A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

"Ah-, a rental? That's ridiculous, isn't it?" Hua Tianyu was surprised, renting a house, renting land, renting a car ......, he has heard it all, he has never heard of renting someone.

        "Hehehe ......, Dad what is so surprising about this, what would be impossible in this era now. Ke Xin she rented Chen Hao Xuan was also forced to do so, because the party her dad held required a partner of the opposite sex to get in, plus she didn't want people to look down on her and didn't want those suitors to annoy her, that's why she paid a high price to rent Chen Hao Xuan for one night." Hua Lingwei explained laughingly.

        "High price? How much? A million or ten million?" Hua Tianyu asked curiously, after the short contact with Chen Haohuan just now, he decided that Chen Haohuan was a business genius, that's why he suspected that Zhou Kexin had spent more than a million dollars to rent Chen Haohuan.

        Hua Lingwei stretched out her right hand and opened her five fingers.

        "Five million?" Hua Tian Yu saw his daughter holding out five fingers, so he guessed.

        Hua Lingwei smiled and shook her head.

        "Ah-, Kexin actually spent fifty million RMB to rent Chen Haohuan for one night, that's- that's too expensive, isn't it?" Hua Tianyu was surprised, he had wanted to rent Chen Haoxuan for a few hours like Zhou Kexin, so Chen Haoxuan could talk to him about business knowledge, but now it seemed that was impossible, because he couldn't afford to spend that much money.

        Hua Lingwei couldn't hold back any longer, bent over, hugged her stomach and laughed, "Hahaha ......, Dad, I'm really impressed with you, you can even think of a rental price of 50 million RMB. If I tell you how much Zhou Kexin spent to rent Chen Haoxuan for one night, then you won't die of shame."

        "You dead girl, is that how you talk to dad? Quickly tell me, how much did Zhou Kexin pay to rent Chen Haoxuan for one night?" Hua Tianyu was impatient.

        Hua Lingwei stretched out her adorable paw once again and said with a smile, "Fifty thousand RMB."

        "Ah-, 50,000 RMB to rent a commercial genius for one night, Ke Xin's luck is too good, right?" Hua Tian Yu envied the tone of his voice.

        "My good father, let's go in first and I'll take my time to talk to you in more detail, okay?" Hua Lingwei said pulling her dad into the hotel villa.

        In the hotel villa, as soon as Zhou Kexin and Chen Haoxuan entered, they were quickly surrounded by a large group of people, in fact, they only wanted to pester Zhou Kexin la! It was just as if Chen Haoxuan was stuck with Zhou Kexin, unable to squeeze the two of them.

        "Kexin, you're so beautiful today. Kexin, you're here! I've been waiting for you. Maybe I'll ask you for a dance later? Canxin ......." One by one, the people surrounding Zhou Kexin kept speaking to Zhou Kexin.

        Zhou Kexin suddenly felt a bunch of annoying flies surrounding her, so she pinched the tender flesh of Chen Haoxuan's waist with her small hand. When he came here, he had already agreed with Chen Hao Xuan that he would pretend to be her boyfriend today, and after today, he would announce that they had broken up. So she pinched Chen Hao Xuan because she was hinting at Chen Hao Xuan to do the duties that a boyfriend should do.

        Chen Hao Xuan knew what Zhou Kexin's pinching him meant, so Chen Hao Xuan smiled to the people surrounding Zhou Kexin, "Everyone, I'm sorry, my girlfriend likes to be quiet, please understand."

        Those surrounding Zhou Kexin were dumbfounded after hearing Chen Haoxuan's words, even Hua Tianyu's father and daughter who had just entered were dumbfounded. Wasn't it rented to block the suitors? How's that for real? Hua Tianyu was alarmed in his heart.

        He Haoming was also here today, but he didn't surround Zhou Kexin like the others because he saw Chen Haoxuan next to Zhou Kexin. When he heard Chen Haoxuan's words, the corners of his mouth curled up in a sinister smile. He was thinking, "You guys want to come for real, don't you! Then I'll make it work for you."

        Ho Ho Ming stood up and said loudly, "I don't think you guys look like lovers, if you are, then tongue kiss one."

        "Yeah. You guys kiss one to show us, or we have the right to pursue Kexin." The people surrounding Zhou Ke Xin just yelled at each other, each one of them demanding a tongue kiss between Zhou Ke Xin and Chen Haoxuan.

        "Who do you guys think you are, just let us kiss, huh." Zhou Kexin frowned and exhaled, yelling at the people surrounding her.

        A big fat man who must have weighed over two hundred pounds looked sincere to Zhou Kexin, "Kexin, I know you hate people pestering you all day long, and I also know you hate me for being fat, and it's your right to hate us, but we like you, and it's our freedom. You said this man is your boyfriend, so you kiss him and show us, you're a couple anyway, what's there to be afraid of."

        "Right! Coco, if you kiss him, we promise not to pester you." The others chimed in.

        "You guys- you guys-, huh, kiss it." Zhou Kexin was so mad at her pursuer that her mind was confused.

        Zhou Kexin turned around, raised her head, looked like she was at the mercy of Jun Caijie, blushed, and said to Chen Haoxuan, "Kiss me."

        Chen Hao Xuan slowly stretched his head over, and when Zhou Kexin thought that Chen Hao Xuan was about to kiss her, she suddenly heard Chen Hao Xuan say something that was enough for her to hate Chen Hao Xuan for the rest of her life. Chen Hao Xuan whispered to Zhou Kexin, "Kissing you is fine, but add another 10,000 RMB to it."

        If it wasn't for so many people watching, Zhou Kexin might have picked up her bag and smashed Chen Hao Xuan. Now Zhou Kexin is equivalent to in the middle of the steps, want to go up, Chen Haoxuan does not cooperate, want to come down and no excuse and no one to give steps to let him down. The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the neck of Chen HaoXuan, and then stand on your tiptoes to kiss Chen HaoXuan.

        Zhou Kexin succeeded, and her surprise attack took away Chen Haohuan's first kiss and gave away her own first kiss as well. Zhou Kexin didn't have a kiss and didn't know how to kiss, so she kept her lips on Chen Haohuan's lips and just kept spending time like this. Chen Hao Xuan didn't move either, he was still struggling with something! He was thinking, "Have you suddenly kissed me and promised another 10,000 RMB to me or not?"

        "Ooooo ......, my Coccin really got with someone else, ooooo ......, I'm sad, I want to leave this sad place." The big fat man who had just seen Zhou Kexin really kissed Chen Haoxuan bawled his eyes out and turned to leave.

        Hua Tianyu turned his head to his daughter and asked, "Weiwei, didn't you say that they were a fake couple? Why are we still kissing?"

        Hua Lingwei put her hands together and shook her head, "I don't know, the only way to find out is to ask Ke Xin herself when the party is over." After answering her dad's words, Hua Lingwei continued to look at Chen Haoxuan and Zhou Kexin who were kissing with envious eyes, honestly she envied Zhou Kexin because Zhou Kexin knew what it was like to kiss and she didn't even know it yet! She didn't know what was going on in her mind, but the idea of trying to kiss Chen Haoxuan appeared, and the idea scared her herself.

Chapter 20

"Choo ah! Looks like your daughter found a nice boyfriend!" A middle-aged man with a rich face and a big belly smiled at the person next to him.

        This person was Zhou Kexin's father, Zhou Xiang, the founder of the Zhou Clan, who was one of the richest men in Xinshan City.

        "Alas-, a woman is too big to stay! She will eventually leave my side one day." Zhou Xiang sighed, look at his expression is so reluctant, but his heart but very happy, because he has been anxious for his daughter to find a boyfriend, her daughter are 20 people, never had a boyfriend, and never said that boy handsome, that boy good, this makes him have to be anxious, on this party most of the purpose is to let his daughter find a boy he likes.

        If you just look at the looks, Zhou Xiang is satisfied with Chen Hao Xuan to be his son-in-law, Chen Hao Xuan's temperament he is also satisfied, the only thing he wants to know now is Chen Hao Xuan's family background.

        On Chen Hao Xuan's side, Zhou Kexin finally let go of Chen Hao Xuan, she turned her head and squealed to those suitors who hadn't left yet, "See! I kissed him, he's my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend."

        Zhou Kexin was like this, what else could he say, so those people surrounding Zhou Kexin left with a sense of humor. When those suitors left, Zhou Ke Xin finally couldn't help but squeal to Chen Haoxuan, "What did you mean by that just now?"

        "What - what do you mean?" Chen Hao Xuan questioned.

        "It's the thing where you say kissing you is fine, but you have to give you 10,000 RMB ah! Who do you think you are? It costs 10,000 RMB for a kiss, and it's a beautiful girl like me kissing you, and you take advantage of it - and you dare to ask me for money. I told you Chen Haoxuan, I kissed you, but I just don't pay, so what, hmmm." Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        "Alright! I know the price I'm offering is a bit high, how about 5,000 RMB?" Chen Hao Xuan held out five fingers.

        "Chen Haoxuan, I hate you to death." Zhou Kexin was now completely angry, in fact, this was not a matter of money at all, but a matter of dignity, she was no matter how she said it, she was the flower of the University of Xinshan City, even if her kiss was worthless, it was still not to the point of losing money, and it was still losing 10,000 RMB, which was the salary of an ordinary person for several months.

        Zhou Kexin left with her anger, she ran towards the garden of the villa, Hua Lingwei saw it and chased after her, she couldn't understand why Zhou Kexin left Chen Haoxuan alone and ran away on her own.

        Chen Hao Xuan looked at the back of Zhou Kexin's departure and said to himself, "Is five thousand yuan still expensive? Why is this rich girl so stingy?"

        Zhou Kexin left, Chen Hao Xuan was alone, there was no one he knew in here, even Hua Tianyu who he had just met was talking to someone else. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product and find out if it's a good product.

        Chen Hao Xuan wanted to eat alone, the others didn't agree, who let him just be so popular! When he and Zhou Kexin kissed just now, all the people in the hotel villa saw it. Many young girls were bewildered by Chen Haoxuan's good looks, it was the first time they had seen such a handsome boy, so handsome that he could be described as beautiful. This was not - as soon as Zhou Kexin left, the young girls who had been waiting for a long time, gathered at the place where Chen Haoxuan was.

        "Handsome boy, can you tell me - what's your name?" A voluptuous young girl sat next to Chen Hao Xuan and asked Chen Hao Xuan.

        Without even thinking about it, Chen Hao Xuan replied, "My name is Chen Hao Xuan."

        "Can I call you brother Xuan?" On the other side of Chen Haoxuan came another young girl, this young girl looked to be only sixteen or seventeen years old.

        Chen Hao Xuan was very rude as he ate and replied, "Whatever, you can call your husband." This was what Chen Hao Xuan thought in his heart, anyway, Zhou Kexin wasn't there and ignored him, so he didn't have to pretend to be a gentleman anymore.

        "Hubby." I didn't expect that young girl to actually shout.

        "Pfft-, what did you just shout at me?" Chen Hao Xuan spewed out all the food that hadn't come to be swallowed in a hurry, and he surprised the young girl who had just called out to his husband.

        The sixteen or seventeen year old girl very actively hugged Chen Haohuan's arm and said in a delicate voice, "Yes! Didn't you tell them to shout just now? Honey."

        Zhou Kexin this side, at the moment she is endangering a lawn, squatting on the ground, uprooting a poor little grass, not even leaving the roots of life, cruel to the extreme ah! "I made you ask me for money, I made you ask me ............ for money." Zhou Kexin kept repeating one sentence, and with each sentence, a blade of grass was uprooted.

        "Kosin, so you ran here. What's wrong with you, why did you suddenly leave Chen Haoxuan behind and run out." Hua Lingwei, who had finally found Zhou Ke Xin, asked curiously.

        Zhou Kexin stood up, turned around, and exhaled, "It's still not that dead Chen Hao Xuan, those suitors of mine said they didn't believe Chen Hao Xuan was my boyfriend, but also insisted that we kiss before believing, I was forced to let Chen Hao Xuan kiss me, and as a result, you know what he said?"

        "How so?" Hua Lingwei asked very curiously.

        "He said that kissing you is fine, but you additionally give me 10,000 RMB. Don't you think it's infuriating, that's my first kiss yeah, and I'm giving it away, I'm letting him kiss me cheaply, and he's doing this. I'm the daughter of the Zhou Group of Xinshan City, the flower of the University of Xinshan City, I don't know how many men want my kiss, didn't he think of taking advantage of me at all?" Zhou Kexin exhaled and explained.

        "Gah ......." Hua Lingwei was speechless, how could she have never thought that Chen Haoxuan was such a money-loving boy that he even wanted to take advantage of someone else and pay someone else.

        "Then why did you end up kissing him? You're not going to promise to give him another 10,000 RMB, are you?" Hua Lingwei questioned.

        "Well, that was when I kissed him forcibly, and then he tried to ask me for money, so I got angry and ran out. I made up my mind that if he asks me for money again, I'll cut him off." Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        "Strong kiss, wow-, Coccin you've turned into a horny girl now. But when you say you're done with him, it's like he's not even your friend, right?" Hua Lingwei.

        "Vivienne, can't you be a little less sarcastic? I'm like this, you should comfort me." Zhou Kexin was pitiful. But Hua Lingwei's words reminded her that she and Chen Haoxuan weren't even friends right now, because friends couldn't use rent, they could only use help.

        "Kexin, let me ask you a question." Hua Lingwei was a bit embarrassed.

        "What kind of question?" Zhou Kexin faintly said.

        "What did you feel when you and Chen Haohuan kissed?" Hua Lingwei blushed her little face and asked expectantly.


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