His True Colors 51-55


Chapter 51

When Tang Long said this, the woman beside him covered her mouth in shock and looked at Han Qianli incredulously.

    "I actually met our Cloud City's celebrity, you're Han Qianqian!"The tone of the exclamation was strongly sarcastic.

    Han Qianli said with a careless face, "It's me, too bad I don't have a pen with me today, or I could have given you my autograph."

    As if the woman sensed that Han 3000 was joking with herself, she said, "It's better not to, your autograph isn't worth much, and if it gets out that you were asked for your autograph, you won't be laughed at to death."

    How Han 3000's reputation came about, Cloud City was well known, it was a humiliation, he even acted like he was proud of it, looking at Tang Long snickering.

    "Dude, your heart is really strong enough, being called a wimp by the entire Cloud City and still not having a single thing to do, admire.If I were in my place, I would have lost my face long ago, how would I have the face to go out?"Tang Long sneered.

    "Tang Long, if you don't have anything else to do, don't disturb our dinner."Su Yingxia said with dissatisfaction.

    "Yingxia, aren't you really embarrassed to be with this wimp?"Tang Long said unconvinced, he was at least earning a million dollars a year now, he was a shining and successful man, but he lost to Han Qianqian, how could he be called to accept it?

    "Does it matter to you?I can eat with whoever I like."Su Yingxia said.

    "Yingxia, don't be too cold in front of me, I was hired to Weakwater Real Estate, there will be plenty of opportunities to deal with them in the future, if you make me unhappy, I'm afraid that the future cooperation of the Su family will not go well."Tang Long said in a threatening tone, although his current company was a big corporation and gave him a million annual salary, Tang Long wasn't satisfied.

    Behind Weak Water Real Estate was the Yanjing Han Family, which meant a bigger development step, so when Weak Water Real Estate offered an invitation, Tang Long accepted it without hesitation, but of course, it was partly because of Su Yingxia.

    In contact with Su Yingxia at work, Tang Long held a slight fluke, even if he didn't get her heart, using the convenience of work to get her person was a good thing.

    Su Yingxia's face changed, the cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate was going well now, but if Tang Long went to work at Weak Water Real Estate, I'm afraid that things would be troublesome in the future.

    Han Qianliang took a look at Tang Long, he was able to get Zhong Liang's invitation, he should still be able to do a few things.

    "Right, I heard that you guys bought a new house, and you'll be having guests on the 15th of next month, I've already taken my leave in advance, I plan to go see your new home, it should be better than the house I gave to my dad, right?"Tang Long smiled.

    Su Yingxia bit her teeth, if this guy went, he would definitely make things difficult for their family again.

    But the words were spoken by Han Qianqian, and Su Yingxia couldn't blame Han Qianqian.

    "Fine, come early then."Su Yingxia said.

    "Definitely, I'll definitely come early, and I'll also give a big gift, it's really not easy for your family to buy a house, so feel free to tell me what the drawbacks are."Tang Long said proudly.

    "Right, is there an elevator, my girlfriend doesn't like to climb the stairs ah."

    Su Yingxia's face is like a pig's liver, the second-hand house Han 3000 bought is most likely near the original neighborhood, there is definitely no elevator, but it's too humiliating to say that.

    "You should leave quickly, don't disturb my dinner."Su Yingxia said.

    "Okay, see you next month, wimp, bye."Tang Long raised his hand and said to Han Qianqian.

    The woman beside him laughed like a bell, extraordinarily piercing.

    Han 3000 looked indifferent and said to Su Yingxia, "I didn't think he could actually go to work at Weakwater Real Estate, but don't worry, he can't make things difficult for you."

    Su Yingxia knew the relationship between Han Qianqian and the owner of Weak Water Real Estate, which indeed she wasn't worried about, even if Tang Long had to make trouble for her, Zhong Liang couldn't turn a blind eye.

    Sighing, she said, "If you didn't say anything about buying a house, you wouldn't have to be counted by him, I can kind of understand why my mother and the others want to rent a house."

    What kind of attitude Tang Chengye had, Su Yingxia didn't care, but she wasn't used to Tang Long's arrogance, and she didn't want to be counted out by Tang Long on the fifteenth of next month.

    Back when Tang Long was pursuing Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia hadn't even looked at her, but now, Tang Long was already earning a million dollars a year and was qualified to show off in front of her, and more importantly, Tang Long definitely wouldn't be able to spare Han 3000 easily.

    Regardless of whether or not Han Qianxiang was successful, Su Yingxia didn't want Han Qianxiang to continue to be treated as a wimp.

    "Eat, it's almost cold."Han Three Thousand said.

    Su Yingxia was like chewing wax, the food was tasteless, and a meal was completely ruined by Tang Lung.

    After eating and then watching a movie, it was already past ten o'clock, but when they returned home, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao were still in the living room, each holding their phones to check the rental information.

    After figuring out that Han Qianli wouldn't be rich and had already spent all the money on the second-hand house, Jiang Lan didn't have a good temper for Han Qianli and snorted a few times.

    "Right, it will be the end of the month soon, so come with us to grandma's house then."Jiang Lan said to Su Yingxia.

    The Su family would have a family day every month, set on the 28th, on that day no matter how big each family was, they must go to the Su family villa and eat with the old lady, the rules were set by the old master, saying don't get emotionally involved, but since the old master died, this family day has changed its taste and become a fixed ritual, as for contacting feelings, it's not even possible to talk about it, it's more of a joke with Han 3000, everyone is happy and happy.

    The family wasn't big, but the tedious rules, Master Su had really learned a lot before.

    "Why?"Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan in puzzlement, she used to bring Han Marchant with her, what she said just now was clearly to prevent Han Marchant from going.

    "I'm afraid that some people will talk nonsense, the matter of the fifteenth of next month, we can't let the Su family know, in case it's debunked, won't it be seen as a joke by more people."Jiang Lan said.

    "Mom, have you forgotten that everyone has to attend?Grandmother will blame us even if Han Qianli doesn't go,"Su Yingxia said.

    "It's not like I won't let him go, he can't stand being humiliated himself for not going, so why blame me?"Jiang Lan looked at Su Yingxia calmly, and it was brazen enough to force the blame on Han Qianqian in front of her.

    "Mom, how can you be like this."Su Yingxia looked at Jiang Lan angrily, if her grandmother really misunderstood, Han 3000 would be spurned by everyone in the Su family, and her grandmother would think that Han 3000 didn't care about her and would definitely make things difficult for Han 3000 again.

    "What so and so, I'm in charge of this family, it's settled, when grandmother asks, don't say anything, I'll explain."Jiang Lan said with a hammered voice.

    Let her explain?

    Su Yingxia could almost predict that Jiang Lan would label Han Qianqian as disrespectful to his elders, and grandmother would be furious.

    "No, 3000 must go, otherwise I won't go either."Su Yingxia said with a firm attitude.

    Jiang Lan had mentioned this to Su Guoyao before, she didn't let Han 3,000 go, that is, she deliberately taught Han 3,000 a lesson, Su Guoyao had already said that it wouldn't work, she still insisted on doing this, now Su Yingxia's attitude was so strong, if she didn't go, it would be really hard to explain this.

    "Go, just don't talk nonsense Han Qianli."Su Guoyao said.

    "Su Guoyao, do you have the right to talk?Ying Xia, are you not even listening to Mom anymore?"Jiang Lan wasn't going to spare Han Qianqian easily, and in her opinion, if she didn't teach Han Qianqian a hard lesson this time, how could she control him in the future?

    "You're not being reasonable, why should I listen to you, you can see for yourself, if he doesn't go, I won't go either."Su Yingxia said coldly.

    Jiang Lan looked at Han Qianli and sneered, "Han Qianli, if she doesn't go for your sake, you should know what the consequences are, you're hard pressed to get her involved too?"

    Han Qianqiang smiled bitterly, this had nothing to do with him, how come he was the one who dragged Su Yingxia into this.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Lan had to be a demon, this wouldn't have happened at all.

    "Mom, don't worry, I won't talk nonsense,"Han Giangli said.

    With a smug look on her face, Jiang Lan said, "Fine, it's not impossible if you want to go, apologize to me, I can think about it."

    Han Three Thousand hadn't spoken yet, Su Yingxia directly pulled him back into the room, Han Three Thousand was right about this matter, why should he apologize?


Sitting at the head of the bed, Su Yingxia gasped for air, her chest rising and falling, Han Giangli sneaked a couple of glances, straight in her heart sighing waves.

    "Really pissed off at me, my mother is also too unreasonable."Su Yingxia didn't notice Han Three Thousand's nasty eyes, holding a grievance in her heart with nowhere to vent.

    Han Three Thousand had been used to it for so many years, and aside from provoking Su Yingxia's displeasure which would make him unhappy, the things that came at him, Han Three Thousand could usually pretend that nothing had happened.

    After three years of hibernation, Han Three Thousand's heart is not comparable to normal people, and similar to this kind of injustice and humiliation, he simply doesn't bother to care.

    Just like an elephant facing an ant that stretched out its foot to trip it, how could an elephant possibly take it seriously.

    Moreover, in the Han family, Han Three Thousand had long since learned to be patient, or else he was now an actual wimp.

    "What's there to be angry about, this little thing isn't worth getting angry about."Han Three Thousand smiled.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian, not pretending not to be angry, but really didn't care, it was hard to understand why he could treat it as if nothing had happened.

    "Don't you feel aggravated?My mother did this to you and she must have already thought of bad-mouthing you in front of your grandmother."Su Yingxia said.

    "There's a saying that those who are strong enough are fearless of gossip and humiliation and injustice."

    "Are you strong enough?"Su Yingxia said.

    Han Giangli shook his head decisively, he wasn't really strong, and the peak of the Han family was something he couldn't surmount with his current strength.

    What he wanted was not to inherit the Han family, and he didn't even have the Han family in his sights.

    To prove to the old lady of the Han family that he was better than that man, Han Three Thousand must cross the Han family and stand on an even higher peak.

    He wanted to show all those who had looked down on him that Han 3,000 was the Han family's hope, not that guy with a mouth full of honey.

    In the next period of time, Han three thousand picking up and dropping off Su Yingxia to and from work as usual, the time soon arrived on the 28th family day.

    On that day, Han Qianli drove the family of three towards the Su family villa.

    On the way, Jiang Lan instructed Han 3,000 to keep her mouth shut, and not to say more than she should, so it's best to be a mute.

    When they arrived at the Su villa, the people had already arrived, Su Hachao is now idle at home, but the company's position has not been taken away, he saw Su Yingxia, inevitably a little proud.

    "Su Yingxia, I heard that the recent cooperation went quite smoothly, I didn't expect that you really have some skills ah."Su Haichao said to Su Yingxia.

    "Without you, it did go a lot smoother."Su Yingxia faintly said.

    For Su Yingxia's words, Su Hachao didn't mind at all, even his grandmother didn't blame him, what did Su Yingxia count for?

    And through this matter, Su Haichao also proved his unshakeable position in the Su family, even though Su Yingxia had some achievements now, she still couldn't get her grandmother's trust, this was a result that couldn't be changed no matter how hard she tried.

    "It's just a pity, what's the use of you doing more, I won't do anything at home, and the chairman's position will be mine in the future."Su Hachao said.

    Su Yingxia didn't want to take the chairman's position, she knew that her grandmother favored men over women and would never give this opportunity to her, but looking at Su Hachao's look of being confident, Su Yingxia was still very angry in her heart.

    "Although you won't get the chairman's position, but you've earned enough, only a few days as the person in charge, the family actually bought two cars, you're so dirty hands and feet, aren't you afraid that grandmother will check you?"Su Yeh Han said in a yin and yang manner.

    The matter of buying a car has long been spread in the Su family, but they didn't even find out that it was two, until recently the new car was registered, they only knew about this matter, but it made many Su family relatives jealous to the point of itching.

    This is more than one million, in a short period of time, Su Yingxia took the company more than one million, how can people not be jealous?

    Su Haichao with a cold face, this matter has not specifically mentioned in front of the grandmother, just to wait for today, he would like to see how Su Yingxia explain.

    It was only when it was time to eat that the old lady showed up, with a full row, deliberately making everyone wait for her alone.

    The small family had many rules, but unfortunately they were all deliberately performed, and were completely different from the real nobility, but they were enjoying themselves.





    Everyone was greeted one by one, and only after the old lady settled down did they dare to sit down.

    Han Giangli still didn't go to the main table, but sat at the small dining table with a group of servants.

    Su Haichao took a special look at Su Yehan, Su Yehan said to Su Yingxia, "Yingxia, your family bought two cars, hard to beat you don't plan to tell grandmother?"

    The old lady frowned for a moment when she heard this, she knew that Su Yingxia had changed cars, and was not going to pursue this matter, but changing two was the first time she had heard of it.

    "Yingxia this position is really enviable, just sit on not long, buy two cars."Su Haichao echoed.

    The old lady asked in a deep voice, "Yingxia, you bought two cars?"

    Su Yingxia didn't take a penny in the company, so she wasn't guilty at all, and generously nodded her head to acknowledge: "Yes, my father drove one, and three thousand to transport me to and from work drove one."

    "Oh, generous ah, to and from work must be in an Audi A6, you're not a small row of people in charge."Su Haichao coldly said.

    "Grandma, I bought the car with my own money, I didn't take a single point from the company."Su Yingxia said.

    Laughter was everywhere, everyone was laughing and shaking their heads, who would believe such words?With Su Yingxia's family's situation, how could they possibly have the money to buy two Audi A6s?

    "Su Yingxia, you're lying to a three-year-old."

    "Over a million, your family can have so much money, what a joke."

    "You're a person who really doesn't know how to be restrained, buying a grandmother can still be disregarded, but you're too unscrupulous."

    "Yeah, you're so unrestrained, you've broken the family rules, how can you restrain others in the future?"

    This was the equivalent of reminding the old lady that if she didn't care about Su Yingxia, the others would mess up as well.

    "Yingxia, you better explain this matter clearly."The old lady said sternly.

    "Right."Su Haichao suddenly stood up at this time and said to the old lady, "Grandmother, there's something else you don't know, most of the people here are not clear, she not only bought two cars, I heard that she will also change her house, she will live in a new home on the fifteenth of next month, I don't know if she is guilty of not informing us of this matter."

    Once this was said, there was an uproar.

    Su Yingxia even bought a house, and didn't tell them, what is it if it's not a guilty conscience.

    "Su Yingxia, you're too bold, even if you pulled the Weak Water Real Estate cooperation, you don't have to be so blatant."

    "Say, how much money did you actually get out of the company."

    "Mom, this matter absolutely can't be good, if we continue to condone this, the entire company won't be hollowed out by her?"

    The company's newest member is the former CEO of the company.

    The old lady is also outraged, the company someone to get money, she turned a blind eye even if, but Su Yingxia so excessive, if this does not teach her a good lesson, the future who will put the rules in the eye?

    "Su Yingxia, are you going to give me a perfect explanation?"The old lady's tone was cold to the extreme.

    "If you don't do anything wrong during the day, you're not afraid of ghosts knocking on your door in the middle of the night, if you think I've taken money from the company, you can just check, check all the accounts of the company up and down, I can also go back to the company right now to get the books and confront them in person."Su Yingxia did not panic in the slightest, Su Yingxia said, something that has not been done, why should you be afraid?

    The people here, who had never embezzled money in the company, heard that Su Yingxia was going to check all the accounts, one by one, their faces all changed, because this check, who could they get away with?

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.What's going on at your house, and Grandma doesn't know?Suddenly having money for a car and a house is hard to fall out of the sky?"

    Faced with the questioning, Jiang Lan, who was usually quite unreasonable, didn't even dare to say a word, allowing Su Yingxia to bear their fire alone.

    At this time, Han Qianli stood up and said indifferently, "It's all my money to buy a car for a house."


There was a silence, a pin drop.

    Han Qianli's words made the entire Su villa strangely quiet, and only the breathing of the crowd could be heard.

    But soon, laughter erupted, and a crowd of people tumbled over.

    Everyone pointed at Han Qianli like a joke, the ridicule and mockery on their faces not concealed in the slightest.

    "Han Three Thousand, you're not afraid of flashing your tongue, how dare you even say such big words, are you deliberately making us laugh?"Su Hai Chao touched his stomach, the smile on his face was particularly strong.

    Su Yehan's face turned red, apparently already laughing to the point of brain congestion, scoffing, "My mother, tears are giving me a laugh, do you want to be so funny, although we all take you as a happy man, but you don't need to sell stupidity like this, do you really think you are a clown?"

    The various relatives took turns in taunting Han Qianli.

    "You have to consider the actual situation even if you're bragging, you're a wimp, can you have so much money?"

    "Su Yingxia, this can't be the argument you've thought of, to make Han Qianli stand out, are you crazy, or are we."

    "Yeah, even if you want to find an excuse, find one that can be believed ah, just him ...... or forget it."

    Su Guolin had long held a grudge against Han 3,000, the last time Han 3,000 but hit Su Hachao, this account he had always kept in his heart, this time there was a chance to mock Han 3,000, how could he miss it?

    "Han 3,000, I didn't see it coming, you're still a rich man, you can casually take out millions, you're not some low-key rich son, are you?Look at you, unlike ah, compared to the beggars on the street, you're just less of a broken bowl."Su Guolin said.

    The words were incomparably harsh as they were uttered with another round of laughter.

    Jiang Lan resentfully stood up and snapped at Han Qianqian, "Is there a place for you to speak here?Shut your mouth."

    Don't tell me that the Su relatives didn't believe this, even Jiang Lan herself didn't believe it, but now that Han Giang was talking too much, wouldn't it bring more shame to their family and be looked at as a joke?

    "Jiang Lan, that's your fault, he wants to brag, you have to give him a chance, otherwise how can you make us laugh?"Su Guolin smiled.

    Su Haichao was on the side and quickly agreed, "Yes, Aunt Barbra, why do you have to break it up when Han 3000 wants to act like a broad young master?Save some face for someone, such a big man, brazen to such an extent, if you hurt his face again, how will you have the face to see people in the future?"

    Han Qianli's face remained unchanged, quietly looking at the crowd that let out a loud laugh, this scene had played out many times in the Su family, and was used to it.

    Looking at Su Yingxia, she looked indignant, but she looked a bit cute, making Han Qianli unconsciously raise the corners of her mouth.

    "Han three thousand, you are really shameless, you can laugh at this kind of situation, I Su Hai super admire you, why don't you go to the battlefield and take a bullet with this kind of skin?"Su Haichao said disdainfully, humiliated to the point that Han Giang was even laughing, what a bit of shamelessness, if it were him, he wouldn't have the face to come to the Su family in his life.

    "You're equally a joke in my eyes."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Su Haichao's expression was stern, this wimp dared to call him a joke.

    Walking menacingly in front of Han Qianqian, Su Hachao intended to teach Han Qianqian a lesson, and this wasn't the first time anyway.

    Just at this time, the old lady opened her mouth and said, "Hai Chao, come back."

    The old lady spoke, Su Haichao did not dare to disobey, and after raising his fist to Han 3,000, he returned to his own position, but his eyes were staring at Han 3,000 with a deadly stare, as if he would say that he would teach Han 3,000 a lesson after eating again.

    "Ying Xia, I know you've had a bad life over the years, but you don't need to be so blatant, do you really think my old lady is so old that she can't see anything?"The old lady ignored Han Qianli's words because she couldn't believe that it was Han Qianli's money to buy the car and exchange the house.

    "Grandmother, I still say the same thing, if you have doubts about me, you can always check the accounts."Su Yingxia looked at the old lady without fear.

    The old lady didn't expect Su Yingxia to be so stubborn, didn't she just rely on the fact that other people were also corrupt, so she dared to check the accounts?She's made a mistake herself, and wants to drag everyone down with her.

    The old lady knew that once this account was investigated, the impact would be even greater, the corruption data of each family was on the table, it would be clear who had more and who had less, the one with less would definitely be disgruntled in mind and would try to find ways to be more corrupt in the company in the future, and then the company would be in complete chaos.

    "Su Yingxia, I didn't expect that after so many years, the old lady I really underestimated you."The old lady said, Su Yingxia is confident, knowing that she does not dare to investigate, this step by step plan in the old lady's opinion, seamless, she did not expect Su Yingxia's mind to be so meticulous.

    In the past, Su Yingxia let her work without complaint, the old lady still think she is simple, even if it is hard work also do without complaint, it turns out, this is a heart of the woman, the city is terribly deep.

    A weak posture on the surface, but actually a person with poisonous means.

    "Grandmother, I know it's useless to explain, and you won't believe it, but what I said, is the truth, and what 3000 said, is also the truth."Su Yingxia said.

    "The truth?"Su Haichao said gloomily, "The truth is that you embezzled millions of dollars from the company and denied it."

    "Haichao, you shut up."The old lady said in a cold voice.

    Su Haichao was stunned, this attitude of the old lady, is it hard to let Su Yingxia go?This is no good, she embezzled huge sums of money, this is a chance for Su Yingxia to lose her status as the person in charge.

    Now that the cooperation with Weak Water Real Estate is on track, in Su Hachao's opinion, even if Su Yingxia is replaced as the person in charge, Weak Water Real Estate will not be able to terminate the cooperation, and then he will be able to take the position in a logical manner.

    In a short period of time, Su Yingxia has fished for millions, Su Hachao is actually jealous, and in his opinion, Su Yingxia is too flamboyant to lead to such a consequence, if she can keep a low profile, who knows that she has done these things?

    "Grandmother, if you let Su Yingxia go this time, how are you going to manage the others in the future?"Su Hachao said.

    The old lady bit her back groove teeth, her eyes were cold as she looked at Su Hachao and said, "Is it that you want me to take out the books and check every single account, and make a proper accounting of these years?"

    Su Haichao heart, a few years of accounts all check again, their family can be more than a million ah, and the entire Su family family, he is the highest status, so he embezzled money, undoubtedly the most, how can you check?

    The others heard this and lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

    The gun shot out of the air, and whoever spoke first would be investigated, and who would then be able to escape?

    "Dinner."The old lady gave an order, and no one dared to mention the matter again.

    The various relatives had devils in their hearts, and could not be displeased with Su Yingxia's tactics this time, pulling the entire boat to be buried with him, forcing the old lady to not dare to check the accounts, this handful of calculations, piercing straight to the heart.

    After dinner, Su Haichao and a few other Su family descendants gathered together in the back garden, all gnashing their teeth.

    "Su Yingxia has really counted us out this time, and actually wants to drag everyone to her funeral."Su Yehan hated with a twisted expression, she had intended to use this matter to suppress Su Yingxia just like Su Hachao, but she didn't expect to get away with it.

    Su Haichao's face smiled coldly and said, "This scheming b*tch I really underestimated before, I didn't expect that she also made such a tactic, even grandmother has to give in on this matter."

    "Hai Chao, this woman can't stay for long, she might still use any means to deal with you in the future."Su Yeh Han warned.

    "Don't worry, I won't give her this chance, after this month is over, I'll be able to return to the company, and when that time comes, I'll make her look bad."Su Haichao said.

    "What kind of house do you guys think Su Yingxia can buy?"A certain Su family descendant asked.

    Su Yeh Han sneered out, "What else can she buy a house, even if she took money from the company and forced her grandmother to not dare to check the accounts, but she doesn't dare to take more, two cars more than a million, I reckon she might have taken two million from the company, the rest of the money should be used to buy a house."

    "Good."Su Haichao nodded in approval, Su Yingxia's move was indeed very clever, but she didn't dare to go too far, grandmother could endure, but there was a limit to this patience, Su Yingxia should know this very well.

    "What it's like, we'll know on the fifteenth of next month, now that we've explained this matter, she won't not invite us, right?"


In the living room, Su Guolin and the others were also talking to Su Guoyao about the 15th, they also wanted to go and have a good time, if the new house was too good, they had another excuse to badmouth the old lady in front of the Su family, if the house was not so good, they could also take this opportunity to laugh at it.

    Jiang Lan was most worried about this matter being known by the Su family, her plan was to rent a room to deal with Tang Chengye, and if she got away with it, she wouldn't be unmasked if she had less contact with him in the future, but if the Su family knew about it, it would be even more troublesome, not to mention that it would be more difficult to muddle through, and it was only a matter of time before she was unmasked, and when the Su family found out that she had puffed up her face, she would be laughed at to death.

    The news hadn't leaked out at the Su family, but the whole thing had started because of Han Qianli, and Jiang Lan's heart wanted to sweep Han Qianli out of the house right now.

    "Guoyao, you're not really going to invite us, are you?"Su Guolin said with a look of discontent.

    "This is a joyous event, we're your brothers and sisters, how come we have to go and congratulate you."

    "Yes, yes, yes, it was hard to move out of that shabby house, how come we have to go see it too."

    Just now at the dinner table this group of people were still furious about this matter, but now they were putting on a show of good intentions, but what they were thinking, Su Guoyao knew very well.

    But the matter had been exposed, if he didn't invite them, he would be even more ostracized in the Su family in the future and fall into disrepute.

    "Okay, I'll inform you guys of the place at that time."Su Guoyao said.

    "So secretive, it's not like you're afraid of losing face if you say it, right?"Su Guolin sneered, the house has already been bought, and will not change location, cover up, must feel that the property is not good, say it for fear of people laughing.

    "What is there to be ashamed of, as long as the house can master, there is no difference between good and bad, say it."

    "That's right, we'll arrive well in advance ah."

    Su Guoyao fidgeted and couldn't say anything, Jiang Lan did want to be decisive and put an end to this matter, but he couldn't face it, so he really didn't know what to say.

    "Yingxia, your father is too embarrassed to speak, it's better for you to say it."Su Guolin turned to Su Yingxia and said.

    Su Yingxia subconsciously looked at Han Qianqian, where exactly the house was, only Han Qianqian knew, so only Han Qianqian could answer this question.

    "There will be a car to pick you up at that time, so you'll naturally know where it is."After Han Qianli said, he said to Su Yingxia, "Do you want to invite grandmother on as well?"

    Su Guolin looked sneering, the other relatives also shook their heads in disdain, it was well known that the old lady of the Su family never went anywhere else, she wouldn't give face even if it was a new home for a housewarming, unless the new home was in the Genting Mountain villa area, no exceptions.

    "Han Qianqian, you've been in our Su family for three years, don't you even understand this rule of the old lady, her old man only goes to the Genting Mountain villa area, your family is hard to fall down and still buy a house there?"Su Guolin said.

    "You don't think the last time the old lady visited your house, you'll still be able to rub your nose in it this time, do you?"

    "This son-in-law of yours who has entered the family, he's really getting bolder now."

    Jiang Lan was about to be mad at Han Three Thousand, who didn't know this rule of the old lady, he had to get together to lose face, he didn't want to lose face even if he didn't want them to follow along.

    "Han Qianqian, you talk so much, is your mouth idle?"Jiang Lan said.

    "I just think it's necessary to inform her old man, so that the old lady won't be upset if we talk about this later,"Han Marchiang said.

    "There's no need to notify, I'll refuse you on her old man's behalf."Su Guolin smiled.

    Han Three Thousand no longer spoke more, Su Guolin refused, just put the blame on Su Guolin's head when the time came.

    Half an afternoon, when the group left the Su villa, Su Hachao also called Han Three Thousand to the back garden, what happened between the two is unknown, but Han Three Thousand left safe and sound, but Su Hachao's expression was very ugly.

    Time passed quickly, more and more approaching the fifteenth, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao two more anxious, before the thought of renting a room to muddle through, now with the Su family intervention, this thing obviously does not work, so they two admitted, not to rent a room, go to Han 3,000 to buy the second-hand room, to the time for better or for worse can only accept, at most by Tang Chengye and those students just humiliated a bit.

    On the 14th day, Han 3,000 received at the company after work Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia asked Han 3,000 about the house in the car.

    Before she didn't take this matter to heart, because no matter where Han Qianli's house is bought, it's a home to her, so she doesn't care about this matter.

    But today Su Yingxia was somehow a little nervous, after all, Tang Long would also come, she didn't want to give Tang Long a chance to count, her heart still had some expectation that the house would be no worse than Tang Chengye's.

    "Didn't I point it out to you last time?"Han Qianli said with a smile.

    Su Yingxia glared at Han Qianli, he was referring to the hillside villas in the Genting Mountain villa area, how could Su Yingxia take such a thing seriously.

    "What time is it, and you're still joking with me?All those classmates of Dad's and Su's relatives will be there tomorrow, can't you even give me the whole story now?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Everything I said is true and you don't believe it, what can I do."Han Giang was helpless.

    Su Yingxia let out her breath, Han Qianli was deliberately not telling her.

    "Uncle Tang called my dad yesterday, had to ask where the new house is, they drove early to arrive, my dad couldn't say a word, in fact ...... I actually don't want him to lose face."Su Yingxia sighed, such thoughts were a bit unfair to Han Qianli, but she was a human woman after all, it was inevitable for her to have such thoughts.

    "That place can't be entered by normal cars, so he doesn't need to drive."Han Giangli smiled.

    "It's not some kind of alley, is it?"Su Yingxia was confused.

    "I'm solemnly warning you that the consequences of looking down on your husband are very serious."Han Qianli said in a serious manner.

    The word husband made Su Yingxia's pretty face blush, having been together for three years, but the name was very strange to her.

    But there was also a slight pang in her heart, and even though some time had passed, Su Yingxia's heart still pounded whenever she thought about the Crystal Restaurant.

    That backdrop of the piano playing, the special effects of the flower petals that were floating all over the sky, was the ultimate romance for Su Yingxia.

    "Hey, where are we going, aren't we going home?"Su Yingxia, who was sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly realized that Han Marchant's route was wrong and not the way home.

    "Didn't you want to see the new home?I'll take you there."Han Giangli smiled.

    Su Yingxia tensed up, and there was a little anticipation in her heart.

    But it wasn't long before Su Yingxia smashed her fist on Han Qianqian's shoulder, this woman's face change speed was really quite fast, I must say.

    "Isn't this the way to Genting Mountain villa area?Are you still kidding me?"Su Yingxia said with a speechless face.

    Han Giangli knew it was useless to explain, it would be better to go and take a look to make her completely convinced.

    "What are you doing, stop the car, no registered vehicle is allowed in the Genting Mountain villa area."Seeing Han Qianqian really driving towards the gate of the villa area, Su Yingxia panicked, she wasn't afraid of losing face, but it wasn't a glorious thing to be driven away, and it wasn't even necessary ah.

    "You quickly stop the car, how humiliating to be kicked out."Su Yingxia saw that Han Qianqian hadn't slowed down yet and hated to go and step on the brakes for Han Qianqian.

    The car finally stopped at the entrance of the villa area, Su Yingxia looked desperate, hiding in the car simply do not dare to look at the expression of the security guards outside, just hope that when driven out do not be too humiliated.

    But at this time, the gate was opened, the security guard to Han three thousand after a standard military salute, let go.

    Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianli blankly, and up to this point, she still didn't think that Han Qianli's words were true.Because this matter was indeed unbelievable, and Han Qianli's claim that the villa he had bought was on the mountainside was even more unconvincing.

    On the day of the villa auction, their family was at the Su villa and the sale price was eighty-nine million, was this something Han 3000 could buy?

    "When did you even pay off the security at the villa?"Su Yingxia asked.


Han Giangli still didn't say anything and drove straight into the mountainside, by this time Su Yingxia didn't know what to say anymore and had many questions in her heart, but couldn't ask them.

    He actually drove the car into the Genting Mountain villa area!

    He actually drove the car to the Hillside Villa!

    Although Su Yingxia had never been to the Genting Mountain villa area, she had heard others mention many rules about the Genting Mountain villa area.

    Each independent villa had its own private area, and anyone who trespassed without the owner's consent would be breaking the rules of the villa area.

    The villa area was also developed by the Heavenly Family of Cloud City, and the villa area was even managed by the Heavenly Family themselves, so no matter who it was, no one dared to risk offending the Heavenly Family and breaking the rules of the villa area.

    The only explanation for him being able to come here, then, was that he was indeed the owner of the place.

    When Han Giangli opened the passenger door, Su Yingxia was still stunned and didn't dare to get out of the car yet, afraid that if he got out of the car, he would step on someone else's turf.

    "It's at your own doorstep, is it hard not to get out of the car and take a look?"Han 3,000 smiled.

    "In front of my ...... house?"Su Yingxia's confused eyes couldn't believe it, this was her home?How is it possible, this is a mountainside villa, the most luxurious and expensive set of villas in the entire Cloud City ah.

    The Su family's old lady dreamed of living in the Cloud Peak Mountain villa area, only by living here could she truly integrate into Cloud City's high society, but ......

    It was all very unreal to Su Yingxia, like a dream, and it was the kind of dreaming in broad daylight.

    Han Giangli pulled out the keys and continued, "This is our home, if you don't believe me, go try it."

    Su Yingxia got out of the car, her hands shaking as she held the keys, and she only managed to move her pace as she watched Han Qianli walk towards the door.

    Her heart was churning, and even her head was a bit foggy.

    "Try to see if you can open it."Han Giangli instructed.

    Su Yingxia took a deep breath, sweat already appearing on her palms, and stretched out her hand trembling, the key couldn't be inserted for half a day because her hand was really shaking too much.

    "Han 3000, you wouldn't lie to me, would you?Do you know that if someone finds out that we broke in here, the consequences will be very serious."Su Yingxia said.

    "Of course, the rules of Genting Mountain villa area are very strict, but the owners are home, of course, where would there be any consequences."

    Su Yingxia finally inserted the key into the keyhole and gave it a twist.

    It opened!

    It's really on!

    This moment, Su Yingxia was like a little electric shock, goosebumps all over, even the sweat hairs stood up.

    Gently pushing open the door of the home, there was no dazzling opulence, what was presented to Su Yingxia was a low-key style of decoration, with black and white as the main tone, the decoration was not too complicated, and it appeared clean and neat.

    "You said before that if you could be given the opportunity to design your own home, you would use this simple style, black and white, not too many decorations, not too gorgeous, simple and clean, still satisfied?"Han Giangli said.

    Up until this point, Su Yingxia's feeling was still very unreal, as if she had come to a dream, a dream that she never wanted to wake up from.

    On the south wall of the living room, a huge mural took up almost a third of the front wall.

    It was a wedding photo, and the man and woman on it didn't have the happy expressions of newlyweds, instead the woman's expression was very serious, and with a strong sense of resignation and dissatisfaction.

    Instead, the man, with his shallow helpless smile, revealed a hint of bitterness.

    Su Yingxia still remembered that after the old man pointed out the marriage, he forcibly let her and Han Marchant go to take wedding photos, but this matter was just a process for Su Yingxia, she did not go to see the finished product, nor did she put up any group photo with Han Marchant at home.

    Unexpectedly three years ago, the wedding photos, Han three thousand have kept, and she, she has almost forgotten about this matter.

    Ying tears filled her eyes, pearls breaking the thread.

    Glittering tears, springing out down her cheeks.

    Su Yingxia squatted on the ground and cried out.

    Han Giangli smiled with happiness and looked at the south wall, which should have been hung in the house three years ago, but it was left to gather dust for three years.

    After crying for a while, Su Yingxia suddenly stood up, pointed at the wedding photo on the wall and said, "Take it down."

    "Why?"Han Giangli asked, puzzled, is it hard to believe that she is still unwilling to accept that this matter does not allow even a picture to exist?

    If that was the case, Han Giang would have agreed that he wouldn't force Su Yingxia to do anything.

    "Is it hard for you not to see the reluctance on her face?Why are you still being so nice to her."Su Yingxia cried out.

    Han Qianli raised his eyebrows and said without hesitation, "Because, she's my wife, and she's also nationally certified."

    Su Yingxia threw herself into Han Qianqian's arms, it was good that Han Qianqian was practiced, the negatives could be pounced directly.

    "I don't want to see it, so you throw it away and burn it."


    Su Yingxia's cries were deadly poison to Han 3000, and as long as he could do anything to make Su Yingxia happy, he could do anything.

    Isn't it just a wedding photo?Throw it away, just throw it away.

    Despite the reluctance, Han Qianqian would rather be in pain than have Su Yingxia sad.

    At that moment, Su Yingxia took a step back and looked straight into Han Qianli's eyes, and although she was crying and wearing makeup, she was still so beautiful that Han Qianli was moved.

    "I want a remake with you."Su Yingxia said.

    Han Qianli was stunned, his nose was sore, and since he had grown up, the aggrieved had never shed a single tear, but now, tears contained his eyes.

    Su Yingxia threw herself into Han three thousand year old's arms again, cushioned her toes and sent warm lips.

    Han Marchiang's brain lost its ability to think for a moment, standing like a log.

    After a long time, and seemingly quickly, Han Marchant, who hadn't had time to feel it carefully, could no longer grasp the feeling, and Su Yingxia ran away with a flushed face.

    Licking his lips, even the lipstick gave him a sweet feeling.

    Han 3000 sat on the sofa, the smile on her face simply could not be controlled, looking at the wedding photos on the wall, she said to herself, "I didn't expect you to have this kind of miracle effect, it seems like it's a wise choice to keep you here."

    "But my wife said that you're not very good looking, so you have to change."

    "Don't blame me for being too heartless, who makes the wife the biggest in this world."

    Su Yingxia ran to the bathroom, her face red and hot, for what she had just done, although not regretful, but ashamed to be ashamed.

    Shouldn't this kind of thing be done by a man?How come it wasn't under control just now?

    "He's going to think you're indiscreet now, how can you just kiss anyone."

    "But you're his wife, so a kiss should be okay."

    "But when have you ever fulfilled your wifely duties, you're not even her wife."

    "It's over, it's over, your image in his heart is definitely all ruined."

    Su Yingxia gibbered at the mirror, not even knowing what she was talking about.

    It was only after a long time that there was a knock on the door outside the bathroom.

    "Are you planning to hide in there forever?Hard not to want to see what our new home is like?"Han Marchian's voice came.

    Su Yingxia had another heartbeat racing deer, more exciting than a roller coaster ride, more ups and downs.

    "I ...... me, you wait for me, I need to fix my makeup."Su Yingxia didn't have the courage to face Han Qianqian now, so she could only find excuses to continue hiding in the bathroom.

    Han Qianli suddenly said, "What brand of your lipstick, it's quite delicious."

    Su Yingxia wished she could get smaller and escape this place down the sewer.

    Stalled until Jiang Lan called Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia was forced to come out of the bathroom, and to Jiang Lan's question as to why she hadn't gone home, Su Yingxia only casually glossed over a few words.

    Just like her, she didn't believe it anyway when Han Qianli didn't actually bring her home to see her, and even if she told Jiang Lan about it, she still didn't believe it, but she was coming tomorrow anyway, so there was no rush.

    Han Giangxi led Su Yingxia up and down, inside and out to look over the villa, the two of them heartily did not mention what had just happened, but the atmosphere of the relationship between the two of them had obviously changed a lot.

    After all, an important step has been taken now, and Han Giang's heart also drifted, and began to wonder if there would really be a brother.


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