His True Colors Chapter 1019-1020


His True Colors Chapter 1019

Zhantai Liuyue had only spoken of the mundane nature of the album before, but what one didn't expect was that she herself treasured a copy, and it was still under her pillow, so it was clear that she would look through it every day.

        "What kind of person are you that you can make people so curious, a hundred people up and down the Piao Miao Sect, almost everyone is talking about you." Zhantai Liuyue said indifferently.

        Flipping through the album, although she had seen it countless times, every time she saw the fight images on it, she felt a different feeling, as if she could feel the intense images of the original war based on these images alone.

        Meanwhile, Phoenix Mountain, the location of the Three Thousand Sect.

        Huang Snap Yong had officially started accepting disciples by rank, and it was almost as if no one was turning away, which made many people kneel down to thank him for his generosity, but Huang Snap Yong didn't feel the least bit grateful for such gratitude, he only knew that every time he accepted a disciple from a poor family, the sect's expenses would increase by one point.

        It was not surprising that Snapdragon Huang had such thoughts, the world of Xuanyuan was so stratified that it was hard for him to understand the position and feelings of those poor people, and although his father used to be just a puppet, he was still nominally the son of the city lord, and the world of these poor people was vastly different.

        To ask him to accept the idea of being on equal footing with the poor in a very short period of time was obviously unrealistic.

        "Hey, Master takes in so many people, these people don't take in a penny, how much money will this cost later." Snapdragon Huang had a feeling that his heart was bleeding, and said helplessly to Ying Jiang.

        "If you have an opinion, you can go and mention it to him, what's the use of talking to me." Jiang Yingying scorned.

        Huang Snap Yong quickly shook his head, how would he dare to go to bullsh*t in front of Han Giang, he could only complain in private for a couple of sentences.

        "Shishu, what do you think my master is thinking, other sects take in apprentices, but they have to make money, but he's good enough to lose his money." Huang Snapdragon said in puzzlement.

        Ying Jiang knew that Han Qianqiang was a person who sought fairness, and although he could never do anything to make the world fair on his own, he would try to embody the word as much as possible in what he encountered.

        To him, poor and rich alike were all treated equally.

        And for when did Han 3000 care about money, to him, money was just numbers, just dung.

        "If you want to make money, wouldn't it be better for you to simply go back to Long Yun City, your father is the lord of the city, you have a lot of opportunities to make money in Long Yun City, do you want me to go and speak to Brother 3000 and ask him to let you go?" Jiang Ying Ying said.

        Huang Snap Yong shrank his neck in fright and said, "Teacher's wife, you'd better stop joking with me, how can I be willing to leave my master, I still have to serve him for the rest of my life."

        Jiang Yingying smiled helplessly, Huang Snapdragon was like a hooligan sometimes, people like him should like to enjoy a peaceful life, why would he be willing to stay by Han Marchant's side?

        "Sometimes, getting stronger isn't a good thing," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "Shishu, you're standing on your head, you're so powerful, of course you can say sarcastic things, in the Xuanyuan World, strength is paramount, how can getting stronger not be a good thing." Snapdragon Huang retorted.

        "The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, the greater the risk of what you face, don't you understand such a simple truth?" Jiang Ying Ying was speechless, she found out that Huang Snapdragon was a sod, he couldn't think with his head at all.

        "Where's the risk in following Master, as long as Master is there, I'm not afraid of anything." Snapdragon Huang said.

        This statement left Jiang Ying Ying completely speechless, I'm afraid that this guy still doesn't know what impact the founding of the Three Thousand Year Sect will bring, I'm afraid that the Royal Dragon Palace, for its part, has already regarded the Three Thousand Year Sect as a thorn in his side.

        Communicating with an idiot was a very taxing task, so Jiang Yingying simply stopped talking.

        In one day, the Three Thousand Sect had already had as many as a hundred disciples, and most of these were civilians who had never practiced before, which was hardly helpful in improving the strength of the Three Thousand Sect.

        Half a month later.

        The Three Thousand Sect was beginning to take shape, and although it wasn't completely finished yet, the general pattern could already be seen.

        It had to be said that the financial strength of the Ximen Clan was indeed awesome, the construction of the clan, there were thousands of workers alone, and the daily expenditure must be like running water, which made Han Third Thousand Sect think of the real estate industry on Earth, but the difference was that the developers were put in to make money, but the money invested by Ximen Embers could never be earned back.

        What he could earn was a crisis, and it was brought about by the Three Thousand Clans.

        On this day, Han 3,000 was enjoying the warmth brought by the sunshine by the mansion's pond, and Ximen Embers found Han 3,000 with a jug of good wine.

        "Mr. Han, this is my Ximen Clan's precious brew, please taste it." Ximen Embers said to Han Three Thousand with a smile.

        Han Three thousand didn't have any hobbies in this matter of drinking, in his mouth, no matter how good the wine was, it was just spicy.

        But Ximen Embers naturally came, so Han Three Thousand wouldn't extend his hand to hit the smiling face.

        "If you have nothing to say, just say so." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Mr. Han, I do have one thing I'd like to ask you for." Seeing how straightforward Han Qianqian was, Ximen Embers didn't beat around the bush.

        "Go ahead."

        "The Ximen Family has a forbidden place, but I don't know how to open it, so I'm hoping that Mr. Han can help." Ximen Embers said, this one forbidden place belonged to the Ximen Family patriarch, in the past, only Ximen Chang knew the way to open the forbidden door, but with Ximen Chang's death, the way to open the forbidden door disappeared from the world, Ximen Embers had tried many methods and had Zhong Qishan help, but none of them could be opened, so he had no choice but to ask Han Qianqian for help.

        For Ximen Embers, there was definitely the family's most valuable things within the forbidden area, so he would definitely try to open it by any means possible.

        "Since it's the Ximen Family's forbidden area, it's not too good for me to go, right?" Han Qianli was calm on the surface, but curiosity had risen within, as the number one family within the imperial court, with such a forbidden area in existence, there would definitely be many good things, maybe there were still those things he could take a fancy to.

        "Everything of the Ximen family can be said to be Mr. Han's, how could it be bad, if there is anything that Mr. Han can take a fancy to, Mr. Han can just take it." Ximen Embers was also a smart man, since he had to have help, he naturally couldn't help for free, so he had already thought of the things inside, and could let Han Qianqian pick them out.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows were raised, talking to a smart person was simple, many words didn't even need to be picked out, he also knew what to do.

        "In that case, take me for a look." Han Third Thousand said.

His True Colors Chapter 1020

Before the good wine was consumed, they arrived at Ximen Embers' room.

        This was once Ximen Chang's residence, and every patriarch of the Ximen family lived in this room, as the forbidden passageway was in this room.

        For Ximen Embers to guard the forbidden passage every day but not be allowed to enter, it was a very difficult thing to do, otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Han 3000 to help, because if he called Han 3000, he would surely lose something.

        When Ximen Embers opened a flash of the secret door to the dark room, the two of them walked along the small pathway.

        The width of the path could only accommodate one person, but the distance was not close, and it took several minutes of walking before they arrived at another door.

        "Mr. Han, this door is made of a special material and cannot be opened by force." Ximen Embers explained to Han 3,000, which also amounted to a reminder for Han 3,000 not to try to open it with brute force.

        When Han 3000 saw the door, he was shocked inside, as the material was too familiar to him, and although he couldn't go to the trouble of determining what exactly it was made of, it was definitely some sort of special steel, and how could such a thing appear in Xuanyuan World?

        In Han 3,000's opinion, this should be a product of the Earth!

        Something from Earth, but it appeared in the world of Xuanyuan.

        Han Qianli suddenly turned his gaze to look at Ximen Embers.

        The next old man had said that the apocalypse had sent many people to the Xuanyuan World, but none of those people had returned to Earth.

        Could it be that this Ximen family had something to do with the Apocalypse?

        Or even that the Simon family, which was founded by someone in the apocalypse, was the reason he knew how to do this?

        But on second thought, Han Giangli dismissed the idea that even if one knew such technology, one needed supporting equipment to make something so perfectly crafted.

        "Mr. Han, what's wrong?" Ximen Embers was so frightened by Han Qianli's eyes that he quickly lowered his head.

        "It's nothing, it's just that there's something strange about this door, this material, I've never seen it before." Han Three Thousand said.

        Ximen Embers nodded, he had never seen such a thing before either, it was a thousand times harder than iron.

        "Mr. Han, do you have a way to be able to open it?" Ximen Embers asked.

        Han Giangli smiled, he had discovered the combination lock, it wasn't difficult to open the door, it just took some time.

        He just couldn't figure it out more and more, a security door of this level, even on Earth, I'm afraid it would only be applied to bank vaults, so how could it appear in Xuanyuan World?

        "Haven't you ever thought of entering the forbidden area from somewhere else, this door can stop you, but somewhere else, you should be able to dig into the forbidden area." Han Giangli asked to Ximen Embers.

        Ximen Embers smiled bitterly, he had already tried this method, but the forbidden quadrangle, all made of this material, was like an iron box that had been buried underground, and there was no other entrance other than this door.

        After Ximen Embers explained the situation to Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian was even more appalled, who exactly left this behind, and what was left in this secret vault?

        "You go out first, I'll try." Han Three Thousand said to Ximen Embers.

        Ximen Embers expression clearly flashed with a hint of unease, but he quickly covered it up, he couldn't disobey Han 3000's order.

        After Ximen Embers left, Han 3000 started to worry, he wasn't a lock-picking thief and had a bit of a hard time with this kind of combination lock, and if, according to Earth's technology, the combination would lock up after reaching a certain number of errors, then it would be even harder to open it again.

        Han Giangli had seen many movies about theft though, and the movies showed many kinds of ways to open the locks, but without any tools, those methods couldn't be achieved.

        "Is there a way to get in?" Han Marchian said.

        The red-eyed jade python on his arm started to become active and appeared very excited, it hadn't been active for too long, it had been stirring during the last war, if Han 3000 hadn't controlled it, the impact of that war would have been even greater.

        The Red-Eyed Jade Python was an extremely high quality exotic beast, it was in the depths of the Dark Forest, and although Han 3000 had no way to determine its rank, Han 3000 knew that ordinary exotic beasts definitely couldn't compare to him.

        "Don't get excited, if you can't open it, just stay honest with me, and if you can open it for me, I'll let you go out for a few days, how about it?" Han Giangli said.

        Hearing this, the red-eyed jade python appeared even more excited, spitting out red letters and looking like it was eager to try it out.

        Suddenly, the red-eyed jade python emitted a glow of Perspex all over its body, and although it seemed mild, it brewed great energy.

        When it climbed onto the security door, the entire door began to dissolve and emitted a zipping sound, a powerful corrosion that left Han Giangli dumbfounded.

        Thinking of this guy who always stayed on his arm, Han 3,000 suddenly had a numbing feeling, if this guy used this ability on his hand, wouldn't his hand have been ruined long ago.

        Fortunately, Han 3000 had already signed a contract with the Red-Eyed Jade Python, and the lives of one person and one snake were tied together, so the Red-Eyed Jade Python wouldn't harm him.

        "I didn't think you still had this ability." Seeing that the security door had dissolved a hole in it, Han Giangli smiled, as if it wasn't too difficult and he could open the door just by watching quietly.

        At this moment, the red-eyed jade python suddenly stopped and then mouthed red letters at Han Three Thousand.

        "Don't worry, as long as I can get in, I'll let you free for a few days," Han Three Thousand said.

        Only after hearing this did the red-eyed jade python begin its path of corrosion again, and it did so extraordinarily diligently.

        In a short while, the hole was able to pass and the red-eyed jade python's mission was complete.

        After Han Giangli let it return to his arm, he called for Ximen Embers.

        When Ximen Embers saw the hole in the door, he secretly suppressed the shock within himself as he heard Zhong Qishan say that it was impossible for this door to be opened with violence even by an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, but Han Three Thousand had apparently done it!

        Wouldn't that mean that Han 3000 was even more powerful than the Extreme Mastery!

        "This is your family after all, lead the way." Han Marchan said to Ximen Embers.

        "Thank you, Mr. Han." Finally being able to enter the forbidden area, Ximen Embers was very excited inside, as this place housed all of the rarities of the Ximen family, which only Ximen Chang was qualified to know about before, but now, this veil of mystery was finally going to be revealed to him.

        Ximen Embers entered first, followed closely by Han Giangli.

        It was said to be a forbidden area, but it was actually just a secret room, the space was small, but the things were dazzling, but Han Qianqian was then attracted by an inconspicuous wooden box in the corner.

        Within the wooden box, there was an inexplicable power that attracted him.


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