Secret Identity 2289-2290


Chapter 2289

After leaving from Ye Chen's parents' old home, Du Haiqing was a little listless.


      On the one hand, it was because she missed Ye Changya, and on the other hand, it was because when she saw Ye Chen just now, she felt that he looked too much like Ye Changya, so it brought back many memories of her youth.


      When she returned to the Du family's mansion in Jinling, the maids had already prepared a sumptuous lunch.


      Su Zhi Fei had also just returned from donating money to the orphanage, and as soon as she saw Du Haiqing return, she hurriedly asked her, "Mom, where did you go this morning?"


      Du Haiqing recovered from her chaotic thoughts, but was still a little distracted and said, "Oh, and I didn't go anywhere, so I let Uncle Wang take me around."


      At this time, a maid walked in and said respectfully, "Second Miss, the meal is ready."


      Du Haiqing nodded and said to Su Zhi Fei, "Go call your sister out to eat, what is this girl doing? Lately, he's been locking himself in his room all day and night, and the first thing he does when he comes to Jinling is also locking himself up, oddly enough."


      "Harm" Su Zhi Fei laughed and said, "Zhi Fish has always wanted to find the two of us, the benefactor ah, the young man who saved our lives in Japan."


      Du Haiqing suddenly realized, busy asking, "Any clues?"


      Su Zhi Fei shook his head and said with a helpless sigh, "Finding a needle in a haystack, how can it be so easy to find ah, still haven't figured out whether he is a Chinese or an overseas Chinese, also don't know whether he is in Japan or at home."


      Du Haiqing earnestly said, "This man saved both of your lives, if not for him, you are afraid that you would have met with misfortune long ago, such a great kindness, indeed we should find a chance to repay it properly"


      Saying that, she asked, "What clues do you really have about this Grace? There's no harm in saying it, and I'll help you guys think of something."


      Su Zhi Fei spread out his palms and sighed lightly, "Hey, we don't really have any clues, we've just seen him once, and we probably know what he looks like, but other than that, there's no valuable clues."


      Du Haiqing asked, "Then should we offer a reward to the public? Let's say that we want to find the person who saved our lives in the first place, re thank him in person, and if he himself sees it, let them contact us."


      Su Zhi Fei said, "This method Zhi Fish has also considered, but she said the chances are not very good, she said that the benefactor should be a very distinguished person, he should not lack money, even if he sees the reward, he is afraid that he will not contact us."


      Du Haiqing nodded his head in agreement and said, "That's right, if you really wanted money, you should have asked for it or left a contact method when you saved you guys, now it's really too hard to find him out from the vast sea of people just based on the memory of having seen him once."


      Su Zhi Fei said helplessly, "I've also advised Zhi Fish, but she still doesn't want to give up."


      Saying that, he threw his head back and said, "Mom, I'm going to call Zhiyu out for dinner."


      "Well, go ahead."


      Soon, Su Zhiyu, who was dressed in a homely pajama, walked out of the room without pleasure under Su Zhifei's urging.


      When she came out, she was holding an iPad in her hand, and the fingers of her other hand were quickly sliding on it, constantly looking over the faces on it.


      When she arrived at the restaurant, Su Zhiyu's attention was still focused on the iPad's screen, so Du Haiqing asked, "Zhiyu, I heard your brother say that you're looking for that grandfather, have you made any progress?"

Chapter 2290

Su Zhiyu said without lifting his head, "There's no progress, and we still haven't found him from the video."


      Du Haiqing said seriously, "There are some things that depend on fate, if fate hasn't arrived, it's useless to look for him no matter how hard you try; if fate has arrived, if you don't look for him, he'll appear in front of you."


      Su Zhiyu said without thinking, "I'm not willing to leave the initiative of things to fate, it's too unreliable, there are so many people in the world, except for the neighbors at your own doorstep, two people who have bumped into each other in a foreign country, the chance of meeting again by chance is almost zero, if I don't take the initiative to look for him, I'm afraid I won't be able to find him in this life."


      Saying that, Su Zhiyu said again somewhat forlornly, "People's memory itself is not that good, nothing can be done without forgetting, a lot of things have to be repeatedly deepened to remember more clearly, it's like memorizing a textbook when you were a child"


      "The first few days back from Japan, my grandfather's face was quite clear in my mind, but after all these days, his face has become more and more blurred, although I've been trying to deepen my impressions through constant recollection, but in reality it still doesn't work, I'm afraid that I'll forget what he looks like after a while."


      At this point, Su Zhiyu raised his head, looked at Du Haiqing and Su Zhifei, and asked, "Have you two ever felt this way, that sometimes the more you want to remember what a person looks like, the easier it is to forget instead?"


      Su Zhi Fei thought about it and said, "It's also divided into people, if you see them often, you can't forget how, it's this kind of only saw once, it really doesn't take long, the mind really can't think of the specific appearance, only a vague outline."


      Du Haiqing also nodded her head and said, "Zhiyu was right just now, one's memory just has to keep deepening to be able to remember."


      When she said this, what came to her mind was Ye Changya.


      She had loved Ye Changba so much in her life, but in the nearly twenty years since Ye Changba had died, if it wasn't by going to look at the pictures of Ye Changba when he was young every day, Ye Changba would have gradually blurred in his mind.


      Thinking of this, she sighed inside somewhat, and then whirled around to ask Su Zhiyu, "Zhiyu ah, can you describe to mom what that grandfather of yours looks like roughly?"


      Su Zhiyu thought about it and said, "One word description is handsome; two words describe it as very handsome, three words describe it as very handsome, and if four words describe it, it's cool and handsome."


      Du Haiqing couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Is it as exaggerated as you say?"


      Su Zhiyu seriously said, "Mom, I'm really not exaggerating at all, he's just handsome, not only handsome, he's also a cool mess!"


      Saying that, Su Zhiyu held his chin and said with a flowery face, "At that time, that Iga shinobi brought a bunch of ninja to set up a battle to kill him, but he ended up killing them all in three or two hits, Iga shinobi was scared to death at that time, and shivered and asked him who he was, guess what he said?"


      Du Haiqing shook his head and asked, "What did he say?"


      Su Zhiyu stood up, imitating the then Ye Chen, and said with a cold face, "He said, "I'm your father and want your life!"


      Du Haiqing laughed and said, "This person is quite arrogant."


      "More than arrogant!" Su Zhiyu seriously said, "It's simply arrogant! I've never seen such an arrogant person in my entire life! Completely ignoring those murderous Japanese ninjas, killing them is like chopping melons and chopping vegetables, it's so awesome!"


      Saying that, she continued with some annoyance, "The point is, this guy and my brother and I also do not have a good face, I asked him to borrow a cell phone to call my father, this guy even said what personal items, not to lend, stinky!"


      Du Haiqing laughed, "People must be defending you, they don't want you to know his phone number and then track down his identity."


      "Right!" Su Zhiyu said in exasperation, "I think so! He's so smart, he doesn't leave a clue! Before I left, I said goodbye to him and he told me that I wouldn't see him again, and I'm still angry when I think about it! It's so humiliating! That's why I must find him and ask him face to face, weren't you bull-headed enough to say you'd never see him again? How does it feel inside to see Miss Ben again?"


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