His True Colors Chapter 1014-1016


His True Colors Chapter 1014

Phoenix Mountain wasn't far from the West Wing City, and the party arrived soon after.

        The environment here was just like the one described by Ximen Embers, there were mountains and lakes, like a fairyland, it was definitely the best place to open a sect.

        "Brother Three Thousand, this place is so beautiful, it's like a paradise." Ying Jiang was quickly conquered by the beautiful scenery, for her who was born on Earth, such beauty was hard to see.

        "It's indeed nice, I'm afraid that this kind of high-quality environment is rare in the Xuanyuan World." Han Giangli was very satisfied with this place, and even thought of Su Yingxia and Han Nian as a result, if she were to find a place of such exuberant beauty in the future without any troubles, and live a life without asking questions, it would be the best.

        "Mr. Han, if you're satisfied with this place, I can immediately arrange for clan renovation." Ximen Embers said to Han 3,000.

        "How long will it take?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "A month at most." Ximen Embers promised, it wasn't a difficult task for him, as long as he had enough labor, he could greatly shorten the time of the sect's construction, and the Ximen Clan was a master who didn't lack money, as long as something could be done with money, it didn't matter.

        "I'll leave this matter to you, feel free to put the word out that I, Han Three Thousand, want to open a sect." Han Qianqian said.

        Since it was something that couldn't be concealed, in Han Three Thousand Thousand's opinion, it would be better to edict the world and let the emperor know.

        "Yes." Ximen Embers echoed.

        Very quickly, the matter of Han Third Thousand's intention to open a sect spread outward from the Western Wing City as the center.

        When Fei Ling'er found out about this matter, her heart became very heavy.

        In the imperial court, opening a sect was something that needed to be petitioned to the emperor, but Han Three Thousand clearly neglected this process, and the fact that he was doing so inevitably made people question his motives.

        "It seems that this Han Third Thousand is a man with ideas." Yi Qingshan had something to say, and it was filled with laughter.

        "Just say what you want to say." Fei Ling'er said coldly.

        "Opening a clan, this is to grow your own power, right?" Yi Qingshan asked.

        Fei Ling'er nodded her head.

        "With his current personal strength, why would he want to grow his power? Is it such a simple thing that you can't figure it out?" Yi Qingshan smiled, as an outsider, he liked to see the royal court in chaos, this was a good show after all, no matter what the final outcome was, at least the process must have been very exciting in his opinion.

        After all, the Xuanyuan World had never dared to provoke the head of a country in the past few hundred years, and Yi Qingshan was curious as to how this matter would turn out.

        "You should know very well that the Emperor is practically invincible in the Imperial Dragon Hall, even if it's us, we can't be his opponent," Fei Ling'er said.

        Yi Qingshan nodded, he didn't deny this, and this was the reason why the lord of a country could stand, not only the Emperor of the Imperial Palace, but also the lord of the Xia Kingdom.

        "You yourself said that he was only invincible in the Imperial Dragon Palace, but what about when he left the Palace?" Yi Qingshan said.

        "So many experts in the Royal Court are not vegetarians." Fei Ling'er retorted.

        "Isn't twenty-eight guest ministers enough to show how powerful he is? It's true that there are many experts in the Imperial Court, but when he opens a sect, he's bound to be able to attract a number of strong people and even be able to train them himself, isn't that enough to counter the people of the Imperial Court?" Yi Qingshan explained.

        Fei Ling'er shook her head, in her opinion, this was an unrealistic thing to do, as it would take a long time, and in that time, the Emperor was fully capable of destroying Han 3000's clan.

        "It's not something that can be done overnight," Fei Ling'er said.

        "Of course, in a short period of time, he won't be able to create a clan that can compete with the emperor, but would the emperor dare to make a move easily? For him who couldn't leave the Imperial Dragon Hall, there was no way for him to easily interfere with what Han Qianli was doing outside of the Imperial Dragon Hall, and the price he would have to pay to kill Han Qianli was unimaginable." Yi Qingshan said.

        Fei Ling'er heavily sighed [PEN www.avracity.com], to the Emperor, this was indeed a dilemma.

        Killing Han Qianqian was by no means something that could be easily done, and if too much was paid to kill him, the emperor would lose the means to check others, after all, there were still many clans and families within the imperial court, and these forces were still not something that the emperor could take lightly.

        "There's actually another way." Yi Qingshan smiled.

        "What method?" Fei Ling'er looked at Yi Qingshan curiously.

        "Asking you to step in, and only you, will have a chance to help him out, perhaps, the emperor is already considering this matter now." Yi Qingshan said, without wanting to cause too much damage, having Fei Ling'er step in to solve the matter was undoubtedly the best option, so when Yi Qingshan looked at the matter from the emperor's position, he directly thought of Fei Ling'er.

        Fei Ling'er shook her head and said, "No way, I can't step in."

        Now that Han 3000's true realm was still unknown to Fei Ling'er, and even Fei Ling'er couldn't be sure that her strength was above Han 3000's, so it was an unrealistic thing to ask her to appear.

        "Then the emperor will be difficult."

        Imperial Dragon Hall.

        When the emperor received the news that Han 3000 was going to start a sect, his face was extremely ugly.

        He wanted to rally Han Three Thousand, so even when Han Three Thousand killed the Imperial Court people, he still chose not to pursue the matter, and after the battle at Feng Mall, the emperor was even more careful to face everything about Han Three Thousand.

        However, he never expected that Han Three Thousand Thousand would open a sect, and such a move had clearly posed a great threat to him.

        If this situation was allowed to continue, the Han Three Thousand Year would be beyond his control in the future.

        "I didn't expect that this Han Three Thousand Years would cause me such great trouble." The emperor gritted his teeth and said.

        "Empyrean, do you need to destroy him?" The hand asked.

        "To put it simply, not everyone is qualified to kill him, it's just a pity that he didn't come to the Royal Dragon Hall, or else I would have been able to kill him with my own hands!" The emperor said.

        "Don't you still have Firingsheng, you can ask her to do this." The hand suggested.

        The emperor began to shake his head without even thinking about it, because a strong person like Fei Lingsheng in the Extreme Mastery realm wasn't something he could casually make demands on, and even if he did, Fei Lingsheng wouldn't necessarily agree to it.

        "She should know better than I do about Han Qianqian's strength, it's unlikely that she would want her to make a move, and even if these two do fight, it's possible that the deer will die." The emperor said in a low tone, this was the worst possible scenario, but he had to think this way.

His True Colors Chapter 1015

"What is the origin of this Han Three Thousand Years, it's so powerful, but I've never heard of this person before." The hand was full of doubts, reasonably speaking, if there was a broken person within the imperial court, the Imperial Dragon Palace should be able to receive the news at the first time, but Han Qianxiang, as if he was born out of nowhere, suddenly appeared without any sign at all.

        The emperor was also very troubled about this issue, but he knew that there was no point in going to exactly this issue now, no matter where Han Three thousand came from, the priority was to find a way to resolve Han Three thousand's opening of the sect, even if he couldn't stop it, the emperor had to find a way to minimize the threat this matter brought to him.

        The best way to do so was to befriend Han 3000, or even give Han 3000 a certain amount of resources to open a sect to help him in this matter. ,.

        But Han Qianli didn't come to the Imperial Dragon Hall, the emperor simply couldn't find a reason to do so, after all, he was an emperor, if he went to help Han Qianli without any reason, wouldn't it make other people think more.

        "Emperors, that woman, who also appeared out of nowhere in the Xia Kingdom, is now in Mount Jingwu, but she has pushed the Xia Kingdom's experts to a dead end." The subordinate continued.

        The emperor was closely following this matter, so he knew almost everything that had happened at Jingwu Mountain, the woman with the child, in just a few days, had become famous and was almost unrecognizable in the Xia Kingdom, and she had indeed appeared out of nowhere, which was very similar to Han 3000.

        But just because of that, forcing the two to be related was still barely enough.

        "Almost all cultivators are now shouting Yi Qingshan's name, hoping that Yi Qingshan will step in to extinguish her," The emperor said.

        "Yes." The subordinate nodded repeatedly and said, "Yi Qingshan is, after all, the Extreme Master of the Xia Country, and all the cultivators now want him to appear, but unfortunately, there is no news about Yi Qingshan at all until now, and there are even rumors that even Yi Qingshan is no match for her, and that's why he is hiding from her."

        The emperor shook his head and said, "Hiding is not so bad, perhaps Yi Qingshan is unwilling to fight because she is a woman."

        In the emperor's opinion, how could a strong man like Yi Qingshan hide, the strength of the Extreme Master Realm wasn't something to be talked about lightly, he didn't show up perhaps because he was concerned about the other party being a woman and didn't want to bother with a woman, or perhaps he was hesitant to show up because he was worried that a real fight would cause damage to the Xia Kingdom's territory.

        The emperor was unconsciously looking for reasons to help Yi Qingshan, because the Extreme Master in his mind could never be afraid of facing such a thing.

        But what he didn't know was that Yi Qingshan had already passed through the Dark Forest and arrived at the Imperial Court, and that Yi Qingshan was indeed hiding from what was happening at Jingwu Mountain.

        Yi Qingshan was afraid that if he lost at Jingwu Mountain, then he would lose this old face.

        "Send someone to the West Wing City." The emperor suddenly commanded his subordinates.

        His subordinates were shocked, the emperor had already sent someone to Long Yun City to invite Han Qianli, but he didn't expect him to make a second invitation?

        "Emperor, do you still want to invite Han 3000?" The hand asked carefully, he was afraid that if he guessed wrongly what the emperor was thinking, after all, accompanying the king was like accompanying a tiger, and if he said the wrong thing, he would most likely lose his life.

        "Go see what he needs help with." The emperor said.


        The hand was shocked beyond words by these words, but this kind of treatment had never happened before within the imperial court, after all, the emperor was above it all, and he never needed to please anyone.

        But in this matter, the emperor was clearly already trying to please Han Qianxiang.

        The hand did not dare to comment on this matter and could only do as requested.

        West Wing City, Phoenix Mountain.

        Han Qianqian took Jiang Ying Ying for a walk around the foot of the mountain, familiarizing himself with the nearby environment and treating it as a tour of the mountains.

        "Ying Ying, what kind of life do you want if you resolve all your troubles later?" Han Marchand asked to Jiang Ying Ying.

        "My mother's biggest expectation for me is to get married and then give her a grandson, so maybe that's what I'll do when I go back." Jiang Ying Ying said, this was the life an ordinary person should have, although she had a different experience now, but back in front of her mother, she was still the same person, so she would still choose the most ordinary day.

        "Don't you have anything else to look forward to?" Han Giangli was curious.

        "Expecting my destiny to come pick me up in a seven-colored auspicious cloud?" Jiang Ying Ying smiled, "This kind of maiden's dream, I used to have it too, but unfortunately, where in the world is there a seven-colored auspicious cloud."

        "Actually, Huang Snapdragon is a man who can be relied upon, as long as he gets rid of those stinky habits, it's a good choice." Han Giangli said, although this kind of talk was a bit unconscionable, but he still wanted to set these two up, after all, Huang Snapdragon was known to be reliable in a way.

        "Him?" Thinking of Huang Snapdragon, a snorting look appeared on Huang Ying Ying's face, it was good that Huang Snapdragon and Bai Ling Wan'er had gone to the mountains, if he saw how Jiang Ying Ying looked at this moment, he would probably be heartbroken again.

        "He has a lot of bad things about him, that's true, but he can change." Han 3,000 said.

        "A man's word can be trusted, shit can be eaten." Jiang Ying Ying said subconsciously.

        Saying such words would inevitably embarrass Han 3000, after all, he was also a man.

        Just as Kang Ying Ying realized this and wanted to explain, a young man and woman suddenly appeared in front of them, interrupting their conversation.

        "I guessed you'd show up again, but I didn't expect you to bring an accomplice with you this time." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Fei Ling'er spread her face, revealing her very naive side, and said, "What do you mean an accomplice, he's my younger brother, he lives in the West Wing City, and he heard I was coming, so he came to find me on purpose."

        "Is that so? What's his name, if he lives in the West Wing, there should be a record of it, I'll have Simon's embers check it out, do you dare?" Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        Fei Ling'er nodded generously, not looking guilty in the slightest, and said, "Sure, if you want to check, go ahead, his name is Fei Qingshan."

        "Go inform Ximen Embers and look into this person called Fei Qingshan." Han Qianli said to Jiang Ying Ying.

        "Yes." Jiang Ying Ying nodded her head in response, before leaving.

        Han Qianli stared at the titular brother and sister, he knew that the relationship between these two was definitely fake, but why did this man suddenly appear, was it because Fei Ling'er couldn't do certain things, so he hired helpers?

        But for so long, Han Giangli hadn't noticed any unusual behavior from Fei Ling'er.

His True Colors Chapter 1016

Was I careless?

        Or was Fei Ling'er's way of doing things too stealthy and that's why she didn't find out?

        This thought created some sense of crisis for Han Third Thousand, because if Fei Ling'er really did something and he didn't find out about it, it would be a wake-up call for him.

        "Why do you want to start a sect?" Fei Ling'er asked, she didn't panic in the slightest about Han Marchant wanting to investigate Yi Qingshan's identity, as she had already dealt with this matter long before she came to see Han Marchant.

        At this time, Yi Qingshan's heart was very impressed with Fei Ling'er, he was still puzzled as to why Fei Ling'er wanted to go the extra mile, but now he understood how powerful Fei Ling'er was at planning ahead.

        "You're curious?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        "If I wasn't curious, would I ask you? And you still don't know, right, opening a sect requires the emperor's permission, obviously, you didn't inform the Imperial Dragon Hall about this matter." Fei Ling'er said.

        "You're from the Imperial Dragon Palace?" Han Qianqiang didn't answer Fei Ling'er's question, after all, he couldn't honestly give Fei Ling'er an account of what he had done.

        "By the looks of it, neither of us will get the answers the other wants, in that case, is there any point in asking?" Ferrin smiled.

        "How could it not make sense, you avoiding this question is enough to show that there's something wrong with your identity, so I've got the answer I wanted," Han Giangli said.

        Fei Ling'er suddenly gazed at her, and although Han Qianqian's words were somewhat of a stunt to her, on some level, she had indeed lost in this verbal encounter.

        "It's really hard to deal with someone like you," Fei Ling'er said with a sigh, thoughtful and extremely deep, this was her opinion of Han Qianqian, and such people were often difficult to deal with.

        "So, if you're sensible, you can leave as soon as possible, don't wait until the day you lose a mess." After saying this, Han Three Thousand turned around directly and walked away.

        Fei Ling'er shook her fist in anger.

        When Yi Qingshan saw this, he laughed and ridiculed, "I didn't expect you to have a day of anger, this young man is really not simple."

        "Are you looking at my joke?" Fei Ling'er looked at Yi Qingshan with murderous intent.

        Yi Qingshan quickly shook his head and explained, "How can that be, how can I laugh at you, I just feel that this young man, he does have something outstanding."

        "Hmph." Fei Ling'er snorted coldly and said, "Sooner or later, I will know all the secrets about him, and nothing can be hidden from me in the Imperial Court."

        Yi Qingshan cautiously skimmed his lips, nothing could be hidden from her? Wasn't this bragging, right now with Han Qianqian's identity, she didn't know.

        Of course, Yi Qingshan wouldn't say such words, Fei Ling'er was angry, and if he poured oil on the fire, he definitely wouldn't end up in a good place.

        Although Yi Qingshan didn't lose to Fei Ling'er in terms of realm, he had unwarranted thoughts about Fei Ling'er, so he would naturally fall short.

        "How do you suppose the emperor will see him opening a sect?" Yi Qingshan was curious.

        Fei Ling'er thought about it, then shook her head and said, "If he wanted to stop Han Marchioness, he should have sent someone long ago, but as far as I know, there has been no movement from the Royal Dragon Hall, and in my opinion, I guess the emperor will turn a blind eye."

        "Hey." Yi Qingshan sighed and lamented, "Even the Emperor doesn't dare to interfere in this matter, so it looks like the pattern of the Imperial Court is going to change drastically."

        Although Fei Ling'er wanted to refute Yi Qingshan's words, he was so reasonable that Fei Ling'er simply couldn't find a point of rebuttal.

        After word spread about the opening of the sect on Phoenix Mountain, many people gathered at Phoenix Mountain, many of them bringing their children with them, as if they wanted their children to enter the sect.

        Most of these people were from the lowest class of the imperial court, poor families, and if they wanted to change their fate, joining a clan was the best option, because once they became a cultivator, they could get rid of their lowest class status, but it was also extremely difficult for people like them to join a clan.

        Nowadays, in order to join a clan within the Royal Court, one must contribute to the clan, just like the children who studied on Earth, if they wanted to attend a better school, they would have to pay a lot of money before entering the school.

        So most people, who brought their own children to try their luck, didn't think of being able to actually join the clan, they just wanted to seize this opportunity to try their hand at it.

        "Master, many people have gathered at Phoenix Mountain now, and those people should all want to join the sect." In the West Gate mansion, when Huang Snapdragon learned of this matter, he immediately informed Han Three Thousand.

        It was now in the early stages of the establishment of the sect, so it was naturally good for someone to join, so Han Three Thousand directly said, "You go handle this matter and get it done for them as soon as possible, as for the sect's waist plate, I've asked Ximen Embers to step up the work, and once it's done, it can be distributed to them."

        Han Qianqian followed the way of the apocalypse, using Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang as a hierarchy to distinguish the status of the disciples within the sect, and would each be equipped with a waist plate, giving them proof of their identity.

        "But Master, those people, they're all poor." Huang Snapdragon said with a difficult face, he knew that many sects accepted disciples, except for the extremely talented ones, everyone else who wanted to join the sect had to spend a large amount of money so that the sect could continue to grow, but now those people in Phoenix Mountain, one by one, were poorer than the other, and it was obviously an unlikely thing to get them to come up with the money.

        If this were to raise a large group of poor people, wouldn't the clan be eaten down in the future?

        "What about the poor?" Han Qianli frowned, he wasn't a snob and hated snobbery the most, so Huang Snapdragon's words had touched a point Han Qianli was unhappy about.

        "Master, just think about it, these poor people can't even eat, and when they're sent to the sect, it's a daily opening, and if they don't pay, the depletion of the sect's financial resources is a particularly large expense." Huang Snap Yong said, his concern was reasonable, but he had forgotten that Han 3,000 was a man who treated money like dirt.

        "Huang Snap Yong, when I took you on as a disciple, I didn't ask for your money, right, and you wouldn't know the value of the Sacred Chestnut I gave you, would you be able to pay for it if I asked you to?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        Huang Snapdragon's eyelids jumped, the value of the Sacred Chestnut, even if he sold the Dragon Cloud City's City Hall, he wouldn't be able to offset it, it was a priceless treasure.

        "Master, I know what to do," Snapdragon Huang said.

        "Don't worry, with the support of the Ximen Clan, the clan won't be embarrassed by money." Han Giangli said.


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