Secret Identity 2283-2286


Chapter 2283

Du Haiqing just in her mind, can't help but substitute herself as Ye Changba's wife, she instantly felt her eyes filled with the tears that gushed out.


      She wanted to hold back her tears, but she didn't want to be unable to control them, so that large tears poured out of her eyes and slid over her face, which was almost wrinkle-free and not aged at all.


      The old housekeeper on the side looked at it and inevitably sighed silently.


      "Hey the entire capital, who doesn't know that the second miss of the Du family has loved Ye Changya for many years"


      "It's just that who would know that when Ye Changba died nearly twenty years ago, Second Miss still had such deep feelings for him"


      As the saying goes, "From ancient times there is a residual hatred for many lovers, and this hatred has no end.


      In the ancient Chinese language, the word "hate" is often used to describe regret.


      In other words, people who are infatuated often leave behind only regrets, and these regrets will never end.


      This is the case with Du Haiqing.


      It is not possible for people who have never experienced bone-deep love to understand one person's obsession with another person.


      Once you have an obsession, even if you are separated for ten or twenty years, even if you are separated by ten thousand miles, even if you are separated by the sea, even if you are separated by yin and yang.


      This was the case with Du Haiqing.


      She has long wanted to forget about Ye Changya, long wanted to get down to earth and live her life.


      But, the heart of that obsession does not allow.


      That obsession is like a weed that grows in the heart.


      With this weed, no other plant can be planted.


      At times, she felt that the weed had become barren, or even that it had been burned to ashes.


      But I don't know when, suddenly a spring breeze came over her heart, this weed grew again.


      The obsession is also like a thorn in the heart.


      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product.


      But then there's always this thorn that stings the heart inadvertently.


      So, Du Haiqing had figured it out later.


      This obsession had already gone deep into the bone marrow.


      "Long Coma, since it's always been there, why do I need to deliberately forget you?"


      "Since I have always loved you dearly, let you always grow in that place in your heart where only you belong."


      "I used to feel guilt and guilt towards Su Shoudao whenever I thought of you, but now it's a relief, I can think of you openly and miss you openly from now on and never have to feel guilty towards anyone again"


      At that thought, Du Haiqing was also much more relaxed.


      She dried her tears and opened her mouth to ask the old housekeeper, "Uncle Wang, this mansion, who owns it now?"


      The old housekeeper pointed at the seal affixed to the iron fence door next to him and said, "Back to Second Miss, this mansion, it has been seized by the court."


      "Sequestered?" Du Haiqing frowned and hurriedly asked, "What's going on? Can you ask about it?"


      The old housekeeper nodded and said, "I've been in Jinling for so many years, all departments have some connections, I'll make a phone call and ask."


      Du Haiqing nodded his busy head and urged, "Then you call quickly, I want to figure it out as soon as possible, also help me ask if I can remove the seal and go in to see."


      The old housekeeper quickly pulled out his cell phone and made a call.


      After a series of inquiries, he hurriedly reported to Du Haiqing, "Second Miss, the owner of this mansion, because of the lawsuit involving illegal fundraising, all the industries under his name have been seized, but his case has been tried abroad for more than two years, and the verdict will be pronounced soon, after the verdict is pronounced, this mansion will naturally enter the judicial auction process."

Chapter 2284

When Du Haiqing heard this, he got excited and took off, "Help me pay attention, I want to shoot this mansion down!"


      The old housekeeper nodded and said, "The mansion occupies a small area, and it can't be demolished in the future, so it's considered an inferior asset that can't be circulated, so it should be easy to shoot it when the time comes."


      "Good." Du Haiqing said firmly, "No matter how much it costs, this mansion must be auctioned off!"


      After saying that, she hurriedly asked, "Uncle Wang, did you say hello to the judicial side, can I go in first?"


      "Yes yes." The old housekeeper was busy: "Just now on the phone, they just said that they are going to come over in the next two days to do an asset registration and evaluation, and have to collect materials and prepare for the next judicial auction, so we can first break the seals and locks to get in."


      Du Haiqing said impatiently, "Then do something to get the locks off!"


      The old housekeeper nodded and said at the driver and bodyguard beside him, "Little Liu, see if you can break the door open."


      The bodyguard rushed forward and pulled off the seal first, then looked at the lock and laughed, "Butler Wang, the lock is almost rusty, so you can kick it open with one kick."


      Du Haiqing busily said, "Don't kick it! I'm afraid you'll kick the door down and break it, so let's see if we can pick the lock."


      The bodyguard took a closer look and spoke, "Second Miss, the lock cylinder inside has rusted to death, I'm afraid that even if you take the key, you won't be able to open it, so you'll have to destroy the lock."


      Du Haiqing nodded and said, "Get rid of the lock, but try not to hurt the iron door, if you buy it later, I still want to keep it."


      "Good." The bodyguard agreed in a busy manner, then pulled out a pitch-black dagger from his waist and pressed the sharp point of the dagger against the lock slot, then pried the lock tongue open with a strong push.


      The door opened and the lock broke because it was too rusty, but the good news was that the door didn't receive any damage.


      Du Haiqing couldn't restrain his excitement, stepped forward and pushed the door and walked in.


      In the weed-covered courtyard, there was a swing made of iron frame and chains standing, but it was so old that it was rusted out of shape.


      However, this courtyard, which in other people's eyes is broken in every way, is incomparably warm in Du Haiqing's eyes.


      At this time, an electric car arrived at the front.


      When Ye Chen was still some distance away from the entrance, he was surprised to see a Rolls Royce parked at the entrance.


      He would often come to look at this old mansion, which had been sealed and unoccupied, so why would there be visitors today?


      Surprised, he made his way to the gate and peered in.


      In the courtyard, three people were turning their backs to him, including a woman, an old man, and a strong man.


      Ye Chen was even more confused and thought, "Has this old mansion been sold? It shouldn't be, I've heard it's been in a sequestered state and hasn't even begun the process of going to judicial auction, so how come it's sold without a word?"


      "But what the hell do these people do? Why did they ignore the court seal and just break in?"


      Ye Chen was a little angry in his heart.


      Because, after all, this was the old mansion that he and his parents had lived in.


      If the owner of the house had come, he naturally wouldn't say anything.


      But these people were not homeowners at a glance.


      Not only had they torn the seal, they had also destroyed the door lock.


      This kind of behavior, in his opinion, was indeed a bit excessive!


      He then planned to open his mouth and ask for clarification, and if they had nothing to do with this mansion, let them out.


      As he was thinking, Du Haiqing suddenly turned back at this time and looked at the entrance.


      At this glance, it was just four eyes opposite to Ye Chen.


      At this moment, Du Haiqing felt a sudden storm in her soul, shocking her to the point of dumbstruck

Chapter 2285

Ye Chen and his father, Ye Changya, were at least eight points similar in looks.


      After all, father and son were a generation apart, there was a big difference in hairstyle and clothing, if Ye Chen changed into his father's look back then, the resemblance was afraid that it would be able to reach the point where he could fake it.


      That's why, the moment Du Haiqing saw him, she was struck by lightning, as if it was a world away.


      Her entire body was almost stunned there, and what was left inside, besides shock, was utterly overwhelmed.


      She didn't even know if she was hallucinating because she was missing Ye Changba too much.


      Otherwise, how could a man so similar to Ye Changba appear in front of her?


      Moreover, when Ye Changba died, he was only in his early thirties.


      And the time period that Du Haiqing had the most contact with Ye Changtao was before Ye Changtao got married, and from the time Ye Changtao got married until Ye Changtao died, there wasn't that much interaction between the two of them.


      So Du Haiqing's most vivid memories of Ye Changtao were the years when he was twenty to twenty-five years old.


      It happened to be about the same age as the current Ye Chen, and relatively more in line with it.


      It was precisely because of this that she had that feeling that seemed like a world away, as if the once twenty-something year old Ye Changba had appeared in front of her again.


      Almost at this instant, Du Haiqing's tears dried up again.


      The tears caused the Ye Chen in her eyes to immediately become blurred, so she subconsciously hurriedly wiped away her tears and looked once again, Ye Chen was still there.


      At this moment, Du Haiqing's heart began to be horrified.


      She began to feel that this Ye Changba in front of her, or rather, the man who looked like Ye Changba, seemed to be real.


      Ye Chen was also a bit startled.


      Because he didn't quite understand why that woman in the courtyard was looking at him with such a strange look in her eyes.


      He was even more confused as to why this woman couldn't help but burst into tears when she looked at him.


      At this moment, he boarded the feeling that something wasn't quite right.


      Or rather, this woman was eighty percent related to his father.


      Du Haiqing had some illusory assumptions in his heart, but Ye Chen did not.


      He calmly and realistically analyzed everything in front of him, his mind quickly calculating all the clues.


      "First of all, the probability that this woman would come to the place where my parents lived before they were born is that she has some sort of relationship with my parents, which has the highest probability of being related to my father!"


      "Secondly, this woman looked at me with such shock, such emotion, and even tears in her eyes that she probably thought of me as a father."


      "So, who is this woman?"


      While Ye Chen was confused, Du Haiqing looked at him, and in order to determine whether it was a dream or reality in front of him, he subconsciously shouted in a low voice, "Long Coma?"


      As soon as the word "coma" was uttered, the old housekeeper also hurried back to look over.

Chapter 2286

Ye Chen felt his eyelids jump wildly, and without thinking, he immediately turned his head, twisted the throttle of the electric car, and quickly left.


      When she saw Ye Chen disappear, she hurriedly took a step to chase after him, but by the time she chased after him, he had already disappeared.


      She stood listlessly at the door, anxiously checking left and right, and muttered, "Am I hallucinating?"


      After saying that, she hurriedly turned her head and asked the old housekeeper who followed her after, "Uncle Wang, did you see a young man just now who looks especially like a long coma?"


      Although the old housekeeper only took a glance at Ye Chen, he still said with incomparable certainty, "Second Miss, I did see a young man riding an electric bicycle just now, and he does look like Mr. Ye!"


      When Du Haiqing heard this, he was so excited that even his speech trembled and spoke, "Yes, yes, since you saw it too, Uncle Wang, that proves that I didn't look blind, nor, did I hallucinate in my head."


      She said, not muttering, "How so? How can there be two people in this world who look so much alike? And that young man looks like he's in his mid-twenties. How can he look so much like Nagisa?"


      The old housekeeper sighed lightly, "The world is so big, it's normal to occasionally have two people who look very similar, but have no actual relationship with each other."


      Du Haiqing nodded, "Uncle Wang you're right, the world is so big and there are so many people, it's indeed normal to have two people who look very similar occasionally"


      At this point, Du Haiqing couldn't hide his excitement as he got out, "But! But even if there really was someone who looked a lot like Nagisa, he shouldn't be here! Where are we? This is the former home of the coma. It would be too much of a coincidence to say that he has nothing to do with the coma, wouldn't it?"


      When the old butler heard this, he also frowned.


      He also admitted that what Du Haiqing said made sense.


      It wasn't too bizarre for someone to look like Ye Changba, but if he appeared in front of Ye Changba's former residence, then it was too much of a coincidence! Even, coincidence to an almost bizarre degree!


      At this point, a clue suddenly sprang up in his mind and he blurted out, "Second Miss I remember! Mr. Ye he seems to have a son!"


      Du Haiqing nodded his head and said, "Right! Changba did have a son, but when that son of his was born, I was pregnant with Zhi Fei, plus Su Shoudao always had a big problem with Changba, so I was basically cut off from the Ye family at that time, so I didn't see his son."


      Saying that, she murmured, "But after Nagisa and Sister Ann met with an accident and died, their son went missing, and I don't think we've ever heard of finding him"


      The old butler said with some excitement, "That's right then! Back then, Mr. Ye and Miss An were the ones who had an accident in Jinling, and their son also disappeared, and that young man just now looked like Mr. Ye, so it seems that that young man, most likely, is Mr. Ye's son!"


      Du Haiqing's tears broke down the embankment again, incomparably distressed, "If he really is the son of the coma, then the year the coma died, he should only be eight years old, if he hasn't returned to the Ye family for so many years, I don't know how these ten or twenty years came about"


      The old housekeeper lamented, "I see he's riding a broken-down motorcycle, so I don't think life is going to be too good."


      Du Haiqing nodded, looked at the old butler and pleaded, "Uncle Wang, help me think of a way, make sure to find him! I am, after all, considered his father's deceased, and if he's having a bad day, then I have to help him anyway!"


      The old housekeeper pondered for a moment and said seriously, "Second Miss, with all due respect, if this child has been begging for a living at the bottom, then his ability, vision, and education should not be too strong"


      "And I reckon he'll probably have a relatively hard time now, in all probability."


      "If he finds out who you are, in case he wants to get rich overnight and rely on your relief for a long time, then he might probably fall back on you."


      "There's a saying, it's easy to invite the gods, you must think carefully before you help him ah."


      Du Haiqing sighed and said, "Don't worry about that, if I could find him, I wouldn't talk to him too much"


      She said, "I am going to give him a sum of money, let's say I owed his father a debt back then, and just happen to pay off all the debts to him at once with interest, let's give him 50 million. As for what he will do in the future after he has the fifty million, it all depends on his own creation."


      "Okay!" When the old housekeeper saw that she already had a relatively sound plan, she put her mind at ease and said, "Then I'll have someone ask around!"


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