Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1294-1296


A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1294

On the lonely island, the sea of clouds rolled.

        On top of the Heavenly River, there were clansmen standing across the sky.

        The storm was sweeping, and the sword Qi was monstrous.

        It was just that the black-clothed figure in the storm, his chest under his robes, was rising and falling violently.

        Even though she had been disturbed by Ye Fan earlier when she had closed the door and had her treasures snatched away by him, this black-clothed person had never been so disoriented as she was now.

        Yes, she had never dreamed that the despicable man who had just attacked her would be him, was it this young man?

        She had even never expected that after a hasty goodbye in the first place, meeting it again would be in this manner.

        No one could understand the emotions in this black-robed woman's heart at this moment.

        Terrified and surprised, there was a hidden joy.

        But more than that, there was still resentment and anger.

        "This bastard~"

        "Why is it that every time we meet him, nothing good happens!"

        The black-clothed woman was angry and hateful, and she had the heart to cut this guy to death by a thousand cuts.

        However, after all was said and done, the moment before her attack landed on Ye Fan, she eventually softened.

        Her heart moved and the vertical and horizontal sword blade turned right now.


        The fierce sword qi, which grazed Ye Fan's body, whistled past.

        Ye Fan, who had planned to bite his teeth and resist, found this time that the opponent's sword had actually hit empty.


        "Can you even shoot blanks on this?"

        "It seems that God helped me,"

        Ye Fan was instantly delighted, thinking that he was the chosen son, sheltered by the Heavenly Dao.

        Then without saying anything, he continued to prepare to run away.

        However, Ye Fan's side wasn't happy for too long.


        A crisp sound was then followed by a sound.

        Ye Fan, on the other hand, was also slapped by the black-clothed woman, who incited her face, and her entire body directly flew out.

        Ye Fan had never thought that he had gotten away with the opponent's fierce long sword, but not the incited slap.

        However, this was good.

        Because although the slap was loud and clear, Ye Fan didn't suffer any injury, just a bright red palm mark on his face.

        So, Ye Fan quickly climbed up and somewhat embarrassedly smiled at the black-clothed figure in front of him.

        "Your Excellency, we have no grudge, and I'm quite embarrassed about what happened before."

        "However, this Ice Spirit Fruit is very important to me."

        "So, today, no matter what, I have to take this Ice Spirit Fruit with me."

        "Please also ask Senior to fulfill me."

        "I promise that I will make up for today's offense when I have the chance in the future."

        Ye Fan said politely, trying not to anger the person in front of him.

        However, even if she caught up with him, Ye Fan still had no intention of returning the Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Big deal, a fight would be it.

        If he cowered into submission so easily, then he would not be Ye Fan.

        "If you're robbing the treasure, why did you sneak up on me?"

        "Could it be that you want to kill someone?"

        Beneath the veil, there came this grey-robed woman's cold and angry voice.

        As she said this, her palms all clenched together with it.

        What had just happened made her tremble with anger when she thought about it.

        She was cultivating in good faith, and being forcibly interrupted and robbed of her treasures already made her extremely angry, and what was even more detestable was that the other party had taken advantage of the danger to sneak attack and seriously injure her.

        That's why the person in front of her was Ye Fan, if it was someone else, she would have already broken him into tens of thousands of pieces!

        And even though she recognized the young man in front of her, she still incited him to slap him hard.

        Because, without smacking him, it was hard to dispel the anger in her own heart.

        After all, this bastard was too shameless!

        What a shame!

        How is it different from the act of stealing someone's clothes while they were in cultivation?


        Being questioned to his face, Ye Fan was actually a bit embarrassed.

        He touched his head and smiled hehehe.

        "Senior, I'm in a position of self-preservation, and I was forced to hurt you."

        "You are strong, if I had taken the Ice Spirit Fruit and left directly earlier, I would have been chased down and killed by you soon."

        "In order to be foolproof, I'll have to injure you first, thus increasing my chances of success."

        "I assure you, I really only did this out of self-preservation, and I never meant to kill you."

        "If I really wanted to heal you to death, that slap would not be on your chest, but on your head."

        "You shut up!" Ye Fan was still talking there, and only then did the black-clothed woman realize that she had actually been assaulted by this shameless bastard earlier, and became even more ashamed and angry.

        However, after hearing Ye Fan's explanation, the anger in her heart really faded a bit.

        Count this bastard as still having a bit of conscience.

        Otherwise, if he had really wanted to kill himself just now, she would never have spared him.


        "It looks like this battle is inevitable."

        "Life and death are fated to be rich."

        "Your Excellency, take action."

        Hearing the angry tone of the person in front of him, Ye Fan knew that today's matter couldn't be good anymore.

        There was no choice but to fight!

        At that time, Ye Fan's eyebrows grew cold.

        Qi condensed all over his body, and in his veins, infinite power began to gather and rush.

        The entire person, as if a bow with full strings drawn.

        At any moment, it could explode and strike a fatal blow.

        However, just when Ye Fan was ready to fight to the death, what he had never dreamed of was that the black-clothed woman opposite him turned around and waved her hand, "Before I change my mind, bring the Ice Spirit Fruit and get out of here right now!"

        "Let's pretend I didn't catch up with you today."

        Although her resentment still lingered in her heart, she decided to let Ye Fan leave with the treasure.


        I don't know what sins he had created in his life to have met such a shameless bastard.

        The black-clothed woman's back was turned to him, and her entire body appeared distraught.

        She, who was always light and elegant, spoke in a tone that carried a bit of frustration and anger.

        "Ah... Ah?"

        Ye Fan was instantly stunned.

        For a moment, he thought his ears had misheard.

        "This Ice Spirit Fruit, do you seriously not want it?"

        Ye Fan felt that the woman in front of him was crazy.

        This was a thousand year old Ice Spirit Fruit, an unattainable treasure.

        Any one of them was enough to stir the world martial dao and make countless strong title holders fight to the death for it.

        But now, with the opponent's strength dominating, she was just letting herself take it away.

        There was a problem.

        There was definitely something wrong with this.

        "You're afraid there isn't a conspiracy, right?"

        After a moment's hesitation, Ye Fan's desperate opponent was swindling himself and became suspicious.

        "Why don't you get out of here?"

        "If you talk nonsense, I'll kill you with a sword!"

        The black-robed woman was simply going mad, her jade feet stomping straight, her silver teeth clenching under the veil.

        I let him go with good intentions, but he still suspected that he was plotting against him.

        This bastard, really think that everyone in the world is as shameless as him.

        The black-robed woman's sleeves and robe were waved in her anger.

        The sand and wind rose, and leaves flew.

        A streak of horsepower immediately struck out, sweeping away the Heavenly River.

        In the midst of the hunting wind, Ye Fan, who was full of astonishment, was still looking at the black shadow in front of him with confusion.

        Under the sway of the black robe, it was difficult to hide the other party's exquisite figure.

        Even though the face is covered with a light veil, it can't hide the other party's city-turning face.

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1295

After such a long time, it was the first time Ye Fan was able to detail the person in front of him so closely.

        Her cool temperament, her delicate body.

        It was only then that Ye Fan discovered that this figure in front of him gave him an incomparably familiar feeling.

        Until, the black-clothed woman in front of him slowly reunited with the graceful and magnificent figure from the Chu family's old house.


        At that instant, it was as if there was thunder in Ye Fan's mind, exploding.

        Ye Fan's eyebrows trembled and his eyes suddenly tightened, when he lost his voice, "Are you... Are you..."

        "Yu Yun?!"

        There was overflowing joy and surprise in Ye Fan's words.

        Unexpectedly, she was finally recognized by this bastard Ye Fan.

        This time, Yu Yun no longer covered up.

        Turning around, she then took off her veil.

        And at the moment when Yu Yun's veil fell, it was only like a peony of the utmost nobility, blooming in this storm.

        Her beauty is an out-of-the-ordinary and unearthly beauty.

        It was a graceful and luxurious beauty.

        The city's stunningly beautiful face was close to causing this sun and moon to lose their color.

        Even Ye Fan, under Yu Yun's beauty, had a momentary trance.

        But soon, Ye Fan's clear and beautiful face was replaced by an inexplicable surprise.

        "Yu Yun, it really is you."

        "I should have thought of it earlier."

        "In this world, there is no other woman with such a strong strength but you, Yu Yun."


        "Long time no see."

        Ye Fan smiled evenly.

        After learning that this woman in front of him was really Yu Yun.

        Those strange actions of hers just now had undoubtedly become instantly adorable in Ye Fan's eyes.

        This woman, although she looked like an impersonal and cold person, she was actually quite cute inside.

        Thinking of all that had happened before, the smile on Ye Fan's appearance was undoubtedly even greater.

        "I'd rather not see it again in this life."

        Yu Yun coldly said back, her stunningly beautiful face still carrying a hidden anger.

        Clearly, she was still holding a grudge for Ye Fan's sneak attack on her.

        In fact, she should have recognized Ye Fan long ago, after all, this shameless thing, only this bastard would do it under the universal sky, right?

        At first, under the Tang Gate, this shameless bastard stole her clothes in order to steal the Dragon God Body.

        This time, it attacked her breasts again in order to steal the Ice Spirit Fruit!

        Yu Yun was really wondering if she owed this bastard in her last life, and every time she encountered him anyway, it was certainly no good.

        "All right, all right."

        "Don't be angry."

        "I didn't know it was you, did I?"

        "If I knew it was you, not only would I not have disturbed your cultivation, I would have been there to protect you from the barrier."

        "So, it's all a misunderstanding."

        "Besides, what are you doing masked in a good way, what, you think you're too ugly to see people?"

        Ye Fan was explaining there, trying to appease Yu Yun's emotions.

        However, it was fine that this guy didn't appease, but as soon as he did, the anger in Yu Yun's heart came back up.

        "Shut up if you can't talk!"

        Yu Yun wanted to teach this bastard a lesson again.

        But as soon as she raised her hand, it was grasped by Ye Fan.

        The touch and temperature on Ye Fan's palm made Yu Yun feel a little scared.

        She wanted to break free, but she didn't succeed.

        "I'm sorry."

        "Since this Ice Spirit Fruit is yours, I'll give it back to you."

        "It's always a case of first come, first served."

        As he spoke, Ye Fan returned the Ice Spirit Fruit that he had snatched earlier to Yu Yun again.

        Yu Yun didn't take it and pulled back her arm from Ye Fan's hand, "I never go back on what I said."

        "Since I've just said I'd give it to you, naturally I won't take it back."

        "But your cultivation..." Ye Fan was about to say something else, but he was directly interrupted by Yu Yun.

        "You don't need to be bothered with the matter of my cultivation. There are many treasures of cultivation in the world, I don't lack this one."

        "Rather, you, acting so shamelessly, must have made many enemies in the martial world. It's better to think of improving your strength as soon as possible to avoid an early death." Yu Yun said coldly, but after saying that, she then added, "It doesn't matter if you die, I'm afraid that Grandma will be sad."

        As Ye Fan listened, he shook his head and laughed.

        I thought to myself that this silly woman was really arrogant and cute.

        "All this time, are you all by yourself?"

        "Girls, it's not safe to be so alone all the time, but it's not safe."

        "Today, count yourself lucky to have met me."

        "If it was an outsider, I guess the slap that sneaked up on you would have made you fragrant."

        The only one who could describe such a shameless thing as grace was Ye Fan, a stinker.

        Yu Yun gave this guy a fierce glance and didn't bother to get angry with him, coldly returning, "Mind your own business first."

        "With that little strength of your own, you dare to enter here alone."

        "If it wasn't for Grandmother's sake, you would already be a dead soul under my sword."

        The cold and clear voice quietly echoed here.

        Ye [Vertex Fiction] van did not reply again, only smiling faintly.

        That smile was genial and made people feel like spring breeze.

        For a time, the heavens and earth here fell into a brief silence.

        Neither of them spoke again.

        Finally, Yu Yun hesitated for a moment and suddenly looked up at Ye Fan and asked softly, "How is the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique I gave you, how is it practicing?"

        Ye Fan nodded and smiled, "Well, I've basically mastered it."

        "Then have you considered joining any power or clan to practice even more powerful martial secret arts. At the same time, you will also be guided and taught by a supreme strongman. It's better to have a famous teacher to guide you than for you to go blindly on your own."

        "Just think of this Ice Spirit Fruit, I guess you don't know how to absorb and refine it even if you get it."

        Yu Yun asked slowly, her clear and cold voice, like a wind chant, was exceptionally nice.

        "Join the forces?"

        "What forces?"

        Ye Fan smiled faintly, as if chatting with Yu Yun as if he was chatting with his family.

        Every time he chatted with Yu Yun, Ye Fan felt extremely relaxed and comfortable.

        It was as if they were soulmates meeting.


        Yu Yun replied.

        But Ye Fan frowned.

        When Yu Yun saw the situation, she thought that Ye Fan was concerned about his Yanxia identity and continued, "You don't have to worry about how to enter."

        "Although the Chu Gate has a rule that forbids Yanxia martial artists from entering the sect. But I have a friend who has some power in the Chu Gate."

        "I'll give her a letter of recommendation, and if you take this letter of recommendation and head to the Chu Gate, no one will dare to stop you."


        Yu Yun wanted to continue, but after she saw Ye Fan's already completely gloomy face, her words came to an abrupt halt.

        "Ye Fan, what's wrong with you?" Yu Yun was confused and asked.

        Ye Fan lightly smiled, "It's nothing."

        "It's just that I feel that even if someone of my humble origins did get in through connections, they would be looked down upon, laughed at, and eventually swept out of the house."

        "If that's the case, why are you asking for trouble?"

        Ye Fan said faintly, his words carrying a bit of self-deprecation and chill.

        Truman, how could it be that Ye Fan had never been there?

        Back when he was still living in the Chu family, Ye Fan had already dealt with the people of the three Chu families.

        The faces of those people who boasted of being the most powerful in the world, Ye Fan still remembered them vividly to this day.

        Moreover, the one who had swept Ye Fan and his son out of the house was none other than the former master of the Chu Gate, the Chu Family, Chu Yuan!

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1296

It was because of these painful and cruel memories of the past, the Chu Gate, a place that was considered the highest hall of martial dao for those in the world, was not only unattractive to Ye Fan, but it was also a source of resentment and hatred.

        "Ye Fan, you don't have to worry about this."

        "In the martial world, it's all about strength, not family origin."

        "With your talent, even though you won't be a door master in the future, it's still very possible to be a red-clothed protector under one person and above ten thousand."

        Among the Chu Gate establishment, the one with the highest power, the most sacred and inviolable, was the Chu Gate Master.

        And below the Gate Master was the position of the Red Clothed Protector.

        The red-clothed protector, on top of which was only responsible to the Gate Master alone, could command the sect underneath him.

        Even the Vice Gate Master and the Elders were subject to his control!

        It could be said that the red-clothed protector represented the will of the Chu Gate Master.

        If the Gate Master was an emperor, then the Red Clothed Guardian was the Regent.

        However, the Red Guardian's power was certainly powerful, but if it was not well managed, it would most likely turn against its master and threaten the Gate Master's power.

        Therefore, for so many years, this position was basically vacant.

        In all the years that the Chu Gate has been established, there is only one recorded red-clothed Protector, who was the married wife of a certain Chu Gate Master.

        This also shows that the relationship between the person who can sit in this position and the Gate Master must be extremely special.

        And the fact that Yu Yun said this to Ye Fan today was also enough to show the importance and trust she had in the young man in front of her.

        However, how could Ye Fan agree.

        Directly refuse.

        "Yu Yun, you don't have to say it."

        "Even if that Chu Gate lets me in beyond the Gate Master, I won't enter."

        "I'm used to being free on my own, I don't like to join any powerful clan."

        Ye Fan said in a deep voice, his tone somewhat stiff.

        "Fine, if you don't go, forget about it." This attitude of Ye Fan's made Yu Yun a little unhappy.

        This bastard, simply treating his good intentions as a donkey's liver and lungs!

        Besides, it would kill you to talk nicely if you don't go?

        It was as if Truman owed him something.

        "You go."

        "There's no need to see you later."

        "I don't want to be attacked and injured again."

        The gentleness that Yu Yun had felt just a moment ago instantly dissipated.

        In its place, it was as cold and arrogant as ever.

        After saying that, Yu Yun instantly turned around and prepared to leave.


        "I still have something to ask you!"

        Ye Fan suddenly called out to him, his expression serious and earnest, as if there was something important that he wanted to ask Yu Yun.

        Yu Yun also stopped and turned to look at Ye Fan, her willow eyebrows knitted together, confused, "What else do you want?"

        Ye Fan didn't answer immediately, a pair of deep eyes, staring at her like this, expressionless.

        Ye Fan was so serious and serious, it actually made Yu Yun feel a little frightened and nervous.

        Could it be that he had guessed his own identity origin?

        While Yu Yun's heart was wandering, Ye Fan's voice, quietly sounded.

        "Yu Yun, have you worn the clothes I gave you last time?"

        "How's that, is it still the right size?"

        "Do you still like the style?"

        "I have shopped several stores and looked at no less than a thousand pieces before I found one similar to the one you had before."

        Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, and between his words, his pair of eyes unconsciously swept over Yu Yun's crispy breasts.

        However, no one answered.

        After Ye Fan asked this question, the heavens and earth here were as if they were stagnant.

        The world was deathly silent.

        It was only after a long time that an extremely shy and angry voice resounded through the heavens and earth.

        "Shameless man, go die!"


        A sword roar sounded, and a longitudinal sword qi immediately cut down on Ye Fan.


        "Not so much, right?"

        "I'll just ask, if I don't want to talk about it."

        "There's no need to do it, is there?"

        Feeling the intense killing intent behind, when Ye Fan was close to scared to pee, the corner of the eye could not help but twitch.

        How he did not expect, just chatted well, this said to turn the other cheek, Bit M turn the book are fast.

        I can't afford to provoke...

        Ye Fan howled as he fled madly on the soles of his feet.

        Behind him was the extremely shy and furious Yu Yun, wielding her long sword and continuing to chase after Ye Fan.

        However, what Ye Fan didn't expect was that this Yu Yun moved lightly, stepped into the clouds, and just chased Ye Fan for no more than a hundred meters.

        Suddenly, with a puff sound, Yu Yun's delicate body trembled, and a mouthful of red blood poured out from her mouth.

        Between the heavenly rivers, there were gusts of clear wind and red dots.

        As far as the eye could see, the dense scarlet red was just like a profusion of flowers, falling with the wind.

        And Yu Yun's delicate body was also like a leaf in the wind, falling from the top of the nine heavens.

        "Yu Yun~"

        Ye Fan was shocked at the sight.

        No longer able to flee, he turned around and rushed over, catching Yu Yun in his arms in the air, and then, Ye Fan landed steadily on the ground with the beauty in his arms.

        "Yu Yun, what happened to you?"

        "Wake up, you don't scare me~"

        Ye Fan anxiously shouted.

        I saw that the beautiful woman in his arms, pretty face pale, even bloodless, once stunning face, but now haggard as if a pale paper.

        The black long skirt, all red dots.

        The breath was intermittent, appearing extremely faint.

        This appearance of Yu Yun undoubtedly frightened Ye Fan.

        He didn't say a word and quickly checked Yu Yun's physical condition.

        However, it didn't matter if he didn't check, Ye Fan's face undoubtedly then became heavier as soon as he did.

        It turned out that the palm that Ye Fan had attacked Yu Yun in the cave before wasn't ineffective.

        Rather, it did indeed severely injure Yu Yun.

        Thinking about it, no matter how strong Yu Yun herself was, she was in a deep state of cultivation and could be considered unprepared.

        Yu Yun was like a warrior who had removed his armor and was suddenly slapped by Ye Fan, it was strange that he wasn't injured.

        Of course, Ye Fan still had room for that slap at that time, just to injure Yu Yun, not to threaten her life or her fundamentals.

        If this Yu Yun had immediately healed in place after being attacked by Ye Fan, she would have completely recovered within a few days.

        But unfortunately, this silly woman was so stubborn that in order to chase after Ye Fan, she ignored her body's safety and forcefully suppressed her injuries, chasing after Ye Fan for a day.

        Such a huge consumption, even the unharmed Ye Fan was unable to hold on, not to mention the heavily injured Yu Yun.

        However, to be able to almost slaughter Ye Fan with her severely injured body, it also shows that the woman in front of her is powerful.

        But she was ultimately too consumed and had overspent her body too much. Just now, Ye Fan's slurred words had caused Yu Yun to get angry and get involved in the injury once again.

        This time, Yu Yun finally couldn't hold on any longer, the overspending of her body as well as the injuries that aggravated by several points, eventually caused this unstoppable woman to fall into Ye Fan's arms.


        "Another ruthless character who doesn't want to die."

        Ye Fan shook his head and sighed.

        Then not daring to delay, he quickly picked up the beauty in his arms and stepped away.


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