A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 11-13


Chapter 11

At seven o'clock in the evening, Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina arrived at Huang Weicheng's house on time, ringing ...... the doorbell, this time it was Chen Hao Xuan who rang the doorbell. "It must be brother Xuan coming." Before the door even opened, the joyful voice of Huang Mei Lin was heard from inside.

        When the door opened, Chen Hao Xuan saw a group of girls standing at the door, all of them looking at him with strange eyes. "Lin Lin, is this your home? I'm not going the wrong way, am I?" Chen Hao Xuan questioned.

        "Brother Xuan, you're not going wrong, come in quickly." Huang Mei Lin enthusiastically pulled Chen Hao Xuan's walk into the house.

        Li Yu Zhen saw Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina coming, stood up and greeted with a smile, "You guys are here! Sit down quickly, eat some fruit first before teaching them."

        Chen Hao Xuan was not rude, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, he picked up an orange on the table and peeled it, then gave half of it to Chen Yina. As he ate the orange, Chen Haoxuan asked Li Yuzhen, "Are you guys having a party?"

        Li Yuzhen covered her mouth and laughed, "Hehehe ......, no la! Actually they all came here because they wanted to see you. Ugh-, who let you be so handsome for nothing, you see charmed these little girls."

        "Gah ......." This is that ah! Specifically to see how handsome he is, as if he were a rare animal?

        "Lynn, he's really handsome yay." One of Huang Mei Lin's female classmates whispered to her.

        "That's right, would I let him be my tutor if he wasn't handsome?" Huang Mei Lin smiled proudly, she spoke in a small voice, she was also afraid of being overheard by Chen Haoxuan.

        "Linlin, do you know how old he is?" Another female student asked Huang Mei Lin.

        "I didn't ask, but he doesn't look too big, and like him, isn't he perfect for us? My mother and the others say that when looking for a boyfriend or husband, it's best to look for someone older than yourself, because the older ones will take care of people." Huang Mei Lin told her classmates, but her eyes were on Chen Hao Xuan as she spoke.

        "How am I supposed to teach when they're all here?" Chen Haoxuan asked Li Yuzhen.

        Huang Mei Lin answered before anyone else and said coquettishly, "Let's teach together then! They're all rich anyway." After saying Huang Mei Lin turned her head to her classmate, "Right?"

        "Mmhmm, we're willing to pay five hundred RMB an hour just like Linlin." Huang Mei Lin's classmates spoke out in agreement, looking at their clothes, they could also judge that they were children of wealthy families.

        Five hundred RMB an hour for one person, there are five of Huang Meilin's classmates, plus Huang Meilin herself that's six people, then Chen Hao Xuan can earn three thousand RMB an hour, wow-, this kind of treatment is not generally high. To Chen Hao Xuan who was very short of money, this was like sending charcoal in snow.

        "I'm fine with it, but you guys better talk to your families, so that you don't have to go back so late and think that something happened to you." Chen Hao Xuan kindly suggested.

        "No problem." Huang Mei Lin's classmates all pulled out their cell phones to call their families.

        It made Chen Hao Xuan feel ashamed to see that all of these middle school students had their cell phones with them, and he didn't even have one yet!

        After a while, all of Huang Mei Lin's classmates had already talked to their families, and their families had agreed that they would take piano lessons with Huang Mei Lin, and it was thanks to them saying that Chen Hao Xuan played the piano better than a piano master, otherwise why would it be so expensive.

        Chen Haoxuan stood up and said to Huang Mei Lin and the others, "If there's nothing else, let's begin!"

        "Yeah!" A young girl full of vivacity bounced around and followed Chen Haohuan to Huang Mei Lin's room.

        Yina Chen took an envious glance at Chen Haohuan, then turned her head to Huang Zhifeng and said, "Let's go study too!"

        Huang Zhifeng squeaked, "Sister Nana, I also want to learn to play the piano with my sister." He didn't like fidgeting with his studies, he liked to be lively.

        Li Yuzhen raised her hand and gave his son a chestnut, squealing, "If your grades are as good as your sister's, I don't care what you do, now go to your room and study your homework."

        "Preferring girls over boys, huh." Huang Zhifeng muttered quietly as he walked towards his room.

        Inside Huang Mei Lin's room, Huang Mei Lin's classmates were all sitting together on the sofa in the room, all of them looking at Chen Haoxuan like curious babies.

        "I'm going to teach you guys how to play a song called 'Heartbreak' today, I'll play it once and then I'll teach you guys." Chen Hao Xuan said.

        Hearing that Chen Hao Xuan was going to play the piano again, Li Yuzhen hurried into her daughter's room and sat on the bed, waiting with an excited face for Chen Hao Xuan to play. She had to admit that Chen Hao Xuan was particularly handsome when he played the piano, and the piano he played was particularly beautiful, so it could be said that watching Chen Hao Xuan play the piano was a pleasure.

        The beautiful sound of the piano resounded again, and this time Chen Hao Xuan's fingers were like slow dancing on the piano keys. The people who listened to Chen HaoXuan play the piano felt that Chen HaoXuan was the master of them, happy if they wanted to make them happy, sad if they wanted to make them sad. Chen Hao Xuan played the piano beautifully, but instead of smiling, Huang Mei Lin and the others had mist in their eyes, all because Chen Hao Xuan's piano sound was too sad.

        After playing a song called "Sadness", Chen Haoxuan noticed that Huang Mei Lin's and their eyes were red, it seemed that women were right that they were emotional creatures.

        "If you want to play an effect like mine, it's actually very simple, you just need to play it according to your own feelings and adjust your emotions to sadness when you play it," Chen Hao Xuan preached.

        "That's really nice, can you play another one?" Li Yuzhen looked as if she had an afterthought and spoke out.

        "Yeah! Yeah, right. Brother Hen, please play one more song! And we want to hear it." Huang Mei Lin also spoke up.

        "But-but I'm here to teach you how to play the piano, not to play the piano for you!" Chen Hao Xuan Dao, receiving so much money from other people but not teaching anything, this would make him feel embarrassed.

        "Ohhh, look at me, I'm lost listening to your violin. Then I won't listen, you teach them! I'll make some coffee for you." Li Yuzhen awkwardly stood up. She already knew that Chen Haoxuan liked coffee during yesterday.

        "Thank you." Chen Hao Xuan thanked her.

        After Li Yuzhen went out, Chen Hao Xuan began to teach Huang Mei Lin and the others how to play the piano, Chen Hao Xuan taught in a very interesting way, which made Huang Mei Lin and the others listen to Chen Hao Xuan's lecture very carefully.

        By 10 o'clock, Huang Mei Lin and the girls had basically learned the song "Heartbreak" that Chen had taught them to play. Li Yuzhen was there while Chen Hao Xuan was teaching, and Li Yuzhen was amazed at Chen Hao Xuan's teaching method, it was very different, but very easy to use, and what he taught, he understood right away, which made Li Yuzhen very happy to have someone like Chen Hao Xuan to teach her daughter how to play the piano.

Chapter 12

All of Huang Mei Lin's classmates didn't have that much cash with them, so they all borrowed from Li Yu Zhen, who also didn't have that much cash, so she used online banking to transfer 9,000 RMB to Chen Hao Xuan's bank card. As for Chen Yina's! Directly giving cash, because it was only three hundred yuan.

        Chen Hao Xuan made a total of 9,000 RMB today, he was very happy, although the money was not enough, but he could buy some first, it would be enough to wait until tomorrow when he would go on as a tutor for a day, and then he would be able to get Chen Yina back to her handsome appearance.

        As soon as he left the apartment Chen Hao Xuan said to Chen Yina, "Nana, you go home by yourself, I'll go buy something first." Chen Haoxuan was trying to give Chen Yina a surprise.

        "I- I can't go?" Chen Yina looked at Chen Haoxuan with expectant eyes.

        "It's inconvenient to bring your man's things with you, you know." Chen Hao Xuan lied.

        Hearing Chen Haoxuan's words, Chen Yina didn't know what she was thinking, her face flushed as she said delicately, "Then you come back early."

        "Well, you go first! I'll be back soon." Chen Hao Xuan nodded.

        Chen Hao Xuan went to a large pharmacy and purchased Green Wood Fragrance, White Cohosh, White Wax, Dahurian Angelica, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, and Astragalus ...... Chen Hao Xuan bought so many medicines that the doctor in the pharmacy suspected Chen Hao Xuan was trying to do something bad, causing Chen Hao Xuan to explain for a long time and name the uses and functions, before that doctor sold the medicine to Chen Hao Xuan. When Chen Hao Xuan left, that doctor also gave Chen Hao Xuan a business card and said that if Chen Hao Xuan really produced a beauty product that could cure acne, he would give him a call.

        "Out of the way, get out of the way." A boy dressed in floral green ran quickly, pushing aside some passersby who were blocking his path from time to time.

        There was a group of similarly dressed flowery green people chasing after that boy behind him, holding iron rods and machetes and other weapons in their hands. "Yang Lin, you bastard, don't run if you can."

        "Motherf*cker, you think I'm an idiot ah! There are so many of you, even immortals would be cut down by you." Yang Lin cursed without turning back, he regretted not bringing his group of buddies with him, otherwise it wouldn't have been so bad.

        Woo-, the sound of motorcycles, three motorcycles driving very fast, zzz-, the sound of brakes, three motorcycles blocked Yang Lin's way. A bald man on the motorcycle, shouted at Yang Lin, "Run! Why don't you run, see if you're faster or my motorcycle is faster."

        "Baldy, we're all on the road, so give us some face, okay?" Yang Lin had a bitter face.

        "Give you face, who do you think you are! When I came out here, you kid was playing in the mud somewhere! If you spoil my elegance today, I'll break your arms and legs." The bald head sneered at Yang Lin.

        Chen Hao Xuan carried two bags of stuff and stood in front of the pharmacy watching the fun, he hadn't seen this kind of 21st century gangster firefight before! He wondered if there would be a fire fight to the point of bloodshed.

        Yang Lin regretted being a hero, he messed with Baldhead because when he was playing at the bar, he saw Baldhead flirting with a waitress, hot-bloodedly he stood up and fought with Baldhead without saying a word. He thought that Baldur was alone, but he didn't expect his other boys to be dancing, and as a result, Baldur yelled and a dozen or so thugs came rushing at him at once.

        Yang Lin eyes looked around, he hoped to find a way to escape, suddenly he saw Chen Hao Xuan in front of the pharmacy, he was a student of the University of Xinshan City, Chen Hao Xuan so famous of course he recognized, he shouted loudly to Chen Hao Xuan, "Chen Hao Xuan, help me call the police, someone wants to ki ll me."

        Chen Hao Xuan was stunned, and thought to himself that this person knows me? Is it a good friend of the former Chan Hoi Hin? The actual fact that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them is the fact that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that you can find in the marketplace.

        The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're not going to be able to do anything about it. It's still true to rely on yourself.

        Chen Hao Xuan was carrying a small bag of flour, he drilled a hole underneath the bag and then rushed towards Yang Lin, after running to Yang Lin's side, Chen Hao Xuan pulled Yang Lin behind him with his left hand and then swung his right hand with the bag. The flour in the bag suddenly flew in the sky, which made the thugs unable to see what was in front of them for a moment, and they didn't dare to open their eyes because they thought it was lime.

        When the flour in the air dissipated, Yang Lin's figure was already nowhere to be seen. "Where's Yang Lin! Where did he run off to, and don't ever go back until you find him." Baldy roared furiously when he found out that Yang Lin had disappeared.

        When Chen Haohuan and Yang Lin ran out of the crowd, they got on a bus, where Yang Lin bullishly said to Chen Haohuan, "Chen Haohuan, you saved me today, you'll be my brother Yang Lin from now on, if anyone bullies you, you tell me and I'll cut him down." This method of thanking him seemed a bit different.

        "Ah-, so I'm not familiar with you!" Chen Haoxuan exclaimed in shock, he thought he was familiar with him Yang Lin! I didn't think it was that at all, people just knew his name.

        "Hey ......, man, you're out of line if you say that. I wasn't familiar with you before, but now you and I are like worshiping brothers drinking chicken blood." Yang Lin chuckled.

        "Then how did you know my name?" Chen Haoxuan asked curiously.

        "I'm also a student at the University of New City, I'm a junior, in the journalism department. You're a celebrity in our school, and I can say that there isn't a single person who doesn't know your name, and if you weren't a bit of that, I'm sure you'd be the man of the hour at Xinshan Mountain University." Yang Lin explained.

        "So that's how it is, I'm leaving then, my stuff is still in the supermarket!" Chen Hao Xuan stood up.

        "Hey, don't go, those thugs probably haven't left yet, or I'll ask someone to go get it for you!" Yang Lin was worried.

        "No need, it's just a few punks, I haven't put it on the front burner yet!" Chen Haoxuan faded.

        "Master, stop the car." Chen Hao Xuan shouted loudly.

        When he got off the bus and took the bus back, Chen Hao Xuan arrived at the place where Yang Lin had just had a firefight with those thugs and found that the thugs had all left. Chen Hao Xuan went into the supermarket and bought some delicious lollipops, lollipops were Chen Yina's favorite, so this was specially bought for Chen Yina to eat, then Chen Hao Xuan took out the things he had saved before going home.

Chapter 13

The next morning, in the classroom Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina was chatting happily, but was interrupted by someone. The door of the eighth class was kicked open, Yang Lin put his hands in his pockets, and walked into the podium, he was followed by five students, these five students at a glance know that they are delinquents, because their temperament and expression has indicated their identity.

        Only Yang Lin didn't know what kind of nerves he was having, but he suddenly raised his hand high up and slammed it into the podium with a crackling sound, not knowing if he was swatting flies or not.

        "Listen up, all of you, if anyone dares to bully Chen Haoxuan in the future, don't blame me for being ruthless, because Chen Haoxuan is my brother, do you hear me?" Yang Lin bullishly bellowed.

        No one answered, and no one made a sound, Xinshan City University had a few well-known thugs, including Yang Lin, Yang Lin's younger brothers didn't have as many as Zhu Tian, but those few younger brothers of Yang Lin's were from the karate club, so it wouldn't be a problem for one to fight a few. Even if Zhu Tian was in front of Yang Lin, he still had to speak in a low voice.

        After Yang Lin finished speaking, he walked towards Chen Hao Xuan with his little brother, he sat on his butt next to Chen Hao Xuan, patted Chen Hao Xuan's shoulder and smiled to Chen Hao Xuan, "Good morning, brother!"

        Chen Hao Xuan cried and laughed, "You don't have to be like this anymore, you can be embarrassed, but you don't want to pull me up!"

        "That's what's wrong with you, brother, isn't that what I'm doing, trying to protect you? Don't worry, I've just warned your class that they won't dare to bully you in the future." Yang Lin was serious.

        "Alright, alright! Anyway, what shouldn't be said has been said, you can go back now." Chen Haoxuan said to Yang Lin.

        "Go back? Why go back? I'm not going back today. I'm taking a class with you. I'm just trying to bond with you. Otherwise you'll say we don't know each other well again." Yang Lin Dao, then he turned his head and said to his younger brother, "You all go back!"

        After Yang Lin's little brother left, Yang Lin very gossipy asked Chen Haoxuan, "Brother, didn't Zhou Kexin like you? Why don't you go spend time with him? She's sitting over there all by herself, it's lonely!"

        Chen Haoxuan knew, feeling that he, Yang Lin, was here to ask about him and Zhou Kexin. "I don't like him, why should I sit with her. Look at her pitiful, why don't you go over there and accompany her, maybe it's not impossible for her to take her own life once she's moved." Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        "If she likes me, don't tell me to sit with her, I'd be willing to die, because she's a rare beauty anyway. O brother! Listen to me, cherish the present!" Yang Lin sighed.

        Yang Lin was right, Zhou Kexin was really pitiful right now, she was sitting alone at the end of the classroom, she was sitting on the right, and Chen Hao Xuan and the others were sitting on the left. Chen Hao Xuan and the others were lucky to have three people to discuss some things to relieve boredom, but Zhou Ke Xin was alone, and there was no one else around.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the lollipop drawer and see that there are a lot of lollipops. It wasn't from Chen Hao Xuan, it was from those suitors of hers.

        There are so many envelopes in the drawer, maybe some of them are from Chen HaoXuan, Zhou Kexin with great anticipation opened the envelopes one by one in the drawer, she opened the envelopes not to look at the contents, only to look at the end of the letter paper to leave a name. The first thing you need to do is to look at the entire envelope, and you won't find Chen Hao Xuan's, her heart is lost. A drawer full of lollipops, what should she do with them? Throw it away or give it away, forget it! Zhou Koxin's mind was dark.

        Zhou Kexin took all the books out of her bag, then put the lollipop inside her bag and walked out of the classroom with her heavy bag, she was passing a girl who used to sit with her wonderfully, the girl suddenly asked her, "Kexin, it's almost time for class, and you're still going out."

        "I don't know who gave these lollipops, what era is it to give lollipops, I am now going to throw them in the trash can in front of the classroom." Zhou Kexin grumbled.

        He Haoming, who was not far away, heard Zhou Ke Xin's words and spoke out, "Ke Xin, don't you like eating lollipops? Why are you still throwing away these so good lollipops?" These lollipops were also sent by him Ho Ho Ming, he saw like everyone else that Zhou Kexin had cried like that yesterday, and one lollipop from Chen Hao Xuan made her stop crying, so what did this prove, didn't this prove that Zhou Kexin liked lollipops a lot?

        "When did I say I liked lollipops?!" Zhou Kexin gave He Haoming a blank stare and didn't look good.

        "Yesterday, Chen Haoxuan gave you a lollipop and you still ate it so well." He Haoming asked with a questioning face.

        "The one he gave me was a thousand RMB a piece, could it not taste delicious? Besides, I like Chen Haoxuan, so whatever he gives me to eat, I'll find it delicious. As for the ones you guys gave me, humph, they look like cheap goods." Zhou Kexin was smiling when she talked about Chen Haoxuan, but when she talked about He Haoming and the others, she was furious, and that was the difference between people.

        Knowing the truth, Chen Haoxuan and Chen Yina were lying on their desks laughing non-stop, a fifty cents lollipop said that it was a thousand RMB, which only Zhou Kexin would believe.

        "What are you guys laughing at? Is it okay to tell me?" Yang Lin was curious.

        "I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone." Chen Haoxuan chuckled, he felt that it wasn't an important secret to tell Yang Lin.

        "In fact, the lollipop I gave her yesterday was only 50 cents a piece, I lied to her that it was 1,000 RMB, I didn't expect her to really believe it, hehehe ......." Chen Haoxuan laughed at Yang Lin.

        "Hahaha ......, brother, I've finally seen you clearly now, so you're a deep and hidden love master, even a beautiful girl like Zhou Kexin has been deceived by you." Yang Lin laughed.

        "The lollipops that He Haoming and the others gave her can be some expensive lollipops, it's a pity to throw them away, you guys wait, I'll go over and ask for them." Chen Haoxuan said and stood up, walking towards Zhou Kexin.

        Zhou Kexin was still chatting with the girl, even when Chen Hao Xuan walked behind her - she didn't even notice. "Zhou Kexin." Chen Haoxuan, behind Zhou Kexin, suddenly shouted.

        Zhou Kexin turned around, probably because she was too close to Chen Haoxuan, and she bumped into Chen Haoxuan's arms as she turned around. Chen Haoxuan was afraid that she would fall, so he quickly hugged her small waist, and the two of them were going to be as warm as their posture would allow. "Are you alright?!" Chen Haohuan smiled and asked.

        "No- nothing." Zhou Kexin squeaked, her face flushed, her heartbeat quickening, and she felt the warmth of Chen Haoxuan's embrace, a strange feeling.


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