Dish Best Served Cold 1291-1293


A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1291


        The cold wind, as if the devil's low roar, was blowing from this deep cave.

        Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Fan lifted his foot and stepped in with one step.

        Without entering the tiger's lair, how could one catch the tiger's son?

        Since he had already reached this place, Ye Fan said that he had to go in and explore what was going on.

        Moreover, Ye Fan didn't think that there was any danger that could threaten him on this isolated island.

        After entering the cave, Ye Fan walked carefully.

        At first, with the faint light from the cave entrance, Ye Fan could vaguely see the scenery inside the cave.

        However, as Ye Fan went deeper and deeper into the cave, the light in the cave undoubtedly became dimmer and dimmer.

        Ye Fan, who had no choice, could only continue to grope and move carefully.

        However, the expected dangers did not appear on Ye Fan's journey.

        It was unexpectedly smooth.

        But, even so, the heaviness in Ye Fan's heart did not dissipate in the slightest.

        Moreover, that invisible sense of crisis grew stronger and stronger.


        Ye Fan's footsteps on the ground brought up a rustling sound that was so distinct in this secluded cave?

        Other than that, there was no more sound in the entire cave.

        There was only a darkness as thick as iron everywhere you looked!

        Just like this, Ye Fan kept walking along the cave for a long time.

        That feeling of walking alone in the darkness invariably gave one an inexplicable pressure.

        Even for Ye Fan, the heaviness in his heart grew deeper and deeper.

        Finally, after an unknown amount of time, there was suddenly a flicker of light at the end of his line of sight.


        "There's a light up ahead?"

        People were all hungry for light.

        For Ye Fan, who had been walking for a long time in the darkness where he couldn't see his fingers, suddenly finding a little light at the end of his line of sight, naturally made him extremely happy.

        So, Ye Fan quickened his pace and quickly approached the light source.

        And as Ye Fan got closer and closer, Ye Fan found that the space around him grew wider and wider.

        In the end, the original long and narrow space was even more wide open.

        However, Ye Fan's joy didn't last long.

        The moment he reached the end of this passage, his forward steps, came to an abrupt halt.

        The clear face was replaced by a face as heavy as iron.

        Eyes, looking straight ahead!

        The vigilance and scruples in my heart, even more so, climbed to the extreme.

        Like a great enemy!

        All this was only because, less than ten meters away from Ye Fan, a figure appeared.

        The figure was dressed in a black robe, veiled, and sitting cross-legged on a stone platform.

        Even if they were ten meters apart, even if this person didn't deliberately release his majesty.

        But, even so, Ye Fan could still feel that invisible pressure emanating from this person!

        To be able to give even Ye Fan such a strong sense of oppression, Ye Fan almost instantly concluded that the strength of the black-clothed man in front of him was extremely strong!

        Strong and terrible!

        At the very least, it was a top ten existence of the Heavenly Ranking.

        Top ten on the Heavenly List, what concept is this?

        It must be known that there were more than a billion people in the grand summer, and so far there had never been a top ten existence in the sky list.

        Even the strongest person today, Ye Qingtian, was still outside the top ten!

        It could be said that any one of the top ten in the Heavenly Ranking List was an average martial dao giant in the world today.

        However, this kind of peerlessly strong person was always mysterious.

        The divine dragon never sees the end.

        Even, many of the top ten on the Heavenly Ranking List, some of them were nowhere to be seen for decades or even hundreds of years.

        Today, it was hard to say how many were still alive.

        After so many years, Ye Fan was quite knowledgeable, but he had yet to come into contact with a single one, thus showing how rare these strong people were.

        But Ye Fan never expected to meet one on this lonely island!

        "If I'm right, the sword dao expert who cut down that giant ape outside should be this person."

        "Motherfucker, what bad luck."

        "It just happened to run into it."

        The corner of Ye Fan's eye twitched as he cursed in his heart.

        Originally, Ye Fan thought that the sword dao expert had already left after killing the giant ape and obtaining the treasure.

        After all, looking at the signs of the fight outside, I'm afraid it should have been a few days ago.

        Such a long time would be enough to leave this American continent.

        But Ye Fan's thousand calculations, the only thing he didn't calculate was that this person not only didn't leave, but also stayed in the same place and directly closed the door to cultivate.

        Yes, this black-robed figure in front of him, the reason why he hadn't discovered Ye Fan by now was entirely because he was immersed in his cultivation state and had no intention of doing anything else.

        Otherwise, with this strong perception, this black-clothed strongman would probably have noticed when Ye Fan stepped onto this isolated island!

        "Don't say anything."

        "Let's retreat before he realizes it."

        Ye Fan knew that the person in front of him was a tough one, and he couldn't be provoked, and he would probably fall into this as well.

        Therefore, he planned to leave the place before the other party noticed it.

        Although Ye Fan was proud of himself, he was by no means an idiot.

        Naturally, he wouldn't do anything that was looking for death!

        However, just as Ye Fan was about to leave.


        A blue light flashed once again.

        Almost instantly, Ye Fan was attracted to the ice-blue fruit in front of the black-clothed figure.

        The fruit, suspended in the air, was glowing with a ghostly light.

        Yes, the faint light that Ye Fan had seen before was what bloomed from this spirit fruit.

        And at the same time, as the black-clothed figure exhaled, this ice-blue spirit fruit was also dripping and spinning.

        Through that iridescent light and shadow, Ye Fan vaguely felt that a stream of pure spiritual energy was pouring towards that black-clothed figure from this spirit fruit.

        "This fruit?"

        The instant he saw this fruit, Ye Fan's pupils shrank and his body trembled violently.

        "This... Could this be, the Thousand Year Ice Spirit Fruit?"

        In the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, there was a record.

        Ten years of flowering, ten years of fruiting, ten years of maturity, thirty years of reincarnation, is the Yuan Spiritual Fruit.

        Among the Yuan Spiritual Fruits, there are different types that grow in places where the heaven and earth nourish them, and they mature for a thousand years, which are called Thousand-Year Yuan Spiritual Fruits.

        This millennial spirit fruit is often grown in extreme environments, so because of the environment, it often possesses different properties.

        For example, if it grows in an extremely cold place, it is a Spiritual Fruit with the attribute of ice.

        If it grows in a place with extreme heat, it is a Spiritual Fruit with the attribute of fire.

        The ice-blue glowing one in front of us is undoubtedly an Ice attributed, Thousand Year Ice Spiritual Fruit.

        This level of treasure, even in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, is placed in the ranks of heavenly treasures, and is an absolute supreme treasure for cultivation, even a title master can completely absorb and devour it.

        Ye Fan dared to guarantee that just this one fruit alone was enough to attract the Heavenly Ranking Power, fighting to the death.

        "I never thought that the heavenly treasures recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book would actually appear and be encountered by me."

        Ye Fan's gaze was fiery and his heart fluttered.

        The excitement in his heart could be described as overflowing!

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1292

In the cave, the elegant birds were silent.

        It was so quiet all around that the sound of the air flowing could almost be heard.

        Amidst the faint glow, there was one person sitting on his knees, exhaling regularly as he breathed.

        The other person, however, is standing there, with fiery eyes, looking at the ice-blue fruit with a deadly glare.

        And this "worthless" man is naturally Ye Fan!

        Is he impressed?


        This was something that was enshrined as a supreme treasure in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, could Ye Fan not be impressed?

        He had crossed thousands of rivers and mountains, halfway across the world, and all he wanted was a treasure that could improve his strength, right?

        But now, this kind of heavenly treasure was right in front of him.

        Thousand Year Ice Spirit Fruit, this was undoubtedly a great opportunity for Ye Fan that could not be found.

        If he missed it, Ye Fan would probably have to incite himself in the future.

        However, what could be done if he was further impressed.

        The strength of the person in front of him was set to be above himself.

        If he went straight up to rob, it would most likely put himself in a life and death danger.

        As the saying goes, a gentleman will not stand under a dangerous wall.

        It wouldn't be worth it if he fell for an object outside of his body.


        "Forget it!"

        "It can only be said that this treasure and I, Ye Fan, are destined for each other~"

        After struggling for a long time, Ye Fan finally shook his head and sighed.

        With that, he turned away from the place with heavy and painful steps, disappearing into the darkness behind him.

        Ten seconds later~

        "No no no."

        "The treasure is right in front of me, and if I don't take this damn thing that's sent to my door, I'm a bugger!"

        Some people were so ruthless that they even scolded themselves.

        Apparently, Ye Fan was such a ruthless person.

        So, he backtracked and walked back here.

        As the saying goes, rich and dangerous!

        Ye Fan figured it out, let's take a chance today.

        If not, he'll just run away when he sees it's bad!

        If he actually couldn't run away, he would rely on the Dragon God Body to carry it.

        What's more, the situation in front of him was more optimistic for Ye Fan.

        The other party, was clearly in a deep shutdown state.

        He would cautiously approach later and then launch a surprise attack on this person, causing a thunderbolt to the other party.

        Beating him to death was a sure thing, but seriously injuring the other party was a sure thing.

        In this situation, even if the other party was awakened, his strength was undoubtedly weakened drastically.

        Under this situation, the possibility of Ye Fan's success in seizing the treasure was undoubtedly great.

        This was also the reason why Ye Fan turned back halfway and prepared for a fight.

        However, Ye Fan has to admit that this method of his is not "open and aboveboard" enough.

        Even he himself was a bit guilty and felt sorry for the senior in front of him.

        After all, there was no hatred or grudge against him, but he suddenly received a slap from himself, and he stole the treasure.

        But it couldn't be helped, Ye Fan really wanted this Thousand Year Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Soon, he would be going up to the Chu family.

        Facing such a huge thing like the Chu family, if Ye Fan wanted to retreat intact, he had to need the help of this Ice Spirit Fruit.

        Only this kind of heavenly treasure could allow Ye Fan to further his cultivation in a short period of time.

        Of course, Ye Fan could snatch the Ice Spirit Fruit and run away.

        But this way, the biggest possibility is that he will be caught up by the man in black, then he will be killed and the treasure will return to the hands of the man in black.

        Therefore, in order to be safe, Ye Fan must first injure the man in black before him.

        In that case, even if the other party woke up and got up to chase after him, he might not be able to catch up with his strength greatly diminished.

        It was just that this tactic was still a bit unorthodox.

        But, in order to save himself, Ye Fan couldn't care less!

        "Mudd, a man is not for himself, but for heaven!"

        "Your Excellency, I'm sorry~"

        Ye Fan bit his teeth and finally decided to follow his plan.

        As for the rest, Ye Fan couldn't care less.

        Moreover, the battle for treasures was always like this.

        The weak are the prey of the strong.

        The moment Ye Fan stepped into this treasure snatching battle, it meant that the person he met was either a friend or an enemy!

        Naturally, Ye Fan treats a friend like An Qi with sincerity.

        But for enemies with conflicting interests, Ye Fan cannot be merciful.

        This is because the result of being merciful is often your own death.

        This was the martial world.

        Cruel, yet ruthless!


        Finally, Ye Fan moved.

        In the cave, it exploded with a sound.

        Ye Fan's body, like an arrow, rushed out in an instant.

        The speed was so fast that it pulled out an illusion in the cave.

        The wind that was brought up lifted countless sand and stones.

        With this terrifying speed, a distance of more than ten meters was naturally instantaneous.



        The other party's perception was even sharper than what Ye Fan had expected.

        In just the instant that Ye Fan approached, this person woke up in the middle of his cultivation.

        Yuan Power gathered, vigor rushed, and on the stone platform, this black-clothed figure's eyes opened wide, and cold, clear drinking sounds immediately sounded.

        And at the same time as this person woke up, Ye Fan's thick palm, had already fallen!

        The monstrous might of the shadow slammed down on the shadow's chest with an unstoppable force.


        It happened suddenly, and the black-clothed man was in deep cultivation just now, so when he woke up, it was undoubtedly too late.

        In the end, this black-clothed man still fell for Ye Fan's path and received a hard slap from Ye Fan.

        The man was directly shaken by Ye Fan and his body smashed into the stone wall behind him.

        The rocks and mountains rolled down, and vigor flew across.

        This person's body trembled and puffed out a mouthful of blood as well.

        At this time, Ye Fan had already snatched the Ice Spirit Fruit, laughing as he scattered and fled wildly towards the outside.


        "Your Excellency, I'm offended."

        "I'll make up for today's sin when I have the opportunity to do so some other time~"

        Although, Ye Fan knew that interrupting someone's cultivation and stealing their treasures, laughing at this time would be a bit like a villain, and it would be rude and even cruel to them.

        Ye Fan also wanted to hold back from laughing, but he really couldn't.

        Anyone wouldn't be happy to have such a treasure in their hands?

        I guess the man in black, after killing the giant ape and stealing this treasure, was also happy.


        You're the only one who's happy, not me?


        "I'm sorry..."

        In the midst of that owlish laughter, Ye Fan was already far away.

        In this cave, only Ye Fan's laughter was left to reverberate.

        In the next moment, a gruff, angry, and ice-cold voice boomed out from within this cave.


        "How dare you destroy my cultivation and rob my treasures."

        "Today, I vow not to bruise you until you're reduced to ashes!"


        "Vow not to be a man~"


        What kind of anger is that, just like three thousand angers burning the sky.

        And what a chill that swept the heavens and froze them three feet!

        And then, in the midst of this rushing rage, the black-clothed figure, holding a long sword, was strong enough to endure his wounds, and with killing intent, burning with rage, his figure was as fast as a stream of light, whistling and rushing out of the cave.

        It then headed towards the fleeing Ye Fan, madly chasing after him.

A Dish Best Served Cold Ye Fan Chapter 1293


        On the lonely island, two figures, swift as streams of light, whistled through the void.

        The wind that they brought up blew away the clouds in the sky.

        Underneath them, the cascading trees swayed unsteadily amidst the violent air currents, and the entire island was suddenly blown by a green wave of leaves.

        These two figures were none other than the others.

        One of them was the fleeing Ye Fan who had taken the treasure.

        On the other side, it was the man in black who had been robbed of the treasure by Ye Fan.

        At this time, Ye Fan's fire was at full strength, his boundless energy was gathered on his feet, and his entire speed had undoubtedly reached the limit of what Ye Fan could do!

        Ye Fan had thought that it would not be a matter of minutes to shake off the man in black by relying on his extraordinary speed and the fact that he had seriously injured the other party.

        However, the truth was undoubtedly far beyond Ye Fan's expectations.

        Even though Ye Fan exerted all his strength, he still couldn't shake off the black-clothed man's pursuit, but instead, the distance between them was still slowly closing.

        If Ye Fan hadn't relied on his bizarre body technique to dodge and detour, he probably would have been caught up by that black-clothed man.

        "Mudd, I don't believe it."

        "You're a wounded man, and I can't shake you off?"

        "Even dragging will kill you!"

        Using the corner of his eyes, Ye Fan glanced at the black shadow that was madly chasing behind him.

        The veil covered the other party's face, and the wind blew the other party's long hair.

        Black robes danced wildly in the wind, and his body was even emitting a chilling aura of fury and austerity.

        It was as if a long-haired witch had come out of the Shura Hell.

        If it were an ordinary person, they would have been scared to death by such a terrifying aura.

        Ye Fan, however, didn't have much worry in his heart.

        As far as he was concerned, this black-clothed man was completely just holding on hard at the moment.

        It was like a hooked fish that was struggling to the death with all its might.

        When it ran out of strength, it would naturally be good enough to be caught in the net!

        One had to know that this black-clothed man had just received a solid and hard slap from Ye Fan.

        Even though there was still some room for Ye Fan's earlier slap, it was still enough to severely injure this black-clothed man.

        Looking at the red blood stains on the veil, and the increasingly rapid breath.

        Ye Fan could tell that this man in black couldn't hold on for long.

        When time went on, the other party would run out of this breath and naturally wouldn't have the strength to chase after Ye Fan.

        After making a decision in his heart, Ye Fan's heart was crossed and his feet moved a few points faster again.


        The wind blasted and the grass and trees shook wildly.

        Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan's figure was like a stream of light, whistling over the lonely island.

        Just like this, Ye Fan played life and death with the other party on this isolated island.

        The two of them fled one after another, from one end to the other, from morning to noon, from bright sunshine to dusk.

        Ye Fan had never thought to death that he would fly around this lonely island for hundreds of laps, and what made Ye Fan even more devastated was that he still hadn't shaken off the man in black even though he had spared him.

        "Damn it!"

        "Is this guy a dog?"

        "How can we chase?"

        Ye Fan was already going crazy and was panting.

        He was thinking of dragging the other party to death, but he didn't expect that he would die first before the other party's breath was exhausted.

        While Ye Fan was trembling at his opponent's endurance, he didn't know that the black-clothed man behind him was not at peace either.

        "Who exactly is this despicable man?"

        "Not only is the speed not much inferior to my heyday, but the strangeness of my bodywork is even higher than mine!"

        This black-clothed man's brows were furrowed as he stared far ahead at the thin back that was still fleeing, but underneath the veil, it was filled with gravity and scruples.

        The degree of difficulty of this despicable person in front of her was obviously beyond the black-clothed person's expectation.

        However, in spite of this, she still had no intention of giving up the pursuit.

        After all, after all these years, there was still no one who could snatch away what belonged to her from under her nose!

        Thinking of this, this black-clothed person's brows and eyes grew colder.

        In the end, she endured her injuries and urged the little remaining strength in her tendons to gather on her palms.

        Then, she raised her long sword and slashed down furiously at the front.

        "Sword's pole, meteoric killing!"


        In the midst of the cold shout, I saw the horizontal and vertical sword qi stretching for thousands of meters, its monstrous might cutting through the void.

        That sword light, with a terrifying speed that was almost beyond light, passed through space and cut straight at Ye Fan.

        The speed of this sword move was so fast that the purple sword splendor was just like a violet Qi coming from the east.

        Nearly instantly, Ye Fan was instantly wrapped in a fear of death!

        That extreme sense of danger made Ye Fan's sweat hairs stand on end.

        Yes, the might of this sword actually made Ye Fan feel threatened by life!

        Without the slightest hesitation, almost instinctively, Ye Fan Dragon Divine Body was directly released.


        Golden light swept across the sky and the dragon roared.

        Ye Fan's whole body defense almost reached the extreme in an instant.

        And, not only that, while his defense was fully open, Ye Fan urged his body's energy and hurriedly threw several punches under his master.

        Bang bang bang~.

        The strong wind swept and the sound exploded.

        Ye Fan's fist strength was instantly defeated under that sword splendor, and it didn't even last a second.

        Of course, the might of the sword was also offset by that fist strength by several points.

        And that, too, was enough!

        In such a short period of time, Ye Fan hadn't planned that his hurriedly exploded attack would be able to block the opponent's sword move, but it would be enough to weaken the opponent's sword momentum.

        The rest was up to the Dragon God Body to resist!

        However, even if this sword could be resisted, serious injuries were a certainty.

        Now in his prime, he couldn't even block a sword from this black-clothed man. With a serious injury, there would be even less chance of winning.

        Therefore, this situation in front of him was undoubtedly a dead end for Ye Fan.

        Ye Fan himself was also clear that whether he could block this strike or not, I'm afraid that his final outcome wouldn't make much difference.


        "It seems that I, Ye Fan, will finally have to fold with hatred."

        Ye Fan was filled with despair and sighed in his heart.

        He had thought that his previous plan was seamless.

        However, he had underestimated the strength of the other party after all.

        He thought that if he heavily injured the other party with a palm, this person's strength would definitely be greatly weakened.

        But he hadn't expected that the other party was too perverted, injured and still able to fight so well?

        However, just as Ye Fan was desperate, the black-clothed man in the distance was then shocked after seeing the golden light and dragon shadow on Ye Fan's body.

        "This is..."

        "Yang Dragon divine Body?"


        "How does he know the Dragon God Body?"

        "Could it be..."

        Thinking of this, the black-clothed figure's heart fiercely trembled, then whirled around and looked up at the thin figure in front of him.

        And at this time, Ye Fan also turned around just in time to harden against that sword qi.

        It was the split second that Ye Fan turned around, and the two of them looked at each other.


        For a moment, this black-clothed figure only felt that the world was quiet.

        Her delicate body trembled tremendously, her pupils crumpled, and her brain was all near blank.

        "Ye... Ye Fan?"


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