A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 9-10


Chapter 9

"Have you heard? School Flower Zhou Kexin confessed to Chen Hao Xuan today, I can't believe that Zhou Kexin, a rich girl from a rich family, would like a loser. What do you know, all the rich girls nowadays like little white faces, if you were as handsome as Chen Hao Xuan, maybe Zhou Kexin would have confessed to you!"

        "Big news, sophomore business administration department Zhou Kexin confessed to their class Chen Hao Xuan, I heard that they were also rejected by Chen Hao Xuan."

        "New City University major events, with the appearance of the closed moon shy of flowers, sinking fish fallen geese face of the school flower Zhou Kexin confessed to the jade tree, looks like Pan An but very useless Chen Hao Xuan, but guess what the result?"


        "As a result, Chen Haoxuan rejected Zhou Kexin without even thinking about it, and for that Zhou Kexin was so sad that she cried, and I heard that Zhou Kexin ran out of the classroom crying after class, and I don't know if she couldn't think straight."

        "Big news, Zhou Kexin is missing?"

        The news about Zhou Kexin and Chen Haoxuan spread throughout the entire Xinshan City University in a short period of time, and it's good to have the internet, so you can know everything in the shortest possible time. The matter of Chen Haoxuan and Zhou Kexin was spoofed by some students, creating all sorts of scenarios to spread out, causing some of Zhou Kexin's suitors to look for Zhou Kexin all over campus.

        Ringing ......, Zhou Kexin's phone suddenly rang, Zhou Kexin even pulled out her phone and pressed the answer button, she was now only ten meters away from Chen Haoxuan, she didn't want Chen Haoxuan to find out that she was following him. "Hello."

        "Kexin, don't think about it! It's just a little white guy, isn't it? There's a big world out there, so why hang yourself from a tree?" An anxious voice came out of the phone.

        A question mark popped up on top of Zhou Kexin's head, this that kind of thing? How come she didn't understand a word of it. "Hua Lingwei, what the hell are you talking about! How come I can't understand a word of it." Zhou Kexin was torn.

        "Coccin, it's already this time and you're still lying, now the whole school knows that you couldn't think straight after being rejected by Chen Haoxuan, and now you don't know where you're hiding and trying to commit suicide. Ke Xin ah! You should listen to your good sister's words this time anyway: why hang yourself on a tree when there is no grass anywhere in the world." Worried voices came out of the phone.

        Now Zhou Kexin finally understood that it was her confession to Chen Hao Xuan that had spread, she was rejected by Chen Hao Xuan, but she didn't want to commit suicide ah? What's going on here?

        "Vivian, you don't know how annoying that He Haoming in our class was, pestering me every day, I couldn't help it - so I used Chen Haoming as a shield, pretending, not really, but I didn't expect that Chen Haoming to reject me. As for why people outside are talking about my suicide, I don't know what's going on. You too, you don't think about who I am, how could I go kill myself for Chen Hao Xuan!" Zhou Koxin explained.

        "So where are you now? Doing what?"

        "I - I'm in the school garden and I'm going back!" Zhou Kexin squeaked.

        It was almost time for class, Chen Yina and Chen Hao Xuan slowly walked back to the classroom, on the way back, many people were pointing fingers at Chen Hao Xuan, Chen Hao Xuan didn't care because he thought that it was because the previous Chen Hao Xuan must have done some sensational things, so these people were pointing fingers at him.

        When Chen Hao Xuan returned to the classroom, Zhou Kexin was still doing the same position he had just been in. Chen Hao Xuan turned his head to Chen Yina, "Nana, let's go sit on the left, you go over first and I'll go get my bag."

        "Mm." Chen Yina responded sweetly, Chen Haoxuan's choice made her happy, she didn't have to worry about Chen Haoxuan leaving her anymore.

        Chen Hao Xuan walked to the spot where he and Chen Yina were sitting before, and he took his and Chen Yina's school bags and left (Chen Hao Xuan and their school bags were all satchels).

        "Do I make you this annoying?" Zhou Ke Xin, who was pretending to read a book, suddenly spoke out.

        "You wanted He Haoming to stop pestering you, so you used me as a shield, have you ever thought about what if He Haoming hurts me because he wants to get you? You're fine, but what about me? I might get maimed by him, I might get killed in secret, will you be responsible? Have you thought about the consequences? So you should know whether I please you or not." Chen Hao Xuan said in also ignored Zhou Kexin, carrying two school bags to Chen Yina.

        Zhou Kexin dumbfoundedly looked at Chen Hao Xuan, Chen Hao Xuan said something she hadn't really thought about, she now felt guilty, Chen Hao Xuan was right, if something happened to him, who would be responsible. She now realized that Chen Hao Xuan was smart, smarter than all of her, because what she hadn't even thought of, Chen Hao Xuan had thought of.

        After the bell rang, a middle-aged woman with glasses walked into the classroom, this should be the teacher Shen that Chen Hao Xuan's class teacher said, because she looked towards the end of the classroom as soon as she came in, obviously she was commissioned by Chen Hao Xuan's class teacher to see if Zhou Kexin was still crying or not.


        This morning when class Chen Hao Xuan are asleep over, the morning class are finished, Chen Yina took Chen Hao Xuan to the school's dining hall. Chen Yina ordered all the dishes are vegetarian, Chen Hao Xuan asked her why she only ordered vegetarian dishes, but Chen Yina told him that she is losing weight. Chen Hao Xuan knew that Chen Yina was trying to save money, so he ordered so many non-vegetarian dishes that the plates could not fit.

        After choosing a table, Chen Hao Xuan placed his plate on the dining table, and then kept putting the non-vegetarian dishes on his plate into Chen Yina's plate. "You're so skinny, you should eat more nutritious things." Chen Hao Xuan smiled.

        "No, brother Xuan, no need to clip it for me, I'm really losing weight." Chen Yina was embarrassed, she was very touched by Chen Hao Xuan's kindness to him.

        "As much as I clip to you, you can give me as much as you want to eat, otherwise brother Xuan - I'll be angry." Chen Hao Xuan was serious to Chen Yina.

        Outside of the dining hall, Zhou Kexin walked towards the dining hall as she explained to her best friend Hua Lingwei about her and Chen Hao Xuan. When Zhou Canxin and the others finished their dishes, the inside of the dining hall was already crowded with people. "Coccin, let's go over there and find out if there's still room." Hua Lingwei said to Zhou Kexin.

        At this time, a person sitting next to Chen Haoxuan was full and stood up to leave, Hua Lingwei saw this and immediately pulled Zhou Kexin over at a trot.

        "Only one seat, Coccin, you sit first, I'll wait." Hua Lingwei was very righteous enough to Zhou Kexin.

        "It's better if you go first! I'm not hungry." Zhou Kexin said to Hua Lingwei.

        Chen Haoxuan heard a familiar voice and looked back, "Zhou Kexin."

Chapter 10

"Chen Hao Xuan." Zhou Kexin also exclaimed at the same time when she saw Chen Haoxuan.

        "Chen Haoxuan, I was looking for you! You said - why are you bullying our family, although our family's Cocaine is a bit wrong, but how can you as a boy bully a weak girl!" Hua Lingwei slabbed her handsome face and seriously spoke to Chen Hao Xuan.

        Chen Haoxuan did not reply to Hua Lingwei's topic, but looked at Hua Lingwei and said, "You're beautiful, yo!"

        "That's right, I'm the recognized flower of the University of New Hill, can I not be beautiful? No, it's not! What I'm asking is why you're bullying our Ke Xin, no digressing, answer quickly." Hua Lingwei reacted and seriously addressed Chen Haoxuan.

        "Can you tell me your name?" Chen Hao Xuan said unrelated to Zhou Kexin's topic again.

        "Ah-, I you don't even know, I doubt you're from Earth, ask anyone who doesn't know me Hua Lingwei, hmmm." Hua Lingwei exhaled, also all celebrities, I know your name, but you don't know mine, isn't that looking down on me?

        "Of course I remember, I was just joking with you! But I didn't think you were so cute when you were angry, especially when you pout your little lips, old cute."

        "Oh ......, you're such a sweet mouth, picking up on what other people like to hear."

        "It also depends on who it's to, if she doesn't have any good qualities in her, I wouldn't have the ability or the mood to praise her even if I wanted to. You, on the other hand, are different, as soon as I saw you just now, I couldn't help but feel refreshed, self-conscious of my seven meridians and eight veins, and my seven apertures have opened up six and a half. Since ancient times, beautiful women are easy to come by, but there are very few who occupy the word temperament, but you are young enough to have the appearance of a closed moon shy flower and the face of a sinking fish, it is really hard for me to forget your beauty."

        Hua Lingwei smiled, the smile was so sweet, being praised by anyone would make anyone happy, especially by a handsome man, she was now being praised by Chen Haoxuan so much that she completely forgot that she had come to find Chen Haoxuan to comment on Zhou Kexin.

        Zhou Kexin's heart was so angry! Even though she knew that her best friend was a girl who loved to be praised, she couldn't leave her alone! Wasn't that an act of outright ignoring her? Zhou Kexin simply left with her plate, secretly angry in her heart, "Uh-huh, dead Vivienne, see-it-all guy, let you chat all you want, ignore you."

        Seeing Zhou Kexin leave, so Chen Haoxuan smilingly said to Hua Lingwei, "Your family's Kexin is gone."

        "Ah-, Kexin has left? No! She's right next to me!" Hua Lingwei turned her head to see where there was still Zhou Kexin, and looking at the door, she saw that she was heading out of the dining hall.

        Hua Lingwei handed the plate to the front of Chen Haohuan's table and said, "I haven't eaten yet, my family's Kexin left, I don't have time to eat, so I'll give it to you to eat! Bye bye handsome." After saying that, he trotted off to chase after Zhou Kexin.

        Chen Hao Xuan was also rude and shared the food from Hua Lingwei's plate with Chen Yina and the two of them.

        "Brother Xuan, when did you become so cunning." Chen Yina suddenly asked to Chen Hao Xuan.

        "Cunning? No! I'm very honest, so honest that I can't even bear to bully an ant." Chen Hao Xuan joked.

        "Brother Xuan, I feel like you've become smarter since you lost your memory. But that's good, if you're smart, you won't be bullied by others anymore." Chen Yina sighed, thinking back to the past, Chen Yina couldn't even help but feel pity for Chen Hao Xuan, because of his good looks and cowardice, which made many boys think that a wimp shouldn't be so good looking, so those boys who couldn't see past that often bullied Chen Hao Xuan.

        "I should be considered a blessing in disguise!" Chen Haoxuan smiled faintly.

        In a garden on the other side, Hua Lingwei begged bitterly, "Ke Xin, please forgive me this time! I really didn't mean to ignore you, if it wasn't for that dead Chen Hao Xuan who specializes in picking the compliments people like to hear, I wouldn't have forgotten you, so please forgive me--okay."

        "Seeing a guy who forgets his friends, I've already decided that I'm going to cut you off," Zhou Kexin joked.

        "Kosin, don't! At most people use the Dream Skin Care Cream with you." Hua Lingwei shook Zhou Kexin's hand petulantly, the Dream Skin Cream was a gift that her aunt brought back to her from Mi, this Dream Skin Cream was not cheap, it was worth ten thousand RMB, the most important thing was that it was something that had a price and needed to be ordered in order to buy the road.

        "This is what you said, no going back on your word?" Zhou Kexin was happy, she had wanted to use Hua Lingwei's bottle of Dream Skin Cream for a long time, but Hua Lingwei was stingy and just wouldn't let her use it, that's why she was so happy now when she heard Hua Lingwei say that she was sharing it with her.

        "Alright, alright! When have my words ever not counted. I'm asking you now - that Chen Hao Xuan in your class, didn't everyone else say he was a loser? Why is it that when I was just talking to him I didn't feel like he was what people said he was, instead I felt like he was smart and knew how to cheer up a girl?" Hua Lingwei asked curiously.

        "I don't really understand this either, I only found out this morning. But I heard that yesterday, Chen Haoxuan beat up Zhu Tian and ran away after the beating, not even daring to go to class. I don't know why Zhu Tian didn't come today, but Chen Hao Xuan did, and he was completely changed, dressed neatly, walking like a very important person, and his hair was all combed backwards, and he was handsome and spirited, many times better looking than before. I think he must have acted crazy for some reason before, maybe now that he's figured it out he's starting to be himself, or else how did he change so much all of a sudden." Zhou Koxin analyzed.

        "So he's a very good storyteller then!" Wallingway pondered.

        "I guess so!" Zhou Kexin sat on a bench in the garden, propping up her chin.

        "Coccin, I see you just saw Chen Haoxuan constantly complimenting me on my good looks and you're angry, you're not going to fake it and fall in love with him, are you?" Hua Lingwei questioned to Zhou Kexin.

        "Weiwei, what are you talking about! How could I have fallen for someone as arrogant as him! Besides, even if I liked my family, I wouldn't say yes." Zhou Ke Xin explained nervously, as if she was very afraid that Hua Ling Wei would misunderstand her.

        It could be that Chen Haoxuan was really attractive, which made Zhou Canxin and Hua Lingwei, the two school girls, discuss Chen Haoxuan in the garden all afternoon.

        In the afternoon, Chen Hao Xuan only had one class, Chen Hao Xuan did not want to listen to those old-fashioned teachers lecture anymore, so he borrowed some books from the library to pass the time in class.

        In class Chen Hao Xuan still didn't know that in a certain school, there was a sunny and cute girl who was promoting his deeds to a group of girls full of youth. This girl was Huang Mei Lin, the student Chen Hao Xuan was tutoring - teaching last night. "It's true, he's really old and handsome, and plays the piano very well, if you don't believe me you guys go to my house today to see, I guarantee you'll be so handsome that you'll be crazy." Huang Meilin seriously to her best friend.


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