Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1304-1305


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1304

"Just like that giant ape out there."

        At this time, someone suddenly said this.

        As soon as the crowd heard this, the few people who had already rushed up just now turned white with fear, then quickly jumped down from the pile of rocks.

        The rest of the crowd, too, unconsciously took a few steps backwards.

        After all, even though the treasures were good, the premise was that they also had to have lives to enjoy.

        The fervor in their hearts for the treasures quickly dissipated.

        The crowd, too, then regained their senses.

        For a while, everyone was watching from afar, and no one even dared to go forward to find out what was going on.

        After all, if there was really some kind of monster underneath the boulder, then the first person to explore would most likely become cannon fodder.

        Therefore, everyone naturally didn't dare to go forward and were waiting for the others to rifle through.

        For a while, the situation here was in a stalemate.

        However, it was not an option to continue like this.

        In the end, it was Mike . Jones stepped forward, his face was dignified, he looked around at the crowd and said in a deep voice, "It seems that all of you, you don't want to be this first one to drip the road."

        "But this stalemate isn't an option."

        "I suggest that I choose a few people later to join forces and make a move to shatter these boulders."

        "So, it's a good idea for us to see what's buried beneath the rubble."

        Mike. Jones' deep voice echoed.

        The crowd around them heard it and nodded.


        "That's a good idea, Master Jones."

        "It will save a lot of danger that way."

        "I see ah, let's do it!"


        "Okay, we'll do as Young Master Jones says."

        "Pick a few good fighters, and together we'll shatter these rocks."

        "We'd like to see if it's a dragon or a worm that's crushing under this boulder."

        "Young Master Jones, you are knowledgeable and come from a Truman family, so I think you should be the one to select the strongest person."

        "Your words will carry the most weight, and everyone will listen."

        In the end, after deliberation, the crowd unanimously decided to adopt Michael . Jones' method of shattering these rocks by force to find out what was going on.

        "Good, then I will respectfully follow your orders."

        Mike. Jones laughed loudly before picking out a few good men with thick power among the strongmen of the nations.

        "Angie, stay out of sight."

        "Watch out for the rocks crashing into you later!"

        Seeing that the powerful men were already gathering momentum, Mike . Jones shouted in advance to Angie to duck away.


        "Angie, you dead girl, what are you looking around for?"

        "Why don't you come hide with me?"

        Mike. Jones saw that he had been shouting for a long time, but got no response, and became unpleasantly fierce.

        "Oh, here it comes, here it comes~"

        Angie returned perfunctorily.

        Angie had been looking around since she'd arrived on this lakeside island.

        But Mike. Where did Jones know that Angie was actually just looking for someone all the time.


        "It seems that brother Fanny, he really went back ah."

        During this time, the crowd was searching for treasures, but An Qi was searching for people.

        However, she looked at everyone here, but she didn't find that thin young figure at all.

        An Qi's mood, just like the fading sunset, also went down.

        It was dejected, as if it was a frosty eggplant.

        An Qi knew very well that after returning to the family this time, she was afraid that she would never see her little brother Fan again.

        In fact, An Qi didn't know what was wrong with her, ever since Ye Fan had said goodbye to him that day, the image of Ye Fan had been lingering in her mind for the past few days.

        Obviously, she had only known him for a few days, but that young man's figure was so deeply imprinted in An Qi's heart that she was incomparably eager to meet up with Ye Fan again.

        "We're going to do it!"

        "Stay away~"

        "Otherwise, suffer the consequences!"

        Below the foot of the mountain in front of him, an old man's deep voice came out.

        After that, the powerful men of several countries made their moves together, majestic strength gathered into a stream, and just like this, with majestic and heavy momentum, they smashed into the mountain in front of them.


        In the midst of the low roar, the rocks and mountains exploded, the earth trembled, and endless sand and stones rose up into the sky.

        As the crowd watched, the mountainous rocks and stones that had piled up all exploded.


        "It worked!"

        "The rocks are all broken~"

        Among the crowd, someone shouted in surprise.

        And at this time, everyone was still nervously looking ahead, because no one knew what was behind that pile of rocks.

        After a short wait, the dust slowly fell from the sky, and a black hole appeared in front of everyone.

        In the hole, the pure power of heaven and earth, like a trickle of water, was still spilling out.

        The crowd saw the scene in front of them, but they were all pleasantly surprised.

        "It's a cave~"

        "It's a cave!!!"

        "I see, that spirit ape outside must be the guardian spirit guarding this cave."

        "Before it died, it sealed the entrance to the cave just to protect the treasures inside."

        "Yes, there must be a supreme treasure inside!"


        "Brother, let's rush in~"

        "Must be the first to get that treasure."


        "With you guys?"

        "Good thinking!"


        With the appearance of this cave, the loose alliance just now undoubtedly collapsed instantly.

        And then, the strongmen from each country showed their prowess and scrambled towards that cave.

        "Let's go, let's go in too!"

        When Kong Ming shouted, he also led Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi to charge up.

        Mike . Naturally, Jones was not willing to be outdone and led the Truman strongman to leap.

        "Anyone who doesn't want to die, get the hell out of the way!"

        "Today this treasure, we, the Truman, take it."

        At the bottom of the mountain, Mike . Jones arrogantly shouted, and his words were full of pride and relief.

        Now that Ye Fan was not here, the one with the strongest overall strength was their team, the Chu Gate.

        So, Mike. Jones was fully confident that he would be able to pocket the treasure.

        "Oh, yeah?"

        "Don't you think it's a little premature to say that, Master Jones?"

        However, just as everyone was scrambling to rush into the cave to search for treasures, suddenly, a playful laughter actually sounded out in this part of the world.

        The crowd was stunned at the sound.

        Because, this sound, seemed to be coming from, the cave.

        "Could it be, there is someone in this cave?"

        Everyone was suddenly suspicious.

        The original footsteps of the crowd moving forward also came to an abrupt halt.

        The gazes of countless people turned in unison, all looking towards the place of the cave.

        At first, what sounded in the ears of the crowd was the sound of low footsteps.

        Then, vaguely, the crowd could see a blurred figure, slowly coming from the endless darkness.

        Until, it completely appeared in front of the crowd.

        And the moment they saw this person, everyone present, all of them trembled.

        Lu Yanxi was flabbergasted, Kong Ming was wide-eyed, Lu Hua was filled with panic, and Mike . Jones was even more horrified.

        "Is... It's you?!!!"

        "Well, it's me."

        A faint laugh quietly rang out.

        At that moment, a thin figure, just like that at the border of light and darkness, stood with a negative hand, smiling proudly.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1305

"Sh*t, again?"

        "Why aren't you leaving?"

        Seeing that Ye Fan also appeared here, Mike . Jones's entire body was almost going crazy, and his old eyes were close to bleeding.

        The Yuan Ling Fruit tree from before was because of the appearance of this teenager in front of him, which led to his fiasco.

        Not only was one of his strong Ancestors killed, but also almost all of the Yuan Spirit Fruit that he had aspirations to win fell into the hands of this Ye Fan.

        But Mike . Jones was furious, but due to Ye Fan's strength, he could only break his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.

        Now, it was not easy to come across another opportunity, but Mike. Jones had never dreamed that he would meet this guy again.


        "You're very upset that I'm not leaving?"

        Ye Fan stood at the mouth of the cave, looking condescendingly at Mike . Jones, shallow smile, but contained an endless chill.

        At that time, Mike. Jones is a corner of the mouth is a draw, the original to the mouth of the cruel words, then immediately swallowed down.

        He is a powerful young master of the authority, but also a lot of restraint.

        After all, Mike. Jones had seen Ye Fan's majesty before. This guy was not a friendly character.

        Mike . Jones had no doubt that if he provoked him, this guy was afraid that he wouldn't even have to slaughter himself.

        "No... No comment, why would I have a problem?"

        "You're my sister's friend, so naturally you're my friend."

        "I'm still happy to meet you here, so naturally I have no problem with it."

        Mike. Jones was by no means arrogant and stupid, and after seeing the situation before him clearly, he began to speak good words to Ye Fan to get close to him.

        Today, in this form, even if a strong man like Ye Fan couldn't be a friend, he must never become an enemy.

        And when Mike. Jones said this, his sister, An Qi, had already run over and could not wait to plunge into Ye Fan's arms.

        "Brother Fanny, I knew that you would be here."


        "I never thought we'd meet again so soon~"

        Obviously it had only been a few days of separation, but to An Qi, it was as if she hadn't seen him for years.

        At this time after seeing Ye Fan, she jumped and jumped around Ye Fan with joy, happy as if she was a sparrow in June.

        A strong smirk at Ye Fan.

        "Yeah, see you again."

        Ye Fan also smiled back, petting An Qi's little head as he stroked her.

        It was just that, seeing the two of them so close, but someone below was unhappy.

        "Are you guys losers?"

        "All these people and you can't even watch a kid?"

        Mike. Jones blackened his face and lowered his voice to rage at the men behind him.

        Ye Fan had killed the Truman Elder and would definitely be an enemy of Truman in the future.

        Now that he was smiling at Ye Fan, he was only forced to do so and was just making a show of it.

        So, naturally, he didn't want his sister to get too close to Ye Fan.

        Lest he would get deeper and deeper into trouble in the future and be implicated by it again.

        On the other side, Lu Hua and the others' faces were by no means good.

        "Damn it!"

        "How did we get so unlucky to meet this bastard again?"

        "Isn't he satisfied after getting such a multifaceted spiritual fruit."

        "And you've even touched this again?"

        Looking at Ye Fan, Lu Hua clenched his palm and said viciously, his eyebrows full of resentment and malice.

        Amongst the audience, the one who hated Ye Fan the most was probably him.

        On the other hand, Lu Yanxi, who was on the side, had a completely different emotion.

        Especially after seeing how close Ye Fan was with An Qi, Lu Yanxi's heart was sour and faintly carried a bit of loss and emptiness.

        "Perhaps, if I had been nicer to Ye Fan and not been so harsh to Ye Fan."

        "Nowadays, the one standing in front of Ye Fan and chatting intimately with him should be himself."

        "Those Yuan Spirit Fruits, he would also give some of them to himself, right?"

        The more Lu Yanxi thought about it, the more she felt miserable in her heart.

        The most painful thing in life wasn't to ask for what you couldn't have.

        Rather, what should have belonged to you was something that you foolishly missed.

        Losing something was undoubtedly more painful compared to not getting it.


        "Hot Eve?"

        "What's the matter with you, why aren't you talking?"

        Lu Hua saw that he couldn't get a response to his words for a long time, and whirled around to look at Lu Yanxi in confusion.

        "Nothing... Nothing."

        Only then did Lu Yanxi come back to his senses, shaking his head repeatedly and saying that he looked like he was distracted.

        With Ye Fan's sudden appearance, the crowd's frenzied hearts were briefly silenced for a moment.

        After all, with Ye Fan guarding the cave entrance, no one dared to come forward if no one took the lead.

        Ye Fan's ruthlessness could be witnessed by everyone present.

        In the previous battle for the Origin Spirit Fruit, Ye Fan had blown up the Chu Gate's generation master with a few punches and crushed several strong men of the martial dao of the Indian country with a single palm.

        Those bloody lessons happened not long ago, so the crowd was almost instinctively afraid of Ye Fan.

        However, perhaps the lure of the treasure was really touching, after a brief silence, a few bold people in the crowd finally stepped forward and smiled politely at Ye Fan, "Mr. Ye, you came out inside just now, I don't know what kind of treasure is in here."

        "If you have already obtained it, please take it out and let us open our eyes."


        "Yes, Master Ye, the energy of heaven and earth is so dense and the aura is so dense in here, there must be some heavy treasure. If you have obtained it, please bring it out for us to see, and satisfy our curiosity."


        As one person took the lead, others echoed the words.

        But Ye Fan returned coldly, "You guys are overthinking, there are no treasures in this cave."


        "No treasure?"

        "Impossible, huh?"

        "How can there be no treasures for such a strong power of the world?"

        The crowd was confused and questioned everything they heard.

        Mike . Jones also came out at this time and smiled, "If Brother Ye has said that, then there must be no treasures in there."

        "However, the aura here is gloomy, so I'm sure the cave itself is an immortal treasure."

        "We've all come here, so why don't we all just go in and take a tour, it'll be worth the trip."

        Mike . Jones suggested.

        "Right, if we don't have treasures, we'll just buy treasures, let's just go in and have fun~"

        Many people were also laughing in agreement.

        However, saying that, the crowd actually still didn't believe in Ye Fan's ghosts in their hearts.

        This kind of place had no treasures, what about lying to ghosts?

        "Come on, let's go inside~"

        Among the crowd, someone shouted.

        Soon, all the powerful people from the countries before the cave were about to enter the cave.

        However, at this moment, a cold voice, only like thunder, quietly exploded in this part of the world, "Today, with me here, no one is allowed to take a step into the cave."

        "Those who enter, die!"


        The words were icy cold, as if a storm was sweeping.

        A monstrous majesty raged in all directions.

        Under Ye Fan's angry voice, everyone looked terrified.


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