Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1299-1300


A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1299

Just like what Yu Yun feared, refining the Ice Spirit Fruit inside the body would end up bursting to death if one was not careful.

        However, this drawback was not unavoidable.

        There were no less than nine solutions recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

        One of them was to use the Yang Dragon power of the Dragon God Body to suppress the ice attribute power of the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Luckily, Ye Fan was the controller of the Yang Dragon Body.

        Thus, he was naturally able to use the Dragon God Body to help Yu Yun suppress the power of the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        "You silly bitch, you're stealing a lot of fun to meet me in this life, right?"

        "Without me, you would have been able to train to become a Dragon God Body?"

        "Without me, you could have mastered the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique so quickly?"

        "Without me, you wouldn't even have the chance to be here today."

        Ye Fan smiled smugly as he helped Yu Yun suppress the power of the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Ye Fan had always felt that it was a blessing she had cultivated in her eight lifetimes for this Yu Yun to meet her.

        However, I really didn't know how Yu Yun would feel if she heard Ye Fan's heartbeat at the moment.

        Just like this, Ye Fan kept pushing the Dragon God Body and helped Yu Yun suppress it for a full seven days.

        After seven days, Ye Fan couldn't hold on any longer.

        He was too tired, more tired than going through a life and death battle.

        Eventually, he collapsed from the stone platform and lay on the rocky ground behind him, gasping for breath.

        "I'm going~"

        "It's not working."

        "If this keeps up, I'm really going to be drained~"

        Ye Fan, who was lying on the ground, was moaning weakly.

        The clothes on his body were undoubtedly soaked as well, and his forehead was covered in undried cold sweat.

        The entire person, looked very weak.

        If Li Er was here and saw Ye Fan in this state, then he would definitely think the wrong way, thinking that Ye Fan had just fought with some opposite sex for three hundred rounds last night.

        But God knows, Ye Fan was channeling true qi to someone for seven days and seven nights.

        This was the reason why Ye Fan had practiced the Cloud Dao Tian Shu, if it was anyone else, with Ye Fan's way of conveying Yuan Power, two days would probably be the limit.

        But actually, according to what was written in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, Ye Fan only needed to use the power of the Yang Dragon to help Yu Yun suppress it for three to five days.

        But just in case, Ye Fan still gritted his teeth and held on until he couldn't.

        After all, if he helped Yu Yun suppress it for one more day, Yu Yun would be in one less danger.

        "Yu Yun, the rest, you can only rely on yourself~"

        Ye Fan was still very weak and hadn't slowed down even after resting for half a day.

        At this time, he was lying on the ground, tilting his head to look at Yu Yun beside him.

        Her eyebrows and eyes were closed tightly, her slender eyelashes swaying slightly in the wind.

        The city's stunningly beautiful face hid a few hints of pain.

        Ye Fan knew that Yu Yun must be experiencing torment now as well.

        Cultivation, as it was, was never smooth sailing.

        If one wanted to master power, one had to suffer pain.

        Only a finger that had shed blood could produce the greatest sound in the world.

        Only those who have been through the torment of hell have the power to create heaven.

        The path of cultivation can only be traveled by oneself.

        No one can replace the other to endure the pain.

        Time, minute by minute, was passing by.

        Ye Fan was gradually regaining his strength after a long time of cultivation.

        Unlike Yu Yun, he didn't have any injuries on his body.

        The only injury was probably the slap that Yu Yun had smacked him with when he first saw him.

        So, after resting for a while, he was also revitalized again.

        Ye Fan, who had recovered his physical strength, didn't interfere with Yu Yun's cultivation anymore.

        After several days of absorption and refinement, Ye Fan estimated that most of the energy of that Ice Spirit Fruit had already been absorbed by Yu Yun.

        The rest of that power was no longer enough to threaten Yu Yun's life.

        Ye Fan then just needed to wait quietly and honestly accompany her to protect the barrier.

        Just like this, a day passed by once again.

        Yu Yun still didn't have the slightest intention of waking up, instead, what worried Ye Fan was that the color of pain on her pretty face was getting stronger and stronger, and a bit of cold sweat was faintly seeping out on her forehead.


        "Why isn't she waking up yet?"

        "By all rights, you should have woken up."

        "Could it be that I'm low on the energy contained in that Ice Spirit Fruit?"

        Ye Fan frowned in confusion.

        However, Ye Fan was confused all the same, he couldn't do anything other than dry anxiety.

        At this crucial moment of breakthrough, Ye Fan didn't dare to interrupt her rashly.

        The only thing he could do was perhaps to help Yu Yun wipe away the sweat from the corners of her eyes.

        And while Ye Fan was helping Yu Yun wipe off her sweat, his sight inadvertently looked downwards.

        Then, following Yu Yun's snow-white neck, he continued to look downwards.

        Dimly, Ye Fan could vaguely see the black suspenders, as well as the edged lace.

        After Ye Fan saw these, an inexplicable smile immediately appeared at the corner of his mouth.


        "And you won't let me ask?"

        "Just wear it yourself, why don't you ask my lord?"

        It seemed to ring before, Yu Yun's shy and angry appearance, the more Ye Fan thought about it, the more he found it cute and ridiculous.

        In the end, he couldn't help it and grinned out.

        After laughing, Ye Fan also continued to guard the barrier by her side.

        Although, Ye Fan was not related to her, and there was even a bit of hatred between them.

        But the outcome of Yu Yun's current situation was always Ye Fan's fault.

        Therefore, Ye Fan can't ignore her even if it's emotional and reasonable.

        What's more, Yu Yun had willingly given up the Ice Spirit Fruit that she had obtained with great pains in order to fulfill him earlier.

        Just this kindness alone, Ye Fan didn't dare to let her down.

        Therefore, Ye Fan naturally wanted to stay here until Yu Yun woke up.

        Just like this, time continued to pass.

        The entire cave was unusually silent.

        Quiet, as if there was only the sound of the flowing air left.

        Only, the silence here didn't last long.

        Yu Yun, who hadn't moved, suddenly had a radiance on his body.

        Immediately after, an extremely cold breath, wrapped in a dense and pure power, burst out from Yu Yun's body.

        Then, this power radiated in all directions like an ocean storm.

        Only, the cave was sealed everywhere and

        The only result of this was that a large amount of pure power all swept down the narrow passage towards the cave entrance.


        An explosion sounded out quietly.

        Immediately after, the heavens and earth trembled, and the entire cave trembled violently.

        When Ye Fan looked further, he discovered that the hole that he had blocked before had been rammed open by this force.

        "Not good!"

        Ye Fan's face changed dramatically when he saw this, and he was immediately shocked.

        The energy that had just burst out from Yu Yun's body was majestic.

        After this power left the cave, it was bound to radiate for thousands of miles in all directions.

        One had to know that there were a large number of strong martial daoists in this rainforest today.

        Even though, some countries' martial dao are probably already far away from the core area.

        But there were bound to be some teams that would still have a heart of gold and would be searching for treasures nearby.

        Ye Fan had no doubt that with their perception, they were bound to perceive the direction the power was coming from.

        At that time, the four directions of power would surely converge.

        Of course, it would be just as well if they were all strong people at the level of Lu Hua and Reno.

        What Ye Fan was worried about was that in this rainforest, there were still, like Yu Yun, title clerics!

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1300

Although, this was not very likely.

        However, if there really existed a strong person of this realm in this side of the rainforest at this time, then that energy fluctuation just now would definitely attract their attention.

        If things really developed as Ye Fan had expected, then they would undoubtedly be in danger.

        However, there was no other good way for Ye Fan to do anything now other than dry anxiety.

        He walked to the cave entrance again and blocked it after shattering the rocks with a palm.

        And then hurried back to Yu Yun's side, anxiously waiting for Yu Yun to get out of the gate.

        Ye Fan was well aware that even though the cave entrance was sealed by him, once the clan master came close to the place, he was bound to notice something unusual here soon.

        Therefore, this was just a stopgap measure.

        The most crucial thing today was still that he should pray for Yu Yun to wake up from her cultivation as soon as possible.

        "Aunt, you need to hurry~"

        "In a short while, I'm afraid that strong people from all sides will have gotten it."

        "At that time, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to stop so many strong people on my own."

        Looking at Yu Yun in front of him, whose eyebrows were closed and still immersed in cultivation, Ye Fan's heart was anxious.

        However, Ye Fan estimated that it shouldn't take much longer.

        After all, today's Yu Yun had clearly reached the final stage of his breakthrough.

        The overflowing Heaven and Earth energy all over his body was several times thicker than before.

        And, there were also occasional bursts of pure power that swept out from her body.

        All of this was almost a sign that Yu Yun was making her final sprint.

        However, what made Ye Fan extremely helpless was that the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power that had been overflowing from Yu Yun's body at this time was undoubtedly not guiding the strongmen of the various countries where they were.

        If this situation continued, it was estimated that within a few days, there would be many strongmen who would surround them.


        "I hope that Yu Yun will wake up soon."

        In the cave, Ye Fan looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and said worriedly.



        The other side.

        In the dense forest, Kong Ming, Lu Yanxi, and the others were slowly walking in the direction they had come from.

        Behind the two of them, Lu Hua was also following at the same pace.

        At this time, Kong Ming's three men were all in a low mood.

        If one were to say that Kong Ming and the others who had first entered the rainforest were fighters with high spirits. Today, however, they were like frosty eggplants, one by one, their heads drooping and their pace of progress extremely slow.

        "Old Kong, are we really going back empty-handed like this?"

        After a long silence, Lu Yanxi looked to the side at Kong Lao and finally asked.


        "If we don't go back, what else can we do?"

        "Could it be that we're still going to steal the Yuan Spirit Fruit from Ye Fan?"

        Kong Ming sighed, his old face filled with helplessness.

        "But, if we just go back like this, how should we deliver?"

        Lu Yanxi was a little reluctant.

        He placed a lot of importance on this mission.

        Originally, she wanted to use the performance of this rainforest treasure snatching to attract the attention of the Martial Shrine's top management, and then she would then be able to pay homage to a certain master.

        But now, not to mention snatching the Yuan Spirit Fruit, she was almost killed.

        This experience, Lu Yanxi was too embarrassed to go back and talk about it.

        Otherwise, he would definitely be treated as a complete laughingstock.

        So, now that it was so futile, Lu Yanxi was naturally unwilling to return.

        Faced with Lu Yanxi's words, Kong Ming didn't say anything, only sighing incessantly.

        This result, for him, was he willing?

        And of course they were not happy.

        But what can they do if they are reluctant?

        Everything had been settled.

        Unless, there were other Yuan Spiritual Fruits in this rainforest.

        Thinking of this, Kong Ming's eyes lit up and his eyebrows glowed, "Right, Rock Eve, we can totally try to find other places to see if there are still Yuan Spiritual Fruits."

        "This Amazon Rainforest is so big, even if there's no Origin Spirit Fruit, there might be other treasures."

        Lu Yanxi was also delighted at the words and whirled around to nod, "Well, Kong, you're right."

        "Anyway, we're not in a hurry to go back, so why don't we go to another place and look for it again."

        "If we're lucky enough to come across a Yuan Spirit Fruit Tree, we won't have to return empty-handed this time."

        However, just as Lu Yanxi and Kong Ming were about to continue their car to stay here and explore, suddenly, a dense Heaven and Earth Yuan Power swept over from afar like a whirlwind.

        After Kong Ming and the others felt it, they were shocked.

        "This... This..."

        "This is?"

        "Another Origin Fruit Tree?"

        Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi looked at each other, while they were instantly delighted.


        "Rock Eve, the will of the heavens is so, the will of the heavens is so."

        "This time, we must make some gains, we must not return home empty-handed!"

        "Let's go!"

        Without delay, Kong Ming and the others did not delay any longer, immediately heading towards the direction from which this pure spiritual energy was coming from, running towards it.

        Of course, the three of them were by no means the only ones who felt this fluctuation of vitality.

        "What a dense power."

        "It's even more pure and dense than the power that overflowed from that Yuan Spirit Fruit Tree before?"

        "By the looks of it, this Origin Fruit Tree is even bigger, and so is the fruit."


        "Let's go too!"


        "Is there still an Origin Fruit Tree in this rainforest?"

        "Whatever, let's go over there first."

        "Shidi, let's go too~"


        As the saying goes, one wave has just died down and another wave has risen.

        After the original battle in the Rainforest Valley, where Ye Fan swept away all the heroes, the Amazon Rainforest, which had only been silent for a few days, was once again noisy.

        The four corners of the team that had been preparing to return home, surprisingly, turned around and converged once again towards the place where the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power was surging.

        "Young Master, what should we do?"

        "Should we go over there, too?"

        By this time, Mike . Jones and the others had arrived at the edge of the rainforest.

        According to the plan, their mission was over, and they should have returned to the hotel in the city to meet up with some other Truman teams.

        But now, the rainforest seems to be rampant mutations, Mike. Jones hesitated for a moment.

        "Strange, according to the information, there are a total of three Yuengling fruit trees in this rainforest."

        "The fruit from the first two trees should have already been obtained by Tian Qi."

        "This third tree has also been divided between Ye Fan and me."

        "Why, has a fourth tree popped up again?"

        "Could it be that the information we got from Truman was wrong?"

        "Or is it that what appeared this time was not the Origin Fruit?"

        In the dense forest, Mike . Jones looked at the direction from which the earthly energy was coming from, his eyebrows were heavy and he was thinking darkly.

        This operation was personally planned by the Truman's top management.

        Even he was only aware of the part that he executed.

        However, in fact, from the very beginning, Mike . Jones felt that Truman's true purpose was afraid that it was far more than simply to obtain the Origin Spirit Fruit.

        After all, the Origin Fruit was precious, but it wasn't enough for them to make such a fuss over Truman.

        I'm afraid that there was a hidden agenda here.


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