The Unknown Heir 952-955


Chapter 952

"Grievance?How come I didn't feel it?"

Li Yuehe was surprised and asked.

Chen Hao took a look at Li Yuehe.

"Because you're an ordinary person, you can't feel it."

Chen Hao only gave a simple reply.

Hearing this reply, Li Yuehe was also bewildered, thinking that Chen Hao would not speak more tactfully either.

Lei Lie was also feeling funny in his heart as he stood to the side.

But everything was only clear to Chen Hao himself.

Lei Lie thought that Chen Hao was saying this on purpose, but it wasn't, Chen Hao really felt a great sense of resentment exist.

This resentment hadn't even been noticed yesterday when Chen Hao had come in the form of a ghost spirit, so why had it suddenly appeared today.

This made Chen Hao very surprised, and it couldn't possibly be the ghosts of Ge Li and Scarlet.

This was because the ghosts of the two of them had already been eliminated by Chen Hao using the Ghost Cave Token.

It seemed that there really was something wrong with this place, it must have once been dead and the bodies must still be buried in this place.

"Li Jun Division, I suggest checking inside and out, carpeting the place, besides Ge Lie and this Scar Man's corpse, there must be an unknown corpse in this place, otherwise there can't be such a strong grievance existing!"

After a pause, Chen Hao immediately gave instructions towards Li Yuehe.

After hearing this, Li Yuehe didn't hesitate and directly followed Chen Hao's instructions, immediately starting to move towards the people underneath.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie, on the other hand, were checking out somewhere else.

Only when they saw that there was no one around did Lei Lie dare to ask Chen Hao.

"Brother Chen, what you just said was a lie, right?"

Lei Lie was confused and asked towards Chen Hao.

"Who told you that it was fake?When I came here yesterday, I didn't feel such a strong grievance exist, it seems that this Hong Xin Tang must have done no less bad things in the past."

Chen Hao preached with a determined expression on his face as he looked at Lei Lie, not joking at all.

It was only when he heard Chen Hao's words that Lei Lie reacted, and he realized that what Chen Hao had been saying all along was true, and he thought that Chen Hao had deliberately made Li Yuehe and the others do it this way.


After a long while, only a scream was heard.

Instantly, everyone rushed towards the direction of the sound.

When they arrived at a wall, they saw a skeleton leaking out from inside the hole in the wall.

Upon seeing this, Lei Lie looked towards Chen Hao.

It seemed that all of this really was true, and he believed that he really believed Chen Hao's words.

Li Yuehe on the other side was also furrowing his brows and looking unusually heavy.

Li Yuehe was now even more convinced of Chen Hao's abilities, and indeed everything was as Chen Hao had told him.

"Break down the walls and dig out the bodies!"

Li Yuehe immediately gave a serious order towards his men.

Then, everyone began to move their hands to punch through the entire wall.

Finally the bones of the corpses hidden inside fell out in droves.

When they fell out, it shocked everyone.

This was because there was simply more than just one corpse bone in front of them, but several.

"Gosh, there are too many bones in here!"

Lei Li was shocked when he saw it.

"There must be more than one human corpse here!"

Chen Hao also immediately looked at Li Yuehe to remind him.

As an inspector, of course Li Yuehe could see that he was also shocked, he didn't expect Hong Xin Hall to still have so many bones hidden inside, could it be that Chen Hao would say that there would be such a grievance here, it seems to be true ah.

"Quick, find someone to put these bones together!"

Then, Li Yuehe gave another command.


The sky outside was now dark and thunder roared and rolled.

"No good, the grievances are getting worse!"

Chen Hao was fiercely alarmed.

"Quickly, Li Jun Division, get your people out of here and outside, the yang energy in your bodies will be a target for these resentful ghosts!"

Right after that, Chen Hao immediately shouted at Li Yuehe.

"Quickly withdraw!"

Li Yuehe also didn't care so much and immediately shouted loudly.

After hearing the shout, all the inspectors inside followed Li Yuehe withdrew from Hongxin Hall and went to stand on the road outside.

As soon as they stepped out, Li Yuehe and the others only saw a burst of black mist rise from the sky and rush right into Hongxin Hall.

Seeing this scene, everyone at the scene was terrified and felt very frightened, they had never seen anything like this before.

At this moment, the two of them, Chen Hao, were inside the Hong Xin Hall.

Chen Hao took a look at Lei Lie behind him.

"What are you doing here, don't go out yet!"

Chen Hao stared at Lei Lie and shouted.

"Brother Chen, I'm going to stay and help you!"

Lei Lie, on the other hand, responded towards Chen Hao.

"Help what, you can't do anything at the moment, get out, I can deal with it myself!It'll be too late to get out!"

Chen Hao immediately rushed towards Lei Lie.

Joking aside, Lei Lie was just as ordinary as Li Yuehe and the others, so the yang energy in them would make the grumbling ghosts very excited.

"Brother Chen."

"Go!Don't you even listen to Brother Chen's words?"

Lei Lie wanted to say something else, but he was berated by Chen Hao.

After hearing that, Lei Lie had no choice but to listen to Chen Hao and turned around and ran straight towards the door.


But it was already too late, and a door flew out from inside and just blocked the way to the entrance.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao knew it was too late.

"Can't get out, you come to me!"

Chen Hao knew that Lei Lie wouldn't be able to get out now, so he directly ordered towards Lei Lie.

Lei Lie obediently walked to Chen Hao's side and grabbed Chen Hao's clothes with his hands.


In the next second, the black mist appeared in front of the two of Chen Hao.

The black fog kept circling around the two of Chen Hao, circling around in circles as if it was waiting for something.

Lei Lie was already completely too afraid to utter a word, not even daring to breathe a breath.

"What kind of grumbling spirit, show yourself quickly!"

Chen Hao stared at the black mist in front of him and shouted furiously.

After speaking, the Star Profound Sword appeared in Chen Hao's hand and directly swung out into the surroundings.

The black fog felt the power from the Star Profound Sword, while they retreated a short distance.

Then, the black mist transformed into a human form and appeared in front of Chen Hao and the two of them.

It was a female grudge soul with a pale face, red lips, and blood-red eyes.

This female grudge soul was a powerful female grudge soul formed by the fusion of these female bones.

"I know that you were killed by Hong Xin Tang, but Ge Li is already dead, so you can leave in peace!"

Chen Hao looked at the female grudge soul in front of him and preached.

The female grudge soul stared at Chen Hao dead on and without saying a word, released a red ribbon towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao immediately waved the Star Profound Sword in his hand and fought with the female grudge spirit's ribbon.

Lei Lie, who was hiding behind Chen Hao, was also moving around, he didn't dare open his eyes to look at the female grudge soul at all, he thought it was too scary.

In the next second, the female grumbling soul flew out another red ribbon from her other hand.

This red ribbon flew directly towards Lei Lie behind Chen Hao.


"Lei Li, look out!"

Chen Hao immediately shouted out a reminder towards Lei Lie.

Lei Lie also reacted immediately after hearing it and instantly stared at his eyes.

As the words fell, Lei Lie's waist was wrapped around with a red ribbon.


Lei Lie's entire body was dragged out.

Chen Hao immediately reacted to the situation and directly whipped out the Star Profound Sword in his hand to slash at the red ribbon.


Fortunately, Chen Hao reacted quickly and directly cut the red ribbon, saving Lei Lie.

"Soul Locking Chain!"

After saving Lei Lie, Chen Hao just threw out his soul locking chain.

The soul locking chain quickly flew towards the female grudge soul.

This female resentment soul was no saver and immediately waved its red ribbon to resist the soul chain.

Of course, Chen Hao would not give it the chance to do so and took a step out, leaving a shadow in place before running towards the resentful soul.

Chen Hao's speed was so fast that the female grudge soul didn't have time to react.

Only the Star Abyss Sword in Chen Hao's singer pierced right through the female grudge soul.


Chen Hao spoke in a low, angry voice.

As Chen Hao's voice came out, the Star Profound Sword began to emit blue flames, instantly devouring the female grudge soul.

Once again, Chen Hao used the Star Profound Sword's ability to absorb and annihilate this female grudge soul.

After killing the female grudge spirit, Chen Hao's entire body half-kneeled on the ground, and his body also began to emit phantom blue flames, which was exactly what happened when the absorbed ghost spirit entered his body.

However, Chen Hao had no choice but to do this, this was the only way he could subdue this female grudge spirit.

"Brother Chen, are you alright?"

Lei Lie saw the situation and immediately rushed forward towards Chen Hao, asking with concern.

"Don't come over, don't touch me!"

Chen Hao reminded towards Lei Lie.

It was only after Lei Lie heard it that he came to a halt.

After a while, it was only after the blue flames around Chen Hao's body had disappeared that Chen Hao returned to normal.

Chen Hao stood up again and looked at Lei Lie.

"If you had touched me just now, you would have been devoured by resentment qi and you would have immediately turned into a resentment ghost!"

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and said word for word.

Hearing this, Lei Lie was fiercely shocked, he did not expect that such a consequence would still exist.

At this time, the sky outside had also returned to its initial appearance, and the originally dark weather had also completely disappeared.

Seeing this, Li Yuehe knew that it was definitely a crisis that had been lifted.


The door that was blocking the entrance to Hong Xin Hall was then blown away.

Only Chen Hao and Lei Lie walked out together.

Seeing Chen Hao and the other two come out, Li Yuehe and the others also let out a sigh of relief.

Li Yuehe hurriedly walked up.

"Mr. Chen, are you alright?"

Li Yuehe was the first to ask about Chen Hao's well-being.

"I'm fine, Li Junction, that grievance ghost has been dealt with, it's fine, Ge Li and Scarlet were also killed by that grievance ghost!"

Chen Hao looked at Li Yuehe to narrate.

"Thank you Mr. Chen, you're really too magical!"

Li Yuehe also said with excitement as he looked at Chen Hao, he really believed in Chen Hao's abilities completely now and would not doubt him anymore.

"It's okay, Li Jun Division is too polite, this is what we should do."

Chen Hao also responded humbly towards Li Yuehe.

"Military Division Li, since it's fine, the scene is in your hands, we'll be leaving first!"

Chen Hao then suggested towards Li Yuehe.

"Hey, okay, okay, then Mr. Chen Hao you guys take care!"

Li Yuehe also gave a respectful farewell.

Then, Chen Hao left Hong Xin Hall in a car with Lei Lie.

"Brother Chen, it seems that this time things weren't discovered!"

In the car, Lei Lie was just glad.

"Oh, I didn't expect that there was even a grievous spirit in Hong Xin Hall, so I'll just blame everything on this grievous spirit, but the two of them deserve to die."

Chen Hao said with a faint smile as well.

In fact, even without that grudge soul, Chen Hao's killing of the two of them, Ge Li, would not have been discovered.

It just happened to be the case anymore, then Chen Hao would just blame all the misfortune on this resentment spirit.

"Lei Lie, from now on, you'll leave when I tell you to, don't hesitate, it's a good thing that this grudge spirit isn't particularly strong today, or else I wouldn't be able to save you next time!"

At that moment, Chen Hao was again reminding Lei Lie.

"Mm, I know, Brother Chen!"

Lei Li also nodded his head in a good manner and responded.

He really felt so terrified today, especially when he was wrapped around the red ribbon.

But it was good that his own brother Chen Hao was there at the end, or else his really would have been finished.

"Starting tomorrow, I'll teach you some basic skills, and after you learn the basics, I'll be teaching you how to defend yourself!"

Chen Hao then suggested towards Lei Lie.

"Really, that's great, brother Chen, I can finally learn skills!"

Lei Lie was also immediately excited and alarmed after hearing that.

They had returned to the office between their conversations.

After returning to the office, I saw Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo are inside watching the news, the news is playing is about the Hong Xin Tang live report on the screen, appeared before the dark a picture of weather changes.

"Eh, you two are back!"

Seeing Chen Hao and the two return, Zhen Ji immediately stood up to greet them.


Hearing Zhen Ji's question, Chen Hao responded with a smile.

"How is the situation?I saw on TV it looked like something was happening?"

Zhen Ji was concerned and asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao smiled slightly and then answered towards Zhen Ji.

"It's fine, it's just that Hong Xin Hall has a hidden grievous spirit!"

Hearing Chen Hao's story, Zhen Ji also understood.

"Then what do you mean, you're putting all the blame for that thing on that grieving spirit?"

Zhen Ji also reacted quickly and immediately understood and looked at Chen Hao and said.

"That's right, that's just as well, and saves me a lot of trouble!"

Chen Hao also shrugged his shoulders and said.

"That's good!"

Zhen Ji was just as relieved after hearing that.

"Right, Chen Hao, Wang Yun called just now and said that he's looking for you for something, so you should go there later."

Then Zhen Ji remembered something else and hurriedly said towards Chen Hao.

"Wang Yun?What could this kid want with me?"

Chen Hao was also suspicious.

Wang Yun, who was also a very close brother to Chen Hao, was a very close brother.

It was just that Wang Yun was a kid who liked to eat, drink, and wander around every day, so Chen Hao knew what he was like.

Now that he was suddenly looking for himself, there must be something going on.

"Alright, then I'll go over to find him later!"

Chen Hao didn't say anything else and immediately agreed.

"Zhen Ji, you take Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo with you this afternoon to learn some theory about becoming a cultivator first!"

Chen Hao then instructed towards Zhen Ji.

"Okay, I got it!"


"Well, then I'm off to find Wang Yun, call me if you need anything!"

Chen Hao gave another instruction to Zhen Ji, then turned around and left the office.

After leaving the office, Chen Hao immediately drove to Wang Yun's place.

On the way, Chen Hao didn't forget to make a phone call to Wang Yun.

The call was quickly connected.

"Hey, Wang Yun, what are you brat looking for me for?"

Chen Hao curiously asked towards Wang Yun on the other end of the phone.

"Brother Chen, there's a good thing for you to do together ah!"

Just listen to Wang Yun on the other end of the phone and he said excitedly towards Chen Hao.

"Good thing?What's the good thing?"

Chen Hao was suspicious.

"Hahaha, I'll tell you after you've met me!"

Wang Yun, on the other hand, sold a sermon.

Hearing this, again, made Chen Hao couldn't help but roll his eyes, and this kid was playing mysterious with himself.

But Chen Hao didn't say anything, he knew that Wang Yun was like that.

"Alright, you're at home now, right?I'm on my way to your place now, I'll be there in about ten minutes!"

Chen Hao first asked a question towards Wang Yun and then reminded him.

"So soon?Yes, I'm at home."

Wang Yun was surprised to hear that as well, and then he immediately replied.

"Okay, that's fine, see you later!"

Chen Hao responded and hung up the phone.

A rich family like Wang Yun, as soon as Chen Hao heard Wang Yun's tone and reaction, he knew that he must be messing around with some things at home.

But Chen Hao didn't want to bother about it, after all, it was Wang Yun's own business.

Everyone had a different way of living.

Ten minutes later, Chen Hao arrived at Wang Yun's place, a luxurious villa.

Parking the car, Chen Hao walked to the door, just in time to encounter Wang Yun opening the door and walking out with a woman in his arms.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao also laughed helplessly in his heart, it was just as Chen Hao expected, Wang Yun was indeed getting those things.

After Wang Yun bid farewell to the woman beside him, he then looked at Chen Hao.

"Yah, Chen Hao you're here!"

Upon seeing Chen Hao, Wang Yun perked up and came forward, opening his arms.

Chen Hao and Wang Yun hugged each other.

"You kid all day, be careful of your body taking it!"

Chen Hao laughed and poked fun at Wang Yun.

"That's not possible, my body is twice as good!I'm not even afraid of two more together!"

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao very confidently and said.

Chen Hao also laughed in his heart, this kid Wang Yun was still the same as before, his character had not changed ah.

Then, the two entered the villa's living room and sat down.

After Wang Yun poured a glass of red wine for Chen Hao, they sat down and chatted while drinking.

"Wang Yun, tell me, what exactly is it that you're looking for me for?What's all this mystery?"

Chen Hao was also very direct and opened up towards Wang Yun.

He had a good relationship with Wang Yun, so he didn't need to go and hide anything, just open up about it.

"Brother Chen, it's like this, I've discovered a place where I've heard that there are many treasures and objects, I want you to go with me to explore it, maybe you can even get some good things."

Wang Yun did not hesitate and directly narrated.

Chen Hao was also slightly suspicious after hearing it, thinking about exactly what one good place Wang Yun was talking about.

"What kind of place?"

Chen Hao immediately opened his mouth and asked towards Wang Yun.

"Hehe, Brother Chen, do you know about Spirit Mountain?"

Wang Yun deliberately sold a barrier and looked at Chen Hao with a playful smile as he asked.

After hearing this, Chen Hao was suspicious, then nodded.

"I know, isn't that place a tourist attraction?What's going on?"

Chen Hao looked at Wang Yun curiously in response, not understanding why Wang Yun would be interested in a tourist attraction.

"Eh, that's not true, Brother Chen you don't know ah, although this place of Spirit Mountain is a tourist attraction, it actually has a deep cave within it, and in this cave there are many treasures."

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao with an excited expression on his face and said.

"There's still such a thing, eh?No, Wang Yun, who did you kid hear that from?"

Chen Hao was also a bit surprised, though he hurriedly reacted to the question towards Wang Yun.

Since Wang Yun knew about something so secret, someone must have told him what kind of secret must exist.


Wang Yun also hesitated without answering.

"Brother Chen, just tell me if you're willing to go with me, and if you're willing to go, I'll tell you all about it!"

After a pause, Wang Yun then suggested towards Chen Hao.

Hearing Wang Yun's words made Chen Hao even more suspicious, and he felt that there must be something wrong with Wang Yun.

After not looking for himself for such a long time, he suddenly looked for himself this time, and knowing something so secret, there must be some purpose existing.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I won't agree to you!"

Chen Hao was also very direct and looked at Wang Yun and said.

Although he had a good relationship with Wang Yun, there were some things that Chen Hao wouldn't just agree to casually, and he definitely had to do some thinking.


"Wang Yun, do you still consider me a brother?Tell me the truth if you're a brother. Where the hell did you hear such a secret thing?Who the hell are you working with?"

Chen Hao continued to look at Wang Yun word for word.

Chen Hao knew that Wang Yun would never do this on his own and definitely had a collaboration with someone.

It was just that Chen Hao wasn't sure if this cooperation was good or bad, that was the question.

"Ding Dong!"

Before Wang Yun opened his mouth to answer Chen Hao's words, he only heard a doorbell ringing.

Wang Yun immediately got up and walked to the door and opened it.

As soon as the door opened, only a middle-aged man holding a cane walked in with a woman wearing a leather jacket, and the two of them were followed by two bodyguards whose identities looked very uncomplicated.

"Brother Chen, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Lin Tianyuan, the chairman of the Sun Luck Group, and his secretary Miss He Hui, the people I work with are with them."

Wang Yun then said before looking at Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was suddenly confused as well.

Chen Hao also had some knowledge of this Song Ri Yun Group, which specialized in digging for oil and iron ore.

But this was all that was seen on the surface, but in fact, Chen Hao knew that behind the scenes, the Daily Transport Group was doing the business of digging up land treasures.

It was just that Chen Hao didn't expect Wang Yun to be cooperating with someone from the Day Luck Group.

"I've long heard of your great name, Mr. Chen Hao, and today's honor to see you is truly extraordinary!"

Lin Tianyuan smiled and looked at Chen Hao in greeting.

"Oh, Chairman Lin is polite, I've also long heard about how powerful you are with your Day Luck Group."

Chen Hao responded politely as well.

"Brother Chen, Chairman Lin has offered thirty million this time for us to help them explore that hidden cave at Spirit Mountain together."

Wang Yun then walked back to Chen Hao's side again and suggested.


Wang Yun then walked back to Chen Hao's side again and suggested.

Chen Hao looked at Wang Yun before he looked at Lin Tianyuan again.

"Chairman Lin, how did you know that there was a hidden cave on East Crow Mountain?And how did you know there would be a treasure inside?"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Tianyuan and asked.

"I can't answer you about this question, I can only tell you that all of this has appeared from a map of my ancestors, I just need you two to come with us to Dongwu Mountain."

"I know Mr. Chen Hao that you are very capable of spiritualism and exploration, that's why I want Mr. Wang Yun to find you, I hope you can help us!"

Lin Tianyuan looked at Chen Hao and said seriously.

Of course Chen Hao knew what Lin Tianyuan was thinking, Lin Tianyuan was definitely on a treasure hunt.

"Mr. Chen Hao, I know you've been looking for something, and according to my ancestor's map, the thing you're looking for will most likely appear in the East Crow Mountain, so I hope you'll think about it!"

When he saw Chen Hao's lack of reaction, Lin Tianyuan spoke up again and proposed towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao was stunned and his eyebrows tightened, then he looked at Wang Yun.

Not many people actually knew about what they were looking for, and it was probably because Wang Yun had told Lin Tianyuan all about it, otherwise Lin Tianyuan wouldn't have known about it.

When Wang Yun was looked at by Chen Hao like that, he lowered his head and didn't dare to look into Chen Hao's eyes, he knew that Chen Hao would definitely blame himself.

It was only after a long time that Chen Hao spoke.

"Fine, I can promise you guys to come along, but everything will be at my command after we go over there!"

Chen Hao looked at Lin Tianyuan and suggested.

Hearing this proposal from Chen Hao, Lin Tianyuan didn't have any comments.

"Of course, this is no problem!"

Lin Tianyuan was also very quick to directly agree.

For Lin Tianyuan, as long as Chen Hao was willing to go with them, he didn't want to bother about anything else.

"Mr. Chen, then I wish us happy cooperation!"

Lin Tianyuan then smiled and looked at Chen Hao and preached.


Chen Hao only gave a faint nod of his head in response.

After that, Lin Tianyuan and his secretary left Wang Yun's house.

After they left, only Chen Hao and Wang Yun were left in the house.

"Chen Hao.Me."

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao and lowered his head, not knowing at all how Gai could explain, he felt sorry that he had told him about Chen Hao.

"Ugh.Wang Yun, don't you know what the Day Luck Group does?How dare you work with them?"

Chen Hao also had the kind of hatred like that to look at Wang Yun and ask.

The fact that you can't find any other way to get rid of the problem is the fact that you can't find any other way to get rid of the problem.

Hearing Chen Hao's question, Wang Yun was even more at a loss as to how to reply.

"Brother Chen, I'm sorry."

Wang Yun could only look at Chen Hao as he softly apologized.

"Forget it, there's no use talking about it now, since I've promised to do it right, but Wang Yun I want you to remember that next time there are things you must discuss with me first."

Chen Hao also didn't want to say anything more, and didn't want to complain about Wang Yun any more, so he could only give Wang Yun a heads up.

After all, Wang Yun was very close to himself.

Moreover, this wasn't a difficult thing for Chen Hao to agree to, the main thing was just that Chen Hao wanted to get what he wanted to get.

"Well, I got it, Brother Chen!"

Wang Yun was also busy nodding his head for a while.

Wang Yun's heart was also glad that Chen Hao didn't blame himself much, he was so shocked just now that he thought Chen Hao would be furious with him.

"Alright, I'll go back first, you keep in touch with Lin Tianyuan, send me the departure time in advance, I'll go back and make preparations!"

Chen Hao then reminded him towards Wang Yun.

"Mmhmm, okay, Brother Chen!"

Wang Yun was so good that he nodded his head and responded.

After saying that, Chen Hao left straight away and drove back to his office.

Soon, Chen Hao returned to the office.

When he returned to the office, he only saw Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo sitting at a table studying by themselves, while Zhen Ji was sitting on the side playing with her phone.

"How was it?How's the studying going?"

Chen Hao walked in and then inquired towards Lei Lie and the two of them.

"Brother Chen, you're back!"

Upon seeing Chen Hao return, Lei Lie stood up immediately and looked at Chen Hao with a smile.

"Brother Chen, Miss Zhen taught us some basic knowledge about the spirit world, and I learned everything about the spirit world along with spirits and ghosts."

Lei Lie immediately reported the progress he had learned towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao nodded his head in satisfaction.

"That's good, good, come on, let's have a meeting!"

Chen Hao also responded towards Lei Lie and then looked to Zhou Nuo and Zhen Ji to propose.

The four of them sat around the table.

"There is one thing I need to tell you guys, I just went over to Wang Yun's side, and maybe Wang Yun and I will go to East Crow Mountain next."

Chen Hao spoke as he looked at the three of Lei Lie.

"East Crow Mountain?Why do you suddenly have to go to East Crow Mountain, isn't it a scenic tourist area?"

When Zhen Ji heard this, she was suddenly shocked and immediately looked at Chen Hao with curiosity and suspicion.

"Well, you're right, it is indeed a tourist scenic area there, but this time, we are working with the Day Luck Group to find a cave hidden inside the East Crow Mountain!"

Chen Hao didn't conceal anything, but instead recounted the specifics of the situation.

Now that Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo were both their own people, there was certainly this need to know everything.

"Day Luck Group?How did Wang Yun get involved with them!"

Zhen Ji was shocked out again after hearing this, she didn't expect Wang Yun to have a connection with the Day Luck Group.

Of course, Zhen Ji was also clear about this Day Luck Group.

"Brother Chen, this Sun Luck Group isn't a regular company ah, don't look at the fact that they are doing some regular business on the surface, but in reality, they are secretly engaging in some small actions."

Lei Lie also immediately looked at Chen Hao and reminded him.

"Eh?You know this too?"

When he heard Lei Lie say that, Chen Hao was suspicious and asked, he didn't expect Lei Lie to know something about the Day Luck Group as well.

"Of course, who doesn't know about the Sun Luck Group, it's just that no one is willing to expose it!"

Lei Lie nodded towards Chen Hao for a while and replied.

"Well, you're right, but I have no choice but to work with them this time as I'm also going to search for something important!"

Chen Hao also had no choice but to explain.

"Brother Chen, I'll go with you then!"

Only Lei Lie immediately proposed towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao took a glance at Lei Lie and did not directly agree.


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