His True Colors Chapter 1017-1018


His True Colors Chapter 1017

"Master, I understand, I'll go do it now." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Han Giang knew that Huang Snap Yong was saying this for the good of the clan, so he wouldn't be alienated from Huang Snap Yong because of this, but Han Giang would have to let Huang Snap Yong change his perceptions in this regard.

        Shortly after Huang Snap Yong left, Jiang Ying Ying came to Han 3000's room.

        "How about it, have you thought of the name of the clan yet, don't let me down when such a difficult task is entrusted to you." Han Qianli asked with a smile.

        Jiang Ying Ying looked like she had a chest full of ideas, obviously having already thought of it and she was certain that Han 3000 would be satisfied with the name.

        "Brother Three Thousand, I've already thought of it, and you should like it," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "Tell me about it." Han Three Thousand Thousand smiled.

        "Three Thousand Thousand Sect, even though it's named after you, there's still a deep meaning, Three Thousand World, with you as the sect, it's domineering enough," Jiang Ying Ying said, she had thought long and hard about this matter of sect names, and when she suddenly thought of the name Three Thousand Thousand Sect in a flash of light, she couldn't find a better one to replace it.

        Han Qianli was stunned, so the name of the sect was right beside him, but he hadn't thought of it.

        And the profound meaning that the Three Thousand Sect held was something that no words could replace.

        "Good, very good, let's call it Three Thousand Sect, Three Thousand Worlds, with me as the sect." Han Three Thousand Thousand said in satisfaction.

        "Brother Three Thousand, if you think it's good, I'll go and inform Ximen Embers." Jiang Ying Ying said happily, although she had expected that Han Qianli would be satisfied, but when she saw Han Qianli's happy face with her own eyes, Jiang Ying Ying couldn't help but feel complacent, after all, she had come up with the name herself.

        And it was a name that could very well become synonymous with the most powerful in the Xuanyuan World.

        "Go, and let those disciples know what the name of the clan they've joined is," Han Giangli said.

        "Our clan already has disciples?" Jiang Ying Ying said in surprise, the construction of the clan had only just begun, but there were actually disciples so quickly, something that Jiang Ying Ying had never expected.

        "Some children from poor families are probably trying to use this to change their fate, such children are more resilient, I'm sure they won't disappoint me." Han Marchian explained.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded her head, she was the child of a poor family, so she wouldn't be the slightest bit prejudiced against these people, she would even feel a sense of sympathy for them.

        The clan's gold-painted signboard was personally overseen by Ximen Embers to make sure there were no mistakes in the matter.

        When he saw the three gold-painted characters of the Three Thousand Year Sect on the plaque, he couldn't help but take a deep breath, the fact that things had come to this point meant that the battle lines between the Three Thousand Year Sect and the Imperial Court had already been drawn, and it would depend on which of the two sides would be the first to hold back as to when the fire of war would burn.

        Ximen Embers couldn't guess what Han Three Thousand Clans' ultimate goal was, but he could sense that when this plaque was put up, there would sooner or later be a battle between Han Three Thousand Clans and the Imperial Dragon Palace, and that battle would also determine the fate of the Ximen Clan.

        "There's no turning back now." Ximen Embers said faintly.

        "From the moment I signed the contract with him, there's no turning back." Zhong Qishan said, his life was in Han 3,000's hands, he wouldn't even waste time thinking about it, he would just keep up with what Han 3,000 was doing.

        "Perhaps, the Ximen family can reach unprecedented heights, but it's also possible that they will repeat the mistakes of the Bai Ling family." Ximen Embers said helplessly, it wasn't something he could choose, he could only leave it to fate now, everything was in Han Qianqian's hands.

        "The possibility of the former might be even higher," Zhong Qishan said.

        Ximen Embers was appalled as he looked at Zhong Qishan, he hadn't expected Zhong Qishan to say such words.

        "Why do you think that?" Ximen Embers was confused, he knew that Zhong Qishan couldn't possibly say such things without any basis, so Zhong Qishan must know something that he didn't know about.

        Zhong Qishan still clearly remembered Fei Lingsheng sitting on the wall, it was obvious that there was an untold relationship between Fei Lingsheng and Han Qianqiang, if he could get Fei Lingsheng's help, then the dynasty belonging to the emperor would probably change sooner or later.

        The effect produced by the union of two Extreme Master realm powerhouses was unimaginable and unbeatable to the emperor.

        "Do you remember the day of the battle at the summit, there was a girl who appeared, sitting on the wall and being reprimanded by your grandfather." Zhong Qishan said.

        Ximen Embers nodded, although he didn't intentionally pay attention to that girl, but since Ximen Chang had scolded her a few times, Ximen Embers was still quite impressed.

        "What does it have to do with her?" Simon embers was confused.

        "Do you know what she is?" Zhong Qishan asked.

        Ximen Embers shook his head and said, "A little girl is just a little girl, could she still be a big shot?"

        "Little girl?" Zhong Qishan laughed disdainfully and said, "This disrespect of yours is enough to die a hundred times, her name, Fei Lingsheng."

        "Sh ...... what!" Simon embers stared at the incredulous pupils.


        No one in the Royal Court knows about the Extreme Master, Fei Lingsheng!

        She's Fei Ling Sheng?

        "You're not kidding me, how could she be a Fellinghouse!" Ximen Embers wiped a handful of cold sweat from her forehead, this was caused by shock, because of Ximen Chang's abuse of her that day, Ximen Embers still thought in her heart that the little girl was asking for trouble, but now that she thought about it carefully, it turned out that Ximen Chang was already wandering at the gate of ghosts.

        In this world, who would dare to accuse Fei Lingsheng?

        "Do you think I would joke with you about this, I've met her once," Zhong Qishan said.

        Ximen Embers breathed heavily as a way to calm his agitated emotions.

        The shock of this matter was too strong for him, after all, he was a legendary figure, and he didn't expect that he would still have the day to see her in person.

        "You mean that between Fei Lingsheng and Han Qianxiang, they will join forces?" After Ximen Embers said this, his heartbeat began to accelerate again, although the emperor had cards in the Imperial Dragon Hall, was there any use for his cards in the face of two Extreme Mastery realm powerhouses joining forces?

        Could it be that Han 3,000 was really able to overthrow the emperor's dynasty?

        Zhong Qishan shook his head, what was the relationship between these two strong men and would they join forces, it wasn't something he could easily guess for sure, but since Fei Lingsheng had appeared beside Han Giang, there would definitely be some sort of relationship.

        "Time will give us the answer," Zhong Qishan said.

        Ximen Embers breathed a long sigh of relief and said, "What a thrill, I don't know how far things will actually go, I can't wait."

His True Colors Chapter 1018

Ximen Embers' feelings were complicated; on one hand, he was worried that the Ximen Family would follow in the footsteps of the Bai Ling Family because of this, but on the other hand, he wanted to see a war ignite between Han Giang and the Emperor.

        This kind of thing had never happened before after all, and he was eager to see if the Emperor's majesty could be provoked, and what the consequences of doing so would be.

        Even more so, he wanted to see Han Three Thousand Clans change the existing pattern of the imperial court, after all, the odds of wanting to witness such a thing were very low, and now that he had such an opportunity, he naturally wanted to see it.

        The Three Thousand Sect was officially listed, and although it was a rookie sect, its reputation quickly rose within the imperial court, after all, the establishment of a sect needed to be approved by the emperor, but the Three Thousand Sect did not, so the others were eager to see how the emperor would react under such circumstances.

        The closest clan to the Three Thousand Clans was the Piao Miao Clan, a hundred miles away.

        The Piao Miao Sect was a very special sect within the Imperial Court, and it was all women, which was also the rule of the Piao Miao Sect, never accepting male disciples.

        "Sect Master, what exactly does this Han Qianqian want to do, opening a sect with no regard for the emperor, does he want to rebel?" The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing and what you are doing.

        On the other hand, Sovereign Zhantai Liuyue, who was standing beside her, was similar in age, but appeared more intellectual, not so strong and aggressive charm, giving people a feeling of clear water white lotus, but if one tasted carefully, the heartbeat she could bring to people was actually stronger than Yan Qing Hua.

        Zhantai Liuyue shook his head, he had recently heard too many legends about this Han Qianqian, he acted unpredictably, giving the impression that he was a very strange and unpredictable person, whether it was his experience in Long Yun City or what he did in Feng Mall, he could give the impression that he was unpredictable, which meant that he had no rules to follow in doing things and seemed to do whatever he wanted.

        "Although I don't know what he wants to do, but with his strength, he can indeed do whatever he is willing to do." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        "Doesn't he have any regard for the emperor at all? Attracting the Emperor's wrath, he would only have one way to die. [Ac novel www.avracity.com]" said Yan Qing Hua.

        Yantai Liuyue laughed, a laugh that definitely had the qualifications of a fallen nation, and said, "Can't you see that the emperor is simply unwilling to make an enemy of him?"

        "How is it possible that the emperor can still be afraid of him?" Yan Qing Hua was disdainful.

        "Of course it's not fear, but it's definitely a concern." Zhantai Liuyue thought about it and continued, "Do you know why the emperor would send someone to Long Yun City a second time?" and

        "Isn't it just to ferret this guy out?" Yan Qing Hua was puzzled, this was no longer a secret, apart from the civilians within the Imperial Court, almost all the somewhat powerful clans and families knew about it.

        "If only it were that simple, I heard from a friend that the first person sent to Long Yun City has disappeared, and the three Seven Lamps realm powerhouses are still unaccounted for." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        "No whereabouts?" Yan Qing Hua looked puzzled and asked, "Sect Master, what does this mean?"

        "You, you are really pretty but brainless, what else could it be because of a Seven Lamp Realm powerhouse appearing in Long Yun City and disappearing for no reason, it's very likely that you were killed by this person called Han Qianqian." Zhantai Liuyue said helplessly.

        "What!" Hearing these words, Yan Qing Hua was full of incredulity.

        Killing the Imperial Court people, wouldn't that be slapping the emperor's face.

        How could it be!

        If he did kill someone, would the emperor let him off easy?

        "Sovereign, you're not mistaken, if he kills the Imperial Court, the Emperor won't punish him?" Yan Qing Hua said.

        "That's why he opened his sect and the emperor didn't even curb it, because even the emperor would scruple his strength, and although no one ever knew his true realm, the battle of twenty-eight guests was enough to show that he possessed the state of an Extreme Master." Zhantai Liuyue said with a heavy face, which was why the emperor didn't dare to make things difficult for Han Qianli.

        Although the Extreme Master realm didn't have the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth, it was simple for such a strong person to destroy a city.

        "Patriarch, do you also think that he really has the Extreme Master Realm?" Yan Qing Hua asked cautiously.

        "Isn't it thought that he hasn't proved enough?" Zhantai Liuyue sighed, twenty-eight guests in one battle, he had already proved his strength to the imperial court, there was no need to question this at all.

        "If that's the case ......" Yan Qing Hua's face suddenly showed a flirtatious look, pulled out a picture book and said, "I don't know if he's as handsome as the picture book."

        When Zhantai Liuyue saw this kind of reaction from Yan Qinghua, he smiled helplessly, although the sect had the rule of not accepting male disciples, it didn't stop the sect disciples from dating men, and the current Misty Sect also had adult disciples, but they just couldn't bring men into the sect.

        With this expression on Yan Qing Hua's face right now, it was obvious that she had committed a nymphomaniac.

        "You even believe in such mundane things, it's all deliberately made up by the painter in order to amass money." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        Yan Qing Hua didn't care if it was compiled or not, from the day she got the album, she had some affection for Han Qianli, and the reason why she had shown her dislike for Han Qianli's opening of the sect was because she was worried that Han Qianli would die young because of it.

        But now, having learned that he did indeed have the Extreme Master Realm, Yan Qing Hua didn't need to worry.

        Even if the emperor would really be dissatisfied with him, I'm afraid that he would only be able to hide this dissatisfaction in his heart.

        As long as he didn't go to the Imperial Dragon Hall for the rest of his life, there would be no threat to his life from anyone.

        "I'm leaving first, on the day the Three Thousand Year Sect opens, we as neighbors should go prepare a great gift, right?" After Yan Qing Hua finished speaking, he didn't deliberately wait for Zhantai Liuyue's answer and directly left.

        This matter of gift-giving, Zhantai Liuyue had also thought about it, but whether or not to get too close to the Three Thousand Year Sect, this matter Zhantai Liuyue hadn't decided yet, after all, the Three Thousand Year Sect was now nameless and undistinguished, getting too close, in case the emperor was dissatisfied, it wouldn't be a good thing for the Misty Sect.

        Walking to the bedside, Zhantai Liuyue sat on the bed, at this time, her eyes suddenly became a little guilty, under the left and right look, carefully took out a picture book from under the pillow.

        And this album was the battle between Han Qianlian and the twenty-eight guests.


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