 3,000 looked unharmed.

        That girl stared at the scene as she saw it, covering her jaw with her hand that almost dropped in shock.

        "He, he's so powerful!"

His True Colors Chapter 1115

Zhou Dingshan and the girl in his arms did the exact same thing at the same time and started rubbing their eyes as they both felt like they were hallucinating, otherwise, how could such a little kid not be able to handle more than twenty adults?

        But rolling his eyes wouldn't change the facts in front of him.

        Moreover, Han 3000 was really not interested in fighting these trash, so he simply stopped wasting time and chose to take the initiative to attack.

        When Han 3,000 took the initiative, those men of Zhou Dingshan's seemed even more useless, and none of them were able to stop Han 3,000.

        In less than a minute, more than twenty people, all of whom fell to the ground groaning in pain.

        The entire casino was like a purgatory on earth, frequently emitting screams.

        Zhou Dingshan stared at the scene happening in front of him with wide eyes, not daring to believe it, his heartbeat thudding faster.

        "What the f*ck is this." Zhou Dingshan had been in the Dao for so many years, and it wasn't like he hadn't seen powerful characters before, but those powerful characters had never brought such a strong shock to Zhou Dingshan.

        One man, fighting over twenty people single-handedly, was unharmed.

        Most importantly, he was still a little kid!

        Since then, Zhou Dingshan knew that he had kicked an iron plate, and he finally understood why Huang Mao would say that he had ruined it.

        With just those few people of Huang Mao's, how could they be his opponents?

        Han Giangli clapped his hands and walked towards Zhou Dingshan.

        Zhou Dingshan subconsciously took a step back and actually hid behind the girl.

        The girl was now completely confused and frightened, and all the disdain and ridicule she had previously felt for Han Qianli inside her had vanished.

        "What do you ...... want?" Zhou Dingshan stammered and asked Han Qianli.

        "From now on, how about working for me?" Han Giangli said.

        Zhou Dingshan swallowed his saliva, his throat was on fire.

        Of course he refused inwardly, if he were a big shot, he would definitely be willing to be subservient to others, but this guy in front of him was after all a little kid, and in the Daoist world, face was very important, and to be a junior to a little kid would be a laughing stock.

        However, this little kid was so powerful, Zhou Dingshan had to think about what kind of situation he would end up in if he refused.

        "I can let you sit in the highest position in the Grey Zone in Yanjing," Han Giangli continued.

        "How can I trust you if you say whatever you want?" Zhou Dingshan asked.

        "Do you have enemies?" Han Giangli asked rhetorically.

        "In my line of work, how can there be no enemies." Zhou Dingshan said.

        "Tell me the most powerful of your enemies," Han Three Thousand said.

        "What are you doing?" Zhou Dingshan was puzzled, he had quite a few enemies, but the most powerful, only one, and that person's status in Yanjing was definitely not low, the backstage was not small either, Zhou Dingshan had been bullied by him for so many years, but just because of his position, the fire he was holding in his heart did not dare to vent.

        "Just tell me, as for whether or not you want to help me with my work, you'll give me the answer after tomorrow," Han Qianqian said.

        Although Zhou Dingshan didn't understand what Han Three Thousand was up to, he had a sneaking feeling that Han Three Thousand might be trying to use this matter to prove his abilities.

        If he could really do something horrifying, Zhou Dingshan wouldn't mind working for him as an underling.

        "His name is Liu Dongyang." Zhou Dingshan said.

        "I'll be back for you." After leaving these words behind, Han Qianli left the casino.

        Zhou Dingshan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at those little brothers on the ground, and couldn't help but inwardly lament that he was at least considered a boss-level figure, but he didn't expect to be disgraced by a child today.

        But thinking about Han Qianqian's performance just now, Zhou Dingshan started to comfort himself again, with his strength, I'm afraid there weren't many people at the same level as him who could handle it, thinking about it this way, it wasn't really a matter of disgrace.

        "Brother Shan, what do you think he wants?" The girl asked to Zhou Dingshan.

        When it came to this matter, Zhou Dingshan's expression unconsciously became a bit more serious, but what exactly Han Marchan had planned was not something he could guess.

        "We'll know tomorrow, didn't he say that he could let me consider it until tomorrow, so I'm sure something big will happen tomorrow." Zhou Dingshan said.

        Feng Qian Company.

        Qin Lin was preparing for the Chamber of Commerce gathering, and now that he was qualified to participate, he needed to know the recent history of each Chamber of Commerce gathering participant, only by knowing these things would Qin Lin be able to find a chance to stitch them up and get them to cooperate with Feng Qian.

        "Qin Lin, help me check on someone." Han 3,000 came directly to the office and said to Qin Lin.

        Qin Lin hurriedly sat up from his chair, he was qualified to sit in this office without Han 3,000 being there, but when Han 3,000 appeared in this office, the position didn't belong to him.

        "Boss, who is it?" Qin Lin asked.

        "Liu Dongyang." Han Giangli said.

        "Boss, do you have any problems with this Liu Dongyang?" Qin Lin asked, puzzled.

        "It seems that you are familiar with him, are you friends?" Han Qianli questioned.

        Qin Lin quickly shook his head and explained, "Boss, Liu Dongyang is a notorious person, many people know him, I've only heard of his reputation and don't know him."

        "How infamous, tell me." Han Marchand asked.

        "It happened to happen some time ago, that something happened between Liu Dongyang and a minor, and was approached by someone's parents, Liu Dongyang beat up that family, all of them, and put them in the hospital, and then used his connections to block the news, that family is now in a miserable situation, and things like this often happen to Liu Dongyang, the circle said He's a pervert who preys on minors." Qin Lin said.

        Han Qianli smiled coldly and said, "Looks like he's a damned man, though."

        Qin Lin's face changed when he heard Han Qianqian say that, and he knew that Han Qianqian was definitely not just joking around, and that this Liu Dongyang was afraid that bad luck was about to befall him.

        But how could Han Three thousand suddenly want to deal with Liu Dongyang, this made Qin Lin somewhat unable to figure it out.

        "Boss, this Liu Dongyang, he wouldn't have messed with you, would he." Qin Lin asked curiously.

        "It has nothing to do with you, do your own thing." After Han Qianli said that, he left the office.

        Since Liu Dongyang was such a vicious person, Han Three Thousand didn't need to have any worries.

        Qin Lin walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window and subconsciously looked up at the sky, although the sun was shining, he had a feeling that the sky in Yanjing was going to change!

His True Colors Chapter 1116

Although Han Qianqian's current knowledge of Liu Dongyang was limited to a name, it was a simple matter for him to find this person.

        Moreover, Liu Dongyang was another famous figure in the Dao, so a casual inquiry would give him information about him.

        That night, Han 3,000 went to a nightclub, a place where Liu Dongyang would often hang out.

        However, since Han 3,000 was under eighteen, he was denied entry, so he had to wait at the entrance.

        It was close to midnight before Han 3,000 finally waited for Liu Dongyang to leave the venue.

        Judging from the little girl cradled in his arms, Qin Lin's words shouldn't be false, the girl looked like she was underage.

        "The death of such a scum should be greatly appreciated." Han Qianlian tailed on.

        The late night streets were almost invisible as Liu Dongyang hugged the little girl in his arms and walked towards the nearest hotel.

        Han 3,000 didn't waste too much time and directly blocked Liu Dongyang's path.

        Dizzy from drinking, Liu Dongyang cursed, "Little kid, are you f*cking blind, how dare you block my path?"

        "I'm here to take your life." Han Giangli said straightforwardly.

        Liu Dongyang laughed, he had so many enemies in the Dao, but none of them dared to touch him, that was because he had a hard backstage, such a little kid actually dared to talk big in front of him.

        Liu Dongyang pushed the little girl in his arms away and said to Han 3,000, "Little thing, it seems like you're really tired of living."

        Han Qianqian looked at the little girl and said, "Go away, or else you'll have to die with him."

        After the little girl looked at Han Qianqian, she silently left, not that she was afraid, she just wanted to take this opportunity to leave quickly, after all, she had heard about Liu Dongyang's bad taste and hadn't wanted to get into trouble with him, now that she had the chance to leave, she naturally had to grab it.

        "Little thing, who sent you here, didn't he tell you that if you mess with me, Liu Dongyang, you will only end up dead?" Liu Dongyang said.

        After the little girl walked away, Han Qianqiang walked directly to Liu Dongyang and kicked Liu Dongyang's abdomen.

        Liu Dongyang fell to the ground and rolled a few times before stopping, and he realized that the little kid in front of him was not simple.

        Liu Dongyang, who was three times sober, covered his stomach and said through gritted teeth, "Little thing, you're looking for death, damn it."

        Without saying a word, Han Qianqian went forward and grabbed Liu Dongyang by the hair, dragging him directly into an alley.

        Within a few minutes, Han Qianli left as if nothing had happened, while Liu Dongyang, on the other hand, was already lying motionless in the alley.

        During the day Qin Lin had already helped Han 3,000 yuan find a place to live, after Han 3,000 yuan followed the address and found it, this familiar ground directly made him stupid.

        "It can't be such a coincidence, is this playing with me?" Han Qianli had a startled expression on his face, wasn't this familiar place the cell where Wu Xin lived, Han Qianli never thought that the temporary place that Qin Lin had found for him would be here.

        What's more, as Han Qianli walked into the neighborhood and headed towards the unit, a sense of foreboding grew stronger and stronger.

        Wasn't this the same place he had come to two nights ago?

        The same unit building.

        Looking at the floor again, it was even more devastating for Han Giang.

        He had actually become Wu Xin's neighbor somehow!

        "Is this your old man's idea of a joke? Can there be such a coincidence in the world?" The helpless Han Three thousand, looking at the sky with a bitter smile, he felt that he was being teased by the old man in the sky, or else, how could such a coincidence occur.

        For this place, Han Three Thousand Thousand was already familiar with it, and he who thought he would never return here again, could only resign himself to his fate now.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but think how Wu Xin would feel if she were to bump into him, she probably wouldn't be able to avoid being misunderstood.

        But in the middle of the night, she should be asleep, and if this could still be bumped into, Han Qianli would really believe in the heavens.

        Good thing the worst didn't happen, and Han 3,000 returned home without incident.

        The environment was still quite nice, Qin Lin should have found someone to clean it up, and Han 3,000 went straight to her room to sleep.

        Tomorrow morning, Liu Dongyang's matter would definitely cause a wave of sensation, after all, he was considered to be a somewhat influential figure, and his sudden death would definitely surprise some people.

        But for Han Marchant, this was a small matter, and Liu Dongyang was a man who deserved to die for his evil deeds, and there were an unknown number of innocent girls who had fallen into his hands, as well as the families behind those girls, Han Marchant did this to help them avenge their deaths.

        Zhou Dingshan didn't sleep all night, not because he didn't want to, but because he really couldn't sleep, and his mind was always wondering what Han Qianqian was up to.

        At six in the morning, Zhou Dingshan couldn't help but get up, and woke up all of his boys.

        When Huang Mao still looked groggy, he received an assignment from Zhou Dingshan to go out and find out more about Liu Dongyang to see if anything big was happening.

        "Boss, what's wrong with you." Yellow Hair asked to Zhou Dingshan in puzzlement, for them night owls, they would never get up before twelve o'clock, but it was still six o'clock!

        "Cut the bullsh*t and take someone out to find out what's going on, if you're not f*cking mental enough, how about I help you refresh yourself?" Zhou Dingshan said in a stern voice.

        Huang Mao looked at the steel pipe in Zhou Dingshan's hand and instantly sobered up with a shudder, quickly saying, "No, no, boss, I'm going."

        After waiting for Huang Mao to leave with his men, Zhou Dingshan's mood grew more and more apprehensive, last night he thought a lot, the biggest possibility was that Liu Dongyang was dead, but this was not a realistic thing in his opinion, did he, a little kid, really dare to do this?

        Time passed little by little, and Zhou Dingshan sat motionless for a full three hours waiting, and when nine o'clock passed, Yellow Hair finally returned, and with a pale face, he was clearly terrified.

        "How was it!" Zhou Dingshan asked eagerly.

        Huang Mao breathed heavily and said, "Old, boss, Liu Dongyang, he ...... him ......"

        "What the hell is wrong with him, you should damn well tell me." Zhou Dingshan asked with anxious eyes.

        "Dead, dead!" Yellow Hair said.


        Zhou Dingshan felt a thunderbolt strike in his head!

        Zhou Dingshan, whose legs went limp, sat on the ground with his buttocks, his breathing suddenly becoming rapid.

        Thinking about the kind of cloudy and light-hearted appearance Han Qianqian had yesterday, Zhou Dingshan really hadn't thought that things had actually developed like this.

        "Is the news reliable? Is it true." Zhou Dingshan asked in a deep voice.

        "It's true, a thousand times true, and now those people on the road are blowing up." Huang Mao said.

        Zhou Dingshan kept taking deep breaths as a way to calm his nerves, and then Han Qianli arrived!


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