Dish Best Served Cold 1176-1180


Chapter 1176

So, Evan didn't even think about what Irvine said.

    "Alright, it's done, why don't you go back to where you came from?"

    Evan didn't seem interested in talking to Owen anymore, so he prepared to hang up the phone.


    "But Dragon Lord, that prairie plan, when are you going to start?"Owen asked again.

    Ye Fan replied back in a deep voice, "Just go back and wait for news."

    Then, Ye Fan also hung up the phone.

    Now, Sato was dead, and the 1st Division had been massacred.Half of the revenge for the sneak attack in the Pacific Ocean back then was also avenged, and the remaining half was the Chu family.

    "Soon, new and old hatred, I, Chu Tian Fan, will get it back together!"

    In the room, Ye Fan's palms were clenched, and there was a cold, eerie glint in his eyebrows.

    It was as if, before his eyes, the scene from that day on the island had once again surfaced.

    That eerie face, that ruthless figure, Ye Fan would never forget it until the day he died.

    Of course, now wasn't the time to settle the general score with the Chu family.

    After this Jiangdong catastrophe, Ye Fan became more and more aware of the importance of constructing protective formations.

    Of course, the formation that Ye Fan is talking about here is not the kind of "battle formation" from the Cold War Era, but a "magic formation" that can pull the energy of heaven and earth.

    It was recorded in the Heavenly Book of Cloud Dao that a defensive formation could be constructed by using eight-foot Qiong Gouyu as the source.

    When Ye Fan went to the Sun Country with Ranggong Ying Yue, what he did was to obtain one of the Three Divine Artifacts of the Sun Country, the 8-foot Qiong hook jade.

    Then, he used the jade as the source to build a defensive formation.

    Unfortunately, accidents happened later, and only today, Ye Fan had the time to consider this matter of constructing a formation.

    Of course, if he wanted to build a protective formation, he first had to choose a place to build it.

    At first, there were two candidate places that Ye Fan selected.

    One was Cloud Peak Mountain in Cloud State, where the formation could be deployed to keep Cloud State safe and Mu Orange safe.

    The other place was the Ye Family Manor in Jingzhou.

    His own mother, grandmother and other relatives were all in Jingzhou, and building a formation in Jingzhou would also keep them safe in times of crisis.

    These days, Ye Fan had been hesitating between these two places, not knowing where to build the protective formation.

    Of course, Ye Fan had also thought of bringing his mother and the others to Yunzhou, so that they could live with Mu Orange in one place.In that case, it would be enough to build the formation in only one place in Yunzhou.

    However, after thinking about it, Ye Fan felt that this plan was not right.

    One was that the land of Jingzhou, where the Mu Fan Group's branch was built, needed his own mother, Ye Ximei, to stay and manage it, and it was difficult to leave.

    The other reason is, in-laws and daughters-in-law live under the same roof, short time is fine, this long time, Ye Fan is also afraid that there will be conflicts between them.

    What's more, what about his own grandmother and the others, should they also be allowed to move to Genting Mountain and live with Mu Orange?

    In the end, after weighing the pros and cons, Ye Fan decided to build two great formations.

    With Cloud State as the main focus and Jingzhou as a secondary, build the Cloud Dao Heavenly Duel Formation!

    In that case, the loved ones of both Yunzhou and Jingzhou would be able to shelter.

    However, now was not the time to construct the formation.

    The previous Genting Mountain Villa had been destroyed, and now Li Er and the others were speeding up the reconstruction.

    If Ye Fan wanted to construct a formation, he had to wait until the construction of the Genting Mountain villa was completed.

    Therefore, before the construction of the formation was completed, Ye Fan's prairie plan would naturally have to be postponed.

    However, just as Ye Fan was considering the formation, a vehicle suddenly drove outside the villa.

    Immediately after, a respectful voice of Li Er came from outside the door, "Mr. Chu, I am Li Er."

    "As you instructed, I've come over to pick you up."

    Ye Fan nodded, then walked out of the room and ordered Li Er, to take him to Genting Mountain Villa.


    "Mr. Chu, what are you doing there?"

    "Genting Mountain Villa is under construction, and it's noisy and chaotic there."Li Er asked in confusion.

    Ye Fan sniffed and faintly returned, "Tell them that they have a day off today, so the personnel are all leaving Genting Mountain and have them come back tomorrow."


    The corner of Li Er's mouth twitched, not knowing what Ye Fan's intentions were.

    Why was this good reason to suddenly give workers a holiday.

    However, when Li Er saw that Ye Fan had no intention of explaining, he didn't ask any more questions.Instead, he followed Ye Fan's instructions and had all the people on site evacuate Genting Mountain and take a day off.

    Then, Li Er drove, taking Ye Fan with him, to Genting Mountain.

    At this time, Genting Mountain was filled with all kinds of building materials, as well as large machinery for construction.

    The once magnificent villa had also been bulldozed and rebuilt.

    The entire Genting Mountain looked completely like it was rebuilt after a disaster.Li Er really couldn't figure out what Ye Fan had suddenly come here for.

    "Li Er, you lead the people, at the top of Genting Mountain, clear a small clearing."

    "And after that, set up a tea case, two cushions, as well as a pot of tea and two tea cups."

    "Today, I will be here and personally entertain the guests."

    "Quickly go and sit down."

    After arriving at Mount Genting, Ye Fan instructed again.

    And Li Er was undoubtedly even more curious at the news.

    "Mr. Chu, you want to be a guest here?"

    "Are you sure?"

    "Would you like me to give a greeting to Haiyuan Court and ask that side to arrange an elegant room for you so that you can be a guest there?"

    Li Er looked at Ye Fan and asked again.

    Ye Fan waved his hand, "No need, it's right here.If it's a different place, I'm afraid he won't be able to find it."

    Seeing Ye Fan's insistence, Li Er didn't try to persuade him anymore.

    He could only shake his head and smile, feeling that Mr. Chu was inscrutable and his ideas were beyond the reach of ordinary people ah.

    Then, Li Er went to arrange the tables and chairs as Ye Fan instructed.

    Half an hour later, everyone retired.

    Only one person, one table and two cups of strong tea were left at the summit of Cloud Peak.

    In the midst of the dense heat, a young man was sitting on the summit of the cloud top mountain.

    As if an out-of-this-world person is waiting for the arrival of the one who is fortunate enough to be there.

    In the distance, a gentle breeze was blowing and the water of the cloud lake rippled.

    Here, the tips of Ye Fan's hair on his forehead, also blew with the wind.

    Beside him, there was a delicately wrapped parcel.

    No one knew what was in that package.

    At the same time, there was a woman in a purple dress sitting peacefully on top of a certain restaurant not far from Mount Genting.

    This person's temperament was cool and unconventional. Even though her face was covered with a veil, she still couldn't conceal her stunning face.

    So much so, that in front of her, the surrounding women felt ashamed of themselves.

    The surrounding men, however, looked over at her with admiration and amazement.

    If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that there was such a wonderfully beautiful woman in this world.

    The curves were exquisite, the figure was outstanding, and the cool temperament was like a fairy banished from the world.

    What was a showy beauty?

    That's what I call a showstopper!

    Even the hungry patrons no longer felt hungry after seeing the woman.


In the meantime, many handsome rich youngsters or wealthy sons of noble families couldn't help but accost each other, vainly hoping to get a kiss.

    After all, the girl in front of them was too superb.

    Even the second and third tier stars they had played with paled in comparison to her.

    However, to these rich young men's accosts, this woman ignored them all.

    Her eyes were always looking out of the window.As far as her eyes could see, it was in the direction of Cloud Peak Mountain.

    Vaguely, she could see a young man sitting on the ground at the summit of the cloud top mountain.

    Just like this, all the guests were looking at her, but she was looking at the young man on top of the cloud top mountain.

    Time, gradually passed.

    At midday, there was suddenly another innocent teenager outside.

    "I go, another superb?"

    "What's going on here today?"

    "Our Yunzhou, why have so many beautiful women suddenly appeared?"

    "Look at these legs, this body, and that exquisite waist, mother chicken, if I could marry such a beautiful woman, I would be willing to compromise my life for ten years ah."

    The love of beauty is common to all.

    Wherever you go, a beautiful woman is naturally the focus of attention.

    Just like the one that just appeared in front of him, perhaps her temperament and appearance were quite inferior to the woman in the purple dress earlier.But that posture was enough to overshadow countless others.

    Even those rich young men who have been through the flowers and read countless people could not help but lament that they had never seen such a beauty in Yunzhou.

    After this young girl appeared, she walked straight towards the window, her gaze eventually landing on the woman in the purple dress from earlier, whirling with joy.

    "Teacher, at last, I have found you."

    "As soon as I received your message, I rushed over."

    "Let's go back quickly, shall we?"

    "The clan elders are looking everywhere for you.There seems to be something important that he wants to discuss with you."

    This maiden saw the purple-skirted woman, and between her joy, she whirled around to respectfully advise her.

    However, the woman in the purple dress didn't seem to have any intention of leaving, and when she saw the visitor, she only whispered back, "Wait a little longer."


    The young woman thought that her teacher had something to do, so she nodded her head and agreed without saying anything else.

    However, a few hours passed, and as she saw the sun setting and the sky getting darker, her teacher had been just sitting there throughout, looking out the window, all without any movement.

    "Teacher, what are you waiting for?"

    "You have been away from the sect for many days, it's time to return."

    "If there's nothing important, hurry back to the sect with me."

    "The elders of the sect are all almost anxious."

    In the end, this young girl couldn't wait any longer, but she advised again.

    However, she still shook her head and just said, "Wait a little longer."

    Time, continued to pass.

    In the restaurant, customers went and came and went.

    At the top of Genting Mountain, tea was poured and cooled again.

    Same city, different spaces, one restaurant, one mountain top, two people, both waiting.

    He waited for her to come, while she waited for him to go.

    Finally, it was late at night.In a short while, it would be the early hours of midnight.

    But the figure on top of the cloud-topped mountain was still there.

    Eventually, her heart softened, and a moment of tenderness actually appeared within her lonely heart for a long time.

    She turned her head and looked at the student who was guarding her side, "Evening Yu, you will go to the cloud top mountain in front of me later, help me find someone and pass a few words to him."


    "Looking for someone?"

    Meng Wan Yu heard the words, but her heart was slightly shocked, not knowing what kind of person her teacher told her to look for.

    Could it be that there was still a late friend of her teacher in this land of Yunzhou?

    Genting Mountain.

    The night is late, and the cool breeze wrapped in moisture blows by unceasingly.

    Under the moonlight, the figure of the young man, however, was still sitting there, cooking tea and drinking lightly.

    "Mr. Chu, you've been waiting here for a day."

    "I guess the guest you've been waiting for won't be arriving."

    "It's late at night now, and it's humid outside, so shall we go back?"

    Li Er stood beside Ye Fan and advised bitterly.

    He was the one who sent Ye Fan here, and if Ye Fan didn't leave, he, Li Er, naturally wouldn't dare to go home without permission.

    However, in the face of Li Er's advice, Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Whether she comes or not is her business.Whether I wait or not, it's my business."

    "I promised her that after ten days, I will wait for her here."

    "I, Chu Tian Fan, keep my word, since I promised to wait for her, I will not leave until today."

    "Hey~" what else could Li Er say at this statement from Ye Fan.After a long sigh, he stopped speaking and continued to stay here with Ye Fan and the others.

    The night was pleasant and the moon was quiet and beautiful.

    On top of the cloud top mountain, there was a gentle breeze and the grass and trees swayed.

    In the distance, there was the sound of insects chirping crisp and pleasant to the ear.

    Here, the young man is still waiting.

    The tea in the cup had been replaced by an unknown number of pots.

    If it were an outsider, waiting here for a day, he would probably have left in anger long ago.

    But on the other hand, Ye Fan, not only did he not have the slightest hint of impatience, but his entire body remained calm.The clouds were light and breezy, as if the water was calm.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Li Er, who was on the side, was secretly frightened.

    He couldn't help but wonder what kind of divine being actually made Mr. Chu willingly wait for a day?

    In Li Er's opinion, since Ye Fan was given the "title", there are not many powers in Yan Xia that can be above Chu Xian.

    After all, even the two giants, Lu and Xu, have been trampled under the feet of Mr. Chu alone.

    The current Ye Fan, not only in Jiangdong, but even in the great Yan Xia, has a monstrous power!

    Even the Lord of Jiangdong Province is probably not qualified to make Mr. Chu wait a day, right?

    "Who could it be?"

    Li Er thought hard, but he could never figure out who it could be.

    Just like this, time continued to pass.

    Until midnight, when the citizens of Yunzhou were already asleep, Li Er once again stepped forward and respectfully whispered to Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, it's almost twelve o'clock, it's time to go back."

    "Really, is it twelve o'clock already?"

    When Ye Fan heard this, but he shook his head and sighed, and in his eyebrows, there was a bit of loss.

    Ultimately, there was still no way to wait for her ah.

    "This woman, but she didn't even give me the chance to let me say thanks in person."

    With a long sigh, Ye Fan then also gave up and prepared to go back.

    However, at this moment, there was suddenly a clear and beautiful silhouette in the night ahead, quietly surfacing.

    This young girl, who didn't look very old, had an exquisite appearance and a remarkable temperament.

    A blue skirt, but also its exquisite figure, outline the most vividly.

    Under the cover of the moonlight, it was even more touching.

    The moment Li Er saw this person, he was astonished.

    He thought to himself that this girl was so beautiful at such a young age.Once she grows up in the future, she will definitely be a devilishly beautiful woman again, right?

    While Li Er was secretly guessing the other party's intentions, this young girl, however, had already looked over, sizing up both Ye Fan and Li Er, and asked without being humble, "I wonder which one of you two, is, Mr. Jiang Dong Chu?"



    Mr. Chu?

    Li Er was slightly stunned then.

    I thought to myself, could it be that this is the person Mr. Chu has been waiting for?

    Thinking of this, Li Erton smiled inexplicably.

    Earlier, he was curious as to what kind of big person could make Mr. Chu wait like this.

    Now it seemed that it was not a big person, but a "beloved"?

    However, Li Er soon realized that he was completely overthinking it.

    "You are?"

    Seeing the visitor, Ye Fan nodded his head in agreement and whirled out, curiously asking for the other person's identity.

    "You are Mr. Chu?"

    However, after seeing Ye Fan, Meng Wangyu's pair of beautiful eyes shrank slightly.

    Obviously, he was shocked by Ye Fan's youth.

    She had never thought that the person who had made her teacher look at her for a day and finally asked her to come and deliver a message was a young man of similar age to herself.

    One had to know that after so many years, Meng Wangyu knew her teacher's temperament well.

    Always cold and arrogant, solitary, apart from clan affairs, she rarely talked to anyone.

    Even these disciples of hers rarely had the chance to talk to their teacher throughout the year.

    But now, the teacher had even spent a day just for an unknown young man from Yanxia.

    This had to make Meng Wangyu tremble.

    She couldn't help but wonder, what was the relationship between this man in front of her, and her own teacher?

    "Hmm."Ye Fan nodded, "May I ask who is the girl?"

    "You don't have to know who I am."

    "I came here, by order of my teacher, to tell you that you need not wait.If you wait until morning, she won't come."

    "The past has become a cloud, there is no remnant in the world, and you need not miss it."

    The cold and clear words quietly echoed in the middle of the night.

    After saying that, Meng Huanyu also turned around and left, no longer staying here.

    "Miss, please stay."

    "Your teacher must be nearby, I wonder if you can take me to meet her."

    "I, Ye Fan, would only like to express my gratitude in person for the grace of sheltering you that day!"

    Seeing that Meng Evening Yu was leaving, Ye Fan got up to stop him and asked anxiously.

    "It's not necessary."

    "My teacher's words have been made very clear."

    "You won't be able to see anyone she doesn't want to see, even if you chase her to the ends of the earth."

    Meng Evening Yu directly refused.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he shook his head and laughed, "Yeah, with her nature, if she doesn't want to see me, what can I do if I chase after her?"

    "Never mind, don't see it."

    "But girl, I have something here, give it to her for me."

    "It's something I owe her, it's rightfully returned."

    In between words, Ye Fan handed a beautifully wrapped package that he had been keeping by his side to Meng Wangyu.

    At first, Meng Wangyu thought that this Ye Fan wanted to give something to please her teacher, so she had to refuse.

    But then she learned that it was something that Ye Fan had returned, so she accepted it.

    "Also, after seeing her, say thank you for me as well."

    "That day, I, Ye Fan, will definitely remember the grace of Jingzhou's shelter!"

    "Regardless, there is no afterthought in the world.But in my heart, she's always there."

    A few minutes later, Meng Wangyu had gone far away with what Ye Fan had given her.

    Here, Ye Fan was still standing at the top of the cloud top mountain, watching from afar towards the direction Meng Evening Yu had left.

    "Mr. Chu, if you really want to see her, why don't we quietly follow her over?"

    Li Er was on the side giving attention to Ye Fan.

    But Ye Fan shook his head, "No need, since she doesn't want to see it, why do I have to force it?"

    "It's enough for me to know that she came to Yunzhou."

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth smiled and whispered, but there was an inexplicable light flowing in his deep eyes.

    Ye Fan originally thought that that woman wouldn't come.

    After all, they had only encountered each other for a few months out of coincidence, and they didn't have too deep a friendship.

    What's more, Ye Fan knew that that woman had always been arrogant and cold, so she probably wouldn't care about the words she said before she left.

    But now it seemed that she did remember.

    "Let's go."

    "Send me back."

    Ye Fan waved his hand and smiled cheerfully, while he took the car back to the western suburban villa.

    At this time, by the Cloud Mist Lake, a woman in a purple dress was standing there.

    Beside her, Meng Evening Yu but just Ye Fan's words, relayed to the woman in front of her.

    After this purple dress woman heard it, that always ancient and calm heart, but at this moment, inexplicable waves were created.

    "Is there more?"

    "Did he say anything else?"

    The cold and clear words rang out slowly.

    Some women, even their voices were crisp and touching, as if a warbler was crying.

    If Long Baichuan and Owen were here, they would definitely be surprised to find that the way this purple-skirted woman was saying this right now was so similar to the Moon God of the Sun Country in the beginning.

    Meng Wangyu, who was on the side, was only surprised and curious at what she saw.

    It was the first time she had ever seen her teacher so expectantly.

    "No more."Meng Evening Yu shook her head, "However, he has something that he asked me to pass on to you.It says that it is owed to you."

    In between the words, Meng Evening Yu handed over a package in his hand.

    The woman in the purple dress received it from Meng Wangyu, she took a look at it, but did not open it immediately.

    Instead, she said, "Evening Yu, I'm a little thirsty, see if you can buy a bottle of water."


    Meng Wangyu didn't think much about it, her own teacher had instructed her, so she immediately went to do it.

    After Meng Evening Yu left, she was the only one left here by the lake.

    She walked to the street lamp, then lowered her head and carefully opened the package in her bosom.

    She wanted to see what that guy, what exactly was he sending her?

    Yes, for so many days, she never left Jiangdong.


    Naturally, it was because of the promise that the guy had given her before he left under the Chu family's old house.

    Although the previous time in Jingzhou, Yu Yun had asked Ye Fan's mother to tell Ye Fan that she wouldn't attend the appointment.

    However, Yu Yun didn't know why, but she couldn't forget that promise from Ye Fan.

    In the end, she still stayed and waited in Jiangdong until today.

    One, to see if that Ye Fan still remembered that day's promise.

    The second was, to find out what exactly Ye Fan was going to send to her.

    The moment she opened the package, the woman who reigned over the global martial arts world and was known for her coldness and fierceness surprisingly raised some small joy and anticipation in her heart.

    Once this emotion appeared, even she, herself, felt incredible.

    "To think that all my life of cultivation, I was indifferent in the face of supreme power and endless wealth.But I didn't expect that now a small gift from that bastard would actually break my heart~"

    She laughed to herself, her stunningly pretty face filled with helplessness.

    After laughing, the package had also been opened.

    She whirled around and looked down, only to see that underneath the exquisite gift box package was .....


It was a close-fitting garment.

    It's black, triangular, and has lace trim.

    It was sexy in style and exquisitely crafted.

    It was identical to the one that Ye Fan had stolen from her under the Chu ancestral realm.

    "This bastard~"


    "Shameless lecher~"

    The moment she saw what Ye Fan had given, the woman in front of her, a pretty face immediately turned red.

    That intoxicating redness, almost from the jade neck red to the roots of the ears.

    From a distance, it was like a ripe peach, which dripped water when touched.

    At that time, Yu Yun, when she saw this intimate garment, was angry and furious.

    The entire person was close to being mad at Ye Fan!

    If Ye Fan was here, she guaranteed that she would have slapped that bastard into the ground so hard that she couldn't even gouge the kind.

    She was so expectant before, thanks to her ignoring the clan affairs and waiting for ten days in Jiangdong.

    By the end of the day, what that bastard sent was this.



    Yu Yun angrily scolded, she had never seen such a brazen person in her life.

    It's simply to get together shamelessly~

    In anger, Yu Yun picked up the package and was about to throw it into the river.

    However, she eventually stopped.

    Finally, puffing out a laugh, she actually laughed helplessly.

    This bastard, still with the same impudent look.

    After laughing lightly, it was as if Yu Yun saw again, the time when she was with Ye Fan, in the Chu family's old house.

    Wasn't that bastard, just like the one in front of her, always impudently flirting with her?

    So, in the end, Yu Yun accepted this special gift, and even if she doesn't wear it in the future, it's still a memento.

    No one can be heartless, not even grass or trees.

    The night and night time spent together in the Chu family's old house had eventually caused Yu Yun to have an inexplicable affection for that young man.

    However, that was all.

    Yu Yun was very clear that after today's parting, the two of them were afraid that it would be difficult for them to meet again.

    After all, in her opinion, the gap between Ye Fan and her was too big.

    Just like the firefly and the white moon, they were undoubtedly worlds apart.

    In the future, they would ultimately be from two worlds.

    Two straight lines that intersected, and after a brief encounter, they were destined to drift apart and never cross paths again.

    "Teacher, what's wrong with you?"

    While Yu Yun was distracted, the voice of her disciple, Meng Even Yu, came from beside her.

    Meng Wangyu had just returned from a 24-hour convenience store to buy water, and saw her teacher was a bit different.

    In particular, her teacher's formerly cold and majestic face, actually vaguely with a few flushes.

    The first time I saw such a face of my teacher, I was naturally curious and surprised.

    After Yu Yun heard this, a few hints of panic flashed across her beautiful eyes.

    But soon, she regained her composure again and coldly returned, "It's nothing, let's go, it's time to return to the sect."

    In between the words, Yu Yun had turned around and departed gracefully.

    As for the "gift" given by Ye Fan, she held it in her arms and took it away together.

    Soon, the two women disappeared into the night.

    On the other hand, when Ye Fan returned home, he found that the lights of the villa had been turned off.

    It looked like Qiu Mu Orange was already resting.

    Ye Fan was afraid of waking up Qiu Mu Orange and didn't turn on the lights, so he climbed into bed after feeling the darkness.

    "Where did you go today?"

    In the darkness, a sudden voice sounded.

    It frightened Ye Fan's old face, "I'll go, can't you have a little padding before you speak, wife."

    "It's the middle of the night, you want to scare people to death?"

    Ye Fan was on the verge of losing it all.

    "No guilty conscience, what are you afraid of?"

    "Honestly, where have you been today and why are you so late?"Qiu Mu Orange questioned to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't intend to hide anything from her, so he told Qiu Mu Orange that he was going to meet someone.

    "When my mother was in danger, thanks to her helping out.Otherwise, I'm afraid that your husband would have been an orphan by now."

    "In all fairness and reason, I should meet her and thank her in person."

    "Well, you should indeed thank her.Otherwise, sometime, you invite her out, and we'll invite her out to dinner together, and thank her in person."Qiu Mu Orange suggested.

    With a bitter smile, Ye Fan shook his head and said, "No need.In the future, I'm afraid I won't be able to see her."

    "I waited all day today, but I didn't even wait for her."

    "If I don't see her today, I guess I won't be able to see her later."

    Ye Fan said in a low voice, and between his words, there were a few hints of loss.

    Even Ye Fan had to admit that during that time in the Chu family's old house, the woman called Yu Yun, however, left an extremely deep impression on Ye Fan.

    Her stubbornness, her persistence, her cool majesty, her gracefulness, all her qualities, Ye Fan could vividly see them all.

    Of course, vividly, there was also the scene in the ancestral land where Yu Yun pursued him with her bare feet.

    At that time, it felt like the time of life and death was extremely dangerous.

    But now, when he recalled it, Ye Fan only felt that it was extremely funny and interesting.

    However, both Ye Fan and Yu Yun knew very well that they were just passing through each other's lives.

    After parting, it would be difficult to see each other again.

    This life, after all, was just one person's floating world, one person's, fine stream!


    After that night, Ye Fan's life in Jiangdong came to a rare calm.

    The Genting Mountain Villa was being built in full swing.

    Qiu Mu Orange continued to preside over the daily affairs of Mu Fan Group, leading the company to grow rapidly among the industry.

    After the wedding banquet, Ye Fan's majesty in Jiangdong had undoubtedly reached an extreme point.

    Not only did the major giants of Jiangdong compete for worship and submission, even the Jiangdong Provincial Lord was also fond of Ye Fan.

    After all, if it wasn't for Ye Fan, Han Dongmin wouldn't have been able to rise several levels in a row, directly from a deputy city in a backward small town to the position of Jiangdong Province Lord, becoming a feudal official in charge of one side.

    Yes, since Li Hongze had left shortly after, the top had issued a document officially confirming the appointment of Han Dongmin.

    In response, Han Dongmin even brought his entire family to visit Ye Fan and express his sincere gratitude to him.

    Han Dongmin knew very well that if it wasn't for Ye Fan, he would have had to wait at least twenty years to take this position.

    And that was indeed the case.

    The reason why the higher-ups named Han Dongmin as a feudal official, apart from the fact that Han Dongmin himself was indeed talented, the bigger reason was to sell Ye Fan a favor as a way to draw in Ye Fan and show favor to him.

    After all, the favor of a feudal clan master could not be measured by power and money.

    And ever since Han Dongmin had invited Ye Fan for the banquet, the masters of the great cities of Jiangdong had also come to their doors to ask for favors.Some gave gifts, some gave money, some gave women, and some came every now and then to greet them.

    There was an endless stream of people who added to the goodwill.

    But Ye Fan, who was always unimpressed with these people who saw the wind.

    Therefore, for their gifts, all of them refused to accept.The party is also not invited.

    Externally, he said that he liked silence and didn't like these lively and noisy occasions.


Of course, Ye Fan wasn't idle either.

    During this time, he spent almost most of his time on cultivation.

    The Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve, he had just recently trained to the third level and was in need of stabilization.

    In addition to that, in his free time, Ye Fan would also cultivate the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique that Yu Yun had given him at first.

    Of course, more importantly, during this period of time, Ye Fan had been preparing for the construction of the formation.

    The Cloud Dao Heaven's Destruction Formation was by no means a simple formation, even for Ye Fan, it would take several days to complete.

    Together with the preliminary preparation and validation, it was feared that it would take a month before and after.

    But there was no way, even if this formation was troublesome, Ye Fan had to build it.

    Otherwise, if forces like Lu and Xu entered Jiangdong again, and Ye Fan was not there, who else could shelter his mother and the others.

    Qing Tan, Copper Mountain and the others weren't strong enough after all, if they wanted to relieve Ye Fan's worries once and for all, constructing the Cloud Dao Heaven's End Formation was the best option!

    However, Ye Fan's peaceful life in Yunzhou didn't last too long, this night, Ye Fan suddenly received a call from the military district, it was from Vice Commander Lin Qinghe.

    He said that Commander Wu Yang's fiftieth birthday was coming up and asked Ye Fan to go and wish him a happy birthday.

    Ye Fan had never been interested in such things, so he naturally refused.

    The next day, Wuyang's birthday banquet was held as scheduled.

    All the generals of Jiangdong Military Region came to congratulate him, and Wu Yang's house was full of friends.

    Celebrities and dignitaries from all walks of life gathered at Wuyang's home.

    "Qinghe, where is Instructor Chu?"

    "Call him over and ask him to have a drink with me."

    "On my side, I happen to have a marriage to tell him about?"

    Halfway through the birthday banquet, Wu Yang took the initiative to mention Ye Fan.

    But after looking for him for half a day, he couldn't see him, so he asked to the military district's vice commander, Lin Qinghe.

    Wu Yang undoubtedly admired Ye Fan.

    Being so young, he was capable of such things, and his future prospects were boundless.

    This kind of talent, Wu Yang naturally wanted to receive him into his family.

    Therefore, he moved to take his niece and say to Ye Fan as his wife.

    "Commander, you don't want to mention him."

    "This guy, just a white eyed wolf that can't be raised properly, his character is extremely problematic."

    "It's a good thing you're still thinking about him, but he, however, doesn't even give you a birthday banquet to celebrate.I called him yesterday and he said he was unavailable, so he just hung up."Lin Qinghe shook his head and said.

    "Oh?You mean, he didn't come?"Wu Yang's eyebrows furrowed at the words, clearly unhappy as well.

    However, Wu Yang was by no means a narrow-minded person, instead, he helped Ye Fan explain, "I guess Instructor Chu is busy with his training, so he doesn't have time to come."

    "Young people? It's normal that they don't understand human affairs.It's good as long as you get down to business."

    "If he can train this Green Dragon Battle Team, it would be the best birthday gift to my Wuyang!"

    "When the birthday banquet is over, Qinghe, you come with me to the training ground to offer your condolences to Instructor Chu, and also to see, by the way, how far the Green Dragon Battle Team has trained."

    "Good!"Lin Qinghe nodded and then said, "Right Commander, let me introduce you to someone."

    In between the words, a hale and hearty old man, walked over.

    This old man was dressed in a grey robe, and although his hair was a little white, but between his dragon and tiger steps, he was a tiger and tiger, and it was obvious that he was a martial arts practitioner.

    "Who is this?"Wu Yang obviously also saw that this person was extraordinary, and asked in confusion.

    "Commander, this is the president of the Jiangbei Martial Arts Association, the twenty-ninth-generation successor of the Formidable Master, Grandmaster Lan Chen.In the national martial arts world, a highly respected master!"

    "Moreover, not only is Master Chen himself a high wall of martial arts, but the peaches and plums under his disciples are also renowned."

    "Over the years, no less than ten noble disciples have come out from under Master Chen."

    "Every single one of them is a representative of our Yanxia Martial Dao."

    Lin Qinghe introduced him to Wu Yang from the side.

    Wu Yang was shocked to hear these names, while he quickly smiled, "So it's Master Chen, I was the one who was so ignorant that I didn't recognize Master Chen."

    "Master Chen, quickly take your seat!"

    Wu Yang had always been warm and welcoming, especially to talented people, and was even more gracious and polite, without any commander's demeanor at all.


    "I didn't expect that Master Chen would also come to wish me Wu someone's birthday, it really makes me sweat."Wu Yang laughed.

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's enthusiasm, that Lan Chen did not show anything.

    Throughout, he sat there with a blank expression, at most nodding his head to Wu Yang in a very high gesture.

    "Commander Wu, I invited Master Chen here today, besides toasting your birthday, my other purpose is to recommend Master Chen to be the deputy instructor of the Green Dragon Battle Team, to assist Instructor Chu, and to train the Green Dragon Battle Team together."

    After three rounds of wine, Lin Qinghe suddenly suggested.

    Wu Yang was slightly surprised: "Eh?Why did you suddenly think of having an assistant instructor again?"

    "You know, we had promised Instructor Chu that the Green Dragon Battle Team would be trained by him and no one would be allowed to interfere.If Instructor Chu knew about this matter, I'm afraid it would make him unhappy."

    "Commander, I'm also thinking of the greater good!I admit, Instructor Chu may have a few tricks of his own, but he's too young after all, can he really teach a good disciple and lead a good team?"

    "If in the unlikely event that the Green Dragon Battle Team isn't trained properly, when the time comes, it's a small matter of humiliation, and Yanjing is blamed, it won't be you and I who will be punished?"Lin Qinghe advised in a deep voice.

    These words of Lin Qinghe's were indeed not without reason.

    Being spoken to by him, Wu Yang was undoubtedly a little worried as well, gloomy and silent.

    Lin Qinghe continued, "And Grandmaster Chen is highly respected, capable, experienced, and established, and over the years, Grandmaster Chen has even brought out quite a few senior disciples."

    "By having Master Chen as a deputy instructor, we can not only make up for the lack of experience of Instructor Chu, but also supervise their training.It's the best of both worlds, why wouldn't we do it?"

    Lin Qinghe said evenly.

    Wu Yang listened and nodded, "Well, what you said is indeed good.Instructor Chu is indeed a bit young, and compared to Master Chen, he is ultimately lacking in experience.Allowing Master Chen to assist would also be able to make up for this lack."

    "Let's say, after dinner later, we'll also take Master Chen along to the military area and have a good chat with Instructor Chu."

    Although Wu Yang was the commander, he also considered the personal emotions of his subordinates.

    Therefore, this matter, he couldn't decide right now, he still had to see what reaction Ye Fan's side, had.

    Since the birthday banquet started early, it ended early as well.

    At just two o'clock, the birthday banquet had already dispersed and the guests left one after another.

    As for Wu Yang, Lin Qinghe and his group, they headed towards the training place of the Green Dragon Battle Team.

    Along with them, there was also Lan Chen, and one of his disciples.


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