The Unknown Heir Chen 948-951


Chapter 948

After the four of them arrived at the night market, they directly found a stall and sat down.

"Wow, I didn't expect such a place to exist in the city, I'm really surprised!"

As soon as he sat down, Lei Lie couldn't help but scream out.

Lei Lie had never been to a place like this before, and had no idea that such a place existed at all.

"Lei Lie, thanks to the fact that you still went to college here, you didn't even know about this place, you really did go to college these past few years for nothing!"

Chen Hao couldn't help but poke fun at Lei Lie as well.


Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie himself laughed out loud and stretched out his hand to touch the back of his head.

"Hehe, brother Chen, this shows that I'm not a playful person, but I'm very honest and peaceful."

Lei Lie gave himself a very high evaluation and said.

However, his words instantly drew the blank stares of the three Chen Hao.

The three of them felt that Lei Lie was really not an ordinary person when it came to his narcissism sometimes.

At this moment, the stall's owner's wife came over with a menu.

"Come, two handsome men, two beautiful women, see what you want to eat, there is a discount today oh!"

The boss lady smiled and looked at the four of Chen Hao and said.

"Really?That's great, Brother Chen, then I'll take the liberty of paying for it anyway!"

As soon as Lei Lie heard this, he was pleasantly surprised and immediately took over the menu, took a look at Chen Hao and said.

Chen Hao also didn't say anything, but also still had Lei Lie order.

Chen Hao wasn't too badly off anyway, so it was fine to treat the guests.

Soon, Lei Lie had ordered a large pile of food.

"I'll go, Lei Lie, you ordered so much, can the four of us finish it?"

After reading Lei Lie's order, Zhen Ji couldn't help but ask.

"Don't worry, Miss Zhen, you've underestimated my appetite, trust me, you can definitely finish it!"

Lei Lie patted his own chest towards Zhen Ji and nodded firmly and said.

Zhen Ji had no choice but to do whatever Lei Lie did, really hoping that it was as Lei Lie himself said that he could finish the food.

After about ten minutes or so, all the dishes were served.

After the dishes were served, the four of them immediately began to gobble them up.

Lei Lie was even more exaggerated and ate very crazily.

"Hey hey hey, Lei Lie, can't you have some decency, eating like you haven't eaten for hundreds of years, like a starving ghost!"

Chen Hao was really crying as he looked at Lei Lie to remind him.

Lei Lie's mouth was full of food and his gills were bulging on both sides as he raised his head to look at Chen Hao.

"Brother Chen, I'm just so hungry, you have to know that we both haven't eaten all day!"

Lei Lie responded towards Chen Hao as he chewed the food in his own mouth.

"Ugh.You kid, you really don't want any image at all!"

Chen Hao helplessly shook his head and sighed.

However, Chen Hao wasn't going to complain and blame Lei Lie, instead, he felt that Lei Lie was a genuine person who wouldn't seem to be acting very much, and that such a person would be easy to get along with.

"Right, Chen Hao, what's our plan next?"

At that moment, Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Finally, the four of them were about to start discussing some business, and their stomachs were almost filled with a little something anyway, so they could talk while eating.

"Next we are going to change the venue, this office to him for a new venue, then I am going to set up a club, this will help us to grow our strength, and also help many people to solve some supernatural matters."

Chen Hao watched as Zhen Ji and the three of them spoke out their thoughts.

Ever since helping the Military Intelligence Department solve cases today, a bold idea had arisen in Chen Hao's mind.

Since the Military Intelligence Department dealt with human-to-human matters, Chen Hao could set up a firm that specialized in dealing with spiritual matters so that more people would come to them to deal with matters.

Compared to the previous project of their original firm, the next thing and trouble would be even more, because the door to the spirit world had already opened.

After hearing Chen Hao's proposal, Zhen Ji and the three of them also didn't have any opinions and all of them nodded their heads for a while to show their support and approval.

"Mm, I think you have a good idea!"

Zhen Ji also looked at Chen Hao and spoke.

"That's right, the next training for the two of you, Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo, has officially begun, and you Miss Zhen and I will be training you individually, and will also let you fight in actual combat, so you must prepare yourselves mentally!"

Chen Hao then looked at Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo again to remind them.

After hearing that, Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo looked at each other and then nodded slightly at the same time.

"Mm, I know, brother Chen, we will definitely not let you down!"

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao with a very determined look as he responded.

In fact, Lei Lie had been waiting for this moment to finally arrive, where he could finally go and learn all the skills about ghost spirits.

Although today had made Lei Lie a little scared, it could be considered an experience that was truly rare.



Just as the four of Chen Hao were having fun eating and drinking and talking, only the sound of a smashing sound reached the ears of the four of them.

The sound instantly caught the attention of the four of them.

The four of them cast their eyes towards the place where the sound came from at the same time.

They saw a group of menacing people with sticks in their hands, constantly smashing the surrounding stalls as they walked along, looking very vicious.

Upon seeing this scene, the four of them, Chen Hao, could not help but furrow their brows.

The four of them did not expect to come out for a dinner to encounter this kind of trouble.

At this moment, the owner's wife of the stall was already starting to look nervous and panicked, so she quickly packed up her things.

"Boss lady, why are you in such a hurry to clean up, we haven't even finished eating yet?"

Lei Lie was then surprised and looked at the boss lady and asked.

The owner's wife looked at Lei Lie and then spoke hurriedly to explain, "No, no, no, I'll treat you guys today."

After saying that, the owner's wife had already gathered some ingredients and then was ready to push her cart away.

"Boss lady, who the hell are those people?Why are you so afraid of those people?"

Chen Hao was also curious and asked towards the boss's wife.

The boss lady was so panicked, it must be because of the arrival of that group of people, so this made Chen Hao curious as to who these people were.

"Alas, they are people from Hong Xin Tang, who specialize in collecting protection fees here, let's not talk about it, we'll leave first!"

The boss lady just spoke towards Chen Hao and then hurriedly carted away.

"Stop her for me!"

But right here, an angry roar rang out.

A few seconds later, several men with sticks rushed up to block the owner's wife's cart, and then they were back to surrounding her and her woman.


"You still want to run, little sissy?"

A man with a scar on his face walked up to the boss's wife and said with a gloomy and angry face.

"Brother, we're just a small business, we really don't have any money to give you!"

The owner's wife quickly responded with an aggrieved look at Scarlet.

"Heh, cut the crap with me!"

Scarlet cursed with a sneer.


After saying that, Scarlet smacked the boss's wife in the face.

Instantly the boss's wife staggered, took two steps backwards and hit the cart heavily.


Seeing her mother being beaten up, the boss's daughter snapped out, and even held her mother in concern.

"You bastards, you even beat women!"

Then the boss's woman turned her head and glared angrily at Scarlet and roared.

"Yo, little sissy, this is your daughter, isn't she, she's really pretty watery looking!"

When he saw the boss's wife's daughter, he immediately made the scar man reveal a sinister expression and spoke.

The scar man walked forward as he spoke, reaching out his hand and directly grabbed the boss's wife's daughter's hand and dragged her over.

"Let go of me, bastard, what do you want?"

The boss lady's daughter shouted loudly as she tried to break free.

Unfortunately, how could she, with such a thin and frail body, be able to free herself from Scarlet's hand?

The boss's wife now saw the situation and quickly rushed up.

"Big brother, big brother, let my daughter go, I'll give you the money."

The boss lady shouted slightly cryptically, and then she quickly snatched her daughter back from the scar man's hand and protected her behind.

Scarlet's lips lifted in a wry fox smile.

"Oh, I don't want to ask for money now, how about this, how about you two mother and daughter follow me and serve me from now on, and I'll make sure you eat and drink spicy food, what do you think?"

Scarman looked at the boss lady and her daughter with an evil smile and suggested.

For money, Scarlet Man was more interested in people, he wanted to get the boss's wife and daughter.

Hearing this, the boss's wife and daughter were both shocked, they knew they were not destined to escape this trouble tonight.

"Let's do it this way big brother, you let my daughter go, I'll go with you!"

The owner's wife then suggested towards Scarlet, she chose to sacrifice herself to save her daughter, after all, her daughter was still an innocent and she didn't want her daughter to suffer humiliation.

"Mud, still bargaining with me!"

Scarlet roared in anger again after hearing that.

"Take them all!"

Then Scarlet Man gave an order to his boys behind him, since the soft ones couldn't do it, he could only come up with tougher measures.

When they heard Scar Man's order, the little brothers rushed forward and dragged the boss's wife and daughter away.

At this time, no one around dared to come out to help the mother and daughter, who didn't want to cause any trouble to get into trouble.

"Hey, stop!"

Just at this moment, a man's voice rang out.

Instantly, everyone cast their eyes away.

Upon looking, they saw that Lei Lie was actually standing right in front of Scarlet and the others, pointing at Scarlet and the others and shouting.

When they heard Lei Lie's shout, Scarlet Man and the others suddenly locked their eyes on him.

"Where do people who aren't afraid of death pop up, boy, don't mind your own business, eat something!"

Scarlet stared coldly at Lei Lie and snapped in anger.

"You bastards, this is too much, a bunch of grown men bullying two women, what kind of men are you!"

Lei Lie snapped at the Scarlet Man trio.

To be honest, the three of them, Chen Hao, hadn't actually expected Lei Lie to take the initiative to stand up.

"Kid, I think you're tired of living, aren't you?Do you know who I am?How dare you meddle in my affairs?"

The scarred man glared fiercely at Lei Lie and preached.

"I don't care who you are, let them go, or I'll call the military machine department and make you all suffer!"

Lei Lie said with great vigor, and as he did so, he pulled out his phone from inside his pocket, just as if he was going to make a call.


When they heard Lei Lie's words, Scarlet and the others burst out laughing.

This laughter was filled with mockery.

"Kid, do you think we're out to fool around?I'm afraid you'll call the AA?Come on, come on, you type one for me!"

Rather than being afraid, Scarlet scoffed even more.

Lei Lie was also slightly shocked, he didn't expect these people to actually not be afraid.

After saying that, Scarlet waved his hand to indicate that a few of his younger brothers were coming straight towards Lei Lie.

Lei Lie subconsciously took a step back.


Right at that moment, a large hand patted Lei Lie's shoulder.

Only then did Lei Lie react and take a look at Chen Hao standing behind him.

"Brother Chen."

Lei Lie whispered and shouted towards Chen Hao.

"You sit down and leave the rest to me!"

Chen Hao spoke indifferently towards Lei Lie and then pressed Lei Lie down to sit in his seat.

Lei Lie wasn't talking much, he knew that since Chen Hao was on his way out, he would definitely be fine.

Chen Hao wasn't the ruthless and cold-blooded type, and Lei Lie had already done what he wanted to do, so the rest was even simpler, to teach Scarlet's gang a lesson.

The words fell, and Chen Hao dashed straight out.

Chen Hao was extremely fast and turned into a black shadow and rushed into the crowd.


With a palm blow, Chen Hao directly shocked a few of his younger brothers.

Seeing this scene, Scarlet was also shocked, he didn't expect Chen Hao to be so powerful.

"Mud, all of them!"

Scarlet Man directly ordered towards the remaining little brothers.

But it was too late, Chen Hao had already knocked over all of Scarlet's little brothers on the ground, leaving Scarlet standing alone.

To be honest, whenever Chen Hao had knocked over his own little brothers had been left unseen by Scarlet Man.

Scarlet Man had a great sense of fear in his heart for a moment, and he knew that he had encountered a powerful person this time.

A gust of cold wind cut through and Chen Hao appeared in front of Scarlet, staring straight at Scarlet.

"Bring your people and get out of here, or I'll make you roll to God!"

Chen Hao stared at Scarlet with a single word of warning.

Scarlet Man's throat rolled in fear before nodding his head for a while.

Then, Scarlet Man hurriedly fled with all of his little brothers, as pitiful as a street rat.

Only after Scarlet Man and the others left did Chen Hao walk towards the boss lady and her daughter.

"Boss Lady, it's alright!"

Chen Hao smiled as he looked at the mother and daughter of the boss and reminded them.

"Thank you, thank you!"

The boss lady also looked at Chen Hao and thanked him.

"There's no need to be polite, it's what I should do."

Chen Hao also responded with a humble response.

To be honest, Chen Hao had wanted to be busy at first, but he hadn't expected to let Lei Lie get ahead of him.

Only in the end, he had to let Chen Hao take care of the trouble, after all, Lei Lie didn't have the strength to exist like Chen Hao, so he could only fight on the surface.


"Boss lady, go on with your stall, the four of us aren't even full yet!"

Chen Hao again looked at the owner's wife and suggested.

"Hey, good, good, then I'll prepare food for you guys right away!"

The owner's wife also immediately reacted with a smile and said.

Joking aside, people had saved them, so of course, the boss lady was made to care about the stall, so she hurriedly made it up.

It was only after a while that the owner's wife brought another large plate of food and placed it on the table of the four of Chen Hao.

"Here, this is all on me for you today, thank you so much for your help today!"

The owner's wife looked at the four of Chen Hao and narrated.

"Boss lady, you're too kind, it's nothing to us!"

At that moment, without waiting for the three of Chen Hao to speak, Lei Lie was the first to speak.

Hearing Lei Lie's words, the three of Chen Hao also cast their eyes towards Lei Lie at once, thinking that this brat was too thick-skinned.

"Well, that's fine, you guys eat first, you can tell me if you don't have enough!"

The boss lady would smile before turning away and returning to her stall to continue her work.

"Lei Lie you brat don't be so impulsive in the future okay!"

As soon as the old gang mother left, Zhen Ji glared at Lei Lie and counted down.

Being counted by Zhen Ji like this, Lei Lie was embarrassed and touched his head.

"Oh, Miss Zhen, I'm just trying to be brave, aren't I!"

Lei Lie also looked at Zhen Ji and explained.

"It's good for you to be brave, but you should also consider your own strength ah, if it wasn't for your brother Chen being here today, I'd see how you'd end up today!"

Zhen Ji continued to grumble at Lei Lie.

It wasn't that everyone was unwilling to help in many cases, but because they really didn't have the strength to come forward.

In the face of so many dozen people holding sticks, who dared not be afraid of death to come forward.

"Hehe, I know Miss Zhen, I will definitely not do that next time, I will just leave it to my brother Chen!"

Lei Lie also responded with a heezy smile, before looking at Chen Hao.

"Lei Lie, you did a good job this time and deserve praise, but in the future, you should consider your own true situation before making decisions on these matters, so don't be too impulsive."

Chen Hao also praised towards Lei Lie before reminding Lei Lie.

A compliment was a compliment and a reminder was a reminder, the two could be different.

"Well, brother Chen, I remember your words!"

Lei Lie also nodded his head in understanding and responded.

Lei Lie also knew the meaning of Chen Hao's words, meaning that he should wait until he had the strength to do these things, just like Chen Hao, he could deal with a dozen or so by himself, and even if he couldn't deal with a dozen or so, it would be good to deal with a few.

Soon, the four of them ate for another half hour before they got up and left.

As they left, Chen Hao insisted on giving the money to the boss's wife, who had no choice but to take it.

Of course, Chen Hao also knew that it was not easy for the two of them, one person had to take care of the stall as well as his own daughter, it was so hard, so Chen Hao would never refuse to give the money.

After giving the money, Chen Hao and the four of them left to return to their own residence.

After returning to their residence, the four of them went back to their own rooms to rest.

Everyone was tired after a long day's work.

However, Chen Hao did not rest just like that, he had other things to do, and that was to take care of Hong Xin Tang, that is, Scarlet Man's group of people at night.

These people must not be kept, keeping them would be a disaster, and would only bring trouble and panic to the society.

So.That's why Chen Hao directly went out of his soul and turned into a ghost spirit and flew out, directly towards the place where Hong Xin Tang was.

Tonight was destined to be another extraordinary night, and some people were destined to disappear from this world.

Soon, Chen Hao flew over Hong Xin Hall.

Hong Xin Hall, was a hall with thugs from the society, the hall master was named Ge Lie, a ruthless man, and it was said that he had never been called over for tea by the Military Intelligence before.

At this time, Hong Xin Hall was inside.

I saw that Scarlet Man and the others who had been taught a lesson by Chen Hao before were kneeling inside Hongxin Hall.

"Hall Master, I'm sorry, we're useless, we were beaten back!"

The scarred man lowered his head and said with an aggrieved face towards Ge Li who was sitting on the chair.

"Rubbish, it's all a bunch of rubbish, so many of you are still not a match for one person, it's a shame to say it, it's really a disgrace to our Hong Xin Hall!"

Ge Li was also coldly staring at Scarlet and the others as he scolded them.

The people at the bottom were so scolded that they didn't dare to open their mouths and lowered their heads, not even having the courage to look at Ge Li.

"Hall Master, that man's strength is really too powerful, we don't even have a chance to react!"

Scarlet also said helplessly.

"Heh, that's all your excuses, you're not as good as the others and you're still dying to admit it, what good is it to have you!"

Ge Li wouldn't believe Scarlet's words and snorted with a sneer once again.

In fact, if not, if Ge Lie was there, I'm afraid he himself would have been surprised.

"We have lost a great deal of face in this matter today, we must find a way to get it back, you guys go and give me a good investigation, who the hell is that person who dares to oppose our Hong Xin Hall like this, he's really tired of living!"

Ge Li then ordered angrily towards Scarlet.

"Yes, Hall Master, we will definitely investigate!"

Scarlet nodded respectfully as well.

"No, you don't have to look for it, I'm coming straight to you!"

Just at this moment, a voice rang out of thin air from the surroundings.

Hearing this voice caused all of Ge Li and the others to be surprised, no one knew exactly who was speaking, and they didn't even see a shadow.

"Who?Who's talking?Get out here!"

Ge Li also stood up immediately and looked around and roared.


In the next second, a crisp slap sliced through, and Ge Li was directly smacked out of the room.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked once again.

Everyone didn't know exactly how Ge Lie had flown out.

Scarlet was even more terrified, completely unaware of what had happened.

Then, a gust of cold wind passed in front of Scarlet's face.

In the next second, Scarlet Man's throat was covered with a bloodstain.

Scarlet's eyes widened, and he reached out his hand and squeezed his neck.

A few seconds later, Scarlet Man fell directly into a pool of blood.

At this time, Goliath had also eased up and climbed up from the ground.

When he saw Scarlet Man fall in a pool of blood, it surprised him as well.

No sooner had he reacted, there was also an additional gash on his throat, and blood continued to flow out.

Then Ge Li also collapsed in a pool of blood just like Scarlet.

The inexplicable deaths of the two instantly made the surrounding minions explode, and all of them fled the scene with shouts.

Chen Hao, who was in a state of blindness at this point, stood with a cold face as he looked at the corpses of both Ge Li and Scarlet.


For Chen Hao, these two people just deserved to die.

Rather than having them come to trouble him, Chen Hao would have been better off just coming to kill these two people beforehand.

After looking at them for a few seconds, the Ghost Cave token came back in Chen Hao's hand.

With a vigorous wave, Chen Hao used the Ghost Cave Token to directly ashes the remaining souls of these two.

There would be no need for people like them to reincarnate, just eternal immortality.

After dealing with this, Chen Hao left directly.

Chen Hao knew that the next day, major news would show the news of the death of Hong Xin Hall's Hall Master, which would definitely shock the city then.

Most people, however, would feel that they had been meted out retribution in a big way.

After returning to his residence, Chen Hao returned to his body, then rested and slept.

The next day, a ringing phone woke Chen Hao up.

After being woken up, Chen Hao picked it up and saw that it was from Li Yuehe.

As soon as he saw that it was Li Yuehe calling, Chen Hao had probably already guessed something, it must be because of the murder of Hong Xin Hall's master yesterday and wanted to come to his aid.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Chen Hao answered the call.

"Hello?Li Jun Branch!"

Chen Hao picked up the phone and greeted Li Yuehe with a weary look.

Li Yuehe also seemed to hear the feeling of Chen Hao's tone of voice, and immediately asked respectfully towards Chen Hao; "Mr. Chen, I'm sorry to call you so early, but last night there was a very strange situation in Hong Xin Hall, the owner of Hong Xin Hall, Ge Lie and one of his men died inside, and the death was very strange, the other junior brothers present said that they didn't see any silhouettes!."

Just as Chen Hao had expected, Li Yuehe had indeed called for this matter.

"Oh?Is there such a thing?Good, then I'll head over there right now!"

Chen Hao also asked the question with a suspicion, and then just copied Li Yuehe in response.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Hao got up.

When he walked out, he saw that Lei Lie and his three friends were already in the living room watching the TV, which was playing the news about the death of Hong Xin Hall's Hall Master.

When they saw Chen Hao come out, the three of them simultaneously looked at Chen Hao.

"You guys.Why are you looking at me?"

Chen Hao was surprised and asked towards the three of them.

"Chen Hao, does the matter of Hong Xin Tang have anything to do with you?"

Zhen Ji seemed to have seen something and immediately questioned Chen Hao.

"That's right, I did it!"

Being questioned by Zhen Ji like this, Chen Hao didn't go to say anything more and just chose to admit down.

"Huh?Brother Chen, did you really do this?"

Hearing this, Lei Li was fiercely surprised.

"If I hadn't gone looking for them, it would have been us who was in trouble, I heard them say they were going to kill us, so I made the first move!"

Chen Hao explained in very calm words towards Lei Lie's three men.

The three of them, Zhen Ji, also understood after hearing that.

"That's right, Lei Lie, come with me to Hong Xin Hall now, the Li Jun Division has called and asked us to come over!"

Chen Hao then gave a command towards Lei Lie.

"Ah?He let us through, Chen, so it's not like they found out you did it, right?"

Lei Lieton was stunned and looked at Chen Hao with confusion as he asked.(Follow

"Don't worry, they won't find out that I did it, they just want me to go over and handle the case, it's just as well, I can just find a solution to reply to them, they don't know our means of handling things anyway."

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie as he narrated.

Everything was within Chen Hao's grasp, he would never leave a handle on it.

Moreover, this kind of thing was only as long as Chen Hao could go and do it seamlessly.

After saying that, Chen Hao left his home with Lei Lie and drove straight towards Hong Xin Tang.

"Brother Chen, you should have used that Soul Release trick again, right?When do you think I'll learn that step?"

As he sat in the car, Lei Lie was curious and asked towards Chen Hao, he also wanted to go learn this ability of Soul Exaltation.

"Don't worry, you'll learn it, it's just that you need to learn some of the basics first now!"

Chen Hao turned his head to look at Lei Lie and said.

Some things are not so easy to learn, you can't learn to run without learning to walk.

In between conversations, the two of them had arrived at Hong Xin Hall.

They saw that Hong Xin Hall was filled with people inside and outside, and it was very lively.

There were several cars from the Military Intelligence Department already parked at the entrance, and there were many inspectors on the scene maintaining order.

Chen Hao walked over with Lei Lie.

"Lei Lie, don't say anything when you go in later, I'll take care of everything!"

Chen Hao reminded Lei Lie in a soft voice as he walked.

Lei Lie listened and nodded his head in understanding.

"Brother Chen, I understand!"

Lei Lie certainly understood the meaning of Chen Hao's words.

They were stopped by the inspector of the Military Intelligence Division when they reached the entrance of Hong Xin Hall.

"Where is your Li Military Division?The Li Military Division called for us, I'm Chen Hao!"

Chen Hao took a look at the inspector who stopped him, then he asked towards him and spoke out his identity and name.

As soon as he heard Chen Hao's name, the inspector suddenly revealed a surprised expression.

"Excuse me, Mr. Chen, the Li Military Division has been waiting for you inside for quite some time!"

The inspector hurriedly made way towards Chen Hao, saying.

Although he hadn't seen Chen Hao's face, he had heard of Chen Hao's name and didn't expect the person in front of him to be Chen Hao, so he hurriedly made way for him, if he delayed the case then he really couldn't afford the responsibility.

Chen Hao walked in with Lei Lie.

As soon as he walked in, Li Yuehe hurriedly welcomed him out.

"Mr. Chen, you've finally come!"

Li Yuehe looked at Chen Hao in greeting and then led Chen Hao towards the inside.

Chen Hao, of course, put on an expression of not knowing anything, and also pretended to be the kind of person who didn't know the way, and walked in under Li Yuehe's guidance.

When he arrived inside the lobby, he saw Ge Li and Scarlet lying in separate pools of blood on the ground on one side.

"What's the situation?"

Chen Hao pretended to be puzzled and asked a question.

"One stab to death, according to the descriptions of those little brothers who were there last night, they said that both Ge Li and this Scar were both blown away out of thin air, then suddenly a bloodstain appeared in both of their throats and they died, dying in a very baffling way."

Li Yuehe recounted all the information he had learned to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao listened without a hint of surprise.

"Is there anything else going on besides this?"

After Chen Hao paused, he asked towards Li Yuehe again.

Li Yuehe, on the other hand, shook his head.

"Other than these circumstances at the scene, there is nothing else."

Li Yuehe replied helplessly.

Chen Hao then took Lei Lie and just looked around.

Even if Chen Hao had done it, Chen Hao would certainly have to pretend to be here for some cracking.

"What a thick grievance!"

It was at this moment that Chen Hao suddenly felt a strong sense of resentment and was suddenly alarmed.


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