His True Colors Chapter 1009-1010


His True Colors Chapter 1009

Yi Qingshan, who was holding the album, was getting heavier and heavier, and although he wasn't there to feel the intensity of the war, he could see how spectacular the scene was through the images on the album.

        Twenty-eight Guests, who couldn't even defeat one person!

        "Although he still has helpers, these two, especially the one who rode the Winged Tiger, didn't provide much help." Yi Qingshan said, if Snapdragon Huang heard this, he would probably make the young lord of the city so angry that he would vomit blood and die.

        Fei Ling'er nodded and said, "But this woman is not to be underestimated, although the opponent she faced wasn't the most powerful among the twenty-eight guests, it doesn't mean that she brought out her full strength."

        Yi Qingshan began to sigh again, Fei Ling'er's words he naturally understood, but he couldn't figure out why so many experts had suddenly appeared in the Xuanyuan World.

        One had to know that in the centuries he had lived, he had witnessed quite a few strong people breaking through, but the growth of those strong people had been visible to him, and now these people, appearing out of nowhere with no signs at all, had left him unprepared.

        "What's wrong with this world? Why did so many powerful people suddenly appear?" Yi Qingshan asked.

        "That's what I want to know, so I'm following him now." Fei Ling'er was sad, Han Giangli was on guard against her, and it was obviously not that simple to figure out this matter.

        "Did you find out anything?" Yi Qingshan was curious.

        Fei Ling'er shook her head and said, "Not yet, but there is one strange thing, he possesses Sacred Chestnut and ......"

        "What!" Before Fei Ling'er could finish her sentence, Yi Qingshan interrupted with excitement, because the word Sacred Chestnut was like the greatest treasure on earth to him.

        The world said that the Dark Forest was the place of origin of Sacred Chestnut, and only Extreme Masters were qualified to obtain Sacred Chestnut.

        But Yi Qingshan who was a Pole Master knew very well that even as a Pole Master, he needed to be careful in the Dark Forest, for example, he was in a mess this time through the Dark Forest, so how could he dare to go in search of Sacred Chestnut!

        So someone who could possess the Sacred Chestnut was definitely an Extreme Master or above in Yi Qingshan's opinion.

        "No way!" Yi Qingshan looked at Fei Ling'er with a jaw-dropping look and said, "Could it be ...... that he's already a God Realm powerhouse!"

        "I don't know if it was a divine realm powerhouse or not, but he auctioned off the Sacred Chestnut and instead of retrieving it afterwards, he gave it away." Fei Ling'er said.

        Han Third Thousand's small act of giving away the Sacred Chestnut was a very normal thing in his opinion, as it wasn't the first time he had given away such a valuable item.

        But Han Three Thousand could never have imagined how incredible this matter was in Fei Ling'er's eyes.

        Sacred Chestnut was an absolute supreme treasure, and it was even more of an exceptionally difficult, if not nearly impossible, thing to obtain, yet he was giving away such a precious treasure.

        "I thought you were bragging with me, but now I'm sure you're bragging." Yi Qingshan's expression suddenly changed and he looked like he was sneering, he had questioned the contents of the album just now, but now that he heard Fei Ling'er say that Han Qianqian had given away the Sacred Chestnut, he was even more sure of his suspicions.

        "Do you think I need to brag with you? Everyone in Feng Mall knows about this matter, if you don't believe it, just ask around." If Fei Ling'er hadn't seen it with her own eyes, perhaps she would have the same thoughts as Yi Qingshan, but unfortunately, she had witnessed the entire process of this matter with her own eyes, and the ironclad evidence was like a mountain, so there was nothing she could do if she didn't want to believe it.

        Seeing Fei Ling'er's extremely serious expression, Yi Qingshan restrained his disdainful expression.

        "No way, you're really not joking?" Yi Qingshan asked carefully, if that was the case, the three outlooks he had built up over the centuries would all have to be ruined, as he couldn't imagine what kind of person would give away something as precious as the Sacred Chestnut.

        "Seeing it with my own eyes, how could it be false?"

        Yi Qingshan suddenly sat down on the bench like a loser, droning, "What's wrong with this world, why has it suddenly become different from the Xuanyuan World I know, have all these people gone crazy?"

        Fei Ling'er suddenly took a deep breath and asked Yi Qingshan, "Could it be related to that incident?"

        Yi Qingshan suddenly sat up with an unprecedented gravity on his face and said, "You mean, the other world!"

        Fei Ling'er nodded, not many people in the Xuanyuan World knew about the legend of the other world, but an Extreme Mastery like her knew the secret, so Fei Ling'er would unconsciously connect Han Giang to the other world, after all, he had appeared as a transmigrant, not from another world, could there be any other explanation?

        "But the Regulus Secret Book records that the other world is not a world of strong force, so how could he be so powerful?" Yi Qingshan was puzzled.

        Regarding this point, which Fei Ling'er had racked her brain to figure out, the depiction of the other world on the Xuanyuan Secret Book was a world of weaklings, and the Xuanyuan World was above it, since it was a world of weaklings, it was naturally impossible for such stronglings to appear.

        "There's another possibility that the secret book records, which aren't detailed, may even be missing, or we simply haven't read everything on it." Fei Ling'er said.

        Yi Qingshan's eyelids fluttered and said, "You don't want to go to Xuanyuan Mountain, do you?"

        Fei Ling'er nodded her head heavily and said, "The only way to figure this out is to go to Xuanyuan Mountain."

        Yi Qingshan shook his head like a rattle drum, as if he had a great fear of Xuanyuan Mountain, and quickly said, "If you want to go, you go by yourself, I don't want to, it's a death sentence."

        "Without you, how can I go by myself." Fei Ling'er said helplessly, Xuanyuan Mountain was located in the center of the Dark Forest, and was also the most dangerous place in the entire Xuanyuan World, it had the most powerful exotic beast in the Xuanyuan World, even what that beast was called and what it was like, there was no real data, this unknown danger would scare even the strongest of the Extreme Master Realm.

        In fact, in Xuanyuan World, the higher the realm, the more people will be afraid of death, especially in the Extreme Master realm, even more life, because they have a longer lifespan, who is willing to risk their lives in this situation?

        "Even with me, if we're unlucky, we're still going to die, don't you know how dangerous Regulus Mountain is?" Yi Qingshan said.

        "But don't you want to find out what's going on? To the mother and son of Mount Wu, the summit of the Feng Mall, don't you want to know where the hell these people came from?" Ferlinger questioned.

His True Colors Chapter 1010

"Want to, of course I want to." Yi Qingshan said firmly, but he quickly got discouraged and continued, "But to explore this matter with my life, I can't do it, you should know very well how difficult it is to cultivate to the Extreme Mastery Realm, and we should be more life conscious at this time."

        "I'm greedy and afraid of death, otherwise, I wouldn't have come to the Imperial Court to hide."

        Hearing these words, Fei Ling'er let out a heavy breath of bad luck, she could understand Yi Qingshan's feelings, in fact, she would also be worried, after all, this kind of danger could be avoided, and at a realm like hers, it was true that she did not want to face death, but the curiosity within her heart no longer drove her to find out the truth all the time.

        "I have a way." Yi Qingshan suddenly said to Fei Ling'er with a treacherous smile on his face, "How about letting him go with you?"

        Han Ganso?

        Fei Ling'er frowned, the Xuanyuan Secret Book wasn't something anyone was qualified to read, it contained all the secrets of the Xuanyuan World, and if he really was from another world, letting him know the secrets of the Xuanyuan World wasn't a good thing.

        However, Yi Qingshan's proposal was the most likely one, and with Han Qianqiang there, he could avoid the danger to his life caused by entering the Dark Forest to the greatest extent possible.

        "This matter can be considered, but we need to be cautious." Fei Ling'er said.

        "This is your own matter, it has nothing to do with me." Yi Qingshan quickly brushed aside his responsibility; after all, he was not a member of the Imperial Court, and he could indeed ignore what happened in the Imperial Court.

        "Then when do you plan to return to Xia Kingdom?" Fei Ling'er asked.

        Yi Qingshan began to dodge Fei Ling'er's gaze, this time he didn't think about going back, after all, that woman from Jingwu Mountain didn't know when it would stop, and he definitely wouldn't return to the Xia Kingdom during the swing.

        "I'll take a walk around, you don't need to worry about me, don't worry, I'll never make trouble at the Royal Court again." Yi Qingshan said.

        "From today onwards, you follow me, if not, I will personally send you back." Fei Ling'er said with a firm attitude, Yi Qingshan had no feelings for the Imperial Court, so he was absolutely unscrupulous here, if he didn't stay with him, Fei Ling'er couldn't rest assured.

        "There's no need for that, don't you still trust me?" Yi Qingshan said with a bitter face.

        "Can I trust you, the last time you came to the Royal Court and made a mess wasn't enough?" Fei Ling'er said in a cold voice.

        "Last time was just an accident, an absolute accident, don't worry, I'll definitely restrain myself this time." Yi Qingshan said.

        "You have no choice, if you don't, I'll report this matter to the Emperor, and you'll be unable to move an inch in the Imperial Court." Fei Ling'er didn't give Yi Qingshan half a chance, as she knew that Yi Qingshan would never be able to travel honestly.

        Yi Qingshan sighed and said, "Do you have to be so determined? If the emperor knew I was in the imperial court, wouldn't the summer kingdom lord know too."

        "So, how are you going to choose?" Fei Ling'er smiled.

        Yi Qingshan lowered his head helplessly, in this situation, did he have any other choice but to compromise?

        "Alright, listen to you, who let me like you for so many years." Yi Qingshan said shamelessly.

        Fei Ling'er's eyebrows flashed with intense anger, Yi Qingshan quickly waved his hand and said, "I'm joking, don't be angry, can't you joke after so many years of being an old friend?"

        "From now on, you're my brother, so don't talk nonsense in front of Han Qianli." Fei Ling'er instructed.

        Yi Qingshan smiled and shook his body, changing from a bad old man to a young boy, and said with a smile, "How about you look at this image, suitable to be your brother, right?"

        Fei Ling'er did not comment, after all, she knew Yi Qingshan's true appearance, no matter what Yi Qingshan had become, it could not change the appearance of Yi Qingshan in her heart.

        Feng Mall, Han Qianqian was ready to leave this place.

        Opening a sect, it was natural to go to the West Wing City since it was the best place to choose.

        "Master, are we leaving?" Snapdragon Huang looked sorry for Han Marchand asked.

        "Do you have anything left?" Han Giangli was confused.

        Huang Snapdragon sighed, it was a great pity for Huang Snapdragon that he had not left his footprints in the green house here after a difficult trip to Feng Mall.

        The young master of the city but no matter where he went, he was bound to go to the green house to drink two cups of flower wine, this time was an exception.

        "Master, why don't we go have a few drinks?" Huang Snap Yong carefully asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Marchan slapped Huang Snap Yong's head and said, "Just like that, you still want to pursue Ying Ying, I advise you to give up quickly."

        Originally, Han Third Thousand was planning to set them up, but now it seemed that his idea was foolish to the extreme, how could two people from different worlds with different worldviews be harmoniously together?

        As far as the matter of drinking flower wine was concerned, it was absolutely no big deal for Snapdragon Huang, but it was something that was completely unacceptable to Ying Ying Kang.

        Unless Huang Snapdragon changed his mind on these matters, he would never be able to win Jiang Ying Ying's heart.

        "Master, will my aunt dislike me just because I drink a few cups of flower wine?" Snapdragon Huang said without knowing why.

        Han Qianli didn't bother to explain this to him and said, "If you're willing to stay, I won't force you to leave with me."

        "No, no, no, Master, but I'm going to follow your old man in filial respect, how can I stay alone, when do we leave?" Huang Snapdragon was afraid of being abandoned by Han Qianli and quickly said.

        Han Marchian glared at them, then went to tell Jiang Ying Ying and Bai Ling Wan'er to pack their luggage, since they had decided to leave, naturally the sooner they left, the better, after all, there was nothing worth staying in Feng Mall.

        When the group of four people happened to walk out of the inn, Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin appeared, and it looked like they had guessed that Han Qianli would be leaving, which was why they had come to see him off.

        "Mr. Han, are you leaving?" Rangyi asked.

        "Good, there's nothing I want to do here anymore, so staying is a waste of time." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        "Thank you for saving Mr. Han's life, if Han Three Thousand has any need in the future, I, Ran Yi, will definitely be obliged." Ran Yi said.

        "And me, if there's anything I can do to help Han Three Thousand, please feel free to ask, I, Ge Zhonglin, will absolutely do it for Mr. Han." Ge Zhonglin then said.

        "Thank you both for your kindness, I'll see you later." After Han Three thousand said that, he headed towards the city gate, these two weren't of much value to him, so there was no need to waste too much energy on them.


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