A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 17-18


Chapter 17

When Zhou Kexin and the others tasted the dishes cooked by Chen Haoxuan, they could no longer maintain the image of a lady, they were like martial arts masters, sandwiching dishes that speed, so Chen Haoxuan were surprised, he also secretly exclaimed in his heart, "The human potential is sometimes really terrifying."

        Chen Haoxuan didn't cook much, three dishes and one soup, he regretted it, he thought that the two girls wouldn't eat much. Because in his eyes, girls were born to control the amount of food they ate so as to maintain a perfect figure. But he didn't expect these two women, so fierce, they were able to get all three dishes in three bites, while he had only eaten one or two bites.

        Chen Haoxuan looked at Zhou Kexin and the others dumbfoundedly, "I said how long has it been since you guys ate?"

        Zhou Kexin and Hua Lingwei looked at the empty plates on the table and bowed their heads in embarrassment, Hua Lingwei smiled shyly and said, "Who let you cook so delicious."

        "I think it's because you guys haven't eaten anything for years that you think my cooking is delicious." Chen Haoxuan joked. The food was gone, but it was good that there was still soup, so Chen Hao Xuan poured himself some soup to eat with his rice.

        "Uh-huh, it's just a little bit of your food, isn't it? Is it worth saying that about us? Cheapskate." Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        Chen Hao Xuan did not reply, no longer eat probably soup are gone, because she heard Hua Lingwei's voice drinking soup, that heroic ah! Even Chen Haoxuan couldn't drink the sound of the gulp .......

        After finishing their meal, Zhou Kexin and the others finally wanted to leave, as they wanted to go get ready for the party tonight. But Chen Hao Xuan was not willing, he forced them to wash the dishes before letting them go. He was so angry that Kexin pointed at Chen HaoXuan and said, "You are not a gentleman at all."

        But didn't expect Chen Hao Xuan to reply her: "In the evening, I will show you a real gentleman." Chen Hao Xuan smiled mysteriously.

        After washing the dishes, Zhou Kexin and the others were finally liberated, two hours after they left, Chen Hao Xuan left his place, he needed to buy clothes, he just had an extra 50,000 RMB in his bank account, which was called by Hua Lingwei. Now that he had money, he could finally buy designer goods. He wasn't picky, a tight black designer suit would do, but the quality had to be very good. In addition, Chen Hao Xuan also bought a watch, a very plain watch.

        Chen Haoxuan also liked to smoke cigars, so this time a cigar was essential, and when he appeared on the street fully dressed and holding a thumb-sized cigar in his hand, he caused a big stir. The glossy white face, penetrating with angular cold handsomeness, dark and deep eyes, overflowing with charming color, thick eyebrows, high nose, stunningly beautiful lips, all of them exude nobility and elegance. Together with the fact that Chen Haoxuan is now in a neat and tidy black tight-fitting suit, looking over to be as spiritual as possible, holding a cigar in his hand this makes Chen Haoxuan's charm to the extent of being loved by everyone.

        "Wha-, look, that man is so handsome yo." The two young girls who came over couldn't help but speak from their hearts after seeing Chen Hao Xuan.

        "Yeah! I don't know if he's the big star, but why don't we go ask him for a group photo?" Another young girl, excited.

        The two young girls rushed to Chen Haohuan like dragons and said in a delicate voice, "Handsome man, can we take a picture with you?"

        "Of course." Chen took a deep breath and slowly exhaled a wisp of pale blue smoke, the wonderful fragrance of the smoke lingering in the air was enticing.

        With Chen's consent, the two young girls used their cell phones to take more than ten pictures with Chen before letting Chen leave. These two teenage girls should have been happy to leave, but why did they leave in a lost state? It was all because Chen Haoxuan was poor, he didn't even have a cell phone, two young girls asked him for his cell phone number, Chen Haoxuan said he didn't have a cell phone, so these two girls thought Chen Haoxuan disliked them and didn't want to make friends with them.

        At the entrance of Xinshan City University, a beautiful figure was walking back and forth there, muttering, "This dead man, why isn't he coming yet!" This person was Zhou Kexin, she came at six o'clock and waited until almost seven o'clock, but Chen Haoxuan hadn't shown up yet, which made her want to get mad a bit.

        At this time, a black shadow appeared in the distance, the shadow was slowly and leisurely approaching Zhou Kexin. When Zhou Kexin saw what the shadow looked like, she immediately cursed out, "Dead Chen Haoxuan, stinky Chen Haoxuan, why did you only come now, causing me to wait for you for an hour, angry, angry ......."

        Chen Hao Xuan faintly said, "Do you see if it's after seven now?"

        Zhou Kexin really took out her phone and looked at the time, and found that it would be ten more minutes before seven o'clock, although Chen Haoxuan was not overdue, but she was still unsettled, she felt that boys should arrive at the appointment earlier, in order to appear as a gentleman of boys. "You, as a boy, should arrive half an hour earlier, because that's what a gentleman does, but you didn't show up on time, aren't you deliberately angry with me?" Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        Chen held his head high and said, "Look at the changes I've made."

        "It's not just that - hey, you bought new clothes, and you're wearing a watch and new shoes ....... Not bad, really handsome, much more handsome than a big star." Zhou Kexin used a very appreciative tone after discovering Chen Hao Xuan's change.

        Chen Haoxuan walked to a Ferrari parked on the side of the road, pulled open the back door and smiled at Zhou Kexin: "My beautiful princess, get up and get in." Chen also made a very gentlemanly gesture, which made Zhou Kexin feel like he was dreaming.

        Zhou Kexin got into the car naturally, and after Chen Haohuan closed the door behind him, he sat on the driver's seat and turned his head to Zhou Kexin: "Where are your car keys?"

        "You - you can drive?" Zhou Kexin asked in surprise, she originally thought that Chen Haoxuan just wanted to put on a cool show, but she didn't expect him to ask her for the car keys, she wouldn't dare to give them to him because she had heard that Chen Haoxuan couldn't even ride a bicycle, let alone drive a car.

        "You bring the car keys over, I'll let you see if I can drive or not." Chen Hao Xuan knew that Zhou Kexin was despising him. Although Chen Haoxuan used to be the chief professor, he was also a billionaire because the things he researched could not be measured with money. So like those rich people, he also played with antiques when he had nothing to do, including the 21st century cars, he collected as many as hundreds of cars, not to mention that he was a person who could even drive a spaceship, how could he not drive a car.

        Zhou Kexin pulled out the keys but didn't give them to Chen Haohuan, instead both hands protected the keys in his bosom, also don't know if it was a hint to Chen Haohuan to go over and touch her breasts. "No give." Zhou Kexin was serious.

        "Don't give it, right?" Chen said his left hand suddenly grabbed Zhou Kexin's chest (actually Chen was grabbing the key!). "Ah-." Zhou Kexin screamed, her hand lost control for a moment, and the key fell into her alluring neckline, as if it was caught in the ru~ hook.

Chapter 18

"Ah-." Chen Haoxuan screamed after seeing that the car keys actually fell into Zhou Kexin's collar, he really didn't mean to, he just wanted to grab the car keys.

        Zhou Kexin probably thought that Chen Haoxuan wanted to molest her, and quickly protected her chest to death, but she was so forceful that she squeezed her rabbit and changed its shape, which was even more tempting.

        Chen Hao Xuan scratched his head, very embarrassed smile: "Oh ......, that I did not mean to, I just want to go to grab the key, who - who knows will the key will fall into that. "

        Zhou Kexin heard Chen Haoxuan's words, shyly lying on the seat, head does not dare to look up, too ashamed, what he is holding fell into his own RU~groove, and also in the face of a boy, falling in.

        "You just don't be shy, what have I not seen before, it's just two balls, right? Hurry up and give me the keys or you won't make it to your dad's party." Chen Haoxuan joked.

        Two balls, she actually used balls to describe her always proud of her shiangfeng, it was too bullying. But Zhou Kexin was angry, but she still took the car keys out of her ru~groove, she took them with her back to Chen Hao Xuan, she handed the keys to Chen Hao Xuan, no good, "Here, if you can't drive, you'll carry me to the party, huh."

        "Carry you - I might as well carry a car!" Chen Haoxuan was very uncomprehending.

        Angry at Zhou Kexin, who kept nuzzling behind her, she secretly said, "Wait until the party, see how I'll make you look bad." Zhou Kexin originally wanted Chen Haoxuan to fight for her face, but Chen Haoxuan repeatedly teased her, which made her change her mind.

        Woo ......, Chen Haoxuan started the engine, put it in gear, gas, and the Ferrari let out a roar and raced ahead.

        "Ah-, Chen Hao Xuan, crazy? Can't drive and still drive, stop." Zhou Koxin shrieked.

        "Don't be afraid, I've never made a mistake driving." Chen Haoxuan smiled faintly.

        "You've never made a mistake, that's because you've never driven a car before, Chen Haoxuan, stop." Zhou Kexin said loudly.

        In his heart, Chen Hao Xuan said, "Oh no, forgetting that I'm from the future."

        Chen Haoxuan still ignored Zhou Kexin's petulant scolding, and after a long time Zhou Kexin hadn't heard the sound of the crash before looking carefully outside the car. Suddenly Chen Haoxuan violently hit the steering wheel, and the Ferrari made a beautiful drifting turn. The sound of the crash still didn't ring out, Zhou Kexin was dumbfounded, Chen Haoxuan's driving technique is much better than hers.

        After driving for a while, Chen Haoxuan suddenly stopped, Zhou Kexin could not help but ask curiously, "Why did you stop?"

        Chen Haoxuan answered her, making her very speechless: "I don't know where your dad is having a party." Zhou Kexin really wanted to scold him, don't know and you're driving without even asking!

        "I'll point the way, you drive." Zhou Kexin looked like he was hating the iron.

        After driving for twenty minutes or so, Chen Hao Xuan and the others reached their destination, this was a villa, this villa was not used to live in, but specifically used for some rich people to hold parties and other wants.

        Chen Haoxuan got off first, elegantly walked to the back of the car, opened the door, and reached out to help Zhou Kexin out.

        "I can't believe you really have the taste of a gentleman." Zhou Kexin took an appreciative look at Chen Haoxuan and smiled.

        Hua Lingwei, who was already waiting at the door for Zhou Kexin, saw Zhou Kexin coming and trotted over, "Kexin, why are you only here now! I made my father stand for a whole twenty minutes to wait for you, and if you hadn't come I think my father would have left me and run off alone."

        "Not him yet, if he hadn't been late, I would have come." Zhou Kexin pursed her lips and grumbled.

        "Beautiful Miss Vivian, I'm sorry that my negligence has caused you and uncle to suffer so much, and for that, I'm sorry to say to you; I'm sorry." Chen Hao Xuan also saluted afterwards.

        "Is this-is this Chen Hao Xuan? Why have you suddenly become such a gentleman?" Wallingway was confused.

        "It's true, he said he wants to show me today what a true gentleman is." Zhou Kexin cryptically laughed.

        Hua Lingwei's father, Hua Tianyu, came over, he asked Zhou Kexin curiously, "Kexin, this boy is your boyfriend, right? Not bad not bad really good, looks like a talented person and also polite." Hua Tianyu said three not bad in a row, and seemed to be very satisfied with Chen Haoxuan.

        "Thank you uncle for the compliment, out of courtesy, I'll introduce myself first, my name is Chen Hao Xuan, I'm in the same class as Ke Xin." Chen Hao Xuan was very polite.

        Chen Haoxuan began to chat with Hua Tianyu, the two of them unknowingly chatted about business, Hua Tianyu heard Chen Haoxuan's views on business and was very interested, so he told Chen Haoxuan all the problems that he couldn't solve, and Chen Haoxuan also gave face to Hua Tianyu and told all that he knew.

        Our two beauties, on the other hand, were left out by Chen Hao Xuan and the others. Hua Lingwei tugged on Zhou Kexin's skirt and whispered, "Kexin, do you have the feeling that Chen Haoxuan is actually very good, and to be honest - I kind of want to chase after him now."

        Zhou Kexin listened to Hua Lingwei's words, turned around and tightly grabbed Hua Lingwei's hands, nervously saying, "Weiwei, you can't like him, he's nothing, nothing, your father won't let you marry him."

        "I said I like him, I didn't say I'd marry him, why are you nervous? You're not really in love with Chan Ho Hon, are you? That's why you're so nervous, right?" Hua Lingwei smiled.

        At this time, from afar, "Ke Xin, Wei Wei why are you guys still here? It's already started inside, so why don't you go inside quickly." This was Zhou Kexin's sister-in-law, Zhou Xiaoyan, at the entrance of the villa, shouting loudly.

        "It's coming!" Zhou Kexin echoed, and finished walking next to Chen Haoxuan, pulling him away.

        "Hey hey-, Coccin, what's your hurry, let me talk to your boyfriend again? Your boyfriend's advice was very useful to me, get rid of it." Hua Tianyu pleaded to Zhou Kexin, Chen Haoxuan's knowledge of business really opened his eyes, he didn't think business could actually be done this way.

        "What's there to talk about, to talk when the party is over, I don't care if you talk forever." Zhou Kexin said pulling Chen Haoxuan into the villa.

        Hua Tianyu walked up to his daughter and asked her curiously, "Weiwei, is Chen Haoxuan taking a rich kid?"

        Hua Lingwei laughed as she chuckled to her dad, "Dad, I'm telling you, don't tell anyone yo, but Chen Haohuan is actually rented by Kexin."


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