His True Colors Chapter 1011-1013

His True Colors Chapter 1011

Witnessing Han Qianqian leave.

        Ran Yi couldn't help but sigh, he wanted to maintain the relationship, but he could also tell that his own use of the relationship wouldn't even enter Han Qianli's eyes, he vainly wanted to deepen his relationship with Han Qianli, but Han Qianli simply wouldn't give him that opportunity.

        Ge Zhonglin patted Ran Yi's shoulder and said, "It's only reasonable that we can't afford to reach up to a powerful person of his level, and it's also reasonable that we can't do what he needs help with."

        "Yeah." Ran Yi nodded his head with a sigh, even if Han Qianqian couldn't do something, why should he and Ge Zhonglin be able to help?

        "Right!" Ge Zhonglin suddenly thought of something and said, "Didn't he say that he would help you recover your body so that you could cultivate again?"

        Ran Yi smiled bitterly, he had wanted to remind Han Qianqian of this matter, but he really didn't have the guts to say it, so he could only shake his head and say, "Forget it, he's already saved our lives, how can he be in a position to ask him to do this."

        Ge Zhonglin knew that Ran Yi would be very disappointed inside, after all, he was looking forward to this matter.

        But there was no way around it, how could someone like Han Giangli remember such trivial matters, perhaps he had already forgotten all about it.

        At this moment, Ran Yi's expression suddenly changed dramatically.

        "What's wrong with you?" Ge Zhonglin asked without knowing why.

        Ran Yi suddenly knelt down on both knees towards where Han Qianli had left and kowtowed religiously three times.

        "Ran Yi, what's your situation, is it still useful to kneel down when the people have left?" Ge Zhonglin said somewhat unbearably.

        "I ...... feel, I feel like my body, there's a surge of power, like, like I'm able to cultivate." Ran Yi said excitedly.

        "What!" Ge Zhonglin said incredulously, could it be that Han Qianxiang had restored Ran Yi's body undetected!

        "Mr. Han, this life of mine, Ran Yi, is yours in this life, whether or not I have a time to be useful, Ran Yi will definitely wait for you, and the descendants of the Ran family will also remember your great kindness." Ran Yi was so excited that he was somewhat incoherent, and even more so with old tears.

        In the distance, Huang Snap Yong was puzzled and asked Han Qianqian, "Master, why did you help him?"

        "Commitment, for a man, is the foundation of his identity, if he can't even make his own promises, what kind of man is he still called." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Huang Snapdragon nodded his head in seeming understanding and said, "Master, you are a true man."

        "Brother Three Thousand, Fei Ling'er seems to have disappeared." Jiang Ying Ying opened her mouth and said to Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 smiled indifferently, Fei Ling'er was like a divine dragon that couldn't see her head or tail, but Han 3,000 believed that she would still appear, and she would definitely appear.

        "Don't worry, she won't disappear," Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        Jiang Ying Ying knew that Han 3000 was wary of Fei Ling'er, so she didn't quite understand Han 3000's reason for keeping Fei Ling'er behind, and since there was a threat, wouldn't getting rid of her be the best option?

        "Brother 3000, why don't you just k*ll her?" Ginger Ying Ying was confused.

        "If I k*ll her, I'll never know what she's up to and my inner curiosity won't be satisfied, which will make me feel bad." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Bai Ling Wan'er, who was on the side, sneered at this and said, "If you k*ll her, her purpose won't be fulfilled, does it still matter what the purpose is then?"

        Bai Ling Wan'er regarded Fei Ling'er as a light enemy, so she naturally wanted Fei Ling'er to die in her heart, but of course, Han Qianqiang didn't do that, so she could only accept the existence of such a rival.

        "Ximen Chang's death can be considered as a revenge for you, when are you going to leave me?" Han Giangli asked to Bai Ling Wan'er.

        "Why should I leave you, you haven't turned me into a strong man yet, if you think it's too difficult, it's fine to turn me into a wife, this is less difficult." Bai Ling Wan'er said.

        Her bluntness towards Han Qianqian gave Han Qianqian a sense of familiarity, just like the original Chi Yiyun, who also loved straightforwardly and never hid anything in front of Han Qianqian.

        But Bai Ling Wan'er had a purpose, whereas Chi Yi Yun truly loved Han 3000.

        Naturally, in Han 3000's heart, Chi Yi Yun's status was not comparable to Bai Ling Wan'er's.

        If the world had to find a woman in this world that Han Three Thousand was sorry for, then this woman, it would be Chi Yiyun, and only Chi Yiyun would make Han Three Thousand feel guilty.

        "You can continue dreaming, I won't disturb you." Han Three Thousand said indifferently.

        Bai Ling Wan'er bit her lip, in her opinion, Han 3000 was simply not a man, to be indifferent in the face of the pursuit of such a beautiful woman as her.

        If Bai Ling Wan'er knew how Chi Yiyun had thrown herself at Han 3,000 in the first place, and Han 3,000 wasn't even messed up, she would probably despair completely.

        West Wing City.

        When Ximen Embers learned that Han Qianqian would be coming, he immediately had his family prepare the most luxurious welcoming gift.

        Thanks to Zhong Qishan's help, Ximen Embers' return to the family to eradicate dissent was going very smoothly, and now no one in the entire Ximen family dared to disobey him, sitting firmly in the position of the Ximen family's patriarch, Ximen Embers could be considered to have ended his wish for many years.

        "What do you suppose he's doing in West Wing City?" Ximen Embers asked to Zhong Qishan.

        Zhong Qishan said calmly, "You shouldn't discuss him with me, you should know that I am now his slave, and I will relay what you say to him truthfully."

        Zhong Qishan had to be loyal to Han Qianqian because his life was in Han Qianqian's hands, and he also received the Sacred Chestnut because of Han Qianqian, which made Zhong Qishan even more blameless.

        As the Nine Lanterns who were closest to the Extreme Mastery Realm in the entire Imperial Court, after receiving the Sacred Chestnut, Zhong Qishan had undoubtedly taken another step closer towards the Extreme Mastery Realm, and this great kindness that Han Three Thousand had bestowed on him was enough to make him do anything for Han Three Thousand without any regrets.

        "You're loyal to him, and I'm equally so, do you think I would dare betray him?" Ximen Embers said with a smile, although he had now become the clan leader, Ximen Embers still had a clear understanding of himself.

        In this world, perhaps even emperors could betray, but Han Giangxi must not, or else he would only die.

        "I believe you should know what it means to choose wisely," Zhong Qishan said.

        "I guess sooner or later, he will overthrow the current emperor, he will become the true king of the imperial court, even ......" the eyes of the speaking Ximen Embers suddenly became hot, although everything he wanted to see was speculation.

        "There are some words, I advise you not to talk nonsense, the capital of an emperor is not something that ordinary people can imagine."

His True Colors Chapter 1012

The entrance to the West Wing City.

        Hundreds of people from the West Gate Family arrived, all lined up in perfect order to prepare for Han Qianli's arrival.

        Such a scene caused countless people in the West Wing City to feel confused.

        How high the Ximen Family's status was within the Imperial Court was something that every citizen of the Western Wing City knew, so they couldn't imagine what kind of person would arrive to make everyone from the Ximen Family come out to greet them.

        "Could it be that the Emperor himself is coming?"

        "How is that possible, when did the Emperor leave the Imperial Dragon Hall, haven't you heard a legend that the Emperor is only above ten thousand people in the Imperial Dragon Hall?"

        "But besides the Emperor, what other person is worthy of such a grand welcome from the Ximen family?"

        Just as everyone was speculating, the carriage of Han Qianli and the others finally arrived at the city gates.

        After the carriage stopped, Ximen Embers and Zhong Qishan, both of them, quickened their steps and walked to the carriage.

        "Mr. Han." Ximen Embers respectfully shouted.

        "Open the road." Han Qianli said indifferently, he had no intention of getting out of the carriage, nor did he think that Ximen Embers would make such a big spectacle, but in this situation where countless people were watching, Han Qianli didn't want to be treated like a monkey in a cage and be told what to do.

        "Yes." Ximen Embers immediately asked the Ximen Family's men to open the road and clear the city's main road of all the people watching the spectacle.

        The carriage traveled all the way to the gate of the Ximen Family.

        The Ximen mansion with a gold-painted plaque hung at the entrance, with two stone lions in an upturned state, revealing sharp fangs that seemed to be able to scare away all evil spirits and evil creatures.

        Walking into the mansion, the environment inside made Han Qianli feel like he was in an ancient palace, whether it was the size or the decorations, it was more magnificent than the Chen family in Long Yun City.

        But this was only a small gesture for the Ximen family, after all, it was the number one family within the imperial court, and its own old mansion naturally had a different kind of extravagance from the norm.

        "Mr. Han, is there anything that I can help you with when you come to West Wing City?" Ximen Embers walked at Han Qianqian's side, slightly facing back a step away, which was completely the posture of a servant.

        "As the saying goes, there's nothing to be afraid of, but since I've come to find you, I naturally have something I want you to help me with." Han Giangli said.

        "This is all what I should do, talk about the word help." Ximen Embers said sincerely, facing a powerful person of Han Three Thousand's level, Ximen Embers had never thought of betrayal after gaining his position, of course, it wasn't that he didn't have ideas, but rather that he didn't have the guts.

        "I want to open a sect in the West Wing City, or nearby, do you have a good location to introduce me to?" Han 3000 said.

        Open a sect!

        Ximen Embers' heart thumped.

        In the previous conversation with Zhong Qishan, Ximen Embers had expressed his suspicions about Han Marchant's intentions, and now, he was even more sure that Han Marchant had that aspect of his thoughts, otherwise, how could he start a sect for no reason?

        "Twenty miles east of the West Wing City is Phoenix Mountain, at the bottom of the mountain there is a lake as round as a mirror, it is the most beautiful place near the West Wing City in my opinion, if Mr. Han is interested, I can take you to see it." Ximen Embers said.

        Phoenix Mountain was arguably the most beautiful spot near the Western Wing City, it was also the best place Ximen Embers could think of, but there was one thing Ximen Embers was a little worried about, if Han Three Thousand started a sect in the Western Wing City, it would mean that the Ximen Family was tied to Han Three Thousand's sect, and in the future, no matter what Han Three Thousand wanted to do, it would be involved with the Ximen Family.

        If Han 3000 really had thoughts of confronting the emperor, Ximen Embers would have to stand with Han 3000, and in a way, that wasn't good news, because after all, a spectator was the best way to take his position on such a serious matter.

        Of course, even though Ximen Embers knew it wasn't a good thing, it wasn't something he could refuse, he could only meet all of Han 3000's conditions.

        "How many sects and factions are within the Imperial Court?" Han Giangli asked.

        Ximen Embers looked at Zhong Qishan, who knew more about such things than he did.

        "Within the Imperial Court, there are a total of ten sects that count towards the name, and most of them are affiliated with the Imperial Court and take orders from the Emperor." Zhong Qishan said.

        "In other words, these sects are the minions cultivated by the emperor?" Han 3000 said.


        These two words could be considered a great disrespect to the emperor, he was the number one person in the imperial court above all others, how could he call his men minions?

        But Han Qianli wanted to describe it in such terms, Zhong Qishan didn't dare to have an opinion, he could only say, "Yes, they all work for the Emperor, the value of the existence of these sects is also to continuously send strong people to the Imperial Dragon Palace, it can be said that more than half of the existing strong people in the Imperial Dragon Palace come from these sects."

        Han Qianli nodded silently, it seemed that the power of the Imperial Court was much greater than he had imagined, his plan was simple to think about, but it really wasn't that easy to implement.

        "Let's go see Phoenix Mountain tomorrow, I want to rest first after a few days of rushing," Han Giangli said.

        Ximen Embers immediately took Han Third Thousand to the most luxurious guest room in the mansion.

        Fei Ling'er and Yi Qingshan came along shortly after Han 3,000 and the others entered the city.

        Yi Qingshan was not at all interested in the prosperity of the West Wing City, because to him, these ordinary buildings were already outdated, and the Xia Kingdom was a country with high-rise buildings, an imperial court that was completely like two worlds.

        If Han Giang could see the Xia Kingdom, he would definitely feel a sense of familiarity because the environment there was almost exactly the same as Earth.

        As for why the same space was so different between the two kingdoms, this matter wasn't clear even to Yi Qingshan.

        He only knew that the development of the Xia Kingdom had a close relationship with the other world.

        "Do you know what the best thing about the Imperial Court is?" Yi Qingshan suddenly asked to Fei Ling'er.

        Fei Ling'er had been to the Xia Kingdom, and she knew that no matter how big the city was within the Imperial Court, it couldn't enter Yi Qingshan's eyes, and he could even say such words, which inevitably made Fei Ling'er a little surprised.

        "What?" Ferlinger wondered.

        "Being able to see the sky better." Yi Qingshan smiled.

        "I thought you were going to say Green House." Fei Ling'er laughed coldly, because when Yi Qingshan said that, they just happened to pass by a green house, and those little girls dressed in flashy clothes were selling their flirtatiousness to Yi Qingshan.

        "Cut." Yi Qingshan laughed disdainfully and said, "A green house is nothing, those clubhouse girls of my Xia Kingdom are the ones who are truly beautiful, and their clothes are more likely to make a man's heart flutter, which is a feeling that you Imperial Court people simply cannot understand."

        Clubhouse, such a familiar term, if Han Qianli heard it, I don't know how he would react.

His True Colors Chapter 1013

"Han Three Thousand Years suddenly came to the West Wing, what do you think his purpose would be?" Fei Ling'er was puzzled and asked Yi Qingshan, she had thought about this question for a long time on her way here but hadn't been able to come up with a reasonable explanation, but she had a sneaking feeling inside that Han Qianqian's move was probably not that simple.

        "After living for so many years, haven't you understood the truth that mediocrity is a problem? Time will always give you the answer, so why be upset?" Yi Qingshan said indifferently, he thought about it so much that he never bothered himself with these things, because time would give the answer, and the last thing a strong person of the Extreme Mastery realm like him needed was time, so there was no need to be anxious at all.

        "I'm worried that he'll act unwisely." Fei Ling'er said worriedly.

        Yi Qingshan suddenly became wary and said, "You don't like him, do you?"

        When Fei Ling'er heard this, her eyes instantly released k*lling intent and said to Yi Qingshan, "If you want to fight, I'll accompany you at any time, you don't need to deliberately pick a fight."

        Yi Qingshan waved his hand repeatedly and said, "I'm just saying that casually, after all, I've liked you for a long time, so if I'm intercepted, wouldn't I be at a great loss."

        Fei Ling'er rolled her eyes, in fact, many years ago, Yi Qingshan had come to the imperial court and also wanted her to follow Yi Qingshan back to the Xia Kingdom, its purpose was very simple and Yi Qingshan had expressed it very bluntly.

        To say who was worthy of Fei Ling'er in this world, Yi Qingshan was indeed the best choice, after all, they were both at the Extreme Mastery Realm, but Fei Ling'er didn't have any good feelings towards him because Yi Qingshan was a real old man, while her aging side was deliberately feigned, the real Fei Ling'er was actually not very old, so at the psychological level, Fei Ling'er was unable to accept Yi Qingshan.

        "Let's find a place to stay first." Fei Ling'er said faintly.

        The West Gate Mansion.

        Although Han Giangli had decided to open a sect, he couldn't completely ignore the impact that doing this would bring to the Imperial Dragon Hall, and the Emperor's opinion on this matter was also very important.

        If he would be curbed by the Emperor if he did this, then I'm afraid that this idea would be immediately stifled.

        After all, it would take some time to make a clan strong, and if the emperor interfered within that time, the clan's development would be restricted and it would be unlikely to become strong.

        The only way to do that was for the clan to serve the emperor, but this was not what Han Qianli wanted.

        "Ying Ying, such a big move on our part will definitely attract the attention of the Imperial Dragon Hall, is there any way to avoid it?" Han Third Thousand asked to Jiang Ying Ying.

        "Brother Three Thousand, opening a sect is a big deal, it's definitely impossible to hide it, and with your strength, the emperor must have already seen it and put it in his heart, so it's almost impossible to want him not to pay attention to it, and as for avoiding it, there's no good way in my opinion." Jiang Ying Ying said helplessly.

        Opening a sect, which meant that one had to vigorously recruit disciples as a way to grow the sect's strength, under such conditions, it was already doomed to be impossible to avoid the Imperial Dragon Palace's attention.

        Han 3,000 also understood this, and after sighing, he said, "If the Emperor treats us as enemies from now on, this isn't good news."

        "Brother Three Thousand, I've heard that the Emperor is only truly above all people if he stays in the Royal Dragon Hall, which is a bit strange." Jiang Ying Ying asked in puzzlement.

        Han Giang had also heard of it, and as for how to understand it, he didn't have too clear a resolution right now, but it seemed to him that the Imperial Dragon Hall must have some sort of object, perhaps a way to make the emperor stronger.

        It was possible that it was a formation or some sort of object.

        This kind of formation and object was not able to leave the Royal Dragon Palace, which was why it was said that the emperor was truly above all people in the Royal Dragon Palace.

        "Perhaps the Emperor in the Imperial Dragon Hall is the one whose strength can be at its strongest," Han Qianli said.

        "It looks like the Royal Dragon Hall still hides certain secrets, and only the emperors know about them," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "When we truly confront him, we'll naturally know what the secrets are."

        The other room.

        This was the power center of the Ximen Family, which was the room of Ximen Embers.

        At this moment, Ximen Embers was extremely pale, even Zhong Qishan, who was standing next to him, was the same.

        The two of them were silent, but their expressions all revealed their heaviness.

        "Opening a sect, do you know what this means?" Ximen Embers suddenly spoke to Zhong Qishan.

        "Build your own power and fight the emperor?" Zhong Qishan guessed that although he found the idea absurd, he couldn't find any other reasonable explanation other than that.

        With Han Qianqian's current strength, he could have been an idle crane, so why would he need to start a sect to create his own fetters?

        After all, truly powerful people don't like to have strings attached to them.

        "I was just guessing before, I didn't expect him to actually do this, only my position became different, I thought I could watch the show, but I didn't expect to be involved in this matter." Ximen Embers said unhappily, from the position of a spectator, it suddenly became like this, and Ximen Embers had no choice, which would naturally make him unhappy, because then the survival or death of Han Third Thousand could be related to the entire Ximen family.

        Ximen Embers was happy to see Han Three Thousand against the Emperor, happy to see these two powers cross paths and make a shocking scene, but he would never want to be under this tide, because a small role like him would likely be drowned.

        "What are you going to do?" Zhong Qishan asked.

        "What should we do?" This question caused Simon Embers to smile a helpless grin and said, "You have no choice but to stand by Han 3000, do I have a choice?"

        Zhong Qishan sighed, his life no longer belonged to him when he signed the contract with Han Qianqian, so even if Han Qianqian now asked him to k*ll the Royal Dragon Hall, Zhong Qishan didn't dare to refuse.

        "Since that's the case, we might as well help him properly, there might still be a chance of survival." Zhong Qishan said.

        Ximen Embers pondered for a long time, his eyes became firm and said, "Others may not have the qualifications to overthrow the Imperial Court, but he is an exception, perhaps he really can do it, and since the only way to survive is to overthrow the Imperial Court, we can only help him as much as we can, perhaps we have a chance to witness a miracle that day."

        The next morning, Ximen Embers was waiting for Han Qianli and the others at the entrance, ready to go to Phoenix Mountain to survey the environment on the ground.

        Han Three Thousand woke up early as well, sleep now taking very little time for him to regain his energy.


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