His True Colors 56-60


Chapter 56

On the fifteenth day, downstairs of Tang Chengye's new home, all the students were gathered here.

    "What the hell is this Su Guoyao doing, making us all wait here for what?"

    "His new home isn't in the same neighborhood as old Don, is it?"

    "Quite possibly, or else what brings us here?"

    Tang Chengye some gnashing of teeth, this Su Guoyao buy where bad, biased in his community, this is not forcibly gagging him?

    If he said that his house was bad, wouldn't it be the same as also belittling himself.

    But right now the facts were still uncertain, and Tang Chengye didn't think Su Guoyao could buy a house here.

    It was good that the Su family was rich, but Su Guoyao was known as a waste of money, just like his wasteful son-in-law, he was not valued and had no status in the company, so how could he afford to buy a house here.

    "Maybe he's just playing a trick for a reason, how could he possibly afford to buy a house here."Tang Chengye said in a cold voice.

    Tang Long was still hugging the woman from last time, and when he heard these words, he said with full care, "Dad, if he can buy a house here, I'll immediately give you another one, but he can't live with such a lowly person."

    Tang Long's words made Tang Chengye feel extraordinarily proud, and proudly said, "You'd better save some money, it's just over a million a year, you can't just build it."

    It was just over a million this was said, full of pride, knowing that the astronomical figure of a million annual salary was something that many people wouldn't even dare to think about.

    "Tang Long, your father is but so lucky to have such a brilliant son like you, unlike the one in my family, who still doesn't have a stable job."

    "If my son was half as brilliant as Tang Lung, he could wake up laughing in his sleep."

    "Old Tang, old classmates can be really envious of you."

    Although they knew that Tang Chengye was deliberately showing off, but people had such strength, it wasn't pretending to be something, but really awesome, so the other classmates also touted a few words in passing, after all, they also had children in their own families, so if they made Tang Long happy, they might be able to follow Tang Long in the future.

    "Tang Long, when will you, also arrange a job for my son, so he can follow you around."

    "Yes, yes, that brat of mine, although his real skills are nothing, but he still has the strength to do odd jobs, if you have anything, just make him do it."

    "Tang Long, think about my son."

    Tang Long smiled and said, "I'm going to change companies recently, when I'm more stable, I'll definitely introduce you guys when I have the chance."

    "You're making a million dollars a year now, and you're still changing companies?"

    "What's a million dollars a year, I'm going to work at Weakwater Realty soon, do you know who's behind Weakwater Realty?"Donlon said.

    "Who is it?"

    "Weakwater Properties, isn't that the company that took over the West Side of town project?"

    "I heard that our Cloud City will vigorously develop the western part of the city, it will be a new city and the most prosperous place in the future ah."

    Seeing everyone's eyes focused on himself, Tang Long seemed to feel as if he was the world's brightest star, and said indifferently, "This Weak Water Real Estate, is a subsidiary of the Yanjing Han family, you've heard of the Yanjing Han family, our top rich people in Huaxia, the ones who can be compared to the Han family, the whole of Huaxia is only a handful."

    "Han family!"

    "How did the Han family come to our Cloud City to develop?"

    "Tang Lung, wouldn't it be equivalent to working for the Han family if you went to the Weak Water property?"

    Although the group of people belonged to the lower strata of society, the Han family's name was so big that almost everyone knew about it, and were jaw-droppingly surprised, while their envy of Tang Chengye was even more overwhelming.

    Working for the Han family, Tang Long's future was boundless, and Tang Chengye could truly be considered carefree in his old age.

    "Tang Long, why didn't you mention this to me?"Tang Chengye was appalled as he looked at Tang Long and asked.

    "It's just a change of company, it's just making a few more bucks, it makes no difference to me, so there's no need to tell you deliberately, right?"Tang Long smiled.

    The two fathers and sons sang together, but they made the bystanders envious.

    Just at this moment, a bus stopped in front of the crowd, and a man came down from the bus, welcoming the crowd up, making a bunch of people confused.

    "Son, what's going on here?"Tang Chengye asked Tang Long in a low voice, Su Guoyao made such a big row, it seems that the house he bought was not simple, he was a little worried that it would be better than his own.

    Tang Long's eyebrows were locked, this row was indeed not small, if it wasn't a good residential area, wouldn't it be more of a joke to make such a commotion?

    "Dad, Su Yingxia recently became the head of the west side of the city project, could it be that this woman has been allowed to reap the benefits?"Tang Long said, but thought about it and felt that it was unlikely, after all, not long, Su Yingxia even if she could make money, she would not dare to be too blatant only.

    "This ...... their house, it won't be better than our house, right?"Tang Chengye asked with an ugly face.

    Tang Long shook his head without hesitation and said with a confident face, "Don't worry about that, it's at most the same as our grade, the new building I bought for you is already the best in Cloud City, unless he can live in the villa area."

    Hearing this, Tang Chengye was somewhat relieved, in his opinion, even if Su Guoyao bought a house, he would never be in the villa area of Cloud City, even if he couldn't be cynical and sarcastic, just don't embarrass himself.

    At the same time, the Su family's relatives boarded another bus, and were all full of doubts about this situation.

    "Guolin, where did this Su Guoyao buy a house and actually have a bus to pick him up, the house he bought, it must not be cheap, right?"

    "It seems that Su Yingxia really hasn't missed out on fishing for money in the company ah, this woman is also really ruthless and bold, fishing for millions at once."

    "Can't we find a way to fix her, the company's money, we can't let her get all of it by herself, right."

    Su Haichao sat in the car, his face was as heavy as water, although his heart was not convinced about Su Yingxia's money fetching behavior, this bus, however, gave him a foreboding feeling.

    He knew a person who lived in the villa area of Genting Mountain, and from that person's mouth, he heard that if a large number of relatives wanted to go to the villa area, they had to inform the Genting Mountain Property Management Department in advance, and then the Property Management Department would send a car to transport them, in order to avoid too many private cars causing traffic jams to the villa area.

    In the entire Cloud City, only Genting Mountain villa area would have such a rule to go to Su Yingxia's new home, why would they need a bus?

    "Haichao, you have to think of a way to fix Su Yingxia before you can let her be so arrogant."

    Su Haichao was brought back to reality by this and said, "Don't worry, since I've returned to the company, she doesn't want to get another penny in the company, but you guys have been honest lately, or don't blame me if you get dragged down."


    Suddenly someone let out an exclamation and said, "Isn't this the way to Genting Mountain villa area?Driver, are you driving to the wrong place."

    "Don't you people know that you're going to Genting Mountain Villas today?"The driver said faintly.

    The crowd in the car was jaw-dropping when this was said.

    To the Genting Mountain Villa area?

    Wasn't it to Su Guoyao's new home, how come it's Genting Mountain Villas!

    "This, Master, are you picking up the wrong person, why are we going to the Genting Mountain villa area."Some guy said.

    As soon as the master heard this, he braked sharply, and a few people in the car who didn't sit still, fell straight down and ate shit.

    "Fuck, you guys aren't kidding me, you picked up the wrong person!"The driver was shocked, but this was something that had been explained to him from above, it had to be done properly, and he wouldn't be able to keep his job if he made such a mess.

    "How do you drive, do you know ......"

    "Cut the fucking crap with me, who the hell are you guys."The driver didn't want to bullshit, he was a member of the Heavenly Family Company, no matter who the people in this car were, he didn't care, the most important thing now was to figure out if he had picked up the wrong person, if he made this mistake, he would be finished.

    Seeing the driver's imposing appearance, the Su family relative who had just spoken and wanted to scold the driver immediately shut his mouth, a complete softie.

    "This big brother, we are from the Su family, the person you are picking up is not in the same villa area as us, right?"The Su villa was a townhouse area, so there was a good chance that this would be the case, and Su Haichao thought it should be.

    The driver was stunned, cursed and cursed, and then continued driving.

    Su's relatives were at a loss for words, didn't they say they picked up the wrong person?Why don't you let them off again?


The two buses stopped together on the mountainside, and the two groups of people got off the bus with all the expressions of confusion, bewilderment, and even a bit of panic on their faces.

    Genting Mountain Villas!

    This was the most luxurious place in the entire Cloud City, not to mention this location on the mountainside.

    It was well known that this place was sold at an astronomical bid of over 80 million some time ago, and the entire Cloud City was speculating as to which gold owner was the one throwing away the money, they had never dreamed that they would one day be able to stand here!

    "What's going on here ......, why did they send us here."Su Yehan stood on the ground with both feet, but didn't dare to move a bit, afraid of crushing the sand and stones here.

    Su Haichao was also very nervous, the private domain of the Genting Mountain Villa area was not to be entered at will, or else the consequences would be at their own peril, but they were now standing on the territory belonging to the mountainside villa.

    "It can't be that Su Yingxia is deliberately harming us!"Su Haichao gritted his teeth and said, let people send them here, presumably set them up, and when the Heavenly Family found out, who could they escape?

    "This Su Yingxia is really a death trap, can she write off responsibility for harming us?"Su Guolin's angry look wanted to kill.

    "What do we do now?Let's get out of here before the property management department finds out."Su Yeh Han suggested.

    On the other side, Tang Chengye and the others, didn't dare to speak, as they were intimidated.

    Even though Tang Long considered himself to be a young and handsome man, when he arrived at this place, he didn't dare to make the slightest faux pas.

    An annual salary of a million was indeed high enough in the eyes of ordinary people, but Tang Long knew that in the eyes of the Heavenly Family, it was not even a fart.

    Just when the crowd was wondering whether to leave secretly, an Audi A6 went up the hill.

    The two people in the car, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao, had expressions that could no longer be described with words.

    When Han Qianqian drove up to the gate, Jiang Lan could not wait to slap Han Qianqian twice for bringing her to such a high-class place to shame her.

    But when the security guard opened the gate, she and Su Guoyao both looked shocked and their eyes almost fell out of the car.

    Su Yingxia was not much surprised since she had already been here yesterday, but there was still a dreamy feeling, after all, this was the Genting Mountain villa area, and it was still a hillside villa.

    Sleeping last night, Su Yingxia woke up from a dream all feeling like it was fake.

    Until this moment, only slowly have a little bit of real feeling.

    After the car stopped in the mountainside villa, Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia just get off, Su Hachao rushed to Han 3,000.

    Grabbing Han Qianli's collar, he said angrily, "Han Qianli, what does your family mean, trying to get us all killed?"

    Su Yehan glared at Su Yingxia and said sharply, "Su Yingxia, don't you know the rules of Genting Mountain villa area?Bringing us here, the Heavenly Family pursues it, the responsibility is not yours alone."

    Han Qianqiang grabbed Su Haichao's wrist and only slightly pushed, then Su Haichao let go with a pained face.

    "Su Hae Chao, what are you so excited about?You were so domineering at home and you're scared to death here?"Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Su Haichao gritted his teeth and looked at Han Marchant, saying coldly, "If this matter is known to grandmother, you're dead."

    "Su Guoyao, what does your family want, if you can't survive on your own, you have to drag everyone down with you?"Su Guolin also spoke out to accuse Su Guoyao.

    The other relatives couldn't hold back and said all sorts of nasty things, not caring about their relatives at all.

    Su Guoyao didn't dare to speak, and even Jiang Lan, who was used to spilling her guts, shut up at this time.

    Is this Han Qianqian's new home?A hillside house?

    Jiang Lan's hands and feet trembled, the weight of this second-hand house was so heavy she couldn't imagine!

    "What are you afraid of?I'm just going home, can the Celestial Family still give me a hard time?"Su Yingxia opened her mouth to speak.

    "Going home?Are you out of your mind, how dare you even blow such a bull, this hillside villa, is it your home?"Su Yehan disdainful cold voice.

    Su Yingxia looked at the angry eyes of the Su family, the corners of her mouth showed a smile, this group of people who never looked down on their family turned out to be just a bunch of nesting things, just by arriving at the Genting Mountain villa area, one by one, they were almost scared out of their wits.

    "It's not my home, is it yours?"Su Yingxia looked at Su Yehan and took the keys and headed towards the door.

    Seeing Su Yingxia's bottomless look, Su Yehan was dumbfounded.

    This ...... was her home, how could it be!

    How could she possibly qualify to live in Hillside Villa!

    Even if she was now in charge of the City West project, there was no way she would have such amazing financial power!

    Selling off all of the Su family's assets would only barely be enough to buy this villa.

    Watching Su Yingxia's action of opening the door, everyone couldn't help but have their heartbeats speed up.

    Tang Chengye's face was particularly embarrassed, after waiting for a long time, finally today he could count and mock Su Guoyao, could show off Tang Long's achievements in front of him, he even wanted to see Su Yingxia regret.

    But this time, it seemed destined to be invisible.

    All of Tang Long's accomplishments, in front of this villa, ashes and smoke, there was no chance of reversing them.

    So what if he was earning a million a year, if he wanted to buy this villa, he would have to go without food or drink for decades!

    "Old Don, is this ...... really the new home that Old Sue bought?"

    "Su Guoyao, he, he, he ...... actually managed to live in a mountainside villa!"

    "Looks like he's the most developed of us all, what a stroke of luck that he's living here!"

    Listening to these words, Tang Chengye felt worse than eating shit, the previous class reunions could be his opportunity to show off, and his classmates all bragged about him and envied him.But now, all his aura was taken away by Su Guoyao in an instant.

    The woman snuggled beside Tang Long looked envious, and the words she had said to Su Yingxia in the restaurant before were like a loud slap on her face.

    "Tang Long, didn't you say that she wasn't valued by the Su family?"The woman said.

    Tang Long was in a complicated mood, with mixed emotions, it was a fact that Su Yingxia was not valued by the Su family, and this hillside villa, even the Su family couldn't afford it, how could Su Yingxia afford it?

    Unconsciously looking at Han Qianqian, is it possible that he is the secret golden master?

    Tang Long shook his head in disbelief, how could it be possible, a trash that everyone in Cloud City knew could take out over 80 million to buy a villa, this was even more of a joke.

    "Maybe this is what she borrowed?"Tang Long comforted himself, but in his heart he knew very well that this possibility did not exist at all, how could a mountainside villa be something that could be borrowed by just anyone?

    Tang Long had such thoughts, another person also had them, and that was Su Yeh Han.

    She also didn't believe that Su Yingxia could live here, to Su Yehan, she had always put herself high above all the female seniors in the Su family, even if Su Yingxia had better posture than her, but three years ago, Su Yingxia's threat was lifted because she married a loser.

    For so three years, Su Yihan was used to living better than Su Yingxia, used to being above the rest, if Su Yingxia's new home was really here, what would she be comparing herself to Su Yingxia in the future?

    There's a kind of person who can accept that you're not living as well as he is, or even delight in it, but he can't accept that suddenly one day you'll be living better than he is, and this situation applies to Su Yeh Han.

    She can't accept that she lives in an elevator apartment while Su Yingxia lives in a hillside villa.

    "Acting like you can really open the door?"Su Yeihan said with hatred.

    As soon as this sentence was said, everyone who heard it was inexplicably tense, and with the exception of Su Guoyao and Jiang Lan, they were actually expecting Su Yingxia to be unable to open the door, so that all these lies could be debunked and they could mock Su Yingxia mercilessly.

    It was like a kind of weak resistance, things had come to this point, they didn't want to believe it, but it didn't prevent the truth from happening.

    Su Yingxia twisted the key and easily opened the door.

    Even though Su Yeh Han had ten thousand points of disbelief in her heart, but the facts were in front of her, so she couldn't disbelieve them.

    "Brother, we were going to have Mom come too, but you helped Mom refuse, you still remember this matter, right?"Jiang Lan suddenly spoke up to Su Guolin.

    As ugly as Su Guolin's face had to be, the old lady's greatest wish in her life was to go to the Genting Mountain villa area, and he, on behalf of the old lady, had flatly refused!


Jiang Lan's current mood, all of which was almost heavenly, the unruly woman's anger simply couldn't be suppressed, she didn't care how exactly this hillside villa came about, the most important thing was to have face in front of Su family relatives, and to have face in front of Tang Chengye's group of old classmates.

    Looking at the expressions of Su Guoyao Tang Chengye and the others, the smile on Jiang Lan's face wrinkled out into countless folds, it was called a happy mood ah.

    "Everyone, what are you waiting for, hurry to my new home and take a look ah."When Jiang Lan said this, the bite of the word I was extraordinarily heavy and increased the tone of her voice, as if she was showing off.

    Tang Chengye was unconvinced, but he was also curious about what an 80 million villa was like, and even though he knew it was humiliating, he still had to go in and take a look.

    As for the Su family's relatives, they were also in the same mood at this time, the mountainside villa, a place that was out of reach, was now eligible for them to go in and take a look, who would miss such a good opportunity?

    Su Haichao and Su Yehan both walked at the end of the crowd.

    "Haichao, what's going on, how can Su Yingxia afford a villa here."Su Yehan was full of reluctance, she didn't even qualify to live in such a luxurious place, but she didn't expect Su Yingxia to live in it.

    Su Haichao sank, if Su Yingxia casually changed a set of elevator apartments, he could still smear Su Yingxia for taking the company's money, but this hillside villa, even if he wanted to smear it, it wouldn't hold up.

    The entire Su family's assets hollowed out, that is, barely this villa, how could Su Yingxia take money from the company?

    "I can't figure out how Su Yingxia could have so much money,"Su Haichao said.

    Su Yeh Han casually said, "Could it be Han 3000, didn't we speculate that Han 3000 might be a rich family when grandpa pointed out the marriage in the past?"

    Su Haichao had a strong scowl on his face and said, "You also said it was a guess, and that was before you had met Han Marchant, haven't you recognized Han Marchant for the past three years?How could he be a rich family's son."

    Su Yehan nodded her head, she was just saying it casually and didn't take this speculation seriously, because if Han Qianqiang was a rich family's son, how could he be humiliated in the Su family for three years?

    And a rich family that could afford a hillside villa was no ordinary rich man.

    When everyone entered the home, there was no magnificent decoration, instead it looked a bit monotonous, if this kind of decoration changed in an ordinary apartment, they would definitely feel cheap, but this was a mountainside villa, it somehow gave people a very high-class feeling.

    "Old Su, this new home of yours, it's really well decorated, it looks simple, but it feels more noble."

    "Yes, this kind of place reflects temperament, it doesn't need too many ornaments at all, it's like a big beauty, heavy makeup instead of painting the snake, covering up the beauty of itself."

    "Old Su, you have really good taste.But you're too low-key, you bought such a nice house, but you only told us today."

    When that group of students were bragging about Su Guoyao, Tang Chengye couldn't say a word, his home was just small compared to this place, and when he thought of the way he treated Su Guoyao last time, he felt even more ashamed.

    Tang Long prepared a lot of words to tease Su Yingxia today, and was also prepared to step on Han Qianqian's head to seek his own superiority, but those words, now can only rot in his stomach, to say the whole field difficult to rank, he can at least rank in the top three.

    Even entering the Weak Water Property was partly because of Su Yingxia, which was enough to see how stubborn he was on this matter of Su Yingxia, and I thought that today was a good opportunity for him to show off and step on Han 3000, but this hillside villa shattered all his dreams.

    Even if he enters the Weak Water property, there's little hope that he'll be able to use his identity to get Su Yingxia in the future.

    Living in a hillside villa, what other qualifications does he have for Su Yingxia to sleep with him?

    Millions of dollars a year?But it was just a joke.

    Jiang Lan enthusiastically led the crowd on a tour inside and out, she was also a first timer, but acted very familiar with the place.

    The more envious those people were, the better Jiang Lan's mood became, and she seemed to have forgotten what she had once said to Han Qianqian.

    I, Jiang Lan, will never go to your house in my life?

    Even if it was a puddle of spit, I'm afraid that Jiang Lan would swallow it back without hesitation.

    After the visit was over, a bunch of people sat in the living room, and the boasts of their old classmates made Jiang Lan smile and shiver, but the expressions of the Su family were very unclear.

    Ben was the lowest status person in the Su family, but now he was living in the best villa and riding on everyone's head.

    "Guoyao, this villa, did you buy it?"Su Guolin asked, he had to figure out what was going on, this place was obviously auctioned off, how did it get into Su Guoyao's hands.

    Su Guoyao didn't know where the villa came from, but at this time Jiang Lan snapped, saying, "Brother, this villa was bought by us with real money, so what's the problem?Am I going to have to answer to you for my family?"

    "Aunt Barbra, don't we know what your family's conditions are?You have that much money?"Su Haichao said in a deep voice.

    "You're looking down on people, aren't you."Jiang Lan glanced at Han Qianqian, she wouldn't give Han Qianqian this kind of pushy thing, and no one would believe her if she said it, but it was indeed not easy to think of a convincing reason.

    "It's not that we look down on people, your family shouldn't have done something illegal, otherwise where would the sky fall, but don't get us involved."Su Yeh Han said in a yin and yang manner.

    "What do you mean by something illegal, we are good citizens who abide by the law, don't throw dirty water on my head."Jiang Lan said with dissatisfaction.

    "Then explain, where did this money come from ah."

    "So much money, it can't have fallen from the sky."

    "Or did Su Yingxia have an unknown relationship with certain people in exchange for it?"

    It didn't matter what they said, any kind of speculation Han Marchiang could accept, but to smear Su Yingxia, that was what Han Marchiang couldn't tolerate.

    But Han three thousand was about to speak, Jiang Lan a cold look stared back, even now, even if she was standing in the villa Han three thousand bought, she still felt that it was taken for granted.

    "And I'm not afraid to tell you that this money is the old man's compensation to Guoyao,"Jiang Lan said.

    The old master compensated Su Guoyao for it?

    These words caused a huge stir among the Su family relatives, how could the old man compensate Su Guoyao when he had passed away for so many years?

    Or was it that the old man had a small vault and Su Guoyao had discovered it!

    The Su family relatives were nonchalant for a moment, if Su Guoyao really discovered the vault, there should be a share of this money for them too!

    "Jiang Lan, make it clear, where did this money come from."

    "Is it the money left behind by Dad before he died and you guys found it."

    "We can all be the grandchildren of the old man, we are all entitled to inherit the estate, why should it be swallowed by your family."

    When it came to money, everyone's eyes were red, and they hated to be able to share a piece of their own territory in the hillside villa.

    "What's your hurry, this money has nothing to do with you.The old master felt sorry for letting Han Qianqian into our family, so he left us a sum of money.And the old master has a rule that this money must be used after three years, that's why our family has worked so hard for three years."Jiang Lan opened her eyes and told lies, not blushing at all.

    "How much money did the old man keep?"Su Guolin believed it, because no other explanation could be found other than that, and although the old man was angry at Su Guoyao when he was alive, all of their brothers knew that the old man loved Su Guoyao the most, and it wasn't impossible to leave him a fortune.

    Jiang Lan thought about it, extended his index finger, and said, "100 million."


    "One hundred million!"

    "The old man actually left you a hundred million!"

    All of the Su family's relatives stood up with incredulous expressions.

    How much money was the entire Su family now, and the old man had left 100 million for Su Guoyao!

    If they'd known about the 100 million, they'd have been willing to let Han Sangsan marry into their family!

    Jiang Lan was very satisfied with her seamless story and said with a smile, "Otherwise, where would Guoyao get the money to buy a villa, and he's also giving Su's family face by doing this."


The reason why this story of Jiang Lan is not suspect is because the timing is pinched just right, Han Giang and Su Yingxia just passed their third wedding anniversary and they bought a car for a house, so that no one can find the slightest flaw.

    One hundred million!

    These two words became a pain in the hearts of the Su family's relatives.

    They looked at Han Marchant, wishing that Han Marchant was their son-in-law, even if he was just a waste, but with this 100 million plus, no matter how wasteful he was, they could still accept him.

    Thinking about the sarcasm and jokes against Su Guoyao and Su Yingxia for the past three years, no wonder they held back their anger, but they already had 100 million in their bag.

    "It's a pity that Mom didn't come, otherwise Mom would have been very happy.Originally we could have lived well with 100 million, but I also wanted to give Mom some face, that's why we discussed buying the hillside villa, hey ......" Jiang Lan sighed heavily, the words were very obvious.

    Su Guolin rejected the matter on behalf of the old lady, all the responsibility, naturally, fell on him.

    Su Guolin was still unconvinced in his heart, even if the old man did give them a hundred million, this money couldn't be left to them alone, after all, the old man was dead.

    "I'm going to the bathroom."Su Guolin stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

    Jiang Lan looked smiling, she knew that Su Guolin must have gone to call the old lady.

    Su Yingxia wanted to fight for Han 3,000, but she also knew that if she said the money was Han 3,000's, those relatives wouldn't believe her, but Jiang Lan's story helped their family solve the unexplainable trouble.

    "Three-thousand, this matter ......"

    Before Su Yingxia could finish her sentence, Han Giangli interrupted with a shake of her head, "I don't mind."

    Sighing, Su Yingxia didn't say anything else.

    At this time, Su Guolin, who had arrived at the bathroom, had dialed the old lady's phone.

    The old lady didn't take the matter of Su Guoyao moving to a new home to heart, she was the one who made a vow not to go anywhere but the Genting Mountain villa area, and this rule wouldn't change until the day she died of old age.

    "Didn't you go to Su Guoyao's new home today, how was it."The old lady asked casually.

    "Mom, you might not believe me if I tell you."Su Guolin said.

    The old lady's tone changed, Su Yingxia was able to buy a house, she must have taken money from the company, if the house she bought was too good, this would mean that she took even more money.

    "Where is the new home?"The old lady questioned coldly, the price she could accept was within one million, if it exceeded that, she would never let Su Yingxia go.

    "Cloud Peak Villa District."Su Guolin said.

    There was no response from the old lady on the phone until a long time later, before she was heard to say, "What are you joking about, how could Su Yingxia afford the Cloud Peak Villa Area."

    "And it's a hillside villa."Su Guolin continued.

    "What!"The old lady's voice directly exploded, filled with incredulity, and said, "How is it possible, what's the point of you playing such a joke with me."

    "Mom, what I said is true, I'm at the mountainside villa right now, how could I be joking with you."Su Guolin said.

    "What's going on, how can she afford a hillside villa."The old lady said with rapid breathing, this was her dream retirement place, in order to bring the Su family into the true high society of Cloud City, not a day went by that the old lady stopped thinking about living in the Mountainside Villa area, she wasn't even qualified to live there, but she let Su Yingxia live there.

    "Yes dad."Su Guolin said.

    "What do you mean, what does it have to do with your father?"The old lady frowned, it's been almost three years since the death, how could it have anything to do with Su Yingxia buying a villa?

    "According to Jiang Lan's story, three years ago, when Han Qianqian joined the family, the old master gave Su Guoyao 100 million privately in order to make up for Su Yingxia, but the old master had a rule beforehand that this 100 million must be used after three years, and the timing is just right now, so there shouldn't be any mistakes."Su Guolin explained.

    The old man had given Su Yingxia one hundred million!

    The old lady's first reaction was that it was simply impossible, how much money did the Su family have, she knew it by heart, she used to personally go through every single account in the company to keep the old man from keeping a mistress, how could he be allowed to have 100 million in private money?

    But if he hadn't given it to him, where would Su Guoyao have gotten so much money!

    The old lady decided to ask Su Guoyao for clarification in person and said, "I'll come to the villa area right away."

    Hanging up the phone, Su Guolin returned to the living room and said to Jiang Lan, "Mom will be here right away, she wants to find out what this is all about."

    Jiang Lan's face was indifferent, the old man had died for so many years, no one was right, and it was still whatever she said, even if it was the old lady who came, as long as she asserted that the money was given by the old man, who would be able to find out the evidence?

    "Okay, the money is from the old man, what am I afraid of."Jiang Lan said.

    "Not everyone can come in the Genting Mountain villa area, you go to the door to pick up Mom, if she is stopped at the door, wouldn't it be a disgrace to her old man."Su Guolin reminded.

    Jiang Lan panicked, this house had nothing to do with her, she wasn't the owner, how could the security guard at the door open the door for her to open it for the old lady?

    There's a saying that a person's cheapness is invincible, and Jiang Lan actually said to Han Qianqian in a commanding tone, "You go pick up grandma."

    "Good."Han Qianqian responded and left the villa, with Su Yingxia following close behind.

    After walking out of the villa, Su Yingxia said with an apologetic face, "I've wronged you again, this matter should have been your contribution, my mother's skin is really thicker than a city wall."

    "It's actually a good thing, no one will believe me if I say I bought it, mom is also saving a lot of trouble."Han Qianli smiled.

    Su Yingxia knew that Han 3000 wouldn't be bothered about these things, but her heart was very much not going to go there, and if she didn't say it, her heart would be very uncomfortable.

    "But I still have to say I'm sorry on her behalf,"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli suddenly looked at Su Yingxia in a serious manner and said, "If you feel guilty, it's not like there's no way out."

    "What solution?"Su Yingxia looked at Han Marchant curiously.

    "Like, I don't sleep on the floor or anything."

    "Well, the living room is so big anyway, so it should be comfortable."

    Three black lines appeared on Han Qianli's forehead and quickly said, "You'd better pretend I didn't say anything."

    Arriving at the gate at the bottom of the hill, it didn't take long for the old lady to arrive, private cars couldn't enter, so the old lady could only walk, she didn't have a problem with this, nor did she dare to have an opinion, after all, this was the rule of the villa area, and the villa area represented the Heavenly Family.

    But when the old lady saw Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian, her face gave birth to dissatisfaction, and said in a cold voice, "Su Guoyao is different now, living in a hillside villa, even I don't come to pick it up anymore."

    "Grandmother, Dad didn't mean that, there are many of his old classmates at home, that's why he asked us to come pick you up."Su Yingxia said.

    It wasn't that Su Guoyao didn't come, but it was useless if he did, the security guards didn't recognize anyone except Han Giangli.

    But the old lady didn't know, she just felt that Su Guoyao had swelled up after living in the hillside villa, and didn't even care about her.

    "Hmph."The old lady snorted, "Don't you forget that the money that bought this villa is also my Su family's, and although the old man is dead, his money is still my money."

    Han Qianli frowned, this old lady, she wouldn't want to take the mountainside villa for herself, would she?If that was the case, he couldn't accept it.

    The villa was given to Su Yingxia, and no one had the right to take it away.

    The mountain road was difficult to navigate and even more strenuous for someone like the old lady, who was already out of breath before she could take a few steps.

    The old lady's expression was cold as she looked at Han Qianqian and ordered, "Don't you have eyes?Can't you see I can't walk, so don't come over and carry me."

    Han Marchand walked up to the old lady and squatted down, looking like he had no complaints.

    "Be careful, you can't be responsible for the consequences if you drop me."

    "Walk faster, haven't you eaten?"

    The old lady's heart's impatience can no longer be described with words, Cloud Peak Mountain villa area, finally the Su family, and also the mountainside villa, although her people are still at the foot of the mountain, but the heart has already reached the mountainside, so dislike Han 3,000 slow walking, inevitably will curse a few words.

    Su Yingxia looked at the old lady's attitude towards Han 3,000, would like to knock the old lady unconscious with the cane in her hand, want to say this villa was bought by Han 3,000, what right do you have to point fingers at him.


Reaching the mountainside, the old lady let Han Qianqian put her down, looking excitedly at the luxurious villa in front of her, this was the place in Cloud City that represented status, the old lady thought that in her poor life, she would at most be able to take the Su family to the foot of the mountain, but she didn't expect that she was qualified to come to this mountainside.

    "Old man, I really don't know whether I should blame you or thank you.If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to come here in my life, but why did you give the money to Su Guoyao?"Even in front of Su Yingxia, the old lady unabashedly said these words, and it wasn't hard to tell that Su Guoyao's family really didn't have any status in her heart.

    Su Yingxia was full of displeasure, and looked at Han Qianqian, but looked a little helpless.

    After the old lady walked to the villa, the noisy chatter in the living room quieted down, and all the relatives of the Su family also stood up from the sofa.

    Su Haichao had the sharpest footsteps, trotted to the old lady and said with concern, "Grandmother, tired, quickly sit down and rest."

    Seeing this scene Han Three Thousand's eyes filled with cold light, there was also a person like this in the Han family, it was because of his sweet mouth, so Han Three Thousand was living in a noble family but was treated like an orphan.

    Han 3,000 can't figure out why these people who can only talk sweetly but don't have any real skills can be pampered.

    In terms of ability, Su Hachao couldn't compare to Su Yingxia, but he had a sweet mouth, so he was more popular with the old lady.

    That man, also because of his sweet mouth, that's why he could get the position of the heir of the Han family, and even the old lady of the Han family was afraid that his position was threatened, and drove Han 3000 out of the Han family and was humiliated into the Su family.

    Could it be that supporting a family could be done with just a mouth?

    Han Marchan wanted to prove to everyone that only true talent was real.

    He also wanted to let the old lady of the Su family know that the future of the Su family was in the hands of Su Yingxia, not in the hands of this trash, Su Hachao.

    The old lady sat on the main seat in the living room, and the first sentence she opened her mouth was very rude, saying to Su Guoyao, "Those who are irrelevant, you can leave now."

    When those students heard this, their faces were all extremely embarrassed, an obvious eviction order, and it didn't give the slightest bit of face at all.

    "Guo Yao, since this is a matter within your family, we'll leave first."

    "Right, I'll leave first, we'll get together again next time."

    "Guoyao, you're busy first, we'll get together again next time."

    The group of students left willingly, mainly because they didn't want to offend the old lady of the Su family.

    Tang Chengye and Tang Long were gloomy, and after they left the villa, Tang Chengye said angrily, "This old immortal thing of the Su family is really arrogant."

    "Dad, if I have the chance in the future, I'll make things difficult for this old woman, don't forget, I'm working at Weak Water Real Estate now."Tang Long said.

    Tang Chengye sighed, Tang Long should be proud of his current achievements, but when compared to Su Yingxia now, he simply couldn't compare.

    "I didn't expect the Su family's old man to leave so much money to Su Guoyao before he died, he was too lucky."Tang Chengye said.

    "So what if he's rich, how long can his family squander that bit of money, sooner or later they'll spend it all.Instead, Han Qianqian, a loser who eats soft food, can even live in a mountainside villa."Tang Long gritted his teeth and said.

    He was very disgruntled, Han 3000 should have been a wimp that he trampled on, but now, Han 3000 had lived in the Hillside Villa with Su Yingxia, and even if Tang Long didn't want to admit it, the truth was that Han 3000 was better off than him.

    "That's life, some people don't need to struggle, they can get anything.But some people need to work hard all their lives, but son, I believe in your ability, isn't it just the Genting Mountain villa area, maybe we'll have a chance to live in it in the future."Tang Chengye consoled.

    Tang Long nodded his head, Cloud Peak Mountain Villa District was indeed powerful in Cloud City, but it was nothing to a bigger city, especially Yanjing, and working for the Han family, if you could be used by the Han family, you could soar to the top in no time.

    Han 3000?

    How can a wimp who eats soft food compete with me, Tang Lung!

    The villa.

    The old lady was not surprising on the surface, but in reality, there was an undercurrent inside, and it took a long time for it to calm down.

    "Guoyao, what exactly is going on, you tell me clearly."The old lady asked to Su Guoyao.

    This matter was a story made up by Jiang Lan, she was worried that Su Guoyao would leak out and reveal a flaw, and was just about to speak, but the old lady glared at her.

    "I didn't ask you, do you have the right to speak?"The old lady's words made Jiang Lan shut her mouth.

    Su Guoyao saw that things had come to this point, and said with a hard scalp, "Mom, Dad did give me 100 million, he was worried that Han 3000 was too useless, so he compensated Ying Xia, there's nothing complicated about it, he just wanted us to live a better life."

    "Worried?It's a fact that Han Qianxiang is useless, why do you need to worry?I think you gave Dad some kind of bewitching soup."Su Guolin said in a cold voice at the side.

    "Absolutely not, Dad took the initiative to find me on this matter, and with such a large sum of money, would I have been able to rob him if he hadn't given it to me?"Su Guoyao said.

    Su Guolin couldn't find a rebuttal and could only shut his mouth with a cold snort.

    "Since the old man gave the money, this villa is not yours Su Guoyao's alone."The old lady said.

    Jiang Lan was not happy to hear this, if all of Su's relatives came to interfere, could this villa still be peaceful?

    "Mom, Dad gave us this money and I used it to buy the villa and to make you look good, do you want to give some of the villa to everyone?It's not a cake, cut a piece of it for each person."Lan Jiang said.

    "Do you have a right to talk here?"The old lady scolded.

    Jiang Lan's shrewishness was foolish, but she really didn't have the guts to spill her guts in front of the old lady, so she could only endure it.

    "Grandmother, you should know the rules of Mount Genting, if you want everyone in the Su Family to live here, we're fine with that, but you have to ask the Heavenly Family if they can agree."Han Qianli opened his mouth to speak.

    The villa area wouldn't specify the number of people staying there, but with so many people from the Su family living in the villa, it was bound to cause a lot of trouble for the property management department, and although it didn't break the rules, there was no need to upset the Heavenly Family.

    The old lady looked at Han Qianqian with a sunken face and contempt, even Jiang Lan didn't have the qualifications to speak, and what right did he have to remind her of a useless son-in-law?

    "Han 3,000, you've been getting bolder lately, do you want to teach me how to do things?"The old lady said.

    Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said, "I don't dare, I just don't want the Heavenly Family to make things difficult for you old man, in case the Heavenly Family wants to talk to you, this is not good news for the Su Family."

    The old lady didn't have the guts to offend the Heavenly Family, she would love to have the chance to serve carefully, and after hearing Han Qianli's words, she was unable to refute them.

    "And there are so many rules in the Genting Mountain villa area, if someone accidentally breaks them, they'll end up worse off, can you make sure everyone follows the rules, grandmother?"Han Three Thousand Thousand continued.

    "Han Three Thousand Years."Su Haichao shot up and said angrily, "Can you shut your mouth, do you have the right to speak here with a person with a foreign name like you?"

    "You don't even look at what your position is in the Su family, what makes you think you can point fingers."

    "Do you really think that just because you eat soft food and live in a hillside villa, you can straighten your back?Han Three Thousand Years, you will always be a member of our Su Family."

    "Don't think too highly of yourself, we don't have you in our sights."

    Han Qianqian didn't look at the angry Su family relatives, but quietly looked at the old lady, what to do, he believed that the old lady knew very well.

    "I didn't say that everyone should live here, but here, why should my old lady have a share, right?"The old woman, pestling her crutch, stood up and continued, "The old man gave you the money, but that money is also in the name of my Soviet family, can anyone deny that?"

    Jiang Lan gritted her teeth, if the old lady lived here, she would have to serve the old lady in the future, and she would have to look at the old lady's face every day, she couldn't stand this kind of day.

    With her elbow, she poked and prodded Su Guoyao, signaling Su Guoyao to speak, lest the old lady really live in.

    But where would Su Guoyao have the guts to do that, if the old lady really wanted to live in, he could only agree.

    "Grandmother, what qualifications do you have to live in here?"At that moment, a single word from Han Qianli, stone-cold!


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