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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2311

Being embraced by all the etiquette ladies allowed Xiao Weiwei to successfully take the first step in taking over the Shang Mei etiquette company.


      She was busy in the company until very late, and then she barely managed to catch the last bus, dragging her tired body back to the Townsend Villa.


      Since Xiao Weiwei went out to work, the Xiao family barely considered that they didn't have to go hungry anymore, the family had more or less prepared a little rice, not daring to say that they could let the old lady Xiao as well as Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, the two invalids, eat vegetables and meat, at least when they were hungry they could steam a pot of white rice to barely fill their hunger.


      When Xiao Weiwei returned home, Old Mrs. Xiao had just finished serving Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong the white rice, and she used boiling water to make half a bowl of rice, sprinkled some salt into it, and ate it alone.


      Seeing Xiao Weiwei back, she couldn't help but grumble a bit, "Weiwei, why are you so late today? I'm home alone to serve your father and your brother, the whole thing is exhausting, and you didn't say you'd come back from work early to help me."


      Xiao Weiwei said apologetically, "I'm sorry ah grandmother, there are more things going on in the company, so it took a little longer"


      Old Mrs. Xiao said with discontent, "It's just being a ceremonial lady, isn't it? When it's over, you come back with the money, why are you still so late?"


      Xiao Hailong, who was lying on the bed, also couldn't help but speak up, "Yes Vivian, I especially wanted to eat a bowl of skinny pork porridge today, and I also said that I'd wait for you to come back from earning money earlier to buy half a pound of pork and two more skinny eggs, but I ended up waiting until now."


      Xiao Chang Qian, who was lying next to Xiao Hailong, sighed and said, "Wei Wei ah, Dad has been having cramps for the past two days, it hurts like hell and won't heal for a while, it seems like he's been suffering from malnutrition and calcium deficiency for a while, can you do something about it and buy Dad a box of calcium tablets?"


      Xiao Weiwei's heart ached as she saw her dad and brother in this pitiful state, and she wanted to tell them all about her experience today, to let them know that Ye Chen had given her a good opportunity, allowed her to manage a company, and gave her a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan.


      However, when she thought that Ye Chen had explained that he did not want to create extra problems and keep himself silent, she resisted the impulse to suppress this matter and opened her mouth: "Dad, brother, you two insist on insisting on insisting, the company has adjusted my position, so that I can be a manager, a month's salary can be 10,000 yuan, I will find the finance tomorrow to advance half a month's salary out first, and then will definitely Improve our family's living conditions properly."


      Xiao Changqian was surprised and asked after her, "Weiwei, what you said is true?! You're really in management at the company?!"


      Xiao Hailong was also busy having to ask, "Weiwei, do you really pay 10,000 yuan a month?!"


      Xiao Weiwei nodded her head and said seriously, "It's really 10,000 yuan a month."


      Saying that, she pulled out the latest model of iPhone that Ye Chen bought for her and said gratefully, "The boss saw that I don't have a phone or work, and he even gave me one."


      "I'll go!" Xiao Hailong perked up and took off, "Sister! You're on the rise! It's so generous of your boss to say he's giving away over 10,000 mobile phones!"


      Old Mrs. Xiao on the side was also excited with tears streaming down her face, her mouth choked, "If Weiwei can really get ten thousand yuan a month, that's over three hundred a day, with this much money, our family's life will be much better!"


      I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. The medicine for recovery, even if it costs another hundred dollars a day, that's still a balance of a hundred!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2312

Xiao Hailong burst into tears, "Grandma, I can finally eat some meat every day."


      "Yes," old Mrs. Xiao sighed, then said: "When you and your father recovered, also all to find a job, do not dare to expect to earn a lot of money, but the two of you, a month to earn five or six thousand is always more than enough, and then our family will have a monthly income of fifteen thousand six, to that day, we This is the day to get over it!"


      When Xiao Weiwei heard this, her heart was despondent.


      She thought to herself, "The previous Xiao family, I dare not say that they were rich and powerful, but at least they had tens or even hundreds of millions of assets"


      "In those days, a family would eat tens of thousands of fast dollars or more a month just to eat."


      "But everyone at that time was not satisfied, always felt that life was not good enough, and tried to climb the dragon and the phoenix by all means."


      "Now, after all that has happened, the family's approach to life has dropped precipitously."


      "Before, no matter how good the food was, it wasn't enough, but now, as long as you can eat a meal of meat and save a little bit of money every day, it's a dream come true in the eyes of your family."


      "It's sad to think about, but it's also really ironic."


      When she thought of this, Xiao Weiwei's face came to her mind, and thought again, "Still, a person like Ye Chen is the most down-to-earth, even in the poorest days, he can still live a down-to-earth life, and when he becomes the Master Ye that everyone in Jinling's high society respects, he will also be able to never forget his first heart and live a down-to-earth life with Xiao Choran"


      At that thought, she pulled out her phone and quietly added Ye Chen's WeChat.


      Ye Chen had just eaten at this time, and Qin Gang called him on a voice call, and after connecting, said respectfully, "Master Ye, Ao Xue told me that you asked me to host a banquet at your home for the large crowd, I wonder what time is more convenient for you?"


      Ye Chen then said, "It's already Thursday today, so let's tentatively decide on Friday night, what do you think?"


      Qin Gang said respectfully, "All of my times are fine, everything is subject to your time, Master Ye."


      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, "Then let's set it for Friday night, you help me invite everyone."


      Qin Gang busily said, "Master Ye, I'll report the number of people with you, you can see if it's right."




      Qin Gang said, "Firstly, Miss Song and Master Song of the Song family, then Shi Tianqi Shi Divine Doctor, then Chen Zekai Chen, Li Tailai, the richest man in Haicheng, Master Hong Fifth, Wang Zhenggang of the Wang family, and Wei Liang of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical."


      Ye Chen said, "Remember to invite Wang Dongxue, the vice-chairman of the Empire Group."


      Qin Gang immediately said, "Okay Master Ye, I'll give Vice Chairman Wang a call later to say so."


      Ye Chen said, "Then it's trouble for you to help me arrange it."


      Qin Gang immediately said respectfully and incomparably, "Master Ye you and I don't need to be so polite! Anything at all, you are at your disposal!"


      Ye Chen hmmmed and said with a smile, "I'll go over a few hours earlier then to give some guidance to Aoxue, and by the way, I'll give you a small gift."


      Upon hearing this, Qin Gang's excited voice trembled a bit, he realized that Ye Chen was possibly going to send himself a rejuvenation pill, and with uncontrollable excitement, his entire body took off, "Master Ye! Thank you so much!"


      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "You're welcome, that's what we'll say first, we'll see you tomorrow."


      "Okay Master Ye, see you tomorrow!"


      Ye Chen hung up Qin Gang's voice call and suddenly saw the WeChat address book, prompting a new friend.


      When he clicked on it, he found that the one who sent the friend request was Xiao Weiwei, so he conveniently clicked through to verify.


      Immediately after that, Xiao Weiwei sent a message, "Brother-in-law, I've settled down on the company side, there are almost three hundred ceremonial ladies who are willing to cooperate with the company, so I'm reporting to you!"


      Ye Chen was also somewhat surprised by the number of people, and secretly thought that Xiao Weiwei should be doing pretty well, so he replied, "Good, keep up the good work."


      Xiao Weiwei was busy saying, "Okay brother-in-law, I will do my best!"


      This was followed by a message, "Brother-in-law, I have something I would like to apply to you."


      Ye Chen then asked, "Go ahead."


      Xiao Weiwei said, "Brother-in-law, the family has more money to spend, I would like to advance half a month's salary with you, is that okay?"


      Ye Chen knew that she must have some difficulties, so he directly and readily agreed, replying, "No problem, just say hello to the finance."


      Xiao Weiwei sent a grateful expression and said, "Thank you brother-in-law!"


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