Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1297-1298


A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1297

Otherwise, once the foundation was injured, it would undoubtedly greatly damage Yu Yun's cultivation and might even threaten Yu Yun's future in the martial path.

        Over the years, Ye Fan had seen too many martial artists who had suffered serious injuries, resulting in the destruction of their martial foundations and ultimately making it difficult for their cultivation to progress any further.

        If Yu Yun lost her future because of himself, Ye Fan probably wouldn't forgive himself even if he died.


        At the top of the sea of clouds, a clear-cut young man, carrying a graceful and magnificent woman, whistled past.

        The speed was so fast that it pulled out a trail of shadows in the air.

        The wind and waves brought up, blowing up the dense forest below swayed unceasingly.

        Leaves rustled, and flying clouds flowed across the landscape.

        On the lonely island, the scraping up of the leaf waves, cascading, scared the endless flying birds.

        Just like this, the anxious Ye Fan, nearly at his fastest speed, returned again to the cave where he had encountered Yu Yun.


        After Ye Fan entered the cave with Yu Yun in his arms, he slapped the stone walls on both sides.

        The rocks rolled down and flying sand overflowed everywhere.

        Soon, the entire cave entrance was completely blocked.

        Only then did Ye Fan feel at ease and brought Yu Yun deeper into the cave, then carefully, placed her flat on the stone platform where she had been practicing.

        Then, without further delay, Ye Fan gently lifted up Yu Yun's delicate body and made her sit cross-legged in front of him.

        After that, Ye Fan held his breath and lightly hit Yu Yun's fragrant shoulder with both palms, a stream of pure and dense true qi flowed down Ye Fan's arm and infused into Yu Yun's body.

        After a few hours, Ye Fan, who was already exhausted, withdrew his power.

        Without leaning on Yu Yun, she then collapsed into Ye Fan's arms.

        Just like this, another half an hour passed.

        The beauty in his arms finally opened her eyes.

        "You're awake."

        Ye Fan smiled happily, there was still undried cold sweat on his forehead, and his clear and beautiful face had a bit of fatigue on it.

        And Yu Yun, who found herself lying in Ye Fan's arms, was slightly terrified, and spun around to quickly get up and leave.

        However, as soon as she made this violent movement, she once again pulled at her injuries, and blacked out a few times before her eyes.

        "Don't move."

        "You're too badly injured, and I was just temporarily protecting your heart veins."

        "If you make the slightest mistake, your foundation will be destroyed."

        Ye Fan quickly warned, his words filled with worry.

        Yu Yun, on the other hand, seemed to have an understanding of her own situation, and she didn't show much surprise at Ye Fan's words.

        She just looked around and wondered, "Where are we?"

        Perhaps it was because she was too weak, but Yu Yun was so weak even to speak.

        "It's the cave where you closed the door before."

        "Don't worry, I've sealed the cave, no one can disturb us."

        Ye Fan reassured.

        However, after Ye Fan's words, the air suddenly froze a bit, and Yu Yun's pretty face, with a faint blush, turned her head and stopped looking at Ye Fan.

        Only then did Ye Fan realize that he had misspoken, and quickly explained, "Er... That, I mean, it's safe here, no one will sneak up on you again like I did."

        Ye Fan smiled awkwardly.

        However, now was not the time to be embarrassed.

        After saying that, Ye Fan then took out the Ice Spirit Fruit in his bosom and gave it to Yu Yun, "Alright, don't waste any time."

        "The True Qi I channeled to you can't protect you for long."

        "If you don't refine and breakthrough immediately, the overflowing true qi in your body will destroy your dantian tendons, and you'll truly become useless."

        After the healing just now, Ye Fan realized how heavy the injuries in Yu Yun's body were.

        The injuries inside this woman's body were by no means just as simple as the slap she had received.

        More seriously, it was the fact that she was forcefully interrupted by herself at the crucial moment of breaking the boundary.

        It caused a large amount of True Qi power to rampage and wreak havoc in her body.

        This time, it was even worse than the injury she had sustained under the Chu family's old house.

        It might not be possible that Yu Yun would truly be reduced to an invalid as a result.

        However, as the saying goes, where misfortune lies, good fortune lies in misfortune.

        The current situation is not necessarily bad for Yu Yun.

        As long as she continued to close the door and successfully break through the realm with the power of the Ice Spirit Fruit, she would be able to open up the clogged tendons in her body.

        The overflowing true qi can then be gathered in the dantian again through these veins.

        In this way, Yu Yun would not only be able to resolve the immediate crisis, he would also be able to further his cultivation!

        However, what Ye Fan didn't expect was that after he had said this, this woman still didn't want the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        "I've said it before, what I give away, I never want back."

        "So, I won't take this Ice Spirit Fruit."

        "If you don't want it, then throw it away. ;"

        Yu Yun said coldly, clear words that carried a majesty that didn't need to be questioned.

        Ye Fan's face darkened when he heard it.

        "I said big sister, it's not a matter of what promises aren't made anymore."

        "Rather, it's about saving your life."

        "You're about to waste away you know that?"

        "Listen to me, quickly swallow this Ice Spirit Fruit and then refine it to break through."

        "I'll guard you from the side, and never let anyone disturb you this time."

        Ye Fan was so angry that he said at Yu Yun again.

        Sometimes, this woman was stubborn and really unbelievable.

        This was all fire and brimstone, but she was still here estimating her majestic face.

        In between the words, Ye Fan picked up the Ice Spirit Fruit and sent it towards Yu Yun's mouth so that she would quickly swallow it.

        "I told you, I don't want it."

        Yu Yun didn't know where she got the strength to push away Ye Fan's arm with one hand, while shouting at Ye Fan with eyes full of displeasure.

        "This is something for you, I don't need it."

        "As for my injury, you don't need to worry about it. I'll figure it out myself."

        Yu Yun turned her head, not wanting to look at Ye Fan anymore, much less accept this Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Ye Fan was stunned.

        Startled, he looked at the haggard woman in front of him.

        For a long time, he was speechless.

        Thinking that Ye Fan was angry, Yu Yun explained in a low voice again, "You really don't need to worry about my injuries, without the Ice Spirit Fruit, I still have..."


        Yu Yun was still speaking, but then, something that Yu Yun had never dreamed of happened like this.

        I'm not sure how long I've been here, but I'm not sure how long I've been here, but I'm not sure how long I've been here, but I'm not sure how long I've been here.

        Immediately afterwards, in the midst of Yu Yun's full panic, that young man's face was in her pupils, rapidly enlarging.

        Until, red lips were opposite each other, lips and teeth clung to each other.

        At that moment, Yu Yun's eyes widened, her brain went blank, and her petite body stiffened like an electric shock.

        In her nose, all was this man's wild, androgynous breath.


        Yu Yun whimpered and was still struggling.

        But Ye Fan, directly and roughly pried open all the defenses between Yu Yun's fragrant lips with his tongue, and sent the warm and cool spirit fruit into Yu Yun's mouth.

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1298

Before this, who would have thought that Ye Fan would make Yu Yun take that Ice Spirit Fruit in such a way.

        After Ye Fan got his way, Fang released Yu Yun in his arms with satisfaction and jumped far away, directly avoiding Yu Yun far away, as if he was afraid that this woman would slaughter him with her sword again in shame and anger.

        However, actually thinking about it, with Yu Yun's current physical condition, even if she really wanted to kill Ye Fan, it would undoubtedly be too much for her.


        "A small sample?"

        "I, Ye Fan, can't get you yet?"

        "In the end, it wasn't good enough to eat."

        Ye Fan hid in the distance, smiling proudly.

        Yu Yun, on the other hand, was clearly still in a state of shock from earlier and hadn't returned to her senses.

        She still, to this day, couldn't believe that she had just, just now, been... By a man, being forcefully kissed by a man?

        How is this possible?

        "Ye Fan, you bastard, how dare you... How dare you..."

        It was only after a long time that Yu Yun Fang returned from her panic.

        At this time, this stunning woman only felt that between her lips and teeth, she seemed to still have the masculinity from Ye Fan's body


        Her pretty face was even more blushing red, nearly from her neck all the way to her ears.

        Perhaps, it was not the first time that she and Ye Fan had been this intimate with each other.

        But this time was different from last time, last time they were both out of a state of blurred consciousness, so after that night, the details of which, both Yu Yun and Ye Fan, could not remember.

        But this time, it was Yu Yun who kissed Ye Fan in a state of consciousness.

        Every single detail of it, Yu Yun remembered extremely clearly.

        She even clearly remembered how Ye Fan pried open her own lips and teeth when their lips touched just now.

        In a split second, an incomparable sense of shame permeated Yu Yun's entire heart.

        Last time, what happened between her and Ye Fan already made Yu Yun feel unforgivable.

        But now, she, who was the head of the Era of the Era, and who was always known for her elegance and nobility, was once again taken advantage of by a member of the opposite sex, so one could imagine the waves that had been created in Yu Yun's heart.

        However, being kissed by this bastard is just fine, it's not the first time anyway, but what makes Yu Yun even more angry is that this guy, he directly let himself swallow the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        "You bastard, I've said I don't want it, I don't want it, who told you to give it to me on your own."

        "And, do you know how to take this Ice Spirit Fruit, and you let me swallow it raw?"

        "You... You're pissed off at me you~"

        Yu Yun was so angry that she stomped her jade feet, and on her stunningly beautiful face was all anger and resentment towards Ye Fan.

        She was really going to be angry at Ye Fan.

        One must know that this Ice Spirit Fruit was incomparably precious and contained an extremely powerful power.

        If one were to consume it directly, the most likely result would be that one would find it difficult to withstand the enormous energy contained in the Ice Spirit Fruit, and if one was lucky, one's dantian would be damaged and tendons would be broken, and if one was unlucky, one would directly explode and die.

        This is also why, when Yu Yun was refining the Ice Spirit Fruit, it was done outside of his body.

        Because only in this way, it could refine and absorb the power of the Ice Spirit Fruit bit by bit, and if it reached the limit of what the body could bear, it could also stop at any time.

        But now it was good, Ye Fan's entire body directly let her eat it.

        Not to mention saving her, instead, it would most likely harm her.

        Looking ahead at Ye Fan who was still smiling there, Yu Yun was so angry that she was close to spitting blood.

        She really suspected that Ye Fan was sent here by the heavens to punish her.

        Otherwise, why is it that every time she encounters her, it's a life and death calamity for herself.

        The first time, when she met Ye Fan under the old house of Chu Gate, she almost went off the rails and died.

        This time, because of him, she is once again facing the danger of life and death.

        Yu Yun felt that she was afraid that she really owed Ye Fan in her last life.

        However, looking at how shy and angry Yu Yun was, Ye Fan not only didn't feel guilty at all, but also smiled inexplicably.

        It only felt that this woman was quite cute when she was angry.

        At least, it was much cuter than when she had a straight face and was as cold as ice.

        "You're still laughing~"

        "I'm going to get killed by you!"

        Seeing that this bastard still had the nerve to laugh, Yu Yun was so angry that her silver teeth were clenched, and if she wasn't injured right now, she swore she would have given this bastard a thousand cuts.

        "Still not leaving?"

        "Could it be that you want to die here too?"

        Yu Yun was filled with anger and shouted angrily at Ye Fan.

        Yu Yun knows very well that when the Ice Spirit Fruit power explodes in her body later, she will definitely not be able to suppress it in her current condition."

        At that time, the dantian would burst, the true qi would overflow and sweep, and Yu Yun's end would be to explode and die.

        And the "self-destruct" of a Sealed Sect Master was not much different from a nuclear island explosion.

        It's estimated that a thousand-meter radius will be razed to the ground with no chance of survival.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and products to the public.

        Listening to Yu Yun's anxious and angry words, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

        "Don't worry, I won't let you die."

        "Next, you just have to listen to me."

        "Since I dared to let you directly devour the Ice Spirit Fruit, since I have a way for you to safely absorb the pure power in it."

        Ye Fan softly reassured, his faint words actually seemed to have a special magic power at this point, causing Yu Yun's originally terrified heart to quickly become stable.

        "You really have a way?"

        Yu Yun still asked a question.

        Ye Fan didn't answer, just walked over and assisted Yu Yun once again, allowing her to sit down in front of him.

        "Concentrate on your mind, with no distractions."

        "Then stimulate your body's true qi and slowly converge along the tendons towards the dantian~"


        "First Little Sunday~"

        "And then Big Sunday!"

        "So and so, the cycle continues..."


        Ye Fan's low and thick words slowly rang out in Yu Yun's ears.

        Soon, Yu Yun's mind was completely silenced, and following Ye Fan's instructions, she worked the power in her body little by little.

        Until, it completely entered the cultivation state.

        Ye Fan, on the other hand, was pushing the Dragon God Body, and then following the way recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, he was mobilizing his body's Yuan Power, slowly pouring it into Yu Yun's body in order to suppress the ice attribute power in the Ice Spirit Fruit, causing it to be released at a speed that could be endured by Yu Yun's body.

        Sure enough, with Ye Fan's involvement, the frenzied explosion of Ice Spirit Fruit energy that Yu Yun had imagined did not occur, but instead flowed into Yu Yun's limbs in the form of a gentle, gentle trickle.

        Of course, at this moment, Yu Yun was immersed in the thrill of gradually rising power, and couldn't care less about asking what Ye Fan had done.

        But in fact, what Ye Fan was doing at this time was only following the methods recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

        There were treasures like the Ice Spirit Fruit recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, and naturally, there was a method to devour and refine it.

        Refining outside the body was safe, but it wasted too much energy and took a long time.

        Refining inside the body, on the other hand, was a limited way to avoid these drawbacks, and not only could it completely absorb the power of the Ice Spirit Fruit, it could also significantly shorten the time.

        Of course, the downside was the high risk.


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