A Billionaire's Reincarnation Chapter 14-16

Chapter 14

"It's fine." Chen Hao Xuan let go of the hand that hugged Zhou Kexin.

        Zhou Kexin shyly lowered her head, not daring to look at Chen Haoxuan.

        "That-it's a pity to throw away those lollipops you're holding, so why don't you give them to me?" Chen Hao Xuan was a bit embarrassed.

        "Ohhh, you take it!" Zhou Kexin even handed Chen Haohuan his bag along with his own.

        "Thank you." Chen Hao Xuan was not polite and received Zhou Ke Xin's bag, then walked back to his seat, and after dumping all the lollipops in Zhou Ke Xin's bag into the drawer, he walked back to Zhou Ke Xin and returned the bag with a smile.

        When Chen returned to his seat again, Yang Lin raised his thumb to Chen and said admiringly, "Awesome! Taking someone else's bag of lollipops and still taking advantage of them, worthy of being a master in the love scene."

        "So-so!" Chen Hao Xuan smiled faintly.

        So during class, Chen Hao Xuan and the three of them were all eating lollipops, and Chen Yina was listening to the class carefully with one lollipop in her mouth. But Chen Hao Xuan and Yang Lin, the two of them were just like children, they ate lollipops with one mouth and then threw them away, and they were still discussing in high spirits which lollipop was delicious.

        Zhou Kexin has no interest in the class, she has been secretly paying attention to Chen HaoXuan, she envies Chen HaoXuan and the others are so happy, she also wants to be like them and eat lollipops and chat.

        Chen Hao Xuan accidentally noticed Zhou Kexin looking at him, Zhou Kexin immediately turned her head and pretended to be listening to the lesson very seriously when Chen Hao Xuan found out that she was looking at him.

        Yang Lin also noticed Zhou Kexin's situation, and he enviously said to Chen Hao Xuan: "Brother, you are really a lucky man! A beautiful woman like Zhou Kexin is still clinging to you after being rejected by you."

        "Who knows if she's pretending, besides, with that personality of hers, I don't want her even if she's a stunning beauty, but it's still possible to have to come and warm the bed once in a while." Chen Hao Xuan yin smiled.

        Yang Lin had never been in contact with Chen Haoxuan before, but he had heard a lot about Chen Haoxuan, he knew that Chen Haoxuan was a timid and not very smart person, but today he talked to Chen Haoxuan and found out that Chen Haoxuan was simply a very smart person, with more guts than him, at least Chen Haoxuan dared to go and hug Zhou Kexin while he didn't. He thought the same as Zhou Kexin and the others, thinking that the old Chen Hao Xuan must have been acting crazy.

        After class, Yang Lin dragged Chen Hao Xuan to the stairway outside the classroom to smoke, Chen Yina didn't like the smell of smoke so she didn't follow.

        At this time Zhu Tian, who was wearing a turban on his head, came up from downstairs, he was wearing a turban because Chen Hao Xuan had smashed his scalp yesterday, so he used it to bind the wound and prevent it from getting infected. Since Chen Haoxuan was leaning sideways against the wall, Zhu Tian didn't notice Chen Haoxuan, he smiled and waved to greet Yang Lin when he saw him, "Brother Lin."

        "Zhu Tian, come over here, I have something to say to you. I'm warning you ha! Don't bully Chan Ho Hin anymore, okay? Because he's already my brother." Yang Lin waved a warning to Zhu Tian.

        Chen Haoxuan turned around, and when he saw Zhu Tian, the corners of his mouth curled up in an evil smile as he said with a faint evil smile, "Zhu Tian, have you forgotten what I said yesterday?"

        Hearing Chen Haoxuan's words, coupled with Chen Haoxuan's evil smile, Zhu Tian pulled his legs out and ran, the moment yesterday when Chen Haoxuan shot him with a brick was still fresh in his mind, he didn't want to mess with Chen Haoxuan's devil again.

        Seeing Zhu Tian suddenly turn around and run, Yang Lin could not help but shout loudly, "Hey, Zhu Tian, what are you running for? I didn't say I was going to flatten you." Yang Lin thought that Zhu Tian was scared off by him, but he didn't know that Zhu Tian was actually scared off by Chen Haoxuan.

        "Maybe if you're gentle, he won't run away." Chen Hao Xuan joked.

        "I'm on the Dao, so what would be gentle about that. Let's not talk about him, brother, I'm going to treat you to a drink tonight, how about - give me some face." Yang Lin said to Chen Haoxuan.

        "No, I still have to go as a tutor!" Chan shook his head no.

        "Tutor, go be an ass! It's only a hundred dollars a day as a tutor, you might as well hang out with me!" Yang Lin was oxymoronic.

        "Then how much money can you make in a day?" Chen Haoxuan asked curiously.

        "Helping people to visit the casino, a thousand a day is not a problem, if you help people to sell flour (drugs) and so on, you can earn even more, I have a record of earning 100,000 RMB a day. How about that? Consider hanging out with me!" Yang Lin was proud of himself.

        "I make about ten thousand a day as a tutor, and compared to yours, mine is obviously better, because mine is not dangerous and my job is stable. Unlike you, you have money to spend when you have something to do, you starve when you have nothing to do, and you are always in danger, you could be cut or jailed by the police." Chen analyzed.

        "Being a tutor earns about ten thousand a day, you think you're professorial grade ah!" Yang Lin looked as if he didn't believe what Chen Haoxuan said was true.

        "I'm teaching several students at the same time, so of course my income is high!" Chan explained.

        "Oh, no wonder you've started wearing name tags." Yang Lin envied.

        Chen Hao Xuan he was wearing a knock-off name tag, but Chen Hao Xuan didn't go to explain, wouldn't it be better if he didn't recognize it! Why bother explaining to make people despise you!

        On this day, both Chen and Chen Yina didn't have classes in the afternoon, so they went home as soon as they got out of school in the morning, and after eating the lunch that Chen Yina cooked, Chen started to take out those herbs that he bought yesterday and process them. And Chen Yina took some parts from the small factory that needed to be processed by hand and sat on the side working.

        "Brother Xuan, what are you doing?" Chen Yina curiously asked Chen Hao Xuan.

        "Keep it a secret, in a month or so, you'll know." Chen Hao Xuan mysteriously said, he was making a cure for the pimples on Chen Yina's face, making this medicine was a bit troublesome, and he needed to wait for him to ferment and then extract him with something that was often used in chemical experiments.

        "Brother Xuan, my classmate said that there will be a heavy rainstorm in a few days, do you think we should take advantage of the clear sky now to go out and buy more food and come back, so that it won't be inconvenient to go out when it's storming." Chen Yina suggested.

        "Well, then we'll go to Mr. Huang's house in the evening to finish our tutoring and then buy whatever we want when we come back." Chen Hao Xuan Dao.

        .......................................... dividing line .......................................

        In the women's dormitory at the University of New Hill, Zhou Kexin is looking at her cell phone and pampering herself: "Auntie, I'm your own niece, so let me in alone!"

        The phone came out, "No, your dad is hosting this gathering, so in order to make it more lively, everyone is required to bring a partner of the opposite sex, and if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, fake ones are fine, otherwise even your dad won't let you in."

Chapter 15

"All my friends are women, who do I go to. Or I won't go, you guys go!" The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of this article.

        "You're going even if you're not, because your dad wants you to find a boy you like at the party." A serious voice came out of the phone.

        "Alright, alright! I'll think of something! What a way to help me arrange everything, as if you're afraid I won't be able to marry, huh?" Zhou Kexin exhaled in exasperation.

        "I forgot to tell you that your suitor, He Haoming, will also come." There was a message from the phone that Zhou Kexin didn't want to hear.

        Hanging up the phone, Zhou Kexin tangled with her friend Hua Lingwei, "Weiwei, what should we do! My aunt asked me to go to my dad's party tomorrow night and said I have to bring my partner or I won't be allowed in. I don't want to go, but my dad is going crazy and insists I go, what should I do? Where am I going to find a boyfriend?"

        Sitting on the bed, Hua Lingwei smiled, "Me ah! I can dress up as a woman so we can both go."

        "You?" Zhou Ke Xin looked at Hua Ling Wei, Hua Ling Wei's breasts were bigger than all of hers, and even if you took a cloth and tightened her breasts, it was easy to tell that she was a woman. Zhou Ke Xin shook her head and said, "No, your breasts are too big, it's not like a blind man can see them."

        "Then what should we do?" Hua Lingwei was torn, she was going to the party hosted by Zhou Kexin's dad, but she accompanied his dad, so she didn't have to worry about not getting in. Zhou Kexin's dad was different, her dad was with her mom, and her aunt was with her aunt's husband, so it was like she was extra and had to figure it out on her own. She actually could have just anyone, but she wanted to save face and was afraid that people would laugh at her if she found just anyone to go with her.

        "What do you say if I get Chen Haohuan to come with me?" Zhou Kexin was excited, she didn't know what was going on, but when he was considering which boy to ask to go with him, the first thing she thought of was Chen Haoxuan.

        "But yes, but will he say yes? You know he even rejected your confession." Hua Lingwei was skeptical.

        "You'll die if you don't mention the confession!" Zhou Kexin gave Hua Lingwei a glance, her confession to Chen Haoxuan had become a stain in her life, she didn't want to hear anyone say anything about it, every time she mentioned it she would be sad and aggravated.

        "Alright, alright! I won't say anything! There's nothing to be angry about. Well, you go and talk to him tomorrow, and if he doesn't, you'll give him some money, for money's sake, I'm sure he'll agree." Hua Lingwei suggested.

        The next day, Zhou Kexin and Hua Lingwei went to the entrance of Xinshan City University early, they were waiting for Chen Haoxuan, when they were about to go to class, they finally saw Chen Yina who had been with Chen Haoxuan all day, but they didn't see Chen Haoxuan.

        Before Chen Yina came over, Zhou Kexin couldn't help but ask loudly, "Chen Yina, where is Chen Hao Xuan?"

        "He has something to do, he won't come to class today." Chen Yina said indifferently, she didn't like how Zhou Kexin mentioned her brother Hen.

        "Where is he now? I have something for him." Zhou Koxin asked.

        "I don't know." Chen Yina was selfish, thinking that she simply wouldn't tell her Xuan brother that he was home if he didn't like Zhou Kexin anyway.

        "Then give me his cell phone number." Zhou Ke Xin was determined to find Chen Hao Xuan and get him to go with her to her dad's messy party.

        "Brother Xuan doesn't have a cell phone, so if you want to find him, just wait until tomorrow! It's almost time for class, I'm leaving first, bye." Chen Yina said and stopped paying attention to Zhou Kexin.

        Hua Lingwei stepped forward and said to Zhou Kexin, "Kexin, have you forgotten that all the students' information is in the school's li, she didn't say anything probably because she was afraid that you might steal her brother Xuan, let's go to the school and ask for Chen Haoxuan's information!"

        "Yeah. Why didn't I think of it, it's still our Vivian who is smart, let's go, let's go to the principal's place." Zhou Kexin was happy.

        After asking for Chen Haoxuan's information from the president of Xinshan City University and finding the house where Chen Haoxuan was living outside, Zhou Kexin and Hua Lingwei both went to find Chen Haoxuan according to the address. Passing through a high-rise Daxia, they came to a small village on the wrong side of the road. "So it's a small village near our school." Hua Lingwei was excited, the village she had seen on TV but had never been there, could she not be happy now that she saw a small village? It was almost as if she had discovered a new world.

        The village has no house numbers, so Zhou Kexin and the girls can only look for Chen Haoxuan everywhere in the village, and every time they pass a house, they will sneakily look inside to see if Chen Haoxuan is inside. This makes a lot of villagers believe that the two girls are thieves, a man even scolded Zhou Kexin them two sentences, saying that they are young, not good enough to learn to learn to steal.

         If you like it, hold on tight, there are a lot of girls in our village who are hitting on him."

        "I don't like it, she does." Hua Lingwei joked, pointing at Zhou Kexin.

        "Weiwei, I'll get angry if you say that again." Zhou Kexin slammed her face and exhaled at Hua Lingwei.

        Arriving at the place where Chen Hao Xuan lived, the man shouted loudly to the house, "Little Xuan, are you there? Someone is looking for you."

        After a while, Chen Haohuan walked out, and when Chen Haohuan saw that the people looking for him were Zhou Kexin and the others, he was shocked, "Zhou Kexin, Hua Lingwei, what do you guys want with me?"

        "Chen Haoxuan, I would like to invite you to go with me to a party hosted by a business person." Zhou Kexin spoke out.

        "A party? No, no, no. I'm busy! You find someone else!" Chen Haoxuan refused without even thinking about it.

        Hua Lingwei whispered in Zhou Kexin's ear, "I guessed right! If you invite him to go, he will definitely not go, but if you pay him to go, he will definitely go."

        Hearing Hua Lingwei's words, Zhou Kexin really said to Chen Hao Xuan, "Even if I invite you, the price is up to you."

        Chen Hao Xuan really considered it, he was really short of money now, he lived in a poor place, the food was poor, there were no electrical appliances at home, there were no mobile phones on his body, and Chen Yina's family was so difficult, he wanted to help her.

        "What's the maximum you can give?" Chen Haoxuan decided that if Zhou Kexin offered a high price, he would go.

Chapter 16

"A thousand RMB, is that okay?" Zhou Kexin spoke out.

        When Chen Hao Xuan heard this, he turned around and went back to his house without saying a word, a thousand RMB this is too much to look down on him, he is at least the chief professor of the future century, at least he will open more than ten thousand!

        Zhou Kexin saw Chen Haoxuan turn around and walk away, so he was very curious and asked after him, "Hey, are you going to answer or not?"

        "You're deliberately humiliating me." Chen Haoxuan didn't turn his head back.

        Zhou Kexin turned his head and asked Hua Lingwei with a questioning face, "Weiwei, why did he say that I was humiliating him?"

        Hua Lingwei gave Zhou Kexin a glance and said, "You're silly! It's not even clear that he's disliking the price you've set too low."

        Zhou Kexin understood after hearing Hua Lingwei's explanation, so she pulled Hua Lingwei's hand and walked into Chen Haoxuan's home. When Zhou Ke Xin and the others saw how shabby Chen Hao Xuan's place was, they couldn't help but open their small mouths and look very surprised. It wasn't that they were fussing, but they had never seen such a shabby home before.

        "Chen Hao Xuan, have you always lived in this place?" Hua Lingwei spoke out to Chen Haoxuan.

        "Yeah! I've lived here for over a year, is there a problem?" Chen Haoxuan, who was processing herbs, did not look up.

        "Ah-, it's been living that long! Looks like your life has been pretty bad." Hua Lingwei muttered.

        Seeing Chen Hao Xuan living in such a poor place, Zhou Kexin's motherly love came out and she wanted to help Chen Hao Xuan. "Chen Hao Xuan, I've thought about it, I'll pay 10,000 RMB to rent you for one night, is that okay?" Zhou Kexin smiled, she felt that her price was already very high, after all, the average staff member couldn't make that much money in a day.

        Chen didn't say anything, as if he didn't even hear her, and continued to do his business.

        "You say something!" Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        "Canxin, he still thinks you're offering a low price." Hua Lingwei reminded.

        "What? 10,000 yuan or less? It's a job that's not even that high for a white collar, let alone just one night." Zhou Kexin exhaled.

        At this time, Chen Haoxuan spoke out and said indifferently, "My current job is tutoring, and I can make around ten thousand in three hours while teaching a few students. And if you ask me to go to a party with you, I'm likely to be made difficult by those suitors of yours, so it's fine if you want to invite me, but you have to give me at least 50,000 RMB. Don't think that this fifty thousand is expensive either, because when the party comes, you'll know what it means to get your money's worth."

        Zhou Kexin frowned, she felt that the price Chen Haoxuan offered was really too high, the most important thing was that she didn't have that much money, she only had 10,000 RMB a month and her monthly pocket money wasn't enough to spend! How could she take out that much. So Zhou Kexin thought of Hua Lingwei beside her, and Zhou Kexin turned her head to Hua Lingwei and said, "Weiwei, can you lend me 40,000 RMB?"

        "We're sisters, of course we can!" Hua Lingwei patted her plump chest and was very righteous.

        Hearing Hua Lingwei's promise, so Zhou Kexin said to Chen Haoxuan again, "Okay, I promise you, if you accompany me to the party my dad is holding today, I'll give you 50,000 RMB."

        "That's a good feeling, go ahead! When are you going?" Chen Haoxuan smiled, never thought he came to the 21st century so appetizing, others working hard couldn't earn that much money, but he easily earned it.

        "Tonight at 7pm, you wait for me at the school's entrance, I will drive to pick you up." Zhou Kexin was happy.

        "OK," Chen Hao Xuan's expression understood.

        After Zhou Kexin and Chen Haoxuan talked, she didn't go back, but instead, the two of them and Hua Lingwei were visiting the house where Chen Haoxuan lived, and even took pictures.


        Zhou Kexin arrived at Chen Haoxuan's room, and saw the neat clothes hanging on the hangers, the quilt folded in the shape of a tofu on the bed, and all the things in the room placed very neatly, as if they hadn't been touched at all. "Weiwei, look, I never thought that Chen Haoxuan is such a cultivated person, the room is even more neat than mine." Zhou Kexin envied. Actually, Chen Haoxuan didn't have all that spare time to tidy up his room! The reason his room was so neat was because Yina Chen had helped him make it.

        "I feel like this person Chen Haoxuan is becoming more and more mysterious." Hua Lingwei exclaimed.

        "I feel the same, he's such a good person, how could he keep burying himself so deep?" Zhou Kexin sighed.

        After Zhou Kexin and the others finished admiring Chen Haohuan's house, they came to Chen Haohuan and looked curiously at the busy Chen Haohuan. "What are you doing?" Zhou Koxin asked curiously.

        "Making medicine, what kind of medicine, so don't ask, because I won't tell." Chen Hao Xuan faintly said, he didn't want Zhou Kexin and the others to know that he was making beauty medicine, otherwise they would definitely ask Chen Hao Xuan to make some for them as well, after all, which woman didn't love beauty, especially a rich girl like Zhou Kexin and the others.

        "Hmph, who cares to know." Zhou Kexin exhaled, her mouth said so, but her eyes kept looking curiously at the busy Chen Hao Xuan.

        Zhou Kexin and the others hadn't gone back at noon and had stayed at the place where Chen Haoxuan lived. It was noon, and it was time to eat, so Chen Hao Xuan had no choice but to cook for the three of them. When Chen HaoXuan was cooking, Zhou Kexin and the others were very active, helping to wash vegetables and rice and dishes.

        Although Chen Hao Xuan rarely cooked, it didn't mean that he was not good at cooking. When Chen Haoxuan was cooking, Zhou Kexin and the others were watching, looking at how cool Chen Haoxuan was cooking, which made them think to themselves, "This man is simply a woman's nemesis."

        "Alright, bring over the plates." Chen Hao Xuan spoke out.

        "Oh." Zhou Kexin felt like carrying a snow-white dinner plate and placing it next to Chen Haoxuan.

        Chen Haoxuan had made three dishes and one soup, which was the standard for his previous meals. The fragrant dishes were brought to the table, and Chen Haohuan made a big show of doing it at the table, he handed the empty bowl to Zhou Kexin and said, "Help me load my rice."

        "Oh." Zhou Kexin really agreed, if He Haoming was here to see Zhou Kexin being used as a girl by Chen Haoxuan, he would definitely find Chen Haoxuan to fight for his life, how could he treat a beautiful woman who needed a man to hurt her like this!

        Hua Lingwei also handed her bowl to Zhou Kexin, smiling, "Kexin, I want it too."

        But Zhou Kexin did not give her face at all, Zhou Kexin gave Hua Lingwei a glance and squealed, "You have hands and feet yourself, you can't pretend yourself!"

        "A sexist, hmmm." Hua Lingwei pursed her small mouth, dissatisfied.


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