His True Colors Chapter 1117-1118


His True Colors Chapter 1117

When Zhou Dingshan saw Han 3,000, he couldn't help but shiver all over.

        He really couldn't connect Liu Dongyang's death to this little kid in front of him, but the truth! That's it!

        When he casually mentioned this matter yesterday, Zhou Dingshan took it as a joke.

        And in just one night's time, this man had caused a storm on the Yanjing Road, who was he and why did he have so much power!

        As for Yellow Hair, the first time he lowered his head, he didn't even have the courage to look directly at Han Three Thousand, cold sweat constantly appearing on his back.

        Thinking about yesterday's flaunting in front of Han Qianqian, Huang Mao's heart began to feel hairy, he was able to easily take care of a big figure like Liu Dongyang, and killing him wasn't just a casual matter?

        Huang Mao could only be thankful now that Han 3,000 didn't come down hard on him yesterday, or else he would have been a cold corpse.

        "How about it, have you thought about it?" Han Qianqian opened his mouth to ask.

        Zhou Dingshan was all stirred up, although he wasn't in a high position in the Yanjing Road, he was actually very smart, if Han 3000 did this, the forces behind Liu Dongyang would definitely not let him off the hook, after all, Liu Dongyang's apparent boss was actually similar to a puppet, if Han 3000 destroyed this puppet, the people behind it would definitely be dissatisfied.

        Once this matter was found out, could Han Three thousand thousand deal with it?

        If he couldn't, if Zhou Dingshan agreed to Han Giang, then he would become one of them when facing retaliation in the future.

        This made Zhou Dingshan not dare to answer Han Qianqian's question easily, he had to think through the pros and cons of it, or else his one wrong step would take his life.

        "Perhaps, you still have another option, to snitch on Liu Dongyang and let the people behind Liu Dongyang know that I did this, you might be able to get some benefits." Han Giangli continued.

        Zhou Dingshan let out a heavy sigh of bad luck, was Han Qianli saying such words a sign that he was not at all afraid of the forces behind Liu Dongyang?

        "You may not know much about the people behind Liu Dongyang," Zhou Dingshan said.

        "I don't need to understand, no matter who it is, if he dares to find my head, I can make him a dog with his tail between his legs, or perhaps, just destroy him." Han Giangli said.

        This sentence was insane!

        So crazy that Zhou Dingshan simply couldn't believe it.

        But Zhou Dingshan on the other hand felt that Han 3000 had dared to do and say, which must have his capital, and from the matter of Liu Dongyang, Han 3000 had already proved his strength to a certain extent.

        "You really don't take this matter seriously at all?" Zhou Dingshan asked.

        Han 3000 smiled, with his current strength, he didn't need to put anyone in his eyes at all, he could do anything he wanted to do.

        If it wasn't for his resentment towards Nangong Qianqiu, Han Three Thousand might not have done so many things and gone straight to Cloud City to wait for Su Yingxia to grow up.

        But Han 3000's obsession with this matter was too deep, he had to do this, he had to prove to Nangong Qianqiu that Nangong Qianqiu's choice was wrong, and very wrong.

        What's more, there were still so many years left, wouldn't it be even more worthless for Han Qianqiang to waste his light if he didn't find something meaningful to do.

        "It seems that you don't have enough courage to face this matter, I was wrong about you." After saying that, Han Three Thousand turned around to leave.

        Zhou Dingshan was anxious at the sight of this situation, he knew that this might be his one chance, maybe it was really like Han Qianli said, he could walk into a completely different world because of him, a place where he truly owned and controlled power, if he missed this chance, I'm afraid it would never happen again among the rest of Zhou Dingshan's life.

        "Wait." Zhou Dingshan shouted.

        Han Giangli stopped, but did not turn around.

        Zhou Dingshan gritted his back groove teeth and made his choice with great difficulty, "What do you want me to do?"

        "Wait for it." After leaving these three words, Han Qianli walked away.

        Zhou Dingshan looked bewildered, and Yellow Hair was at a loss as to what the meaning of these three words of Han Three Thousand years meant, the two didn't dare to make any easy assumptions.

        "Boss, what does this mean, he's just leaving?" Yellow Hair asked Zhou Dingshan with a confused face.

        "How the f*ck do I know what it means." Zhou Dingshan cursed, his heart thudding rapidly, he had made a life-changing decision, but he didn't know if it was accepted by Han Giang, let alone what consequences it would bring.

        "How about I catch up and ask?" Yellow Hair suggested.

        "No need, just wait and see, life has a way of dying, sooner or later, we might as well fight it out, maybe we still have a chance to leave this shitty place." Zhou Dingshan said.

        Huang Mao didn't understand what this comment meant at all, and Zhou Dingshan himself was talking a bit of gibberish, which had to do with his mood, unable to calm down, he was no longer even thinking normally.

        On the other hand, after Han 3,000 left Feng Qian yesterday, Qin Lin had been paying attention to the situation on the Upper Road, he knew that the sky would change in Yanjing, but he wasn't sure if Han 3,000 would really do it.

        So he had to see what step Han Qianxiang could actually take.

        Qin Lin was very clear about Liu Dongyang's evil deeds as a person, and likewise he was also clear about Liu Dongyang's backstage, but he didn't have time to tell Han Qianqian yesterday.

        "Boss, you shouldn't really be doing this." Qin Lin's face was a bit ugly, clearly the result of not sleeping well all night.

        Right at this moment, Qin Lin's phone suddenly rang.

        Looking at the caller ID, he knew that it was the message he was waiting for to arrive.

        After pressing the answer button, Qin Lin put the phone to his ear and said, "How's it going."

        "Liu Dongyang is dead, the news is exact."

        It was unexpected news, but it made Qin Lin feel a little unbelievable, and he knew that since Han 3000 would say those words, he would definitely do it.

        But Qin Lin was still a bit incredulous that Han Qianqian had actually done it.

        This boss, it seemed like he had suddenly changed his temperament.

        He, who never went to the office, had taken up with Yao Yuhai, and now even more so, he had thrown down a boulder on this calm lake in Yanjing, and it was a rock that would definitely stir up a thousand waves.

        "Qin Lin, did you hear what I said?"

        "Heard that." Qin Lin replied.

        "Why are you suddenly concerned about Liu Dongyang, you wouldn't know anything, or are you related to this matter?" The other asked.

        "Don't ask about this, I'll let you know later, that's all for now, I have to go to the office, a word of warning, don't do anything lately, something big is going to happen." After saying that, Qin Lin hung up the phone, changed his clothes, and set off towards the company.

His True Colors Chapter 1118

The Yang family, as one of the three great families in Yanjing, the Yang family's prestige in Yanjing was self-evident.

        As a family of merchants, the Yang family was clean in the eyes of outsiders, but in reality, the Yang family's actions were not only in the shopping mall, but also deeply involved with the Dao.

        As a family that originated very early, it was absolutely impossible to say that it didn't have a little connection in the Dao, and in the 1970s and 1980s, it was a time when the world was fought with fists, so the Yang family's history of prosperity would naturally have a very deep connection to this aspect.

        At this time in the Yang family villa, almost all the family members were there, and the expressions on everyone's faces didn't look too bright, like something big had happened.

        Yang Bin, as the ruler of the Yang family, was already a hundred years old and had the reputation of being the Yang family's ancestor.

        Although he was very old, Yang Bin's spirit was full of energy, and his head full of white hair did not give people the impression that he had reached the age when he should be buried.

        Yang Bin didn't have any real power in his hands, as he had given the power of the family ministries to his knees, but as the pioneer of the Yang family, he still had a very heavy voice in the Yang family.

        Someone had once said that as long as the Yang Family's ancestor remained alive, the Yang Family would never be in a state of chaos to seize power, which was enough to show that Yang Bin's status was so high that even outsiders wouldn't dare to take it lightly.

        "Old Ancestor, I'm afraid that someone is trying to target my Yang Family in this incident." Yang Wanlin spoke up, as a leader among the younger generation of the Yang family, he still had a relatively high voice in the family and was very appreciated by Yang Bin, even the next family seat of the Yang family would most likely fall on his head.

        "If you know that someone is targeting the Yang family, why haven't you found out anything at all by now?" Yang Bin said sternly, even though Yang Wanlin was one of the juniors he valued, he didn't save any face for Yang Wanlin.

        To Yang Bin, the most important thing was still the foundation and status of the Yang family, and he would never allow any provocation from anyone while he was alive.

        "Are you guys doing something unfavorable, or do you simply not want to do it?" Yang Bin questioned.

        Not a single person present dared to answer, and many of them even kept their heads down, Yang Bin's aura was too strong, causing them to feel a strong sense of oppression.

        "It can't be that someone is trying to take advantage of this incident to play with civil unrest, right?" Yang Bin continued.

        Everyone in the Yang family knew that before Old Ancestor died, anyone who dared to mess up would ironically be kicked out of the family, so even if they desperately wanted to rule the family, they would never dare to do these things behind their backs, because nothing could be hidden from Yang Bin's eyes, and he was the only one who knew how many eyes he had in Yanjing.

        "Old Ancestor, this matter has absolutely nothing to do with me, I don't know anything." Yang Wanlin quickly said.

        As soon as he said this, the others followed suit.

        "Old Ancestor, I don't know either, it has nothing to do with me."

        "Old Ancestor, I can swear to the heavens that I have never done anything wrong to the Yang family."

        "Whoever did, is struck by lightning from heaven."

        Seeing the crowd hurriedly write off their responsibility, Yang Bin smiled coldly, a bunch of pussies without courage, if anyone dared to admit it at this time, Yang Bin would have appreciated his courage, but unfortunately, none of them dared.

        Of course, it was also possible that this matter really had nothing to do with our clan and was a challenge to the Yang family by outsiders.

        At this time, another old man walked up to Yang Bin, looking at his heavy footsteps, it was obvious that he was a practitioner.

        "Old ancestor, someone wants to see you." The old man said.

        When the Yang family crowd heard this, they all perked up their ears, because this old man's identity was very mysterious, he followed Yang Bin inch by inch, solved countless assassinations and sneak attacks for him, someone once said that his skills were so powerful that he even took the title of the first person in the Yanjing Martial Dao, only that everyone who had actually seen his skills had died, so no one knew if this matter was true or not.

        "Do you know who it is?" Yang Bin asked.

        "A child, ordering to see you, I find it a bit strange." The old man said.

        Yang Bin and the old man had known each other for decades, and if he were an idle person, he wouldn't have come to inform himself at all.

        "Since you came to tell me, it seems to have a meaning worth meeting." Yang Bin said.

        The old man nodded and quickly led in a child from outside the villa, and this child was Han Qianqian.

        Having killed the Yang family's puppet, Liu Dongyang, and him appearing in the Yang family right now, it was really hard to guess what Han Qianxiang wanted to do.

        "Old ancestor." Han Qianqian shouted politely after seeing Yang Bin.

        Yang Bin didn't even look at Han Three Thousand and said, "Not just anyone can shout these two words, who are you and why do you want to see me."

        "My name is Han Qianqian, but that name is unimportant, how could you have heard of the kid." Han Qianqian said with an indifferent face.

        "You do have some self-awareness, what background identity?" Yang Bin asked.

        Before Han Qianli could speak, Yang Wanlin, who was on the side, spoke up, "Your name is Han Qianli, you're not that trashy young master of the Han family, are you?"

        Han 3000's name wasn't well known to too many people, but in certain circles, Han 3000 was considered famous, and since Han Jun had deliberately tried to spread the word about it, there were many stories circulating about Han 3000 in Yanjing's second generation circles.

        Of course, these stories were all born to illustrate how useless Han 3,000 was, so the outside world's impression of Han 3,000 was just two words, useless!

        "The Han family? What Han?" Yang Bin looked at Yang Wanlin and asked.

        Yang Wanlin smiled faintly and explained, "Old Ancestor, the Han family is a small family in Yanjing, it's not worth mentioning, and he's not even as good as a servant in the Han family, I heard that he lives in a doghouse."

        It was only after hearing these words that Yang Bin turned his head to look at Han Qianqian, why would such a useless little brat name him?

        "You don't want to ask me for help after being treated unfairly by your own family, do you, little boy?" Yang Bin said.

        "I'm not in the habit of asking for help, I'm here to give you a good opinion," Han Giangli said.

        Yang Bin couldn't help but laugh, giving him advice?

        Who would dare to say such a thing in such a large Yang family, and even an outsider would never dare to say so in front of him.

        Childish words?

        Or does this little guy really have some good insight?

        "Okay, I think you're quite interesting, so let you finish your sentence, and after that, leave quickly." Yang Bin said.

        "There's someone who can better replace Liu Dongyang." Han Giangli said.

        Yang Bin's face was cold, the reason why all the members of the Yang family were gathered together today was because of Liu Dongyang's matter, and how could this little kid suddenly mention Liu Dongyang?


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