His True Colors 61-65


Chapter 61

Han Qianli's words made the entire villa instantly quiet and pin drop.

    What qualifications did he have, a son-in-law who had entered the household, to say that the old lady had any right to live here!

    Su Guoyao's heart was chilled as he looked at Han Qianqian, how could he say such treacherous words, angering the old lady, Su Yingxia's future could all be ruined.

    "Han Three Thousand, shut up, do you have the right to speak here?"Su Guoyao was furious.

    Although Jiang Lan was surprised, she was quite satisfied with Han Three Thousand's strong performance, it wasn't like she needed to bear the consequences afterwards anyway, Han Three Thousand could make as much noise as she wanted, it was best not to let the old lady live in the villa.

    "Han Three Thousand Year, you've taken the wrong medicine today, haven't you?The money was given by grandpa, it's only natural for grandmother to live in here, to the extent that you're the one who's eating soft food should get out."Su Haichao said.

    "Good, you're the one who should get out, grandmother is the head of the Su family, it's only natural for her to live here."Su Yehan had to accept that Su Yingxia was having a better life than her, but Han Giang was coming out to die, so how could she not step on it?It would be best to make the old lady hold a grudge against Su Yingxia for this.

    The old lady was gloomy, the last time she talked about cooperation with Zhong Liang, she was put at the mercy of Han Qianliang, from then on, the old lady felt that Han Qianliang was a dangerous person, now Han Qianliang was even questioning her qualifications in front of everyone, what a way to turn the tables?

    "Han Three Thousand Years, tell me, why am I not qualified for the old lady."The old lady asked in a cold voice.

    "Because for the past three years, you've treated Su Yingxia like an outsider.Because for the past three years, you've protected Su Hachao, even though Su Hachao engineered it to almost make Su Yingxia fall into Cheng Gang's hands, you still didn't pursue it, do you have the face to live here?"Han Qianqian said with a tossed voice.

    Sweeping the old lady's face in such a public manner, the Su family's relatives looked at Han Qianqian incredulously.

    He actually had the nerve to say such a thing!

    It was the truth, but wasn't he afraid that the old lady wouldn't leave him alone if he told her?

    Su Haichao was indeed at fault for that incident of Su Yingxia, but all the Su family relatives knew that Su Haichao was the future successor of the Su family, and it was only reasonable to be partial to him.

    There are some things, each family knows just fine, but put on the stage, will only embarrass people.

    The old lady was very embarrassed at this point.

    "Han Qianqian, don't think that I'll let you do whatever you want just because I'm concerned about the Su family's face, believe me I can make you get out of the Su family right now."The old lady gritted her teeth and said.

    "Su Yingxia, what are you waiting for if you still don't divorce this kind of person, he has been harboring in the Su family for so many years, how much face has he disgraced our Su family."Su Guolin said.

    "Han Qianqian, if I were you, I would have already disappeared on earth myself, what face do you still have to stay in the Su family."Su Haichao said.

    "Grandmother, let Su Yingxia divorce him, he doesn't put you in his eyes now, and he won't put us in his eyes in the future."Su Yehan said.

    Su Yingxia panicked, two years ago she still had this thought, even when she hadn't faced her feelings for Han Qianqian, but now, she would never do that.

    "I'm the one who married him, if I don't divorce, who can force me."Su Yingxia stood up and said with a strong attitude.

    This scene made the Su family relatives quite surprised, in the past Su Yingxia was never close to Han Qianli, but now she was speaking for Han Qianli!

    Su Haichao had a smile on his face, the more Su Yingxia protected Han Giang, the more opportunities he had to speak righteousness in front of his grandmother.

    "Su Yingxia, when did you become so close to Han Qianli?"Su Haichao said.

    "Su Yingxia, I want you to divorce him, do you dare not?"The old lady's face was extremely gloomy, in her opinion, Su Yingxia was now controlled by Han Qianli, and she was in charge of the west side of the city project, it was only wise to drive Han Qianli out of the Su family at this time.

    She couldn't let Han 3000 secretly control a project as big as the Su family.

    Hearing this, Jiang Lan saw hope, she had long wanted to kick Han 3000 out of the Su Family, just in case the old lady didn't agree, and now that the old lady had spoken, this was a good opportunity.

    But as soon as she wanted to speak, Jiang Lan suddenly covered her mouth.

    The villa was bought by Han Qianxiang, kick Han Qianxiang out of the Su family, what qualifications would she have to live here in the future?

    Even if the couple's property can be divided in half by Su Yingxia, it's not as dignified as living in a hillside villa.

    It seems like we have to find a way to get the property certificate to put only Su Yingxia's name on it, the only way to get Han Giang out of the Su family.

    "Grandmother, I won't agree."Su Yingxia said unwaveringly.

    The old lady almost clenched her back groove teeth and whisked away in anger.

    The Su family's group of relatives also followed the old lady and left the villa.

    "Grandmother, this Su Yingxia really doesn't know how to behave, I have long said that Han Qianqian is likely to covet the Su family's property, and now looking at Su Yingxia's attitude, our Su family won't really fall into the hands of this person with a foreign name in the future, right?"Su Haichao said as he followed the old lady.

    "Su Yingxia could never become the chairman of the company, you immediately help me contact Zhong Liang."The old lady said.

    Su Hachao's face was happy, the old lady personally appeared, as long as the identity of the person in charge of Su Yingxia was crushed, the company in the future was his alone again.

    "Good, I'll immediately go to contact."Su Hachao said.

    Su Yehan looked at Su Hachao with a smile on her face, having the feeling that the plot had been won.

    The villa.

    After walking around a few more times, Jiang Lan returned to the living room and said to Su Yingxia, "Yingxia, I've already chosen the room, the one on the second floor, are you okay with that."

    That was the master bedroom, it should reasonably be hers and Han Qianqian's, but I didn't expect Jiang Lan to turn against them and pick their room.

    "Mom, you ......"

    "Stop it, Guoyao, don't come home with me to pack your things, we'll move in today."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guoyao wasn't as thick-skinned as Jiang Lan, but couldn't resist the temptation of living in the villa and said, "You two young people, is it hard to resist and still want to steal a room from our old man?We're older, we live in a bigger place to avoid stumbling."

    Su Yingxia was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood, how come she didn't see them bumping in that bigger place at home before.

    After the two of them quickly left, Su Yingxia really felt speechless, looked at the empty south wall and said, "How about we find a time and go take wedding photos?"

    Han Marchand had no opinion on which room to stay in, the master bedroom and second bedroom was just a sleep, he was more concerned about Su Yingxia's feelings.

    Of course, the utility room would also be perfect if he could sleep on a bed.

    "I'm not working, I'm free anytime, so it's better for you to arrange a time."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia had always had a question inside, that was how much money Han Three Thousand had, in the past, she didn't feel it was appropriate to ask, after all, the two of them were financially independent, but Han Three Thousand was able to buy the hillside villa, it really made her unable to resist her own curiosity.

    "Can I ask a question?"Su Yingxia asked.

    Han Giangli smiled, guessing what Su Yingxia wanted to ask and said directly, "If I say that buying this villa is just a little bit of pocket money, do you believe me?"

    "En, more than 80 million as pocket money, of course I believe it, so much so that I won't have the slightest doubt."Su Yingxia stared at Han Qianqian and said, this bragging is too exaggerated, who can treat 80 million as pocket money?

    "See, you don't believe me if I tell you, so what can I do,"Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia mistakenly thought that Han Qianqian didn't want to tell the truth to herself, that she might not have much money either, and didn't bother to pursue the question.

    "If you don't have any money in the future, I'll support you."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Three Thousand nodded repeatedly and said, "Of course, you're the person in charge of the west side of the city project now, and I'm counting on you to take me out to eat and drink."

    "Hey."Su Yingxia suddenly sighed and said, "But the way I treated my grandmother today, she shouldn't be able to spare me easily, and I don't know how long I can keep this position."

    "Don't worry, without you, no matter what stage you're at, Weak Water Real Estate will stop working with the Su family, so the old lady won't deprive you of your position."Han Qianqian said.

    Su Yingxia suddenly looked at Han Qianqian and asked, "By the way, is that classmate of yours free recently, we have to thank him properly."

    "Uh ...... him, he's still abroad, in a short time, he shouldn't be back."


Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao both went and returned in less than three hours, the villa had everything, so they only brought back some clothes, and Jiang Lan was very determined, already planning to put the house up on the internet and sell it for cash, it looked like they were going to live here for the rest of their lives, as for the words they had said to Han Qianli before, they had selectively forgotten.

    "This home, it looks empty, I'll come and set it up properly tomorrow."When Jiang Lan said this, neither Han 3000 nor Su Yingxia cared, but a nightmare began.

    The next morning, Han 3000 sent Su Yingxia to work while Jiang Lan went to the flower and bird market and bought back not only many cheap flowers and plants, but also many decorations and bottles and jars that cost tens of dollars each and filled the living room to the brim.

    What was a simple style of decoration, hard to make Jiang Lan transformed into a big mixed-use house, and it had a strong air of cheapness.

    A luxury villa close to hundreds of millions of dollars, if only from the living room, is worth less than a million.

    For all this, Jiang Lan was still complacent and considered himself to have good taste.

    "Look, it's still my good taste, the house will look much better in no time."Jiang Lan looked at his masterpiece with pride.

    Su Guoyao still liked the way it looked before, after being decorated by Jiang Lan, it was unbecoming and not at all high-class, but Jiang Lan liked it, he didn't dare to say anything.

    At the same time, Su Haichao received the old lady at the Su family villa.

    Yesterday, she had arranged to meet with Zhong Liang, and the old lady even asked Su Hachao to accompany him, which showed that the old lady was planning to give Su Hachao the position of the head of the west side of the city project, which made Su Hachao very excited.

    "You behave calmly today, you can convince Zhong Liang, so I have a reason to kick Su Yingxia out of the Su family."The old lady instructed Su Hachao.

    Su Hachao patted his chest and assured, "Grandmother, don't worry, I know what to do."

    After arriving at the Weak Water Property, the two were brought to the conference room by the company's front desk, Su Hachao's excitement was hard to contain.

    This day had finally come, although Su Yingxia had already lived in the hillside villa, but as long as they could drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family, in Su Hachao's opinion, sooner or later they would not be able to live on, and when the time came, it would not be difficult to make Su Yingxia go bankrupt with some tricks.

    He couldn't wait to see Su Yingxia's grizzled face, and Han Giang's begging on the streets must have been something else too.

    After waiting in the conference room for less than ten minutes, Zhong Liang appeared.

    "Brother Zhong."Su Haichao shouted enthusiastically.

    "Boss Zhong, thank you for taking the time to meet us."The old lady said.

    With a professional smile on his face, Zhong Liang said, "Old lady is very kind, if you want to see me, I'll take some time out even if I don't have time."

    Zhong Liang's attitude gave Su Hachao hope, it seemed he still had to give face to the old lady.

    "I don't know what you're looking for me for, what is it?"Zhong Liang asked.

    The old lady spoke up, "It's mainly a matter of cooperation, Su Yingxia's ability is limited, I'm afraid of delaying the project in the west of the city."

    "Su Yingxia's ability is indeed not as strong as I thought, but her learning ability is still good, she has been improving recently and is a responsible person."Zhong Liang said.

    "This girl, it's true that she has a responsible attitude and does everything to the best of her ability, but then, people's abilities are limited, and no matter how much she learns, she has limits, so I'm going to change the person in charge in order for us to work together better."The old lady said.

    As soon as the old lady finished speaking, Su Haichao said, "Brother Zhong, although I didn't participate in this project, I'm very clear about the specific matters of the project, and it can be completely seamless, so you don't have to worry about any problems."

    Seeing that Zhong Liang didn't have any resentment and had a smile on his face, Su Hachao took a reassuring pill and continued, "In the Su family, I have higher rights and deeper knowledge, I can definitely do better than Su Yingxia."

    "You mean, Su Yingxia doesn't have much power in the company and can't do a single thing?"Zhong Liang asked.

    "Of course, what is she, how can a woman be in charge of the company."Su Hachao said.

    Zhong Liang nodded his head, as if he was considering something.

    Su Hachao saw that Zhong Liang was hesitating and continued, "Brother Zhong, you don't need to have any concerns, I can assure you that I will do a better job than Su Yingxia."

    Even when the old lady felt that there was hope for a change in charge, Zhong Liang suddenly stood up and said, "I originally thought that Su Yingxia could speak up in the Su family, but I didn't think that she had no rights, it seems that I do have to consider working with the Su family."

    "Brother Zhong, this decision of yours is definitely wise."Su Haichao didn't notice that Zhong Liang wasn't talking about Su Yingxia, but the Su family, and thought that Zhong Liang had agreed.

    But the old lady heard it clearly, although Su Yingxia represented the Su family, his use of the word Su family here could mean a lot.

    "Boss Zhong, what do you mean ......" asked the old lady.

    "Old lady, I'll tell you the truth, no matter which part of this project has reached, Weak Water Real Estate will not change the person in charge, this is our boss's intention, he doesn't like a project to change around, Su Yingxia has no position in the company, it will definitely delay the progress, after all, everything has to be reported, it will waste a lot of time, this matter, I will tell the boss truthfully.At that time, the boss will decide whether to change partners."Zhong Liang said.

    A thunderbolt from the clear sky hit the old lady and Su Haichao on the head.

    They were just here to talk about changing the person in charge, so how did it become a change of partners!

    "Boss Zhong, I didn't mean that, I'm just worried about Su Yingxia's lack of ability."The old lady said in panic, the project cooperation has already started, this time weak water real estate change partners, for the Su family to say, is a fatal blow, and for the sake of this cooperation, the Su family's previous old customers have no want, all bet on the west of the city project, cooperation interrupted, the Su family must be watery, and may even go bankrupt as a result.

    Su Hachao also panicked, couldn't help but pull Zhong Liang's hand.

    Zhong Liang was full of displeasure, and said coldly: "You don't put Weak Water Property in your eyes, you don't put my boss in your eyes, why does Weak Water Property have to cooperate with the Su family?The first time you guys wanted to change the person in charge without consent, I didn't tell the boss, as a chance to give you Su's a chance.This time you guys still come, if I hide it, if the boss finds out, I won't be able to keep my job."

    The old lady was terrified, her eyes were filled with fear, where she dared to look down on the weak water real estate, she just wanted to drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family, never thought there would be such serious consequences.

    "Boss Zhong, I'm sorry, this is my problem, I apologize to you, I hope you can give the Su family another chance."The old lady said.

    "Old lady, you repeatedly want to change the person in charge to Su Haichao, but I've investigated Su Haichao's background, he's just an uneducated gentleman, I have nothing to do with the destruction of your Su family in his hands, but you want to implicate the Weak Water Property, it's never possible, I'll tell the boss about this matter, it's his decision as to how the boss wants to decide."Zhong Liang said firmly.

    The old lady's intestines were now repentant, if she had known this, she shouldn't have thought like this, what kind of person Su Hachao was, she also knew, but to bury the entire Su family just because of a difference between a man and a woman, the old lady couldn't accept it.

    "Su Hachao, don't apologize to Boss Zhong yet."The old lady said sternly.

    In a panic, Su Hachao actually kneeled down directly to Zhong Liang and said with a prayerful look, "Brother Zhong, I'm sorry, this matter is the fault of the Su family, please give the Su family a chance, we will never change the person in charge again in the future."

    Su Haichao knew that if the cooperation was gone, the Su family would be gone, and he, the Su family's son, was even less of a fart, even if he couldn't drive Su Yingxia out of the Su family, even if he let Su Yingxia continue to be the person in charge of the project, he could still enjoy the current glory and prosperity.

    The word bankruptcy was the worst nightmare for Su Haichao.

    "What's the point of not changing, Su Yingxia can't speak up in the company, her status is humble, and it's just as much of a delay in cooperation."Zhong Liang coldly said.

    "Boss Zhong, don't worry, I will give Su Yingxia the right, in the future, Su Yingxia can make any decision on the west side of the city project, there is no need to inform anyone, not even me."The old lady said.


The old lady was reluctant to do so, because giving Su Yingxia greater rights was not good for the Su family, and even more fatal for Su Hachao.

    Let Su Yingxia infiltrate the company rights level, it will not be so easy to take away in the future, and the west of the city project will last for at least a few years, these years Su Yingxia wants to establish her own prestige in the company, easily.

    But in order to keep the cooperation, she had to do it.

    Because only by cooperating could the Su family survive!

    She would never have come to see Jongliang today if she could have given the old woman a choice, but it was too late now.

    "It's useless for me to say anything, my boss is the only one who can decide this matter."Zhongliang left the office straight away.

    Su Haichao said to the old lady in fear, "Grandmother, what should we do, if the cooperation is gone, wouldn't the Su family be finished!"

    The old lady glared at Su Hachao, if it wasn't for Su Hachao's uselessness, things wouldn't have developed to this point.

    Zhong Liang investigated Su Hachao, and it was because Su Hachao was useless that he refused to change the person in charge.

    "If you don't learn anything in the future, don't try to become the chairman."The old lady said in a cold voice.

    Taking a deep breath, the old lady wasn't sure what the owner of Weak Water Real Estate would actually do, and right now, the only person who could change this matter was Su Yingxia, perhaps there was still a chance for her to make a difference if she stepped in.

    This time the old lady didn't ask Su Hachao to call Su Yingxia, but personally dialed Su Yingxia's number.

    The top floor of Weakwater Real Estate.

    Han Giangli looked at the scenery of Cloud City in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and sighed, "For many people, being able to stand in this position should be enough, right?"

    Standing behind him, Zhong Liang didn't dare to speak casually, Han was hibernating at the age of three thousand twelve, what kind of goals he had was impossible for anyone on the other side to imagine, but Zhong Liang knew that his ambitions were by no means limited to the Han family.

    "What's their reaction?"Han Qianli asked.

    "The old lady decided to give her rights to Su Yingxia, and Su Haichao got on his knees and begged for mercy."Zhong Liang said.

    "It's a bit of a pity that this old lady didn't even kneel down."Han Giangli smiled and said, "This time, grind some time and let them know how important Su Yingxia is."

    "Okay, Young Master."

    Su Yingxia received a call from the old lady at the office and was furious after hearing about their visit to the Weak Water Property and Zhong Liang's attitude.

    Now that the cooperation was going smoothly, they made such a big trouble, even if the owner of Weak Water Real Estate was Han Qianqian's classmate, it wasn't her capital to rub her nose in it ah.

    "Ying Xia, only you can save the Su family this time, think of something, as long as you can salvage this matter, in the future, you have the greatest decision power in the company, you don't need to apply to anyone."The old lady said.

    "Grandmother, you have seen Zhong's attitude with your own eyes, you feel it more realistically than I do, and I'm not sure I can do it this time."Su Yingxia said.

    "Think of something, the Su family's life and death can rest on your shoulders alone, do your best."The old lady said.

    "I know."After Su Yingxia hung up the phone, she sighed heavily.

    Such things as favors were very mysterious, used once less often.

    No matter how good the relationship between Han 3000 and the owner of Weak Water Real Estate was, there was still a time when it would run out, and Su Yingxia didn't know what she had to do to salvage this matter.

    Called Zhongliang, Zhongliang side directly refused to answer, which made Su Yingxia helpless.

    Called a few more times, and it was the same result.

    That afternoon, another meeting was held within the Su family, with the old lady sitting in personally.

    When the rest of the Su family learned that the cooperation was likely to be cancelled, they were on tenterhooks, the Su family was betting heavily on the west side of the city project, and everyone present knew that after the cooperation, the Su family would be finished!

    "Mom, why didn't you discuss this with us beforehand, Zhongliang's attitude was obvious last time, isn't this nothing to look for?"

    "Right grandmother, cooperation is such an important matter, Su Yingxia did a good job, what do you mean you have to let Su Hae Chao get involved."

    "If this cooperation is over, all of us will be implicated, can Su Hae Chao take the responsibility?"

    A group of relatives began to crusade against Su Hachao.

    Su Hachao and Su Guolin both didn't dare to say anything because they knew the serious consequences of this matter.

    "Grandmother, can we find a way to make the person who gave the bride price appear, he should be able to save the Su family."Su Yeh Han said, for the bride-price thing, Su Yeh Han was the most nostalgic about it, and even couldn't wait to take the gold ornaments and jade and that cash back to her home now.

    And now that Su Yingxia is living in a hillside villa, Su Yehan can't wait to get married, only then can she be psychologically balanced.

    The place of residence may not be as good as Su Yingxia's, but her man is definitely more promising than Han Qianli.

    The old lady sighed and shook her head, who in the end sent the bride-price, now there is no seedling at all, and how do you expect him to show up to save the Su family?

    "This matter is indeed a matter of poor consideration on my part."The old lady never admitted her mistakes, no one dared to say anything even if she had done something wrong, but now it was about the safety of the Su family, the old lady was afraid, and she regretted making this matter.

    "It's better to let Su Yingxia think of a solution, last time she was able to solve it, I believe she can still solve it this time."

    "Good, only Su Yingxia can save the Su family now."

    "Where is she, why hasn't she come yet."

    In the past, if Su Yingxia was late for the meeting, they would have already started cursing, but today, not a single person dared to say anything wrong about Su Yingxia, because the hope of the Su Family was on Su Yingxia.

    At this time, Su Yingxia came to the meeting room with a tired face and a helpless look.

    "Yingxia, how are things going."

    "Weak Water Real Estate has agreed to continue working with us, right."

    "Ying Xia has made an appearance, it's definitely fine."

    In the past, this kind of voice would only be spoken against Su Haichao, but it was rare that these wallflowers would say something good about Su Yingxia.

    "I called Zhong many times and went to the Weak Water Property, but the phone didn't answer, and he refused to see me."Su Yingxia said.

    This sentence made everyone's heart cold, if Su Yingxia couldn't even make a difference, the Su family would have to sit and wait for the fate of bankruptcy.

    "How come, is it that you didn't try your best, or didn't show your sincerity."

    "Yingxia, this matter is a matter of the survival of the Su family, you must do your best to do it."

    "This is not the time to joke around, how can you be so inattentive?"

    From the time Su Yingxia knew about this matter, she kept trying to find a way to contact Zhong Liang and also went to the company of Weak Water Real Estate, but Zhong Liang didn't see her and she couldn't do anything about it, but now she's instead being told by these people that she's not trying her best!

    "I'm not trying my best?"Su Yingxia's face was cold, these people who sat back and enjoyed their success, who were they to say that she wasn't doing her best?If it wasn't for the Su family's relatives, they wouldn't have the right to sit here.

    A corpse with a bone attached to it.

    "I was blown out of Weak Water Real Estate's company, and you guys said that I didn't try my best.I called Zhong Liang countless times and he refused to pick up, and you guys say I'm not trying my best.If you're capable of doing so, you should resolve this matter yourself."

    The quacking Su family relatives shut up one by one, they can't afford to solve this matter, and if it fails, it will be the ancient sin of the Su family, who originally intended to take the blame somehow.

    The old lady had a lot of opinions about Su Yingxia and didn't want to see Su Yingxia holding real power in the company, but at this juncture, she could only put aside all her preconceptions.

    "Yingxia, you'd better think of something, now the Su family, it's all up to you."The old lady's spirits were half gone, her spirit was depressed, and the thought that the Su family might decline was even more unpleasant, she didn't have the heart to worry about who would be the heir to the Su family's chairmanship in the future, she only wanted to tide over the difficult situation in front of her.

    "Grandmother, I'm also a member of the Su family, I will definitely do my best to keep the Su family."Su Yingxia said.

    The old lady nodded and said to the others, "If Yingxia can save the Su family this time, she will be in full charge of the west side of the city project from now on, you will all be at her disposal, does anyone have any comments?"

    There are a lot of people with opinions, and no one wants to be stepped on by Su Yingxia, but at this juncture, who would dare to speak nonsense?

    "Grandmother, we're fine with it."

    "Mom, I don't have a problem with it either, I just hope that Ying Xia can resolve this matter as soon as possible."


Su Yingxia was able to get the support of all the people, and it was a miraculous first time in the internal meeting of the Su family.

    After the meeting ended, Su Haichao returned to his office unwillingly, he knew that once Su Yingxia made this thing, then his position in the company would plummet, not to mention being stepped on by Su Yingxia in the future, but it was also very likely that it would shake things to the point where he would become the chairman of the board in the future.

    "No, I must think of a way out of this predicament."Su Haichao said through gritted teeth.

    At this time, Su Guolin came to the office company, also full of reluctance.

    "Su Yingxia is now living in a hillside villa, and she still has to control the company's power, it's so infuriating."Su Guolin said indignantly.

    "Dad, help me think of a way, I have to take back the power, otherwise we can only behave in a low voice in front of Su Yingxia."Su Hachao said.

    Su Guolin sighed, he didn't want to, but the current situation, there was nothing that could be done, and the old lady had spoken, so no one could reverse it.

    "Hai Chao, I came to find you, not to help you think of a solution, but to remind you that you should never mess up during this time."Su Guolin said.

    "Dad."Su Haichao slapped his palm on the desk and got up angrily, "Do you want me to accept my fate?"

    "Hai Chao, if you give Su Yingxia trouble on this matter of cooperation, have you thought about what the consequences would be?If the Su family goes bankrupt, we're all ruined."Su Guolin said.

    Su Haichao's hideous face gnashing his teeth, hating to kill Su Yingxia, but Su Guolin's words he understood what they meant, cooperation was vital, not allowing half a mistake, even if he could really think of a way, he would never dare to try.

    If the Su family lived or died, it was his life or death!

    And if the old lady knew that he was causing trouble, he would have even less status in the Su family, at least now the old lady is still on his side, but was forced to give his rights to Su Yingxia.

    Su Yehan pushed open the office door and walked in.

    "Hai Chao, we still have one more way."Su Yeh Han said.

    "What way?"

    "You help me find the person who sent the bride-price, only he might be able to change the Su family's current situation."Su Yeh Han said, she couldn't tolerate living under Su Ying Xia's feet, the only one who could make her turn over a new leaf was the mysterious Han family gentleman, as long as he was willing to appear, the situation of the Su family would definitely change.

    Su Yingxia's control of the Weak Water Property's cooperation was good, but if a stronger capital entered the Su Family, would the Su Family still worry about losing the cooperation?

    Su Haichao sunken face, this mysterious next hire is indeed a breakthrough, and among the women of the Su family's late generation, Su Yingxia is the only one to get married, that is to say, the appointment gift is related to everyone, but only she did not have a part.

    Even if the person he values isn't Su Yihan, as long as he's willing to fund the Su family, Su Yingxia won't be able to cover the sky with one hand in the company.

    "Good, I will have people do their best to look into this matter."Su Haichao responded in one breath.

    Su Yeh Han smiled happily, she had decided that the other party was interested in her, so as long as she could find this mysterious gentleman, she could continue to be high in front of Su Ying Xia.

    By the end of the day's point, Han Qianli drove to Mo Yang's kiosk, this ordinary and uncommon boss was still the same as before, but there was clearly more hostility between his eyebrows.

    "There's no shortage of bad things to do."Han Marchiang took out a cigarette and handed it to Mo Yang.

    Mo Yang wrinkled his nose and smiled bitterly, "I didn't want to do anything that crossed the border, but I can't help it, these people aren't very obedient ah, they won't shed a tear until they see the coffin."

    Han 3,000 swallowed a mouthful of smoke, exhaling thick smoke rings, and said, "How lucky did you have to be to be the boss of Cloud City before, do you not use your fists in the grey area, do you rely on your mouth?"

    Mo Yang accosted a smile and said, "In the past, when we casually played a few traps, where was the need to make a move, but not anymore, we're all smart."

    "I didn't see it, you're still a person who plays with the city, killing people without blood, master."Han Giangli smiled.

    "That."Mo Yang proudly raised his eyebrows and continued, "When will you bring your siblings out for a meal?"

    Han Qianli shook her head and said, "For the time being, don't let her get in touch with these things, you don't have to help her intentionally, the mall is best if you can keep the grey areas out of it."

    Han Three Thousand knew that Mo Yang's so-called meal was not as simple as a meal, it was to let Su Yingxia mix things up and avoid people who were not long-sighted from messing with Su Yingxia.

    But in Han Three Thousand's opinion, it wasn't necessary yet.

    Mo Yang nodded and didn't say anything more.

    To the point, Han three thousand drive to the company entrance, soon the sad face of Su Yingxia on the car.

    Sighing once and again.

    "When I was young, the old man told me that every time I sigh, I lose some meat, are you trying to lose weight?"Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Yingxia wasn't in the mood to joke with Han Giangxi right now, and sighed heavily again before saying, "Grandma and Su Haichao did something stupid, and now they want me to fix it, but I can't fix it either."

    "What's going on?"Han Qianliang was confused and asked.

    Su Yingxia told Han 3000 about the stupid thing the old lady and Su Haichao did, and said, "Do you think they are looking for trouble for nothing, a good cooperation, they have to add trouble, now it's good, Zhong Liang doesn't even answer my calls, and he doesn't see me, and the cooperation has been delayed."

    "This ...... can be troublesome ah, that old classmate of mine is not in China, I can't reach him now."Han Giangli said with a frown.

    Su Yingxia's afterglow sneaked a glance at Han Three Thousand, although she didn't have the cheek to directly ask Han Three Thousand to help, but after saying so much, it was actually a side note, she didn't think he couldn't help, that would be really finished.

    "Three Thousand."Su Yingxia shouted in a gentle tone.

    Han Qianqian's heart moved, forcing a smile from the corners of his mouth, and said, "What's wrong?"

    Su Yingxia's face turned red without realizing it, biting her lower lip, unable to say a word in the middle of the day.

    Han Giangli was in no hurry and waited quietly.

    "Can you ...... help me?"Su Yingxia finally squeezed the words out of her mouth.

    Han Giangli pretended not to hear and drove without looking away.

    The red-faced Su Yingxia continued, "If you're willing to help me, how about I let you sleep in the bed?"

    In the end, the words had been very small, like a mosquito.

    But Han Giangli heard them very clearly, and couldn't help but gulp, his handling of this matter was just to let the Su family know how important Su Yingxia was, but he didn't expect to be able to break through his relationship with Su Yingxia, which was an unexpected gain.

    "Good."Han Giangli said without hesitation.

    Su Yingxia's heart was pounding, and the deer was burying its head all the way back home.

    This matter had Han Three Thousand's presence, the chances of salvaging it were a little greater, Su Yingxia was not too worried about cooperation, but her heart was a little worried about what would happen if she shared a bed with Han Three Thousand.

    Although Su Yingxia is the proud daughter of heaven, there are countless suitors, but the only time she fell in love, have to go back to junior high school, and that time of pure affection, she was just holding hands with that boy, but now to face, but a very important change.

    Su Yingxia wasn't sure she was ready for it, but this should have been a normal thing between couples, and there was something inside her that she didn't want to admit, but was an undeniable fact, and that was to use this as a breakthrough in her relationship with Han Qianli.

    The more she thought about it, the more scared she became, and there was still some anticipation.

    But what about hearing someone say that it was a painful thing to do!

    No matter, let's talk about it then.

    They returned to the hillside villa, and when the villa door opened, Han Giangli and Su Yingxia were confused.

    The living room was filled with bottles and jars of cheap decorations, instantly bringing down the taste of the entire villa.

    Su Yingxia took a step back, even wondering if she was in the wrong place.

    "This ...... "Han Giangli was too speechless to say anything.

    After Su Yingxia regained consciousness, she guessed who had done this and entered the house in a rage.

    Jiang Lan still had a complacent expression, and couldn't wait to show off when she saw Su Yingxia, "How about it, is this home better looking, it's all thanks to my careful arrangement."


"Mom, where did you get these pieces of junk."Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan with a grumbling face, being so messed up by her, the house was like a junkyard for collecting wasteland, it was completely devoid of its previous style.

    "What rags and tatters, this was all bought by me at my own expense."Jiang Lan was immediately unhappy when she heard this, carefully selected, and only after half a day of grinding and bargaining with the boss to buy these things back, Su Yingxia even said it was shabby.

    "Living in a villa with tens of millions of dollars, aren't you being laughed at if you buy a bunch of things that cost tens of dollars to put in your home?And where does it look good, it's just like the junkyard."Su Yingxia was so angry, Han 3000 must have spent a lot of energy to decorate, but Jiang Lan did this and ruined all the layout of the decoration.

    "Too cheap?OK."Jiang Lan held out her hand to Su Yingxia and said, "You give me money and I'll buy you something nice back."

    "You ......" Su Yingxia was so angry that she didn't know what to say, and said, "It's unbelievable."

    "This is my home, can't I even decorate it carefully?"Jiang Lan said brazenly.

    Su Yingxia returned to her room on the first floor and slammed the door.

    Jiang Lan still felt that her efforts were not in vain, the home did look much better and wouldn't look empty, and asked Han Qianqian, "Doesn't it look good?"

    Han Qianqian smiled bitterly and said, "It's fine if you feel like it."

    Jiang Lan glared at Han Qianqian and said, "Don't think that just because you bought this villa, you can make decisions at home, you made the Su family suffer humiliation for three years, we also suffered along with it, it's only natural to compensate us."

    For Jiang Lan's shamelessness, Han Qianli was already used to it, she said such words, Han Qianli wasn't surprised at all, in her eyes anyway, everything was taken for granted.

    "Alright, alright, you can cut the crap."Su Guoyao stopped Jiang Lan, although he was shamelessly living in the villa, he couldn't do it if he was allowed to boss Han 3,000 around like before, after all, this was the villa Han 3,000 had paid for.

    "What less to say, shouldn't you?"Jiang Lan pushed Su Guoyao away and continued to say to Han Three Thousand, "I don't know where you got the money, but hand it all over now and I'll give you an extra thousand yuan a month to live on from now on."

    Han 3,000 could be tolerant, but it didn't mean that Jiang Lan had the right to rub her nose in it.

    "If you want to live, live honestly, I'll give Su Yingxia face and let you live here, but that doesn't mean you can control me."Han Qianli coldly said.

    Jiang Lan looked at Han Qianli's icy gaze and suddenly felt guilty, not daring to say a word, and could only watch Han Qianli return to her room.

    It was only when Han Qianli closed the door that Jiang Lan's expression became gloomy and said to Su Guoyao, "This Han Qianli is getting more and more ungrateful, let's see how I'll deal with him in the future."

    "You ...... hey."Su Guoyao sighed as he wanted to stop talking.

    Back in the room Han 3000 looked at Su Yingxia who even cried in anger, the coldness on his face even more, no one can make Su Yingxia cry, even Jiang Lan is not qualified.

    "Three thousand, I'm sorry, my mother is too much."Su Yingxia said pear-shaped to Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian walked up to Su Yingxia and stroked her head, her voice gentle, "Don't be angry, what's the point of bothering with her so much, after all, it's your mother."

    "But, but the house was messed up like this by her, a waste of your carefully planned decoration."Su Yingxia said.

    "Just throw these things out."Han Giangli gave the property department a call.

    It didn't take long for the property department to send a few people.

    After Jiang Lan opened the door, she was still baffled as to what was happening.

    Until those people started touching the things she had bought, Jiang Lan directly got mad, "What are you doing, touching our things at home?"

    The security guards in the property department were all so tall that Jiang Lan only dared to shout and didn't dare to go up to stop them, fully demonstrating that she was a strong-mouthed person.

    Only after all the things she had bought were emptied did Han Three Thousand walked out of the room.

    "Han Three Thousand, you still won't stop them, they're robbing in broad daylight, this is what I paid for."Jiang Lan was so anxious that she was like an ant on a hot pan, and said to Han Three Thousand.

    "They're the ones I called in."Han Qianli said indifferently.

    "What!"Jiang Lan was stunned, then became furious and questioned, "Han 3,000, what do you mean, just say it if you despise these things I've bought."

    "Yes, I do despise them."Han Qianli coldly said.

    "You immediately tell them to move my things back, or else ...... "Telling you to get out of the three words to her mouth, Jiang Lan didn't say anything, because this villa has nothing to do with her, how is she qualified to tell Han 3000 to get out, this isn't her shabby neighborhood.

    "From today onwards, if you dare to touch anything in the house again, don't blame me for being rude to you."Han Qianli turned to Su Guoyao with a frosty face and continued, "And you, mind your woman, remember, this is my Han Qianli's home, no one can move without my permission."

    Jiang Lan was stunned in place, Han Qianqian's strength made her lose all her guts to spill her guts, when did this wimp become so rampant in her home!

    It was only after Han Qianqian had returned to the room again that Jiang Lan jumped straight to her feet and said to Su Guoyao, "Look at him, look at him, it's just that he bought a villa, and now his wings are hardened and he doesn't even care about me, Su Guoyao, go teach him a lesson for me, let him know who's in charge of this house."

    "Can you stop being unreasonable."Su Guoyao said helplessly.

    "Be unreasonable!"Jiang Lan walked up to Su Guoyao and punched Su Guoyao one after another, not the flirting kind, but with all her strength, and said, "How dare you call me unreasonable, is this matter my fault?I'm his elder, what right does he have to talk to me like that?"

    "It's an elder, at least you look like an elder, look at you, do you look like an elder?And this house is his, Jiang Lan, Jiang Lan, why do you feel that you can still ride on him to this day, can't you see that he's not the same as before?"Su Guoyao said.

    "What's the difference, it's not still a wimp."Jiang Lan said.

    Su Guoyao grabbed Jiang Lan's hand, even the mudblood had a fire, let alone a living person, and if they let Jiang Lan fool around any longer, they would be kicked out of the villa sooner or later.

    "Yes, he's a wimp, and I'm a wimp too.But the place you're living now, he bought it, and he wants to kick you out, so what right do you have to rely on it?Is your name on the title deed?"Su Guoyao said.

    When she heard the three words real estate certificate, the first thing that came to Jiang Lan's mind wasn't that this house was headed by Han Qianliang, but that she had to get Su Yingxia's name on the real estate certificate as soon as possible, preferably her name alone, only then she wouldn't have to worry about being evicted by Han Qianliang.

    "Wanting to drive away my mother, no way."Lan Jiang sneered.

    "I want you to know that I'm the only one in charge of this family, Jiang Lan."

    The next day, after dropping Su Yingxia off at the office, Han 3,000 went to the manpower market.

    There were many job seekers here, and Han 3,000 intended to find a cooking maid for the family, although Zhang Ling Hua was a good choice, she had to bring Zhang Tianxin with her after all, and the Genting Mountain villa area had strict rules, in case Zhang Tianxin ran off to someone else's territory, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble, based on this, Han 3,000 had to give up on this idea.

    Not long after entering the manpower market, Han Three Thousand discovered that there was a surge of people heading in one direction, and there should be something lively to see.

    Han 3,000 was also a mundane person with a fleshly body, so she inevitably had the curiosity to keep up with the crowd.

    Squeezing into the crowd, Han 3,000 saw a slightly older, middle-aged woman, probably in her forties, kneeling on the ground, and beside her stood a rich woman of similar age who appeared to be wearing gold and silver.

    "Everyone take a look, it's her dirty hands and feet, cleaning in my house, all my tens of thousands of pieces of gold and silver jewelry are gone, and now the cleaning company has skimmed the responsibility cleanly, and she's a poor devil who can't afford to pay for it, you guys help me judge whether such a company should close down, and whether such an employee should die."


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