Dish Best Served Cold 1171-1175


Chapter 1171


    Moonwatching River wanted to say something else, but was directly interrupted by Ryouga Reflecting Moon.

    "That's enough!"

    "There is no need to talk about this matter anymore."

    Ranggong Ying Yue sternly snapped, but Moonwatching River and the others immediately shut their mouths, full of bitterness, and no longer dared to say anything.

    In the end, Ranggong Ying Yue ordered the Sword God Palace to use a special plane to send Long Baichuan and the others back to the country and

    "If anything goes wrong on the way, I'll take you to task!"

    Morbidly angry words resounded in all directions.

    The icy cold sound almost caused the distant Aqua Lake water to freeze into ice.

    Although Moonwatching River and the others had a thousand bitterness in their hearts, what could they do?

    How dare they disobey the Moon God's command.

    In the end, they could only break their teeth and swallow it in their stomachs!

    However, before leaving, Rangong Ying Yue was looking at the two of them at Long Baichuan, and her tone was much softer: "If you can meet your master, please help me bring a message to him."

    "Tell master that no matter what happens in the future, he will always be Moon's most beloved master."

    "Even if in the future, Yue'er's consciousness dissipates and her soul is no more, but Yue'er will still be watching over her master in another form."

    Leng Gong Ying Yue's words burned, and an inexplicable light flickered in her eyebrows and eyes.

    Long Baichuan and the two of them were stunned, they didn't know, what did Ranggong Ying Yue mean by this, let alone why she would suddenly say this.

    However, confusion aside, Long Baichuan and the others, did not ask more questions.

    After all, the two of them were just a few subordinates after all, and it was better for them not to get too involved in the enmity between the Dragon Lord and the Moon God.

    Just like this, in the midst of the Moon God's gaze, the two of them, Long Baichuan, went to the airport along with Moonwatching River and the others, to be sent back to Huaxia by a special plane.

    Here, there was a clear breeze sweeping and falling leaves floating.

    Rangong Ying Yue stood there, raising her pretty face, looking far into the ancient east, her gaze never moving away for a long time, simply because there was a young man there who haunted her dreams.

    "This is the last time, from now on, forget about your identity as Ryouga Ying Yue."

    "You are already a Moon Reader, and only a Moon Reader."

    "You are the God of the Sun Country, you are the Lord of Billions, and no one on earth can be your Lord."

    "Including him."

    At this time, a divine and solemn voice suddenly sounded in the mind.

    It was the consciousness that belonged to Moon Reading, the soul that belonged to the Sun Country Moon God.

    Just now, Ranggong Ying Yue had called Ye Fan her master, which undoubtedly undermined the Moon God's majesty.

    But Moon Reading didn't stop her, but allowed her to speak and act.

    Because Moon Reading could feel her deep affection for that person.

    However, it was only this once.

    From now on, Moon Reader would take complete control of this body and would never allow something like this to happen again.

    This time, in the face of Moon Reading's words, Rangong Ying Yue did not resist, and she had no way to resist.

    She knew very well that her weak soul consciousness couldn't fight against Moon Reading at all.

    Sooner or later, her consciousness would be swallowed by the Moon Reading and completely merged with it.

    At that time, Ryouga Ying Yue would be completely gone!

    However, no matter if she was the Ryouga Reflecting Moon or the Moon Reading Heavenly God in the future, she would never forget him, or her master, for his kindness to her.

    "Master, goodbye~"

    Ranggong Ying Yue looked away and murmured tearfully.

    Then, the delicate temperament that belonged to Ranggong Ying Yue swirled away.

    The cool majesty of a generation of heavenly gods, but it swept over again.

    Looking down the celestial river, only that, the magnificent and holy figure remained!



    Dongjing International Airport.

    A luxury airliner, located here.

    However, this luxury airliner, which could accommodate a hundred people, was chartered by the Sword God's Palace, and according to the order of the Moon God, it sent Long Baichuan and his two men back to China.

    Before boarding the plane, Long Bachuan looked at the side of Moonwatching River with a smile on his face and laughed, "Haha, Sword God, it's troublesome for you guys, and you're still allowed to charter the plane to send us, we really feel ashamed."

    Long Baichuan laughed.

    But in stark contrast to Long Baichuan, the old faces of Moonwatching River and the others were as ugly as they wanted to be.

    Especially after seeing Long Baichuan's arrogant and reckless appearance, but Moonwatching River's heart was as unpleasant as eating a fly.

    Damn it, it was too suffocating!

    These two, it was just as well to kill the eight thousand souls of their Sun Country to retreat intact, but now they were even allowed to charter a plane to send them off.

    This matter was suffocating to think about, it was simply a strange shame for his Moonwatching River, a strange shame for the martial dao of the Sun Country.

    However, what could he do if his heart was still forked?

    How would they dare to disobey the Moon God's order.

    They could only, filled with resentment and frustration, send the two of them away from Long Baichuan.


    "What the fuck is going on here."

    "What do you think is going on with Luna, brother?"

    "Why does her heart always go to that Chinese child."

    "She's the god of our Sun Kingdom, when she shelters the people of the Sun Kingdom."

    "But now what?"


    "For those who don't know, they probably think that the Sun Country Moon God, whom we worship as the God of Faith, is the woman who is the crotch of that Chinese youngster, Chu Tian Fan?"

    After the two of them left, Ryuichi Shiano became more and more angry, eventually giving an angry complaint to Moonwatcher River.

    "Shut up!"

    "What are you babbling about?"

    "Don't want to live?"

    Hearing Ryuichi Shiano's words, Moonwatcher River was terrified at the time and was busy snapping at him in anger.

    After all, what Shi No Ryuichi had just said was a great disrespect to the Moon God.

    If the Moon God knew about it, he, his junior brother, would be dead without a funeral!


    "Senior brother, I know I'm going a bit too far with my words, but that's the way I feel."

    "Only if anything was involved with that Chu Tianfan, Lord Moon God she lost her position and sided with that Huaxia little boy without any bottom line of principles."

    "Before, under the Sky Tree, after that battle, do you remember?"

    "Luna God even threw himself directly at that jerk and the two of them even kissed in public?!"

    "I am the Martial Dao Heavenly God, but I was so blasphemed by a Chinese child, it's a strange shame to fucking think about it."

    "I'd hate to rip that Chu Tianfan alive!"

    "But this brat is really lucky, he survived all that artillery bombardment from the First Division?"

    Ryuichi Shiano was still complaining, but Moonwatcher River snapped, "Okay, shut up you."

    "I'm warning you, all of these things are rotten to the core and forbidden to speak to anyone again."

    "The Moon God's personal private matters are not for you and me to comment on."

    Just like that, with a heart full of frustration and anger, the Moonwatching River duo eventually sent Long Baichuan and the others away.

    On the plane.

    Long Bachuan was drinking a little wine and laughing.

    "Haha, worthy of being a Dragon Lord, it really is as predictable as God."

    "Saying that within three days, someone will send us back to our country, someone really did."

    "But what I didn't expect even more was that the supreme god of the martial arts of the country of Japan, Moon Reading, was conquered by the Dragon Lord and honored as his master?"

    "Wouldn't that mean that the entire martial path of the Sun Country has been laid at the feet of the Dragon Lord?"


What is the Supreme God of Martial Arts?

    That is the martial arts leader of a country.

    Moon Reading's position in the martial dao world of the Sun Country was like that of the God of War, Ye Qingtian, in Yan Xia.

    Now, Moon Reading even respected Ye Fan as the master, from another perspective, the entire martial dao of the Japanese country was undoubtedly at Ye Fan's feet.

    However, upon hearing this, the Dragon God shook his head, "It's not that simple."

    "I always felt that the previous Moon God was a bit strange."

    "It gave me the feeling as if two different people existed in the same person."

    "Two people?"Long Baichuan was stunned at the news, and then said in shock, "You mean, schizophrenic?"

    The man in black nodded, while shaking his head, "I'm not sure, just guessing."

    "Mm."Long Baichuan didn't pursue the matter and instead continued to admire Ye Fan, "I have to say that the Dragon Lord is really powerful.A thousand miles of decision making and a coup."

    "I originally thought that this time, we were in danger of dying in a foreign land."

    "But who would have thought that the Dragon Lord his majesty would spread far and wide to the Sun Country.This Sun Country's Moon God, upon hearing the name of the Dragon Lord, directly released us."

    "Moreover, not only is Dragon Lord he super strong, this girl picking up skill, he's also a great one."

    "Especially that love poem, the mood is so beautiful."

    "Using poetry to spread love, it can be described as romantic to the extreme."

    "If I were a woman, I would definitely worship the Dragon Lord as well!"

    Recalling the previous thrilling scene, Long Baichuan couldn't help but lament, and his words were filled with admiration and respect for Ye Fan.

    However, that strong Dragon God at the side, however, took a sip from his tea cup, while shaking his head and smiling, "That love poem was added by me on the spot."

    "The Dragon Lord only asked me to greet the Moon God, and did not ask me to recite the poem to her."


    "You added it yourself?"

    Long Baichuan was shocked when he heard the words.

    A pair of eyes, suddenly stared huge.The tea that had just entered his mouth, poofed out directly.


    "You...Aren't you afraid that the Dragon Lord will learn of this and surrender to you?"

    Long Baichuan was terrified, he had never thought that the words he just said to Moon Reading were added by him.

    If this was placed in ancient times, it would be a major crime to kill his head for falsely passing an imperial decree.

    However, the man in black was calm, he took a sip from his tea cup while continuing to smile, "If you don't say anything, how would the Dragon Lord know?"

    "Besides, I'm helping the Dragon Lord."

    "I can see that this Sun Country Moon God is deeply in love with our Dragon Lord, wouldn't it be great if we were to set up a marriage because of my poem?"

    "At that time, the supreme god of the martial dao of this country of the sun will truly become our Dragon Lord's subordinate."

    The black-clothed man smiled inexplicably, that smile, no matter how you looked at it, was a bit cunning.

    "But our Dragon Lord, he's married and already has a wife, aren't you messing with him?If this Moon God does come to us in the future, how should the Dragon Lord explain to Miss Qiu?"

    Long Baichuan, however, had a dark old face and only felt that this Dragon God was simply playing the violin recklessly.

    He was undoubtedly incurring peach blossom debts for Ye Fan.

    "What's this?"

    "Dragon Lord is a true dragon of the world, it's normal to have a few confidants outside."

    "The red flags at home don't fall and the colored flags outside."

    "I believe Miss Autumn she, too, can understand."

    The man in black said casually.

    Long Baichuan smiled bitterly at the news.

    He didn't know if this Lord Dragon God had screwed Ye Fan or helped him.


    Outside, winds were blowing and black clouds were rolling.

    On top of the Nine Heavens, a transnational flight, just like this, was carrying the two people towards the land of Jiangdong.

    However, that night, the news of Commander Sato's death and the annihilation of the 1st Division's entire army reached the Chu family.

    At the Chu Family Manor, the acting head of the family, Chu Zhengliang, was sitting in his study, listening to his son Chu Qitian's report.

    After hearing this news, even Chu Zhengliang, who was the Chu Family's head, was undoubtedly instantly shocked.

    "What did you say?"

    "Sato's dead?"

    "The entire First Division's eight thousand soldiers were wiped out?"

    "This...How is this possible?"

    Chu Zhengliang was so shocked that he got up from the table, his old face livid with incredulity, and asked.

    "Father, though it is hard to believe.But it's true, it's true."Chu Qi Tian's face wasn't looking good either, and he reported to his father in a low voice.

    "Who did this?"

    "Is it my brother again?"

    "No way, he's been suppressed, how can he come out again?"

    Chu Zhengliang's eyebrows were heavy, and he couldn't stop asking.

    This Sato, was a Chu family member that their Chu family had spent a great deal of effort to support.He held a high position in the country of Japan and held the most elite military power in the country.

    His death would undoubtedly be a great loss to the Chu family.

    What's more, he had promised to shelter him safely.

    But now, he was still dead.

    Moreover, the entire First Division had been trampled to extinction!

    What would the other affiliated forces of the Chu Family scattered around think if this matter was spread out?

    It would undoubtedly feel that the Chu Family was incompetent and did not even have the ability to shelter their subordinates.

    This would definitely cause great damage to the Chu Family's majesty.

    Therefore, this matter must be handled properly, otherwise, it will damage the Chu Family's authority.

    In response to Chu Zhengliang's question, Chu Qi Tian, however, shook his head, "The identity of the other party is still unknown for the time being.However, according to the information we've gathered, this murderer seems to be inextricably linked to Chu Tianfan."

    "As far as I know, not only Sato and the First Division lost their lives this time, but also Abe Nakanami, who revealed Chu Tianfan's whereabouts to us in the first place, was also found exposed outside his own manor."

    In the room, Chu Qitian's low, slow words echoed.

    Chu Zhengliang looked stunned, "Chu Tianfan?"

    "Is the information accurate?"

    "Could it be that this abandoned son, really isn't dead?"

    At this point, Chu Zhengliang suddenly remembered something, whirling around, "Qi Tian, contact those two giants of Yan Xia, before we persuaded them to enter Jiang Dong, after such a long time, the land of Jiang Dong should have been taken back into their hands."

    "Ask them if they can discover that Chu Tianfan's trail."

    Previously, Chu Zhengliang had sent someone to persuade the Lu and Xu families to enter Jiangdong, and all he did was to help them investigate Chu Tianfan's whereabouts.

    After all, if that Ye Fan really wasn't dead, he would definitely be hiding in Jiangdong.

    All of the forces that the Chu Family had previously arranged in Jiangdong had been uprooted by Ye Fan, so they could only borrow the power of the Yanjing giants to enter Jiangdong.

    "Mm, father, I'll be in touch."

    Chu Qitian nodded his head in agreement, and then he asked his men to find their contact information and dial over.

    However, after Chu Qitian called the Xu family for half a day, he didn't even get through.


"Strange, how dare this Xu family not answer the phone?"

    "He's got a lot of nerve!"

    Chu Qitian was displeased when he saw that he hadn't gotten through after calling for half a day, thinking that he would have to take care of this Xu family in the future.

    After seeing that the Xu family couldn't get through, Chu Qitian turned to dial the Lu family's phone again.


    "And you don't even pick it up?"

    Chu Qi Tian frowned with displeasure.

    "Keep fighting."

    "Call until they answer!"

    Chu Zhengliang seemed to have sensed a few differences and said in a deep voice, his words hinting at some anger.

    Just like this, Chu Qi Tian dialed several phone calls in a row, and just as Chu Qi Tian was about to give up and then send someone to Huaxia personally to ask for punishment, the phone finally came through.

    "Lu CangDong, how dare you."

    "How dare you not answer my phone call?"

    "Could it be that you think you've hardened your wings and can fight against my Chu family?"

    "Don't you forget that your Lu Family has achieved what it has today without the support of my Chu Family!"

    After the phone call was connected, Chu Qitian immediately scolded in a furious voice.

    All along, Chu Qitian had treated the Lu and Xu families as the Chu family's affiliated families, and these affiliated powers should be obedient and respectful to the Chu family.

    But now, they dared not to answer his calls, of course Chu Qitian was furious.

    However, after Chu Qitian finished scolding, no one answered on the other end of the phone for a long time.


    "Why don't you talk?"

    "Are you deaf or dumb?"Chu Qi Tian, continued to rage.

    "Your Excellency, it should be Young Master Chu, right?"It was only at this moment that a low voice came from the phone.

    Hearing this voice, Chu Qi Tian looked stunned: "Eh?Who are you if you're not the land vault?"

    "Where's the land vault, get the land vault on the phone!"

    All along, the Lu Family had been the one to contact the Chu Family with Lu Cang Dome.

    After all, Lu Cang Qiong was the grandfather of the Lu family, with the highest seniority and prestige, and only Lu Cang Qiong was the only one in the entire Lu family who was qualified to talk to their Chu family.

    As for the others, they were simply not worthy of conversing with the Chu Family.

    Therefore, after hearing that the other party was not Lu Cangding, Chu Qi Tian immediately requested to let the Lu Family's old man listen to the call.

    "My father is sick, and now I'm the head of the Lu family."On the other end of the phone, there came Lu He's cold words.

    "Oh?Lu Cang Qiong is your father?So, you should be the eldest son of the Lu family, Lu He, right?"

    "Fine, since the Lu family is now headed by you, and Lu Cang Dome is old and decrepit, then in the future, you will be the liaison between the Lu family and the Chu family."

    "Listen up, I'm asking you now, how are you doing now that I let your two families enter Jiangdong before?"

    "Can all of the so-called Mr. Chu's forces be eradicated?"

    "What about the whereabouts of the man I asked you to investigate?"

    Chu Qitian asked in a condescending tone, coldly.

    However, Lu He did not pay any attention to Chu Qi Tian's question, but instead, he spoke to himself.

    "Young Master Chu, I originally didn't want to answer this call."

    "But since you answered it, let's make it clear to you."

    "I don't know how many favors my father owed you back then, and I don't even know how much you have done for our Lu Family."

    "But, over the years, our Lu Family has done so much for you.No matter how great the kindness, no matter how great the love, it has all been repaid."

    "Today, in the name of the head of the Lu Family, I declare to you.From today onwards, the Yanjing Lu Family will have no more ties with your Chu Family's people."

    "You take your Yang Guan Road, and I'll cross my wooden bridge."

    "Old age and death, no more ties!"


    Lu He's words were uncompromising.

    The low, firm tone of his voice was even more so, as if a golden stone had been thrown to the ground!

    After hearing these words, Chu Qi Tian was undoubtedly greatly shocked.

    A pair of eyes, all of them then stared huge!

    "You...What did you say?"

    "You want to betray my Chu family?"

    "How dare you dog?"

    "Do you know what the consequences of your words today will be?"

    "Are you serious..."

    On this end of the phone, Chu Qi Tian cursed in a furious voice.

    However, where did Lu He pay attention, he hung up the phone directly after he finished speaking.

    And with that, severing the Lu family's decades-long association with the Chu family.

    Lu He had decided that from now on, their Lu family would no longer be subject to the restraints of others, much less collude with the Chu family.

    Perhaps, the Chu family was too powerful for their Lu family to offend.

    But the Lu family couldn't afford to be offended by Ye Fan's power either.

    As the saying goes, it's better to be a magistrate than to be in charge now, and compared to the Chu family which is far away, Ye Fan is undoubtedly a bigger threat to their Lu family.

    Lu He had a feeling that there was an unholy hatred between Ye Fan and the Chu family.

    Otherwise, the Chu family wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to send their two families to Jiangdong to wreak havoc on Ye Fan.

    As the saying goes, when immortals fight, if they, mortals like them, take part in it, they will almost certainly die.

    The ending of the Lu family today was the best lesson to be learned.

    Of course, the current Lu family was only tarnished in reputation.

    But Lu He knew clearly that if they didn't clear their relationship with the Chu family, it was highly likely that their Lu family would be wiped out.

    The wrath of the "Peerless Heavenly Pride" was far beyond what their Lu family could bear.

    When he saw the phone hanging up, Chu Qitian was even more furious.

    "This Lu family, what nerve."

    "I think they're tired of living the good life and don't want to live."

    Chu Qitian said viciously.

    At this time, the phone that had just hung up rang again.

    When Chu Qitian looked, it was the Xu family calling.

    "Just in time, I'd like to ask Xu Junlin what has happened to this Lu family, why do you suddenly have such big dog guts?"

    Chu Qi Tian thought to himself, while he answered the phone.

    "But Xu Junlin?"

    "How dare you not answer my phone, even though I'm calling?"

    When Chu Qi Tian came up, he was questioning the Xu family.

    "Are you Young Master Chu?"

    Like Lu He, the other party came up and still asked Chu Qitian about his identity.

    Chu Qitian was stunned as he realized that the voice of the person speaking was also not the old master of the Xu family, Xu Junlin.

    "Where is Xu Junlin?Is it possible to be sick too?"Chu Qi Tian frowned in displeasure.

    "Sick you mallee!"

    "Son of a bitch, I'm drafting eight lifetimes of fucking ancestors!"

    "If it wasn't for you, how would my son Shao Hua have died, and how would my father's soul return to the ninth heaven?Why would my brother go to jail?Why should all three generals of my Xu family be cut down?"


    "My family has fallen to this day because of a fatherless bastard like you."

    On the other end of the phone, the head of the Xu family, Xu Haisheng, was bare-eyed, and he chopped his head at Chu Qitian and cursed furiously.

    At that time, Chu Qitian's entire body was confused.

    Flabbergasted, he didn't return to his senses for a long time.

    By the time he realized the strange humiliation he had suffered, the phone had already been hung up.

    Only at that moment did Chu Qitian Fang understand why no one answered their call to the Xu family just now, and then this Xu family member took the initiative to call again.

    It was a special call to scold him!


"What a land family, what a Xu family~"

    "How dare you insult me?"

    "Father, please allow me to lead my men and head to Yanxia tomorrow to trample down this Lu Xu family."

    "Make them pay a heavy price for defying the might of my Chu family!"

    In the room, Chu Qitian's erect rage only resounded like thunder, shaking the entire room.

    Ever since he was a child, he, Chu Qitian, had never suffered such a great humiliation.

    He had been greeted by eight generations of ancestors, and he still said that he had no father?

    Who could put up with that?

    However, Chu Qitian was after all a young man, but his father, Chu Zhengliang, did not have much anger.

    He reassured from the side, "Qitian, be at ease."

    "Two little families are just two little families, it's still not a matter of hand for my Chu Family to trample them down."

    "As a descendant of my Chu Clan's Heavenly Generation, how can you be angry at a few ants?"

    "Right now, what we need to focus on more is what's behind this."

    "This Lu and Xu two great families have respected my Chu Family with great respect, never daring to show the slightest disrespect for so many years."

    "Now, these two great giants have even both fallen out with our Chu Family, behind this, if there is no reason, by no means is it possible?"

    "Now, you, gather together the information from the Yanxia Imperial Capital, especially look at the Lu and Xu families and see what has changed."

    Chu Zhengliang was able to take over Chu Zhenghong's position as the head of this Chu Family, naturally, he had a few skills.

    Just like now, when Chu Qi Tian was losing his temper in anger, he was able to see through the phenomenon and directly pierce through the essence.

    He had a feeling that there must be a big secret behind this!

    Sure enough, ten minutes later, Chu Qi Tian hurriedly returned from outside.

    "Father, it's as you expected."

    "During this period of time, the Lu Family and the Xu Family, both had an accident."

    "The old master of the Xu family, Xu Junlin, has lost his life and was secretly buried a few days ago."

    "One of Xu Junlin's two sons has ended up in prison, reduced to a prisoner of war."

    "The other, was stripped of his position as a general and was demoted three levels in a row."

    "As for the Lu family, they were even driven out of Yanjing and moved their clan out of the city!"

    Chu Qitian was anxiously reporting to his father.

    And as Chu Zhengliang listened to this, his face grew darker and darker.

    Hearing the end, Chu Zhengliang's appearance, even more so, was extremely heavy.

    "What's the reason?"

    "Can we find out?"

    Even though Chu Zhengliang already had an answer in his mind at this point, he still asked.

    Chu Qitian shook his head, "The relevant news seems to have been blocked, and our intelligence officers in Yanxia have not even been able to find out the specific reason."

    When Chu Zhengliang heard this, he sneered, "It seems that these two families were indeed deterred by that abandoned son."

    "Abandoned son?"Chu Qi Tian's eyebrows trembled at the words, "Father, are you saying that this Lu Xu family's disaster is related to that Chu Tian Fan?"

    "But wasn't he cut down in the Pacific by you?"

    "Could it be that he's really not dead?"

    Chu Qi Tian was completely shocked.

    Although all this time, they had been investigating whether or not Ye Fan was alive or dead.

    But deep inside Chu Qitian's heart, he still believed that Ye Fan was dead and couldn't possibly still be alive.

    Now that he heard this judgment from his own father, he naturally trembled.

    Chu Zhengliang nodded, "Sato and the others have been killed one after another, and the forces we sent to Jiangdong have suffered a deadly suppression."

    "All these signs indicate that he is still alive."

    "However, it's really underestimating this abandoned son."

    "I didn't expect that he really survived."

    "And it's only been a short time since then, but he's already started to launch a counterattack."

    "Very well, worthy of being my big brother's son, and worthy of shedding the Chu family blood."

    Chu Zhengliang smiled coldly, and his words were filled with intense coldness and killing intent.

    "Father, since you have concluded that brat is still alive, please deploy a few strong family members to me.Tomorrow, I'll bring people to secretly enter Yanxia and sneak into Jiangdong to kill that country boy on the spot, eliminating the aftermath forever!"

    For Ye Fan, Chu Qitian undoubtedly hated him to the bone.

    Not only because of Ye Fan's identity as Chu's patriarch, but also because of Ye Fan's terrifying growth speed.

    Naturally, the sooner an opponent like this was eliminated, the better.

    Otherwise, Chu Qitian was afraid that he would have trouble sleeping and eating.

    However, in response to his son's request, Chu Zhengliang waved his hand, "Dealing with this abandoned son, let's put it off for now."

    "I've just received news from the Chu Gate that in a few days, the Yuan Spiritual Fruit of the South Pole Land will be ripe."

    "Right now, the martial dao of various countries are all eyeing this Yuan Spiritual Fruit."

    "The Chu Gate has already put the matter of snatching the Yuan Spiritual Fruit at the highest level."

    "In a few days, when the Gate Master returns, a meeting of elders will be convened to determine who will go to the South Pole."

    "So, this stall to resolve that abandoned child's matter, let's put it off for a while."

    "As soon as this matter is over, my father will do whatever it takes to round up and kill that abandoned son."

    "There can only be one descendant of the Chu Family's heavenly character, and only one can live."

    "And that person can only be my son!"

    Chu Zhengliang said in a deep voice, an inexplicable sharpness flickering in his profound eyes.

    Chu Qi Tian nodded his head, and a wanton smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

    "Well, then, let that despicable hick live for a few more days."

    "But father, my teacher, has she not returned yet?"

    "I haven't seen the teacher for over six months."

    "Is something going to happen?"

    Chu Qi Tian was a little worried.

    The teacher he was talking about was naturally the master of the world's number one martial power, the Chu Gate, Tang Yun!

    "An accident?"Chu Zhengliang shook his head and laughed, "It seems that you still don't know the majesty of the Gate Master.It's a shame that you're still a disciple of the Gate Master."

    "Know the Heavenly Ranking, right?"

    "The recognized, most authoritative ranking of the strongest in the martial world."

    "Your teacher, up there, ranked number one."

    "Number one on the list, the strongest in the world, who else do you think, in this world, could make something happen to your teacher?"

    Chu Zhengliang laughed softly.

    In this world, there weren't many females for Chu Zhengliang to admire, and even fewer females for him to respect and fear.

    But the Chu Gate Master, Tang Yun, was definitely one of them!

    All along, Chu Zhengliang had regarded Tang Yun as the role model and idol he had pursued all his life.

    He had even allowed his own descendants to regard it as a faith and honor it for study as well.


    "Master is the number one in the Heavenly Ranking, what can happen, I'm overthinking it."

    Chu Qi Tian also laughed at himself, while he went back to rest.

    The study here was silent again.

    A night passed quickly.

    On the following day, the special plane that Long Baichuan and the others were on arrived at the Jianghai International Airport.

    According to Ye Fan's order, after the mission was completed, the two of them could go home separately.

    Before leaving, Long Bachuan, however, paid homage to the black-clothed man in front of him and said respectfully, "It is an honor for me, Long Bachuan, to carry out my mission with Lord Dragon God."

    "As we are parting today, I wonder if Lord Dragon God, could you tell senior, which Dragon God are you?"


On this trip to the country of Japan, although the two had spent many days together.But not a few words at all, this Dragon God is a man of few words, so even though Long Baichuan has always been curious about the other's name, but has never had the courage to ask.

    Now that they were about to part, Long Baichuan could not hide his curiosity and asked the man in black.

    The man in black didn't say anything, and his forward steps never stopped.

    Just when Long Baichuan had lost hope, there was a cheerful laughter in front of him.

    "I am, the God of Bronze and Fire, Owen!"

    Under the Heavenly River, the proud words echoed for a long time.

    When Long Baichuan looked again, but found that the man in black, there was no trace of him.

    However, even though the other party left for a long time, Long Baichuan was still flabbergasted and lost his mind for a long time: "God of bronze and fire, Owen?"



    Yunzhou City, East Suburban Villa.

    It was early morning, the sunrise was early, and the breeze was pleasant.

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange had already gone to the office, and only Ye Fan was left in the villa.

    As for Ye Yuyan and the others, they had already returned to the military area.

    After all, the training mission that Ye Fan had made for them was not over yet, and after the Yunzhou incident, they should also return to the military area to continue their training.

    At this time, Ye Fan was talking to someone on the phone.

    "Dragon Lord, the mission is complete, so the target people, all of them lost their lives."

    "I don't know if there are any more instructions, Dragon Lord?"

    From the phone, came a man's respectful and reverent voice.

    It was none other than one of the strong Dragon Gods who had just parted ways with Long Baichuan, Owen, who spoke.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he nodded, then asked, "You guys are in the Japanese country, making such a big commotion, the martial world of the Japanese country, should react quite a bit, right?"

    Two powerful clansmen infiltrated a foreign country and massacred ten thousand people.

    This was by no means a small matter for any country.

    It could be said that from the very beginning, Ye Fan had expected that the martial world of the Japanese country would definitely react.

    "Well, as expected by the Dragon Lord.After we executed the target, we encountered a gathering of the strongest martial daoists of the Japanese Kingdom."

    "Furthermore, we also alerted the highest god of the Japanese Martial Dao, Moon Read."

    "I must say that this Moon God is worthy of being the God of Faith of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, and his strength is terrifying."

    "Even I, I'm afraid, would have difficulty surviving a single move under the Moon God."

    "If it wasn't for relying on the reputation and majesty of the Dragon Lord, I'm afraid that this time, the King of Ryu Chuan and I would have really folded up in a foreign land."

    From the phone, came Owen's deep voice.

    Even to this day, echoing back the scene when he faced the Moon God before, Owen still felt afraid.

    That unparalleled feeling of oppression was unprecedented.

    It was as if he was being strangled by the throat of his life and could be crushed to death at will.

    However, after hearing all of this, Ye Fan was not only not surprised, but also lightly laughed, "Moon's strength, even I am not as strong as it is.It's normal for you to feel this way."

    "Right Dragon Lord, the Moon God has a message for me to give you slightly."

    "She said that no matter what happens in the future, you will always be Moon's most beloved master."

    "Even if, in the future, Moon's consciousness dissipates and her soul is no more, Moon will still be watching over her master in another form."


    From the phone, came Owen's low voice.

    Ye Fan listened, but in his heart, there was an inexplicable touch.,

    He did not expect that he had such an important position in this girl's heart.

    He had even never expected that some of the actions he had done back then out of sympathy and pity would have planted such a deep bond in the heart of a young girl.

    "This silly ninny has a heart, though."

    "It's just a pity, but a pitiful one~"

    Although, Ranggong Ying Yue only let Owen come over slightly for a few words.

    But Ye Fan could hear that Moon's time, I'm afraid, was running out.

    To think about it, how could two souls be accommodated within one body.

    Sooner or later, Ranggong Ying Yue's consciousness would completely dissipate.

    At that time, even Ye Fan wouldn't know if the other party still recognized, this master of his.

    "Hey, it's just a pity that I'm not strong enough."

    "If I could cultivate this Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve to the peak of the ninth level.What Moon Reading Heavenly God, what Sun Country Faith, this Dragon God can destroy with a snap of his fingers."

    Ye Fan shook his head, but in his heart, he sighed.

    The Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve had the power to seize the world's creation and reversal of heaven and earth.

    The Chu family was able to prosper and stand on top of the world's martial dao, and what they relied on was only half of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel.

    Yes, according to Grandma's words, for so many years, except for the ancestor of the Chu Family, the founder of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Manual, there was no one else who could learn the entire Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel.

    However, just by relying on half of the Heavenly Book, it was possible for a power to stand on top of the world's power for hundreds of years, so one could imagine the power of this Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel.

    Even Ye Fan didn't dare to imagine that if he practiced all of this Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve.What kind of power would he be able to reach?

    And while Ye Fan's mind was drifting, it was Owen's advice that came from the phone again.

    "Dragon Lord, I can see that Moon God she is deeply in love with you."

    "In that case, why don't you marry her into your family."

    "Moon God she is not only strong, but she was also born with great natural talent."

    "This kind of worldly wonder woman, in the entire world, there is only one Chu Gate Master who can compare to her, right?"

    "If you, Dragon Lord, are truly able to incorporate such a strong person into your harem, the future can be great."

    "Let's say it's the Chu family, even if it's the Chu Gate, I, the Dragon God Temple, have the strength to compete with them!"

    Owen's words were spoken fervently, the feeling as if the world had been trampled under his feet.

    But when Ye Fan heard it, he was filled with black eyes and scolded with a black face, "Harem peat, ah!"

    "One wife at home is enough for me, if there's another one, will I still let this Dragon Lord live?"

    "Don't say such words in the future, if Mu Orange hears it, someone will die!"

    Ye Fan was so angry at Owen's words that he couldn't laugh bitterly.

    This dog actually gave him such a bad idea.

    Not to mention that he was a family man, even if he, Ye Fan, was single at the moment, that Moon God was not something he could marry just because he wanted to.

    After all, the Moon God was the martial faith of the Sun Country and was the guardian god of a country.

    If he really married this woman back to Yan Xia, then the martial dao people of the Sun Country wouldn't go crazy?

    What's more, the reason why the current Moon God had affection for him, Ye Fan, was solely because of Ranggong Ying Yue.

    When Ranggong Ying Yue's consciousness fused with the Moon Reading in the future, the affection would naturally fade by then.


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