A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 7-8


Chapter 7

"I I ......." He Haoming wanted to say I didn't mean it, but the murderous aura he saw in Chen Haoxuan's eyes made him too scared to speak, and he was sure it was the most terrifying look he had ever seen in his life.

        "Don't ever mess with me again." Chen Haoxuan glared at He Haoming and coldly said, after which he turned around and walked towards the last row of the classroom.

        Only once Chen Haohuan walked away did He Haoming return to normal, he sat paralyzed in his seat, recalling the strange feeling he had just had, he couldn't believe that a person's eyes could be so terrifying. Suddenly, He Haoming felt his forehead cool, and wiped it with his hand, it was cold sweat, he was actually scared to sweat, the more He Haoming thought about it, the more he felt Chen Haoming's terror.

        In fact, He Haoming had this feeling, Chen Haoxuan himself didn't know, although he was in a high position in the future century, but his eyes hadn't reached the level of making people tremble with fear. What was going on here? Was it the rebirth, or was it illuminated by the white light from the beads he had studied before his rebirth?

        Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina sat in the last row of the classroom, many students couldn't help but look over at Chen Hao Xuan, they all felt that Chen Hao Xuan was very strange today, not to mention that his outfit had changed a lot, what made them most curious was when Chen Hao Xuan's guts became so big that he even dared to threaten He Haoming, the son of a rich family.

        Zhou Kexin took a look at He Haoming, and after thinking about it, finally decided that it was better to use Chen Haoxuan as a shield, at least Chen Haoxuan wouldn't dare to take advantage of her. Zhou Canxin got up and walked towards the last row of seats, then sat down next to Chen Haoxuan, after sitting down Zhou Canxin looked at He Haoming, who was already furiously purple, and smiled proudly.

        The entire class looked at Chen Haoxuan with envious eyes, all thinking that Chen Haoxuan had some kind of luck to make a school flower fall in love with him.

        He Haoming secretly cursed in his heart, "Hmph, cheap* people are capable of pretending for the rest of their lives, sooner or later I'll crush you underneath me."

        The bell ...... finally rang, and an old man with white hair walked in with a thick book, so there was no need to say that he was a teacher.

        The teacher began to talk incessantly on the podium, at first Chen Haohuan felt quite interesting, but in a few minutes, he felt very boring, he felt that this teacher's teaching was too superficial, not at all level, so Chen Haohuan simply lay down on the desk and began to date Zhou Gong's daughter.

        Zhou Kexin seems to be distracted, she from time to time secretly check Chen Hao Xuan who is sleeping on the desk, Chen Hao Xuan's head is inclined to her side, so she can clearly see Chen Hao Xuan's face. Zhou Kexin was the first time to look at Chen Haoxuan in close proximity, and she now felt that Chen Haoxuan was really handsome, with a glossy white face, penetrating an angular cold handsomeness, thick eyebrows, high nose, and beautiful lips. When she saw Chen Haoxuan's beauty, an absurd thought appeared in her heart, she actually had the impulse to kiss Chen Haoxuan.

         Even Chen Hao Xuan wants to kiss."

        There was another person who was just as absent-minded as Zhou Kexin, she was Chen Yina, in fact, Chen Yina had always liked Chen Hao Xuan, after all, they had played together since childhood, and that feeling had been deep to the bone. The reason for this is because of the fact that you can't afford to buy a new one. Now the flower of their class, who is also the school flower, Zhou Kexin, suddenly declares that she likes Chen Hao Xuan, and now she even takes the initiative to sit next to Chen Hao Xuan. She is sad, she is scared, she is worried that Chen HaoXuan will leave her just because of Zhou KeXin.

        During this lesson, both Zhou Kexin and Chen Yina did not hear what the teacher said and they were both thinking.

        The bell ...... rang, and when he heard the sound, Chen Hao Xuan woke up, he stood up and shouted loudly, "Butler Huang, help me make a cup of coffee."

        "......." The students who were about to go out to play, as well as the teachers who hadn't gone out yet, all looked at Chen Haoxuan in unison, and then a burst of laughter came out of the classroom. "Hahaha ......, laughing to death, Chen Hao Xuan daydreaming, and Huang Butler to help me make a cup of coffee! I'm sure it's a rich man's dream."

        Chen looked at the class who was laughing to the point of slapping the desks, and the teacher who was laughing to the point of holding the wall, he was embarrassed, he had just dreamt that he was in the future century, Housekeeper Huang was his housekeeper in the future century, he was a beautiful woman, he usually liked to get up and have Housekeeper Huang prepare a cup of coffee for him first, then he would drink it after brushing his teeth and washing his face, that's why he had just had that awkward side.

        "Hehehe ......." Zhou Kexin, who was sitting next to Chen Haoxuan, couldn't help but let out a silver bell-like laughter as she thought to herself that Chen Haoxuan also had such a cute side.

        Chen Hao Xuan sat down awkwardly and looked at Zhou Kexin who was still laughing with a straight face and said, "Is it funny?"

        "No-no ......, I just feel like you're cute." Zhou Kexin chuckled.

        Chen suddenly spoke loudly to Zhou Kexin, "Zhou Kexin, just die this way! I'm not going to like you."

        Zhou Kexin's smile instantly disappeared and was replaced by a face of resentment, she knew that Chen Haoxuan was getting back at her, complaining that she shouldn't have made fun of him. She wanted to flatten Chen Haoxuan badly, but she knew that wasn't going to happen, because He Haoming was still eyeing him there! "I'll endure, after He Haoming dies, see how I'll deal with you." Zhou Kexin's heart was dark.

        But Zhou Ke Xin's mouth said, "It's your business if you don't like me. I like you, it's my freedom."

        "Then you stay away from me." Chen Haoxuan was very disrespectful to Zhou Kexin, Dao, and he even deliberately spoke a little louder so that the class could hear.

        "You - you ......." Zhou Kexin pointed at Chen Haoxuan, at this moment she wanted to curse, but she had never cursed before, she didn't know how to curse properly. Zhou Kexin felt wronged, she had never been wronged like today since she was a child, her own pretend confession was rejected by others without even thinking, her own initiative to approach, and she was also driven away by others, at the moment she felt like she was the most pitiful girl in the world. The more Zhou Kexin thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt, and finally she couldn't help but cry out, lying on her desk and crying sadly.

        "Gah ......." Chen Haoxuan was speechless, what the hell! If you bully me and I bully you and cry, is there no justice in the world?

        The teacher, who had not left yet, saw that Chen Hao Xuan had made his best student Zhou Kexin cry, and pointed at Chen Hao Xuan and shouted: "Chen Hao Xuan, you are so overbearing! I don't care how you bully the class monitor, if Zhou Kexin is still crying next holiday, you'll be punished. I'll ask Mr. Shen then, huh."

Chapter 8

Before Chen Hao Xuan was in a hurry, Chen Yina became anxious first, and she hurriedly said to Chen Hao Xuan, "Brother Xuan, hurry up and coax her so that she won't cry."

        "Why do I have to coax her? You don't know that when she says she likes me, she wants me to be her shield, and a woman like her, given to me - I don't want it either." Chen Haoxuan was serious about Chen Yina.

        "That teacher just now is our class teacher, if he gives you little shoes to wear, you'll have no hope for your diploma." Chen Yina explained nervously.

        "He dares, if he gives me little shoes to wear, I want him to look good." Chen Hao Xuan snapped angrily.

        "Brother Xuan, count me as begging you, just coax her!" Chen Yina took Chen Haoxuan's hand and shook it around, spoiling it.

        "I can ignore anyone's words, but I will listen to my Nana." Chen Hao Xuan reached out and gently scraped the bridge of Chen Yina's nose, smiling.

        Chen Haoxuan's warm gesture made Chen Yina feel so happy, so sweet, and what made her feel most happy was Chen Haoxuan's words, my Nana.

        Chen Haoxuan turned around, reached out and pushed Zhou Kexin, who was still crying on the desk, and faintly said, "Hey, don't you cry."

        "I'll cry, I'll cry, I want you to care! Wooooo ......." Zhou Kexin didn't look up and cried.

        Chen Hao Xuan saw that Zhou Kexin was still crying, so he took out a lollipop from Chen Yina's bag, which Chen Yina had bought on the side of the road when she came to school today. Chen Haoxuan handed the lollipop next to Zhou Kexin and spoke out again, "If you don't cry, I'll give you this."

        Zhou Kexin curiously deviated her head, when she saw the lollipop that Chen Haoxuan was holding, she couldn't help but puff out a laugh and cry, "Take a lollipop to coax me, you think I'm a child!"

        When he saw Zhou Kexin crying, Chen Hao Xuan thought of a saying, "The lonely jade face is dried up with tears, and the pear blossoms bring rain in spring." I didn't expect Zhou Kexin's weeping appearance to be so beautiful.

        "Are you married yet?" Chen Haoxuan suddenly asked a topic that was not compatible with Zhou Kexin's crying.

        "I'm still a student, how could I be married." Zhou Kexin took a look at Chen Hao Xuan.

        "That's right, if you're not married, you're a child, and it's only natural for a child to eat a lollipop. Let me tell you, this lollipop isn't just any lollipop, he's old and expensive, a single one costs a thousand RMB, and it's still marketable and priceless. I'm in a good mood today, so I'll give you one!" Chen Haoxuan acted as if he was very generous and handed the lollipop to Zhou Kexin. But in his heart, he said, "The lollipops I've taken are as much as I say they are, so it's only natural that there's a market for them."

        "Is it really that expensive?" Zhou Ke Xin looked at Chen Hao Xuan Dao with curious eyes, and her hand divinely took the lollipop Chen Hao Xuan handed her.

        "Of course, if you don't believe me, have a taste." Chen Hao Xuan was serious, and Zhou Kexin actually unwrapped the outside of the lollipop and put the lollipop in her mouth. "It seems to be quite delicious." Zhou Kexin sweetly, in fact, this is a very ordinary lollipop, fifty cents a piece, only Zhou Kexin is a child of a rich family, when she was a child she would eat some, but since she went to junior high school she has never used it again, so the taste of the lollipop she has long forgotten, now again to taste the taste of the lollipop, of course she will feel the taste is very good, after all, sweet things girls like to eat.

        Chen Yina was lying on her desk, constantly sneaking smiles, she really convinced her brother Xuan to take a lollipop to coax their school flower, and their school flower even believed it.

        Seeing Zhou Kexin's appearance, everyone in Class 8 was speechless, just now they were crying so sadly, but after Chen Haoxuan handed her a lollipop, she stopped crying, if not for the residual tears on Zhou Kexin's face, beating them to death - they didn't believe that their school flower was so easy to coax.

        In fact, Zhou Kexin was also a very stubborn person, and the reason why it was so easy for Chen Haohuan to make her stop crying was because Chen Haohuan drew the conversation out of the way so that Zhou Kexin would forget about being sad.

        "I got it, look - she's not crying." Chen Haoxuan turned his head to smile at Chen Yina.

        Chen Yina put her finger to her mouth and whispered, "Shh-, don't let her hear you."

        Unfortunately, Yina Chen's reminder was too late, Zhou Kexin had already heard Chen Haoxuan's words, and she took the lollipop out of her mouth, staring at the lollipop, and said, "No! Wasn't I crying?"

        Reacting, Zhou Canxin still wanted to cry, but for some reason just couldn't, probably because the sadness in her heart had already been melted by the sweetness of the lollipop. Zhou Kexin simply put the lollipop into her mouth again and held it in her mouth, she comforted herself in her heart, "Eat a thousand yuan lollipop from him, it's even." I wonder how Zhou Kexin would feel if she knew that the lollipop she had in her mouth was only fifty cents.

        "Nana, let's go out and play." Chen felt too bored in the classroom, so he wanted to go outside and see the campus of this century.

        "Yeah!" Chen Yina was delighted, and after that she even gave Zhou Kexin a proud glance, a look that seemed to say, "See! My brother Xuan likes me, what's the use of you being pretty, huh."

        Zhou Kexin seemed to know that Chen Yina was provoking her, so she stood up and spoke out, "I'll go too."

        "Don't bother with you." Chen Haoxuan faintly said, and after saying that, he walked outside.

        Chen Yina hurried to catch up with Chen Haoxuan, and she whispered to Zhou Kexin as she passed him, "Brother Xuan doesn't like rich girls, so you should just die."

        Zhou Kexin pouted her mouth in aggravation, hearing Chen Yina's words, and then remembering Chen Haoxuan's coldness towards her, she retreated, she was really embarrassed to pester Chen Haoxuan anymore because she felt so cheap like this.

        After Chen Haoxuan left the classroom, He Haoming made a move, he stood up and walked towards Zhou Kexin with a smile on his face. After Zhou Kexin saw He Haoming walking towards her, she immediately stood up and ran outside with a loud voice, "Chen Haoxuan, wait for me." Her words were deliberately said to He Haoming.

        "B*tch*man." He Haoming looked at Zhou Kexin's departing back and muttered.

        "What is this place for? Hey- what's that place, there are so many people. Wow, this is the garden! So beautiful ............." Chen Hao Xuan was like a curious baby who would ask anything he saw.

        Chen didn't know that there was a beautiful girl following her secretly behind him, it was none other than Zhou Kexin who had just confessed to Chen in the classroom.


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