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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2304

"But Mom is making it so absolute now, and from what I know of her, she's usually very soft, but once she makes a decision, it's basically impossible for her to mediate."


      "So, if I still keep on looking for my grandfather, mother will, as she says, send me to America."


      "When the time comes, it will be even more impossible for me to find my grandfather in the United States and miles away from home."


      "So I'll have to lie to steady my mother before sneaking off to continue my search for my grace."


      Du Haiqing didn't know what was in her daughter's heart at this time, and was relieved to hear that she was indeed willing to give up the search.


      The reason why you are called by this name is because you want to know what is right and what is wrong, the stakes of your sister's case, mom has just told you very clearly, so for the safety of her life, you must remember, absolutely can't secretly help her find people, understand? "


      As soon as Su Zhi Fei heard this, he immediately stated, "Mom don't worry, I'm a person who has always had some respect for our traditional Chinese culture, since the master has said so, I will definitely not give Zhi Fei any help!"


      What Su Zhi Fei said was sincere.


      Nowadays, some young people, because they had accepted the impact of Western culture, were slamming the traditional culture of Huaxia.


      Among them, the one that was attacked the most was traditional Chinese medicine.


      When Su Zhi Fei was at the age of cynicism, he was more or less prejudiced against TCM, always feeling that TCM lacked scientific basis and clinical trials.


      But when he was nineteen years old, he once had a low fever that lasted for more than a month, and he did all the tests he could in the hospital, and tried all the antibiotics, but it was ineffective.


      Finally, in desperation, he went with his family to visit a famous doctor, who diagnosed him and said that he was invaded by dampness, and gave him acupuncture and a decoction on the spot.


      Since then, Su Zhi Fei understood that everything that can exist forever, must have its reason.


      Chinese medicine, along with the Chinese civilization, has been developing for five thousand years, and the wisdom contained in it is something that he, as a brat, can deny?


      Therefore, he had gained a little more respect for traditional culture since then.


      It was naturally the same for the I Ching Bagua.


      When Su Zhiyu heard this, she was even more desperate.


      She knew that if even her brother couldn't help her, then she was really going to lose all her help, in this situation, did she have a chance to find her grandfather?


      Ever since she was rescued in Japan to this day, she would think of Ye Chen countless times every day, remembering all the details of her rescue at the time.


     It could be said that Ye Chen was already deep in the marrow for her.


      Therefore, even if it was truly a moth to a flame, she was unwilling to stop deep inside.


      At this time, Du Haiqing looked at Su Zhiyu and said in a tone that could not be refuted, "Zhiyu, Mom wants to stay in Jinling for a while, in the meantime, you will stay with me in Jinling, you don't need to go anywhere!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2305

Du Haiqing did want to live in Jinling for a small period of time.


      Not only because she missed the coma of Ye, but also because she really liked this warm and humid old riverside city.


      In addition, she also misses the old mansion that was once rented by Ye Chang-缨.


      She wanted to stay in Jinling, buy that mansion and then renovate it properly again.


      If there's nothing special in the future, she's even willing to settle in Jinling.


      Du Haiqing had married Su Shoudao back then because she saw the man she loved marry another woman and completely lost confidence and expectations in her relationship.


      But after the marriage, she and Su Shou Dao only had affection and no love.


      With the exposure of Su Shou Dao's betrayal of her, her affection for Su Shou Dao has almost disappeared.


      So, but she has not divorced Su Shoudao yet, but she has made a decision in her heart that she will not force herself for the sake of others.


      From this moment onwards, she wanted to live according to her own ideas more than anything else.


      Settling in Jinling was the first step.


      When Su Zhiyu heard that her mother wanted her to stay in Jinling, she naturally had ten thousand reluctance.


      She secretly thought, "Whether it's the Su family or the Du family, the main sphere of influence is in Yanjing, and I only have the chance to mobilize more resources to help me find my benefactor."


      "But if I stay in Jinling with my mother, I won't have any resources to mobilize!"


      "Besides, with mother so vehemently opposed to my finding Grace, I'll be right under her nose from now on, so I'll have even less chance of finding him."


      Thinking of this, Su Zhiyu was extremely depressed, so she didn't immediately respond to her mother's words.


      When Du Haiqing saw all the hesitation and reluctance in her expression, he couldn't help but frown and asked, "What? Mom looks like you're not going to say yes?"


      Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, "No ah mom, I actually quite want to stay in Jinling to accompany you, but to be honest, I'm afraid that I won't get used to my Jinling life after a long time"


      Du Haiqing nodded his head and asked, "Tell me, where are you uncomfortable?"


      Su Zhiyu snapped his fingers and said, "You see, Yanjing's winter is always dry, and Jinling is humid"


      Du Haiqing immediately said, "It doesn't matter, then immediately have someone install the best central dehumidification system in your room, then let's compare the weather conditions in Yanjing in real time, how much is the air humidity in Yanjing, make sure the air humidity in your room is how much is the air humidity in your room, if the air humidity in Yanjing is 10, then let your room remain 10 as well, absolutely not one percentage point difference! "


      Su Zhiyu had a big headache and hurriedly added, "It's not just the humidity of the air ah, but also the lifestyle ah, I'm not too used to the food here".


      With a wave of her hand, Du Haiqing spoke up, "No matter, mom will transfer a chef from Yanjing to you, when you're at home, don't you quite like the food cooked by the home chef? It's just as well that your father has run away to Australia now, and the chef is idle at home, I'll have him come over tomorrow, oh no, today, so you can have a familiar meal tomorrow morning."


      Su Zhiyu said awkwardly, "That mom I can stay here with you, but my brother still has to go back ah, you called the chef to Jinling, what will my brother do when he goes back ah?"


      Before Du Haiqing could speak, Su Zhi Fei immediately stated his position very firmly, "Nothing! I'm fine! I'll just eat out every day, I'm a bachelor anyway, it's easy to solve, one person is full, the whole family is not hungry!"


      Said Su Zhi Fei, "Oh right, I won't leave Jinling for the time being, Miss Gu's concert is about to start, I want to stay in Jinling to make some preparations for the concert, I'll leave after it's over."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2306

Su Zhiyu didn't think that this brother of hers, it was really neat to fall on his sword at this point!


      She glared at Su Zhi Fei with an exasperated glare and said to Du Haiqing, "Mom, I didn't bring enough clothes this time, and the groceries and stuff I usually use for myself, it would be okay if I stayed in Jinling for three to five days, but if I stayed for a long time, it would be troublesome."


      Du Haiqing said without a care in the world, "This is simple, a few aunts at home happen to be free, I'll ask them to pack all your personal items and bring them over together."


      Said Du Haiqing and said: "If you still have any dissatisfaction with the place, can talk to mom, mom all help you to solve, if you think the layout and decoration of the room is not satisfied does not matter, mom can home your room decoration and furniture all dismantled airlift over, and then give you the original restoration, you have any other questions? If you have any other problems together, just mention them, and Mom will solve them all for you."


      Su Zhiyu was really at her wit's end.


      Unexpectedly, mom was so determined and didn't give herself any chance at all.


      So, she could only incomparably nod her head in aggravation and said helplessly, "Alright mom, I know, I don't have any other problems, let's do everything as you say."


      Du Haiqing put her mind at ease, smiled slightly, and said, "You ah, just don't keep thinking about going to look for that grandfather every day, stay well with mom in Jinling, and when you start school, if mom has nothing to do, she will go to the United States for you as a chaperone, when you finish mba, when our mother and father will come back."


      Su Zhiyu knew that Mom was defending herself at every turn to prevent herself from having the opportunity to sneak around and continue her search for her benefactor.


      So, she had no choice but to nod her head and said, "Okay, I'll listen to you."


      Du Haiqing was finally relieved.


      She thought to herself, "As long as I keep Zhiyu in Jinling and keep an eye on her at the same time, she shouldn't meet up with the man who is at odds with her destiny and can make her moth to the flame!"


      "In that case, after these few months and after she goes to the United States to study, there will be even less hope of finding that person!"


      "Maybe after a while, she'll fade the whole thing out on her own."


      However, Du Haiqing had underestimated Su Zhiyu's determination.


      Moreover, although Su Zhiyu's personality was very different from Du Haiqing's, she had the same persistence and stubbornness in her bones as Du Haiqing did.


      Du Haiqing was in love with Ye Changba for many years, and although Ye Changba repeatedly rejected her, she never gave up, and it was useless to persuade anyone.


      Su Zhiyu is determined to find Ye Chen, and even though everyone is in her way, she still insists inside.


      Du Haiqing never dreamed that what Su Zhiyu has been looking for is the young man riding a motorbike that she met today in front of Ye Changba's former residence.


      That young man is now living in a Tomson, a straight line distance from them, but only three or five kilometers away.


      She was even more unaware that she had thought that by leaving Su Zhiyu in Jinling, she was allowing Su Zhiyu to avoid the fate of the moths to the flame.


      But the truth was quite the opposite!


      This decision of hers biased Su Zhiyu to stay around this fire


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