A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 4-6


Chapter 4

To say how Chen Yina had found this tutoring job with such a high pay, it was thanks to Chen Haoxuan's good looks, because Li Yuzhen had only hired them as tutors for her children after seeing Chen Haoxuan's good looks on tutor.com, good looks were sometimes that useful.

        "Oh ......, you look much better in real life than in the pictures. Come on in! Both my kids are at home just waiting for you!" Li Yu Zhen smiled at Chen Hao Xuan, and afterwards sidled up and motioned for Chen Hao Xuan and the others to enter the house.

        After entering the house, Li Yuzhen called out her children and introduced them to Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina. It was originally Chen Yina who taught Li Yuzhen's daughter Huang Mei Lin to play the piano, but she didn't expect Huang Mei Lin to force Chen Hao Xuan to teach her how to play the piano.

        "Linlin, he doesn't know how to play the piano, so why don't I teach you?" Chen Yina persuaded Huang Mei Lin.

        "Don't lie to me, you're all college students, how can anyone not play the piano nowadays. I don't care, I want him to teach me, or I won't hire you guys." Huang Mei Lin petulantly, she was dressed very fashionable, white shirt, short denim skirt, don't look at her only 14 years old, but the charm is no less than mature girls, willow eyebrows and big eyes, and a baby face, very attractive to men.

        "Lin Lin, if you don't behave, your allowance will be cancelled next week." Li Yuzhen snapped at her daughter with a stern face, in fact, she knew her daughter's little heart, she must have fallen for Chen Haoxuan.

        "It's okay, I'll be the one to teach him!" Chen Hao Xuan smiled.

        After hearing Chen Yina's words, she tugged on Chen Haoxuan's clothes and whispered, "You wouldn't, would you?"

        "The old me, I'm not quite sure, but I'm sure I can play the piano, and I play it very well." Chen Haohuan similarly answered Chen Yina's question in a low voice.

        "Alright then! Just let you teach Huang Mei Lin and I'll teach Huang Zhi Feng." Chen Yina was helpless.

        Chen walked up to Huang Mei Lin and smiled, "Beautiful little princess, please take me to the place where you practice playing the piano."

        "Too good." Huang Mei Lin cheered happily and brought Chen Hao Xuan to her room.

        Arriving at Huang Mei Lin's room Chen Hao Xuan felt like he was in a pink world, the walls, the bed, the wardrobe, the table, and even the floor were all pink. Huang Mei Lin's room was quite large, the piano was placed by the balcony of her room, and the piano was no exception pink, Chen Hao Xuan walked to the piano and sat down, looking up to Huang Mei Lin who was staring at him and asked, "What do you want to learn?"

        Huang Mei Lin did not reply to Chen Hao Xuan's words, but instead put her hands on her chin and asked Chen Hao Xuan with a smiling face, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

        "No." Chen Hao Xuan replied.

        Hearing Chen Hao Xuan say that he didn't have a girlfriend, Huang Mei Lin's eyes immediately showed joy as she asked again, "Then how do you feel about me?"

        "......." Chen Hao Xuan was speechless, did she invite him to be a tutor or a blind date.

        "You're cute and lively, a very nice sunny girl. I've finished my evaluation, now you can tell me - what do you want to learn, right?" Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        "I can play the piano, but I want to learn how to play the best sounding method." Huang Mei Lin's delicate voice.

        Chen Hao Xuan tried the sound of the piano and found that it was fine all very standard, so Chen Hao Xuan said to Huang Mei Lin, "Then you listen carefully to the song I'm playing and tell me how it feels." Chen Hao Xuan finished placing his hands on the piano.

        The beautiful piano sound rang out leisurely, the high notes were like big pearls and small pearls falling into jade pans, the low notes were like winter thunder rolling. Suddenly Chen Haoxuan held down a few keys at the same time, and the piano emitted a sound as if the drums of an ancient battle had begun to charge. Then Chen HaoXuan's fingers danced on the piano keys as if they were dancing on the keys, faster and faster. The sound changed and became imposing, with waves of waves that were as continuous as an overwhelming volley of mountains.

        By the end, Chen Haohuan swept his right hand from head to tail, swishing it around in a very cool manner.

        "How do you feel after listening to this song?" Chen Hao Xuan smiled to Huang Mei Lin and asked.

        Huang Mei Lin looked at Chen Hao Xuan with adoring eyes and said, "It's so nice, I feel so excited and happy."

        At this time, the sound of popping applause suddenly came from outside the room, Chen Hao Xuan turned his head to see a middle-aged man with glasses and wearing a suit clapping his hands and walked in. "Well, well, it's so good to play, even a piano master couldn't play such a beautiful song." Huang Weicheng was happy.

        Behind Huang Weicheng was Li Yuzhen as well as Chen Yina and Huang Zhifeng, who were all attracted by the sound of Chen Haoxuan's piano.

        "Right, how come I haven't heard this song before?" Li Yuzhen asked curiously.

        "Hehe ......, I'm sorry, this is a song I wrote myself, so it's not surprising that you guys haven't heard of it." Chen Haoxuan smiled, this song was written when he was in military school in the future century.

        Huang Weicheng's heart was ecstatic, he didn't expect that he had hired a tutor to teach his daughter who was even better than a piano master, and the price was only 50 dollars an hour, such a good thing would even happen to him, it seemed that the heavens were favoring him.

        Chen Yina didn't expect Chen Hao Xuan to play the piano so well, he suspected that the previous Chen Hao Xuan had been pretending to be a tiger, otherwise he lost his memory, why would he suddenly become such a gentleman and play the piano so well.

        In order to get Chen Hao Xuan to teach his daughter seriously, Huang Wei Cheng offers to pay Chen Hao Xuan five hundred dollars an hour, and Chen Yina takes advantage of Chen Hao Xuan, Huang Wei Cheng gives her one hundred dollars an hour.

        At 10 pm, Chen Hao Xuan and Chen Yina came out from the luxurious apartment, both of them were so happy because they had made a lot of money today, Chen Hao Xuan made fifteen hundred dollars, while Chen Yina made three hundred dollars. "Brother Xuan, thanks to you today, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to earn so much money." Chen Yina was happy to Chen Hao Xuan.

        "That's right, you didn't even look at who I am." Chen Hao Xuan joked, while he secretly said in his heart, "Finally, I have money to buy new clothes."

        "Brother Xuan, let's go, let's go to the Delicious Restaurant!" Chen Yina to Chen Haoxuan.

        "Yes, we earned money today, we should go to a restaurant for a good meal." Chen Hao Xuan was happy, but what Chen Yina said next made him laugh and cry.

        "What ah! Have you forgotten what I told you today, we go to the Delicious Restaurant every night around 11pm to help the boss wash the dishes, and the boss pays us five hundred dollars a month." Chen Yina explained.

        Chen now finally knew why his hands were so smooth and delicate, it was washing the plates all day long. "Nana, listen to me, I've lost my memory now, but I'm confident that I can let you live a happy life, so let's not go washing dishes ha."

Chapter 5

"But - but ............." Chen Yina didn't know how to explain to Chen Hao Xuan, Chen Hao Xuan was one person to feed the whole family, but she was different from Chen Hao Xuan, her father had a heart condition and needed to take medicine every day to keep him alive, while her brother and she both needed to study, it could be said that she was supporting a family by herself, if she didn't go to work hard to earn money, then her family would collapse.

        "Don't be any buts, listen to me right. Now let's go to the mall and buy some decent clothes." Chen Hao Xuan didn't care if Chen Yina answered or not, he pulled Chen Yina and left.

        Chen didn't go to a high-end clothing store, it wasn't that he didn't want to buy designer clothes, but he didn't have that much money to buy name brands. Chen Hao Xuan with Chen Yina in the downtown shuttle, in the end Chen Hao Xuan bought two tight shirt and two tight trousers and two pairs of shoes, the quality is not bad, also cheap, only spent a thousand dollars, in addition Chen Hao Xuan also bought a dress for Chen Yina.

        The next day, Chen Hao Xuan woke up early, after washing his face and brushing his teeth, he began to put on the clothes he bought yesterday, then got some hair wax on his hands, rubbed his hands against each other, then went to his head, then took a comb, get it done. An energetic and incredibly handsome sunshine boy appeared.

        Looking at himself in the mirror, Chen Haoxuan smiled to himself, "That's what makes me look like a human being!"

        After eating the breakfast cooked by Chen Yina, Chen Hao Xuan followed Chen Yina to the University of Xinshan City with great anticipation, Chen Hao Xuan was eager to see what the campus of the 21st century was really like.

        In front of Xinshan City University, there were a few girls gathering together to chat, suddenly a girl exclaimed: "Look, isn't that beautiful boy Chen Hao Xuan? He looks so manly today, yo."

        "Ugh-, it would be nice if he really is manly." Another girl sighed, Chen Haoxuan was recognized as the beautiful man in their hearts, but unfortunately, the beautiful man in their hearts didn't dare to resist even being bullied.

        "Sisters, let's go flirt with him - okay?" One of the girls suggested, flirting with Chen Hao Xuan things they often do, that's why the previous Chen Hao Xuan so shy, it's all because of these lecherous girls.

        Chen Hao Xuan who was looking around to enjoy the scenery of the 21st century was suddenly surrounded by a group of girls, Chen Hao Xuan's reaction was quick, immediately made a pose ready to fight. But did not expect this group of girls very gentle wooing him, pinching his face, touching his waist, holding his hand.

        "Chen Haoxuan, you're so handsome today, it's simply better that you keep dressing like this from now on. Chen Haoxuan, my sister is very lonely these days, why don't you be my sister's boyfriend! Chen Haoxuan, I've actually had a crush on you for a long time ............." This group of girls kept teasing Chen Hao Xuan.

        "So the previous Chen Haoxuan had so many suitors at school." Chen Hao Xuan's heart was dark.

        Chen Haoxuan wasn't a decent man, so many girls were around him and were touching him everywhere, so it was common sense that he should touch back. "Wow-, your body is really good, wow- your fierce is so big yo, your ass is really plump, at a glance you know that it is well bred ......, feed ...... Don't you run away! I'd like to talk to you guys some more!"

        Chen Hao Xuan looked at those girls who had already run far away and said to himself, "What a loss, they took so much advantage of me, I only took that advantage of them and they ran away, what a cheapskate."

        Next to Chen Haoxuan, Chen Yina covered her small mouth and laughed, "I didn't expect you who lost your memory to be so bold, it used to be others who molested you, but now you are molesting others instead."

        At this time a group of male students came towards Chen Hao Xuan, the leader was Zhu Tian who was knocked unconscious by Chen Hao Xuan yesterday, Zhu Tian was waiting for Chen Hao Xuan in front of the university with his little brother very early in the morning in order to take revenge.

        "Chen Hao Xuan." Zhu Tian called out Chen Haoxuan's name almost as if he was bellowing out.

        Chen Haoxuan and Chen Yina turned their heads in unison, and when Chen Yina saw that it was Zhu Tian, she naturally pulled Chen Haoxuan to run, an action she didn't know how many times she had done. "Slow down, what's meant to come will always come, it's not a good idea to keep running away. Nana, you go to school first, don't worry I'll be fine." Chen Haoxuan gently to Chen Yina, Chen Haoxuan wanted to get rid of this trouble Zhu Tian now, the easiest way was to hit Zhu Tian afraid.

        "But - but you ......." Chen Yina didn't trust Chen Hao Xuan to face Zhu Tian and the other thugs alone.

        "Don't worry! I promise I will return safely." Chen Haoxuan patted his chest and assured.

        Zhu Tian also didn't want to bully a weak woman, he was very sensible and asked his little brother to let Chen Yina leave, and Chen Yina left three steps back.

        "Brothers, catch Chen Haoxuan inside the alley in front of me, I want to fix him up." Zhu Tian roared in a very generous manner.

        The two strong boys racked Chen Hao Xuan to an alley not far ahead, Chen Hao Xuan didn't resist, and he was more than eager to go to an empty alley. Chen didn't worry about his safety, although he didn't have a strong body like Future Century, but his fighting skills, fighting experience, incomparably rich, dealing with these few hairless college students is not a handful.

        In a cul-de-sac, Zhu Tian coldly said to Chen Haoxuan, "I give you two choices, one is to take off your clothes and drive around Xinshan City University, the other is for me to beat you into a cripple."

        "Let me tell you Zhu Tian, I am no longer the old Chen Haoxuan, you better choose to shake hands with me, because becoming my enemy is a terrifying thing, he will make you live in constant fear." Chen Haoxuan was cold and icy, his murderous aura was getting stronger and stronger, as if he was almost unable to resist the urge to strike.

        "You bastard, who do you think you are! Brothers give me a hard lesson for him." Zhu Tian roared angrily, Chen Haoxuan, who had less guts than a mouse, dared to talk to him like that and threatened him, he was really pissed off, he decided to waste Chen Haoxuan today.

        This time Zhu Tian had learned his lesson, he let his little brother go on, while he cheered him on from behind. Chen Hao Xuan did not want to spend his time on these minions because it was almost time for class, so Chen Hao Xuan stomped on the fence with his left foot, then stomped on the right fence with his right foot, and he stepped over the top of Zhu Tian's little brother.

        Zhu Tian saw that Chen Hao Xuan had such a powerful skill, now he didn't dare to underestimate, and he immediately put up his twelve spirits. Chen Haoxuan reached Zhu Tian in the blink of an eye, Zhu Tian immediately raised his fist to hit Chen Haoxuan's head, Chen Haoxuan's head deflected and dodged Zhu Tian's sharp punch. Chen Haoxuan's right hand very unceremoniously slammed Zhu Tian with a cracking sound that echoed through the alley.

Chapter 6

As soon as the voice passed, Zhu Tianton felt his face flaming hot and painful, he was really about to faint, he would rather Chen Haoxuan hit him elsewhere than have Chen Haoxuan slap his face in front of his so little brother, and his image was all gone with this slap.

        "Chen Haoxuan, I'm going to kill you." Zhu Tian fiercely jumped at Chen Hao Xuan while his little brother also attacked Chen Hao Xuan from behind.

        "Today, if I, Chen Haoxuan, don't beat you all down, my surname won't be Chen." Chen Hao Xuan also got angry.

        "Ahhhh ......." A creepy scream came out from the hutong, descending to the point where the residents who lived in the hutong didn't dare to go out.

        When the screams stopped, there were ten student thugs in the dead alley who were lying on the ground and wailing, while Chen Haoxuan was slowly approaching Zhu Tian with a brick in his hand.

        At this moment, Zhu Tian no longer had the courage to flatten Chen Haoxuan, all because of Chen Haoxuan's bravery, and he regretted messing with this strange monster Chen Haoxuan. "You - don't come over, don't come over ......." Zhu Tian kept backing away, his voice carrying a pleading tone.

        "I told you that becoming my enemy is a terrifying thing, so just admit your misfortune!" Chen Hao Xuan sneered.

        Zhu Tian saw that Chen Haoxuan had no intention of letting him go, so he turned around and fled, but how could Chen Haoxuan let him have his way, Chen Haoxuan quickly caught up with Zhu Tian and put Zhu Tian down with his feet. "Ouch." Zhu Tian screamed as his body lost his balance and fell to the ground.

        "Next time remember to see me, you better take a detour." Chen Haoxuan said, and the brick in his hand slammed into Zhu Tian's head.

        With a muffled thud, the brick splintered in all directions, while blood flowed out of Zhu Tian's head. "Ahhhh ......." Zhu Tian's head hurt so much that he rolled around on the ground.

        The reason why Chen Haoxuan dared to use the brick to shoot Zhu Tian's head was because he had calculated that the brick was very light and had many cracks, and at a glance, one could tell that it was a very poor quality brick that would shatter if it collided with a slightly hard object, otherwise Chen Haoxuan wouldn't have dared to use it to shoot someone.

        Chen Hao Xuan patted the dust on his hands, hummed a leisurely song and walked out of the alley, heading to the University of Xinshan City.

        Chen Yina had been waiting for Chen Hao Xuan at the entrance of the university, and when she saw Chen Hao Xuan leisurely walking towards the university, her tense heart was finally relieved and a sweet smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

        Chen Hao Xuan walked up to Chen Yina and smiled, "See! I told you I'd be fine."

        "Where are Jutian and the others?" Chen Yina asked curiously, according to the previous situation, Chen Haoxuan should have been beaten up by Zhu Tian and the others before letting Chen Haoxuan go, but today Chen Haoxuan didn't have anything wrong.

        "They ah! They're all beaten down by me, and I'm sure they'll all take a detour when they see me in the future. Well, you don't have to ask me why I'm so good, because I don't know, let's go! Let's go into the school, or we'll be late." Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        Chen Hao Xuan was a student in class 8 of the sophomore business administration department, Chen Hao Xuan didn't know how to get to the road, luckily Chen Yina was in the same class as him, so he followed Chen Yina to class 8. Before entering the classroom, Chen Hao Xuan heard the sentence, "Even if I like Chen Hao Xuan, I won't like you like this."

        Hearing this Chen Hao Xuan pulled Chen Yina who was trying to enter the classroom, he wanted to see who liked him and said it so loudly, there must be something wrong with it. So Chen Hao Xuan passed through the door and observed the scene inside, he saw a pretty girl fighting with a handsome boy.

        These two people who were fighting were Zhou Kexin and He Haoming, the reason being that He Haoming had been pestering Zhou Kexin all day, and Zhou Kexin in a fit of anger said something that shocked the whole class.

        "What's so good about that poor man, other than having a little white face, he's a loser." He Haoming roared angrily, it would be fine if Zhou Kexin said someone else, but Zhou Kexin actually said that Chen Haoxuan was a trash, this wasn't a deliberate strike against him, saying that he couldn't even compare to a trash.

        "I just like him what? He's poor, but he's honest, unlike some people who spend their days wooing and pretending to be disgustingly decent people." Zhou Kexin looked at He Haoming with a despicable look.

        "Yeah! You like Chan Ho Hen, right? Then you prove it to me." He Haoming sneered, believing that Zhou Kexin had made such an excuse because he wanted to reject him.

        "Chen Haoxuan, Chen Haoxuan, you come out." Zhou Kexin was also ruthless, she would rather people misunderstand that she liked Chen Haoxuan than be pestered by He Haoming all day.

        All of the students in Class 8 were looking for Chen Haoxuan, and one female student who was sitting at the front suddenly pointed at the door and exclaimed, "Look, there's Chen Haoxuan!"

        Chen Haohuan, who had been discovered, pushed through the door like he knew nothing, and greeted the class with a smile, "Hehehe ......, good morning everyone! I didn't hear anything just now, you guys keep talking ha!"

        "Chen Hao Xuan, come here." Zhou Kexin squealed to Chen Hao Xuan.

        "If you tell me to come over, I'll come over ah! Then I'm not very ashamed." Chen Hao Xuan gave Zhou Kexin a glance, he already knew who this girl was because Chen Yina had told him just outside the door. Chen Hao Xuan was angry that Zhou Kexin used him as a shield, he didn't care much now, but if it was the old Chen Hao Xuan, he would definitely be screwed over.

        "You - you ......." Zhou Kexin was so angry by Chen Haoxuan that she couldn't say anything, and her plump rabbit was even about to burst his chest. Zhou Kexin was the flower of the University of Xinshan City, and there were thousands of people chasing her, but now that she was chasing Chen Hao Xuan backwards, Chen Hao Xuan was so disrespectful, and even though it was a fake chase, she was still very angry when she was rejected by Chen Hao Xuan.

        "Hahaha ......, Ke Xin, I'll tell you! This guy doesn't know anything, he's just trash of the trash. You'd better choose me! I will give you happiness." He Haoming smiled to Zhou Kexin.

        After hearing He Haoming's words, Chen Haoxuan stopped following Chen Yina to the last position and instead turned around and walked towards He Haoming's location.

        "What? Do you want to flatten me or warn me ah?" Ho Ho Ming saw Chen Hao Xuan walking towards him, so he mocked Chen Hao Xuan.

        Chen Hao Xuan walked up to Ho Ho Ming, his eyes stared at Ho Ho Ming and said coldly, "Just because I don't speak, doesn't mean I don't exist, I don't care about your business, yet you want to drag me in, do you want to be my enemy?"

        The disappearance on He Haoming's face disappeared when he saw Chen Haoming's eyes, and he even became nervous as he saw a strong murderous aura in Chen Haoming's eyes.


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