His True Colors Chapter 587-588


Chapter 587

After the baptism of the Earth's core, Han Qianqian's methods were enough to make normal people dread the sight of him.

        As he forcefully stepped on the entire arm of one of them, he finally asked where the headquarters was located.

        The hairs on Shuyang's entire body stood up when he saw this scene.

        Back then, as the son of a rich family, he had seen a lot of the dark side of society and knew some people with vicious methods.

        But those people's tactics were a galaxy away from Han Qianqian's, and there was no comparison at all.

        But Shuyang was still in a good state, and that friend of his had been so frightened that he was trembling unconsciously.

        Getting into the car again, Han Giang Yang drove towards the headquarters of those goons.

        In the car, Shuyang finally couldn't help but ask Han Qianli, "Who the hell are you?"

        "Whatever I am, as long as I'm not a danger to you, right?" Han Giangli said, his violent behavior just now, he was actually a bit surprised himself, it was like a surge of hostility came out of his heart, even he couldn't control it, perhaps that experience in the Earth's core had caused him to pile up too much hostility.

        To know that he had killed through the entire Earth's core, without a single living soul!

        Although that was the case, facing someone as strong as Han Qianxiang, Shuyang had to worry that one day Han Qianxiang's fist would be aimed at him, and he didn't want to face this kind of brutal torture.

        "If you're worried that I'll deal with you, you just need to remember one thing, don't betray me." Han Giangli continued.

        Shuyang subconsciously nodded his head, and even the friend sitting next to him nodded his head like garlic.

        He arrived at the headquarters of that gang of yokels.

        It was a nightclub, and the entrance was surrounded by many things that didn't look like good people at a glance, the tattoos seemed to be the gang's logo, and the untamed expressions on their faces revealed a badass air.

        "There are so many of them, are you sure you still want to go?" Shuyang looked at the people outside the nightclub, and that was just the outside, hell knows how many people were still inside, so Shuyang felt that slipping away was the best option.

        No matter how well one person could fight, could they still fight dozens of people?

        But he underestimated Han 3000, for today's Han 3000, a large number of people wasn't even an advantage, especially since these goons with no real skills were like kindergarten kids.

        "If you're afraid of being mistakenly injured, stay in the car." Han Giangiang reminded Shuyang.

        Shuyang was determined to never get out of the car, and if Han Giang couldn't beat him, he would immediately get in the cab and drive away.

        After Han 3000 got out of the car, the friend said to Shuyang, "Is he crazy, going to single-handedly fight so many people by himself."

        Shuyang shook his head and looked through the car window at Han 3,000 who was looking for death, and for some reason, a strange belief was born in his heart.

        It seemed that even if there were hundreds of people, they weren't a match for Han Third Thousand?

        "I think he probably really doesn't take these people seriously, I've seen a lot of oxen back in the day, but I've never seen one that's as powerful as he is." Shuyang said with a sigh.

        The man gulped, this would have been amazing, definitely more exciting than the big fights in movies.

        "Then you don't really have a chance to turn over a new leaf?" The friend said with an expectant face.

        Shuyang nodded heavily, he had resigned himself to his fate before, never daring to expect anything from this matter, but at this moment, he seemed to see the dawn again, and this dawn came from Han Qianqian.

        "The pain our brothers have suffered will have to be avenged one day." Shuyang gritted his teeth and said.

        At this time, Han Qianxiang had already reached the entrance of the nightclub.

        The group of people gathered at the door, whether they were standing or squatting before, all stood up at this moment and blocked the entrance.

        "Let's stop the nonsense, let your boss roll out and kowtow three times to me first, then I'll consider whether or not to spare him." Han Qianli's words came out like thunder, shocking the four directions.

        However, those people clearly didn't take his words seriously and only felt that he was looking for death.

        The scene that followed was somewhat chaotic.

        Han 3,000 was agile and wandered into the crowd, and while screams rang out, people continued to fall.

        More than twenty people were unable to hinder Han 3,000 in the slightest.

        Three minutes later, Han 3,000 kicked open the door of the nightclub.

        A loud bang reverberated through the nightclub, exploding a group of people who were sleeping.

        "Who the hell is disturbing Laozi's sleep."

        "What a thing looking for death, get out and let me see who it is."

        There were curses all over the nightclub, but in a dim environment, Han Qianli couldn't see exactly how many people were there, but listening to the noise level of the voices, it was clear that there were quite a few.

        "Who's the boss here." Han Three Thousand asked aloud.

        A bald man with a lotus flower tattoo on top appeared in front of Han 3,000, with a ferocious look a child could have nightmares watching.

        "Who are you that you dare to disturb my rest." The bald-headed big man asked Han Qianqian with dissatisfaction.

        "Kneel down and kowtow, and I'll spare your skin and flesh." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Hearing this, the bald man was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud in disdain.

        In his eyes, Han Qianli was like a fool, asking him to kneel and kowtow on his turf!

        "Boy, but you really have no eyes, you want me to kneel and kowtow, have you asked my brother?" The bald man sneered.

        "Then ask around."

        Han Giangli's voice had just fallen, and his entire body moved as swiftly as a cheetah, suddenly violent.

        All sorts of heart-rending screams were once again heard in the nightclub, and even Shuyang and his two friends in the car could vaguely hear them.

        Shuyang's friend wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and exclaimed, "Shuyang, this guy is really fierce, I've never seen anyone so fierce in my life."

        "Don't say you haven't seen it, I haven't seen it either." Shuyang laughed bitterly, he had thought that what Han Qianli had said was a joke, but now he realized that his disbelief was the joke.

        There was no need to question the strength displayed by Han Qianli, a fierce, perverted, fierce fellow who had swept away an entire underground organization all by himself!

        When Han Marchand came out of the nightclub, dragging the half-dead bald man.

        I only heard the bald-headed big man mutter, "Big brother, don't fight, I was wrong, I'll do whatever you want me to do, I'll immediately kneel down and kowtow to you, if you let me go."

        The previously arrogant bald man had never dreamed that he could be beaten into such a bearish state in his own territory, and not a single one of his entire underlings was still standing.

        This was too f**king perverted too!

        The bald man felt sure that he had messed with Satan, how could a man be so powerful?

        "Now you know how to beg for mercy? It's just a pity it's too late." Han Giang said with a smile, the fight wasn't hearty enough, but Han Giang was content, after all, it was almost impossible to replicate the intensity of the Earth's core, and he couldn't ask for too much.

        Dragging the bald man over to the car, Shuyang automatically took the initiative to get out of the car without Han Giang's signal.

        When the bald-headed man saw Shuyang, he looked visibly surprised and said, "How could it be you!"

        Shuyang didn't know the person in front of him, but looking at his level of surprise, it was clear that he knew him very well, which made Shuyang somewhat sure of what he had been thinking.

        "Who have you been instructed by to trouble me?" Shuyang asked.

        The bald man was shocked, this was a secret and the man behind him had explained that it must never be revealed to anyone.

        "I don't know what you're talking about." The bald-headed big man said.

        "Was it Ma Feihao who did this!" Shuyang gritted his teeth and asked.

        The bald-headed man shook his head and said, "What Ma Feihao, I don't know."

        Han Qianqian suddenly strangled the bald man's neck with a death grip and said in a cold voice in his ear, "If you don't tell me honestly, I'll let you try being strangled to death."

        Han Qianli's tactics bald-headed big man had already seen, he believed that such a ruthless man could definitely do what he said, and as Han Qianli's hand slowly pushed, his breathing became more and more difficult.

        This death beckoned, so the bald man had to nod his head and acknowledge it, saying, "Yes, it was Ma Feihao, he's the one who told me to deal with you, he paid me a lot of money to make sure you never have a good time in your life."

Chapter 588

Hearing the bald man's words, Shuyang's eyes were red and he was trembling with anger, even the friend beside him was unhappy on his behalf, gritting his teeth and saying, "I didn't expect Ma Feihao to be so ruthless, stealing your woman and causing you to lose your reputation, but he still won't let you go even now."

        Shuyang clenched his fists, the hatred was almost causing him to lose his mind.

        For so many years, Shuyang had been holding back this hatred, but at this moment, he couldn't hold back any longer!

        Suddenly, Shuyang knelt down in front of Han Giang.

        "Shuyang, what are you doing!" The friend reached out and tried to pull Shuyang up, but Shuyang refused.

        To Han Giang, Shuyang bowed his head and said, "As long as you can help me take revenge, Shuyang's life is yours, you can do whatever you want with me."

        "Your life is useless to me, just live well and help me spend money, as for whether you can take revenge or not, it's up to you, first set up the fleet, and contact me when you run into trouble." Han Qianli said indifferently, he didn't have the energy to accompany Shuyang to every single one of them.

        "Don't worry, I'll never let you down." Shuyang said in a firm tone.

        Han Giang slapped the top of the bald man's head and reminded him, "How many of your men are still out there, call them back quickly or your little life will be in danger."

        The bald-headed big man nodded repeatedly and started making calls.

        With this trouble solved, Han 3,000 yuan drove off on his own.

        Shuyang and that friend of his, went to find the rest of the team.

        When the bald man returned to the nightclub, his eyelids jumped when he saw the mess and the men lying on the ground, a demonic level character like this he wouldn't dare to provoke, or else he would lose his life at any time.

        But Ma Feihao was his golden lord, he still had to inform Ma Feihao of this matter.

        "Ma Shao, Shuyang brought someone to step on my field, so be careful." After the call was dialed, the bald man said.

        Ma Feihao was enjoying life in a private club, surrounded by several women with superb figures, some pressing shoulders, some pressing legs, and some sending fruits with their mouths, so it could be said that he was enjoying it to the fullest.

        Hearing the words of the bald man, Ma Feihao revealed a disdainful smile and said, "Shuyang, this trash, actually dares to trouble you, you just find some people to take care of it, won't it."

        "Ma Shao, the person he brought with him is not simple, one person, he beat down all the brothers in my yard, even I almost died in his hands." The bald-headed man said with a look of palpitations.

        Ma Feihao sat up and gestured to the woman beside him to get lost, and asked with a serious look, "You're not kidding me, a man?"

        "Ma Shao, I'm not in the mood to joke with you, if you don't believe me, just come to my place and see for yourself." The bald man laughed bitterly.

        "Your sh*tty place is still qualified for me to go there personally, dirty my feet, do you know what the other side is?" Ma Feihao said with dissatisfaction.

        Although the bald man knew that a rich young master like Ma Feihao despised a small place like him, but saying it so bluntly would still make him feel unhappy, but unfortunately this unhappiness could only be settled in his heart.

        "Ma Shao, I'm not going to follow along with this, or else my little life will be lost." The bald-headed man said.

        This caused a sardonic smile to flash across Ma Feihao's face as he said, "If you're afraid of dying in his hands, aren't you afraid of dying in my hands? I'm warning you, this game isn't over, I won't allow you to quit, you don't have the right to quit, go find out who that guy is for me right now, if you can't find out anything today, I want you to not see tomorrow's sun."

        After saying that, Ma Feihao directly hung up the phone, not giving the bald man a chance to refuse.

        "Shuyang ah Shuyang, your woman is still lying in my bed, I didn't think you would actually dare to cause me trouble, in that case, don't blame me, I didn't want you to die, but now it seems that you can't even die without dying."

        The bald man sighed as he listened to the busy voice coming from the phone.

        He had begun to reject this matter inside, because the psychological shadow Han Qianli had cast on him was too great, and the thought of Han Qianli made his scalp go numb.

        But a rich family like Ma Feihao wasn't easy to mess with, and he simply had no way out, so he could only scalp him.

        "Go find out the identity of that person just now for me, within today, I want to know where he lives." The bald man instructed his men.

        Han Giangli drove to the Nangong family's company.

        Downstairs at the company, Yuan Ling paced back and forth anxiously, when she went to Han Three thousand's house today, she didn't see anyone and couldn't get in touch by phone, which made her very anxious, after all, Nangong Boling asked her to keep an eye on Han Three thousand at all times, but now Han Three thousand was out of her sight and went to do nothing, if Nangong Boling asked her, it could be her dereliction of duty.

        When Yuan Ling saw Han Three Thousand's car, she trotted on her heels and ran all the way to the car.

        Even though Han Three Thousand was her boss, Yuan Ling couldn't help but say angrily, "Where have you been, why didn't you answer when I called you."

        "Do you know how tiring it is for me to deal with three women in one night, how can I have the energy to answer your calls." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Yuan Ling gritted her teeth as she looked at Han Qianqian, this guy was so shameless that he could say such shameless words so openly.

        "Sun Yi is still kneeling in the company, how are you going to solve it." Yuan Ling was upset and tried to take a deep breath to restrain her temper.

        Han Qianqian's eyes picked up and deliberately looked at Yuan Ling's chest, then revealed an ambiguous smile.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's move, Yuan Ling shielded her hands in front of her chest and said fiercely, "What are you looking at! Look at me again and I'll gouge your eyes out."

        "You're a woman, you have to be gentle or no man will like you for the rest of your life." Han Giangli said helplessly.

        "Does it have anything to do with whether or not I have a man to like, you shameless man." Yuan Ling was so angry that she was fuming.

        Han Qianli nodded his head as if it was a matter of course and said, "It really doesn't seem to matter, but what does Sun Yi kneeling have to do with me?"

        "He's the top man in the company, do you want him to stay on his knees like that? If you can naturalize him, he will still be very useful to you." Yuan Ling said.

        "Yawn." Han Qianqian sneered and said, "What use would this kind of waste still be, the company's top management purge is doomed, whether he's going to change his ways or not, it's meaningless to me."

        Yuan Ling frowned, listening to Han Three Thousand's words, he seemed determined to sweep Sun Yi out of the company.

        But Sun Yi had been in the company for so many years and had a lot of influence, once he left, he would definitely take a number of the company's core members with him, which was a loss to the company that couldn't be measured in monetary terms.

        "Are you sure there can be a better person to replace Sun Yi? Aren't you afraid of finding someone even more useless than Sun Yi?" Yuan Ling questioned Han Qianqian's hiring because, in her opinion, Sun Yi's familiarity with the company's operations was unmatched and he was irreplaceable.

        "It should be here tomorrow, do you want to go with me to pick up the plane?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Did you find someone from Warsaw?" Yuan Ling asked puzzled.

        "Yuan Ling, you're just my assistant, would it be too much to interfere, do I still need your approval for what I decide to do?" Han Giangli said with a cold face, he hadn't put up a fight in front of Yuan Ling, but it didn't mean that Yuan Ling could influence his decision.

        Yuan Ling was stunned, and only then did she feel that she did seem to have gone a bit too far.

        What right did she have to interfere with Han Giang's decision?

        How can a little assistant control a high level official like Han Qianqian?

        "I'm sorry, I'm also thinking of the company." Yuan Ling said with her head down.

        "From today onwards, anything I do, you just need to see and hear, I don't need opinions, if you say more, I'll fire you. Don't think that just because you're Nangong Boling's man I don't have the right." Han Qianli faded.

        Yuan Ling lowered her head and didn't dare to speak, it wasn't until this moment that she felt the strength that Han Qianli brought, and she realized that Han Qianli's modesty wasn't a reason for her to gain an inch.

        "I know." Yuan Ling said.

        "Let's go, go check on Sun Yi, it's time for him to get lost." Han Three Thousand said and walked towards the inside of the company.


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