His True Colors Chapter 1111-1113


His True Colors Chapter 1111

Qin Lin could be said to have crashed and burned to get to know some powerful families, and so far, no one had taken him seriously at all, so he knew very well how difficult it was to get in touch with these upstarts.

        And Han Qianqiang, who had only spent two or three days, had gained the Yao family's attention?

        This was beyond unbelievable to Qin Lin, and even he couldn't quite believe what kind of honor it had to be for the Yao family to personally invite Han Marchand to the Chamber of Commerce gathering.

        "There's nothing to be surprised about, there will be more of this sort of thing in the future, you don't need to be too surprised." Han Qianqian said with a flat expression, it was just one Yao family, and it was by no means a surprise that the entire Yanjing's top tier families would bow to him in the future.

        Qin Lin took a deep breath as a way to ease his emotions, looking at Han Three Thousand's calm and unimpressed expression, he was very curious as to how Han Three Thousand was able to do it, but Han Three Thousand was his boss after all, it wasn't his turn to get to the bottom of it yet.

        "That's right, don't call me young master from now on, just call me boss." Han Three Thousand continued, Little Young Master was a ridiculous label, a waste of the Han family in everyone's eyes, and if Han Three Thousand wanted to shed that identity, he had to ditch the title Little Young Master first.

        "Yes, boss." Qin Lin said with his head bowed.

        Han Three Thousand stood up, "There's nothing else, I'll leave first, go prepare yourself, the day after tomorrow is your chance to get to know more of the high society, it's up to you whether you can seize this opportunity or not."

        "Don't worry boss, I'll never let you down." Qin Lin said, he had tried all sorts of ways not to get in for this, and now that Han Qianqian had created this opportunity for him, he would naturally make it the most valuable it could be.

        Han Three Thousand believed in Qin Lin's abilities, in the last fourteen years, if it wasn't for Qin Lin, Feng Qian Company wouldn't have been able to grow at all.

        When he left the company, Han 3,000 received an unexpected phone call, which was actually from Yao Hanxing.

        The fact that this domineering child would actually take the initiative to contact him was a bit baffling to Han Three Thousand.

        "Just say what you want." Han Qianqian saw Yao Hanxing swallowing his words and said somewhat impatiently.

        Yao Hanxing hesitated and said with a hard scalp, "Han Three Thousand, I want to thank you for saving me, from today onwards, I'll treat you as a brother, it doesn't matter as to how you think of me."

        This made Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh, this uncaring guy would actually still whisper, it looked like he was intimidated by Brother Yang.

        Of course, Han 3000 wouldn't really be that simple, thinking that the word brother was as simple as its surface meaning.

        Although he had saved Yao Hanxing, this was definitely not enough to make Yao Hanxing bow down to him.

        I'm afraid the most important reason for Yao Hanxing to do this was that he valued his own strength.

        "You're trying to find a helper so that you can look for my help if you cause any trouble in the future, right, the word brother is really cheap coming out of your mouth." Han Qianqian said mercilessly, he didn't need to give Yao Hanxing face, this kind of domineering son, the more he gave him face, the more he would rub his nose in it.

        "That's not what I meant, I sincerely wanted to thank you and make friends with you." Yao Hanxing said.

        From the interest aspect alone, making friends with Yao Hanxing was a good thing for Han Qianli, it could strengthen his position with the Yao family even more, and Han Qianli wasn't afraid of Yao Hanxing's tricks, after all, in front of absolute power, any schemes and tricks were pale and powerless.

        "Wait until you're released from the hospital, then buy me a drink," Han Giangli said.

        "Okay, wait for me, I'll be out of the hospital soon." Yao Hanxing said excitedly.

        Hanging up the phone, Yao Hanxing lay on the hospital bed with a contented face, this phone call, he didn't make this call to Han 3000 through anyone's authority, but his own consideration, when Yao Hanxing started to think about this matter, he found that making friends with Han 3000, a hundred benefits and no harm, this was definitely a thing worth doing.

        Even though Han Qianxiang was just a useless young master of the Han family who was a trash in the public's mouth right now, Yao Hanxing knew that with Han Qianxiang's ability, sooner or later, people would be impressed by him and that Han Qianxiang would definitely be able to create his own power in Yanjing and develop it so well that he might even surpass the Han family.

        From this point of view, it was definitely a wise choice for Yao Hanxing to grab a head start and make friends with Han Three Thousand.

        "What's wrong with you, your hand was almost broken and you're still laughing?" It so happened that at this moment, Yao Yuhai arrived in the hospital room, and when he saw Yao Hanxing's smiling face, he couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "Dad, I just did the wisest thing in my life." Yao Hanxing said with a smile.

        Yao Yuhai had a bad feeling when he heard this, because Yao Hanxing hadn't done anything right since he was a kid, and his self-importance was definitely a disaster in the end.

        "What have you done again, you're already lying in a hospital bed, and you can't stop?" Yao Yuhai said with dissatisfaction.

        "Dad, don't worry, I really didn't get in trouble this time." Yao Hanxing said.

        His words, in Yao Yuhai's ears, were no different from farting, how could Yao Yuhai believe him.

        "What else can you do but cause trouble, after decades of being your old man, do I still not know what kind of person you are?" Yao Yuhai coldly said.

        "Dad, I just called Han Giangli." Yao Hanxing knew that Yao Yuhai wouldn't believe him easily, so he could only tell Yao Yuhai about it.

        Yao Yu Hai frowned and called Han 3000, with this kid's temper, he shouldn't have gone to mock Han 3000 again.

        Damned thing, it's already at such a time, and Han Qianli even saved his life, he still wants to provoke Han Qianli!

        "But don't worry, I am in no way provoking him, but rather telling him that I want to be brothers with him." Before Yao Yuhai could ask a question, Yao Hanxing continued.

        Yao Yuhai was stunned, he called Han Qianqian and this was the matter?

        "And he also said that he'll buy him a drink after I'm released from the hospital." Yao Hanxing said proudly.

        This matter was definitely a good thing, and not just for Yao Hanxing himself, but for the entire Yao family.

        But Yao Yuhai didn't quite understand, was this Yao Hanxing's Ren and Vessel being opened up, how could he suddenly do such a thing?

        "Why are you doing this?" Yao Yuhai asked, only if he knew why, he would be able to know what Yao Hanxing was thinking.

His True Colors Chapter 1112

Hearing Yao Yuhai ask this, Yao Hanxing put away his playful and smiling expression.

        "Dad, actually this matter, I've thought about it for a long time, although Han 3000 is treated as trash by many people, but in reality, he is definitely not a person like that, and most people will definitely regret their contempt for him in the future, since he is so powerful, he can definitely be a big figure in Yanjing in the future, while no one else knows about this matter, I know about it, as the saying goes It's a chance for me to be close to the water, and if I can become friends with Han Qianxiang, it will definitely help me a lot in the future, and for the entire Yao family as well." Yao Hanxing said.

        Hearing these words, Yao Yuhai looked impressed, even somewhat unable to believe that these words had come from Yao Hanxing's mouth.

        Yao Yuhai was well aware of his son's ability to be almost useless except for food and drink, and this time, Yao Hanxing had truly grown up, truly become mature and knew how to consider his future path.

        "Son, you've finally grown up, dad is very pleased with you, you're right, this is your opportunity now, just grabbing the relationship with Han Qianqian will definitely be of great benefit to the future." Yao Yuhai said, he originally had the same idea about this and even hesitated to let Yao Hanxing do it, but considering Yao Hanxing's character, he was worried that Yao Hanxing would mess things up, that's why he didn't say anything.

        Now that Yao Hanxing himself had an awareness of this, it really made Yao Yuhai feel doubly pleased.

        "But son, Dad has a word of caution for you, if you make friends with him, you must be sincere, and you must never do anything sneaky." Yao Yuhai reminded, in terms of mindfulness and subtlety, this fourteen year old child was definitely not simple, Yao Hanxing's tactics were definitely a class act in front of him, so you must never play any small mind, once Han Qianli found out, it would be the end of stealing chickens and eating rice, if you make a grudge against Han Qianli, it would not be a good thing for the Yao family.

        "Dad, don't worry, since I've decided to make friends with him, I naturally understand this." Yao Hanxing said.

        Yao Yuhai nodded his head repeatedly, today, was probably the happiest day of his life, as his inept son grew up, the Yao family's future would not need him to worry about it.

        Even Yao Yuhai felt that by the time Han Qianqian truly became famous in Yanjing, the Yao family would still be able to reap great benefits from it and even be among the true top families.

        In Yanjing, there were three families that were above the other families, and all of these families had a solid background with a hundred years of history, and Yao Yuhai had dreamt of being on an equal footing with these families, but this was just a fantasy, and there was almost no chance of success.

        But now, Yao Yuhai saw hope, as Han Three Thousand Thousand might be the one person who could bring down the three great families.

        For his part, Han Three Thousand, after hanging up the phone with Yao Hanxing, he didn't take this matter too seriously because he was well aware of the interests mixed in with the word brother, he wasn't a child, and he knew this game of interests better than anyone else.

        Unconsciously, Han 3000 walked to a familiar place, a place he used to come to often, and even cried to be taken in here one rainy night.

        Everything still seemed so familiar when Han three thousand years old stepped into the bean juice shop, and Han three thousand years old sat directly in the same familiar spot he used to sit in.

        The boss's daughter, Chen Ling, wearing a ponytail, was playing with playdough on the side. Han 3,000 remembered that she had almost joined a cult, and it was there that Han 3,000 obtained the skeleton and thus possessed superhuman strength.

        During this period of time, Han 3000 was still not very familiar with the boss's wife, so the two sides were just having a very simple conversation between the boss and the customer.

        Instead, Chen Ling would sneak a glance at Han 3,000 from time to time, probably because she thought Han 3,000 was more handsome.

        When Han Qianqian found out that Chen Ling was peeking at her, she smiled, and Chen Ling immediately lowered her head, and her face turned scarlet, even to the roots of her ears, the little girl's shyness was on full display at this moment.

        Han Qianli slightly smiled, at this time so cute Chen Ling, Han Qianli really can not imagine, when she grows up, actually will become a horse-k*lling girl, the image is completely different.

        After drinking the bean juice, Han 3,000 didn't communicate with the boss's wife too much, because the two sides weren't very familiar with each other, Han 3,000 wouldn't deliberately change these things.

        Just as he was paying the bill and preparing to leave, a group of punks with steel pipes hidden in their sleeves rushed into the shop.

        The boss's wife's face changed as soon as she saw the battle.

        "Where's your man, tell him to get out and pay back the money."

        "If you don't return the money today, I'll smash your shitty shop."

        "Hurry up, don't waste my time."

        These little punks flaunted their power, scaring many customers.

        Han Qianqian remembered that the boss's wife had a rotten gambling husband and had heard her talk about it before, often being debt-collected by people on the fringes of society.

        The owner's wife obviously hadn't seen this situation for the first time, and after letting her daughter hide in the cashier bar, she said to those people, "You guys are looking for him, I want to look for him too, it's been a whole half month since he came back."

        "He's not here, so you'll pay for this, so get the money." The leader with dyed yellow hair said to the boss's wife.

        In this day and age, most of the people on the fringes of society preferred yellow hair, which seemed to have become their trademark feature.

        "No money, I can't even get a few customers a day in this little shop, I can't even pay my rent, where is the money to give you guys, if you want money, go find someone who borrowed it." The owner's wife said, this is a bottomless pit that can never be filled, and the two of them, mother and daughter, are living on the meager income from this bean juice shop, how can they live and run the business if they give all the money away.

        "No money?" Yellow Hair smiled coldly and hit the window with a stick, and the glass instantly exploded, splattering shards everywhere.

        "You idiots, still eating, hurry up and get out before blood splatters on you."

        When the customers saw the momentum, they couldn't even bother to pay, and they all ran away in a blur.

        The boss lady was so anxious that she jumped to her feet, but no matter how much she screamed, those people didn't even turn their heads back.

        "Little kid, what are you still looking at, can't you understand what I'm saying, I told you to get lost." A certain person scolded as he saw that Han Qianli was still standing in the same spot.

        To Han Qianli, this was by no means something he could turn a blind eye to, after all, the boss's wife had treated him well in the past, and now that she was in trouble, how could Han Qianli leave so easily when he was able to help her out?

        "Who is your boss." Han 3,000 asked.

His True Colors Chapter 1113

Han Qianqian's words made the gang of punks laugh, this little kid's mouth was really big, and he wanted to stand up for someone without looking at the situation.

        "Kid, I advise you to get out while you still have a chance." Yellow Hair said disdainfully to Han Qianqian.

        "I'm asking you, who's your boss." Han Qianqian said.

        "Kid, what does it matter to you who my boss is, is it hard to believe that you're still qualified to see my boss?" Yellow Hair chuckled.

        "Hurry up and get lost, don't waste our time."

        "Kid, if you want to be a hero, you have to see what you can do, do you know what this is in the hands of the brothers, it's not so easy to hit your body, your little body, I'm afraid you'll just die."

        Han Giangli shook his head helplessly, he just realized that it was a complete waste of time to bullshit with these guys, how would they take him seriously?

        "Yeah? I want to try." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        As soon as the boss's wife heard this, she quickly said, "Kid, you'd better leave, you can't afford to mess with these people."

        "Auntie, I'm in charge of this." Han Giangli shouted subconsciously, this was what he used to call the boss's wife, but their current relationship hadn't matured to this extent.

        The boss's wife frowned slightly, although she had seen this kid, she wasn't impressed, so how could she call herself auntie.

        The gang of punks lost patience when they saw that Han Qianqian didn't see his coffin and wouldn't shed a tear.

        Huang Mao gave a look to one of his men.

        The man walked up to Han 3,000 with a steel pipe and grimaced, "Little brother, don't blame brother for being too cruel, you're asking for it."

        After saying that, the man swung the steel pipe, ready to teach Han Three Thousand a painful lesson.

        But before he could swing it, Han Qianqian punched him in the face, causing him to fall backwards and fall to the ground, covering his face and screaming in pain.

        Huang Mao was stunned, not expecting this kid to actually be good at something, so he could only take action himself.

        But the end result of Yellow Hair's action was no different from his little brother, after all, their opponent was Han 3000, an existence that had almost ruled the Xuanyuan World, and if it wasn't for the appearance of the Lin Long, Han 3000 was definitely the strongest in the Xuanyuan World!

        It was only when Yellow Hair also fell that those people panicked and looked at Han Qianli with eyes that all revealed some fear.

        I thought to myself how could this little brat be so good at fighting, he couldn't have met some expert.

        "What are you guys waiting for, let's go together." Yellow Hair gritted his teeth and roared.

        Han Qianqian bent down, picked up a steel pipe on the ground, and said indifferently, "Are you sure you still want to fight? I just used my fist, and I don't know how hard the steel pipe is."

        The gang was stunned in place, and none of them even dared to take the initiative to take action against Han Marchand.

        This kind of gangster was not someone with great ability, and the reason why they dared to be arrogant was just to bully the weak by being outnumbered, and when they really met a powerful character, it was just a bunch of wimps.

        Now Han Qianli's display of power made them not dare to act rashly, and they didn't dare to treat Han Qianli as a child to be bullied at will.

        The boss's wife was a little surprised, she did not expect such a small child to be able to subdue these thugs.

        As for Ling Chen, full of heroic admiration, the little girl seemed to have a budding spring heart, and although she still couldn't understand what kind of feelings this was, she knew that she liked the little brother in front of her.

        "Take me to meet your boss." Han Giangli said to Huang Mao.

        Huang Mao gritted his teeth and looked at the other men, not even daring to move, surely he couldn't beat the kid in front of him.

        But it didn't matter, since he wanted to see the boss, he would give him this chance.

        At his own turf, Yellow Hair didn't believe that he couldn't still subdue a little kid.

        "Fine, if you want to meet, I'll just take you there, but don't regret it." Huang Mao said.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand threw away the steel pipe and said, "In my life dictionary, this word hasn't appeared yet."

        After saying that, Han 3,000 was the first to walk out of the bean juice shop.

        The gang of thugs saw the situation and followed closely.

        "Mom, will my brother be in danger?" Chen Ling looked worried as he asked the boss lady.

        The boss's wife was also very worried, after all, he was just a child, but this matter was not something that the boss's wife could help with.

        "It should be fine, don't worry Ling'er." The boss lady's words were a bit unconscionable, but there was really nothing she could do for an ordinary woman.

        But Ling Chen was just a child, and she firmly believed in her mother's words, so she felt that Han Marchan would be fine, and hadn't she just knocked down two of them.

        "Brother is awesome." Chen Ling's little face blushed and said.

        Han Qianli followed Yellow Hair and the others to a casino, the environment was rather dirty and the gamblers inside one by one didn't look like rich people, they should be specializing in screwing some ordinary people, from all of this, Yellow Hair's boss was probably just a small role.

        Of course, even if it was a big figure in the Dao, it wasn't worth mentioning to Han 3,000, and his current strength wouldn't be too much of a problem to deal with, no matter how big the influence was.

        "Looks like you guys aren't mixing well either," Han Giang said indifferently.

        Being mocked by Han Qianqian, Yellow Hair wanted to step on Han Qianqian and ravage him on the ground, but after thinking about how Han Qianqian was so capable of fighting, he could only hold his anger down for the time being, anyway, he was already on his own turf, so as long as he waited for the boss to give his word, there would be plenty of opportunities to vent his anger.

        Walking into an office.

        Rather than an office, it was more like a room, because there was no office, instead there was a bed, and a middle-aged man with a greasy head was holding a little girl with colorful hair in his arms, wearing fishnet stockings and dressed like a street-walker.

        "Boss." Huang Mao shouted.

        The middle-aged man didn't even look at Yellow Hair and said, "Did you get the money back?"

        "Boss, there's been some trouble." Yellow Hair said weakly.

        "F*ck, if you can't handle this little matter, what use are you, f*ck, you can just go eat sh*t." The middle aged man cursed and said.

        "Boss, it's all because of this kid who ruined it for us, and he wants to see you." Yellow Hair said.

        Only then did the middle-aged man raise his head, but when he saw Han Qianli, he became even more furious.

        A little kid was just a kid, but he could still ruin their good fortune, so could it be that a group of people couldn't even handle a little kid.

        "Yellow Mao, are you f*cking kidding me, just him, such a little piece of sh*t, and he can still ruin your business?" The middle-aged man raged.


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