Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1301-1303


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1301

Eventually, after much hesitation, Mike. Jones still decided to go and take a look.

        "If there really are any rare treasures that appear, we'll take them by the hand."

        "It'll be good to deliver after we return, won't it."

        Mike . Jones couldn't help but feel some anticipation in his heart.

        After all, this mission, Mike . Jones relied on his sister's relationship with Ye Fan, so that the party wouldn't return empty-handed.

        However, there was always the possibility of not completing the mission perfectly, and one would surely suffer reprimand after returning to the clan.

        And now just gave Michael . Jones a chance to make amends, he naturally would not miss it.

        Just like that, Mike . Jones led the rest of the Truman strongmen and actually rushed towards the depths of the rainforest.

        "Young Master, where is that lady?"

        "Do you want to just send them away, or do you want to take them along as well?"

        At this time, the men were asking respectfully.

        An Qi, on the other hand, was being controlled by a few people, and her activities were limited to only a few meters nearby, surrounded by strong martial artists who seemed to be afraid that this big sister would run away again.

        "Brother, I want to go, I want to go too."

        "As long as you take me there, I promise to be obedient and make sure I won't annoy you anymore."

        Angie shouted at the sound of her words, while putting on a pitiful face to her brother, Mike . Jones to go soft on him.

        "You're dreaming!"

        "You dead girl, don't think I don't know what's in your heart."

        "You definitely want to take this opportunity to wait for an opportunity to escape."

        "Your brother I had a hard time catching you, how can I let you run away again?"

        Mike. Jones showed no mercy and ordered directly, "You guys, you don't have to go in with me. Take Missy back to the hotel first and keep an eye on everything until I return."

        "Yes, Young Master."

        The subordinates instantly agreed.

        But once An Qi heard that, she was not happy.

        "Brother, I don't want to go alone."

        "I want to go with you~"

        "I'm going!"

        "If you don't promise me, I'll ignore you for the rest of my life."

        "Besides, do you think a few of them can watch me?"

        "Wait, I'm sure I'll still find a way to slip away while you're gone."

        Angie couldn't stop complaining, and when she saw the softness, she had a tendency to speak harshly to her brother.


        Mike. Jones was so angry with his sister.

        Not letting him off the hook at all!

        "Young Master, I think, you can take Miss with you."

        "For one thing, you can personally watch Miss and prevent her from slipping away."

        "And for one thing, if you are unlucky enough to meet that Yan Xia boy again this time, Miss might still be of some use, no?"

        At this time, an old man on the side who had been with Mike . Jones' side, lowered his voice and said to Mike. Jones said.

        Mike . Jones's face darkened at that time upon hearing that.

        "Are you saying that there's still a chance that we'll run into that jerk?"

        "He should have left the Amazon rainforest long ago after robbing so many multifaceted spirit fruits."

        "There's no way we'll meet him again~"

        For Evan, Mike. Jones was both hated and feared.

        There were so many strong people in this rainforest, and the last thing he wanted to encounter was that Ye Fan.

        He was almost avoiding it now!

        If he knew he'd meet Ye Fan this time, Mike. Jones made sure that he wouldn't get into this muddy water.

        "Young Master, don't worry, we're just taking precautions."

        "I also think that that Ye Fan should have already left the rainforest and returned home with the Yuan Spirit Fruit."

        Actually, it was not surprising that they thought so.

        After all, the only thing a normal person with a large amount of treasures in their possession would be to return to the country as soon as possible to keep the peace, right?

        Otherwise, they were bound to become a target, and be eyeing by powerful people from all sides. ,.

        There was no telling when he might be given a sneak peek.

        But unfortunately, Ye Fan was not a normal person, so naturally, he couldn't use common sense.

        Of course, all this is for later.

        Mike. After listening to his men's advice, Jones also nodded his head in deep thought.

        "Well, you're right."

        "After all, it's better to be afraid of the unexpected."

        "Take Angie with you."

        "Maybe, we'll even run into use."

        "Goody~ Thanks brother, I love brother." After meeting Mike. Jones nodded his head in agreement, Angie almost jumped up from the ground in excitement, wanting to jump into his brother's arms to express the joy that filled her heart.

        "You've been crazy and abnormal since you were a little girl."

        "It's just a treasure hunt, look at you getting excited ~"

        Mike. Jones was a little helpless, shaking his head and smiling.

        However, how did they know that Angie was excited , not because of the excitement of the treasure hunt, but, she might see her little brother Fan again.

        Others thought that Ye Fan had already returned home loaded with treasures, but An Qi didn't think so.

        From what she knew about Ye Fan, he would never miss any chance to find a treasure.

        As for Michael. Jones and the others were heading deeper into the dense forest, not far from the bank of the stream, there was a figure standing majestically.

        This person looked solemn, and his indifferent eyes carried a majesty that could not be offended.

        He stood there as if he were a ten-thousand-peaked mountain that lay across the area.

        At his feet, there were several wounded people, kneeling piously in worship.

        If Lu Hua and the others were here, they would definitely recognize that these people who were kneeling in the most humble manner, kneeling and serving again, were the same group of powerful Indians such as Reno who had been severely injured by Ye Fan.

        "Are you saying that a Yan Xia man named Ye Fan slaughtered you and stole most of the Yuan Spirit Fruit?"

        "It's just that I've never heard that there's a master surnamed Ye in Yan Xia?"

        Beneath the Heavenly River, this man frowned with some confusion between his brows.

        "King, it's true."

        "A thousand times true!"

        "If it wasn't for him stirring things up, we would have already included the Yuan Spirit Fruit this time."

        "Moreover, two people from our Indian Country were also killed on the spot by him."

        "If it wasn't for our good fortune, I reckon this time our martial dao of the Indian Country would have been annihilated by this one person."

        "And please, King, help us take revenge~"

        "Kill him and retrieve the Origin Fruit."

        At his feet, Lei Luo and the others were filled with misery, kneeling down to worship.

        The words were all filled with a monstrous resentment towards Ye Fan.

        In front of them, the man merely nodded.

        "Well, Ye Fan, right?"

        "I remember that."

        "If there is an opportunity, I will take care of this person myself."

        "But before that, I have something more important to do."

        "As for you guys, a bunch of underachieving losers, just get the hell back to the Indian Country."

        "King, that Ye Fan you must go kill as soon as possible, otherwise when he leaves America and returns to Yan Xia, he will undoubtedly be letting the tiger go, and will definitely become the heart and soul of my Indian Country's martial arts. He is a grandmaster at such a young age, and in thirty years, he will undoubtedly be a title grandmaster again. You should quickly eliminate him while he is still feathery~" hearing that the man in front of him didn't seem to care too much about Ye Fan, Lei Luo ton shouted anxiously.

        "Eh?" The man frowned, his face then went cold, just as cold as ice, "You're teaching me how to do things?"

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1302


        The words were icy cold, and in a split second, they set off huge waves in the heavens and earth here.

        To Lei Luo and the others, the majestic majesty contained in those words was as heavy as Mount Tai, so heavy that Lei Luo and the others were almost unable to breathe.

        In fear, Lei Luo and the others immediately kneeled down and repeatedly explained: "No... No, King, you have misunderstood."

        "You are the leader of the martial dao of our Indian Country, in front of you, I, Lei Luo, am nothing more than an insect, insignificant, how would I dare to teach you what to do?"

        "It's the villain who's talking too much, I deserve to die, I'm in the wrong, please forgive the king~"

        Rallo was clearly terrified, and his entire body was near soul-crushing.

        Kneeling on the ground, he slapped himself as he begged for an explanation.

        The man's expressionless, indifferent eyes were still looking down at Lei Luo and the others at his feet.


        However, at this moment, the energy fluctuation from the lake island finally reached here.

        In a split second, the wind was blowing here, and the dense and pure power of heaven and earth swept from the depths of the dense forest, while whistling past.

        It blew men's robes, all hunting and ringing.

        After feeling this pure power, Lei Luo and the others were all terrified.

        The trepidation on their old faces dissipated and was replaced by confusion and curiosity.


        "What a dense power?"

        "What happened?"

        "Could it be that another Origin Fruit Tree has been born?"

        Lei Luo shouted in alarm.

        Next to him, the majestic man, his eyebrows also sank.

        He turned his head, looking towards the direction from which this power was coming, and there was a slow curve slowly blooming at the corner of his mouth.

        "Finally, has it appeared?"

        "It seems that the Persian King's information was not wrong."

        The man said to himself, an inexplicable excitement and joy showing in his eyebrows.

        It was as if, the greedy hungry wolf, after searching for a long time, had finally found its prey.

        This energy storm came fast, and overflowed fast as well.

        After just a few seconds, the place would be calm again.

        However, it didn't matter, as long as you rushed towards the direction of the power coming from, you would definitely find something when you got closer.

        All natural materials and geological treasures contained extremely strong spiritual energy.

        As we get closer, we will naturally be able to feel it.

        At this time, the man once again landed his gaze on Lei Luo and the others.

        "Bunch of unworthy things, why don't you make way for this king?"

        "Can you afford to delay my king's event?"

        Now the thing he had been searching for for days finally appeared. Naturally, the man didn't want to waste any more time on these wastes of time, and immediately gave a low shout, telling them to get out of the way.

        Lei Luo and the others naturally didn't dare to complain, and without saying a word, they immediately rolled and crawled to make way for the man in front of them.

        The man no longer lingered, so he headed in the direction where the power was coming from, and quickly rushed off.

        However, before he took a few steps, the man's forward steps suddenly stopped again.

        He didn't turn around and turned his back to them.

        When Lei Luo and the others saw this, they quickly knelt there again, waiting for the man to tell them what to do.

        "From now on, you guys remember, compared to the title of "King", I prefer to be respected as the Heavenly King."

        The low and deep words were like a cold wind, sweeping through the dense forest from here.

        Lei Luo and the others quickly nodded their heads in response to the words.

        "Yes, Heavenly King, we all remember."

        Lei Luo and the others were still kneeling on the ground, their words full of trepidation and respect.

        At this time, however, the man was already far away.

        With his feet in the void, he soon disappeared at the end of his sight.

        However, even though the man had been gone for a long time, the emotions in the hearts of Lei Luo and the others were slow to calm down.

        They tilted their heads up and looked at the direction the man left, and only after a long time did they let out a long sigh of emotion.

        "Is this, the majesty of a Sealed Master?"

        "I don't know if it's still possible for me, Lei Luo, to stand at the same height as the Indigo King in this life?"

        There were inexplicable emotions in the ghostly words.

        There was reverence, admiration, and even an endless pursuit and desire for power and authority.

        "Come on, let's go over there as well."

        "Maybe there's still a place where we can help the Heavenly King?"

        Lei Luo suggested, and then these few remnants of the Indian Martial Dao actually rushed towards the depths of the dense forest as well.

        It was estimated that Ye Fan and the others would never have thought that an energy overflow from Yu Yun's closing had caused such a big ripple in the entire Amazon Rainforest.

        It could be said that all but the strongest people who felt this energy fluctuation were all converging towards the direction of the Lake Heart Island.

        After all, treasures moved people's hearts.

        For these martial artists, the greatest temptation was something that could enhance their strength.

        Now that this temptation was right in front of them, they were naturally incapable of resisting it.

        Soon, in just a few days, the strongmen of various countries had gathered at the shore of the Long Lake.

        Behind them, there was an ancient tropical rainforest that stretched for miles and miles.

        In front of them, there was a vast lake that was bottomless.

        The martial artists of the various countries all came to a halt after reaching here.

        "Kong Lao, what should we do?"

        "There's no road ahead."

        On the shore, Lu Yanxi said in a somewhat depressed mood.

        In the perception of the crowd, the direction of the energy coming from was indeed the island in the center of the lake.

        Seeing that now, everyone was trapped by this lake, with neither bridges nor boats around, there was no way to board the island.

        Kong Lao's eyebrows furrowed as well, as if he was pondering a countermeasure, "If I didn't expect it, there must be some hidden secret hidden on that island in the center of the lake ahead."

        "This kind of isolated island is also the easiest place to give birth to treasures."

        "It's just that the shore is too far away from even that lake-hearted island."

        "At this distance, it's impossible to cross with human power alone, so we'll have to find a way to use some tools."

        Kong Ming said in a deep voice as he looked at the lake center island at the end of his line of sight that seemed like a black dot.

        At their level of strength, using their body's true energy stamina, they could still be able to tread water for a short period of time.

        However, it wasn't on the ground after all, and running on water was extremely costly.

        Even with Kong Ming's decades of power, twenty minutes of walking on water was already the limit.

        But apparently, this amount of time was simply not enough to support Kong Ming to reach that small island in the heart of the lake.

        It was estimated that even a strong Ancestral Master would find it difficult to tread water in one breath to reach the small island in the heart of the lake.

        The same predicament was not only plaguing Kong Ming's group, but the other strongmen from various countries that had arrived could only stop here and look at the lake and sigh.

        This lake was too large, and the smoky, vast lake in front of them was like a heavenly rift, blocking these strongmen from the various countries that were heading to the treasure hunt.

        "Kong Lao, is there really nothing we can do about it?"

        "We've come this far, we can't go back." Lu Yanxi said with a reluctant heart.

        Kong Ming shook his head, "There's still a way, it's just a bit stupid."


        "What's the solution?"

        Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi's eyebrows lit up as they both looked at Kong Ming.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1303

Kong Ming pointed at the thousands of trees behind him and laughed bitterly, "What else can I do?"

        "Naturally, logging and shipbuilding."

        "This~" the corners of Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi's eyes twitched, then, they also laughed bitterly.


        Other than this most primitive method, they really had no other way.

        Just like this, the strongmen of the various countries that had gathered here all used their own means and began to cut wood and build ships on site.

        Of course, when it was called building a boat, it was actually just making a simple raft.

        The process wasn't very complicated, and after picking the right trees, it would be done quickly.

        Some strong and powerful people, directly step on the canoe, a "wood" across the river.

        In just half a day, there were dozens of simple wooden rafts on the lake in front of them.

        After that, the strong men from all countries relied on human power to push the rafts towards the small island in the center of the lake.

        The magnificent scene was just like a hundred boats competing for water.

        However, the speed of crossing the river in this way is naturally much slower.

        It is estimated that by the time they reach the island, the sky will be dark.



        Naturally, Ye Fan had no idea of the scenery here.

        At this moment, he was still in the cave, guarding the barrier for Yu Yun.

        Perhaps it was because the Ice Spirit Fruit energy was overflowing too much, Ye Fan resolutely discovered that the temperature in the entire cave had dropped a lot.

        Even with Ye Fan's physical qualities, he actually felt a few chills.

        "This Ice Spirit Fruit wouldn't be an ice attributed spirit fruit."

        "The coldness contained within it alone is probably not something that ordinary people can endure."

        Feeling the icy cold power that was overflowing from Yu Yun's body, Ye Fan was secretly frightened and whispered from the side.

        Just like this, Ye Fan kept watch over Yu Yun for several more hours in the cave.

        However, the woman in front of him still showed no signs of waking up.

        And the longer it dragged on, the more the worry in Ye Fan's heart undoubtedly intensified.

        "Why isn't she waking up yet?"

        "How many days has it been?"

        "It's not going to go wrong again, is it?"

        Ye Fan was secretly worried.

        However, Ye Fan also knew that it was useless for him to worry about the current situation.

        Success or failure was only Yu Yun's own creation.

        No one could help him.

        After thinking about this, the restlessness in Ye Fan's heart gradually calmed down instead.

        However, this state of mind of Ye Fan didn't last long.

        Suddenly, Ye Fan seemed to have felt something, and he, who was originally sitting on the floor, suddenly got up and looked towards the cave entrance with a pair of eyes.

        In his eyebrows, a few wisps of gravity immediately emerged.

        "What should come, has finally come."

        Ye Fan shook his head and whispered.

        He looked ahead, and then looked behind him at Yu Yun whose eyebrows were closed and still in deep cultivation, and said softly, "Don't worry."

        "This time, no one will ever disturb you again."

        Ye Fan said softly, as if he was talking to himself.

        Then, he no longer hesitated as he immediately lifted his feet and headed out into the world.



        Outside of the cave, there were already strong people who had touched down here.

        Looking at the mess all over the ground, as well as the corpse of the giant ape, and the sword scar gullies that nearly ran through the mountains and rivers, many people were endlessly shocked.

        "My God!"

        "What... . what happened here?"

        "Could it be that it's been through a battle?"

        "But how strong must both sides of the battle be if they can cause such devastation?"


        On top of the ruins, some people looked at the traces of the battle in front of them with trepidation and trembling in their hearts.

        They simply could not imagine how intense the battle would have been.

        The clamor over here naturally attracted the attention of many strong warriors.

        For a time, martial artists from various countries had gathered around.

        Lu Yanxi, Lu Hua and the others were naturally no exception.

        "I'm going!"

        "Here, did an earthquake happen?"

        "The earth has even cracked this big?!"

        Lu Hua shouted out in surprise at the sight.

        Kong Ming didn't say anything, only lowering his head to carefully detail the ruins beneath his feet before he said in a condensed manner, "It's not an earthquake, these, are all the work of human hands."

        "If I didn't expect it, there must have been a war on this island."

        "The two sides involved in the war were at least Ancestor cultivators."

        "Looking at this scene, more than ten days have passed since the original battle."


        "Master Kong, you said this... This is, like, human error?"

        "No way."

        Lu Hua stared incredulously.

        It wasn't that he hadn't seen a grandmaster before, his grandfather was the Yan Xia martial arts master

        However, Lu Hua could guarantee that even a martial arts master with qi and blood like a dragon would never be able to cause such destruction.

        Kong Ming ignored Lu Hua, but instead, he sought out traces and continued onward.

        Soon, he arrived at the bottom of a small hill and discovered the giant ape that had died from a sword that had sealed its throat.

        "My God~"

        "What a big ape?"

        "The King Kong that jerked off in the movie is probably not half as big as this ape, right?"

        The mass of this spirit ape truly shocked the crowd.

        However, while everyone was shocked, they were also excited.

        "To contain such a monster, this place must be extraordinary."

        "There must be treasures growing in the surrounding thousand meters."

        "Even if it's not a Yuan Spirit Fruit, it's probably no less precious~"

        Among the crowd, someone said excitedly.

        These words undoubtedly stirred up greed in the hearts of the crowd.

        For a moment, the strongmen of the various countries searched the vicinity carefully as if they were panning for gold.

        "Young Master, let's look for it as well, shall we?"

        Mack. who had arrived here not long before. Jones, on the advice of his men, undoubtedly joined the search.

        After all, this Lakshin Island was too special.

        Not to mention the geographical location deep in the center of the rainforest, surrounded by the lake, can be said to be isolated.

        Plus, the aura here is so dense that it even contains a huge spirit ape like the one in front of you.

        Anyone with a bit of brains would probably be able to guess that there are treasures on this island.

        Of course, after seeing the ruins of the war here, many people thought that the treasure had probably already been taken before anyone else.

        However, having come all the way here, one had to look for it.

        "Found it!"

        "I've found it, that pure power is what poured out from inside this pile of rocks."

        At this time, I don't know who shouted.

        Soon, everyone was drawn in.

        Kong Ming, Lu Yanxi, and even Mike . Jones and the others all sniffed and looked over.

        It was a location at the foot of a mountain, but as if it had been damaged by humans, a large amount of rocks were shattering and rolling down from the mountain, finally gathering here to form a huge pile of rocks.

        And now, underneath this stone pile, there was a stream of pure power spurting out unceasingly from within.

        How distinct was that dense power of heaven and earth?

        "It looks like there's something under the pile of rocks,"

        Everyone looked at the scene in front of them and speculated.


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